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    Pubished Etch Thursday Sine* January 18,1973
IPS lj J Indian <IM|ce
S C " Promoting Communications Between MiaMiPaad MgdonJ" p*,tKC**-HC
S "S I wniKn, 1 Sobtten CcvMf
f* 1 W K
/ ^
News Briefs
v ) s
held at Parkton
Parkton Elementary School put
their inotto. "Total Involvement tor
an effective School". (Ties) into
action The school was the site of a
mini conference entitled "For the
Love of Children" on February 14.
IW4 The conference was attended
by parents, students, faculty and staff
The workshop was opened w ith a
general session presented by the PTA
Workshops entitles "Wallpaper
Hanging". "Techniques of
Storytelling." '' Band Aid First Aid."'
"Your Child and School Law."
"Dealing with attention deficit
disorder." "HOTS", and Apple HE
Lab Demonstration" were conducted
by staff members, parents, and
community volunteers Parents were
encouraged to attend the sessions w ith
their children The activity was an
additional effort to foster parental
nivoUeme^ ^
concluded with a spaghetti dinner in
the school cafeteria where Mr
AlphcNizo McKae. Chapter I Direi toi.
was the Kevnote Speaker
The C hapter I school wide protect
artMfTA worked collaborativelv to
make the conference a success
Red Springs
Middle School
PTA to sponsor
Aids Education
Red Springs Middle School PTa
will sponsor an AIDS HIV Education
Program on Monday. March 21 at
1 00 p m till V 00 p.m. in the school
auditorium Entertainmeni will lie
provided by the RSMS Band"' ( ome
support our children's school flunk
you in advance for your continued
support to our school.
Musical being
The Public Schools ot Robeson
C ounty will present its annual all
county musical March WI4. 1994 at
ihe Carolina Civic Center in
Lumbenon. NC
Tins vears production is "The
Yankee Doodle. " featuring the music
of com poser George C. Cohen. There
are several evening and matinee
performances Call 738-4841 for ticket
information and reservations ^
Boy Scouts
Benefit Dinner
You are cordially invited to attend
the Cape Fear Council. Boy Scoutsof
America Investment in Character
dinner to benefit our Boy Scout
program in Pembroke and Robeson
County The dinner will be held at
ShefF s Seafood 011 Thursday. March
17. 1994 at 6.30 p.m. The evenings
program will conclude by 7:30 p 111
We think you will find it informative
and entertaining
The Boy Scouts of America lias,
been shaping the lives ot America s
youth since 1910 with its positive
influence on character development,
citizenship training and personal
fitness However, the youth of today
are asked to make more and more
decisions at an even younger age
How they learn to make those
decisions and gain positive
experiences is extteinely important
needs the moral and finam. tal support
ot people like vou
An outstanding group of
communir. mid business leaders is
assisting 111 tluseffbrt. vou will receive
a telephone call from one of tlieni n?
conf irm v our attendance at iheirtable
We look forward fo sharing this hour
of fellowship with you and sincerely
hope > our schedule will permit you to
W D Oxendine
4V4 Chairman
Investment 111 Character
Table Hosts W D Oxendine.
Larr McNeill. Lindsev Locklear.
Lan ??. \1ike< uuiimngs. Garth
L.ockkai Bill Brewingtoii. ' lift"
>aini)>oii nIoiiiuo Lowr\ Greg
unuumgs. fiuniie Hum Randall
.loiies. Bryan Maynor
Humane Society
to meet Mar. 18
The Robeson County Humane
Society will hold its monthly meeting
on March 18th at 7 pm at the
Tobaccoland Restaurant in Fairmont
The restaurant is located on S Walnut
St John Flynn. Candidate for sheriff
and society member will speak briefly
to those present For more information
call 739-6032
Spring Revival
Planned at
Cherokee Chapel
Everyone is invited to attend Hie
?spring Revival at Cherokee Chapel
Methodist Church Sunday. March 2"*
through Friday. April I Guest speakers
will be Rev Roy Clark. Rev Dufrene
CuinmingsandRev Dwight Freeman
Sunday night service begins at "
p m Weeknights services will begin
at 7 30 p.m.
The church is located on Highway
71 (between Red Springs and Maxton
The pastor is REv Julian Ransom
PSHS student Served as Page
Aunrt Tmm%om. a sophomore of Famell Snett High School
Ntu sdecieJ u> serve *' a page for the North Carolina Horn* of
Reprexealati'e /ram February '?#/.
Saddletree Community
meets to discuss the
Constitution of the
Lumbee Tribe f
At- Lance Hurtling
On Thursday. March 3. members
of the Saddletree community
assembled to hear a presentation on
the efforts of the Constitutional
Assembly todrart a tribal constitution
Approximate^ 60 persons wete
present tor the meeting! This was Hit
second meeting sponsored b\ Hit
saddletree Community Center mi the
Several delegates to the Assembly
were present tor the meeting Hie
included. Carolyn Lowers, first
Baptist. C an it ious M Bartield.! J-c
del lie I Holiness 'viethotiisi P;'
Brewei Liberty Holiness
Moore Ledwell. West Kubr>uii t mini
Methodist. Vera Malcolm Mi Olio
Pentecostal Holiness. Linda
Hammonds. Mt Olive Baptisi. ami
Calvin Pevia. Saddletree Chuith or
_ Lance Harding, president ot Hie
United Saddletree Cominuiutv t enter
onducted the meeting L vntlna L
?>f die project, as well as a detailed
discussion of the 1^X4 trtbai
?etereikJum which gavt LKIM i
onvare non-profit .orporatn n on
members, ilie aulhotiC f m,u.
decisions, leeaiding mallei > *:n
?tderai rciognitioii 'hi-.-uub -'-ir.
iietition jheLumbec aicuotrhgHiie
tor the petition process and i> seekm*.
recognition through a C ongressional
Linda Hammonds. Chairman ot
the judiciary Committee, reported on
the provisions proposed bv the
Assembly Tltis committee has been
onsidering issues suchasthecreation
of a tribal constitutional court to give
the tribe some tvpeof forum toenforce
?he tribal constitution
A report given b\ Wendv vl> <Hr
'.cdwell. Chairman otthe Traiiotn.n
' otnmillee. outlined lite P'-.v jum'
!o lie used to adopt the r
onstttution Ms Led v? ell -
nresentation included Ihiw tht til>*
?nhal election will be lield
Vera Malcolm, whoisamembei oi
?lie Electoral C ommittee, reported on
inula Hummomls. Chairman
JuJician ( ommmev
iamht c (oh\t nation iwcmhly
thcrivtxk .ompleiedbcihiu .utmninet.
The;. Iid?c l*en considering issues
such as the aeation ot an election
commission or other bodv toestablisli
niles tin lite oversee and conduction
ot elections and enrollment related
Reports were concluded with tlit
taking ot a straw vote ""thediWMn
Luinhec Homecoming The vote was
unanimous in favot of holding the
election at that time
' ?hc?"aerates presti<t rvrrpsseii
?licit .? ? t tlictt iiivol einem >? ill
ill- jncs .< Ilk .UlUktettvC ot iht
?nectinv 'KciMtie 'ft emt-tiona' :t?
k'iecatc- and tribal number-. spoke
?>? tht uikhis obstacles iliai have
arisen to hinder the work of the
\ssemblv Harding reminded rliose
present that we sitould not lose sighi
ot our coal to draft the governing
document of tlie tribe Tearful eyes
and voices of conviction filled the
saddletree Community Center as
persons declared theircommitment to
this monumental endeavor thai the
tribe has embarked upon There is no
better way lo understand and eliminate
la V* an.! ?nisleiwhttg ??..mors 'lia'
aiiiotiml tins oi iic l than ? ncu the
mioi m.Hion first hand Die saddletree
cumin unity encourages each and e v er\
joinmunitv to sponsor a meeting m
?iietr . ominuniiv to become
enlightened on the drafting of the
Lumbee tribal constitution
also discovered that weight lifting
classes loi >ome students are a
motivated thing to come to school'
'It motivated me It was
embarrassing if you made a mistake
hut y ou want to try hard''. quotes Eric
'? lianihers a senior Ned onlv does
I .it. lia > e a ikiMiivr approiich but w
kx . ?' Iwrle- Jacob.* a junior who
<vs|naiekdu|tenl> that It makes .on
?eet i_oud that. eHi reac lied our goal
fo enciHirage others to participate,
both Eric and Chiirtes reveal tliat
weight lifting develops self discipline,
greater strength, and better athletes
The following students
participated in the lift-a-thon reaching
the following pounds Robert ( havis
l70. Danrico Fulmore-205. Quinn
l.owry-220. Jeremy Brewington-210.
Adain Spaulding-290. Jason Locklear
250. Kev in Bnce-245. Jimmy Lowry
240. Ponce Chavit-260. Ron C
Locklear-230. Sam Billings-285.
Jonathan McCoy-315. James D
Lockleai-270. Dennis Smith-310.
Charles Jacobs-290. Eric Chambers
335. Lance Bullard-270. Mario
Locklear-355. Raymond Oxendine
330. Chris C urrie-295. Bryan Austm
300. Brandon Lock lear- 240. and
Cedrtc Woodell-260
The purpose of the lift-a-thon
was hi raise money for athlefics '
According to Heil likr was impressed
with the support of the student body
u?d feels that other student understood
it took hard work and they respected
what the athletes were doing
News Briefs
from PSHS
Ramon Edwards Jacobs. a venim
at Pumell Swett High .vhool made a
presentation to the NC Education
Standards and Accountability
( ommissionsCitizens Forum Feb I <
at Roland-Gnse Middle School m
Wilmington. NC This was one ot tut
.itizens forum held across (lie state to
receive input Iforn students businesses
.uid industry
Ramon's presentaiion ga*r >npu'
'o the panel on "What .ou feel .on
should know to be able to graduate
from school, also areas where
graduates are deficient in skills
necessary to compete tor employ ment
and what skills you feel a graduate
should possess to be successful in
Others making presentations w ere
student Richmond Hill ffoin Carteret
County, also Supt of New Hanover,
and several Human Resource and
Personal Offices from Business and
Industry The eleven panel members
susistedofGovernor lim Hunt Mali
?upt Bob Lfhertdgt- and R<>s? V i
iowry. NCEA President
Vlst in attendance s?i Ncii
May nor. Employ ineiu Re adiness i
Coordinator. JTPA of Purnell swell 1
High School. t
I he lilt ol hundreds of pounds and 1
bulging muscles caught the attention '
?if everyone at the lift a rhon held in
Puniell jwen High s gym W ednesdav
February In
'' The litt-a-thon is an opportunity
to present the hard work of the guvs
and lor them to gain confidence and
he proud of what thev did quotes
Mark head varsttv football coach of
Purnell ywett High School He has
Recently Lance Harding, shown right, president of the Im ted Saddletree
Community Center, presented a plague of apprecuitUon to the outgoing
president, Ronald Hammonds, the Center u organized to enhance me
Saddletree Community. It is u civic organization nhich practices the motto
of service to the community. One of the many prefects of the Center It the
awarding of scholarships, the Harold B. Wynn Scholarship, each year la
seniors in the area to farther their education. (Photo by mid Turkey)
winners of 1994 American
Indian Film & competition
A video production bv Oklahoma
animator and producer Dan C tones
field at the Ked Earth Indian Ceniei in
Oklahoma City The IMIMM'
competition, open to both Indian ami
non-Indian filmmakers, is sponsored
hv Ked Earth. Inc . International
Photography Hall of Faint, and the
Slate Arts t outwit of Oklalioina
The Best of Show film, entitled
? National Museum of tlie American
Indian." also received the first place
award in the Commercial/Promotion
Indian Produced category The 10
muiute video explainsthe significance
of the proposed National Museum ot
the American Indian Museum in
Washington. DC A campaign is
currently underway to fund
construction of the museum on the
last remaining open tract of land on
i he historic mall in the nation s capiiol
We received evcelleni entries
?torn throughout the nation, from both
Indians and non- Indians, said Patrick
Whelen. chairman of the American
Indian Film and Video Competition
li was verv difficult to select w outers
from among the entries "
(.Miter top winners included
'Mararunner" The Life and Art of
T.C Cannon." by Oklaliomu i ?\
producer Phillip Albert Best
Oklahoma Production. Paradise in
Peril.' produced bv Bob Bostw ick of
Plummet. ID. Best Environmental
Production and Sharing One
I ,utK" tiuHlucedbv >j interns at Lmltan
Island Mkod mi MM
atiu T, j
VTn Best1"IwaVWtfmr'?
iinpciiiii'ii iudwe.' included
lit Kit Karrtker Pvolessofot film and
'?'idee Studies. University of
Oklahoma. Norman. OK , Phil Luces,
award-winning independent producer.
Lot. Anjtele*. Dan Jones, independent
ptoducet animator. Newfcirk.OK..aod
Matthew ( Jones. Native American
Public Broadcast my (. onsorrtum. toe..
Lincoln. NL
Each entry was required to focus
on American Indian history, arts,
culture myths, social issues or
evolving missions Awards were
presented lor both Indian Produced
ami Non-Indian Produced Alms in
docuinentaryishort, documentary
lony. experimental, visual art.
educational, animation graphic art.
iisnmercial promotion, and broadcast
animalism ategones
All >cmi-finalists were judged
and screened during the Red Earth
Native American Fair." said Whelen
"An awards ceremony and Aim
festival will honor the winners during
the Ked Earth Festival June 10-12 la
downtown < Jklahoma C irv "
Redl.arth.liK .aprtvmenonprofit
organization. ipertuea the Ked Earth
litdian i enteral the KjtVpaatck C enter
museum complex and produces the
annual Ked Earth Festival each June
in downtown Oklahoma C itv
ftwiwil I nitt?l Methodic ('ann* h i// hare n gospel timg mm SmmAh*,
\turcli20ai ypm. featuring the W<ni Tamils and mke rlm.2groom. Tmt
chunk ?located am Mottle J Maxton. ac mm ike rood from Mrtttpecl School
The public it imriied to attend.

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