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5 I " Promoting Communications Between IndiuySfad Nt0<mt*c^ _iw<<*?.nc
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News Briefs
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Sports Publications Presented in
Honor of Branlon Woo dell and
Jeremiah Cummings
Not only does a local community give support and comfort to individuals
or families that experience a tragedy or hardship, but others who hear the news
(Tom miles away desire to reach out and comfort those who are in need. This
is just what Lumberton High School did as they presented two recent sports
publications in honor of two Purnell Swett High School athletes who recently
lost their lives in an automobile accident.
Lumberton athletic director. Richard West, presented The Art of Pitching
by Tom Seanor and For the Love of the Game by Cynthia Wilbur to Purnell
Swett High School's Athletic director. Pope Royce McNeill at the Press
conference during the Christmas tournament at Pembroke State University
which was held in the Chancellor's dining room. The books are in honor of
' Jeremiah Cummings and Branlon Woodell who were killed in a wreck
} October 8. 1993.
' 'That's nice, so many people have dedicated books in lienor of Mia and
(? Branlon at Robeson Tech and Pembroke State University. People have been
so sympathetic and caring'' quotes Delora Cummings, Jeremiah's mother, as
she displayed her strength to overcome her emotions.
"We are greatly appreciative of Lumberton's Athletic department for this
presentation. It will mean a lot to our school and to the parents of Branlon and
Jeremiah. It shows that we're all one big family in high school athletics in
times of sorrow and tragedy. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone
, who extended their support during the tournament and to Richard West and
? ?twiiBtinmlligliiKm>JlpiHiu?|MU.minium ennrrm men inuujjniunnmmiiu
The Christmas tournament was held December 18.20. ^1 for the boys and
December 20. 21. and 22 for the girls Bladenboro was winner for boys
basketball and Pine crest was winner for girls basketball
Librarians. Jane Herch and Essie Jones, were delighted to have received
the books for the school library The books will be in the school library on
display for several weeks
by Vroiine Barnes Dial
A Day Care for PSU? It's a
possibility, says chancellor
A day care for children of faculty.
staff and students at PStT
This possibility was brought up
Wednesday at the second Chancellor's
Forum in a meeting with members of
the PSU staff and some faculty
It was among the questions posed
to Chancellor Joseph Oxendine and
vice chancellors of PSU
"I think it isa possibilitv-although
not an easy possibility," commented
Oxendine "We would need to conjure
up a major grant
"We would have to have
professional people And we would
nave to look at it in terms of liability.
Hospice Training and
Orientation Planned
Hospice of Robeson will hold an
orientation program for new
volunteers on Tuesday. February I.
1994 at 7:00 p.m at the Hospice office.
2002 N Cedar St. in Lumberton The
public is cordially invited to attend
r and learn more about Hospice and
services it provides for the terminally
ill and their families Attendance at
orientation is mandatory for those
wanting to attend the 0-part volunteer
IbaWag course beginning February 8
For more mformation. call Anne Oata
at 671-5601
We can'tBSx^isual about child care ."
Oxendine\ud he would like to
PSU "to cranltuip a major grant for
such a program!' He said there has
already been tall about housing such
adaycare program in the old Pembroke
High School building adjacent to PSU.
"There have been discussions in
the last month about the possibilities
of this program. It would help us alot.
It would attract to us more students
who have children." he pointed out.
Oxendine said persons involved in
such a venture" could not be
inexperienced," adding. "We must
do it right from the start."
, ? t m r~ i .
Carolina ladiaa Yoke
is published every Thurwiay by
Firit American PubRtattom
304 Normal St - CoSe|e Plaza
Post Office Box 1075
Pembroke. North Carofc* 28372
Phone (919) 521-2824
Fax (919) 521-1975
Connee Brayboy, Editor
Helen Loddeer. Office Manner
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Out of state, 825.00
Second Class Postage Arid at
Pembroke. NC
host Red
Cross Blood
Drive Feb. 4
Lumbee Regional Development
Association will help the American
Red Cross sponsor a blood drive
February 4th from 12:00 p.m. to4:00
p m at the Baptist Building across
from the Pembroke Stale University
Performing Arts Center
The American RedCrossCarolinas
Region announced an emergency
appeal for blood donors effective
today This apeal will remain in effect
until blood supplies are brought up to
a safe level
The severity of the weather and
low holiday collections account for
the need of an emergency appeal
across the State. The Carolinas Region
lias experienced low collections for
the past six months, accounting for
recent layoffs Red Cross officials
were forced to cancel blood drives
which would have collected 800 units
of blood due tothe winter storm which
hit recently"
Currently. the Region has lew than
andTvpe "O" Negative iseven tower
The Carolinas Region services 110
hospitals throughout North Carolina
and parts of South Carotina
Blood donors must be at leas 17
vearsoid. weigh more than 110 pounds
and be in good general health A blood
donation can be made every 56 days
(eight weeks)
The public is asked to give in this
time of need Please call Wanda
Locklear of Monroe Chavis at 521
8602 to make your appointment to
/ V 9 \
\ 521-2826 /
Diane Phillips; Assistant Public Defender, Announces
Candidacy for District Court judge
Diane Phillips. Assistant Public
Defender for Robeson County, has
Filed for District Court Judge She
stated that she hopes to continue her
commitment to a fair judicial system
as Robeson County's next District
Court Judge. "1 believe it is important
to have someone on the bench who
has varied legal work experience and
who can be fair and impartial." said
Phillips "1 am someone who is
sensitive yet strong. It Is important to
have a very qualified judge ''
Phillips believes she is extremely
and ^Superior Courts and the North
Carolina Appellate Courts. For the
past five years Phillips has served as
an Assistant Public Defender with the
Robeson County public Defender's
Office where she represents defendants
iv Ih> cannot afford to hire an attorney
Phillips wotked m ith Lumber River
Legal Service for 8 and 1/2 years
representing low-income people in
civil cases and specializing in
domestic violence law and consumer
law with special emphasis on
consumer protection issues
Through a Community Lawyer
Fellowship. Phillips was a co-founder
of the Robeson County C ommittee on
Domestic Violence which brought
together many individuals, churches,
community service agencies and law
enforcement to respond to the serious
crisis of battered women and violence
in the home and provided a 24-hour
crisis line. This project has continued
and expanded and is now called
Southeastern Family violence Center
and provides shelter service sand other
much needed assistance to abused
women and children "Alotofpeople
who come to District Court come
because of cases involving quality of
life issues; children, family. consumer
matters, and domestic situations. It is
important for people to know they
will be heard People have to be Wealed
with respect and dignity, without
regard to their race, religion, gender,
social or economic status." Phillips
Phillips believes that the bench
should reflect the make-up of Robe soo
County. Currently there are no female
District Court judges in Robeson
" A strong qualified woman on the
bench would strengthen the District
Court Bench because she would add a
new and essential perspective to our
judicial system." Phillips said She
states that she is a stronu. qualified
woman layer who could make the
District Court Bench truly
representative of all people
The Goldsboro native has bean an
active member of the Robason
community since her arrival in l?80
She is a member ofrtfe Southeastern
Regional Mental Health Board, the
Robeson County Morebead
Foundation Selection Committee, the
community Penalties Project, and was
a member of the Interim Board of
Directors fortheCommunity in School
Project. She is also a member of a
number of bar associations and the
professional organizations, including
the Notth Carolina Association of
Women Attorneys where she served
on the Board or Governors in 1983
and 1987 as Secretary, in 1986 as
vice-President and in 1988as Regional
Coordinator; the North Carolina
Association of Black Lawyers where
she served on the Board of Governors
from 1982-87. the Board of Governors
of the Land Lou Prevention Project
which responds to the plight of formers
and low-income people losing their
land. From 1987-1989. Phillips served
on the North Carolina State Bar
Lawyer's Trust Account Committee.
Phillips stated thai with such an
extensive background in community
service the hat incorporated that
service into her campaign ''What hat
been important to the campaign is
being involved with the community. '
she explained. "We've sponsored a
legal seminar and workshop It was
very well supported oy the
community There were lawyers,
paralegals, and social workers to speak
with participants about various issues
i nc I udtng domestic law yj domestic
violence, social security, disability
and retirement, public benefits, wills
and criminal law
rite campaign committee Iwsnleo
spousored a well-attended Family Fun
Day Celebration Face painting, youth
paiticipation. singing, fortune telling
were only some of the activities
available to the puMic. "
Phillips has many interests and
concerns She served two four year
terms as president of Lambda Eta
Zeta Chapter ofZeta Phi Beta Sorority.
Inc. of which she was a co-founder
over I Oyearsago.Zeta ua community
service organization and through her
work with Zeta. Ptathps^ssaws that
receiving a BA dagldrw'poSdcal
Science and a minor in economics
She attended the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill School of
Law. and in the summer before her
third year and during her third year of
Law School, she was licensed to
practice law under the North Carolina
Third Year Practice Rule At that
tune. Phillips was involved with the
Women in Law Project and worked
with a firm in Chapel Hill Phillips
received her ID degree from the
University of North Carolina School
of Law in Chapel Hill in 1980
She is an active member of First
Baptist Church In Lumberton where
she is a member of the Black History
Committee, the Scholarship
Committee. Assistant Secretary of the
Board of Directors of First Baptist
Homes, and a pact Director of the
Phillips staled that her greatest joy
in life is doing all she am to enhance
life for others
On The Pow /
Wow Circuit I
The following list of upcoming powwows is not intended to be a
complete list. Anyone having information about upcoming powwows
not listed is encouraged to send them to Wild Turkey, P O Box I07J.
Pembroke. NC 28372 or fax to (910) 521-1975
* January 28-30.1994. Powwow. Asheville. NC 410-788-0689.919
* February 12.*1994. Native American Powwow The Nooh Carolina
School ofScience and Mathematics. Charles R Elber Physical Education
Center. Durham. NC Joe Liles. 919-286-3366
?March 18-20 Pow-WowGreenville.NC<4l0>788-0689.<9l9)257
* March 25-26. 1994-Annual Festival of the Four Holes Indian
Organization (The Natchez Kusso Tribe) Call (803) 871-2(26
* April 1-2 NC State University Pow-Wow. ReggieOxendine (919)
* April9.DukeUniversity Pow-Wow. DanaChavis(9|9)6l3-l942
* April 15-17 Haliwa-Sapom Pow-Wow. Hollister. NC (919)586
* April 22-24 Raleigh. NC Pow-Wow. (410) 788-0689. <919)257
* April 29-5/1 Harrisburg. PA (410) 788-0689 or (919)257-1720
* May 6-8 Metrolina NA Association Pow-Wow
* May 21-22 Richmond Community College (919) 582-7071
* June 16. 17. 18. A 19. Rebirth of the Traditional Spiritual
Gatherings, a Tribute to the Great Spirit. Father of all Indian nations.
North Carolina Indian Cultural Center. Call Spoiled Turtle (910) 521
4178. Painted Turtle (910) 521-0020 or Wild Turkey (919) 521-2826
* June 24-25 Allentown. PA. Pow-Wow (410)788-0689
* July 15-17 Howard ( ountv. MD (4101788-0689.1919) 257-1720
* July 29-31 Virginia Beach. (410) 788-0689 or (919) 257-1720
* August 26-28 Baltimore American Indian Center Pow-Wow |4I0)
* September 15-17Guilford Native American Assocmikmi(9|9)273
* November 7-13 Great American Indian Expo (410) 788-0689
* November 21-27 Native American Pow-Wow. Baltimore. MD
Dennis Lowery named director
of Federal Reserve Bank Branch
MLnmirwim, r/i- wiuu? luuji t . m
'64 graduate of Pembroke State
University who is president and chief
esecutive officer of Continental
Industrial Chemicals ofChartotte. has
been appointed a director of the
Chariotte office of the Federal Reserve
Bank of Richmond
Hit appointment is for athree-year
term expiring December JI, IW6
The Federal Reierxe Bank of
Richmond lerve* the Fifth Federal
Reaer\e District. which encompasses
the District of Columbia. Maryland.
North Carolina. South Carolina.
Virginia and moat of West Virginia
The Continental Industrial
Chemical* company which Lowery
head* i< one of the nation s largest
Native American-owned companies
Lowery. who has served as
chairman of the PSU Board of
Trustees, was awarded the PSU
Alumni Association's "Outstanding
Alumnus Award" in I9S2
Last June he was selected as the
Charlotte Chamber of Commerce's
?'Entrepreneur of the Year "
In IV7V he was selected as North
Carolina's "Small Businessman of
the Year "
His w lie. the lonner Judy Locklear.
graduated ftom PSU m 'M and their
daughter. Dana, is the reigning - - Miss
Pembroke State University'
The Carolina Indian Voica began publication in 1973,
published by Lumbee Publishing Company. The CIV Is
now celebrating 21 years of continuous publication and
is now published by First American Publications. We
pause to say thank you to our supporters, as well as our
detractors. Those readers who have supported us have
served as much needed encouragement Our detractors
have served as inspiration and served as a catalyst to
spur our determination to continue. A heartfelt thank
you to our readers. Without you It would not be possible.
Thank you for allowing us to serve you.
ConnM Brayboy, Editor
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