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    Pubishtd Each Thurtd^rSinct January 18,1973 AUG , J# I
mi Indian <Doice
8 5 - * Promoting Communications Batmen Mbn$ and Natlont " Pembroke, NC I
Robeson Count*
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Wmw 21 Nmmber 34 Thursday, July 29,
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Candidates for Tribal Chairman
Dr. Dalton Brooks to Seek
Tribal Chairmanship
Dr. Dal too Brooks, Faculty member
at Pembroke State University has
announced his candidacy for Tribal
Chairman. In making his
announcement. Dr. Brooks released
the following statement:
"I have decided to become a
candidate for the Tribal Council
Chairman I seek the chairmanship
because of my love for the Indian
people and my concern for providing
leadership capable of realizing a
common agenda.
"1 assume this responsibility with
great faith that God knows the future
and the test for all Indian people is to
find out which way the Lord leads and
get in that way-Leadership
"I also seek this position alter
much prayer and encouragement by
family and friends. The challenge is
clear: To advance the structwe and
governance for strengflg tag the
spiritual, education, health.euonom ic.
ethic and cultural opportunities that
are now possible
" I have aa earned Phd in Research,
MS in physics and a BS in science. 1
am now a professor of physical science
at Pembroke State University. My
cherished degree is B A (Born Again).
I am serving as pastor of Dundarrack
Baptist Church where my family and
I have labored for 28 years.
"My administrative experiences
are man: Director of Education
Programs, U ni vershy ofMiami. 1974;
Director of Educational Program,
North Carolina State University 75
77; Director of Institutional Research
1978-1988 Pembroke State
University: Chairman of Robeson
County Board of Education
"I am amazed like many of you
that the Indian people have done so
much with so little. With the adoption
of the constitution,we are now a
republic in a Republic, a church that
cuts across all churches, and a class
drawn from all classes. We are one
mind, one spirit, one thought
"However, this oneness is not
uniformity of reason, but a diversity
that creative tension It's tike
every Indian is a cause, a country and
aa age; going everywhere to
accomplice their design. Yet.
collectively knowing where we came
from and where we mould go. We ate
one family ^
"If elected, I will convene the
Tribal Council for developing
ooaoensive iiisnmirs for on-eomu
and long term improvements in
housins. health, heart and academic
growth. Here ?e tome idem:
"I. Define and interpret the
legitimacy ofthe Tribal Council to all
local, county and offices Need for
"2. Incorporate existing
organizations under the auspices of
the Tribal Council. Need to solidify
Indian governance.
"3. Represent the Lumbee people
at significant Indian meetings in the
state and across the nation.
"4. Need for Information and
"Design and establish needed
financial structure to assume
accountability of all monies, making
monthly and year reports by radio and
Need for accountability.
"5. Begin immediately to initiate
programmatic and administrative
plans to realize the Indian agenda for
health needs, housing needs, business
needs. Needs for health, housing and
general welfare.
"6. Develop and implement plans
for the construction of offices,
auditoriums and meeting places for
Indian conferences by organizing
Indian artisans for required
construction. Need for meeting place
"7. Promote a cooperative
partnership with Pembroke State
University and the Robeson County
Board of Education to ensure that all
Indian children receive an excellent
education, eliminating academic
attrition (drop-out) and make sure all
Indian children have scholarship
monies to complete requirements for
college degrees Need for academic
Develop a cadre of academic
profcssianais with appropriate degrees
across academia so that Indian
professors are available as models for
academic achievement Need for
academic professionals
"9 Visit and worship with Indian
people to encourage and support them
? their efforts to build an enduring
relationship so foal the impossible
becomes a possibility Need for
"10. Work with social agencies to
rid ourselves of drugs, and to find
ways to help those already crippled by
^*^1481 believe
The Tribal Council was bom out
of 300 yean of physical and mental
sacrifices R has developed from
from Oklahoma, Idaho, or North and
South Dakota The Indian Council is
an init growth of Indian social and
aoiritual habits. The Council is an
lutnaos of our walk, our worship,
and our wiaaas. h m m expression of
who we are and what we can become '
Rev. James A. Hunt Files for
Tribal Chairman
The Rev. James A. Hunt of
Rowland has announced his
candidacy for Tribal Chairman
He is mamed to Ellen Ransom
Hunt of Fairmont. They have two
chiltfren. Media Hunt Campbell, and
Second Lieutenant James W Hunt
and one grandson. Jordan Campbell.
Rev. Hunt has served as a Baptist
minister since January WTi he is
presently serving as pastor of Deep
Branch Baptist Church since 198/
Hunt has a certificate in banking
through First Union, and ten years
experience in finance. He formerly
worked five years with First Union
National Bank and four years with
the United States Department of
Agriculture He has also had the
privilege of working for two
governors and two presidents
Being a strong supporter of the
Lumbee Bill. Hunt was just in
Washington conferring with members
ofCongress on the Lumbee Bill. The
candidate indicated that the Lumbee
Bill is very important to the Lumbee
Rev. Hunt has several aspects to
his campaign first by economic
development for small businesses and
starting new businesses
Secondly, JTTA for the
unemployed and to further support
small businesses and agricultural
Thirdly. Hunt feels Day care
services we necessary in the Indian
The fourth aspect of Hunt's
campaign is financial planning to the
individual tally. Rev. Hunt feels
that we need someone on staff
qualified to advise in a confidential
and knowledgeable manner
The fifth item of concern is Health
Care With the average age or the
population getting older we have a
need for a health clinic for our people
to get medical attention without
regard to financial condition. A.
Health Education: We all need to be
advised on healthy eating and proper
exerciae. B. A clinic atmosphere
with the potential of being a
community hospital.
The sixth item is Education Rev
Hunt indicated that we have only
touched the surfece on educational
warns. As we approach the twenty
first century our children and
grandchildren should all have the
privilege to attend college or a
specialized school without worrying
about finances
Finally. Rev Hunt feels the
Lumbee Bill is more important that
any individuals candidacy including
his own. Therefore, he will not take
time away from continuing lobbying
efforts in Congress on the bill.
1 lie ideas above express what Rev.
Hunt believea will prepare the
Lumbee people for a new beginning
for the twenty-first century
The J A O Tmt Iwm Dm Wmlf
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fighting, firm Kmtm; mmd Knhrn
? ??? ? - - v.- . "?
James B. Lock/ear to Run for
Tribal Chairman
James B. LockJear of the Mt Airy
C ommunity has filed for the position
of Tribal Chairman In making his
announcement, Mr. Locldear released
the following statement
"After much meditation and
suppoctoflhred by others, lam offering
my service as Tribal Council
Chairperson for the Lumbee-Cberaw
"My lifetime has been filled wife
service to country, community and
church A World War II veteran. I
fought for our country in Europe and
received a Presidential Citation, two
battle stars and a combat infantry
badge. With help from the G! Bill. I
graduated from Pembroke Stele in
1951?die first graduate to receive a
degree in three fields of study My
professional employment included 21
veara as a classroom teacher and four
years as an assistant principal. A Bible
student since becoming a Christian. I
have been a Sunday School teacher
for 36 years and Bible teacher for 32
"Leadership it not new to me I
have provided leadership to many
organizations for many yean. I am
a past ptoHdant of the Pembroke
Lions Club. Presently. I am president
of the Robeson County Camp of
of the Veterans Memorial Fend. For
the pest 33 yean I have been chairman
ofthe Finance Committeeofthe Burnt
Swamp Association's Union
My agenda will be the agenda
agreed upon by the Tribai C ouncil
with the Lumbee-Cheraw Tribe in
mind. I have been a supporter and
pusher of my people tinea I was a
young man. not Juej in recent times
,?"? . ?
uirTcrcai iDunnrei maoe me inore
aware ofthe limitaboas placed on my
people in North Carolina
"My wsifhre is my peonta's
welfare 1 have a visum nut is baaed
upon the needs and welfore of our
busuMMc&dncation is most important
bicanasyou can't mbfect a parson if
Cornell Lock/ear Support Committee
Seeks Contributions for Recording
Contract In Nashville, Tennessee
Dear Friends
Camel I Locklear is a well known
musical artist in the Lumbee
com munIryaod Robeson County For
13 years he played a leading rale in
"Strike aiihe Wind He has been a
aaatnber of Baker's Chapel Church
for the past 9 vears and is active in the
community Heisa life-time member
of the Pembroke Jaycees
Csmell has perfonned tor the
Lumbee Homecoming, the Miss
Lumbee Pageant, the Robeson County
Indian Pow Wow and several I v
telethons for SATW HE has worked
as a volunteer in the community in
social services and for the Red Cress
CanieU competed in a national
talent contest sponsored bv the Johiui >
Eagle Talent Agency in Naehvtllr.
Teaneeeee last December It was a
thrilling moment when we learned
that Cametl won! He was selected to
nuke a tape at the studio's expense.
The tape is entitled Tarnell
Locklear...Hits. Just Me' ' He
-S - i , i * ? f alaitiiMis IVavsai
rrcorooa ri^ni scwviiwinuni
the Mere 90s
In mid-March the Johnny Eagle
Talent Agency again contacted
Carnell and adked dim he come to Las
Vegas and make a video to sem to
several record labels This was
completed by mid-April The video
e^afoan mailed toanumhat of wcgrd
companies, la sort) June Cornell was
invited to return to Nashville to meet
in person with representatives from
BMi Records. Liberty Records Sun
Records, and International
Productions to discuss the possibility
of a recording contract
On August 7. IW4 Cornell is
scheduled to meet ^ain with officials
from the recording studio in Nashville
to discuss the recording contiact
Music is Cornell's lilb and to cut a
record has been a It fir long dream We
know that with the support from the
wonderfttl people in Robeson County
mid with Cod's help Cornell's dream
can become a reality It would slao he
wooderftil publicity for the Lurnbee
people and Robeson County
we me requesting vour support ui
the amount of $25 00 to Sift 00 to
brip finance Cornell's trip H is
important that yon respond by August
Mh We will sand you cone ofCameUs
tapes as a token of our appreciation
We ere thanhian yon m ati v ance and
pray that God will Mess you richly for
your kindness and generosity
Stocerely^owfc^ ^
Lmmkmm. NC MJSM

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