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    Infantile Paralysis Campaign Is On In County
Beer And Wine Election To Be Held In August
Petition Signed
By Many Voters
Presented Board
A Cherokee eounty election on
I he sale of beer and wine will be
held sometime in August, it is
announced by Abe Hembrec.
chairman of the Cherokee board of
The board, composed of Hem
bree. Edwin Hyde and James Bry
son. met Tuesday night to consider
a petition signed by far more than
the required number of voters (15
percent of the voters in the last
general election), to lay plans for
calling the election.
The law passed in the last legis
lature states that when :i valid
petition incorporating the neces
sary elements set out aoove is
presented to a coun*v board of
elections it has no discretion 1
Within 30 days after receipt of
the petition it must call the type |
of election requested.
Several important things must
be taken into consideration in sett
ing the date for the election It
( innot be held 'within 60 days of
he holding of any general elec
tion, special election, or primary
i lection" in the county or any
municipality in that county Tiu
a requres that notice of the
- 1 1 lion be given 30 days prior to
'! ?? date on which t lie registration
are opened for the election
Since the registration books must
be opened on the fourth Saturday
I t fore the date of the election, 'he
da:.' foi uie election v\ill have to
be at least 53 days from the date
I he board is able to *ive the first
Since there will be a town elec
tion in Murphy in the early part
of May. there will not be sufficient
I me for holding the election be
lore then. Therefore, the boar-l
has tentatively set August 4 as th
date for the election
T. B. Clinic To Be
Held Here Soon
A Tuberculosis clinic for the ,
examination of both adults and
j children will be held at the Chero
| kee county health department
early in February, announces the
office manager, Mrs. J. J. Hamil
ton II L Satterwhite. X-ray and
laboratory technician of the North
Carolina Sanitorium, will hold the
| clinic. Those interested in an ex
amination should get in touch with
the health department prior to tha
clinic, as examinations will be made
only by appointment.
Bids Are Being
Received For
Hangingdog School
Plans, for building a part of the
i proposed school building at While
church. Hanging I>og. have been
announced by Lloyd W. Hendrix
superintendent of Cherokee coun
j ty schools At the present time.
bids are being called for. for the
i construction of four class room
of standard size, to be of brick It
to the plan to build later two id
i ditional class rooms, an auditorium
|and a cafeteria. Mr. Hendrix stat
Singing To Be
Sunday Afternoon
The Third Sunday afternoon j
ringing will be held ;it Little Glade j
Baptist church, on the Martins,
Creek road three miles from,
Murphy. Sunday afternoon beginn
ing at 2 o'clock p. m John Donley |
chairman, will preside. The sing- 1
ing is open to all singers and the I
Use Of Electricity
Hits New High Here
Consumers of the Eleetricity
Department of the Town of Mur
phy. already among the nations
leaders in the consumption of
electricity broke all records here
i'or the use of electricity during
the year 1947. K C Hughes. City
Manager, announced this week.
The power distribution system
reached a new peak for total sales
by pouring 4.796.777 kilowatt
hours into the farms, homes and
businesses it serves here. This
was 20 per cent above the 3.803.
229 kilowatt hours sold last year
H continues an upward trend in
power distribution system was
acquired by the City in 1939
Consumption of electricity ii?
the home topped all previous
marks for the year, with the aver
age residential customer using 3.
051 kilowatt hours during the
twelve-month period. This was 20
per cent ahead of 1940, which wa?
a record-breaking year itself. It
was also 52 per cent more than
residential consumers used in tht
nation as a whole during the year
just ended. National consumption
for 1947 was in the neighborhood
of 1435 kilowatt hours, although
final tabulations have not been
Several factors account for the
upreedented consumption of elec
tricity here. Mr. Hughes said.
F.lectric appliance manufacturers
are slowly catching up with thu
pent-up demand, and thousands of
appliances have been added in
homes during the past year.
Another factor is that the low
rates in effect here encouraged
home-owners to use more electri
city. And there is what he called
the "electrical consciousness" of
people in this area. They use
electricity in preference to other
sources of power whenever pos
I siblr. he declared.
I All told. I lie B78 residential cus
! tomers used 2.029.163 kilowatt
! hours during the year 1947.
i Commercial users of electricity
I aLso hung up new records during
j the year, Mr Hughes said The
average consumer used 6.587 kilo
watt hours during 1947 as compir
I ed to 5.742 in 1946. the highest
previous year T<\il sales to ihe
238 commercial users amounted U?
1.534.709 kilowatt hours
Industrial power sales for the
year totalled 1.112.905 kilowatt
hours, an increase over 1946 when
} 084.500 kilowatt hours were
consumed by industries here
The power distribution system
added 9> customers during tin*
year to bring the total to 9?;i
according to Mr. Hughes. Of th?*
additions. 77 were residential cus
tomers. 15 were commercial, and
* were industrial.
"It is interesting to note." said
Mr. Hughes, that earnings din
ing the year 1947 represent 26
per cent of the earnings since tin
system was acquired in 1938. and
that these earnings were re-invest
ed in plant to provide facilities for
rendering further service to all
of the consumers. Net plant ad
ditions for the fiscal year 1947
represent 33 per cent of the total
plant owned by the people of our
community, and 48 per cent of
these additions were financed
from funds earned during the ye; r
I 1947."
"I feel that this increasing use
of electricity is an indication of
better community". Mr. Hughes
>aid. "Our homes are becoming
healthier and more comfortable,
and our businesses are becoming
more profitable as we turn more
and more to electricity."
First Blanketing
Snow Of Season
Falls This Week
Old man winter struck Mur
phy and Cherokee county with
full force for the first time this
winter on Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Thursday. Murphy seeing
the first snowfall this season to
stick on the ground, was pleas
ed but a bit shivery. The most
snow reported was in the South
western part of the county. It
' was three inches there and re
ported to be coming faster. An
drews reported a small snowfall,
and here in Murphy there uas
approximately one and a half
With the wind blowing the
snow it was bitter as it struck
the many school children and
people on the streets in the city.
The school children were happy,
along with most of the people to
see the first of old man winter
even though it was at below
freezing temperatures.
Program Presented
By Baptist W M. S.
The Woman's Missionary Socie
ty of the First Baptist church hold
lis first meeting of the year at
tin* church Tuesday afternoon
with 30 nu mbcrs present.
The topic was Sixty Years i?i
I'oya! Service", this b.'ing the
\\ \l 1 commemoration year
: oa:j 1948
Mr*. Bessie Deweese and V?*s
l.loyd W llcndrix presented the
im aasisted i>\ Mi - tfonry
Hyatt. Mrs. W C. Kinne\ Mr
I <> yd Brendle. Mrs K I) (/hand
les Mr- Clm Moof# Mrs K .1.
Darnell. Mrs Ben Palmer. Miss
Mildred Whitfield, and Mrs Bol>
White who sang at the open in. 4 of
the program. "Forward Through
the Ages."
The program was illustrated by
a big three-tier cake topped with
two small candles which stood on
:? table in the front of the room
On the top tier of the cake ww.
til th Anniversary", on the second
tier. "Golden Jubilee", and on the
bottom tier. "Jubilate." On one
candle was the date. "1888 and
(?n the other. "1948 "
A social hour followed the pro
gram when Mrs. Dewecse and
Mrs. Ilendrix served cake and cof
fee to the members present
Lions Club Host
To Football Team
Murphy Lions club will sponsor ;
tht' Cherokee county polio drive
January 15-31. it was voted at the
meeting held Tuesday evening in
the dining room of the Methodist
The club was host at this dinner
meeting to the members of the
Murphy high school football team
and Coach Richard Yow. The 23
guests were welcomed by Dale
Lee. Other guests were: Charles
Worthen. guest of Dr. Geo Plonk;
and H. E. Cannon, guest of Dr
u. R. Bell.
President H. G Elkins present
ed two new members: Glenn Pat
ton and Cecil Penland. who were J
initiated by t\ R. Freed
Guard Exonerated
In Prisoner's Death
David Warren. 19-year-old con
vict of Canton, died in a Murphy
hospital about 12:45 Sunday morn
ins from gunshot wounds received
when he attempted to escape irom
a truck which was taking a r ?ad
gang back to the Peachtree prison
| camp Friday afternoon
j Warren had served about half
1 of a 12-month sentence f >r la.c -uy.
j On Friday afternoon around -J 30
I o'clock when approximately half
| way between Mu phy and the pri
; -on camp. Warrci* jumped from
j i he moving truck which was taking
the road gang back 'o camp, and
ran off the left side of the road
into tin* wood- near WUt Scott
Group Attends
Divisional Meet
The following from this county
attended the Baptist Divisional
\\ M I leadership conference at
Bryson City Baptist church last
(Saturday: Mesdames Henry Ilyat*
I? I) Chandler. J L Hall. Sr )
c. T Umond Alvin Bunchanan.
and .1 M Patterson. Misses Addii
Mae Cooke and Mildred Whitfield,
and Jerry Hall. Jr
Miss Ruth Provence, executive
?ecretary of the Stale W M I'..
: was- principal speaker and lead
! open discussions
The Rev W T Truett will
preach at Ranger Sunday morn
ing nt 11 o'clock on. "Christian
The peoole of Shad\ Grove
church will meet there Sunday
rnornin? at 11 o'clock to call a
Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and Saving
Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder Inspects in hi* office an exhibit ol
some 80 school textbooks which contain material on United Slates Savings Bo-uis
"As much as anything could, this convinces me that saving through bond?
has become a part of our national economic lifo." the Secretary commented. I u
first textbook I ever saw with Savings Bonds material in It came to my desk o*ii>
last March? an arithmetic with three pages of examples and problems In figuring
the Interest on Savings Bonds. That textbook publishers have since then Incluucd
bond material In more than 80 editions of arithmetic, history and civics t~xt.'
stands out In my mind as a proof of the way the Savings Bonds program is inter
woven Into the everyday life of the American people."
mountain. The guard was reported I
to have followed him and fired,
critically wounding him He re
mained with him until the prison
ers were taken to camp. Superin
tendent Ilayden Ferguson went l<?
k<?t the wounded man and brought
him to the hospital where he diet!
t arly Sunday morning.
The body was taken by Town
son funeral home to the Wells
funeral home in Canton, and filar
ial services were held there Mon
day afternoon
A coroner's jury that met Mop.
('ay exonerated the guard. K. \
Wells. Jr.. who shot Warren, hold-!
ing that he was acting in the liin |
i.f duty. I
Co-Chairmen Make
Report On T. B.
Seal Sale Drive
Mrs Louise Roger* and Mr* I
Kovd Robinson, chairmen of the
Tuberculosis Seal drive, immune* j
; that the amount collected th
rear was $150 40 This exceed *
l:i?t year's .imount which w;;s |
SI l(i .00.
The business firms and school (
| :s well as the public donated
generously to the drive which,
I was sponsored by the K<?nnahce!i
Phillips To Be |
Guest At 4-H
County Council
Oscar Phillips i>1 \<heville dis
i ict 411 agent, will be present to
present awards for outstanding
club during t!ie 4 II camps the
pa-1 summer, to Cherokee county
ilubsters at the 4-H eounty council
' iik i ! ? ii g on Saturday morning ??t
10 o'clock Tile meeting will be
held in the home agent's office,
i nd Jerry Hall Pres. will presid ?
of Andrews, who is chairman ol j
the Cherokee county polio cam- j
paign which is now under way. to |
raise SI. 800
Plan To Organize
Scout Council
The Cherokee county Girl Seoul
association will meet with Mrs
Lucy St roup, community advisor
of Kecion Six. in Murphy Carnegie
library recreation room on Mon- j
day .January 19 at 4 o'clock The (
purpose of the meeting is to work ;
on the organization of a Girl
Scout council
District Council
To Have Meeting
Here On Friday
The Home Demonslr1! on tiuWl
(ounty council officer- t?i District
one composed of Cherokee ( *la>
and Graham count ie> .1! hold a
? 'eetiag in MKs Mar? CornwcH>
office at t he court Hon > ? u*ric'a>
afternoon at 2 o'clock with \l* -
Pauline Hotchkiss distr < lit ;m?
iigent. presiding.
Tho*e from Cherokee count'
council expected t <? attend are I
Mrs. Clyde McXabb. Belvitv
president. Mrs Noah Hcmbr.u
I'eachtree. vice-president. M
Ben Warner. Martins Creek seen
tary. Mrs. Sheridan Johnson To- ^
mot la. treasurer: and Mrs Paul
Smith rth. third vice-president of
the district organization
The purpose of the meeting is
to plan for the spring district fed
eration and to plan for the voir*
l? ASKKTBAI.I. III |)| |.i:
The basket ImiII schedule fo
Murph> and Andrews team.,
foi this week is Thursday .1 ?.?
1 Nanlahala High ..t Murph\
High; Krida> Jan 16 Murph
H'gh at Haye<ville High: Cullow
whee High at \ndrews Hu.i
Fontana All-stars at Murph> ui t
County's Quota
This Year Is
Set At $1,800
The campaign to raise Cherokee
county's quota of $1,800 for the
National Foundation for Infantile
Paralysis begins today 'Thursday/,
announces the county chairman,
W T Teas. The chairman states
that he will not appoint commit
tees for the work in Andrews, but
will do the soliciting in the busi
ness section there himself. Miss
Elizabeth Troxler will work with
the school.
In Murphy the Lions club will
sponsor the drive. President H. G.
Elkins has appointed the following
committee to work here: Dr. Geo
Plonk, chairman; Walt Mauney,
Frank Forsyth, and H. A. Mattox.
for the business district and com
munity. and H Bueck for the
Civil Term Of
Superior Court
Convenes Monday
Cherokee county superior court
is scheduled to convene Monday
for the trial of civil cases only.
Judge F Donald Phillips will pre
Caso to be tried are as follows:
Palmer vs Palmer, Brown vis
Brown Pearson vs Pearson; Con
lev vs Conley, Roberson vs Rober
? ii ? ni? t'NOii. 'I; 1 vs Si5' *
Ail! Marines* vs MarLiess. II'. at on
\ ?; Fisher. Deweese vs Barnett.
M 'lonee \? Southern Railway Co.
et als Moore vs Cooke, Hubert
Ramsey vs Whitherspoon et als.
\\ I Ramst > vs Whitherspoon ct
als. Lester Ramsey vs Whither
[>oon et aU. Vnderson vs Whither
spoon et als Mason vs Davis et
Young Harris
Musicians To Be
On Club Program
The January meeting of the
Murphy Woman's club will be held
Tuesdaj evening in the dining
loom of the Methodist church,
beginning at 6.30 o'clock with din
ner served by members of the
i hurch.
The program will be on Public
Welfare, with Mrs Francis Coy
and Mr* c, w Plonk, as chaii
\lu -.i- will be furnished by mem
lu I *. ot the music department of
Ynim_ Man-.- college. A short talk
v ill be i \ eii by the Rex Dou
K.ikpatruk <;f Young Harris and
a film on Public Welfare will be
Overseas Relief Drive
Is To Be January 25-31
Vppointmcnt of the Rc\ W I*
l onn.v Murphy, and the Rev C
C Washam. Andrews, as co-chair
men <>l the Cherokee county over
seas relief drive has been an-,
i. ounced by the North Carolina
Council of Churches which is
>ponsoring the state-wide 'Fill ?; i
Ship with Friendship campaign.'
January 25-31.
The date for the local drive i
will be announced later
The Rev W T Medlin. Bobbins- 1
\ ille has been named chairman of j
the Graham county drive
These three ministers are among
100 county chairmen who wili
organize community collections
throughout the state to gather
clothing, bedding, shoes and I
I onychoid goods for shipment I
1 h rough Church World Seni >? 1
official Protestant relief agency
To b r packed for shipment, tn^
materials will go to New Windsor
Md.. where the Church World I
Service Center for this area i -
located Oldest and largest of nine
CWS Centers scattered throughout t
the United States, the New Win i
sor Center has a capacity for pro
cessing nearly a million j>ounds of
relief goods a month
During the year just ended. 3.
712.764 pounds of goods were pro
cessed at this Center. Of that am
ount. North Carolinians, who have
been in the front ranks of Ameri
can giving since the war ended,
contributed 661,641 pounds. Other
ilonation.N wiit l'rom Virginia,
W **-"t Virginia, the District of
Columbia. Maryland, Delaware
and Pennsylvania, as well as from
Mattered states outside the area
Not content to rest on their
laurels, the people of North Caro
1 h i are now out to build world
friendship and save the lives of
differing millions by collecting a
whole shipload of relief supplies.
Civic and service organizations
. re uniting f ith the churches of
tl\#? state to make the drive a suc
cess. Gifts will be channeled
through Church World Service to
the destitute overseas. Distribution
will be made on the basis of need
without religious, racial Or politi
i cal discrimination. *

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