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    1 M Pubishcd EaehThur*% Sine* January 18. If 73
B 5 S Indian <X)oice
" Promoting Communications Batsman Indians and Nations 7- fwrok., nc
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[News Briefs _______
Art Exhibit will be part of
Indian Unity Conference
The Fourth Annual North Carolina
Juried Fine Art Exhibition will be
held at the I9?W N C Indian. Unity
Conference. Holiday Inn Bordeaux
and convention Center. Favetteville.
March 24-26. The exhibition, open tc
only N.C. Native Americans, offers
the opportunity for emerging and
established artists to show and share
their work with the community
After opening at the 1994 N.C
Indian Unity Conference in
Fayetteville. the exhibition of
accepted works will travel to three
other locations in the state
The Juried Fine Art Exhibition is
sponsored by United Tribes of North
Carolina which is supported by a grant
trom the North Carolina AnsCouncil.
a state agency, and the National
Endowment of the Aits, a federal
A wards presented will include Best
of Show. Best Traditional. Best
' t?r.nten?jwat>: Six Honorable ;
Mentions. Alf participants will fecel ve
a certificate of participation
All artists must be Native American
(must haxe proof) Must be a member
of a North Carolina tribe or anv other
Native American presenile residing
ui the state Must be 18 years ofage or
older No kits, molds, or print
reproductions of original works will
be accepted All mediums are
acceptable (painting, pottery,
beadwork. etc. i All entries must be
original and completed within the last
three years, and not entered in the
exhibition in the last three years
There will be no entry fee
United Tribes of North Carolina
w ill prov ide insurance conv erge while
art objects are at the Unite ( on fere nee
and delivered to the other locations
United Tribes personnel will exercise
all reasonable care in the handling and
storage of art objects, it can assume
responsibilitv tot damage and loss
deductible that wpuld beapphcaMe^
Upcoming J
Literary Events
for March
The N.C. Writers' Network
announces several literary events
taking place in February at locations
across the state For information about
any of the following activities, call
the N.C Writers' Network at <919)
"Religious and Devotional
Workshop'. Sunday. March 5.10.30
-3:30 p.ra .. at Mclntyre's Fine Books
and Bookends. Pittsboro, N C
Reverend Tim Allen authorof Seasons
In the Year, will help participants
explore the gamut of religiouis writing
from dev otional pieces to professional
articles Participants must register by
Feb 25. 1994 In the morning,
participants will investigate how to
begin writing, where to go. who to
meet and how to make their initial
writing attempts publishable The
afternoon session will involve a
writing assignment and class
critiquing Participants are
encouraged to bring 12 copies of their
own writing to share with the others,
and are asked to bring ten copies of
each piece To register, call the
>30 for Network members and $35 for
Allen's articles, poems and
devotionals have appeared in
numerous publications including
Journal of Pastoral Care. Hospice
Magazine. Preaching. Church
Recreations and The Hymn. He has
his Masters of Arts Degree in
Religious Studies from the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
March 31. 1994. is the postmark
deadline for entries in the Wachovia
Playwrights Competition Open to
legal residentsof North C arolina The
winning plavwnght w ill receive a S200
-ash prize and the w inning play w ill
be considered tbrproduction next fid 1
Final judge will be Christine Rusch.
founder of the Playwrights' Fund of
North Carolina To enter: Submit two
copiesofa play ino musicals). Do not
include name on the manuscript andfe
list of winners, enclose an envelope
with sufficient postage Entry fee must
accompany your play: $4 for NCWN
members. Sb for nonmembers Send
entries and entry fee by March 31.
I994 to David Brendan Hopes. Chair.
1994. Wachovia Playwrights
Competition. Literature Dept. UNC
Asheville. I University Heights.
Asheville. NC 28804 The Wachovia
Playwrights Competition is made
possible with support from Wachovia
ftanli nfNnnh rar"linn
Humane Society
to meet
The Robeson County Humane
Society will bold its monthly meeting
on February 20th at 3 p.m. in the
Robeson County Church and
Community Center located on 14th
St. in Lumberton. Everyone is invited
to attend. For more information call
Rose's Mobile
Office to be in
The Mobile office of Congressman
Charlie Rose will make two stops in
Robeson County as the "Rose
mobile" starts the 1994 schedule of
curbode service for residents of the
7th Congressional district
A representative of Rose's office
will be available for conferences at
the following post offices Wednesday
February 16 Lumberton. 9:00 am -
11:00am. Pembroke. 12:00 pm-2:00
If you have aprobtem witfaa federal
agency you are invited to visit the
mobile office Opinions on federal
legislation are also welcomed
Appointments are not necessary.
The offices operate on a first come
first served basis
: \
Dean's List
Th? following students have
attained the dean's list during first
semester at The University of North
Carolina at Greensboro
Undergraduate students carrying
six or more semester hours of
coursework graded on an A.B.C.D, or
F Basis are eligible for the Dean's
List. Included on the Dean's List are
those students who earn A grade point
ratio of 3.5 or better and who have no
grade below C for the semester.
Students who made the Dean's
List are Stephanie McDonald Rl. 2.
Fairmont. NC. Andrea L Osman 28
Trinity Dr . Lumbetton. Mary E . Potter
105 Fuller Avenue. Lumberton.
Schnele R Kerns. Pembroke. NC^
Abort from left to right. Dr. Jake Brown. Consultant, Science Section,
N.C. Department of Public Instruction. Con Hum, student, and Wilma
Godwin, teacher of Purnell Swett High School, and Jonathan BurtnetU
Sedimentation Education Specialist, V C. Department of Environment,
Health and Natural Resources.
PSHS Student wins high
school Essay Contest
Raleigh- Regional and state
winners of the Muddv Water Essav
Contest for High School Students were
and Fflhiral Resources (DEHNRi
Aiuiouncements and awards were
presented at a luncheon in Greensboro.
NC honoring regional and state
A first place regional award of $50
tor both student and teacher went to
( orv Hunt, studeut. and Wilma
Godwin, teacher of Puroell Swett High
School The theme of the essa> s was
'The Sedimentation Process and Soil
Erosion Caused b> Land Disturbing
On construction sites ot one acre v
more an erosion control plan is
required prior to construction "The
idea is to keep the soil oti the- sue.
which will protect water quaht\ and
conserve soil resources.' said
Jonathan Burtnett. Sedimentation
Education Specialist with DEHNR
It is exciting to see the sincere
interest young people ha\e
effect of erosion on water quality. It is
an important topic and we commend
T'^iiTiiii'm" racmiim
The purpose of she contest is tc
increase public awareness of tlx
sedimentation process and soil erosion
that often occurs during construction
and to provide students a science
based writing experience on the
subject of water quality In 1973 the
North Carolina General Assembly
enacted the Sedimentation Pollution
Control ActtG.S. 113 A. Article 4l to
protect water quality and soil
resources The Department of
Environment. Health and Natural
? Resources cooperates with local
governments through the state in
administering the act
Students participate m the essav
contest by writing essays at their local
school w here teachers select the best
three essays to send forward to regional
.oinpetition A winner is selected in
each ot seven regional iNCDEHNRi
and these winners compete for state
a>sards,, ,
Hearing to be
held to consider
status of Tobacco
Price Support
Congressman Charlie Rose.
Chairman of the House Agriculture
Subcommittee on Specialty C tops and
Natural Resources, announced todav
that the Subcommittee will convene a
public hearing in Lumbertoo. NK on
Monday. February 21. IW4 at "JO
a m The hearing will be held at the
A.D. Lewis Auditorium on the
Robeson Community Colleue
C am pus The college is located at the
intersection of 1-95 and Highwav >01
North at exit 22 in Lumberton
The purpose of the hearing is to
consider the current status of the
Tobacco Price Support Program, as
well as hear from interested w itnesse*
about the implementation of the
recently enacted Dumestic Content
law for tobacco
Chairman Rose said "I'm looking
forward to hearing from individuals
in the tobacco community about any
issues of concern they mav have
regarding operation of the Tobacco
Prouram." Witnesses are expected o
include (JS Department of
Agriculture officials, tobacco growers,
tobacco state economists. Flue-cured
Tobacco Stabilization Cooperative,
and other tobacco industry officials
There are a number of issues we
must continue to consider if we are
going to ensure a strong lobacio
Program. "Chairman Rose added I
remain coocemed about the level ot
tobacco imports and the effect these
imports have on our lobatio
Program." Rone noted, and I believe
we need to make a smooth transition
to the Domestic Content Law as soon
as possible
The US Department of
Agriculture is currently seeking
comments on the draft regulations for
the Domestic Content Law. and is
expected to publish final regulations
in the 'tear future
Energy Assistance
Funds Made
Luiubee River Electric
Memhershipf otporatwn has released
the first energy assistance funds
collected through its "Help a Needv
Friend'' program The funds have been
made available to the Lumbee
Regional Development Association
Any LREMC member
experiencing an energy crisis may
apply at the following locations on the
datesand times indicated Cumberland
County. LREMC Lake Rim Office.
Tuesday. February 22. 8 30 a m -
4.30 p m , Scotland County. Legal
Services Building. Wednesday.
February 23. 8 30 a m * 4.30 p.m..
Hoke County Hawkevt Sands
Community buildtnc Highway 211.
Thursday. February 24. 8 30 am ?
4 30 p m . Robeson ( ounty. anv
LR DA office, weekdays after February 1
22. 8 30 a m -4 00pm
rot mote uiicHinaiKNi. inetuuei*
should call Lumbee Regional
Development Association, telephone
number 73>-7<H>6
Larry Graham to Run for
Clerk of Superior Court
Larrv Graham. Magistrate for
Robeson County, has announced his
candidacy for Clerk of Superior I oun
of Robeson County. In making lti>
announcement. Gniham released the
following statement
myself as a candidate for the office ol
Clerk of Superior Court of Robeson
"I feel the opportunity to serve as
Robeson County Clerk of Superior
Court comes with much honor and
high esteem, and I would greatly
appreciate the opportunity
Only the citizens of this great
county can bestow such a honor to a
fellow Robe soman I am asking each
and every citizen of this county to
consider their support and vote of
confidence to Lariy Stevens Graham
for the office of Cletk of Superior
I have served as a Magistrate in
the 16-B judicial district since Mav
l?)85 I have worked closely with the
citizens and judicial community
faithfully wherever my services were
, I am a lifelong resident of the
I Maxton community receiving my
, Piesbytetian College. Lauruiburg. NC
, and the Institute of Government.
^Chapel Hill. NC
I am a member ot Si Matthew .> A
M.E Zion Church ot' Maxton. NC
Serwng in several capacities Master
Mason. East Liberty todjie# I 86.
Maxton. NC . and other civic
In closing it is tnv sincere wish to
thank each and e\ en. citizen in person
tor whatever support rendered I realize
this is a tremendous undertaking and
sincerely pledge to give my heartfelt
dedication and service aordt citizens
Robeson County. 113 East Chestnut
St.. Maxton. North Carolina 28364 or
hv telephone at 844-3864
Lurry Onto
Robeson Native Returns to
practice Anesthesiology
"You can go home attain."
according 10 Dr Patrice Max nor.
who recently returned to Lumberion
to practice her medical specialty o(
anesthesiology with Di John Harris
of Lumberion Anesthesia Associate*
She is also an active member ot
Southeastern Regional Medical
Center's medical staff
Known to Iter friends as Pat",
she grew up in Pembroke, graduated
from Pembroke Senior High School
and earned her U S degree in bioktgx
from Pembroke Slate University
before leaving Robeson ( ouniv to
attend medical school at the! inn emit x
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
As a freshman at PSU. she first
began to consider medicine asa career
when she heard a speaker itemize
some harsh numbers concerning life
expectancy for natives of Robeson
County She could relate to those
statistics because several members of
Iter own tiunily had died prematurely
from heart disease, hypertension,
diabetes, and tuberculosis
Mter completing her medical
degree m t?J87. Dr Mnvnor did 117
month internship in medicine .out
pediatrics at l'N( Hospital*
However, a research protect with
t>rain-ni|ured patients headed hv an
mtesihesiologisi cave her a taste ot a
medical specialty that proved to be
more suited to her personal itv
In medical school I had always
enioved physiology and
pharmacology. both important areas
in anesthesiology.' die explained
Also I liked the mutant gratification
I get from treating a patient who
undergoes surgery and is on the way
to recovery in a matter of hours."
After completing three years of
residency training at Chapei Hill in
Idol. Dr Mavnor worked with
i umberland Anesthesia Associate* m
Fivtlkvillf titrouyh W "When
John Harronfteretlineiinoppuriuiiiti
to come litre. I wenthed (he personal
.11 h1 professional tacionot the move."
she explained "My fiwnih lit* here
hrouuht ine back "
Dr Mavnor hat alio been
impressed with the yrowih of
Southeastern Regional Medical Center
oxer the pad ten year* "I'v# been
very buay since I ytot here and the
wort la stimulating site added "I
wort with a line Half "
Dt klavnur it single and etyoys
horseback ridlnti. reading and lenni*
Tie alwavs been .hue i?? the
people ot thu fummnni. said Dr
Mnvme whose laitiei .mhI brother
hie in Pembroke I leel .onnecied
loiluspUue It ?itoudu> be around > ild
lrtends and see familiar laces
Dr. PtMrivr Mttynur
Bryan Bunnell Ckarii recently
completed ha\k training m (ire*
Lahei MifW Tmiming t enter In
Chiengm, IL He it mm enrolled in a
six-month Adenine J Cm line fur
Ft rem mm Mechanic* /trior ui being
pinned aboard hit permanent duty
He it n Iff J graduate of Burnett
Suva High School. Chart* it the um
of Alan and t athe Chan* of Boole J.
Mnxton. He it ute gmndtam of Lee
Lot Heme and WUHam C. H ani and
Clan Chaeix

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