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Pet ke Minister Begins
Church Just for mem
Several things came togethr for
Rev. Edmond Locklear, Jr. of Pembroke,
NC. A business went bad and
a living suite he used there had to be
moved into his living room. He has
tried to seel the suite but there have
been no takers. He knew several men
who had left their churches. He was
not pastoring. He had plenlly of sealing
space. So...
On Saturday, February 8, he says
it came to him to gather those men
together and have church. Why a
church just for men?
Rev. Locklear began sorting out
the advantages/ Discussions could be
freer. The men could talk openly and
freely without having to watch whay
they say because ladies were present
Wall posters could be put up remind
ing men about the dangers of prostrate
cancer. Rev. Locklear decided
he could put up posters such as: "Men,
we can set the example in Sex, Mo-rality
and Relagions," and "Husbands,
show yuor wife love and re.
spcct or your prayers will be hindered?"
Still another advantage, Rev.
Locklear decided, was that each man
could participate in the Bible study
porion of the service without giving
the feeling of discrimination against
"I'm excited." says Rev Locklcar
"I've named the church the Church
Just for Men. I'm praying and asking
God to bless it and let it grow. I love
the freedom and challenge
ofpreaching to just men. After all,
they carry God's Life Spirit in their
loins. Isaac came from the poins of
Abraham says Hebrews 7:10. And so
does every child come from the loins
of a man.
:We need to preach to men to
honor that Life Spirit, to not desecrate
it in whorcmongcring and gav
sex. We need to preach plainsly. such
as being brave enough to go ahead
and preach Galalions?5:19-21 and
Romans 1.32. And you can't do that
well if there arc ladies present."
He sayis in some churches Sunda>
school classes have been separated
into classes for women and men.
Rev. Locklcar looks forward to
the wimcssing part of his services.
Men can stand up and speak out
plainly the things troubling them
without having to watch what they
say because of ladies .present. Men
can talk about husband and. wife
? relationships and bring out the dc
tails plainlu
"I think it's going to be great. I'm
calling men who feel an urging to do
more for the Lord, but who arc just
warmign a pew at their church. I'm
saying come in and work at the
Church Just for Men.'
Locklcar says he has had a sign on
his front lawn for several weeks tiding
t sell the extra Living room suite
that is crowding his living room. If
he can get the church started he says
he will give up and remove the sign
and use thefurniture in the church.
Rev Locklera is a widower His
wife died of cancer in 1992. His
daughter. Elizabeth, has volunteered
to clean the living room on Saturdays.
He says there arc many of God's
people who love to see a church get
started. So. if any one wants to help
financially to get teh church staled,
he will welcome the help. As fora
text. Locklcar says the only one to be
used is the old King Jamers Version
of the Holy Bible.
The Church Just For Men started
ecting at Rev. Locklcar's homcat 506
N. Jones Street, behind Bo's Supernvtrket,
In Pembroke on Sunday.
February 16
Lumbee River EMC sets
more dates for "Help A
Needy Friend" Applications
Electric membership corporations
like Lumbce River EMC have always
believed in helping their neighbor.
An example is the "Help A Needy
Friend," now in its fourth year of
operation. Lumbce River EMC administers
the program which is designed
to help fellow co-op members
meet their energy needs in time of
crisis. The program depends upon
voluntary funds collected from fellow
members who sign up to have
either .50 centers of $1,00 added to
their monthly electric bill. Lumbce
River EMC adds to these funds
through other fund raising efforts
like an annual golf tournament, yard
sales, and raffles. It is truly the cooperative
spirit at work!
Additional dates havcbccn scheduled
to take applications for those coop
members who need assistance in
paying their electric bills. Those
Robeson County members who
qualify can apply at the Red Springs
office con March 18. Hours arc
between 9 and 4:30 p.m. For more
information, call 738-7906.
Members applying for these funds
, must provide Social Security cards
for all family members, proof of
earned income, and they must already
be on the co-op's cut off list for
non payment ofbill. or 6c in arrears.
Applicants must also fall under slate
poverty guidelines. Members arc
asked to bring documentation with
them to support the crisis they arc
presently facing.
Members who have already applied
for assistance during the first
round of dates in February should not
re-apply Liimbcc Riv er EMC is expected
to provide $17,000 this year
for those members who need assistance
through lite "Help A Needy
Friend" program.
Lumbcc River EMC is a memberowned.
not for profit, electric cooperative.
overseen by a board of dircc.
tors elected by the membership. scr\ ing
approximately 40.000 families
and businesses in Cumberland. Robeson.
Hoke and Scotland counties.
Pembroke Business and Professional
Women's Club Receive Tips on Depression
The Pembroke Business and Professional
Women's Club held its February
meeting February 3, 1997 at
the James B. Chavis Center with
Carolyn Coronado, Public Schools
of Robeson County School psychologist.
sharing important facts
about depression and steps to control
the disease.
Mrs. Coronado shared with members
that depression is a mood disorder
in which there were different
degrees. Various reasons for depression
included Finances, death, sickness.
etc. "Women arc treated twice
asmuch asmcn," said Mrs, Coronado.
"because they experience environmental
stress which included carrying
in the role as mother, cooking
and as an employee Major victims of
depression include divorced women,
widows, older women and African
American women.
Emotions that contribute to depression
arc anger, anxiety and depression
with symptoms of long periods
of sadness, unremitting tension,
hostility, suspicion and negativity.
there is also a link between
diseases and depression. Double diseases
ulcers, hear.disease and depression
Double diseases ulcers,
heart disease and headaches arc a list
of physical attacks on individual experiencing
Mrs. Coronado revealed ways to treat
depression such as relaxation, mcdication,
being positive, psychotherapy,
have a support group, and do special
things for oneself
AIDS Resource Team to
host reception
The missionofthc AIDS Resource
Team of Robeson County (formerly
the HIV Task Force) is to provide
HIV/AIDS education and outreach
within the community. To adhere to
their mission, the AIDS Resource
Team (A.R.T.) will be hosting an
educational presentation and reception
on March 27,1997. As Program
Director of the Dogwood HIV/AIDS
Consortium, I am very pleased to be
sponsoring this event for A.R.T. It
will be held in the O P Owens Agricultural
Building from 6-8 p.m.
Dr. John Bartlett from the Duke
AIDS Clinical Trial Unit will be
providing information on treatment
and medication plans Dr Bartlett is
the Assistant Professor of Medicine
in Infectious Disease at Duke University
and also the DirectorofClinical
Research for the Duke University
Center for A JDS Mr Bryan Coffey,
who is an Oncology HI V Representative
with Glaxo Welcome, will also
be present
If you arc already active in the
community regarding HIV/AIDS issues
or arc providing services for
persons with HIV/AIDS, this is an
excellent opportunity to obtain current
information If you haven't become
involved vet. please take this
opportunity toobtain valuable information,
ask questions and then become
Hope to see you there.
Sandra Foglcnian. Program Director
Dogwood HI V/A IDS C onsortium
Dr. Lowery Addresse
Saddletree Community
un Thursday evening. Feb 6.
1997 the Saddletree Community
Ccntcrasscmblcd for their monthly
commuitity meeting. The featured
speaker for the evening was Dr Jo
, Ann Chavis Lowcry. a super, isor
with the Public Schools of Robeson
County Dr Lowcry presented
an overv iew of the grant application
The Center prov ides several
scholarships, named the Saddletree
Community Scholarship,
yearly to dcscrv ing young people
whose parents arc members of the
Saddletree Community Center
The scholarships were established
in memory of Mr Harold
Wynn. a former educator and successful
community leader
Dr Lowcry reviewed the different
kinds of monies available for
non profit organizations to aid in
their grassroots cfiorts to better
their communities Several funding
sources arc available on a stale
and national level that aim at supporting
worthy causes such as helping
to meet the educational needs
of students planning to attend a
post-secondary institution Th audience
asked several questions of
Dr Lovvcry concerning the length
ofapplications. deadlines, and skills
required to write grants. Ev en historical!).
successful organizations
often times receive only about onefourth
of the grants for w hicli they
apply With experience and patients.
the process is not overwhelming.
but it docs require diligence
and perseverance. Suggestions
were shared by several members
about beginningthe processor
applying for funding for the Communitv
; J
UNCP Service Awards Presented
PEMBROKE -- UNCP employees
were recognized recently by
Chancellor Joseph B. Oxcndinc for
their loyalty and dedication as State
Oxcndinc honored them at the
annual service awards luncheon in
the James B. Chavis University Center.
"J want to express my thanks and
the thanks of the University to you for
your faithful service to the University
and the State," the Chancellor said.
Recognized for 30 years service
were Theresa DcCarlo, Financial
Aid: Kate Locklcar; Human Resources,
and Sue Ann Maynor. Curriculum
Honored for 20 years service were
Clementine Brayboy, Housing; Carol
Hunt, College Opporturil)ly Program;
Mancil Jacobs, Physical Plant;
Delorcs Lowry. University Computing,
and Dennis Sanderson, Police
and Public Safety.
Ten-year service awards were presented
to Bobby Ayers, University
Relations. Barbara Brayboy. Purchasing
Services; Lois Bullard. Human
Resources; Mary Chitwood, American
Indian Studies; Milch Flowers.
University Computing; Janice
Ooolsby. Admissions; Ann Jacobs.
Post Office, and Donna Strickland.
Continuing Education
Saddletree Community Center
Continuing Education Scholarship
Application Now Available
Applications arc now availa blc
for the Saddletree Community Center
Continuing Education Scholarship
honoring Harold B Wynn The
Saddletree Community Center is a
non-profit, tax exemp organization
; which serves as a social communication
network for the community and
surrounding areas The mission of
the Center is to promote thcunity of
the community itself. One goal of the
Center is to aid Native American
students in obtaining a college education.
Selections arc bascdon demonstration
of financial need, academic
achievement, leadership ability.
community service and scholastic
involvement. The Scholarship
honoring Harold B Wynnis the only
one of its kind in the immediate area
In 1996 the community Center
began a campaign through its first
Annual Harvest ball to raise sufficient
monies to make the fund self
sustaining. Once this is achieved, the
Center will be able to increase the
number and amounts of scholarship
s awarded the Annual Harvest Ball
will be eld each year the weekend
prior to election day It was a jhugc
success in 1996. and plans arc underway
now for thisycar'sball Plansarc
that the Center Annaul Harvest Ball
will become to be known as htc event
of the year for the people of Robcosn
Cher tc past seven years the Center
has awarded 40 scholarships in
the amount of $42,000 THc amount
of the scholarships have varied from
year to year depnding on the amount
of monies raised Ch er the past seven
years, scholarship monies came directly
fromtch community and the
members of the Community Center
Other contributions were also made
which enable the Community Center
to assist in the continuing education
of so many of its own
In order to apply for a scholarship
an applicant, parent or guardian must
be an active member of the Community
Center starting wit a $25 membership
fee. the membership is open
to male or female and abyonc lixing
outside the Saddletree commumlx
Monthly!) meetings are held the first
Thursday night a 7 p m A meal is
Application forms may be obtained
through your school guidance
counselor or any Community Center
member Foradditionnl mformalionc
onccrnign the scholarship program,
please contact Ronald hammonds I
910-739-497.1 or Lance or Lance
Harding at 9IO-7.38-8X29
Say You Read it in the Carolina inaiair
.... Ypfct-. Tp. wfor'te ppH M.-MM :
House Meeting
All parents arc invited to Purncll
Swell High School for a registration
session on Tuesday. March 11. 1997
at 6 (H) P.M. in the school cafeteria
You w ill have an opportunity to ask
questions that will assist you in
hdlpmg your children) register for
the 1997-98 schoo' tear A PTSA/
Open House meeting will follow at
7 ()() p m
Union Chapel
School PTA to
Host Pizza Supper
Union Chapel School PTA will be
having a Pizza Supper Plate Sale
Thursday. March 1 Tth from 5:00
p.m. to 8:00 p ni You may cat-in or
lake-out plates. The cost is $3 .50 per
plate. Proceeds will go toward upgrading
our Technology Program
The Curriculum Fair w ill be open
for viewing of many difTc rent projects
The Faculty and StafT invite you to
attend the Curriculum Fair and to
conic out and have supper with us.
Fairmont Native
Appointed to Board
Sandra Hunt Whittcmorc (Lunibec)
was recently appointed to the
North Carolina Department of Human
Resources?Division of Facility
Services. She will serve as a member
of the Penally Review Committee
which ensures an equitable administrative
review process for the Depart
mcnt and determines if rules or statues
have been violated and rccommend
penalties if warranted to the
nursing and family care homes in the
state of North Carolina.
Sandra is the daughter of Ms.
Charity M. Hunt (Pemberton Nursing
Facility) and the late Johnnie S.
Hunt of Fairmont She is a graduate
of the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill and also received her
Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Certification
from Emory University in
Atlanta, Georgia. Sandra is a registered
nurse and currently is the
Wound. Ostomy, Continence Nurse
Clinician at Cape Fear Valley Medical
Center Fayettevillc, North Carolina.
Sandra is president and owner
of ET Consultants. She has been a
member of the Cumberland County
Community Advisory Committee for
Domiciliary Homes for three years
and is actively involved in other committee
agencies as well
Mrs. Robeson
County to be
Chosen in June
Applications arc being accepted
for the title of Mrs Robeson County
International, anofllcial preliminary
to the Mrs North Carolina International
Pageant, which is to be held
June 6.7. and 8 at the beautiful Joseph
S Koury Convention Center.
Holiday Inn Four Seasons, in Greensboro
The woman chosen as Mrs Robeson
County will become an ambassador
from the area The woman chosen
as Mrs North Carolina International
will receive a fabulous pri/c
package and go on to compete in the
Mrs International Pageant later this
summer in Texas
Competitions will include interview.
aerobic wear, and evening
gown No swimsuit or talent competition
Married women living in Robeson
Counts interested in applving.
should call (540) 982-8068
$1,000 Poetry
Prize Offered
in Contest
Poets, listen up! The Dards of
(beautiful downtown) Burbank arc
hosting their fourth annual free, poetry
competition, and everyone is
welcome There arc 28 pri/.cs in all
totaling $2,898.75. and grand pri/c
is a w hopping $ 1.000 00
"Even if you have written only
one poem." says famed Poetry Director
Dr Keven Scribner. "you arc
welcome tocntcr Indeed, if you have
never entered a poetry contest before
this is your big chance. I promise you
I w ill find exciting new talent among
Pembroke arc poets "
The dead line for entering is March
28 Yourpoein maybe written on any
subject, using any style, and must be
21 fincsorlcss Prizes w ill be awarded
in June
Send one poem only to Bards of
Burbank. 2219 W Olive Ave . Suite
251) Burbank California 91506
Energy Saved, Dollars
Cut your energy use and help
control living costs by making
your home energy efficient.
The Department of Energy's
FREE publication, Tips for
Energy Savers (SD107),
offers information on how to
save energy throughout
your house. It provides you
with advice for buying cars,
major appliances, and
insulation. To obtain your free
copy, contact the Energy
Efficiency and Renewable
Energy Clearinghouse (EREC)
at (800) 363-3732, or write to
EREC at P.O. Box 3048,
Merrifield, VA 22116. You can
also order this or other free
publications from our computer
bulletin board system at (800)
273-2955 To find other online
energy efficiency information,
on the Internet.
^ hy Altu Nye Oxemtine J
More About Hlack History
III 1 *>51 I travelled from Montana
to Nashville. Tennessee to attend
Searritt College for Christian Workers
When I arrived I was shocked to
sec signs on each city bus designating
the front for "white people" and
the back for the "colored race "
Of course things arc far from perfect
now Hut lots of progress HAS
been made'
For example. I was glad to see
some tributes to Dr Joy Johnson,
follow ing his recent death, in ncarb>
newspapers run by while people
Changes for the belter come
slowly. But let's be thankful whenever
thev conic'
My first two files (in I *>70) were
about individual achievement and
group progress in the Black and In
dinn communities of Robeson
County I've saved a lot of articles
since then

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