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|| 4 1 Putofchtd E?d<Thun<% Sine* juuvy 19.1973 | ??| ' ? v| SH I
:;:i 'U$$\CAROLINA
? Promoting Communications Between Indians and Nations " nc
Robcaon County
^ _ ; v
I ?*-?;, v..*,* n^.,. ,?*,M /~ | ?r: I
Voting Sites
for First
Lumbee Tribal
The voting toi the first tribal
election will be held Saturday. .*vpgust
2*'. from 6 30 a.m. until ^ 30 pit
Members of the Lumbee Tribe will
1 elect a Tribal Chairman and 21
^ members to the Lumbee Tribal
JjlvipuiKil These 21 will be elected
f from 21 districts
The votes will be counted at the
Hem broke Courthooe after the polls
Challeneges and complaints
relative to the election w ill be held on
Monday. September I. at 7 00 at
the Pembroke Courthouse
Voting sites include
District I Stewartsville Volunteer
Fite Department in Scotland Counts.
District 2. New beginning baptist
Church and Lowrv's Chapel. Hawk
Eye Sands Housing Authority i Hoke
County). District 3- South Hoke
Volunteer Fire Department tHoke
County i and Shannon Assemble of
Cod (RObesuni District 4- St Pauls
High School and Cumberland t ountv
Association for IrfcuanAeopie. Dismct
5-Rex Kennert Elementary School.
District A- Magnolia Elementar.
District 7-Lmoo Chapel Elementar.
School. District 8- burnt Swamp
Philadelphu> Volunteer fire
Department. District ^-Pembroke
Courthouse. District 10- Did
Pembroke Middle School. District 11 ?
Deep Branch Elementary School
? District 12- Union Elemetnar.
School. District 13-Prospect
Elemetnary School. District 14
Gxendine Elementary School. District
ft-Evans C rossroads Volunteer Fire
Department: Maxton Courthouse
District 16-south Robeson High
School and W oodmen of the W orld.
District 17-Fairgrove Elementarv
School. District 18- Robeson C ountv
Career C enteral Hilly Branch. Distnct
H#- Smyrna Baptist Church and Barker
"Fen Mile Men s Club. District 2(P
West Lumbenon Elementarv. Distnct
23- Bryan's Learning Center at the
Robeson County Board of Education
(Highway 721
Seated Heft Hi right): Otha Sum. Public Schools of Robeson county; Bill
Smith. Robeum Count} Health Department. Max tut Elliott. Chairman.
Mending lief I to right) Suxam Morns. Robeson County Extension Semce.
Tim Mi Seill. SRMC. Era Meekms. SRMi. and Judy C astro. Robeson
C ountv Health Department.
Partnership Workgroup To Focus on
Heart and Diabetes Education
Overthe past month the Partnership
tor I. ommuniiv Health of Robeson
Counts s Healt Education and
Wellness Workgroup chaired b>
Maxine Elliott has been meeting 10
organize ami develop its ovetall
strategies and objectives The group -
mission is to raise the level ot
awareness ot cardiovascular and
diabetic risk factors and to increase
access 10 relatedI programs and
Moms. Atha Staton. Eula McNeill.
Paulette Baldwin. W'yan Johnson.
Judy Castro. Bill Smith. Tmi Mc Neill.
Ann Stephens. E\ a Meekms. and Otha
Led b> southeastern Regional
Medical Center, the Partnership is a
loiuntarx organization ot public and
private members tunned to improve
the lieaith -zatus of local residents
The Partnership ?a? created with
-.uppon trom the I>ukc Endowment
and us ulttmate #oal is to establish a
Ri^iJ.!r5^m^Mr v'
plans that make )>ossible realizing
that v ision
Hunt Graduates
From WCU
Western Carolina Untversitv
Interim Chancellor John H V, akelev
conferred deciee> on 14"! student .11
theuiuversttv >IW4simmer
Friday. August 5
Western alumnus Warded ?
Townsend Jr.. assistant secretar> tor
administration with the ( S
Department of Agriculture, delivered
the cominencemeni addreo at the
ceremonies. Iield 111 the Lisioti li
Ramsey Regional Activity t entei
Townsend. a W5 graduate it
WCU with a bachelor s degree 111
psychology and social wort, warned
the graduates that changes in lite -?
such as graduating from college - are
inevitable, necessary and often
difficult } "Change is an unrelenting
factor in life that can befuddle tlie
brightest and inost -.table ot us. lie
said It sdifticult because tlie change
process is a difficult set of steps that
we are nevet fully prepared to go
through as individuals. group> 01
organizations Bv planning, we can
help minimize the change tor dtsastei.
hut we c annot guarantee I (HI percent
\ total ot M students received
degrees from tlie C ollege ot Applied
Science*. from the C olleue of Arts
and .sciences. 35 from tlie l ollegc ot
Business. 34 front the College ot
Education and Psvchologv. and
tront the uraduatt school
Academic honors were bestowed
upon 15 graduates Ol those. >i*
students graduated >uinmu cum laude
with highest honors eight graduated
magna cum laude with high honors,
and 11 graduated cum laude w ith
Listed are area students in tlie
graduating class, showing each
student s field of studv .All students
received bachelor s degrees, except
where graduate level degrees are
noted Appropriate honors also are
designated Edward Kav Hum. Rt I
Pembroke. Natural Resources
Fleetwood Homes Donates to PSU's
Teaching Fellows Program
CkimteUur Joseph I. Oxtmtlme of Prmhrok, Wmr / ??? ?. i.
r?L'??iM 4 J,Htuu.m /?? (.- u j ?Mer?itj, n/fki,
? in Hii iv. !
?t Uwi O ten*
? arnlimi BR ' picsciiied .1 sMr.'iw
check it.- Ptinr-rukc M?ir (
Chancellor Joseph b Ovendmc in
support the Universitv ? newlv
instnuied Teat, hiity Fellow s Proyram
"The gift from Fleetwood Homes
will allow us to add some excitmy
enrichment activities to out Teachinc
Fellows Proyram this tear. said lh
?Pembroke Stale is lite first
institution in the reyion to oflet the
hiehh competitive 1 eachiny Fellow >
Proyram.' Dr Oxendine said
' These students are at the top ot their
classes Once tliev eo through out
special Feachint! Fellows Proyram
and do their siudeni teaching in this
reeion.thev will he emplovedhv ihc ?
public schools liete t onseyuenn.
tht gualitv ot our school* will Ix
Fleetwootl Homes dl \otth
Carolina is one of the reyion > lop
??\ke art- all aware ot the
opportunities in our education >01011
in this counts " said Jim Holmes ?il
Fleetwood Humes I can t think of
anything of more value we could do
in yiv my back to this commuuitv
"The potential the Teachiny
Fellows Proyram luts to improve Hie
education ol out clnklien m ihis
countv is iremendvMis On hehall of
I leei wood Hollies til \inllu aiolm.i.
Inc . I'm proud to support such a
a Fortune >00ioni|>am .uid listed**
the New Ntid stoilc Licitangc
f or the thud cutia^uut e >ea?. the
Huu?ii))i Croup of Fleetwood
Enterprises. lite ta? heen tunned
Mnmitaciurei ul the \eat b\ lite
National Manufactured Housing
Congness in Las \ ejaa Tlte f ongtvss
iiklude> more tlt.ui VIHHJ voting
members from tl.e manufactured
housing indusir\ Hie designation he
Fleetwood is tts top ttonor
flic Pembroke l.idlitv is tlte
.umpam - national cusiwshci
-atislasitotultanipioii I lie . ustomcr
satisfaction .ovarii f^upat die
manufactured housing plain that
achieves tlte highest level customer
satisfaction based on resoonses ??#
Ileetwood .uOoniei.c to a ll?u<
customei curves conducted he on
independent tcsearclt cotnpanv (if
the bontebuvers v.ho purchased a
iKmte from lite Pembroke facility.
15 u percent ot the respondents said
thev would recommend a Fleetwood
manuiactured Itome to otners or buy
a Fleetwood product agam.
The North Carolina Teaching
Fellows Program is a dynamic
recruitment and scholarship program
designed to attract the Stmt t brightest
and best high school aana *s into dm
field 1 f teaching
beiween Id7b and IVM. the
number and quality 01 students
entering teacher educalntt program
m Sotth Carolina has dec lined.
The leaching t-eltovs Program
*as proposed by tht Put >1 it School
Futun of North Carolina hi 1916 to
revere this trend. It was created
through the collaborative efforts of
business, educational aid political
tender* in an effort lo encourage
outstandmg high school seniors to
enter the teaching pro 1st son
The program provide a %4,000
per vear scholarship to liinh school
senior* who apse to touch lour years
in on* of North Carolina's public
schools or government schools
following graduation from college
11* scholastic profileofthetypical
Teaching Fellow sis a Scholastic
Assessment Test scots 01 mors than
1100. a high school grade point
a \ erage oft 6 piuson a 4 Iscale, and
a v las.- ranking in the top 10 patoont
oi Ins ot her graduating .lass Each
veto, about 20 percent of his or bar
m aduattng class. Each ye. or. about 20
percent ot the <100 recipients are
urn* ?i t> students and 30 percent sis
Progr.jn We iuive nine students
enrolled in the program ihls year,"
uud Aiken "We expect to have at
least 15 entering students in the
program next year. We will be able to
etirh'h the students, experiences Wttn
the gilt Horn Fleetwood i tome*
Foi more infonnxtioi about the
leeching Fellows Piogram at
Pembtoke State University, contact
Irene Aiken at 9I0-52M450.
)tt The
Francis Harjo Native
American Coordinator for
Farmers Home Administration
. -?
Francis Haijo. a Paiute-Shoshone
Native American has been named
Native American Coordinator fur the
Farmers Home Administration
(fMHAi "Francis Haijo will be a
great help to our outreach efforts "
said Michael V Dunn. FMHA
Administrator. "FMHA and the
Clinton Administration will be well
served by his understanding of Name
American issues, is knowledge, -uid
his experience as an advocate tor
Native American peoples
. Haqo'sexperience includes work
pa the Executive Director ot the
National Commission an American
Indian. Alaska Native, and Name
Hawaiian Housing He co-authored
the Commission s 1491 report.
" Balding the Future a Blueprint tor
Chape/ The report has served as the
baais far the Clinton Admmisnanon
to move effectively toward meeting
4k Native America housing needs
Inaddmon ftom 1917-1440. Harjo
served a the Communications
Coordinator for the National
America India Housing Council, a
Vt asJunctoii. D c based advocacv
organization representing l*M) Indian
hwistng authorities
Tm available anviime. I.?r
any bod \. on am issue. at any level, to
help promote communication and
cooperation between the Native
American communities and the
Farmers Home Administration.'*
Harm said "Ms phone number is
(20*1720-0652. and its available tor
anyone with a Nam e American issue
affectiny FMHA '
Flario s responsibilities at Farmers
Home Administiation includes
facilitating communication,
understanding and outreach hi the
Native American community, and
exploring way* 10 make FMHA
programs more accessible and
effective tor the Native American
population living on and oft
Francis Haryo attended public
schools in Muskogee. Oklahoma and
Northeastern Stale College m
Tahletyuah. Oklahoma Hatyo is a
native of Reno. Nevada
On The Pow ,
Wow Circuit'
The followiny list id upconimi! powwows is not intended h? he .1
complete list Anyone ha vine information about uiKomniy povv veuve* not
listed 1* encouraged to send litem to V\ iltl lurkev. PO Boa I0",A.
Pembiukc '<( 2fr2ur lav io*"IOi *21 I"*'4
* August 2b-28 Baltimore American Indian l entet Povc-W ow i4lUt
* September*#-10. ( oharte Pow Kiw.flMMi. NC ( on tact t?H0i 564
* September 15-1" Ciuiltord Native American Assoctaiion iViei273
'September 23-24. Native American Festival. Durham Technical
C ommumiv ( oHepe lo3~ Law*on Mreet Durham. Nt t all 1UIV1 <U8
UI88 or i*?i"v 470-8000
* >ept 30 ? October 2. Lumber Annual Old >iyle Dance Festival and
Pow Wow ai the North I arolina Indian 1 uhural 1 eniei Pembroke Nt
'Sept 3o-Oct I. Indian Trail Pow Aim. Indian I rail. Nt (all
Metralina Asaociatton 704-331 -1811. ICmtiston Sanderson. **04-821 -63b I
October I Friendship Pow W uw ai the Denver Art Museum. Limited
Art* and C ralla booths available tor into call >03-83*1-483(1
'October '-8. ( umberiand ( ounrc Native American 13th Annual Pow
Wow Memorial Indoor Arena. Favetteville. NC oio-48*-8442
?October 14-15-Watamaw-ctouan Pow Wow. Bolton NC' For into
<0|0i b55-8"78
* October l3Th Annual NAIA Puw-Wiow & Fall Frsiival
Nashville 1 cttnesaee lor more into call 615 "2n-0l06 American Indian
\ endure Trader* A Dancer* Wt kumed JIlliiwmM Mahlman Bldy
suite ut; Nashvilk TN ,r2?? I HI4
?(Kiobet 21-22-Mehemii Indian Tribe Pow Wow Wimon. N(
* November '-13 Great American Indian fc*poi4lln 788-0680
* November 21-2? Nanve American Pow-Wow Baltimore. MDUIOi
American Indian Film Festival
to Celebrate Nineteenth Year
The American Indian Mini |
Institute is currently seekmii eiuties i
for its l?Mh Annual American Indian <
Film Festival and \ MleuTxpuMtKNi i? i
be held Noxembei Ib-T Iw4 i
betiinninttaitlie Palac e nt F me Ann Ml
' San Francisco
Film or \ ideo to be entered lor
competition should be b> or about
Native Americans Hum were produced
in IW.l*M The ettthi major categories
for competition are I Documented
Feature. 2 Documentary Short. 1
Commercial Feature.4 Docu-Drama.
5 Live Shon Subject. 6 Animated
Short Subject. 1 Industrial Public
Service. b Musk Video
The eturv deadline for the l*hh
Annual American Indian Film Festival
and Video EapoeWoa is September v.
IW4 Lnines must be accompanied
by I a complawd entry form. 2 a
.Itmcd regulations agreement form.
3 ascreening caeeerte and4 aS.MlOO
enrrv lee per each entry submitted a*
consideration Entrv Fee pavabfc to
American Indian Film Institute
Promotional material* including
production credits. Mack and Mime
publicity uilU. and a typewritten
iianaiixedetcnpiionof eachenirx mi
e&ceedin* 500 *otd? Utould he
included and lurxxarded Entrant U
alto ietpou?ibie tin nhipmeni to 4iid
from mii Kraik tato
\ film ion deoyttaied hi Hie
American Indian him muitiae a ill
?trecn <ntne? and i??ue
recommendation* to the total propram
and awaidt nunnimiMi
On or about Se(*ember 26. I?W4.
entrant* will be notified aa to entrant
election into the IV04 Amerkun
Indian Film Fetmal and Vidro
Ex pi an ion
Rccoynuiuti owmandtay Indian
cinematic aciotnpliihmenu. the
American Indian Mm ion Picture
Award* will beptmaaied die exenlnp
of November 12 ai the Palace of Fine
Art* Mn ham. ik i'
Lmrv Form* max be jWarned In
writine American Indian Film
leemal ??> Valencia Si Swne 5^
van haniiko. ( A 1410) Ann
Michael *n?h. UhtiM i4I5i 554
052* or Fa;. UI5. *5441542

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