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K Indian <J)oice
* Promoting Communications Between Indians and Nations " .p!*nbroi!^ NC
Robeson County I
I I ,dmme 29 \umber <6 Thursday. September A. HMY U*ttK*g ; - /V' ' "'''
I """" ' *
LumbeePow W be Hold
atNC Cultural Center
' # ti' ; "
by James Hardin, Executive
Lumber Regional Development
The Lumbee Regional
Development AHuciiiiun. Int.
announced recently plans toi the
tribe s Annual Fall Festival and Pow
The three da> event will he lield
September lOth-October 2ml hi the
NorthCarolina IndianI ulturak eiiier
in Pembroke. NC and will feature a
school dav on Fndav September ;Oth
from 10 am until I
Over S7.000 will be available in
prize monev to the best American
Indian dancers in their traditional
dance regalia and to tradiiional
drumming groups.
The North Carolina Arts t ounctl.
receniK awarded a erant of S3.5001?
LKOa to help pay the prize aw aids
Ovei 25 tribes from across tlie
eastern I lined States will be
represented in the events Iradeisano
raftsmen will sell American Indian
goods and handmade crafts
r'* The Fndav school day events will
The Ncbool day events are )ointh
sponsored by LRDA and the Robe sea
Count. Title V Indian Educatioi
The i-all Festival and Row >kow
will feature family educational
entenauimeiu and is drug free and
manned with 14 I tour securttv foi
camper> and traders
The Cultural Center factltiv i
teatuie> .anipinu facilities, canoeing,
fishtnc .uid golf and is open to the
Ncaiic etuht thousand peopte are
expected to attend tlte rhiee dav event
this veat
Janic Hardin. Executive Director
ofLRDA stated. "Ifthe Lumbee Bill
should come up for a vote and pass in
September the Fail Festival will he a
massive tribal celebration, and if the
bill dtiesii t pass we need this event to
retnv icurate ourselves spiritually to
move aiicad in a united wavto continue
the struggle tor the sake of out
Tlte -vent is open to the public
with ^eiemonies beginning Friday
information utll VHM2I-8602
LREMC Elections to
be Held October 18
Seven Director candidates were
named September I. IW4bv Lumber
Rivei Electric Membership
Cotpuration's Nominating C onmittee
for the cooperative s election. 10 be
held ai the October IK Annual
Meeting The following candidates
were named District I James Dial
incumbent, of Rt I. Maxton and
Havtics Deese. Jr of Route
Districi 5 Ronald Hammonds
incumbent, of Rt 8. Luinbenon and
Ambrose Locklear of Rt
District b John Elebee. incumbent
of Hi Oak dale Gin Road. Raeiord
and Proctor Locklear. Jt of Rt I.
At large Lacv Cummings.
incumbent, of Rt I. Pembroke
In addition to the candidates named
bv the Nominating Committee, a co
op member ntav be nominated b\
petition Tobe nominated bv petition,
the member must live m the district he
.u she is seeking to represent, unless
running tor the At-large seat He or
die must present to the co-opa petition
with fifteen or more members
signatures by Fndav Septembei lb
Recent changes in the co-op's bvlaws
eliminated nominations from the floor
at the Annual Meeting
This .cm * meeting Mill be held at
tlie Oi veils Perform me Aits l. enter on
the campus of Pembroke Mate
Lmversitv Registration and voting
ntll be Iteld from fr-8 00 P M... with
the busmes> meetine commencing at
" .10 P M A ith the eliminaiion of
nomination" from the floor, members
Mill lie able to vote iinmediatelv
following their registering
Member^ must have registered to
vote or lie in line to register no later
ilian s on P vl in order to be eligible
10 vote Kcivresentittives voting tor
businesses .lurches, clubs or other
organizations must bring a teller of
resolution from the organization,
authorizinc them to be its voting
Along with the presentation of
reports and v onng for board members,
the meeting Mill include vearlv reports
and entertainment bv gospel groups
the DM Oospel Singers and the Mi
Atrv Mixed Choir Door prizes will
also he aMarded. including a
television, an electric grill, and credits
on electriv bills To be eligible for
door prizes, members must tegisterto
vote and be present at the drawing
Expressions of Contemporary Native
American Art by Tara Lowery Exhibit
to Open In Greensboro
Greensboro-The Guilford N uive
American An Gallery is piea?*d to
announce the Opening Reception of
The Spirit Lives, contemporarv
Expressions of Native American An.
byGioriaTanLowerv The reception
sill be held Sunday. September i I.
?4W4 from 2-5 p.m at the Greensboro
Cultural Center. 200 North Davie
As part of the Opening Reception.
Ms Lowery will present an artist tali
and the Ximalli Aztec Dancer* of
Mexico City will perform The
Opening Reception will serve as the
kick-off for the 18th Annual Guilford
Native American Cultural Fesuvmland
tow Wow which begins September
15 and continues through September
l7afCastle McCullochtaJamestown.
' The Spirit Uvea. a one-woman
Mow. is a collection of mixed media
works that explore the prahissnrK an
of the Native American people of
whtf is aow Ma Suuthaatttra Uaited
States Ms Unwary, a member of the
Lumtee-Cheraw Tnbe and resident
of Robeson c ounty.NC. spent several
vearsresearc tuny and del v inte into the
archeotouicai arena for her inspiration
"I've learned through tny research
one of the most valuable lessons I've
known, thai Truth is relative When
vou use archeology as your medium,
the artifacts make a statement."
comments Ms. Lottery
Ms Lottery was recently named
as one ot the Paahmakers NC Native
American Women of Distinction, a
photography exhibit honoring twenty
five Name American women of NotA
made in their respective communities
Her award winning work has been
featured ia numerous exhibitions
throughout North Carolina
The Spirit Lives will he on exhibit
at the Guilford Native Amencaa Alt
Cairr? hum iitpismbir I l-Nonaabm
26.11*4 There is rv.adm.viion.hsrye
for the itpewaa Reception and the
pubik is invited to Mend
Vfemw u u*e <* the photujgrupXs uf Lumber people 10 be stutwn em
exhibit This is Archie bold OXendime dm J his *ife. Pewit- < the fitter
Hurxuret Arut Lowers). ?.?. M'<
. i.i t ?:
Shown In Exhibition
Personal ami tunimmit
ohotouraphs pro* tu 104* man the
Lunilice iMMple ot Nurth l aiohiia air
souuln tor a niaior exhibition it hr
slmxviiatv liar lone s Mini Muxriiuroi
?vcle-led phoiouraph> * lit be a
pan >t the exhibition Lumber
V aiucs is bemv oieanued hx
the North i arolma Indian ' uttutai
' eitiei.lire Native Amcncan Resource
t eniet at Pembroke ?state I hi tel.sin
and the Mint Museum ot An
Ptolect tapamlets air paitu ularl ?
interested hi pictures tlta; noma,
lumber < alues and cultural heiiiaut
!lie exhibition ?xill .ompreibetH ilit
'laiioiiallx lountiL1 exhibition Pamai
Recall Phoiovtraphsot Natixr Nonn
Americans scheduled ha Januar. ai
the Mint Museum
( opiesxxillbeinadeotphotoeraphc
brouuht lo Pembroke Mates Natixr
Ainei ican Resource!, enterhcixxeeng
i.m anduoon.and from lto*p.m mi
sarurda. sept Uianouti i Inr
x il I he placed in rite historical ai. nn c
>i tlic North i aiolina Indian > uiiurai
< eniei aim ihr Native Anteiuai.
Resource l eniet Lumber loumalisi
Barbara Biavebox-1 ockleai xvilt
allien oral histories ol tire pi it at >uiaph>
iHOUClll iii
lite "Panial Recall exhibition
. umpaiespitotouraplts taken b\ ?tines
and American Indians man attempt it>
c x plain i nr mrlereiice betw een Nan x e
Ametivim- .oitceprs <>l sell and
kerttav >> t?piwk#U *>< Hum
established n\ vvhitepiHM<>i!iaptieisih
die lair 'it. and railv -WHi centuries
'I Wdir" Hue* will locus mi the
v alucMHntlk i mice otNorth I <u olma #
Lumber ?Ht<c In addition it> Hit
phuiugtapb cinlecied at the Native
American kcsuuice v enter. Lumber
ptkMoiiiiintH-i Ovendme will
porrtav win r in polar ? Lumber
photograph- tin the exhibition
Pfcoiowrrtptiv subtecixmav include
education i.tmih gatheiings. ntuals
iiuiuJinc unbecoming. spiritual
^ailieim.- in-i;killing, tltr How VVow
siorvtellmc sacred ceremonies. and
success uhI achievcmeni Hollowing
ns showing ai the Mint Museum of
Art. Lumber Values will travel lo
rlie Name American Resource I enter
tt Pembroke stair I mversitv and will
nt made i ailablc a> a traveling
exhibition ?>> North l arolina art .ukl
?iisivMc . ciiiris. libraries and scliools
thtouuitout lie state
sept h. ukJ()ct I were chosen as
rlie davc i,, collect the photograph*
and oral histories to conic Ide with the
lumber H"w Aow being held at
fembr>>kc sept through t Kt
I lot nnar iniorniatioii. call Di
>ianle. Mil-kat rlie Native American
Resume - v .-ittet at dlb-;2l-t>2H2
from Bowman
Kimbertv Carol W vmi of Koto* mi
C ouniv among 3v graduates
honored Annual 13 during the 24th
annual commencement ceremum lot
the Physician Assistant Program of
.the Bowman Cray School of Medu. u*
^ van is the daughter ofJanet W vna
of the Saddleiree commumtv and the
lase Harold Wynn
She holds a B.A degree front ilk
Urn verattv of North ( arolma.* tug*l
The commencement address *a?
given bv Or Stephen ( t rane.
executive director for the American
Academy of nrysKiatt Assistants
The PA Program si Bowman Urav
was founded m I Wand is the third
uideei program of nsluad ta fee msmm
Casting for
New Movie
An Open l asting call will be held
tor Native American men. women
and children of all a|tes to appear ai
Extras in the television movie
Tecumveh' Panther In The Skv "
The casting session will be held on
hatwdav. lupmnbu 10th from 12
noon to ; p m at the Otullord Native
vwwciaiKm in Greensboro which ?
hh alect u tiir ureensburo t ultural
? eiMet. 2lit' North Da?ev vlreet. i?
For more informal ion. contact Na
Mooh Nichols at t?IOt 74?-9l64
'Tecumsett is the fourth in a
series of TNT Alms on the subject of
renowned Native Americans It it the
epic Mors of the Ohio Shawnee tribe
leader. Tecum teh. whosougbt to umfv
all Indian nations m the fight against
westward Amancan expansion, and
the destruction of the Indian way of
from ASU
Oiita L ^ fctendine of Maxton. nc
Has .ompleted requirements tot
graduation at Appalachian Mate
bntverstiv a total ot *?0
undergraduate and 110 graduate
students completed course
requirements during the bniversttv s
summer Session There is no tormal
summer commencement, however
students are eligible to participate in
the December commencement if Kiev
Uxendine earned a Masters
Degree Her maior was Agetnv
? ounsehng Marriage and Famtlv
Revival To
be Held
Revival services will he held at
I niun ? hapel i otnmunitv Baptist
' hut v n on >undav night xeptctiibet
11. I'toj through FriJa. nielli
setv ne w ill beutn on sunda - night
d * in? ?' M ami Monda> ihiouvth
tridav night at ' Mi P \t
Evangelists are Rev Rov t lark
and Jem Thompson Special smcing
each night Nurserv will be provided
Pastor inninv Strickland
Or. Do/ton Brooks
Becomes first
Lumbee Tribal
Mkiwimj a meeting held tu heiu
complains .wkJ challenges lortie fltst
Lumbn ' ubal Election the
i on*MiithM> vssembh declared Ix
Daitoti 'in**.* at the rtrsi Lanibet
Tribal t tuurman awl We loiktwing
winners as rite firsi lumtoee I nbal
Council members Lugene Jacobs
District.. Joel Dial. District \. Samuel
W vnn District 4. Jerri McNeill.
District Henry Brewei District 6.
Rhonda Lock.(ear, District 7. Robert
Locklear. District I. I Garth
Locklc.ii Distnct Qar\ W
Lockleai Distnct 10. Deltoo D
Oxendinc. District 12. Emma L
Lockleai. District IV sieve Locklear.
Disutci (4. \gg? Deese. Distnct IS.
Ehon b Hunt. Distnct 16. Hilton
Dense. Instrici P. Dorten Sampson.
District ' 8 Zelma Locklear. Distnct
20. and ~*i<.t Harding. Jr District
DtsrrTrtT ewTViryinia Jacobs is
challenwmy Terrv Smitb in District
Me i 'auto* Hum. second place
riniaher in the mce tor Tnhal Chairman
chose ft* H) i?JI for a runoff Without
anv .ha Hence Dr Dai Ion P Brooks
became the first Lumbee Tribal
Chairman All oftbuae elected will be
sworn in follow ing the September 24
nut off election
Patrn taSwett Bravbov challenged
the election because he name was
printed wrong on Hie ballot She was
listed as PatriciaSwett Locklear The
ballots were changed at Hie polling
sites and Bravbov was hand written
on the baJlots The Committee
declared Deinm' Hemline the winner
in that District when McKetthan Jones
refused to call for a ran off Bravbov
was thud piece finisher in that five
wav race
On The Pow -
Wow Circuit'
Hie loth >w my lift nt upconunu powMou. k not intended to br .1
complete list Anyone havniv miormalion about upcoming pwu mum* me
lined i? eitcourasted to send diem 10 \A il?l lurkev. PO Box 10***.
Pembroke. '?C 2i3"2 or ta x to <uIOi *21 N"4
* Au?u? 26-28 Baltimore vmencaii Indian l enter Pi?.*im >4lot
* September o-io. ( oharie Pom 38on.( Itntun. NC Contact |9I0? 564
* September 15-T (nnltord Native American Association |9I9?273
' 'September 23-24. Native American Festival Durham Technical
CommunHv t oilepe lr>3" -on itreer Durham Nt ( all i9I9i 598
9188 or iVloi 470-8000
* Sept 50 ? October 2. Lumber Annual Otd Style Dance Festival and
Pom \8om ai the North l aroints Indian 1 uitural? entei Pembroke Nt
?Sept 304X1 I. Indian Trail Pom 38om Indian Trad. NC (all
Merrotina AaaocMMion 704-331-4811, kmnalon Sandenon. 7044UI-6361
October I. Friendship Pom Won at the Denver Art Museum Limited
Am and ( rafts booths available tor into call 303-830-4830
'October '-?.CumberlandI ounrv Native American 13th Annual Pom
Won Memorial Indoor Aiena. Fsvetieville. NC 910-483-8442
?October U-15-Wacaman-Mouan Pom Won. Bolton. NC For into
|9|9| 655-l"*r|
* Octobei 14.15.16. 13Tb Annual NAIA Pow-Wom * Fall Festival
Nashville lennessee tor more into caU M5-"2r?4)806 American Indian
\ endure Traders A UNMet* W.komcd 2111 mom Si StaMman Bkki
Mine 9 ?2 Nashv ilk TN fMI I Ml*
?Ociobet 21-22-Mabemn Indian Tribe Pom Won. 38mum. NC
* November "M3 Orem American Indian tapu i4IOt 718 orv*9
* November 21-27 Native American Pun-Won. Bahimure. MDi4IO>

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