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(Strike te Wind Plans
Season at *Cultural Center Site
I by lint a Clark
Recently in an Executive Meeting
of the Board of Director of The Robeson
Historical Association with the
author of " Strike At The Wind!" Dr
; Randolph Umbcrgcr it was decided
that there would be a 1997 Season
A proposal submitted by
Vinila 'Cookic'' Clark, a longtime
veteran of the drama, was approved
by the board and SATW author
Randolph Uinbcrgcr for the creation
TRIBUTE'. In the statement made
| in the proposal it read " for more years
lhan I can count, I have known
many people to pour their blood
sweat and tears into this outdoor
drama, many have had their entire
families dedicated to the drama. This
w ill be our 21st season As we move
into the 21 si Century 1 feel that it is
time that we tell those w ho arc still
here with us and those who arc not
" Thank You" for w ithout them we
would not be here."
A portion of the nominees arc
listed below. If you know of somonc
whodeserves this honor, please contact
Willie Low cry. Carolyn Oxendine
or Vinila Clark
Nominccsarc: HopcL. Shepard.
Dawn C Locklcar. Julian Pierce.
Dora Chavis. Brcnda Jacobs. Adora
Clark. Grady C Oxcndinc. Mark
Oxcndinc Randolph Umbcrgcr.
Rev Julian Ransom. Derek Lower,.
Magalcnc Lowcry^Mcllon l.ower>.
Harvey Godwin. Rdbed Locklcar.
Jamie Oxcndinc. Victoria Oxcndinc
Tanya Carter. Janet Graham. Dale
McKinncv. Carolyn Oxcndinc. Rob- ,
ert Bry ant. David Oxcndinc. Shawn
Smith. Dr Chct Jordan. Tony Clark.
Cochise Clark. John W Oxcndinc.
Seth David Hall. Donnic Yoop.
Frances Stallworth. Bill Wiseman.
David Payne. Cookie Clark. Christine
GrifTth. Jean Bullard.Tom Cope
and Roger Gibson
ILumbee Guaranty Bank
Announces 100% Stock Dividend
l? Pembroke, JVC-Cumbcc Guaranty
B;ink today announced that the bank's
Board of Directors declared a 100%
slock dividend on January 16lh to its
shareholders of Record as of February
3rd The dividend will be paid
February 21st This means for every
share of stock you currently own you
will receive one additional share,
i Lumbcc Guaranty Bank is a full
I service community bank serving the
people of Robeson. Cumberland and
surrounding communities with 7
branch locations. With assets of 75 ,
million dollars, the bank is in its 25th
year of operation and is currently
conslructinga new HomcofTicc head- .
quarters building in Pembroke. NC
Mr Larry R. Chavis. President &
CEO staled. "This 100% stock dividend
is a direct result of the strong
support of the community through
our customers, shareholders, and a
dedicated work force We look forward
to serving thccommunity in the
years to come "
by I)r. Ken Johnson
The weekly meeting was Tuesday
evening at the Town and Country
Restaurant with President Furnic
Lambert presiding
Program chairman Clayton Maynor
presented Mr Willie Best, Robeson
County Manager. Mr. Best, using
large charts showed the budget in
great detail revenue alone was
$81,354,422. Expenditures
$81,354,422 so you sec our Commissioners
were able tobalancc the county
budget. Good for the. 1 tis approximately
two million less than the 196566
budget The six sources of income
arc Stiles taxes, intergovernmental
investment earnings, license fees,
miscellaneous, and fund balancing
appropriations. All w orked out to the
last dollar
There arc ten expenditure areas
including the general fund, the alcoholic
rehab fund, capital reserve fund,
solid waste fund, tax re-evaluation
fund, the fire district fund, debt service
fund, capital projects fund, the
E-911 fund and the water fund. So
you sec with many department heads
submitting their requests must be
cognizant of their requests but the
budge is balanced Mr Best sure
went into great detail over each item
of income and expenditure Thanks.
Mr. Best
President Lambert announced the
Carolinas District Convention which
will be held the last weekend in June
in Nashville, Tennessee.
Invocation-Garth Locklcar; Song
leader-Ed Tects: Reporter-Ken'Johnson
j Correction
Last week the photographs of Carnell Locklcar, local entertainer
and Congressman Mike Mclntyre (D-7th District) were
interchanged with their respective articles. Locklear won a local
Presley impersonation contest and Mclntrye was appointed to the
Transportation Committee in the U.S. Congress. Our apologies to
both these genclemen.
Congressman Mike Mclntyre
And this is Carncll Locklcar
Gospel Singing at
j; New Prospect
j; Methodist Church
( Everyone is invited to a Gospel
Singing at New Prospect Methodist
at 7:30 P.M .. There will be no admission
but a love offering will be
taken for a mission trip.
Groups that will be singing include:
The Host, The Bullards, The
pierce Family, Carla and the Redemption.
The Oxendine Quartet.
Dial Family
Reunion to be Held
The Dcscccndants of Wcldon and
! Jennie Dial will gather on March 29.
? 1997 (Easter weeken^) from 12-5 at
the North Carolina Indian Cultural
Center, Pembroke.
Everyone iscncouraged tobringa
covered dish, family photographs,
family Bibles, etc. For more information
contact Nora Dial-Stanley at
910-924-2867 or Kathan Locklcar at
Rep. Mtfntyre to
address Pembroke
Chamber Banquet
The Pembroke Chamber of Coni!
mcrcc will hold its annual banquet
and award dinner on Saturday, Januj
ary 25, at UNC Pembroke's Chavis
! University Center.
The guest speaker is Rep Mike
Mclntyrc. The Chamber's Business
of the Year will be rccogni/cd and
the new officers will be installed
The reception begins at 6:30 P M
followed by dinner at 7 P M Reserved
corporate tables arc $150
Individuals tickets arc $20 each and
may be purchased from one of the
banquet committee members: Jeff
Baldwin 52 1-9776, Ernestine
Bulifant 521 -2433, Ken freeman 5219707,
Diane Jones 521-6226. and
Bryan Maynor 521 -4206
News From Pembroke VFW
District #8 VFW Post's meeting
hosted by VFW Post #2843 at Pembroke
NC was a great success. The
meeting convened at 1 PM January
12, 1997, in the building on Union
Chapel Road Headquarters. Prior to
the meeting, I lowered the Flag outside
to half mast paying tribute to
recently deceased Post Members after
a brief discussion with Post Commander
Hilton Dccsc, Lee A. Maynor
and Quarter Master Ardcll Jacobs.
We have lost several members
these last few months and we at the
Post offer our condolences to their
family members May God sustain
you in your grief and bereavement.
Wc have lost someone dear to us also
(A Brother - A Comrade)
The meeting was called to order at
1 PM by District #8 Commander,
Mr. Allen. Everyone welcomed by
our Post Commander, Rev. Hilton
Dccsc. The food blessed by one of the
Guests, District #8 Chaplain. A
scrumptious meal consisting of Virginia
baked ham and blaze, fried
delicious chicken, glazed baby carrots,
mashed potatoes, gravy, candied
yams, strings beans, assorted
biscuits and rolls, a large variety of
cakes, pic, banana pudding, ice tea.
soda, and Hot cofTcc was served All
in all there were over 100 people
present for lunch. There were so
much good food and the men and
women at the Post did a terrific job of
preparing and serving it You know
who you arc I'm terribly sorry I could
not help you because of my medical
The meeting started while some
were still eating as there were a lot ol
ground to cover Oh yes, i forgot tc
mention, the decor was just patriotic
red, white and blue with stars table
cloths, poppy and flag center pieces
a delicate arrangement of red. white,
and blue carnations adorned the podium.
The report of 100 VFW families
were helped and $36,000 donated
in hurricane relief by District
#8 Headquarters Inlroductionsofall
special guests were made Many
guests and their positions in District
?X Headquarters Inlroductionsofall
special guesls were made. Many
guests and their positions in District
#8 were recognized. Afterwards
Chaplain Archie Oxcndinc who is
Head Spokesman for The Voice of
Democracy introduced the three (30
top winners of the District #8. 199697.
Essays, 1st place winner senior
James Atkinson of Cape Fear High
School, received a check for $200;
2nd place, Joanna Kinlaw of Lumbcrton
High School, received a $ 150
check; 3rd place went to senior James
Cash who received a check for $ 100
(I'm sorry but I couldn't hear what
school he attended due to technical
difficulties) all students received a
gold pin to wear and members of
their families were presented a gold
pin also. James Atkinson read a very
good essay. He received a trophy and
school bag All three received a plaque
and certificate from Mr Oxcndinc
A group of young people sang for the
winners, ""My Rock and My Shield"
accompanied by piano and electric
guitar. During the song tiny tots presented
different ones in the audience
a miniature American flag After the
ceremony ended, the participants
departed and the joint meeting convened
Old and new business, awards
and special recognition were given,
followed by closing prayer by the
District Auxiliary Chaplain Joint
session adjourned and separated
closed meetings convened There
were many subjects brought up for
District VIII Commander Allen
j mentioned several times he would
not seek a second term. Could (his
1 mcanaccrtain local Post Commander
; is groomed for that position'''"
It was a long day I arrived home
after 4; 30 PM
Monday, January I J, 199 7
7 PM-VI W Post #2843 monthly
meeting was held at the post head
quarters Attention wascallcdby Pos
commander Deese Food wasblcsscc
by Mr J W l.ocklcar I did not ca
but the food looked good and had ;
nice aroma Beef stew, rice and gravycorn,
baby carrots, biscuits, brow n
ics. iced tea and cofTcc
7:30 PM meeting was called to
order by Commander Deese This
was a joint meeting Prayer was by
Chaplain Archie Oxendinc.
A special ceremony was held to
pay tribute and honor our recently
deceased members. Five small replica
flags were placed on the alter by
Aux. Post Commander Avery warm
and touching prayer was rendered by
Mr Oxendinc. We arc so fortunate to
be here today 1 flew on two of the
same types of airplanes that crashed
last Thursday near Detroit During
the holidays, on mv trip to be w ith my
daughter and her family in Hudson.
NY. God blessed me and the other
passengers I traveled with He allowed
tisto have good and safe flights
We never know when taps will be
sounded for us. the last call, so we
need to love each other and held one
another while on this earth God so "
graciously ga\c mankind
Stale judge Advocate Art Shull
asked permission to approach the
podium as the meeting progressed"
along lie has information about
Government Retirees. Deceased and
their family mcmbcrs(widows) about
monies and other entitlements they
can apply for His number is 91062X-9214
If you would like more
information concerning this
7:55 Joint session adjourned
HPM Closed meeting called to
order Minutes were read The
quartermaster's Report was given
Chaplain Oxendinc remembered the
children's national home in prayer
We like a few members having 100%
paid dues
X 45- Meeting adjourned after
several discussions
Next meeting February loth 1997
We had over 50 people in attendance
F.rwin Jacobs
Post Surgeon /
Participating in the Inauguration Ceremony recently for the Honorable
James B. Hunt, Governor, were left to right: Morgan Brittany Hunt,
Junior Miss Lumbee; Milton R. Hunt, Mayor, Tonvt of Pembroke and Miss
l.umbee Rebekah Revels.
Lumbee Queens participated in the Inauguration Parade for Governor
James B. Hunt recently in Raleigh. Sh own above are Rebekah Revels, Miss
Lumbee; Morgan Brittany Hunt, Junior Miss Lumbee; and Little Miss
Lumbee Angelica Chavis.
Board of Education Extends
Superintendent's Contract
With Terry Smith offering the
only opposing vote, the Robeson
County Board of Education on T uesdav
night decided to extend Superintendent
Purncll Swett's contract until
June 1999 Swett's contract would
have ended in June 1997. Swett
stated that he was honored that the
board showed confidence in his leadership
and vowed to continue to give
his best as the head of the county's
public school system.
The board apparently agreed with
Swett that with the present construction
underway in the school system,
it was not the appropriate time to
change leadership
Swett became Superintendent of
the five merged school systems in the
county in 1993. He served as superintendent
of the county system from
1977 to 1989, prior to the merger of
the county system with Lumberton.,
Red Springs, St. Pauls and Fairmont
city school systems. The merged systems
became the public schools of
Robeson County.
The board also, in prior action,
appointed Brcnda Fairlcy to replace
the late Rufus Graham who died in
December while serving as Chairman
of the Board of Education. Ms.
Fairley will represent District 2. She
resides in Maxton and works for the
county. Fairlcy received 6 votes.
District 2 is comprised of parts of
Maxton, Rowland, Alfordsville. and
all of Gaddys and Marietta.
Indian Law Unit Will
Not Participate in
Saturday's Summit
Cynthia L Hunt. Director of
the Indian Law Unit of Lunibcc
River Legal Services sent the following
letter to the editor to explain
that she will not be participating
in the Summit on Federal
Recognition on Saturday. January
Dear F.ditor
On Thursday. January 16.1997
a news release appeared in your
paper regarding a Tribal Council
Summit on Federal Recognition to
be held Saturday. January 25.1997
The Indian I .aw Unit of Lumbcc
River Legal Services, Inc was listed
as a special guest of the event This
letter is to inform you that our
name should not have been included
in the release We will not
be participating in the Summit.
However, if there is anyone who
has any questions about the federal
recognition processor thcLumbcc
Petition for Federal Acknowledgment.
we would like to take this
opportunity to invite them to contact
our office at (910) 521 -2831 or
1-800-554-7852. Our address is
PO Bos 939, Pembroke. NC 28372
Ah to moral courage, I have rarely nii't the two o'clock in the
morning kind. I moan unprepared courage, that which in necen?ary
on an uncx|Mactcd occaHion. and which, in Hpitc of the inont
unforeseen event", leaven full freedom of judgment and decision.
?INajMilean Bonaparte
? * *
Heading in the work of the alert miud,..i? demanding ami umlcr
ideal condition* produces finally a soft of rrxtany. Thin given the
experience of reading a sublimity ami power une?|ualed hy any
other form of rommuiiientiou.
?K.B. White
? *
lie that leavelh nothing to chance will do few thingx ill, hut he
will do very few things.
?f.eorge, l-ord Halifax

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