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[ kod?j?? 2J Number 31 Tkmndmy, A*cmu 4,1994 jScAnCw |
Rev.Welton Lowry announces his
candidacy for Tribal Chairman
Dr. Welton Lowry of Pembroke
has annmwyedhis candidacy forTribal
Chairman. He is the seventh in the list
of candidates for this position Dr
Lowry believes that tins is a good
sign. "The number seven is very
significant in the Bible. It is the number
of completion... the perfect number. I
was hoping that we would have seven
candidates for tribal chairman." Dr
Lowry stated
Dr. Lowry offers an illustrious
career in education, religious
activities, and civic affairs, as his
credentials in seeking the chairman
Dr. Lowry has spent his life in
Pembroke, having been born on what
is now the campus of Pembroke State
University He received his B.S
Degree in Elementary Education from
Pembroke State College, having
earlier completed two years at Normal
in Old Main. He also earned a major
in English and later attended the
University ofNortfaCarolinaat Chapel
Hill. East Carolina University and
George Peabody in Nashville,
Thirty years of Dr Lowry's life
have been spend in the educational
systems of Bladen and Robeson
County. During his teaching years in
Bladen County he was privileged to
have the opportunity to motivate the
?"Awakening of a group of Indian
people " Through his endeavors, a
hew school called "Wide Awake"
was built and the people recognized a
greater understanding of the "value
of education "
Dr. Lowry joined the United d
States Air Force in 1440 after a career
in Bladen County as a teacher and
administrator He was one of the two
(along with HetbettOxendineI Indian
flying Sadets in the, Air Force.
Following his military service. Dr
Lowry became principal of Piney
Grove School in Robeson County. He
served there for fifteen years and began
working at Pembroke Graded School.
He served there for two years and
transferred to Union Chapel School
for four years He then moved to
Pembroke Senior High where he
taught for eight years and retired from
their in 1976
Dr. Lowry has been recognized on
several occasion for his contributions
to education He was a member of the
First American Caucus of the National
Education Association This Caucus
was instrumental in the formulation
of the National Indian Education Act
(IEA) legislation
Pr Lowry has served as pastor of
of the ^Ejfirnt Swafrnp Baptist
He has serod on various committees
in the Baptist Association Statewide
he has served on the North Carolina
Baptist General Board and as a
committee membet of the North
Carolina Christian Board of Higher
In addition to educational and
religious activities. Dr. Lowry has
been busy in civic affairs. He baa long
been active in the Pembroke Lions
Club, the Pembroke Chamber of
Commerce, the Boy Scouts, the
Robeson County Association of
Retired Educators, the North Carolina
Association of Retired Education, the
PSU Alumni Association, the the
Robeson County Democratic Patty.
In making his announcement for
Tribal Chairman, Dr. Lowry released
the following statement:
"When Indian people vote for
Tribal Chairman on August 27, they
should carefully evaluate the
candidates Ask yourself three
questions about each one. What has
he done? What is he doing? And what
will be do? These three questions, if
answered properly will allow the
voters to make the right decisions in
selecting our Tribal Chairman.
"My record is distinctive on my
service andcominitment tomy people
I have lived a life of service and
worked diligently to enhance
qualifications, potential. commiMwti.
dedication and ability to provide the
leadership necessary for us to move
into tribal government.
"I promise, if elected, to continue
what 1 have been doing all my life, to
sinve for the betterment ofthe Lumbee
tribe "
Locklear Accepts
Position at UNC
: Anthony Lock!ear. who served as i
Pembroke State University admissions
director since 1983. has taken a
position with University of North
Carolina-Chapel Hill as assistant dean
of student counseling He began his
duties August I
Locklear graduated with a
hachelor of science degree in business
administration from PSU in 1977 after
transferring from N.C. State He was
originally hired as PSU's admissions
counselor in 1978. but left his job to
take an assistant admissions
directorship at UN( -Greensboro in
1982. The following year he was
offered the top PSU Office of
Admissions slot, a job he has served
for 11 years
" Pembroke State Uni versity is part
of my heritage." said Locklear
"Being a Native American and an
alumnus of the institution. PSU was
part of my life and my love. With my
job here. I had an opportunity to give
back to other students what so mam
PSU staff and faculty members had
given to me It was an opportunity to
make a difference in somebody's
lift "
In his new position. Locklear will i
be working oae-on-one with freshmen,
sophomores, juniors and seniors He
will help ia every aspect of a students
college needs, but will specialize m
helping minority students, he said
"The students ? UNO-Chapel
Hill, particularly the Native American
students, have been petitioning for
soma time to have a fell-tune Native
American staff members on board,
aasd Locklear "I'm very excited to
be named to this new position and I
plan lodomy be st to make a d i tfere ik c
in their hfe and to be the best 1 possibly
cm be . "
Lockleari dutieiwill include
^M^feummdaad. to helping him or
km afhyt to the cultural shock of a
collegia* setting Other duties may
aclude helping upper classmen
edeftne their career choices, or even
telping select a likely graduate
Locklear realized several notable
>uccesses while admissions director
4e was president of the PSl! Alumni
Association and the president of the
Carolina Association of Collegiate
Registrars and Admissions Officers
CACRAOi. as well as an executive
xxnmittee member of the Southern
Association of Collegiate Registrars
lod Admission Officers organization
In 1991 while president of
TACRAO. he gave a presentation at
the organization's national annual
meeting that was held in Hawaii He
received theC ACRAO Distinguished
Service Award during this conference
for a project that the two-stale regional
orgaiuzahorrorchestraied. The project
was titled* ? Educational Consuhants'
and trained admissions professionals
to conduct college wotkihops In turn,
these workshops were presented to
high school sophomores to prepare
them for the scholastic ngorsofcollege
life and to enumerate the countless
possibilities available through higher
By far. the moat rewarding pan of
Locklear's job while at PSU was his
contact with students, he said. "In
this job I've had an opportunity to talk
with students who were extremely
well prepared and some who believed
that college waa not an option for
them In all caaes. Tve tried to take the
students from the point where they
were at and help them realised more
than thev believed poeeibfe "
Locklear. a member of the Betea
Baptist Church, m mamed to Felecu
Maynor Locklear The couple haa two
children. Aajelica Brvce. 7. aad
Francesca Maynor. 4 He is the son of
Curtis and Margaret Locklear of the
Red Springs area
Amhony Locklem. hn wife md
children have relocased to Car*
Amtkmmy LocUtmr
Plate Sale
Planned for
A plate sale s planned for Friday.
Augual 12. I9M at Uwoa Chapel
Communm Bq?iit Church The nk
begins at 11 a m and will laal until
4*e*%atL sak bH
oe Haad bf the campaign of Wo
iininn stru iu, d caudate tor Tribal
mm / WHpiHpMb ? .
K?rv. Weltim Ltmry
Students Receive Wynn
Recently, the Fifth Annual Harold
B. Wynn Scholarships were awarded i
Six students from the Saddletree i
community received scholarships !
Each student will receive a minimum
of S600.
Scholarship recipients were Loma I
Hazel McNeill, agriuiuaie of St Pauls i
High School will attend East Carolina
University or UNC-Wilmington in the
Fall with plans to obtain a
undergraduate degree in music. Lorna <
is the daughter of L.H and Hazel i
McNeill ofRt. 8, Lumberton. NC i
James Mingo I lammonds, grnduascd i
from ST Pauls High School and will i
attend North (arolinAStam University I
in the Fall and plans to major Hi M
horticulture Mingo is the son of
Jimmy and W ands Hammonds of Rt ,
10. Lumberton. NC i
Jonathan Bell, a graduate of <
Lumberton Senior High School will
anend Notth Carol ma Stale Un versny
or Pembroke State University ut the
fall with plans to acquire a degree in
the areaof law enforcement Jonathan
is the son of Johcmy and Rhonda Bell
of Rt 10. Lumberton. NC Kristy
Dawn Fields, graduated from
Lumberton Senior High School and
will attend Pembroke Stale University \
or UNC-Wihntaa*oa and mqpir In
biology Kristy Is the daughter of BtMy
and Angela FieldsofRi X l.umhenon
Tant Tunmsma Cha vis. a graduate
of Lumberton Senior High School
will attend Robeson Communilv
College in the Fall and obtain a degree
in resyuratorv therapy Tan is (be
daughter ofthomas Earl and Pamela
Clavis of 445 County Club Drive.
Lumberton. NC James Kelvin Jones,
graduated from Lumberton Senior
High School and will attend Man Hill
College in the Fall and recei \ c a degree
in physical therapy Kelvtn is ttw san
"Again this vear the community
u well as the churches have given
then overwhelming support ", stated
Lance Harding. President of the
Saddletree Community Center
This year Dr Joey Bell was the
keynote speaker. Dr. Bell shared with
the group some of his experiences
while studying and working with
Indian tribes in Oklahoma He
encouraged students to follow their
dreams and succeed in their endeavors
in life. Also present for awarding of
scholarships was Ms. JoAm Locklear.
Clerk ofCouit. along with her husband
Graver Ms. Lockiew shared some of
her life experiences as she journeyed
down (he toad of success
JoAnn. her husband and son Kevin
are all members of the Saddletree
Community Center Several members
of the Harold B.Wynn familv were
present to give their thanks and
encouragement to the recipients
The welcome was given by Kevm
Locklear. with invocation by Ret
Jackson Locklear with opening
comments made by Lance Harding,
('resident of the Community Centas
Introducing the keynote speaker was
Ma. Gloria Lowary and presentation
of scholarships were made by several
members of the Wyon fhmily Ronald
Hammonds, past president of the
several membersofmc Wytw family
Cmertairnnent was provided by the
smith group ofRlvmide lade pendent
Baptist Church
C ?t>r-L M/,. .I fM>? ? st'ttk
>CTK>ia/snip r<*c ipirnfs ajottu v%itn
then familv members, mends and
special guests were all treated to
refreshments following the
Pictured. Left to Rude Begiamag
with the front row. Tars Tomnatna
Chnvta. Lorna Haatl McNeill. Knsty
Dawn Fie ids. Jamas Kelvin Jones.
James Mingo Hammonds. Jonathan
to Human
Lt Gov Dtanis A Wick?r
recently appointed Mr James A Jones
of At 3 Max too to die N.C Human
Relation Commission The
appointment followed a
recommendation of Mr Jones bv Rep
Ron Snttoo. Democrat. Dtstrici 85
and was effective July 1,1994
MrJones. a retired educator, lives
in the Prospect Community He
graduated from Pembroke State
College in 1941 and received his
Masters in Edneattoa from East
Carolina University in 1973
A Lumbee Indian. Mr Jones spent
33 years in the public schools of
Robeson County, all of it at Prospet t
School. He was a teacher for 15 years,
anasaiauat principal for 5 years and
then petncipdunrilhe retired i>, 1984
nAMMyl &Lj. ? s A innar sr. .a* ?
Center ; jn his frnor
armhS' -
trim littery" t Iv state Hie c uWimeskteW'
I onsiders. among otherthings. matters
Of fair houstni! laws public
discriminations, community relations
and cnsis in commuiutie!
When aaked about his recent
appointment. Mr Joues stated "I
believe with my strong history of
working with people, especially
people of all backgrounds and races.
I can have a positive impact on this
Commission. I look forward to servtag
my people, my community and mv
state "
Mr Jones is married to Pearl ic
Mae Chavis Jones. They are the psrents
of a son Jimmia Jones of Dillon. SC.
a daughter Kafhy Jones Dudley of
Raleigh and their youngest daughter
Dr. Alfrieda Jonas Garcia of Fairfax.
Mr. Jones appointment is for four
Revival To
Be Held
The Mission Church will hold
revival service* beginning Sunday
August 7-12th Service starts Sundav
at '00 p.m and 7:30 p.m Mondav
through Friday
Quest Speakers will be from the
country of Trinidad The pastor is the
RevessodCrttesOaandinc Thtpuhbc
is cordially invited to attend Foi
farther information call (010) 321
The North Carotins Health Career
Access Program at Pembroha State
completed us iSthysarofspaaaoruiti
ji si a vv ppk i Itntcai internship smmnaf
program." announced Qias L
Scavone Pittmaa. PSU's interim
Sm mtnonty students latatbsudw
?hf health profession* attended the
program held oa the campus of
Pembroke Stats
The summer program la designed
to provide PSU Native American and
atfc* ethnic ehsdsais rnqprtng la *e
edeaeeawMhoppunuimirMoxKMi ..
local health cam atsaciea
They gain valuable ess the >oi>
re peris use whlle^psviag jhtu
care pfofeiWonil. said fhttmait

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