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I f|] Indian <Ooice
" Promoting Communications Between Indians and Nations " Pwnbroka, NC I
Robtson County
| | VMmm* 29 Number 3" Thurul*y. September IS, 1*14 Mutt UVEKKOWL tttW XcP*Cm |
/ 8th Annual Pow Wow to be
Held in Greensboro
GfwCTi.vAw/YA-The Guilford Native
American Association is pleased to
invite the Piedmont-Triad and
surroundim areas to the 18th annual
kJ Www amil ultural Festival Hie
If Butties a ill be held at castle
H ftCulloch Tiltyard. Jamestown. SC
Be C ultural Fesi iv al w ill bey ui today.
1/ Bpteinbet 15 from 9a.m. 22 pm tor
l-2nd yradei. as well as on Friday
September 16th (Tom V an until I
? m t.VSfh yradei The Pow Wow
Brill kickoff oo Friday the 16th ai >
Jp m and run throuyh Saturday.
{September Hth The Pow Wow will
j tunc ludc around 12 a m on ^aturdav
| The Cultural Festival will feature
storytelling, demonstrations and
(specialty dancing Admission for the
Cultural Festival will be SI 00 tor
students and teachers Schools are
encouraged to call ahead and reserve
space tor then students
The Pow Wow and Cultural
Festival will feature the Aztec Dancers
fropi Mexico and World
Championship Hoop Oncer. Jonathan
Dane Feather from Cherokee. NC
The public is welcome and no ited to
attend C ome and experience Native
American Dancing at its finest'
Dancers from across the state and
nation will be in competition lor over
S7.000 in prize monev traditional
and contemporary artisans will be
displaving their work Pottery,
beadwork. hand woven baskets and
stone carvings are just a lew of manv
different items that will be on displav
and tor sale
Food items including Na\ ato tacos.
Indian fr> bread, chicken, barbecue,
fish, jot dogs, comdogs. sausage dogs,
assorted snacks and sweets, soft dn nks.
tea. lemonade, coffee
Admission to the Pow Wow is S3
tor adults. SI for senior citizens and
free for children 6 and under For
further information please call ivlOi
273-6605 or i?M? 2*'3-86fc6
I Kep. Frances Cummings to
Participate in Conference
?: Representative Frances MlArthut
B Cummings wilt serve as a presenter ai
- the Region IV Preparatory Conference
! in Louisville. Kentucky September
1^3-24 I sum She will speak an the
Myopic. Women in Public
Leadership '
I The US Department of Labor and
3 ihe Kent tick, C ommissmo on W omen
jjire sponsoring the Region 1\
?t preparatory Conference for the United
1 Natiou s Fourth World Conference
ton W omen scheduled for September
Et-15. 1995 in Beijing. China. The
?Theme for the conference is
1WE 21st CENTURY "
Rep C ummings said. "I am I
tpxtremel v happy to have been invited
rto speak and work with the women in
{Region IV Tins meeting will include
'participation from women activists
fin Alabama. Florida. Georgia.
Kentucky Mississippi. North
Carolina. South Carolina and
Tennessee " Cummings said. "I
attended the First International
Decade of Women's Conference in
ij i S?
Nairobi. Kenva-Afticam IVffo.aiHlit
was exhilarating working with over
10.000 women from over 105
Cummtngs said she w ould make
two presentations in Louisville
discussing strategies and activities
thai have been successful in North
Carolina in improving the status of
women in public positions as well as
what challenges remain. During the
morning session she will focus on
what has worked' while her
afternoon session will be devoted to
needed reform and recommendations
forchange The participants expertise
and exchange of ideas and experience
w ill help to create a regional report of
local, national and international
concerns of women and w ill help the
U.S. government prepare tor the
Fourth World Conference
The U.S. Depart of Labor is
holding regional meetings to promote
awareness of the United Nations
Conference and the Platform for
Action that will be finalized in
Beijing The Kentucky Commission
on Women will use this opportunity
for women leaders in the Southeastern
U S to discuss the possibility of
Developing an agenda for Regional
IV to promote the advancement of
keynote speakers include Karen
Nussbaun. Director of the Women's
Bureau and Ambassador Arvonne
F rarer. US Rep. to the United Nations
Commisaionoathe Status ofW omen.
Rep Frances M. Cummings >
currently serves on the Board of
Directors of the NC Equity . The NC
Legislative Women's Caucus, and
rhain the Women's and Minority
Panel for the NC Math & Science
Alliance. "I will share the voice of
lobeson-Floke- Scotland Counties
Dial. 87 and NC women, and ask the
xopte's prayers for safety "
rirenang okiiis
Workshop Held
( Parenting Skills classes will begin
ao August 19.1994 at 4:30-6:00 p.m
Classes will be held on Monday and
'Thursday of each week for S
1 Lumbenon Please contact Alfred
I fcrjant orOaisti^LodJearwi^dw
; 910-739-8560 for additional
I informanon
Workshop Held on
Indian Child
Wotfcsbop. September 29-30.I9R4 i
at Robeaoe Community College i
Building 14-Room 1451
by Nabooai teteo Child Wat tee |
CommjMm^rTkSan^Ate^Chdd !
Abuse aad Neglect Prevention t
Program Robe sou Commueity i
Student Council member, Loriel Hunt, <left) assists freshmen
_ during ninth grade orientation August 23. r
Purnell Swett High Faculty and
Staff Return for New School Year
by Yv*tuie Dint
Pumell Swett High School faculty
and staff returned to the school with
Principal. Bill Brewington.
welcomed everyone and introduced
newh assigned faculty and statf
Afterwards, everyone followed along
in their packets to learn of policies,
lists, and school procedures,
concerning teachers and staff with
assigned areas, tardv policy, bell
schedules, discipline, the four period
day consisting of ninety minutes per
period, the new grading policy of
letter grades to replace number grades
with an A being equivalent to a 4. B
being equivalent to a 3. C being
equivalent to 2, D being equivalent to
a I. and F being equivalent to zero
August 17 and 18 teachers attended
various workshops to enhance their
teaching and to de velop strategies and
techniques to enhance learning for
children These workshops included
Honor English. AP English. English 1.
English II. Dimensions of Learning,
on overview, geometry, algebra, the
physical sciences, the life sciences.
ELP in Action, world studies. US
History. AP U.S. History, and AP
European history. Peer mediation
SSMT. questioning and understanding
to improve learning and thinking,
dealing with barriers, seminar
teaching, reading strategies for high
school students, inviting learning for
everyone, exceptional children's
issues, serving children with teaming
disabilities in the regular class room,
health and nhvsiral education
activities tor*.-12 teachers, code of
conduct for coaches and athletes,
'unlocked the third door through,
selectioo and evaluation, media
making a difference, vocational
education in a tech prep, en vironment.
correlating curriculum content and
instnichoMlslrategiet, counseling and
the guidance and counseling
curriculum staff development, second
languages, and discipline based aits
Wednesday, August 24. faculty
and ataff met again to acquaint
themselves with school policies,
procedures, and changes. Bruce Swetf.
president of the parent teacher student
association addressed the group
pledging for support and encouraging
members. Mr. Brewington highlighted
the success of orientation for
?stesiiiiwiiyiflfliiiMi. utadsii with
the suppon and hospitality that studem
cotroct^mcmbers showed to the
concerning mainatreaming special
sductMioa students, school
iMchars, ths purpose of theoMor for
?divtduaiued attention, bus salary.
iPftflftmil' sue/was I/vura kinl ..I I
academics and (MftMfcioacenis or
problems students ???encounter, a
letter from superiin^nent, Purnell
Swett involving fjjHraisers. the
events to be^ubm^ttod every fourth
Monday school insurance *nrt the
opening of school hs teachers orientate
their homeroom about student
scheduled lunch applications, bell
schedule. code of conduct, and student
New faculty and staff members
include Me I ante Beatty, English,
Melissa Revnolds. English. Catnna
Bailey. Math. Karen Paape. Dance.
Kenneth Brayboy. Industrial Arts.
Roxanne Hunt. Guidance, Kevin Hunt,
weight training and vanity football
coach. Kenneth A vent, heaithand PE.
Valane freeman, library science.
Elaine Fedor. Keyboard. Jeremy
sainpson. siudent management room. ?
Char Babcock. orchestra. Ramona
Roberts. Marketing. Stephanie
Cbqinaclu. Spanish. Jennifer Edgenon
health and PE. Michael Hodges.
English. Fannie Lowry. Science, and
Monies Attard. English
Previously assigned to the school,
severs! teachers and staff were
assigned to different areas Elaine
Fedor was assigned from support
personnel to Keyboarding. Dennie
wans was assigned from English to
guidance, and David Cummings from
SMR to bus coordinator
Feel of excitement, fear, and
skepticism. PSHS freshmen were
ready for orientation for the new school
year August 23rd. Principal. Bill
Brewington welcomed the students
and briefly instructed them of school
concerns and introduced several staff
and faculty that the ninth grade
students may encounter as a teacher,
assistant principal, resource officer,
and guidance counselor:
Student council president. Shelly
Brewington also welcomed everyone
after Mr Brewtngton's comments
Tocteme a hospitable atmpspbere.
student council members dressed as
unique characters such as a hillbilly. a
fanner. Hariey Davidson fen. etc.,
dramatized a short skit to encourage
the new coming freshmen to be
themselves and to proud of who they
are because every person is unique
\ tterw ards the ninth graders took
a tour through the school with student
council nctwg as guides
. J
?rtpummc iwn w'wu |
Pembroke Day to be Held at
Pembroke State University
A day of ftm. festivities, sad
learning opportunities it what
Pembroke State University and the
Town of Pembroke hat planned for
Wednesday. September i 1
Area merchants and University
organizations will participate in Ike
fifth annual "Pembroke Day" to
present mn/* promote their service
The idea behind Pembroke Day
is to introduce the Town of Pembroke
sod the University's student body to
each other." said Dr. Diane Jonas.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student
Affairs Bv holding the occasion in
the eartv fell, participants hope to
catch the attention of all new arrivals
to the community
Arts and crafts booths will w
featured ui addition to those by student
organizations, area merchants, and
academic departments to inform
tvervone of what they have to offer.
In addition, the Pembroke Chamber
of Commerce is sponsoring periodic
drawings in which prizes wnl include
and various otar priaat.
Available again this year will be
the Health Fair, when cholesterol mid
glucoae Kiwwint will he offered far
a fee, to well at free bread exams, a
bone marrow drive, and other
O B^Dotote the Clown will be
present to nnd fssciostc
children from 2 to 12.
The Uai vanity and town will alao
provide refreshments during the
anaiial fcetival.
Lett year, Pembroke Day had an
attendance of mote than a thousand
With the growing number of
organirationa, the ymaon ate looking
to top that number this year
The event it scheduled to begin at
10 ana. and will end at 2pjn. Than is
no charge to attend and the public it
izantihwifaodd pubUc **nta2e
? . . . t a. . + - a a?t 1^- -
Jones c i e in broke Matt v.
Jones Is Parkton's
Teacher Assistant
of the Year
Aaron Jones hat been (elected ai
Parkion Elementary School (Teachei
Assistant of the Year for 1994-95
Mr JohetiaauraduaieofMaimolu
High School in Lumbertoo. NC
This is Mr Jooes' second year a
Parkton School He is currenth
wotting as an assistant in aeconc
Mr Jones iia member of the North
Carolina Association of Teacher
Assistants He also serves on the SIT
committee and Hospitality
As a teacher assistant. Mr Jooes
enjovs working with children He
hopes that he will be able to make an
impact on the children's lives th? he
rvitMlm mgUm 11
Hospice of
The public is cordially invited to
attend a ribbon cutting ceremonv for
^ Rob^S08^ ~ ?
located* 2300 N PtaeStlm'lOajn.
oo Fndny. September 16. Tours of toe
new toctkty wiU be avails**.
, ** "W" inform***, cell 671
Morgan Promoted
at Southern
National Bank
Connie Morgan has been named
sssi sra* officer at Southern National
Bank in W instoo- Salem Ms Moron
a h^oitgdSouUiOT.Nanonai ia 1075.
toe Southern National Financial
* Pembroke Native. Ms Morgan
Graduated from James Sprunt
echaicaJ College with a degree in
stenography She has two sons. Larry
and Chenoa. and is toe daughter of
Elite lAxklear of Pembroke and toe
late Murliae Locklear
On The Pow
Wow Circuit'
" 1 ????
TV follow my list ol upcutiiinti poww?m? in ikk intended to hr .1
complete list Anvone haunt; information about uiKiMniiVpuw wow. ma
luted i? encouraged Hi rend them k> VhiUl PO Box 1075.1
Pembtokc iC W~2 or tax iuiu|0i <11 |u*<
* Aueuti 26-28 Baltimore American Indian 1 enter Pot*-Won i4I0i
* September V-10. ( ohanePow 3Cow.C Union NC ( oatactiVI0l564
* September IM? outlined Native American Astoctat t on id|0i273
' 'September 23-24. Native American Fealixai Durham Technical
C ommunitv College In.'" Lawrun Mreet Durham. Nl I all tv|V? 5db
VIM or tVlui 47U-80UO
* Sept .111 ? October 2. Lumbee Annual Old .vyle Dance FetttvaJ and
Htm Mow at the North I aroltna Indian ( ultural 1.entct Pembroke NC
'Sept 30-Oct I. Indian Trail Pow Vkots Indian Trad. NC Call
Metrol ma Ataociatton 704- 331 -Ml 11. kmyrtou Sanderson. 704-821 -6)61
October I. Friendship Pim Wow at the Denver Art Muteum. Limned
Am and C rafti booths available lor into call )?)-83v-4*30
'October '-8. Cumberland C ountv Native American 13th Annual Po?
Wow Memorial Indoor Arena. FayebevMle. NC 4I0-483-8442
'October l4-l5-.Wacama?-Mouan Hon Won. Bolton. NC For mlo
* Octobrt 14.1?.16. l.'Th Annual NAIA Pow-Wow * Fall Featival
Naabville. lenneaeee kv mure mh? call 615 "^b-OHOb Smencan Indian
\ endure Traders k Darner. Vkikutned 211 I mon M StaMman Hl<k
.tube ui; Nashvdie TN '"2oim>3
'October 21-22-Maheme Indian Tribe Hon Wan. VVnuou. NC
* November M3 Creet American Indian fcxpo t410> "'M-Oneo
* November 21-27 Nanvc American Puw-Wow Baltimore. MDtdlOi
m. -

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