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    The II I* 110 IH lit | !!?!? II
Imkm W?k! Back yaar
cLlnl'lld rTrltT' I
Oa Saadhy evening." 11
September, Uk Native American
teMiLGaMAaai TMa i
year', aaaai ?rpini are AM
Loefctear md Raft Locfcfcar. The
Restaurant ia LaahaM at 7:00 PM
Oa Monday. 12 SqaoaW the
movie Genmmo wtl be rktaa ia
Moore Hah. This ?? Iragaes Wes
Studi ia (be rale at Ac uWafew i
Apache leader who straggled against !
IbtodSmm* be mid be tad
cbnrpHfar bis evens. kcU in Moure
O* Tncsdny. 13 September,
activities begin wnb an Indian
LocUttr. Abo featured daring bis
ink session will be tradition!
AMhoogb bb program is especially
designed for pubbc school undents.
beganat KM?"
NASOcMnpns powwow wig be held
? *C pit ml between Old Main
md tinging! plus art*, crafts ami fuod.
Host dntm will be Sloney Creek
(recently pictured in National
Geographic), and the Master of
Cereannues will be Ray Larieumle
Abo featured at be powwow will be
Maryteiling by Barbara Braveboy
Locklear, Mute selections by Tony
Clark and traditional craft
is so admit* km charge for ike
powwow, which feectas ? 4:00 PM
Oa Than day. IS September.
NASO will bold it* mmmd dtaco
dance m PSlXs Chavis Uuiverwty
Center The dancing ttwm al lOeOO
is SI (S3 for guests).
VaufiAn , , HI--*, I. ainnnan
ifwuii nonage wees acuvncs
oa ike Pembroke State University
Aarericaa Resource Comer, Native
Aaencn Stodeot Organization.
Performing Arts Center, Office of
Student Activities. Student
Government Association. Lambec
and by a grant from ike Grassroots
Arts Section of Ike Nortk Carolina
Art* Council.
The sptnt of Indian heritage is
alive and well (and not only in
September!) at Pembroke Stale
University For more information
about Indian Heritage Week
activities, visit the Native American
Resource Center ia Old Main
Building, on the campus of Pembroke
State University.
Contest to
be held at
Biggs Park
v ' v % I
t alluie ail kids age Ik aud uudet
Now iKtt is something ?ou tan do
?.rth ilmsegnibbv. vtoinuw sneakers'
Jm panel >t (udges a ill jai^ all
sneakers entered into the contest ><?
MdcpsMiKflpnr The first place
winner will receive a free pan of
sneakers(upioaSVO value)from I .jo.
Locker id ba i i Park Mall The second
place winner wiU receive a vto mail
gifi certificate The third place winner
will receive a S25 00 mall gift
certificate Jusa pick up a registration
form at Biggs Pari Mail or at the
Ltanbcnon Recreation Departmern to
eater bntnes need to he placed in the
container ai Censer Conn in Biggs
?Park Mali and will be taken from
September 12tfc through 23id Winners ,
will be notified and the winning
sueakers will be ou dispiav at Biggs
Park inail fndav September 23rd
Sponsoted bv Fool Locker, in
cooperation with Biggs Park Mall and
the Lumberton Recreation
Reflections IT aim m? rtiunm?
39 Um
Well. I've just observed
ANOTHER special anniversatv'
Labor Day marled >1 vears since thai
extremelv HOT STJCiCY Labor 0*.
when I arrived at Pembroke with ail
my bekmitmys. after woriuaiilur time
years ia Caswell County meat
Danville. Vat.
I had teased a nice upstairs
spartan ui near the post office front
Mm SSMfebs Bat it like most houses
back ui I936hadau air conditioning
Aadldidalcveaowgafrti Whentnv
present ooe-aorv house pats HO+
now. I wonder how I managed to
survive summertime heat in that
UPSTAIRS apmtmna
This Sunday is another personal
saaiverssrv 67 years since I entered
this world at the tiny town of Clyde
Path. Montana That day-ftes also
Sunday I dual umuiwbu h?irUian
tunes at birthday has oome on
Sunday But my flfneth was one At
church thai day I wailed Suratamily
member to mention rt But no one did
vo the conprepaiioti sand Happy
Birthday" to the others and led me
out To me 50 wwa special landman
Now I make sure people know when
I'm ha vug a birthday
Staptai Crimp
by the way. m our Singles uroup
we amp 'Heap) Birthday" to those
k.- --i. li i lili ilni ? -* 1 ska in? miA
uAviny Dirrnoayi Wy ok inoiiin
As te as I know, well be meetuw this
uxnuk' 1 7:00pm. at Fir*
Lulled Viet hod i ft Church to
Pembroke Che group was tuned bv
three ol u* tttembers there, leu vean.
ago but mi* open fo ANN staple who
would lite hi visa. and perhaps become
a part ot Me uruup.
Ureummu of tr Wkiie Chriumut
lromcall\ the lint tune I ever
heard Lung i rosby sing "White
Chrisms*" was on what I THEN
? ousidricd a HOT summer day in
MaWan.i m the'forties Thai song
about mi >w seemed TOT ALLY out of
place fot smnmenime But THIS July
the idea perncd prern stood' As I
went frmn due room to another. I tried
to rcmeintgr how COLD the house
feh last wiper when the oil furnace
coated out, and I had to depend on the
wood-burning heater that Leon started
using in the winter of IV""t-80. with a
little eura help horn a small ejectru
Am. Fam ?
As miu nun remember, m July of "
IV76. m ten FIRST Reflections
column began with a tribute hi our
a?K fan
"Roar Cln. rambunctious attic tan.
till this heat wave is past'"
It's I h years later. I srill don't know
W HAT I d be doing without that treaty
attic tan But now. I'm not only
dreaming of a COOL "White
Chrtstmad* bnt of central AIR
~undKKxuani atoag with anew central
HEaTING svaem for next winter i
1othe Citizen* of District 12
foall the Lumbecpeoplein Disui. i ?l_. ? would like to
ukethiiopponunitvtfihank vouitx .?w support int>v r?nl
tor tribal council tor voui District ? ; inusi torgei about
misprinted ballot* even though we uu. led ? uwusi V\e
must move on to establish a bettct ?it'>crnroeni uu oui
people. In doing so. we must teno ?u? >uppon to out
councilman. Mi. LldtoiiO&endmc. i mid vlt Uiendineto
be a man of honor and of great uuegi iv I encourage all ol
u? 10 stand behind uui councilman
I leave you with the*. Ia*< thought* t heat Spirn-I want
no blood upon mv land to stain the gia>* t want u jI clear
and pure. And I with 11 *o that ail wlw go through among
my people may find it peaceful when iik * come and leave
peacefully when they go Ten beat?
May theOred spirit be with nil the uinbee People
Pllrhia Swttt Bravhov
? , .. 'i i ?? i :
? TMi 1,10000 MMmm Baton Owd*? AcommMom YouTo
Tba Mmm Dm Nat Ml Mow f 1004).
IT T>w Mmc* Don hM Mw ?10000, A |t00 Mom?% Ow|*
And 10* Nr Chedt Is Neewry IMi Ahm? Om Not ;
mmm .
)F : ' ' 4
[ Health Clipboard
C arpal tunnel syndrome is the
medical term given to a condition ot
the hand and wrist that ^anses paw
numbness, tingling, stiffness hi tout
hand, wrist and sometimes in vow
arm The pant and other svmptoms
that vuuleel with thiscondtltonvowe
tfoni the nerve ol the wrist called the
median nerve The median nerve
supplies sensation to your fingers and
controls the muscle of your thumb
I picked carpal tunnel to wnte ahum
suice carpal tunnel syndrome is seen
in many oi our people in Robeson
Count \ This condition is seen in most
of our factory workers that work
performing manufacturing tasks that
required repeated hand movements** .
,f f I, m mAMBA S . , ,fc iM.cAA.cck - .J C.
.tpHftc WilHC satire 1 Vpt In IBlRfiHI '*? W
ind over again Carpal tunnel
svndtome is seen in peotde who use
. omputers. * vptst >. pianists. 41 id meai
packets go into ihe sauic hoai as the
factorv workers performing frequen'
repealed motions Kheumaii.
.onditions and arThrms. miur. to'the
wrist. Xciomegalv.arareiiiseascilui
make* the hand grow abnormall.
Dtabetes. a tumor on Use median ncrv c
work or hobbies that cause vou to use
a firm grasping or pinching motion
with vour hand. Thyroid Disease, the
use of birth control pills or pregnancv
both of these cause water retention
aud hand swelling
, Let 1 talk about the *vinptom* ot
^rpahunuel syndrome iuo get pain
'tngliug. andnuinlmeu in the thumb
index middle and ruig fingers This
.onditiou leads to swollen finger* ot
the lack pf blood flow to the hand
Your arms can have a shouting paw
with carpal tunnel syndrome This
sviMhume makes the handling otsniall
objects difficult and decrease* vow
abilHv to grasp objects All ot these
symptoms become worse at night or
when vouawake from sleeping Those
symptoms are caused bv direct
pressure on the median nerve in the
wrist, where the never passes through
the tunnel formed by the bones ot the
wnst called your carpal bono and a
large ligament of the wnst Flic
?sure is caused by inflammation
swelling surrounding tissue* ot
the wnsi at this median
Now if you thing some of these
symptoms fit the kind of problem you
are having, please see voui medical
provider He or she can perform some
verv simple phvsical test to diagnose
t TS" carpal tunnel syndrome i Some
medical providers are now using a
diagnostic lest called thermographies
Fhisiest detects temperature increases
at the median nerve compared to the
non affected hand If there is a one
degree difference in tissues of the nou
affected or well hand vou have CTS
N out medical prov ider may want hand
\-ravs and ?ir blood tests to rule out
other problems
... T ream vent for CTS uswallv starts
vumevam mi?dflT'tWi I
neutral it shgbt extension spltms
These spltms are worn during a work
day and at bedtime This treatment is
usually tied for three months Just
cnouglt h< last a good fishing season
i ou can applv ice to the wnsi for the
first 24 hours after the symptoms start
( hen ?ou w ant to use moist heat at the
came location tor 10-20 minutes out
of an hour Kit 24to4K Injurs Although
.ou nngnt want to sleep some so you
do not have to use this every hour on
the I tout I had a fellow one time tell
me Bo\. Doc. I didn t get any sleep
last night " I asked him had it been
humng that mucb worse He said no.
he had lust been doing wluu I said to
ao and iiad been up 2b hours already
\SAlDs like aspirin and Motnn heip
reduce the swelling and pain of the
median nerve region There are some
exercise thai vou can learn to ease the
pain Other meds like water pills
?diuret ics i and vitamin B-b reduce the
swelling Sometimes and injection of
steroids at the carpal tunnel location
relieves the pain and swelling, if the
other meds are not helping surgery is
saved for the severe cases and takes
unlv an hour on an outpatient visit
The rate of suc cess of the surgerv now
is greater than 40"-..
The next article will be on the
prevent ion o I carpal tunnel svudrome
O Great spirit. bless my people
w ith wisdom and courage tor the task
at hand
?ATMHI H I^LH p^H ^pY^V^pi ?t^H^ ^H H ? H EHnl 3I ^^HvH^H
& *2?L ttRADY HUNT
beck ??ysnar'' '
AnftO Accident Injuries
mmi ?i
Pediatric Pointers
May limes parents in dime ask i
aw. "Wha Cm I do about my child's
behavior' They are m this stage of
bmng or hitting or something else "
Having a four year old at home with a
miad of her vwa. I can sympathize
with parents who are distressed bv
.ettainearlv childhood behaviors flwy
see in the* children For thai reason I
thought it would be good to talk about
Biting is often one of the first
behaviors that causes concent for small
children by parents The initial biting
eptaode often occurs when the child is
teething and usually the parents are
the first bitten, they mistakenly may
dung it is a cute game Many parents
do not respond until the possibility of
penalties that affect them arise, such
as when their child bites another
parent's child Adults must be
encouraged to have a rule that
interrupts the behavior with a strong
"No. we never bite people because it
hurts them." which can be extended
to include pets and stuffed animals
Interruption and prevention before the
biting occurs is important It is not
fun for the victim an should not been
wen as a game The child should be
praised tor not biting
Temper tantrums are one of the
mow predwmbte activities for children
m the I* months k> 3 uenreege group
These orteo hesuM Ac beginning of
die "terrible twos" ia the minds of
of the manner in which parents
respond, with mistaken rewarding of
the behav lor despite vigorously
prosest??; of how unhappv they are
with the situation
It is important for parents to
understand that they have not caused
the situation that is normal but
unacceptable development The adults
need to develop consistent methodsof
handling these situations Any type of
attention can be rewarding The
parents niusi understand that ignoring
the child, .ontinuing what thev are
doing, and nut maintaining verbal or
physical contact such as promising,
bargaining with, or threatening the
child is the best treatment Using "time
out" in these situations is a good idea
Next week we will discuss some
other behavioral problems of
childhood My wife Vicki (who is
Cobarie ? and I hope you will join us in
Clinton this weekend. September 9
10 for die Cobarie Pow Wow Let's
support our locnl Pow W ows and don't
forget the Lumbee Bill. See you next
Caroliaa ladiaa Voice
a published every Thursday by
III ir A IX ?.i-a.i.i _r- l #"? n ?? ?
rirsc American ruDWcaQOfis
304 Normal St - Coflege Plaza
Post Office Box 1075
Pembroke North Carolina 28372
LRDA Establishes an Indian
Veterans Outreach Office
by Jamet Hardin. Executive
Director. Lumbee Reitmnal
Development Associainon
The Lumbee Regional
Development association. Inc
recent I > announced the establishment
of an American Indian \ eteran
Services Outreach Program
The project was established to
implement a needs study of American
Indian V ete raits in the LRDA sen ices
region and to identify individual
veteran client needs and to provide
one-to-one assistance in linking Indian
V eteians to existing count v. state, and
'ederal veteran services
Die needs studv will also he used
io collect data on the social, economic
and education status of Veterans wlucit
couldbeused by the tnbe upon passage
?Jl IBI Lumbee Bill to design speclnc
services for Lumbee Veterans a
Die Luinbee Bill in its present
tonn requires a needs studv ot tlie
Lumbee communitv which upon
passage would be used to detennmr
which services are provided to tribal
If the bill slioukl pass the dale
collected would be used to seek grants
to provide special social, economic
and educational services to meet the
unique needs of American Indian
V eterans in the LRDA service area
Hie protect is staffed by a V eteran
and w ill seek to establish an American
Indian Veterans Planning and
Advisorv committee Tlie staff will
assist veterans seeking employment
and training and other services in tlieir
respective counties
Lumbees have a longer historv than
most tribes in volunteering to fight in
wars and conflicts to defend this
countrv ??
The project is designed to hooor
veterans sacrifices for this countrv
through involvement and recognition
in LRD.A tribal events such as pow
wows. homecoming and sponsorship
ol attendance of delegates to other
mbal veteran functions such as the
National I ongressof American Indian
Veteran activities at the NCAI
Convention in Denver. Colorado in
Four American Indian Veterans
will be sponsored through the project
10 attend thee onventionin November
to represent the L urn bee Tnbe in the
Veteran Tnhal Ceremonies "?
Mi Adoiph Blue. Chairman of
LKDA tSuard of Directors, stated.
This protect is deigned to-serveami
huuor our v eierans who have sacrificed
for their countrv and no one deserves
Itouot and recognition more than
thein "
The Lxet utive Director of LRDA.
lames Hardin, stated thai thiseffdrt
bv LRD A is long overdue and has the
potential to be a model program in
Indian countrv for how tribes should
reach out to houor and recognize their
Indian warriors who sacrificed tor all
of us"
He further stated that "the
programs will assist American Indian
V eterans groups in the region to plan,
implement, and carrv out their annual
events and io help with their annual
Veteran* Da? Memorial activities
including the annual parade " * ?
For more information about the
project all American Indian Veterans
are encourage to call 910-521-0190iti
Pembroke. NC
Veda N. Thakur, MID., P.A.
Lumbcrton-738-l 174
Now Accepting New Patients
Orthopedic Office Practice _
Having Expertise and Special Interest for Over 20 Years
ki Caring for Auto Accidents and Work Injury Cases
Evening Hours ? Most Saturdays Available :
mm*rn i.t r^fcrti. m y hi-mm B,j
Calcium - don't lose it
too probably already know that calcium play* a
key vote in vtutaing dom aemity ana preventing
Hen's some tin to help boast your cUcium
absorption rale: Modify caffebu intak* Etch cup of
coffee ceases shoot s 6 me. calcium Ion. Cat heat on
tmoking and drinking. Both speed bone loss and
. Mate '??ia? tbiofptioa. nw calciutn intake
carefully. It ? best not loInletacakhunsupplement J
? ?lik ? blah fll * alnne f* * '?? *
wiui m luuiniwi wi*? noer uui inicriciT wiui |
eddun absorption
We'sr working with yoa, far yo?r pood health! j>
i_ *y. Jl
; 1(0** TXmmw I

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