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died each Thursday by First American Publications, Pembroke, NC
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Offering _5 Year History
Pembroke, /VC~Lumbcc Guaranty
Bank announced that it will
ofTer $3 million dollars worth of
stock to its current shareholders starting
today through April 4, 1997
Starting Monday, April 7, the Bank
will offer the remaining shares to the
General public. The Bank offered
$13 million dollars of stock in 1995
which sold out before the offering
expired The Bank will use the new
capital for expansion acquisitions into
new communities and markets.
The current price of the stock is $ 1
3 per share A minimum purchase of
75 shares is required ($975 investment).
Maximum purchase 34.616
shares (a $450,008 investment)
Please contact the corporate office
for a complete offering circular
Lumbcc Guaranty Bank is a $75
million dollar full-service community
bank dedicated to serving he
people of Robeson, Cumberland and
surrounding counties
On march 25, 1997, representatives from area business
and industry participated in Career Day at Piney drove
Elementary School. Students learned about various careers
including food services, military, health care, forestry, and
law enforcement Everyone enjoyed the presentations and
the school would like to say " Thank You " to all participants.
The Beta Delta Mu chapter of Phi
Theta Kappa, thelnternational Honor
Society at Robeson Community College,
attended the Carolinas Regional
Convention in Raleigh on March 7-'
9. The Carolinas Region includes
both North and South Carolina. Representing
RCC were Pat Welfare advisor,
Charlotte Lewis - chapter
president, and James Hammonds provisional
member. The chapter
brought back a total of four awards
and scholarship money.
Beta Delta Mu wasprescntcd with
the Executive Director's AchieveI
Award. The Executive
nr's Achievement Awards are
led to newly chartered chaphich
complete the first two
in the Five-Star Chapter Dencnt
Program within the first
tcr the first International Conn
following their chartering
! chapter was the only chapter
ivc this award in the Carolinas
a Delta Mu also icceivcd a
liar Award - Level 3. The Fiverogram
is a chapter dcvclopjrogram
requiring the intcgraf
the Honors Topic and the
e Project involving the mcm:ampus.
and community. The
s Topic for this year was Arts:
idscapc of Our Times, and the
:c Project was AIDS AwareIt
is very unusual for a newly
:rcd chapter to reach Level 3.
c Horizon Award is presented
ional awards programs to new
>rs who participate in regional
itcrnational programs and scdvisors
who have attained new
of achievement in Phi Theta
a program. Pat Welfare, advif
the RCC chapter, was the
cd recipient of this award
ta Delta Mu also received Best
Chapter Award. This award is
apanicd by $100 Scholarship
tcan be used for cither the 1997
rational Convention, the 1997
mtional Honors Institute, or the
Regional Honors Institute,
ic fact that the RCC chapter is
a young, having only been charsincc
June 4, 1996, has an even
zr impact on the prestige of
zing these awards. Membership
1 Theta Kappa offers an enorpotcntial
for growth as a chapid
on a personal basis, (submitf
pat welfare, chapter advisor]
nior citizens take note' If yon
2 or more years of age, you cati
veonc free shampoo ana style ir
the RCC Cosmetology Department
during Senior Citizen Days which
will be held from 9 a.m.-noon on
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,
March 26, 27, and *28. 1997. All
senior citizens,are encouraged to
conic by and get beautiful for Easter Please
note that cuts and chemical
treatments arc not included in this
special offer. i
You probably know by now that
the north Carolina System of Community
Colleges is converting from
the quarter system to the semester
system effective Fall. 1997. Accordingly,
there will be a change in tuition
fees. Beginning with the summer
term 1997, and based on a conversion
of the current tuition policyfrom
quarter terms to semesTer terms,
tuition for in-state students will be
$20 per semester hour not to exceed
$180 per session for full-time students.
Tuition for out-of-state students
will be $163 per semester hour
not to exceed $1,467 for full-time
students. For the summer session,
full-time is defined as nine or more
semester credit hours.
Effective fall semester 1997, and
based on the same conversion of the
current tuition policy from quarter to
semester terms, tuition for in-state
students will again be $20 per semester
credit hour, not to exceed $280
per semester. The difference in the
maximum price reflects the definition
of full-time student during fall
semester being one enrolled in 14 or
more semester credit hours as opposed
to nine or more during the
summer Fall semester tuition for
out-of-state students will again be
$ 163 per semester credit hour, not to
exceed $2,282 for full-time students
taking 14or nforc semester hours If
you should have any questions, please
call Robeson Community College at
738-7101 and ask for the register's
office at extension 242 or the admissions
office at extension 254
Noah Woods
to Host Public
Robeson County Commissioner
for District 4. Mr Noah Woods, will
hold Public Forums in Robeson
County Commissioner District 4 at
(he following locations on dates and
at times listed
n J*?spect-Match 27. 1997-7 00
P Nf Prospect School, Maxton NC
py7tW^'April ' '"7-7 00
P<^broOkc SC 2,0Main SlreclThe
purpose of the Public Forums
is to rcccicc comments, input, and to
answer questions from constituents
regarding matters of interest to citizens
of Robeson County
Commissioner Noah Woods welcomes
your attendance
Prospect united Methodist Church, Route 3, Rox 196, Maxton will he
the siteforthe Easter Musical Drama - "Hallelujah! What A Savior". The
Music Ministries of Prospect United methodist Church will present the
cantata on Saturday, March 29,1997 at 7:30p.m. and on Sunday morning,
March 30, 1997 at 10:40 a.m. This Easter presentation is under the
direction of Mr. HaroldD. Jacobs, the character of Jesus is performed by
Mr. Morris Dial, and narrated by Mr. l.eon jacobs. There will he solos and
other added attractions to make this one of the most exciting performances
New UNCP Trustees Elected
PEMBROKE - The University of
North Carolina Board of Governors
elected three new trustees and reelected
one to the UNC Pembroke
Elected Friday were D M
Campbell. Jr., from Elizabcthtown,
Gervais (Gary) Oxendine from Southern
Pines, and Sherry Dew Prince
from Tabor City. H. Thomas Jones 11
from Whilevilie was reelected All
are graduates of UNC Pembroke.
The newly elected trustees will
begin their four-year terms July 1
"1 am thrilled to have Ms. Prince,
Mr. Campbell and Mr. Oxendine
join our board," said UNCP Chancellor
Joseph B Oxendine. "Each of
these individuals has established a
distinguished career since completing
their degrees at UNCP. In addition,
they come to us from Bladen.
Columbus and Scotland counties,
area in which we need a stronger
University presence
"Mr Jones has contributed importantly
to the University over the
past two years and I am very pleased
to have him return foranothcr term."
Campbell is president of Campbell
Oil Company. Inc.. Gas Mart, Inc.,
and Campbell Rentals, LLC. He has
interests in several other businesses
in the region and is active in a number
of civic and business organizations.
Campbell earned a bachelor's
degree in business from UNCP in
1968. He is married to Sylvia Brisson
Campbell and they have four sons
and four grandchildren. Three of his
sons. D McQueen Campbell III,
Brian and Chris, work in the family
businesses. The youngest son,
Wesley, is a junior at N.C. State
Gary Oxendinc is the manufacturing
manager for the Abbott Laboratories
Plant in Laurinburg. He is
responsible for approximately one
thousand employees who manufacture
blood administration devices,
intravenous administration devices,
and enteral feeding device Abbott
Laboratories had sales of approximately
$11 billion in 1996.
Oxendinc graduated from UNCP
in 1965 with a bachelor's degree in
chemistry and mathematics He was
a commissioned officer in the U.S.
Navy and is a Vietnam veteran He is
married to Olivia Holmes Oxendinc
and they have two sons. Eric and
Brock, and one grandson. Hutson
Prince is an attorney with Soles,
Phipps, Ray, Prince & Willtford in
Tabor City. She earned a bachelor's
degree in mat hematics and a master's
degree in education from UNCP in
1976 and 1982 respectively Prince
taught in the Columbus County
Schools for eight years before entering
Campbell University School of
Law She was awarded her law degree
in 1987.
Prince is a member of numerous
legal and civic organizations. She is
married to Arthur Lcaman Prince
Jr. and they have three daughters.
Amanda, the oldest, is a freshman at
UNC-Chapcl Hill, and Hannah-Jo
and Susan arc in elementary school
You Can Attend College Free
Most parents and students think
that scholarships are only for the
students with good grades, low-income
families, or the athletically inclined.
A small example of the numerous
scholarships available to students
include: Left-Handed Student
Scholarships. Handicapped Student
Scholarships. Members of a Church
Scholarships, David Lcttcrman's
Scholars hip for 'C' Students. Veteran
Children's Scholarships. Scholarships
for minorities and much much
The general public is not aware
that over $10 billion is available to
students from private sector scholarships.
Over $20 4 billion from the
federal government In a U.S. Congressional
study, it was reported that.
"Over $6.6 billion of private sector
financial aid went unused because
parents and students did not know
where to apply ." A conservative college
tuition for a full-time student
runs from $10.000-$30.000. High
scoring colleges run from $40,000$
100,000?and thistuition ispcrycar
There arc organizations that have
spent hundreds of hours in research
locating scholarship sources Thesaorganizations
arc AEE (American
Educational Excellence) members,
and have a list of over 400 different
addresses. Telephone numbers, application
deadlines, summaries about
the scholarships and the amount the
scholarships will pay your child
Many scholarships pay the entire
tuition, otherwise, students combine
applicable scholarships together to
form one large tuition payment Most
scholarships include junior colleges,
career & vocational schools. 4 year
colleges, graduate schools and medical
and law schools
For more information on obtaining
these scholarship lists, send a
S A.S.E. and $1 handling fee loll S
Channel of Commerce for Higher Education.P
O Box 127. Rule. Texas
Shown left to right are William Davis, F.lvcru l.ocklear, Jessica Lynn
Oxendlne, I lilt Williforil and Lash a < ixendine
Through One Child's Eyes\
Through one child's eyes
oinorTow s world could be two
a ays.
Through one child's eyes
tomorrow s world could be strong
and healthy with good role models.
Good role models as you all
know. mean good teachers As a
parent you are a teacher. Teach
me. Give me the opportunity to
learn I need strong morals 1 need
to know w hat is expected of me I
need strong morals. I need to know
who 1 am 1 do not need to know
who you want me to be I need
good schools I do not need negative impacts in my innocent lite. 1 need
to be happy 1 do not need to be abused or ashamed 1 need guidance so
I know the way. I do not need to be confused or disappointed 1 need to
be beautiful - not for you, but for me. I do not need to be beautiful on the
exterior, but on the interior I need to be cleansed. 1 need to be cleansed
not of gnt. grime, or dirt. I need to be cleansed of hatred. I need to be
cleansed of crime. 1 need to be cleansed ofbitterness. I need to be cleansed
of sin. I need to be cleansed of doubtfulness that my Father will tend to
evade from lime to time. 1 need to know in my soul that Jesus, my savior,
will always be there to help and rescue me from a terrible or confusing
time 1 want for nothing materialistic or emotional. 1 have everything I
need. My teachers, who are my parents, see to that.
Through one child's eyes.
Through one child's eyes tomorrow 's world could be weak and frail
It could be like a new born baby from a mother's womb. The baby is
clueless as to w hat the future has in store for himor her. The baby is small,
helpless, and not knowing what will pop up around the next corner. What
would make our world weak and frail?, you asks. Well. I'll tell you w hat
could bring our great empire to it's kiiees begging for mercy, like a
tortured slave. No morals would make our world weak and frail. No one
caring enough to teach and prepare their children, whatever race.
whatever creed, to guide our world to greatness would make our world
weak, frail, and begging for mercy. No one having enough pity for a
starving child groveling at their feet would shatter our world into a
million scattered pieces. No one having any shame as to put filthy items
to a child's access would crumble our worid. Think what a ten year old
would think w hen he or she sat down to look up a piece of information
on the Internet and with a few words, we would never think to be
pornographic, brought up Playboy and pornographic pictures and information.
Personally, the thought terrifies me. And another thing, I fear for
my life, night and day, because I know some maniac can look up my
address on the Internet and come to stalk, rape, beat, or kidnap me. I've
heard of it too many times to think nothing of it.
Through one child's eyes.
Through one child's eyes our strong w orld could be beaten by a weak
Our strong w orld could be beaten by a w eak today because of racism.
Our strong and healthy world could be beaten by a weak today because
of drugs. Close your eyes and visualize being born with birth defects, not
being like the other kids, every one picking on you because your slow, or
handicapped Now look at your drug abusing mother and say "Why am
I like this?" The only answer she can tell you is that she used drugs and
she couldn't help it. While in fact, if she hadn't been so busy doing drugs
she would have had the time to take care of you while you were in her
womb as well as a baby or toddler. Our strong and healthy world could
be beaten by a w eak today because of crime. Our strong world could be
beaten by a weak today because of fear. Fear that a rapist or lunatic will
invade in your home and most likely intend to do you bodily harm. Our
strong tomorrow will be beaten by a weak today because of hatred. Hatred
that goes back hundreds of years to our ancestors and ignorant people still
carry it on today while it should have been left behind, just a faint
memory. Our strong tomorrow will be beaten by a weak today.
Through one child's eyes.
As I said before different races, different creeds, same needs. So the
next time you decide to cuss, fuss, judge, criticize, and so forth, ponder
the thought of what it teaches or looks like...
Through one child's eyes.
By: Erin Callahan
Ms. Diggs 7th Grade
Pembroke Middle School News
"Home of the Warriors"
Pembroke Middle School's-sevcnih
grade student. Jessica Lynn
Oxcndinc is the Robeson Counts
Winner and the Area VII Winner of
the North Carolina Soil and Water
Conservation Speaking Contest for
the seventh grade The county contest
was held March 4.1997 at Ryan's
Steak House in Lumbcrlon. The Area
VII contest was held March 24. 1997
at the Scotland County Government
Complex in Laurinburg. NC The
State competition will be held in
Raleigh. April 29. 1997
The contest began on the local
level Language Arts teachers in the
<>lh. 7th. Sth grades throughout the
stale of North Carolina were asked to
participate in a contest sponsored by _
the NC Soil and Water Conscrx atioii
Association Sixth graders were to
wrilc an essav with the 7th and 8th
graders were asked to ha\c a 4-6
minute speech on the topic "Everyone
Has a Role to Play in Soil and
Water Conservation."
Mrs. Elvera Locklcar. a seventh
grade teacher at Pembroke Middle
School, asked all of her students (the
ThundcrbirdTcam) to participate in
the speech contest The 76 students
were judged by official judges included
parents, central office staff,
teachers, guidance counselors, and
students Jessica waslhcoverall winner
She then competed with two top
winners from Ms Vclinda Goins'
seventh gr.idc Language Artsclasscs
~ Jessica represented Pembroke
Middle School in the counts competition
Judges included Tasiln Oxendine.
reporter for Channel IJ TV and
? Bill Williford. member of the Tobacco
Board of Tradc The following
Robeson County Soil and Water Conservation
Board members were on
hand for the contest William Dqyis.
Chairman; Vastinc Mitchell. Contest
Coordinator. William
McCormick. Lycuroiis l.owrv. Graham
Smith, and Ed Holland. Natural
Resource Conservation Serv ice
Jessica's parents 1 ,ancc and Palsy
Oxendi lie of Pembroke and her sister
Christine were also present
Pembroke Middle School is proudv
of Jessica Lynn Oxendine
Reunion to be held
The descendant s of Si on a nd Sarah
Wilkins. H T (Sonnic) and Rosclla
(Sis) Lowcry will rcunit on May 24,
1907 between 4 and 9 PM at Harpers
Ferry Baptist Church in Pembroke
Donations RFVP AS AP $7.(X)
mill per person Children under 10 $4
00 For more information contact
Hazel Strickland at (910) 521-1663
or contact John lowcry at (301) 5875434

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