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    Dear Mm Coonee
Ifyou seen that Lumbenon paper
the other day. you aeeo a letter in it
from Mitt Bdlie. She's feeling sony
for those boys at the LRDA. Miss
L Coaaee. but die didat say a thing
about ail those people they've laid off,
at that box plan! they own. or all those
people who gives us fans when its hot
blow, ifOld Wiz gits to feeling
sony here for someone, its going to be
for our people going without their
jobs and their fans, and our
government who will have to do
without some boxes.
As for my cousin McKeithen. I'd
have to say that I've beard Keetar
called many things. Miss Connee. but
eloquent ain't one of them I reckon
he'll be wanting to move to town now.
and sip coffee over there at Hardee's
with some more eloquent folks. I just
reckon that Old Wiz will just have to
go out and find someone else to go
fishing with cause Keeta has gone
eloquent Thats just the way it goes
some times. Miss Connee
But, Miss Billieisout there looking
for a yellow brick road, a blue one.
and a wizard. 1 figure Maxton must
sure have moved up suice I was there
last. Miss Connee. cause they've gone
to painting their roads yellow and
But. I'd have to say one thing for
you. Miss Coonee. you're on a one
way street, according to Miss BiIIk
At least, you know where you're
headed, and I cant say tbere'sa yellow
streak running down that road you're
on. like some Miss Billie travels on.
But Old Wiz ain't worried about
yellow roads, or blue ones, or wizards.
Miss Conner He's more worried
about that nightmare on East Third
Street Pembroke
And. speaking of the Emerald C ity.
Miss Billie forgot all of us Munchkins.
you know who they are. Miss Connee
That's us little people. Miss Billie
don't feel sorry for us Munchkins.
Miss Connee But. everybody ain't
like Miss Billie They ain't needing
the house to fall on them to git the
message But. Old Wiz knows what
their problem is. Miss Connee They
just ain'[t wanting to give up them
ruby slippers to go back to wearing
brogans like the rest of us Munckins
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School News
Students hoes Carroll Middle
School participated in Ike county wide
.fitness day at Pembroke State
?University April 26, 1994 The
students competed against others in
the same grade ftom all schools in the
system. Among the schools
gnde team placed f irst, the sixth grade
team placed fifth The students, the
event in which they competed and
thfir placement am:
Star Mc Arthur, Long Jump, 2nd,
Latisha Ionian, .440 run, 5 th, Letetia
Leech, shuttle run, 6th; Tiffany
Mclntyre, sit ups, 2nd; Oereck Evans,
longjump, 4th; Dean Young, 50 meter
dash, 5th, all fifth graders;
Stacey Chieelli, 880 run, 6th,
Stephanie Devi* sit upe, 3rd; Colandra
McDowell, SQ meter dash, 5th;
Debane Priest, pull ups, 1st; Tessan
Jackson, 50 meter dam, 1st; Terone
Jackson, long jump, 2nd, all sixth
VJ Thompson, long jump. 1st,
Montrel Wells, longjump, 3rd; Mary
lnman, sit tins, 1st; Robert Smith,
shuttle run, 1st; Jeremiah Locklear,
mile run, 4th; Brandon Penny, sit ups,
1st, all seventh graders.
Recently the second year's HOTS
students at Carroll Middle School
published books as part of the
requirements for the program. During
the two years in the program, each
student typed and illustrated several
stories. They used a variety of software
to produce the stories.
Following the completion of the
last unit on writing stories, several
students shared their writings with
kindergarten and first grade students
at Knuckles and West Lumberton
Many students wore costumes and
created additional excitement among
their young listeners.
During the class Fretral McRae
dressed as the main character, Hippo
an Arabian, in his original story 'A
Creature is Coming."
HOTS (Higher Order Thinking
Skills) is a program which uses 2,000
year old Socratic conversation
techniques built around computers and
modem technology. Cindy Floyd,
Evelyn Kirkland and Teresa Locklear
teach both first and second year HOTS
at Carroll Middle School. ^
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I-*n ta-rt* ',iu,'''vWn\S^3wv,nN^Ki
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(ciders andTraditionalirtV^^
On The Pow /
Wow Circuit \
The following list of upcoming powwows is not intended to be a
* complete list. Anyone having information about upcoming powwows not
listed is encouraged to send them to Wild Turkey. PO Box 1075.
Pembroke. NC 28372 or fax to (910) 521 -1975
* May 21-22 Richmond Community College (919) 582-7071
?May 21-23 Tuscarora Nation PowWow. Tribal Grounds. Max ton. NC
Info.: 910-844-3352
* June 16.17,18. & 19. Rebirth ofthe Traditional Spiritual Gatherings,
a Tribute to the Great Spirit. Father of all Indian nations. North Carolina
Indian Cultural Center. Call Spotted Turtle (910) 521-4178. Painted Turtle
(910) 521-0020 or Wild Turkey (919) 521-2826
* June 24-25 Allentown, PA. Pow-Wow (410)788-0689
July 2,1994-11:00 a.m. -2 p.m. & 6 pm. -Until; AISES Chapter invites
the public to our Third Annual Powwow at Pembroke State University
?July 15, 16. 17- Charlotte Native American Festival. First Union
Atrium and Plaza 301 South Tryon St Charlotte. NC Info 704-588-5870.
* July 15-17 Howard County. MD (410) 788-0689, (919) 257-1720
?July 24. Cherokee of Hoke County and Maxton. NC Tuscaroras.
Intertribal Festival, at Rock fish near Davis Bridge. NC. Contact Chief or
Mrs. Edgar Bryant. (910) 875-0222
?July 29-31 Virginia Beach. (410) 788-0689 or (919) 257-1720
?July 30-31. Third Annual Pow Wow and Festival. Rising Water and
Falling Water. Showplace. Richmond. VA. 804-769-1018. 804-443-4221.
? August 26-28 Baltimore American Indian Center Pow-Wow (410)
? September9-10. Cohane Pow Wow. Clinton. NC Contact (910) 564
? September 15-17 Guilford Native American Association (919)273
?September 23-24, Native American Festival, Durham Technical
Community College. 1637 Law son Street. Durham. NC Call (919) 598
9188 or (919) 479-8000
?Sept 304Dct. I. Indian Trail Pow Wow. Indian Trail, NC Call
Metroliiia Association: 704-331 -4818. Kingston Sanderson. 704-821 -6361.
?October 7-8. Cumberland County Native American 13th Annual Pow
Wow. Memorial Indoor Arena. Fayetteville. NC 910-483-8442.
?October 14-15-Wacamaw-Siouan Pow Wow. Bolton. NC. For info
? October 14,15,16. !3Th Annual NA1A Pow-Wow & Fall Festival
Nashville, Tennessee for more info call 615-726-0806 Amen can Indian
Vendors/Traders & Dancers Welcomed. 211 Union St. Stahtman Bldg
Suite 937 Nashville. TN 37201-1505
?October 21 -22-Mehemn Indian Tribe Pow Wow. Winton. NC
* November 7-l3 Great American Indian Expo (410) 788-0689
? November 21-27 Native Amen can Pow-Wow. Baltimore. MD (410)
?fc\ii<m funr
After mmv months of hard wort
dedication and conuoversy.fce official
I umber ( Ik i-iw. mhakonstitutioais
ready to be voted on The Anal draft
has beeniM i nu .u kk . >p.o> have been
presented to the people throughout
the community . The date and time for
the vole has been set. Now. it is op to
the people to decide
Being pad of the process to bring
this document before the people has
been a wonderfully enlightening
experience for me I have had the
opportunity 10 witness, first hand, the
wisdom, concern and love of our
people As a delegate. I have seen
folks rise to the occasion and put the
needs of the people above the wants of
the tew in power. Now . it is up to the
people to decide
Unfortunately. Ihave also seen the
greed and selfishness of some. I have
received afotmal schooling in business
politics. Lumbee style I have been
subjected to the many different
agendas of various groups and
individuals. I have watched in
twia to get the* way regardless of
.?ll.U 1 In f>CO|>lc WiUlt
Now. the constitution is complete
and ike vole is at hand I expect
different groups to try to dtscred* and
disrupt the election bv 'any means
necessaryThe election ofoc against
the constitution is just the first step hi
the fight to form a tribal government
for our people
To elect a fonn of gov eminent or a
person to office is one of the
fundamental rights of our people as
Americans nd more importantly as
Native Americans live only way to
change the political atmosphere is hi
register and vote.
For the first time in the history ol
this county, we as a people have the
opportunity to elect our own sheriff
Take the time to get registered so you
can cast your vote m the upcoming
historical sheriff's race Don't just
tead about history, register, vote and
be part of history Be patt of the
people who decide
* '
All Lunibee People. 18 years and older, may vole in the
election of the Lumbee Tribal Constitution. If you arc Lumber,
and 18 years of age on the day of voting, but will not be present
in the tribal area, you niay vole by absentee ballot. To receive
an application for absentee voting, you must WRITE the
below address to request an absentee ballot. In order that we
may respond to your request in a timely manner, your letter
requesting an application should arrive at the below address no
later than June 15. In this letter, you should clearly print your
full name, home address, home telephone uutnber, and social
security number. Altliough it is not required, we would
appreciate"}**! providing a eetf-addresaed stamp envelope m
when you iwttCI# apply for an application to vote by absentee
Constitution Assembly of the Lumbee Tribe
P.O. Box itS9
Pembroke, NC 28.<72
I ^?11 I
What: Rebirth of the Traditional Spiritual Gatherings
Where: North Carolina Indian Cultural Center, Pembroke, NC
When: Father's Day Weekend June 14, 17, It, 19th
Why: To Promote and Educate the Principals of Native American Traditional
T: uaeassfls.
? "
Rebirth of the Traditional
A Tribute to the Great Spirit, Father of all Indian Notions
(Ail day and all night Thursday; Friday, Saturday, Sunday until araning)
June 16, 17, 18, 19, 1994'
North Carolina Indian Cultural Center
There will be dancing, drumming, tinging, storytelling and
demonstrations occurring day and night. No schedule of
events. All time Is "Indian time."
Traders (Bartering Only)
) *
f \
?No Admission /? ? >
?No Prizes ( *
?No Competition yr.,.]
Anyone can barter for any item
displayed. Anyone wishing to trade
Native made crafts etc. bring Blanket
and set up FREE.
Lodges of any style hove preference at the site.
Primitive camping preferred.
Separate area for trailers, motorhomes
tvu-n. n.
^ One turn of ww fr^akim food w? ontitU ?m
mad tkhM
ylH Co
? Tkc H?????? Cnwty Chwrck %*4 Cammumty
^ Cwmr.
?.-m lataiw^lntiMtMan v .mtm m.s mm
I' V
A in hole loihe Gml Spin) father
of *11 ike Indian Nation* i> briny
planned for the weekend of Father'?
dayhme lb. 17. It.* Id
It will open I hi*Ida* levernnp
afternoon l ?Hh Ibe liyhnnu of Ike
Ceremonial Fire by I umbee lire
keeper Many Skim No special mnr
since all aclivitiet taklny pure dunny
the weekend will ke on "Indian
Time" "Indian Tiere" it defined
n sleep when you are need wake
when you are leued. e 1 when ton are
kunyrv. dance when inspired by Ike
Spirit or you are lookiny for ihr
Mr tuny of Ike Spirit. Prav when vou
need loo and socialite. hanei and
lean aa much a> you can at your nme
Speak my of hartrrmy. n ?> the
Indian way you have wloi I need. I
have wkai you want, we twap Coal
should am be a fadot because ike
primary reason fur ike barter u want
or need There will he nothmy fat
sale If you have a need we are tare
that you wtN he annaAed with any
barm that you sure* on TkernwtNhe
food available day and niykt far the
people si ike Cultural Ceaier
p-rt - . ? ??_ .-..II I,- k, L* n^ ?
ranicipams wmi iraur nrip in mr
promotion, care, and education of dw
"tiaikeeinf" for then meala Vtauor
frm ? KjiLja rwnrhahle
Nam m t - rhnnxr far a meal tickel far
each wrrn We hope to have aefaakMy
etckanpe aryamaad knap la your
andTwarm Jackerr i all itaeti at paod
caadnasa and eirkaape far usma fam
Will fa neat year There will he
deMgnated asaaa far bfaal elders.
ckeeta.antaH. cra*rpeeaaaa.erc ? die
pnfhertapaae The separatum ? only
?undid sal) to tkawfaedtHbieaiei
aad martantiei ad fae vnrtaua albas
represented with regards to tradition. Each famli
hi the(group will hast space lor a
blanket or laMe to display their trade
C wiping w ill be ftge and primitive
cwiping is preferred lodges of m? i
style will be green fire preference in
ihe inner curie of lodges Tnbnl
meinbets camping brbtud the tribal
elilrr or chief t lake w ill locale then
site mi a pie shape that w tU he marked
off There w|ll he a area designated
for modern campers, trailers,
monnhomes. he howeser no book
ups will be pros ided
It is the vision of the orgwims of
this gathering lo form an INTER
to promote ai least four of I brae
gatherings in ilw bur sacred direct nan
of North Carolina The km proposed
HOMELAND W e need ai least two
I Jl ehieis from each ?the w lio believe
that live traditional wavsofour people
must survive Toactompiirli this we
must educ ate Ihe vuamg. the middle
aged, and elderiv people in the
naditional ways of the NATIVE
PEOPLE h is not the astern of the
ELDERS lo change anyone's
religious beliefs hut to rem four the
respect lor the Spun beliefs reaped
for the environment, respect kr all
animals and harmunv in all that yaw
do Any elder or qwahfied Indian
educ ator i Tradatwaial i w tahing lo he a
nan of rins group n needed and aft
Mpwillhe surely appreciated The
grostp wtH has fan dates, and an enasa.
however. w* will have the tansfaclwa
of know Mvg thai we have done out hen
to bring ihe know ledge of lb*
w ad mount ways to someone who irvtr
wasHedtoleam Weenvtatonweldrf
strung under aa arbor tatbrng of dir i
old waga to glugll of aM ages lad
?nan poool* gesttng magsred and
w anting to leans more We art hoping
?hat the satadmn of dw elders ww be
?wad so all native PEOPLES*
aaofWeeu vitunma n. mar
tele ?naaaaf" "Ntlt*'Mn
rufti of My kind there will b?
OeiflontfralKMll IhlkHjyhotlt IlK day
Md nlphi dunny the uaiWinpt Tbeee
iknuumti'iimi will tv unichfduled
wid will proteMy be conducted upon
rrtfueti ll 11 a< tepiabk M irade nr ?
ktton tlihouyh II l> no) required By
qualified elder or eduvaf or i mentioned
rarlwfl. nn mm Ike foHyiwtnp (lul
per tun thai Km the tuppori of their
tribe in planning em of Ihete
yartwrtnyt. (I?a perron uho will make
a > mnmnmeni to Mp other membeti
in their endeavors. and d) a peraon
?ho undent amir that it i. the rducar ion
,?r ^kMa m ,Q malartal ai.Bi la
ni Of nCT* 1KB mUTMl If III II VnM It
important The INTER-TRIBAL
i mummed to helping rack community
represented in tpouuortnu a program
Aid and Mmoon for all NATIVE
hand, group, trtkeut tun Mather comet
in peart with a Wong rente of
duettion for nut future at a people it
the pool we nnve to achieve
We mil nor toleiate the vKet thai
drmov the malwnaMe tight of every
pernio to enjoy then bar m <0111111111
hiemWup and peare ALCOHOL -
PRUiii.OIL Al IllL OLi mil not
he allowed anywhere on the ground!
and tin 1 im ludet ramnert Tim
FATHERING it a tribute 10 ihe
GREAT SPIRIT therefore ne mil
and encourage all nho atieml 10 tin ay t
he un then hetr hehaiwr while tnr
tpatH it near We knon that the ipoil
mil he peetent and mil elve many
Netting# I eret pledge la he ready to
arrept all of the hkiuny. that wiH he
delivered with a clear heart
We really waar ihe INTER
lo work and M will mrh dve help,
tuppnrt ami repreaenunoo of all of
ihe Native American tribe*
peacelW and tovmy intrude with he a
key 10 mcceaa lark member of Ihe
inter-tribal council or
ELltCR* will have an equal voice
around the code and all dedatone
In Hut manner"wTmll apeak at one
vote* at prmm Tint may aotmd
?draMmc hut U U not, h wtil nor be
taty httr with a cmnmnmeM to CMC
young tad nM oat paupde u wtM wark
Far NHhee hrfhtUMMoa
CiRRey EpuUud Turrit or Pdmed
Turtk at (*i*l SJI-4I7I
Wild Turkey * 1*1*1 >2t MU
at you may tenmn *u Cat id ma
Indian Vatea ? Ik Wdd Turkey. F O
Boa 1*71. Pumkrake. N C W12
l*l>> wl-TMk

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