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P i|0'Indian <X)oice
" Promoting Communications Between Miens end Nations " *?*?*?. nc
Uj Robtaon County
*1 aalyU C- ; ! | ?
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I Volume 21 Number 44 Tkundmy, November 3,1994 23c F*r Copy
A Front Page Editorial of The Carolina Indian Voice
The election of Indian, Democrat Glenn Maynor as Sheriff on
Nov. 8 will help bind up Robeson County's racial wounds
7his is the last in a series of eth
? lorials devoted lo the theme of "The
Stale of Things in Ol " Robeson " It
is rife with the opinion oj this news
paper, hut rings through and through
with unabashed truth
li s pitiful and a bad reflection on
racially crazy Robeson County but
many of us arc walking on emotional
egg shells and waiting lo sec what
? kind of mess w ill be throw n at Glenn
1 May nor in the pages of The
Robcsoman a day or so before the
election next Tuesday Many of us
do not believe much of w hat we read
in the pages of that right-wing. Re
publican charged newspaper (sic)
Too mam of us remember the un
timely death of Julian Pierce, candi
date for Superior Court Judge in
1988 We also remember other situ
ations where Indian people have
been "set up "
Some have asked why Glenn
Maynor did not respond to reports
of the so-called shooting at Rep
Frances Cummings home IF the
devil called you and told you heaven
uas not real, would be believe him''
The Robesontan has bashed Glenn
Maynor for years, ever since Ik ran
against outgoing ShcrifT Hubert
Stone and lost a hotly contested race
four years ago Mr May nor usually
isn't asked anything in the
Robe soman and only reads bad
things therein He had "no com
ment" We don't blame him If Brant
Clifton, or some other Robesonian
staffer, called us. we d say "No com
ment" too. laced w ith strong unmis
takable language Mr Maynor prob
ably thought he \\ as being set up lie
thought right' as we see it
But folks, let s not be tricjicd
again by the Robesonian and its ra
cial muttcrings It claims to be (Ik
daily newspaper, serving all the
people, but seems to speak only to
right-wing anglo Republicans In the
course of an election, tltcy usually
run oui a Frances Cumniings. a to
ken Indian or Black, to justifv their
existence, this lime we're not biting
It s sad. indeed, in a counts made
up of 40% Indian 25% Black. 55%
white when the so-called daily
speaks only to its conservativ e ele
ment The rest of us traditionally bus
the newspaper so called to see how
outrageous their latest editorial u ill
be We suggest tlsat our readers stop
using the Robcsonijin period Don t
bus it don't advertise in it. don't run
vour wedding in it Ignore it! Will
Rogers said once. "All I know is
what I read in the newspaper IT
that 's so concerning the Robesontan
we don't know much and will re
flect their narrow-nunded. even rac
ist. v iew of things in OI Robeson
The best message we can send the
Robcsonian. and those w ho share its
I R60s view of things, is to come out
in great numbers on Nov ember X and
elect Indian and Democrat Glenn
Miiflfli as of Robm"
County That will tell them that right
thinking Indians. Blacks and w lutes
dictate w hat happens in Iri-ractal 01'
Robeson, and not the narrow-nunded
apologist for the conservative Repub
lican Partv that the Robcsonian seem
to be A final thought about Qis
Robcsoiwan if thcx aren't RcpuMi
cans thcx ccrtomh write like it. And
if thq aicnt Republicans then il*c>
just nnghi be racist in their ulnolK.
outpourings against Glenn Mavnor
Rex E B Turner and other pronit
ncnt minorities
Again x\c cditonallx suggest \ou
vote Tor Indian. Democrat Glenn
Max nor as Sheriff of Rojhcaon
( ouiili. on NoxembcrH His election
will help bind up our racial wounds
Glenn Max nor is our friend and the
next Sheriff of Robeson Counts See
\ou at the polls Don't forget to x otc
on Nox ember hi!!
Two New Members Inducted
Into PSU Chancellor's Club
?** * ? > ???-*- - v* ??- - * ? ?> ?
Two employees of Sara Lee Knits
of Maxton were inducted into the
Chancellor's Club of Pembroke State
University recently. Christopher
' Boutselis, plant manager and Jo Ann
Oxendine, personnel director, are the
club's newest members They are both
graduates of Pembroke State
' University.
The Chancellor's Club is an
organization ofindividual's interested
in supporting Pembroke State and it's
goat of continued higher education.
Each member, upon joining, makes a
10 year pledge to make annual
monetary gifts to the University.
The club currently has
approximately ISO members.
Everyone is invited to join, and the
University would appreciate any and
all support.
For more information, contact
Eileen Sahlin, Director of
Development for the University at
Cummings to h LRDA's
Veterans Office
Lam bee Regional Development
Association has announced the
appointment of Charle* Gregory
Cummings as the Indian Veterans
Aflhirs Office Director
Mr. Cummings is a graduate of
* Pembroke State University sod has
* completed cotases in Basic Economic
,. Development from the University of
* North CaroUna. He is also at elected
official with the Town of Pembroke
and serves on the N.C. Southeastern
Mr Cummings also served in the U.S.
Array sad into Viet Nam War from
1967 to 1969.
Cuaunings has worked with LRDA
Car 20 yean having e enence hi
p??f) ?mt economic development
proaenaw at the county and stale level
. i 1W new Veterans Affairs Office
has over II objectives to accomplish,
scene of tone objectives am:
^ 1. hayli? in; raaaarch toidaatify
h^w^^fam^wT frwn
World War I until praent time in
Haiti and Kuwait
2. Develop a Veteran* oeeda study
and profile on Native American
Veterans in the area of social,
economic, health and educational
status in the service area.
3. The program will work with
Veterans concerning 10b referrals. VA.
SBAloaos. disability ciauns and aocaal
4. The program will work closely
with the Pembroke VFW on special
projects. The present membership
enrollment is 490 veSrranr.
"We strongly and personally feel
that the Native Americans have served
the Uaited States of America
have problems adjusting from aiihtary
to civilian,life, especially those who
LRDaTaTSTall Native
contam^teofflce at (OiVhT
Corey Lyn Lockiear shot this great
looking 10pointer while k tutting with
kit dad and some other members of
the Timber Oak Bunting Club on
Saturday, October 22, 1994.
Congratulations Corey and may you
have many more.
Veterans Day
Planned in
Pembroke /
The Pembroke Veterans Day
Parade is sponsored by Pembroke
VFW Post 2843, the Town of
Pembroke and Lumbee Regional
Development Association Veterans
Affairs Office. The parade is
scheduled for Friday. November 11,
1994. Line up time is 9 a m at
Pembroke Elementary School . Parade
time is at 10 a.m.
The Veterans Memorial Service
will be held at the Pembroke Town
Paik immediately following the parade
at 11 am. The guest speaker will be
UJ Colonel Thomas Wyna
The Memorial Service will be in
hooor of those young men and women
who served and sacrificed their lives
for this great county called the United
States or America This will be atime
to reflect back and say thanks to those
Veterans who served in the Armed
Farces of America so that we, the
American people might have freedom
There will also be a fish/ chicken
plate sale at the Pembroke VFW
beginning at 12 noon. The VFW is
located 2 miles nosth of Pembroke on
the Union Chapel Road. Proceeds ftosn
the plate sale will be used for
community projects Please support
your Veterans, ror farther information
call Oratory Countings at 521-0190
or Bobby D Locklear at 521-2502
? ??
To consider oneself differ
ent from ordinary men Is
wrong, but It Is right to hope
i that one will not remain like
?Yoddds Shotn
a . ? -
into UNC-Chorlotte
y ail Carter
Vail Carter, a native of Robeson
County, has been inducted into the
UNC-Chariotte Alumni HallofFame
-oaly the 21st petson so honored out
of44,000 graduates
Inductees are selected for their
professional achievements,
outstanding leadership and support of
the urn eraty Carter isa 1975business
administration graduate.
Carter is a financial planner and
registered representative with Lyons
Financial Group in Charlotte
He is founder and trustee of the
American Indian Heritage Council, a
member of the advisory board of the
U.S. Small Business Administration
(N.C. Council), vice chairman of the
N.C. Indian Business Association,
board member of the N.C. Indian
Cultural Center Board, board member
of the United Federation of American
former commissioner to the
N.C. Indian Housing Authority, and
member of the Native American
Ministry Task Force of the United
Methodist Church.
Carter has wen two distinguished
awmtit Hd om community
service award from the Metroiiaa
Native American Asaociatton and has
woe the cosarauafll development
award from the Charlotte
Mecklenburg Schools Indian
Education Program
He if a graduatenf the Laadenhi|>
Charlotte Program of ftf Charlotte
At a UNC-c'ehedent, he lad a
f*vdfo* team in developing the Ant
major mattering plan far the Charlotte
Mom Speedway.
After graduation, Carter wae
regional coordinator of the North
Carolina Commiaaion of Indian
Aflhin and then aimed aa executive
director of the Metroiiaa Native
American Association lac He wea
preaident of Southern Scientific
Services from 1913 until earlier thie
Carter, die aoa of Mary E. Carter
and the late John L. Carter of
Pembroke, wea indorsed at the UNC
C annual alumni baaquetOctober IS
Hernd his wife Wwulx Carter are the
parents of a daughter
to PSHS Band
The Purnell swett hi go >cnooi
Band finished an exciting 1993-94
season and we feel it has been the start
of many more wonderful things to
come. We have been working since
August on this year's Marching Show
and things are moving along nicely
We hope that our path will be one of
continuous progress and a bright
ftmire. We are striving to build a
program in which our students, parents,
school and community build a
program in which our students, parents,
school and community can have pride
in. This brings me to the purpose of
this letter. The Band at this point has
many needs which we are financially
unable to meet . With such needs as an
outstanding uniform debt, lack of
instruments, lack of music and lack of
funds for travel, instructors, and
repairs, we are coming to you the
local business and community
organizations asking for aay
contributions or sponsorship for our
We are constantly growing u
quantity and the quality of Band
students is generally that which foture
leaders are made of. We are asking
you to help the community by helptag
us to grow and achieve higher goals.
Aay contributions will be gladly 'i
welcomed and can be made to the I
Purnell Swell High School Baod
D poster Club. We gladly welcome
say type of support whether it be
monetary, joining our Boomer Cluh
Organization or just a kind word of
antowsgsmil to the Bend student
Thank you for your tuns and
oouatdaotion. Aay bather mdsnnanoa
needed can be obtained by calling
Alan Bethaa at Purnell SweoSji
School at 910-321-3253. or writs to
Purnell Sweft High School Hand
Boomer, P.O. Boa 1210. Pembroke.
NC 21372
Pembroke Native Honored by
Department of Agriculture
Gregory D. Demery ha* received
> U.S. Departmeai of Agncuhurc
NjtionalHooor Group Award, amoog
the department'* hoaore.
Demery ia a computer apedaliei
orMiUSOA'sAgncuHurai Marketing
Service ia Waifcingtoa, D.CHewa*
A 4k
one ofadistinguished group honored
"For outstanding teamwork,
dedication and person&J commitment
tor xcelltnce mdesiymny develoDiiiy
and implementing the Markei tfews
Information System and the Market
Thu group's wart ia the eeaSfcr
saving time and ? great deal of mone y
for producers, distributors and,
ultimately, coaeumers hi America's
Bon and reared hi Pembroke,
NC. Demery graduated from
^ CleI |a>i u^^HUUI^B^O t^nann^^un
rcmOiOmC JiiW vH*WT? ?H Uv|{W
We career with AMS^ ui I Ml as s
Di vtaou, hung tobicpneeot paahlou.
He la active at USDA and in North
Caroline la matters aflbcttag Native
Demery was amoag 70
indtviduais an d4J groups Secretary
of Agriculture Mike Eapy recently
recognized duriug USDA's
celebration of excellence
Art Celebration
The Native Americaa Art
Cclebnttou will he huM at Bfcp tat
Mali ia Lumbenuu November? 1-12
featuring Indian traders Native
otherjjiiufy evautT^ htT^al?

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