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    Trade Here During Shop In Murphy Week May 1-8
Cherokee County
\ oi.I'ME 58 ? NUMBER 41.
Shop In Murphy
Week Is May 1-8
people in Murphy's trade terri
? v are given seores of invitations
? ; . week through this paper to
d?:ne to Murphy to do their shop
j?-n . during the period May 1-8.
which has been designated as
S xip in Mui*phy week.
The loeal retail merehants are
. senting outstanding values in j
their various lines for the benefit
those who visit the stores dur- :
in.. this special event.
If this observance of Shop in |
,M;nphy week is successful, as all :
-e who are participating fee! I
it it will be. the stores possibly ;
. I have such special trade days
. ' regular intervals throughout
the year.
The purpose of this special pro
ni on is to help people in Mur
j i and the trade area to become
in r acquainted with what the
: merchants have to offer, to
1 1 urage them to buy in their
home area, and to reward them
with good values for their patron
Services Listed
Sunday school will begin Sun
( at 9:45 a. m. at the Episcopal j
( Mi: ch of Messiah and morning I
w 1 ' |? at 11 o'clock. An Evange- 1
>ong service will be held at |
7 ? m The Woman's Auxiliary !
v meet Tuesday at 3:15 p. m
Mrs Ben Warner
Regional BTll
Convention Is
in Sylva May 7-8
The annual Regional Baptist
Training Union convention will be
i eld at Sylva Baptist church, j
Sylva. on Friday and Saturday.;
May 7-8.
The Western North Carolina as- 1
lion will be represented in j
the tournaments as follows: Adult !
Bih e reading. S. I). Robinson. |
Andrews; Better Speakers'. Jerry ;
Ho ! Murphy First; Intermediate
Snoi I Drill. Doris Raxter. An
.lunior Memory Work.
!>? .t- Ann McGuire and Wynona
Andrews; and Music
*< ' ? il Murphy Junior Choir '
Officials Get
Guide Books
Members of the local county
board of elections and political
party chairmen have received
copies of a guidebook issued by
the Institute of Government under
the heading. "Instructions for
Use in Party Primaries and Gener
! a! Elections", prepared by Henry
I W. Lewis, Assistant Director of
the Institute of Government.
Mi . Lewis' study was given high
praise by Albert Coates, Director
of the Institute of Government,
and by Judge Hubert K. Olive.
Chairman, and Raymond C. Max
well. Executive Secretary of the
State Board of Flections, who is
sued the following statement: ;
"We have reviewed the election
law material presented in this is
and find it to be an accurate study
of the laws as interpreted by the
State Board of Elections
"We recommend that it be used
not only by all election officials
but by teachers, civic organizations
and all citizens interested in
?earning about the election proce
dure of North Carolina."
The guidebook includes the fol
lowing topics: the powers and >
duties of the State, county and
precinct election officials, the
registration of voters, election
provisions and procedures, count- i
ing and recording votes, criminal
liabilities arising from elections,
absentee registration aid voting.
m:'ps adopted by 'Uate Board
of 'Elections, and of elec
tion officials.
Penny Lists
Sermon Topics
The Rev. W. B. Penny, pastor of
the First Methodist church here
will preach Sunday morning at
11 o'clock on "Who Is On the
Lord's Side"? and Sunday evening
at 8:o'cloek on "Sin s Disguise".
Sunday school will begin at 9:45
and the Methodist Youth Fellow
ship will meet at 7:00 p. m.
Henn Takes Gold
Cup At Miami
1 I Henn's Goo Goo. the Gold
Cup winner in the 35th annual
Biscayne Bay regatta at Miami
Fla.. headed a fleet of eight 225
cubic inch class hydroplanes which
were April 12 entered in the an
nual Southland Sweepstakes regat
ta ctf the recreation pier at St
Petersburg the following Saturday
and Sunday.
Henn, who is from Murphy, is
a nn>mber of St. Petersburg Yacht
club and represented the St.
Petersburg club as he drove his
Goo Goo to Victory against the
larger Gold Cup class boats at
?Miami He ran last in the first
heat but won the second heat in
rough weather to take the race on
Other ,225" entries for the
Southland regatta include Pop
Cooper's Tops, the former national |
sweepstakes champion, and One
N. a brand new boat; The Warrior,
wncd and driven by Ray Erick
son. Columbus. Ind ; Hambone IV.
Bill Cheshire. Jacksonville; How
Ma, Howard Hibbert. St. Peters
1)1,1 - Sunshine Baby. Ray Gassner.
St. Petersburg, and EleveivN. Paul
Sawyer, Los Angeles.
Sawyer is a former outboard
tampion and has a new boa;.
I*' Was second to Henn's Goo Goo
in the Gold Cup race at Miami.
Nvith Erickson third in his War
This information was furnished
? The Scout by Mrs. H. M. Har
of St Petersburg.
CANDIDATE? Henry L. Bridges
of Raleigh, eandidate to succeed
himself as state auditor in the
Democratic primary May 29. He
was appointed Feb. 15. 1947. to
succeed the late Geo. Ross Pou
in that position, prior to which he
was a practicing attorney in
Greensboro. He served four years
in the Coast Artillery during the
war. Mr. Bridges was in Murphy
Wednesday, being introduced to
local people by Judge Felix Alley
oi Waynesville.
Miss Juliet Pegues was called to
her home in Oxford. Miss., last
week due to the death of her
RAMP EATER ? Steve Nelson, nine months old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Nelson of Topton. who was the youngest ramp eater at
the 16th annual Haywood county ramp convention held Sunday. April
18. in the Black Camp uap area near Waynesville.
Mrs, Hoover Again
P.-T.A. President
Mrs. W. A. Hoover who has serv
ed the past year as president of
'he Murphy Parent-Teachers as
sociation that was organized *his
> ear for the first time fn several
years, was re-elected to that of
fice at the meeting of the associa
tion Monday evening in the school j
auditorium. W M. Davis was elect- 1
id vice-president; Mrs Robert
Weaver, secretary: and II (1 Hik
ing. re-elected treasurer.
The slate of officers was pre
sented by Mrs. R W. Kasley. Jr..
chairman of the nominating com
Announcement was made that
through efforts of the P. T. A and
others in the community a school
band for the next season will be
assured. I). E. Sigmon. chairman
of the finance committee, an
nounced that more than SI 800 had :
been pledged and that several
members of the committee had not
vet made their reports
Supt. H. Bueck explained t In
state and county plan of financ- 1
ing schools and requested that the
P.-T. A. use its influence to create j
sentiment for a bond election for
a special tax levy to benefit the
schools of this county He told of
several items that have been secur
ed for the school at practically!
no cost, through government agen
cies. He announced that the inun
dation is now being laid for a
temporary primary build in., that |
will have ten rooms, to be erected^
on the south side of the school
campus, from materials purchased
ai Camp Butncr. Monroe at a
cost of $63. The county appropriat
ed $4,000 toward the erection
Carpentry and cabinet making
classes at the school will do tin
work on the building as pa. of
their laboratory work In the
buildings bought were included
heating and plumbing equipment.
W M Davis spoke on How
Good Are Our Schools", statiiiu
that people can have any k ' id of
j schools they want, because
i arc financially able to do it ''We
' have no right to expect our child
it n to rise above the level of the
i average child in the community."
J lie stated If we provide for all
! alike we can lift them up. giving
them the abundant life "
A musical number. 'Home
Sweet Home" by the Penny trio
? pened the program. The devotion
al was conducted by the Rev. J.
Alton Morris A program on the
history of this county was present
ed by the fifth grade.
Reports were made by the fol
lowing: H. G. Elkins. treasurer;
Mrs. R. V Weaver, room repre
sentative: Mrs Ray Paul Jones,
ways and means: Mrs II G. Elk
ins. membership.
The association voted to ask for
a full-time truant officer for this |
Mrs. Hoover, at the request o!" j
the association, appointed the fol- 1
lowing legislative eommittee: Mrs. I
. D. P. Folgcr. chairman Mrs. J. W.
Davidson, and Mrs. II G Elkins.
Refreshments were served by j
the high school foods classes from
a table decorated with a ministur I
W. M. Mauney who has been in I
Atlanta for several days for a
physical check-up returned Wed- .
nesday. Mrs. Mauney went to \
Atlanta Tuesday to accompany him
home. His condition is reported to 1
I be good.
M/. and Mrs. "Dutch Kindley
I of Bryson City were guests ol
' Mrs. George Phillips here Sunday
Guernsey Sale
To Be Held June 2
The seventh annual Guernsey
Sale will be held in Murphy on
Thursday. June 2. announces A
Q. Ketner. who is working with
the Guernsey Breeders association
in putting on the sale
The sale, which will be held at
the Cherokee County Fair
Grounds, will start at 12:30 o'clock
Between 32 and 35 head of select
ed animals will be offered at this
sale. Mr. Ketner states that even
though there are not as many cat
tle offered as were last year, the
quality is superior \mong those
to be offered are: 10 bred heifers,
four cows, two bulls, and the oth
ers will be open heifers.
Among the breeders who will
offer animals for sale are: Najesco
farm. Canton. Ga . Shoal Falls
farm. Hcndersonville: Milton
Lodge, Arden: Not la farms, Cul
berson; Belmont View farms.
Franklin; Smithmont farm. Mur
phy; and Riegeldale farms. Trion.
Ga. Several others will offer at
least one animal.
Murphy City Election To
Be Held On Tuesday May 4
Southern Trains
Back In Service
Southern Railway passenger
trains which were taken off the
Murphv branch on Sunday.
March 21, because of the coal
? 1 1 ikes, were restored on
Wednesday of this week. They i
are now running on regular
schedule, one leaving here at
6:15 a. m. and one arriving
from Asheville in the afternoon
at 3:30. Mail and express ser
vices were restored at the same
Elderly And
Shut-Ins To Be
Honored Sunday
The elderly people and shut-ins |
of Murphy and vicnity will be
honored Sunday at the morning
service at 11 o'clock at First Bap
tist church, announces the pastor,
the Rev. J Alton Morris. The
Lord's Supper will be observed. I
On Sunday evening, at 8:00 a bap
tismal service will be held.
Sundi.v School starts at 9:45
Sunday morning and Training
Lnlon at T : : f ) Sunday evening.
On May 9. Family Day will be
observed in connection with Moth- J
er's Day: May 16. with Bain Day!
in the Sunday School.
On Mat 23. Youth Day will be
cbs( ."ed. and May 30. Wedding
rnniversary in the church.
Persimmon Creek !
Site Leased For
Girl Scout Camp
The recreation center at Per
simmon Creek which was begun a
few years ago by the Forest Ser
vice, has been leased to the Girl
Scouts of Murphy to be used as a
Scout Camp for both Girl Scouts
and Boy Scouts.
Two doors and some shutters
which were donated by different
people, have been taken away
The Scouts will appreciate the co
operation of the public in helping
to prote?t this property, as it is
perhaps not generally known that
it has been leased to the Scouts. I
since no signs have been posted.
It is the purpose of the Scouts
to repair the building and beautify
the grounds and make it a desir
able recreation center.
Mrs. R. H. Foard will have
charge of the program at the meet
ing of the Woman's auxiliary of
the Presbyterian church Tuesday
afternoon. The auxiliary annual
Birthday party will be observed at
this time
Wilford Stanley states that he
will leave next week for Charlotte
to work
Davis, son of Dr and Mrs. H. E.
Davis of Andrews, who is valedic
torian of his class at Andrews
high school. He has an average ol
Watts, daughter of Mr and Mrs
Ta! 'image Watts of Andrews, who
?s salutatorian of her elass in An
drew -? High school
Tho monthly Tri-State Singing
Convention will be held Saturday
night. May 1. in the Murphy
school auditorium All singers
from Cherokee and surrounding
counties are invited to attend
Hajden Tarpley of Blue Ridge is
in charge of this month's meeting.
f Murphy citizens will elect a
mayor and six council men to serve
for the next two years on Tues
| day . May 4.
! Neil Sneed. 'D> incumbent, who
I seeks re-election for mayor, an
j nounced this week that the fol
I lowing men had been filed as
j candidates for councilmen on his
1 ticket: Edward Brumby <D), J. W.
Franklin <R>. David Kin? <D>, Roy
Lovingood R>, Ben Palmer <D?.
and E E Stiles <R>.
One change was made on the
other ticket before the filing dead
line Saturday. Joe Hamilton will
take the place of Joe Ray. This
ticket is headed by Arden Davis
for councilmen: Dr. J. N. Hill < D ?
Joe Hamilton D>. J. W. Franklin
R>. Richard Howell <R>, Tom
Palmer 1 D). and E. L. Townson
Seniors Present
"Star Crazy" On
Thursday, May 6
The Senior play of Murphy
high school "Star Crazy" by Don
Elser will be presented in the
school auditorium May 6 at 8 p.
in John Jordan, dramatics teacher
in Murphy hi'jh school and Mrs.
Karl Weiss. Jr. senior sponsor,
are in charge of direction.
Seniors taking part in this three
r.ct comedy are: Jane Sneed, Joyce
C oleman. Mildred Hendrix, Murial
Chastain. Elizabeth El kins. James
Hughes. Porter Griggs. Jerry Hall
and Jack Cole
Pre School Clinic
To Be Held Mav3
A pre-school clinic will be held
in Murphy in Miss Clara McCombs'
lirst grade room on Monday. May
from 9 A M. to 11 30 A. M.
All parents are requested to bring
their children who will enter
.'chool next fall.
A recent state-wide law passed
by legislature requires all pre
school children to be vaccinated
a gainst Diphtheria. Whooping
Cough, and Smallpox. It is request
ed that parents bring these child
ren in order that they may receive
a physical examination and the
vaccinations required by law.
State Leaders To
Hold Workshop
Vacation Church School work- 1 ]
shops for the Methodist Churches 1
of the Murphy area will be held ?
;it First Methodist Church, Mur- !
phy. Friday evening. April 30. at
7:30 p. m. Specific instruction^ \
will be provided for the persons !
who will teach in Vacation Schools i
this summer
Mrs. W. P. Moore. Director of |
Children's Work for the Salisbury 1
district, will lead the class l'or
W. P Moore, left, of Salisbury, and
Mrs. W. R, Reed, right, of Luray, I
Va. who will lead d.iscussions at |
the Vacation church school work
shop at First Methodist church
Friday evening.
Kindcrgarton workers The text
suggested for this group is Let's
Go Out of Doors by Jennie Lou
Mrs. W. K Reed. Luray. Vir
ginia. will lead the discussion for
Primary and Junior workers using
the texts "Learning from Jesus"
by Reiser for Primaries and
Discovering the Lands of the
Bible"' by Hazel wood for Juniors.
The Methodist ministers of the
area are invited to bring their
workers to these meetings in
preparation for Vacation Schools
that will be held throughout the
county this summer. These meet
ings are sponsored by the Con
ference Board of Education, Carl
H King. Executive Secretary.
Salisbury, and by the Methodist
ministers of this area.
This institute is for all workers
with children in the Methodist
church schools in the area west of
Bryson City.
Representative and workers of
First Church. Murphy, will meet
at 6:30 p. m. in the main assembly
room of the Church school for a
pot luck supper, which will be
followed by a round table discus
sion with the visiting workers.
Mr. King will lead the devotion
al at the opening of the evening
program. The adult choir will
furnish music, following which de
partmental work will be done.

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