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I Volume21 Somber29 flT Tkmndmy, May 19,1994 25cAffC?y|
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News Briefs ______
Kevin Hunt newest "Ram"...named
head football coach at Swett High
from Staff Reports
Pembroke-Fairmont native, Kevin
Hunt, was named head football coach
at Purnell Swett High School recently.
He was introduced to Ram footballers,
assistant coaches and the media by
Principal Bill James Biewington.
Hunt, who graduated from
! m excited about the oDDortumtv to
KtBehSSfcoOcoachat FWII
Swett." Hunt was a three-time All
Conference and two-time All State
selection in football as an offensive
linesman for the Tornadoes before
finishing his career at Fairmont, Hunt
sees "God's hand" in his selection,
and noted thatto be a head football
coach was one of the goals. ..I set this
year to happen in the next three to five
Hunt has spent the last seven years
coaching in Georgia, and is excited
about returning to the area. He is
expected to re-locate in June and will
nurse, and their children, Kelle B., 2,
and Jordan, 4 months.
Hunt readily admits that his biggest
tasks will be in unifying the team and
assistant coaches, and following in
the footsteps of Mark Heil, who is
joining Cape Fear in nearby
C umber land County after a successful
stint as hand coach of the Pumell
Swett Rams.
statute, agM from the senior class and
Rams bookers.
Work on
Rose Marie Lowry, Pembroke
native, completed work for her
doctorate in Education
Administration May 9, 1994 at
Campbell University in Boies Creek.
Her research project was entitled
"An Assessment of Principals; and
Teachers' Perception of North
Carolina's Pre-School Programs."
Lowry is on leave of absence from a
principalship in the Public Schools
of Robeson County to serve as
President of the North Carolina
Association of Educators,
headquartered in Raleigh.
Planned for July 2
The Third Annual American Indian
Science & Engineering Society Pow
Wow will be held July 2 at Pembroke
State University. The pow wow will
begin at 11 a m and last until 2 p.m
It will resume at 6p m and last until
Master of Ceremonies will be Otara
Mills (Haliwa-Sapooi) Host Drum
will be Falling Water Male Head
Dancer will be Vaughn Cowan
(Coharie) and Female Head Dancer
will be April Whitmore (Lumbee).
The PSU AISES Chuter invites
all singers and dancers, as well as the
gwenl public, to oome and enjoy an
afternoon of intertribal ringing and
dancmg There will be noadmfsnon
For farther information contact
Terry LocUear at (910) 844-9007 or
Mfae Mace at (910)521-5421 or521
It % * '
Lock!ear to
Cornell Locklear will be
performing at the Player's Club in
Lumberton (next to Cracker Barrell
on 1-95) on Saturday night, June 4.
Locklear will perform two shows, the
first one beginning at lOp.m andthe
second one beginning at 11:30 p.m.
There will be a S3.00 admission fee.
Ground breaking
Ceremony Held
for Chavis Field
House at Prospect
On May 14 the Prosect Community
held the ground breaking ceremony
for the W iTliam C. (Can) Chavis Field
House, a 2,394-square feet
recreational facility to house
equipment, to conduct classes with
restroom and concession space. Mr.
Chavis had previously been invited to
be the guest speaker and then for the
unveiling of the William C. Chavis
Field House after the ceremony Due
to his untimely death, a moment of
silence was part of the program in
remembrance of Mr. "Can.
Open House
You are invited to attend Open
House/Tours at the Robeaon County
Church and Community Center.
Sunday. May 22, 1994 held at 210
East 15th St.. Lumbenoo at 2:00 -
4:00p.m. 404 West Centre! St Maxtoe
at 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. and 134 North
Main St. Red Springs front 4:00-6:00
p.m Celebrating our 23th
Come and Bring a Friend!!!
Shag and Line
The Lumberton Recreation
Department will sponsor Shag and Lata
Dance Lessons June 9th - June 30th.
The classes will be held in the South end
ofPine St Activity Center each Thursday
night from 7:30 - 8:30 for Stat* ami
8:30-9:30 for Line dance. There will he
i^of SM.OOpyemmfcrdiej^
but tf you are ptanome to attend call *e
Bill Sapp Center at 671-3869 and leave
your name and phone number. Instructor
is Carol Owen
Traditional Lumbee Dress Featured at
7th Annual Pow Wow mhhhii
Natascha Wagoner, Ms. Lumbee
anrf bead dancer ai the 7th annual
Richmond Community College Pow
Wow, will be wearing a new style of
regalia. Although the term "New" is
attached, the style dates back to the
1800's for Traditional Ltimbee
women's dress
The regalia features the pincomb
patchwork on the apron breast. In
essence, Natascha is doing her best to
help show that the Lumbee people
have and have had traditions dating
back centuries. "We live our
traditions daily but it'snot what people
see as tradition," she said in a recent
Wagoner, a Pembroke native, has
been very concerned about the
misconceived notions many have
about the Lumbees and her heritage
As Miss Lumbee, she has had the
opportunity to travel throughout the
United States serving as spokesperson
for the Lumbee nation. She recently
competed in the Miss Indian USA
Pageant in Washington. DC, coming
in as second runner up in final
competition. She also received thud
place in cultural presentation and an
Honorable Mention for the evening
gown category
When asked what has been the
highlight of her year as Miss Lumbee
she responded. "Having the
opportunity to travel to different places
and the opportunity to talk with other
people about Lumbees. There are a lot
of misconceived perceptions about
our heritage and who we are as a
people...I want others to know the
Lumbee heritage, it is amazing how
sim liar the (Native American) cultures
are around the United States?there
are differences, yes?but we are a lot
Educating others about Native
American heritage is the purpose for
the RCC Pow Wow.
It is sponsored by the Native
American Club at Richmond
Community College with the help of
a grassroots grant from the Richmond
County Arts council Additional
supporters include RCC, the Richmond
County Tourism Council, and various
other interested sponsors. The event
is scheduled for Saturday and Sundry,
May 21 ?22, starting at noon each day
on the college campus. Wagoner, a
L urn bee, and a host of many others
from the tribes across the eastern
United Stales will celebrate Native
American culture. Native American
dancing, drumming, storytelling,
survival demonstrations, aim Plenty
of authentic wane will be available.
Chuck Lowery, advisor for the
organization, said mat "The powwow
gives use chance to relive the past and
continue traditions that are vital to our
future. More importantly, it it the
time to renew old friendships and
make valuable new onee."
Wagoner summed up her year u
Miss L urn bee by saying: "I've had
the time of my lift. I dart want to see
it end. It's been great"
Take the time to come experience
some of what she feels on May 21 A
22. You just might leave with the
same special feelings. That's the goal
of the RCC Native American Club
- Tium"
N :
..-4f ? j ? ? ? Jf, " ?
At its meeting on May 14, 1994,
the Lumbee Constitution Assembly
considered comments made by tribal
members on the proposed Lumbee
constitution at the recently completed
public hearings on the document. All
comments made by community
members on the document were
compiled and considered by the
Constitution Assembly. Some changes
were made in the document in response
to the comments and the revised final
(haft was adopted by the Constitution
The Assembly has scheduled a
final public hearing on the revised
final draft for June 18, 1994. The
hearing will take place at 7:00 p.m.
and will be held at Purnell Swett High
School. At this hearing, the Assembly
will present the revised final draft to
the community. Copies of the revised
final draft will be available and rules
to be used in voting on the proposed
constitution will be discussed The
voting on the proposed constitution
will take place during Lumbee
homecoming, or the week of July 4,
If the proposed constitution is
adopted, the Constitution Assembly
will conduct the first tribal elections
under the constitution. At that point,
the Constitution Assembly will
disband and the newly elected tribal
officials will commence tribal
government operations. The
Assembly urges all Lumbeesto attend
the hearing scheduled for June 18 and
to vote on the tribal constitution.
Berea Baptist Church
Honors Mothers ?
Oi Smmdajf, May 8 Marts Maptttt ktmantd tkcjOUctt Church Memkar
Mm. Mayaac pwcsiaaA tits caaat^yt^aa tl$a ^MAaat JAatltaf
iMrfnm pram*. fraaamUmt tkt canaga It her dmughirr Martha L Jacob*.
AU mathan racaivad ? rate m tha end of the church tarvic*. fattor it
'4KC '? tf?M of Fairmont, NC wat recently crowned Qoeen if
Qutem USA In FayetierUle
MeivditM wM in font different AMMf^f^ Am^i upfttWMVi
wtMt?it> Hfjr photogenic towifnrfiw, j^i nil/ m abie te
compete if the 1994 notional Queen of Qeeetu USA Schetanhip
Pepoant in Angtuto, Georgia in October.
She eaend* RotenwaldElementary School where the it in the
fint erode
Meredith withe* to thenk her potent*, her iponian, friend* end
especially Mm Lordte Mitchell
? " % ?
Tuscarora Thanksgiving
Festival May 21 and 22
The Eastern Carolina Tuacarora
Nation will be celebratingfeair annual
Strawberry Thankagiving Feetival on
Saturday and Sunday. May 21 and 22
The purpoae of the Thankagiving
Festival m to thank the Creator lor the
fruits that He haa given to the Six
Natiooa people The strawberries are
always the first fruit to get ripe and
feed the Nations This Thanksgiving
Festival is celebrated by all the Six
nations, hen in North Carolina m
well asui New York and Canada. The
Haudeenoanunec (Longhouae People I
believe that we must keep these
thanksgivings going as the Creator
tuu commanded
The public is welcome to come
Saturday. May 21. m fee Tuacarora
Nation celebrates. Events will mcluda
Blow-gun exhibitions, Iroquois social
daacu*. slrawhswy ptnntm for fes
children. Iroquois arts and crafts,
museum tours Foods available will
included traditional strawberry drink,
traditional con soup, traditional
* (
Tuacarora Ohoet Bread, as wall M
chicken, hamburgers, hoi dog*. There
will aleo be a volleyball competition
between tamas da want to oompeai
Trophies will he gi ven to Ant. second
and thud place wtnoen
The Festival Sunday will not be
open to tha public, but will baa read
for member* of die Teacarora Notion
only. The meal will begin at 12:30
The Feauval on Saturday will beplp
at 9 30 a.m. Iroquois social dancing
willbcgmal 1:30pm ThevoUeshaJ
compeiuton will begin at 2:13 p m
Foe more information pleaae call
<910) 321-1401 or <910) 321-4933.
The Thanktgiving Festival i?
-upported by the Ixwighouse. C Ian
Mothers, and Clan duefk on the
Sovereign land of the Tttacaron
11,11 m 1mm ewaalmm ftinmi Dnrl Oimnni
rNftDoo, rour mnes nom kcu >priny,h
on S A 1303
falsi Iliad ty die I*mm .
CmrtHm Tmcmmr* NmUm ?
'' "if'' ' C #.

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