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    ^ " Promoting Communications Between Indiam and Nations" ^
I 4 Front Paee Editorial of The Carolina Indian Voir*
I The State of Things In O/' Robeson
Editor's Nate: This is the first of a series of editorials
about the suae of things in Ot' Robeson. The articles will,
unbluskinvlv. contain opinions of the editorial staff of
Hi W J J wWlMrw nVi (VVVHf
(Mi newspaper. Yam cam depend am that
As we see it, the races have not been so polarized since
{? ante-bellum times There are those in our midst, in all
three racial camps, who love mean-spiritedly to pit race
against race
Take the fuss about felons in the classroom it 's not
about that at all. It is mostly about, as some see H. the
abrasive, independent administrative stvle of Indian
Superintendent Purnetl Swett. And, most importantly of
all. the likely election of Democratic Indian sheriffs
candidate Glenn Maynor in November. Some of our
Anglo-Robesomans (not all of them'l believe Robeson
County will dislodge and return to the seas if a darkly
hued persons becomes sheriff of Robeson County. Itain i
so, readers. Honest to God, when Glenn Maynor becomes
sheriff on November 8. we'll all get up the next day and
go about our business like we ve always done We
editorially promise it
It's a logical expectation that Glenn Maynor will be the
next sheriff Only unbridled racism will keep that historic ,
event from happening After all. Robeson Count\ is made
up of about 105,000 citizens, according to the 1990
Census Ofthatnumber. about 40% ofthem are Indian and
M 25?.. Black. Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers, for those
I Glenn Maynor to be sheriff A little understanding and <
common sense is all we Deed here in Ol Robeson to i
straighten out. as we see it. this race-driven county Look
ahead, for God's sake! We see people of all hues and |
colors in responsible poatioosmdays ahead. Is it heretical i
for instance, to entertain notions of a Black register of <
deeds in the future, or more Black and Indian judges and 1
commissioners ' Of course, it i&u't
Remember, too. Glenn Mavnor. a Democrat, is facu*
a white, and a Republican. James Sanderson m Nov em be
in the sheriff s race People are saying that whites ar
going to abandon the democratic ticket in November W<
hope ?ot Aftei all nearly 46.000 Robeaonians an
registered Democrats. only 4.165 are ^'publicans
Until now, die Democratic Party has heralded itself a
the party of the little guy. the working people, the Jowi
trodden, yes. and minorities too. Have ihev been fving a
ws all these years, and just tricking us out of our voles? Wi
hope not. But where are the Democratic leaders in tin
Sheriffs campaign' Seme of them have joined tb<
Sanderson and Republican ranks, we bear Are the?
visible9 Where are the' 'Democratic'' Party ads? What i:
the local Democratic Party leadership doing for Gtenr
Maynor" Is Lum Edwards, whom Mavnor defeated in the
May run off. now supporting a candidate'' We don't know
but it has been reliably reported ,to us that Edwards lei
Sanderson have all of hits signs from his losing campaign
so they could be painted over from 'Lum Edwards foi
Sheriff to James Sanderson' for Sheriff That's
disturbing, to say the least. When will the \pcal Democratic
Paitv speak up for Glenn Mavnor"'
As we sum up this first editorial ofase Aesentitled *fh?
Stale of Things in Ol Robeson. " let the Democratic Part)
be aware that many of us- including map) Indma MX
if thai party throws us out with the dirtyTater of racism
We speak to the better angels abolt us Let the
democratic Party be true to its history. let all Robeaonians
urn from the rancor and ill will of our rams! past. In our
ipraion. a vote for Glenn Mavnor is a vote for racial
larmonv and progress in Of Robeson
Locklear to Run at Large at EfAC
Lumbee River Electric
Membership Corporation has rccei ved
one additional nomination, by petition.
for the 1994 election of members of
its Board of Directors, scheduled for
October 18 at Pembroke State
Larrv Locklear. of Shannon, has
been nominated for the At-Large seat
on the Board Mr. Locklear's
nomination met requirements of
LREMC bylaws by the submission of
? i a petition with signatures of fifteen or
more co-op members not less than 25
days prior to the annual meeting of
j members
Since recent changes in the co
op's bylaws eliminated nominations
from the floor at the meeting, the
ballot is no* complete for the election
Co-op members will be permitted to
vote immediately alter registering
between the hours of 6:00 - 8:00 p m
Following is the slate of candidates
for LR?MC s Board of Directors
District I Incumbent James Dial
of Rt I. Max ton. and Haynes Deese.
Jr. of Rt 3. Rowland
District 3 Incumbent Ronald
Hammonds of Rt 8. Lumberton. and
Ambrose Locklear. of Rt 3.
District b Incumbent John Blebee
of Raeford. and Proctor Locklear Jr
of Rt I. Parfcton
At Large Incumbent Lacy
Cummings of Rt I. Pembroke, and
Larry Locklear of Shannon
Pembroke Day Successful
by Elizabeth WiUiumx.
nil Intern
Pembroke Stale University was
the hod to more than 2000 guests at
the fifth annual Pembroke Dav held
on campus last Wednesday The Town
of Pembroke gathered to share
information on services available to
the college students and faculty
v o-ordmator of the event was the
Assistant \ ice Chancel lor for Student
Affairs Dr Diane Jones. "There
seemed to be a great deal more
socializing and fellowship this year. "
commented Jones "The day was a
great success and we were very
pleased with the ovefall
More than 100 display and
activities were displayed this year,
varying from Umvemtys fraternities,
sororities soliciting new members to
local shops and vendors
The university had many
departments participate including the
Baptist Student Union, the Air Force
Ambassadors and the Pembroke
Hope Sheppard. secretary of
Development and University
Relations at PSU and proprietor of
Lanbee ArtsandCmRt to Pembroke.,
set up her booth at Pembroke Day "I
like Pembroke Day because it gives
meaehance to um verse wMtrttafjaam
Many of the students aren't even
. nwawofwhatisoiiiitHTr wmanv
Bob's Jewel Shop. Crafts and
Creations. Pembroke Furniture, the
baited Way. and the N.C. Cultural
The health care booths were a hug
contributor to the proceedings
Professionals from Robeson County
and even Cumberland County were
there including the American Cancer
Society, the Rape Crisis Center of
Robeson County and the Cumberland
County AIDS Speakers Bureau
Seventy one people participated in
the blood pressure screening, while
40 people had their cholesterol
checked. Other screenings forbtood
sugar, bone marrow, weight, eves
and breast exams got very favorable
responses as well
Entertainment abounded at
Pembroke Day' Dana Lowery. Miss
Pembroke State University, sang the
musical selection "Cabwet.' while
Loma M c Ne 111 performed three vocal
numbers. O.B. Dobie the Ctown was i
a towering success with hisantics and
balloon creabom while W ilbe Lowery
captured the crowd's attention with
his musical medleys.
A barbecue style lunch was i
provided by Marriott Food Services
Corp. ICurt Hoffman. Food Services i
Director of Marriott, and his staff I
-a AgA fti, | ?- * ?
served Vj* pounds or med nitdren
560 pounds of BBQ rah and 320 t
pounds of baked chicken as well as I
baked beva. stew ad brownies.
Pembroke Day achieved n.? goal <
couUeHMof' 'Vmd. feksaidAn^ 1
Moron Guest
Speaker at
Writer's Symposium
The members of the Locklear
Lowerv VFW Memorial Pom ?2S43
of Pembroke. North Cerohae will be
ceiebratiatf the Poet s 50th
Amuversar. during the Aim week of
VFW Pqm #2*43 began on October
V. 1044 with 16 Native American
memheis Hie charter member* were
all imitate of Robeson Counts The
Pom hae no* toowaio more than 430
members ami u now multi-racial
The week loop celebration beyiiu
with ? VFW Awards Banquet at the
Pembroke Jaycee Hut at * 30 p m
Tueada> Otiobei 4th The public
deatnay to attend should coutaci a
Pott matter or Mr. Archie Omadme
* Steven. is a VFW Cgapal
j!* is^t
The 50th Anniversary celebration
will cubnioaie with a Flay Raisuiy
Ceremonv sad Time C'ep?ul4.
Preservation ( ereinowral 2 00 p.m
Sunday. October V. 1904 at the VFW
Pom jusi north ot the Town of
Pembroke oa Union Chapel Road
Hnyader General Selectee Jame? T,
i a/per. NC National Guard, will be
the pnacipal speaker Colonel Carper
is the C ommaadtnii Officer '0th
infantry Brigade located in C linton
North Carolina
The tune capsule.*) be stored on I
the Pom yiounda. Is scheduled to he
opened in 50 years However, certain.
Mass ia the capsule are to be restored
in another cepimle and opened in the
A reception will be held in the
VFW Poet building immedtatelv
follow my the oeremonv The public is
invited tu attend
The Pom membership is using the
MRh anaivenarv of the Pom to hoaor
past and preeatu mamhem as well as
paMaadpraeeatmsaibenofthel adlar
Ausitlarv Coma oat aad join the
commmdty la honoring VFW Pom
#2143 on the occaston of this historic
? " \' t |
' * .
I ?* '? ? :V i
A'Child Fundraiser
To be held Saturday
* 4
w if* ? |
' T
The Lumber River Very Specie!
4rti would like to mvite you to
participate in their Walk* A?Mile- For
v > hild oo Saturday, Nov 12 at
Pembroke Stale University
The walk begins at 1:30 a.m. in
front of Old Main and finishes at Old
viaio at about 11 30 a.m Each
Mrttetpant ie naked to donate S50 to
?alk. Proceeds will bene At the
rhtidreti of Robe eon County at the
Lumber River Very Spectal Arts
FeelivaJ held on April 4, 199$
The I ember River Very Spcuai
Mtt enrich the Uvea of people with
lisabilittes by allowing them lo
'xpreee themselves Uuuuuh drama,
lance, music, iheisiuie. and the vieuai
For more lofonvutf kit coalict
?heppard at (910) 321-0252 or Roan
mmpeoa (910) 321-0254
Neat April's Lumber River Very
?pectal Arts Festival will focus oo
wi^^nrteaities for mitv^iiNs
ware of^'^the disabled's
will N ?tn*d msd
vcryoM is tnviitd to Mead
Charles Bell Releases
Latest Gospel Album:
"Message of Hope"
by Bmrbtmt Bmveboy-LocUeur
Donning a traditional Native
American design long shirt and
holding a feather fen in his hand. ?
Charles Bell Stands on a beak of
Lumber River
He poses fbrthecamera'seye And
for his Lord. Jesus Christ.
The scene is the photo shooting
session which produced the cover for
the recording artist's latest gospel
album. "Message of Hope."
I Choosing the site was not a
difficult choice, because the Lumbee
Indian vocalist says he has a deep
spiritual connection to the liver and
when revisiting it. be becomes a small
boy again
Tthought of my people and the
lifeline of the Lumbee River through
our land. My memories were also of
die moment in time that Jesus became
my Lord and I made a commitment to
send forth His word of soug "
And send forth the message he
Bell is a veteran recording artist
whose love tor gospel music was
nurtured from age 10 by eight older
brothers and sisters growing up on a
tenant farm in the Powersville
community north of Lumberton. North
Carolina. It was dtere he often gathered
with his extended famil\ inside a
packhuuae or around a tobacco barn
and sang gospels
The 46-year-old native
Kobeaooian slate* sologospel album
Message of Hope." was released
this summer in the United States and
Canada. The artist wrote three of the
10 wurtu appearing on the album
produced h\ Dirk Johnson and
recorded ai Maggard Sound Studio m
Bin Stone OapTVuguus and Studio
120. Nashville. Ten The cassette
tape is available from local stores and
Belt says he was inapued to write
the album's title song la* year after
observing grievmgfHendi of a teenage
suicide victim
It toucemt me deeph that
suicide i* on the rise among teenager*
throughout America and ut Native
American communities bitomposmg
fee lyrics and must cm fee piece. I was
trying to teach teenagers and parents
in bringing n meaaage of hope to
hrai.Bnl ays
fix High now a ?>to moiling arnn
Bell original I > performed with gospel
I T ' .
? ?
groups. He cut his first of three impel
album* with the Crystaltte Gospel
Singers 14 yews ago ihe group
performed throughout the area and
appeared weekly on a regional
televiaion station where they
performed a half hour gospel show.
For II years the artist waa the piano
player and sometime lead vocalist for
The Scott Sisters, now The Singing
Bell has performed in numerous
concerts with other entertainers
including the Speer Family; Singing
Cooks; Tne Kingsmen Quartet. Happy
Goodman and others He has
performed throughout Canada who*
he appears regularly on the syndicated
television program. SPIRIT ALIVE
which originates in Toronto Bell
recently returned to his rural Pembroke
home after a weekkmg Camp Meeting
gospel performance in Toronto He is
currently completingplans fori video
produced by SPIRTT ALIVE to be i
released and aired internationally in '
late winter . A scheduled performance
this winter will take hhn to Oklahoma
where he wiU administer gonial sang
to fellow Native Americmis. He afoo
has an upcoming Thursday night
performance at the Robeson County
Blessed with a baritone voice
strikingly and markedly similar to the
late Elvis Presley. Bell continue* to
enwy the success that his former
album. I'Whea Elvis Reigned
Supreme" released last summer
brings The album's song. "One Mote
Chance" wea recently released
nationally to l.soo radio stations.
A modest man. Bell does not dwell
?n his professional weeeas. but on his
mission m doing what he calls "The
Lord's Will" which is witnessing for (
Christ through gospel song and
warning sonia to His kingdom
"I fch a rani Christian sptrttunl
connection recently when I pre farmed
for several church audience* in mu?
Native American communities
throughout Robeson County I waa
honored lobe invited tolheir places of
woratup lo admiainsr through gospel
love all people
"Ifali^ success in my racardmg
has given nwpeace andcQnamtment
would be reward enough for dM wash
I've done' ?
Margaret Maron. award winning
mystery writer, was tbe featured
speaker at a recent North Carolina
Writers Symposium hosted by
Pembroke State Univemty
A native of Johnston county.
Maron read excerpts from her latest
work, answered questions about har
writing, and autographed copies of
her book at a reception following the
Maron has won The Edgar Allen
Poe Award, tbe Agatha Christie
Award, the Anthony Boucher Awerd
and the Mecevity Award. Her recent
novels, including "Bootlegger's
Daughter". Southern Discomfort"
ind "Shooting at Loom", have e
North C aroline Setting
This ejmpuefn wee the second
af two events, the Ant featuring
Lumhenea native Jill McCotkle
The North Carolina Himmnitiei
: ouaci! awarded Pembroke State
JaiversftyagnaHtoMpportths North
Dentine Writers Sympodan.

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