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With Article on Pastor
To the Editor
On December IT 1 Wo an article
appeared mthc/fofceswr ?.vtra about
the Raynhant Indian Church This
letter is in reference to this article
There are a lol of people w ho do not
agree w ith that article So. here is the
wax it was with us in the Raynhant
community 31 years ago The article
stated that wc iivcd in shacks when
the pastor first armed her front Pennsylvania
We did not live in shacks
We lived in homes and had three
meals a day and fed many people,
including this pastor
The article also stated that we
were a one-mule farm when she arrived
Actually there w ere fiv e different
families and wc all had our own
mule Thai isjust to let you know how
wc farmed Wc believed in working
together and lov ing and helping each
other My grandmother had seven
children and she worked on a farm
and raised her children. She also
took people in off the street and kept
them in her home She fed them also
She raised sonic of her grandchildren
and great grandchildren. 1 know
this is so. you see because she raised
me and I now live in that house with
all those memories that money cannot
buy To me. this house is like a
mansion because of that If the walls
of that house could talk, what they
could tell!!
There were many many ntcals
there Some limes I can remember
when we would have to put tables on
the outside in the yard and feed everyone,
including this pastor and her
husband Even though times might
have been hard when she came here,
they were hard for everyone back
then Though times were hard wc fed
her and many other people Whcnw c
were feeding her, many times she did
not bring any food w ith her because
she did not ha've any. They would cat
as much as thev wanted, she and her
husband and they did not contribute
anything to the meal
The article also staled that this
pastor and her fanulv was the first
one to come dow n here from Pcnnsvlvamu
and begin the church, but
site was not There was a preacher
and his w ife w ho came from Pcnnsv I\
a ma
It is our belief that people arc not
suppose to gi\ c themselves praise for
what thev have done Thcv should let
other people do it But this pastor did
not abide b> that belief She w as seen
in this article as palling hcrsclfon the
back for what she had done
I also w ish to stale that w hen she
arrived, we did not live on the Department
of Social Serv ices or the
welfare The article stated that we
were dirt poor when she cantc down
here If we were so poor, how is that
one of the daughter-in-laws has a
five dollar bill made in the, 1928. she
was born in? Even through all of the
rough tics, she still has it and keeps
it all the time There were rough
limes back then for everyone, but
none of us died of starvation
Thirty years ago there was a cotton
gin. grocery store, Strickland's
Grocery . Emma Bell Locklear's Grocery
and Claud Gaines Store The
oldest person who lives in Raynham
is Marry Watts and she still lives in
the same house today It is a six or
seven room home.
A home is where love grows. Some
people may" live in shacks as the
article staled in our community, or
huts, but as long as love is there,
people should let it be
Thank You
Judy "Hit" Locklear
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Letters to the Editor
This is a photo of a Shack
And this Ls a HOME
Alcohol KIIIS!
f Choose a
Better Path
im\ . KhwIwcdnMqmncMfli
u]Ni oteohd and drug abuse
\) i- -A? f1.|"'<t "
" Sc hool Board Places Politics
Ahead of Education
l etter to The Editor,
The Concerned Cili/cns of Disinet
2. along with other interested
cili/cns in Robeson Counts, had an
opporiunitv to witness some of the
PSRC'sSchool Board Members continue
to place politics ahead of education
Some of the board members have
no respect for the w ishesof the people
in their district, and thc> only want to
salisfv the wishes of a few elected
officials and their friends
It was obv ious that politics won
the \ acanl seal on the board of education
However, the Democratic Process
won the Cili/cns of District 2. as
w ell as the cili/cns across the count).
an opportunity to see how some of the
board members operate We can't
help but wonder if this is the way
certain positions arc filled in the
countv and more capable individuals
arc being overlooked We hope not
One of the Concerned Citi/ens
stated that she has children in the
Public Schools of Robeson Countv
and that we all want the best for our
children. However, you would think
that being a school board member.
Human Relations Director, and a
p;istor of .1 local church in Robeson
County would be a "Conflici of Inlerest"
Those board of education members
who allowed themselves to be
swayed by others added more numbers
to the Political Game that is
being played in Robeson County
This should not be
Asa point of correction, our nominee.
Dr Neil A Terry. is a registered
voter in the Maxlon Tow nship. not i n
the Alfordssille area as reported.
Our children arc very valuable to
us and arc tomorrow's future here in
Robeson County We must protect
their interest What message is being
sent to the children and adults of
Robeson County if we continue to
accept the "Examples" set by some
of our school board members? We
want oiirchildrcn lobe highachicscrs.
not to accept someone else's
"Wrong Choices", and to make their
ow n "Right Choices "
The message that we want to send
to our children is that thev should
st rive for the "Best", and the "Best"
they shall attain
Concerned Citi/cns of District 2.
Flora Locklcar
An Ocean Cruise
Well, my cousin Joe Red Buffalo,
has told me has written his last article.
I asked him why he had done
that and he said he got tired of no one
listening. I asked him did he really
expect people to listen. He said he
hoped for one or two and then he
handed me his pen and said. "You try
it, Cousin Sammy Two Moons." 1
I told him 1 would rather be on an
Ocean Cruise to the Bahamas.
Joe said that 1 was thinking about
our Viking ancestry and teens cruising
through Pembroke Jones Tow n
Settlement in Scufflctown District.
I picked up Joe's pen and began to
write. Every Lumbcc has a shade of
Viking ancestry, some more than
others., Having this nautical tendency,
they always seem to be compelled
to be in a constant state of
motion Therefore, getting into a
vehicle and constantly riding around
is the natural inborn manifestation of
this very minor genetic trait What is
missing is this pattern of the accent
in shipbuilding. Too much cruising
and not enough of ship building.
These old timers who use to hull
out a canoe with an ax'havc no time
to pass on skilled techniques to the
young ones that arc conritTg along
now. When the old timers were young
{ 1,
bucks, most of the roads were all dirt.
Why it would take you just a half day
to get to the Pembroke Jones Town
Settlement,. Yea, it just takes too
much time to teach canoe making
these days, let alone rigging one with
a sail for the shade of Viking ancestry
Hold on a minute I hear something
outside. What? What is this?
What arc you young'uns doing? You
young'uns are tearing down my house
and you arc going to make a boat I
better find something for you
young'uns to do before, you really do
tear down my house.
Let me call the activities chairman
at the church. We got to get a
meeting on this and soon. You kids
stop that now. No, I don't know the
difference between the bowl and the
stern. Boy. now 1 really do need a
vacation. *<
And what this means is that we
church people need to build a student
center The Burnt Swamp Association
has 3 1/2 acres of land to put it
one Then maybe the young'uns will
quit cruising and go to talking to
each other.
Cordially yours.
Cousin Sammy Two Moons
and Rev. James Dial
g/ JlN 1 T \J ^r ^tan Kn'cfc Director# I
(Author's Note: The series
focusing on Native Heritage: Personal
Accounts by American Indians 1790
to the Present [edited by Arlene
Hirschfelder] which began two
weeks ago will continue next
week, following this special
The Native American Resource
Center is pleased to announce a new
exhibit of art works by Ms. Alceon
Jones (Lumbec). The exhibit is
entitled Faces at the Edge of the
Forest, and will be featured in The
Center during the months of February
and March. A reception to celebrate
the opening of this new show will be
held at 3:15 PM on Thursday, 13
February 1997. The public is invited,
and refreshments will be served. The
artist will be on hand for brief
' comments about the collection.
Ms. Jones is a native of Robeson
County and a graduate of what is now
The University of North (Carolina at
Pembroke (class of 1970). She is the
daughter of Wilbert and Margaret
Bullard. She is married to Robert W.
Jones, and the mother of five children.
She was formerly employed as a multi
media arts developer with the Indian
Education Project (Title III) of the
Robeson County schools. She
currently serves as visual arts
specialist with elementary students
for the Public Schools of Robeson
Ms. Jones works in mixed media,
using various kinds of materials and
techniques. Some of her works
combine ink, colored pencil, shaped
paper, clay, feathers and other
materials. Her creations are best
described as "delightful." They
demonstrate her own delight ? her
obvious sense of joy and pleasure and
playfulness ? in art and in life itself.
They reveal to us Alceon as the
Trickster in tribal legend. They also
evoke delight in viewers who are
frequently dazzled by her vivacious
use of color and design.
Her scries of paper-based masks
is both aesthetically pleasing and
thought provoking. The title piece of
the show ("Faces at the Edge of the
Forest") incorporates human and
animal forms which appear to be
gazing at us from within a forest-edge.
They bring to mind the words of the
Chippewa writer, Gerald Vizenor. "We
are bears on that slow burn at dawn,
down from the wild tree lines to our
tribal agonies in the city. We are bears
in the rain this morning, the picture of
the bear and the bear in the mirror. We
are more than word, more than a word
beast, we are remembered in stories.
We return to the heart in stories, a
return to nature.... .We aresquifreIs out
on a thin branch, and we run at the
dawn with the leaves. The tricksters of
the tribe teased us down from the
ceremonial birch and pines in the
mountains, down from the tree lines to
new sanctuaries in the wild cities (from
Dead Voices)."
Faces at the Edge of the Forest is
without question one of the most
uniquely creative exhibits we have
had here in The Center. We hope you
will join us for the opening reception
on February 13th, and anytime until
the last week in March to enjoy this
Fine new exhibit.
For more information, visit the
Native American Resource Center in
historic Old Main Building, on the
campus of The University of North
Carolina at Pembroke.
Pembroke Housing
Authority Activities
Pembroke Housing Authority's
"Helping Hand" 4-H club awarded
the following residents during the
month of December with Yard of the
Month The winners were Mr Donald
I .ocklcar of Chilvis Park. Ms Adrca
Ti notions of I .ocklcar court; Mr
Willie Hardin of Strickland Heights,
Ms Thclma Smith of Dial Terrace
and Ms Debra McMillianofMaynor
Manor Congratulations to these outstanding
On February I IW7 Amy Woods
Youth Center Coordinator for Pembroke
Housing Authority attended
the North Carolina 4-H Volunteer
Leaders' Conference in Raleigh She
was awarded the State AAcr School
Award for the South Central District
She received a beautiful 4-H
plaque There were only four awards
given for the state of North Carolina
Amv woods is an exceptional 4-H
leader who leads by doing She has
provided outstanding leadership to
the "Helping Hands" 4-H Club. Her
insight and abilities have enabled
her to facilitate programs to build
self-esteem in her club members She
is dedicated to providing (Opportunities
for participation That's the way
to go Sweet Amy
Say you read
it in Carolina
Indian Voice.

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