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    experience to tori feto 1800*? and
becameaifeyricfen. WewrMcwi
though to tow way* fee clearly
assimilated toco Enro-American '
cutaae, fee i ? 1 ortocai of toe
This weak we turn to other wrifihgs of
Ofeiyeaa ? wfeo becaae keowe a*
demaaatmit bow finely rooted he ww
to toe eedtoonal world of his Stoma
Otoyeaa wrote (to Tkt Imkm
Today, 1915) about aMoy mpects of
and women, their poteatial as
society. His view is so important bow
becaase it is one of a very few
writing of las period, la a dircesskwi
of Native Americans and their
As a free man Uresdf. he aBows
otoers toe nene Incdcm Wito htoi
the qtotaml life is paramount, and all
end of its ultimate perfection. Drily he
and evening from (he highest hilltop in
(he region of his home.
"Social life is kept m simple w
possible, fteedomofacfionanly embed
by reverence... and respect for toe
portly and perfection of his owe body
and tooae of his fellow creatures Only
sochlawsarc made as have beea found
necessary to guard personal and tribal
purity and honor. The women do not
associate freely with men outside of
toe family, and even within it strict
decorum is observed... Birth and
linipllii ofwarahbdaafhephydcal
thus of be man. aad adf-coa?I
a retarded as a rebgioas doty."
though QMywi had beca through
to offer ia che way of formal
-w?hM he Kill kaew who he war.
Aad though he ohvioaaly valued the
Hangs he had leaned ia the while
Che role of woeaea ia iraditioaa]
Stoma life:
"She has always been the sileat
bat lelliag power he hi ad life's
acttvihea, aad at the same time shared
equally with her ante the arduous
duties of primitive society. Possessed
of owe feminine dignity and modesty,
she teas expected to be his equal ia
physical endonmce aad skill, but his
looked to for the endowmeat of ber
child with nature's gifts and powers,
and no woman of any race has ever
cone closer to universal motherhood.
"She was the spuitual teacher of
the child, as well m its lender nurse,
aad she brought its developing soul
before the "Great Mystery' as soon as
she was aware of its coming. When
she had finished ber wort, at the age of
five to eight years, ahe turned her boy
over to his father for manly training,
and to the grandparents for traditional
instruction, hut the girl remained
under ber close and thoughtful
"She preserved mm from
all its belongings, and she ruled beve
uikjueibim She was. is bet. the
?torsi salvation of be ace; ritvamc
was entrusted to her. aad her pawbm
was recognized by ail. hwasheidiB
aB paltsta ad dbuethm. wider
in skwp contrast to European notions
about women during period
la numerous European sod Euro
Aawricm writings of be day. we see
women described ai-the weaker sex. "
as virtually the property of the
hash sad Aad despite the best efforts
of women's rights advocates such as
Susan B. Anthony during the same
period, the popular aotioo of the
Euro-American woman remained
subject to the "doa't-worry-your
prctty-little-bead** philosophy of
males. To be traditional Siouan man
and woman, such a philosophy woukl
have seemed at least impractical, if
not completely absurd.
The writings of Ohiyesa. The
Winner, leach us much from the
Native American perspective about
the differences between traditional
Siouan life and the culture of the
newer Americans. In the next
segment, we will look at what he had
to say about Native American arts and
For more information, visit the
Native American Resource Center in
Old Main Building, on the campus of
Pembroke Stale University.
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Lowery and
Hartley to
Wed in April
Mrs. SueC. Lonery and The late
Trurix Leon Lowery of Pembroke.
North Carolina, announce the
engagement of their daughter. Jan
Mane Lowery to Norman Ear!
Mix* Lowery graduated from
Pembroke Stole University and the
University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill. She is currently
employed as Director of the North
Carolina Health Careers Access
Program at Pembroke State
Voieenift, Pembroke. NC.
Her fiance is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. James hartley of Lambert on.
NC He graduatedfrom the 1Inirersity
of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is
currently employed by Dnke
Engineering and Services
Incorporated of Charlotte. NC.
The nodding is planned for April
It, 1994 in Pembroke, North Carolina
at herea baptist Church.
Your Bible And You
Your Bible is so full of promises
and examples about the love of God
thai you can scarcely turn a page
without finding more and more about
His love for you What a wonderful
book our loving Father has preserved
these many years. What precious part
of Your Bible should we read this
week'' What example of love would
best fill your soul''
Do you remember the story of the
woman "caught" in adultery ' Your
Bible tills the details in John chapter
t. First I have to wonder .how these
"good" men of the church knew
where to find someone who was
committing adultery Second I have
to ask why these "upright" men
didn't follow the Jewish laws and
stone both the man and woman who
were involved"' But at any rate some
"good" men from the church came
to the Master and asked Him what
should be done to this woman
What thoughts would be going
through vour muid if you were in her
shoes 'Site knew she was to be stoned1
She could feel His righteousness. His
purity He would surely side with the
church people But He didn't' The
one tmng this poor woman did not
know about God was that everything
about God is based on love God's
actions. His laws, everything - love
based That is not the picture thai
these people who professed to know
God presented is it" They didn't goto
her house in love They didn't drag
her out of her bed in love, nor did they
show the love ofGod in their voices as
thev brought their accusations out in
No. she had no idea that God loved
her until until Jesus spoke no words
of condemnation How long it took
we do not know. but whether it was
seconds or minutes, it must have
seemed like hours to her The last
echo of her accusers died down and
she wailed tor His pronouncement of
her worthlessness Then she heard a
gentle, canng voice ask where her
accusers were As she looked for them
she Kxind herself being wrapped, not
onl\ In a cloth robe to cover her
nakedness, but in the robe ot
righteousness that God offers to each
ol us. His tallen children
Have you accepted His offer to
cover your nakedness" Does Jesus
have your permission to put His arm
of love around your shoulders" Why
nut let Jesus place His spotless record
in the place of your sin-filled one'.' Let
his death take away the power of past
sins and His life the power of present
sin in vour life
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Pediatric Pointers i
Teenagers Iwve a lot to deal with- i
4n is obvious. If we have teenagers (
?t home oe caa remember when we I
were teenagers. we know thai s
everything seems to happen around I
those yean that separate childhood t
and adulthood One mabcaJ problem 4
that occur* during this period that i
adds to the stresses of adolescence is
acne. i
Acne usually begins in the one to 1
two yean prior to pubetty. but it is at 1
its worse during adolescence It is 1
caused by a combination ofhormonal 1
stimulation of oil glands and an I
overgrowth of certain germs on the 1
skin surface The pores get clogged '
with germs and oil and inflammation
occurs, leading to acne bumps
There are two types of acne bumps,
open comedones 1 blackheads 1 and
.losed comedones <whiteheads)
Although unsightly, blackheads are
easily managed and inflammation
rarely occurs. The whitehead is the
lesion responsible for the problems
seen in acne The pore opening is 100
small to release its contents, the oil.
proteins and germs form a small
abscess tpus pocket) under the skin
alter inflammation sets in The pus
pockets can be big and may lead to
scarring Stressful events and
hormonal changes increase oil
production on the face and man; cause
tlare ups of acne
Hie primary sites ol acne are (lie
lace, chest, back and shoulders It
*' 2. *
ml without i problem. but inori
levere forms of acne can scar Scant *
ook like sharply puach-out pus. thfl
leverity of the acaniag depends oo i ha
iepth and iateosity of ihe^
The treatment of acne must be
individualized to the patient For moat
mild cases, topical Benzoyl Peroxide
jr Re tin-A works well For moderate
.rases, a combination of these two
along with a topical antibiotic works
best For severe cases, a physician
may prescribe an antibiotic to be takea
by mouth to help control the acne
One thing worth noting is thai
there are no medical studies that
indicate that what you eat plays a
significant role in acne For many
.ears chocolates, sodas and sweets
were thought to provoke acne This
has not panned out. For those patients
who attest to flare ups following certain,
foods, these should be avoided until
the treatment is complete
We must remember as parents that
acne can have a detrimental
psychological effect on a teenager,
lowering their self-esteem an^
confidence This should prompt us to
make sure they are washing their face
proper I \ andgetting medical attention
it needed.
Congratulations lo Robert in
Phoenix, thanks tor the call tvervont
take care and we II talk next week! .
GULF VETS: If you are among
the growing number of Gulf War
veterans with symptoms that defy
diagnosis, advise the VA about your
health problems and demand a full
medical examination. It's important
to be on the record now that the in
vestigation is actually moving for
ward on whether military personnel
in the area might have been affected
by various incidents, including the
burning oil fields and the fallout
from both Iraqi and Allied exploding
shells. Remember that the VA pre
viously denied any problems, and
before that, there was a long period
of denial that any mustard-gas test
ing took place, let alone that any of
the subjects suffered any ill effects.
On another note, the Secretary of *
Veterans Affairs, Jesse Brown, an
nounced the VA will award com pen y <
sation for former POWs who u
developed ischemic heart disease
due to beriberi, a severe disorder
caused-by a tack of vitamin B-J in ' * '
the'diet/?ar information, call toll
free at 1-800-827-1000.
01993 by King Futum Synd.
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I iatinin?i-?w | nil
?l*t: ?fayT 7Y**tm*rt ? 1II
Ing rwWWjr XJXff I

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