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" Promoting Convmmicttiont Between Indians and Nations " rp^brof,NC
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A Front Page Editorial of The Carolina Indian Voice
Glenn Maynor's Election as Sheriff
Good Medicine For What Ails Ol'
A Itvm Page Editorial of The
Carolina Indian Voke
This is the second in a series of .
editorials exploring the state of
things in Of kobesen This week
we're looking at what Glenn ^
Maynor'selection for Sheriff means
foi the three races in Robeson '
Counts f.
In the editorial opinion of this ^
newspaper. 01' Robeson suffers from ,,
the three-sided sickness of racism (
Racism has made all of us Red. "
Black, and White -a wee bit crazy
Race dominates out collective lives,
permeates every social scenario In (v
the middle of a conversation, the
question will invariably he asked at
some point iu time. -but what race ?
continuing to exercise their political '
and constitutional rights bv getting r
involved in politics and even, from J
tune to time, getting elected tooffices
like the Clerk of C ourt Remember jj
the excitement when Jo Ann Locklear
an Indian, was recently swum into "
that August position" Blacks, on the
other hand, sometimes express the '
sentiment that Indians are greedv .
and taking everything." asapromineni f
Black said to this editorialist recently r.
And. of course. Indians worry about
political storms brewing in the wlme '
and black camps all the time All three J
.ampsseeiaceasthednvinu torcetm
lust about everything in Ol Robeson
maybe e v en the production ot buttered
bread If it weren't so serious, out
racial inachinauonsandmaneuvenngs t
would he grist for a comedian gone
Again we ask out readers to ,
constderthe racial make upof Robeson 1
' .*intv 40"jIndian.25".,Black.."". \
vVhitr out it a population hase of
about 105.'WO From these figures, n "
seems reasonable to expect 40", of (
jut elected and appointed officials to
be Indian Right' And. conversely.
Blacks deserve at least 25", uul 1
Whites 35".
When vou look at a political map f
of Robesoti C ountv. how are we douig"
Well, we certainly are doing better ,
than we were a few years ago when
even a predominateiv Indian towrr 'j
like Pembroke was dominated b\
Whites Fot instance Pembroke did 1
not have anv control ovet its own '
affairs tor man v years and was treated J
like a colony by het White political
and economic overlords Rev t E '
Locklear was the first Indian elected
mayor of Pembroke in I ?M'7 although J
the town was incorporated in 18*15 j
Change has been slow, but change is >
in the wind Now Pembroke, dy namic '
and booming, is managed by an Indian I
town manager, city councilmen and I
mavor The town, home for Pembroke 1
State University, has not broken away <
from OT Robeaon and slid off into the '
sea yet' t
Except tut Reconstruction limes,
hen Big Jim Oxendine was appouited
countc commissioner h> Egads' ,.
len Radical Republicans, for a brief i
:ason before Democrats crested >
jntrol of Robeson back. Indians and I
lacks wete systematically denied
.cess to the political arena until the 1
ne 1 racy Sampson, an Indian from
11 Deep Branch Community, was <
lected a countv commissioner in
958 Now. Indians hold three count\
iminissioner seats 1I 2 % i out ot
ight including Bobbv Dean Lockleai
hv: is the aunt, .ommission >
hainnan the Whites hold three seats
P I 2".i and Blacks control two
ominissioner slots. i25"?' Rretn
l|uitable. Huh'* Yes. but don t forget,
took the IV65 V oting Rights Act to
easonably the -MM5.25 mix
ispectivelv of Indians Whuc> and
Hacks Also. Indian and Black
oliticai operatises made sure it was
one right The same thing was done
elan veto our house delegation t)nc
ndian 'Ron suttoni. oik Black
Prances t winnings, i. and one W lute
Doug ionguei tlie public scliools
>f Robeson ( ountv Board ol
ducation also subject to lustice
lepartment oversight, reasonably
effects the 40-J *-15 racial ratio \Vt
ave 4 Indians. 4 Whues, and < Blacks
lobe son C ountv can do it right w hen
hevhaceto Its when thev don i have
a is when the inequities are glaring
nd unfair
We see hope in the political .uid
acta! realities reflected in our. ounr.
ommissiooers. board ot education,
md state legislative delegation Hope
pnngs eternal' We can Jo things
ight' A partem lias been estabiistied
lungs work well when all three races
ire respected and allowed to
larticipate in the political process
But there s trouble on the political
lonzon Our racial maladies still haunt
is and keep us from being the best we
an be
For instance, right now. there are
wo particularly galling and glamtg
acial eye sores in Robeson Counts
Jne ol them is the racial mix ot
leputtes in the Sheriff*s department
.ast time we checked there were 42
67% i White deputies. V114%? Black
leputies. and 12 tl9%i Indian
leputtes Out 40-55-25 racial formula .
tas taken a shellacking in the sheriff's
lepartment If it was done right and
tairlv there should he at least 25
Indian deputies. 16 Black deputies
wd 22 White deputies if the sheriff
followed uu? 40-55-25 nuni in the
{election of deputies \Kr hetieu
jlenn May nor s selection as the
democratic and Indian Sheriff of
Robeson Countv would go a king
ways forward fixing what ails us in
31' Robeson. Maynor s election as
sheriff on November 8 will be guod
nedicine for our racial ills in CM*
There > another racial eve sore in
Kobesoii t ouriis and thai is in the
make up or the Board of Directors
snd staff. of Southeastern Regional
Medical Center 'Formerlv
?southeastern General Hospital ? Last
lune we checked there was onh one
Indian on the 12 member hoard Bui
thai sanothereditonal Wellsa.more
about that in future editorials
Right now. the os eroding political
issue m these pans is the Sheri fT v race
m Robeson County There ?e
Problems of a verv racial nature vtam
whites are abandoning the Democratic
*rn and callinu themselves
ttemocrais for vanderson the
Noblest With that is James Sanderson
is a Republican pure and simple We
?oOc noliiicul reason will pre > ail Hie
AAMMaL. la, la. 11.1
'^BWIW ihul w^^fWPTfTWntr
^vtwr is defeated on Novemberx. n
. h*osand P?,rtl-?l madness in
' Robeswi. bveryhodv will look tor
a political ruck to hide undet political
alliances and philosophies will be torn
asunder and destroyed Indian
Democrats will scream bloodv
political murdei and right I v so iiui
Democratic Political leaders ol al>
three races must exert political.nuraut
and Inild the pan\ together
Recentlv Joe B Freeman the
W hire register of deeds, and Frances
i uminings. a local Black legislaior
refused to join Glenn Mavnor aj id the
J? Democratk candidates in a
Robeson ( >unt\ Democratic Pam
xd Both have their own political
reasons ten refusing io suppon the
Democratk ticket W e hope its not an
epidemic of racial sickness that caused
'hen' holt die partv >nl| Jca,
readeis. it i> America l ill/em an!
candidates. have a right to -on ot
support whomever thev chviose That
is true tor Joe B. Freeman and Frances
tuinmings And it is true tor me ,ukI
vou. dear readers We also have the
privilege to vole tor and suppon the
candidate! si of our choosing
We .house to suppon ulcnn
hf Sheriff on Novembc .*
We eikoutage out readers wliethei
Democrat or Republican io no to the
polls and vole tor htm If 0t the
Indians. 60% of the Blacks, and 10"..
of the Whites vole for Mavnor he'll
win handily The onlv hope Mr
>?jdw?on has is to split the Indian
and Black ranks It's not going to
happen en masse Indians. Blacks and
Wlutes who care about the tutun ot
Robeson County are eomg to loin
hands on November 8 and elect Gienn
Mavnor. the Democrat, bv a
substantial Margin Those who want
to return to an I8b0'sorevena lt50'S'
Robeson Countv will be brought to
their senses, hopefully, bv a Mavnor
victors on November 8 Glenn
Maynnr it Indian. Democratic
neraMable. Talented, and gmtd
M*jtelswt tar what ails as here in CM
Authority Hakes
The Pembroke Housing Authority
'donated $400 to the Pembroke
Recreation Commissioa This
coaMbmioa will go toward* replacing
football uniforms and equipment for
gsee youth
"Oar objective is simple Make a
'quality impressions early that our
vouth amy remain drag-free This
^mtrtbutionisontyoM of many steps |
that the Authority has taken to j
accomplish this objective, said (
Lamart Harm. Executive Director of
Pembroke Housing Authors
umm autbohtv like Ptaferokt."
?id Larrv McNeill. PembtuM Town
ouncilmen The Com hum km
conuheadr the Anthontv tor their
f iToni
? ? ? ? i,a -
LCTUrt Harm snown ien presents
Larry McNeill. Commiiuon
Tribal Council
to meet
The Lumber Tribal Council will
hold their first official meeting on
Tueeday evening, October 11,in Room
233 in the Chavis Center on the PSl'
The agenda inc ludes the follow my
Elect officer*
Retain legal counsel
suggestions truni Artutda Locklear
Review Responsibilities
Goal Evaluation
Parliamentary Procedure
Federal Recognition
Election of Glenn Mayum
Tribal members are encouraged to
Lacy Cummings, President of
EMC,Announces Re-election Bid
?-*? rapr?
Lac. c ummjjngs. President ot the
Board ot Directors of Lumbee River
Electru Membership Corporation
announces his bid for re-election to
the At-Large position. Mr C ummings.
a native of the Ml Airv community,
has served on the EMC" board tor the
past 12 years In making his
announcement. ( ummings released
the following statement
"During my tenure on the LM(
board there has been much growth
and improvement. I feel privileged to
have been allowed to be a part of this
expansion and the innovative
programs that are benefiting our
"From 1982 until IW3 we have
seen a growth in the operating revenue
ot the cooperative We have
experienced a growth in revenue
horn if million to $48.6 million
Die cost of power has also grown
during this period from # 11 million to
$33 million During this same time
frame we have grown from 944 new
services in !992to2.l I1 new services
in 1993 Total numbers of consumers
served has also grown from 26.065 to
38.493 The milesof line has increased
from 2.91 f 7 to 3.605 6 Fhe total
utility plant has grown from a business
of $28,4 million to $66.7 million
"These figures indicate much
growth and has resulted in mote tob
opportunities and better service fur
our consumers It has been a challenge,
but the accomplishment of these goals
has also been rewardinv Servtnv as
the president of the board has been a
growing experience forme personally
and I have sought hnswers from God
while striving to make decisions thai
affect all of us on the EMT lines I
have felt humbled bv the experience
but also confident thai I have
performed well as your president and
vour at-large member of the EMC
"My twelve years on the board has
shown that the number of industrial
accounts on our lines have more than
doubled. We are proud that we have
staff and board members with the
innovation to obtain industrial
accounts over our competitors
LREMC was the first cooperative ui
North C arolina to utilize customer
, owned peak sharing to improve
customer rates and financial standing
of the coop I am proud to have been
a small part or this ttemendous
"During my tenure on the board of
directors, we nave also implemented
innovative programs thai offer
assistance to the consumes* We have
developed and implemented e
program that we call "Help a Needy
Friend." This program is designed to
help members who ere disadvantaged
topay their beating costs. The program
provides fends for this need without
costing the cooperative or the
consumers any additional money
"This period of time has also
resulted dinthe doubling of foe dollars
utilized for weatherization
^ ^ ? V * -.J0;
conservation to lower members
electric bills We have begun to and
continue to change substations from
W ICV to 115 KV saving line loss by
reducing operating coau. We have
alio reduced line Ioas during that
period of time by approximately 35
"Another program that I am proud
of ia that we are now allowing
members 60 dayt in order to pay their
electric bills instead of 30 days This
it a great help to our many consumers
who are on Axed incomes
"As we approach the annual
meeting on Tuesday. October IS. at
the Performing Arts Center at PSU, I
humbly ask for your vote If re
elected. I will continue to do what I
have done over the past 12 yean,
making decisions with you the
consumer in mind. Being a tenner and
s consumer myself I am very familiar
with stressful economic tunea and am
dedicated to making our cooperative
?he best in the nation without causing
ahardahipaa us who are the consumers
and owners of our cooperative."
Locklear Retires from
Navy after 29 Years
Master Chief Yeoman David G
Lock tear, son of Mr and Mrs J
'Davis" Locklear of Pembroke hai
retired from the L'.S Navy after an
outstanding 29 vear career David
enlisted in the Navy in June l*tt>5aftei
graduation from Pembroke Higli
school and continued biseducation ir
the Navy reaching the highest enlisted
rank available Lockleai
accompli died this goal b> continually
seeking and accepting positions 01
greater responsibility. authority ant
Dunne his lustrous career Dbvk
has served on many ships and shon
commands His first dutv assignmen
after recruit training was in tin
Philippines with C ompostte Squadroi
Five The squadron mission include!
daily flights into Vietnam am
providing tow target service lor da
fleet He next was assigned to da
aircraft earner USS bnterpnse am
subsequent I \ to Attack Squadroi
Fifty-Six where he again depfcrved a
Maater Chief Locklear ihei
transferred to his Am ofasveral Nurt
Adanbc Traerv Otpautfion i NATO
torn. Commander m Chief Souther
Command in Naples. Ital\ After a
successful staff NATO tour, he was
assigned to independent dut\ on board
' the mine sweeper USS Exploit. He
! returned to a NATO staff.
! Headquarters. Supreme Allied
' < ommand Atlantic Norfolk Va
During this lour he was selected
km chiei pern officer and remained
rut an additional lour as flag writer
and oertormed admirable on the
j personal staff of two fuur-?ta7
I admirals Continuing his NATO
alliance, he went to sea with the staff
I of Commander Standing Naval Force
, Atlantic, as flag writer and
, administrative assistant for an arduous
, 13 month deployment, resulting in his
, selection for senior chief veornan
] After this challenging lour hs was
' ready for real excitement and
volunteered for duty with the Mat
\ Special Operations Comnumd at Port
I Bragg. NC He as the Sbwor Navy
Enlisted person aad served as the
" administrative officer Here be
qualified as a Navy Parachutist sad
? was selected for Master Chief Petty
B Officer After pat over four yeers
' ?****?< he ittureed lo SACLANT
whet* he did a superb fob at the
' ||
command Master Chief aod Senior
Enlisted Advisor to the four-star
The Master C hief was transferred
to hit final duty nation. Navy
Management Systems Support Office
in February |W|. where he cootiaued.
to perform superbly serving aa the
Implementation Division Head for
ship board computer programs
mstallat ions
Although the Maaicr Chief has
retired from active served, he still
wean the uniform in his new position
a Association Naval Scitoce instructor
m the Navy iuntor ROTC program at
Norview High School la Norfolk. V A.
His excellent leadership abilities are
sure to enhance the format! vt yean nf
tomorrow s Navy men and women
Dunne his career Master Chief
Lockleer has sarasd many awards,
including the Dsfoase Mentor tons
Service Medal (2 swards). Joint
Service Commendation Medal l2
swards). Naw Commendation Medal.
Joint Service Achievement Medal.
Navy Achievement Medal. Joint
Mensortous Unit Award. Navy Unit
Commendation. Meritorious Unit
Commendnttun. CioodCanduct Msdni
?6 awards t. Natioanl Defoaee Service
Medal (2 awards). Viamam Service
Medal (3 awards). Sea Sarvice
Deplovmem Ribbon (3 awards)
i niiued Service Warftt* Spectahst
and New Parachutist (gold wings)

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