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Senator David Weinstien is shoivn presenting a check for S25,000 to
Steve West, president of the Robeson County Firemen's Association. The
money will be used to purchase a demonstration house for the local fire
departments to teach children how to escape from a burning house. Sen.
Weinstien made the presentation at a meeting of the association on
Wednesday, January 22,1997 at the Deep Branch Volunteer Fire Department
Sen. Weinstien said that no one had requested the contribution, he
"just saw a need and wanted to fill it"
Said Weinstien, "I am honored to make this presentation because I
know that when there is a fire no one asks what race the victims are,-you
all just respond to the need. 1 am happy to be able to contribute to a people
cause like that...something that benefits everybody. You all are doing a
fantastic job." .
Others attending the meeting of thefiremen's association and speaking
of the great work by the local firemen were: Rep. Ron Sutton; Rep. Doug
Yongue; Rep. Donald Bonner; County Commissioner Dickie Britt; and
Sheriff Glenn May nor. They are shown above, left to right: Sheriff Glenn
Maynor; Commissioner Dickie Britt (behind him); Rep. Donald Bonner;
Sen. David Weinstien; Steve West, president of the firemen's association;
Reo, Doug Yongue; and Rep. Ron Sutton.
Members' Donations Will
Help Keep Others Warm
$17,000 to be distributed through LREMC's "Help A Needy
Friend" Program
There is just no way to get around
the fact that cold weather means high
electricbillsand December and January
have provided both. Unfortunately,
for some co-op members experiencing
crises, they will not be
able to pay their electric bills, and
face having their electric cut-off.
Anyone who lost power during Hurricane
Fran knows that being without
power all night is a very unpleasant
While there is nothing anyone
can do about storms, Lumbcc River
EMC's members arc doing something
tohelp less fortunate neighbors
stay warm this winter. Through donations
made to the "Help A Needy
Friend" program, more than $ 17,000
has been contributed and will be
made available in February to co-op
members needing energy assistance
Applications for the funds will be
taken at LREMC offices from 9:00
am-4:30 pm on the following dates
February 3, Lake Rim office
(Faycttcville). to any qualified member
who resides in Cumberland
* February 7, Lake Rim office
(Faycttcville), to any qualified member
who resides in Hoke County
* February 12, Laurinburgoffice,
to any qualified member who resides
in Scotland County
* February 19, Red Springs office.
to any qualified member who
resides in Robeson County
For more information, members
may call 738-7906. Applicants must
also fall within the state Poverty
Guidelines, and bring documentation
to support the crisis which they
arc facing
Lumbcc River EMC is a member
owned, not-for profit, electric cooperative,
overseen by aboard of directors
elected by the membership, serving
38.000 families and businesses
in Cumberland. Robeson, Hoke and
Scotland counties.
Pembroke Housing
Authority Activities
Pembroke Housing Authority
Youth Center was paid a special visit
I by Mr. Lcroy Scott and Mr. Donald
ChavisoftheLumbcrtonarca. These
two gentlemen talked with the youth
I about the dangers of drugs associated
with living in today's society. The
speakers talked with the youth bout
but also how the drug problem is
growing at a rapid speed Pembroke
Housing Authority would like to
thank thesr; gentlemen again for taking
their time to visit the youth
Pembroke Housing Authority
Youth Center would like to invite
mothers to join us on February 13,
1997 at 12.30 p.m. for a free lunch
with EFNEP Nutrition Program Assistant
Brenda Davis. Expanded Food
and Nutrition Education Program is
designed for homcmakcrs with children,
school aged or younger, living
at home Come prepared to enjoy a
free Beef Casserole and Stir Fry Corn
If you arc interested please contact
Amy Woods at 521-1030. Pembroke
Housing Authority Youth Center
Dr. Ruth Dial Woods Speaks
at Lcoal Women rs Meeting
The Pembroke Business and Professional
Women's Club held its
monthly meeting January 6 at the
James B. Chavis Center at the University
of North Carolina at Pembroke
with Dr. Ruth Dial Woods as
guest speaker
A look at the past presented a
beginning for the club's program
titled "Strength and Assertiveness
in Women," Dr. Woods commented
that there arc models in the past and
that "We give thanks to those before
us who gave values, beliefs and taught
what was expected of us.
"Although we want to expand,
we are also expected to what society
expects us to do,"said Dr. Woods
Yet. she encouraged the group that a
person can do anything they want to
do if they are willing to do it. One
must set goals, she said, work towards
them and interact with others
Dr Woods stressed that women
need a "continuing reach for fulfillment,
learning new skills, forming, new
friends and relationships, and
career advancement, womeiC helping
others develop into influencing
women, and building confidence "
A reminder that the world isNrun
by men and that men take a position,
it indicates strength and power, Dr
Woods stated. She encouraged
women to not to continue to feel that \
it is a man's world and not branch
out. When that happens, she said, the
women will be defeated. Instead,
women need to branch out, form
networks and connect with others
women for support and work with
and for each other
Dr. Woods has discovered that
women have more compassion for
people and that they tend to work
together and collaborate with other
people. Women bring unity, she said,
which adds strength. She reflected
upon the situations involving children
in the community who are influenced
by drugs and violence and
having no role models. These were
great concerns of Dr. Woods. She
gave a challenge to the club that "we
need to show the children another
way. and education is a way out."
Dr Woods said "If you arc an I
ethical leader,everything will fall into
place." She summed up her presen- J
tation by statingTbat there must be a
balance of nurturiijg. be able to experience
conflict and develop support r<
groups." *
Dr Woods is presently a professor
at Fayettevillc State University-.- ?
She is a former assistant superintend *
dent of the Public Schools of Robe- F
son County. She has served on numerous
boards and coin mil tees, re- s
ceivcd nunujipn^ prestigious awards ^
and pos^tidpsg recognized as an out- *
suyndihgyyoman of North Carolina, *
rerjerf-Ss Southern Area Vice Presi- '
aCnt for the North Carolina Federa- 1
tion for BPW. and served as past
president of the Pembroke BPW, !
_ 1976-77.
Other news involving Pembroke
BPW included clubpresident Yvonne
Barnes Dial attending a winter district
V meeting January 11 in
Sandhills, NC. District V members
met together as North Carolina BPW
president Joyce Draper spoke to the
group about events and how BPW is
a great asset for women. Afterwards,
members broke into groups sharing
the strengths and weaknesses of their
club and how the members may as- <
sist each other. A lunch was served 1
after the group session which later (
ended with a wrap up of the overall
effectiveness of the group sharing.
lead Start
Program Begins
"Head Start is in the process or
xruiting children ages three (3)
nd four (4) years old b> school entry
ale - October 16.1997 Head Start is
federally funded program designed
9-help break the cy cle of poverty by
u'ovidingprc-school childrcnoflow ncomc
families with a cbmprchcnive
program to meet the children's
imotional. social, health, nutritional
ind psychological needs Parents of
ipecial needs children arc cncourigcd
to apply Applications arc being
tccepteddaily front 8 00a.m. to4 00
a.m. For further information or as-'
tistancc. please call
Pembroke Head Start Center (910)
521-9230 or Prospect Head Start
Center (910) 521-9200
The University of North Carolina
at Pembroke Aiuntni Association
invites alumni and friends to Home:oming
Weekend February 21-22.
1997 The Homecoming dance will
be held on Friday. February 21.1997
at 9:00 P.M. in the University Center
Cafeteria featuring "Pal's DJ" and
Karaoke Thcclassesof 1947. 1952.
1965 to 1970.1972. and 1987 will be
having class reunions at 3:00 P.M.
on Saturday, February 22, 1997 at
4:30P.M. in the cafeteria. The UNCP
vs. Kenncsaw State College Women's
Basketball game will be held in the
gym at 6:00 P.M. and the Men's
Basketball Game at 8 00 P.M. Reserve
tickets today be calling the
OfTice of Alumni Relations at (9 lot
Rep. Mike
Mclntyre's Mobile
A member ofcongrcssional Mike
Mclntyrc's staff will be available to
meet with constituents in Robeson <
County Wednesday. February 5 and
Wednesday. February 12 at the following
locations at the times indicated:
Wed . Feb 5 Orruni post office
...9:00-11 00 am
Maricttc post office . 12:00-2 00
Wed , Feb 12 Pembroke tow n
hall....9:00-11:00 am
Rowland town hall 12:00-2:00
People having problems with federal
agencies such as social security,
veterans administration. IRS. etc arc
invited to meet w ith Cong Mclnty re's
representative to discuss their needs
Comments on pending legislation
arc also welcomed
Appointments arc not necessary
SRMC Offers Support for Ongoing
Health Conditions
Coping with a chronic medical
condition or health problem is often
very taxing for both the victim and
the family. Sometimes it is helpful to
meet with others who share a similar
You may find a support group
helpful if you are: comfortable sharing
your feelings with others in a
similar situation; interested in hearing
other people's feelings and experiences;
or willing to offer helpful
information or hints to others.
Southeastern Regional Medical
Center either hosts or offers space for
the following groups to meet at the
medical center or at one of its affiliated
agencies. Dates and times may
change without notice. Please call to
verify time and place before visiting
one of the following groups:
This self-help group for recovering
alcoholics meets:
* Thursday at 6 p.m. at Southeastern
Recovery Alternatives, 2411
N. Elm St., Lumberton Call 7391509.
* Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m.
at Carolina Manor Treatment Center,
1100 Pine Run Dr., Lumberton.
Call 738-1191.
* Thursday at 10 a m at Southeastern
Regional Medical Center,
Third East. Call 671-5573.
For family members of alcoholics,
this support group meets each
Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Carolina Manor
Treatment Center, 1100 Pine Run
Dr., Lumberton, 728-1191; and each
Thursday at 6 p.m. at Southeastern
Recovery Alternatives, 2411 N. Elm
St., Lumberton, 739-1509.
For care givers of patients with
Alzheimer's disease and related disorders,
this group meets the first
Friday of each month at 10 a.m. and
the third Thursday of each month at
6 p.m. at WoodHaven Nursing Care
Center, 1150 Pine RunDrive, Lumberton,
Call Mary Scott at 671-5711
for more information.
Forgrievingindividuals who have
experienced the death of a loved one,
this group meets intermittently on
Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. at 2002
N. Cedar St., For more information,
cal 1 Dean Carter at Hospice of Robeson,
Meets at the Southeastern Cancer
Center, 1200 Pine Run Drive. Call
671-5730 for more information and
next meeting date
Health Horizons Home Health
sponsors this meeting held at 7 p.m.
on the fourth Thursday of each month
at 2002 N. Cedar St Health care
professionals speak on topics helpful
to persons with diabetes and theirfamilies.
For more information, call
Lisa Parnell at 671-5600.
This group meets the third Thursday
of each month at 6 p.m. in the
SRMC Assembly Room. Call 7394774
or 739-4591 for more information.
This group meets the first Thursday
of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the
SRMC Assembly Room. Call Nancy
Jacobs at 738-7006.
This self-help group for persons
recovering from drug addiction
Mondays at 8 p.m. at Carolina
Manor Treatment Center, 1100 Pine
Run Dr., Lumberton. Call 738-1191
* Wedncsdaysat 10 a.m. at Southeastern
Regional Medical Center,
Third East. Call 671-5573.
For people with breathing problems
and lung disorders, this group
meets the second Tuesday of each
month at 5 p. m. in the SRMC Assembly
Room. Call 738-5403.
Kiwanis Report
The Pembroke Kiwanis held their
monthly business meeting on Tuesday
evening, the 28th of January
1997, at the Town and Country Restaurant
with President Furnic Lambert
presiding. Dr. Rimbcrg introduced
three special guests to the club:
Dr. Robert Jones, Ms. Bernese Branch
and Ms. Elaine Nance All three of
the guests arc associated in some
capacity with the North Carolina
High School of Social Studies Foundation.
President Lambert reminded the
group that this year's International
convention will be held in Nashville,
Tennessee the last week of June, and
that he is hoping for a strong delegation
from the club. Furnic was also
pleased to announce that the Pembroke
Club was awarded the Sunburst
Award for our strong recruiting
efforts this Fall Lieutenant Governor
Fisher is expected to drop in the
next meeting for a visit. County Commissioner
Raymond Cummings will
be our speaker on that date Visitors
arc of course always welcome The
Pembroke Kiwanis arc always on the
look out for prospective members
Pow Wow Schedule
The Native American Club,
Akwc:kon, at the North Carolina
School of Science and Mathematics
will be hosting their sixth annual
powwow on Saturday, February 22,
1997. We are hoping for lots of good
singing and dancing as well as displays
of Indian arts and crafts. Grand
entry for dancers will be at 1 00 pm
and 7:00 pm Our building, the Physical
Education Center, will open at
.9:00 am We would like to invite you
to join us for this occasion Please
help us spread the word!
We arc excited this year to have
four outstanding Native American
young people join us as our head
dancers. Jonathan Locklcar, representing
the Lumbcc-Chcraw from
Pembroke, will be serving as Head
Man Dancer Consucla Richardson,
representing theHaliwa-Saponi. will
be the Head Lady Dancer. Consucla
Richardson, representing the HaliwaSaponi.
will be the Head Lady Dancer
Mario Hernandez, Aztec from M.txton.
NC, will be our Head Little Boy
Dancer. Melissa Wilkins, Lumbcc
from Greensboro, will be our Head
Little Girl Dancer Leonard Fiddler.
Lakota from the Cheyenne River
Reservation in South Dakota, will be
ourMastcrofCcremonies. Host Drum
will be Red Wolf. Invited drums will
be Stoney Creek and Southern Sun
The School of Science and Math
is a residential school for eleventh
and twelfth grade students from
throughout North Carolina who show
particular talent and potential in the
areas of science and math. We would
like to make our school belter known
in North Carolina's Indian communities
This is one of the major pur- _
poses of our powwow We hope that
through such efforts, we can attract
more Indian students to apply to our
school We also want to make the
point that once Native American stu- ~
dents enroll in the School of Science
and Math, they will find a supportive
atmosphere as well as other Indian
students interested in the advancement
of their people and their culture
So, come join us on the 22nd of
February and contribute to the good
lime If you would like more information
on the powwow or our school,
please feel free to call the phone
numbers listed on the enclosed fiver
Robert Carter
President, Native American Club
Lloyd Re-elected
Mr J Trent Lloyd of Revels Funeral
Home has been re-elected secretary
of the North Carolina Crematory
Authority, a Committee within
the North Carolina Board of Mortuary
The N C Crematory Authority is
composed of seven members, five
members elected among the crematory
operators in the stale and two"
members from the N C Board of
Mortuary Sciences
The Mortuary Board tscomposcd
of nine members; six members elected
by the licensees and three public
members appointed by the governor
and is responsible for the regulation
of funeral service in North Carolina
Funeral service includes funeral
homes, funeral directors, cmbalnicrs.
prc-nccd funeral arrangements
and crematories
Currently in North Carolina there
arc668 licensed funeral homes. 2447
funeral service or funeral director
licensees. 125.16.4 prc-nccd contracts
recorded with the board and *2 licensed
Dial Family
Reunion to be Held
ThcDcseccndantsof Wcldon and
Jennie Dial will gather on March 29.
1997 (Easter weekend) from 12-5 at
the North Carolina Indian Cultural
Center. Pembroke
Everyone iscncouragcd tobringa
covered dish, family photographs,
family Bibles, etc For more information
contact Nora Dial-Stanley at
910-924-2867 or Kathan Locklcarat
Gospel Concert Planned Feb. 7
A gospel concert will be held a the
Lumbcrton High School (SR 301
East of Intcrsalc 95, Exit 22) on
Friday, February 7. 1997 at 7 p.m.
Thccopccrt will feature Kevin Spencer
Family. Danny Fundcrburk with
special gucstsDcnnisand Anna Belle
Jolly, 2 Trust, Carln and Redemption,
and Blood Bought
For more information call /.ion
Chapel Productions at I -800-9602250
or Jane L.ecchfi^ at 1-910822-.T421
or WSTS Radio at 1-910628-0781
Gospel Singing
Everyone is invited to a Gospel
Singing at New Prospect Methodist
Church7 P M onFebruary 22,1 *>97.
at 7:30 P.M . There will be no admission
but a love offering will be
' taken for a mission trip
Ciroups that will be singing include
The Host, The Bullards, The
pierce Family, Carla and the Redemption.
The Oxcndinc Quartet

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