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Patric yboy becomes first Native
Amen irector of Red Cross
Patricia Brayboy has been
named Director of the Robeson
County Chapter of the American
Red Cross. She is the first
Native American to serve in __
that position. Her position withf5
the Red Cross began several
years ago when she became a
volunteer with the organization
She later became the first Native
American employee of the
organization. She has v\orked
with the Red Cross for more
than seven years. Prior to November
she was Blood Services
Director. In November she was
named Interim Directorandwas hired
into the permanent position. cfTcctive
April 1. according* to Cynthia
Neloms, Chairman of the Board of
Directors of the Robeson Couut\ ..
Chapter of the American Red'tToss
Percy Shaw was named OITicc
Administrator and Director of Blood
Services at the same time Shaw is
s Brayboy is a graduate of PemN
broke Senior High School and Robcy
soivCommulTtty-College She has
j-aucndc?L,workshops and courses
l relative to her work with the Red
" Cross This training has provided
^ her with additional skills in areas
such as disaster relief and disaster
assessment, as well as knowledge
about services to military families
She slated that she was happy to
hpvc the opportunity to work as Di^Tcctor
of the Red Cross "1 hav e enjoyed
working with the Red Cross
because 1 enjoy helpingpcople There
is so much more to the Red Cross
lhanjust blood serv ices Wcarcavailable
to assist in disaster, like Hurricane
Fran, which devastated our
county in September."
A civic minded person, Brayboy
has served as Treasurer for the Share
Life Foundation: President of Union
Elementary PTA: member of the
Parent Advisory Council of Union
Elcmcntar> School For the past
six years she has sencdjj?a Volunteer
with Prowet-<jfadiia\ 1011
She has coacjiea Union Elemental?
Tce^BaTl and continues to
serve as a volunteer for the Public
Schools of Robeson County
A talented crafts person, she is
especially proud of her apprenticeship
to the Lumbcc Elders
Council In this capacity, she has
the opportunity of learning from
the elders and attending ceremonies
a. pow wows and other functions
whero-the Native American
Tradition and Culture is practiced
"Isccniy position with the Red
Cross as just a continuation and
expansion of the things that 1
really love doing Giving assistance
to others Working with the
Red Cross is one of the things that
a person really needs to have a
love for. otherwise, it could be
very stressful I am happy to be a
part of the great scrv ice organization
that is the American Red
Cross " Brayboy said
She lives at Route 1. Rowland
with her husband. Charles Brayboy
and their twochildrcn. Allison
and Heath who are students at I
Union Elementary School J
Rep. Sutton Appointed
Whip for Demo Caucus
Representative Ronnie Stilton of
Pembroke has been named a vv hip for
thoN.C. House Democratic Caucus
Sutton's duties wilt include kccpi
ng House Dcmocntl s informed about
upcoming votes, dev eloping strategy
and shaping legislation
He also will make sure that the
Robeson and Hoke County area will
have a voice in the House Democratic
"1 look forward to hay ing Rep
Sutton as a part of the leadership
team." House Minority Leader Jim
Black. a Dcmocral from
Mecklenburg County. saidaflcr makinglhcappoinUnent
as a lawyer and military retiree
vv ill provide valuable insights to
House Democrats during this session
of the General Assembly
This appointment brings with it
the recognition ofboth Rep Sutton's
seniority and ability to positively interact
with his peers His position as
the senior legislator front his region
should also enhance his effectiveness
among both the Democrats and
Republicans and that is essential in
order to get Democratic Party legislation
through the House
This appointment means that in
addition to his own legislative
agenda. Rep Sutton will be working
with other Democrats to assist in
getting their bills through Committees
and the House
Rep Sutton said It is indeed an
honor lobe appointed a Democratic
Caucus Whip to assist the House
Democratic Party Leader in the performance
of his duties"
Rep Sutton is serving his third
term 111 the State House His district
includes parts of Robeson and Hoke
Baseball League to be
Organized in County
There is a desire to create a Baseball
League for thoseyoungstersages
13 and 14 of Robeson County who
would like to play baseball in the
Dixie Boys program. This program
is in the middle school concept in
terms of the base running and pitching
distance This gives the 13 year
oldabctlcr chance locompctc. to feel
good about the play ing field and the
company of the i4 year old The
Dixie Boys Baseball program will
not rcplaccany existing baseball prograin:
however il docs provide an
opportunity for more youngsters to
be involved in organized sports
If you arc interested and want to
learn more about this program, then
you arc invited to an organizational
meeting on Saturday - April 26. I9')7
at 3:00 p m on the Baseball Field of
. . . ?
Prospccl School, located 5 miles
of Pembroke. 7 miles South or Red
Springs and 6 miles NE of Maxton.
This invitation is to all 15 & 14
years old and their parents. IT you
will be It before July I and not 15
before August I. you arc to come If
you have a leant or want (o organize
a team of Di\ic Boys then come to
this important meeting
f or more information and/or concerns
(such as you can not come on
Saturday but you want tonarlicipale)
sou mas call (910) 521-Xfa.o after
II) (M) p'nt or (910) 521-9400
This will be a fun afternoon of
baseball There may not be peanuts
and cracker jacks but we will have
hot dogs with the trimmings Bring
your glove and a willingness to play
baseball on Saturday. April. 2(> at
TOO p m on the Prospect field
Democratic Party Holds Convention
Pembroke Mayor Named Chairman
Mayor Milton Hunt
The Robeson County Democratic
Party Conxcnlion was held in the
Robeson County Courthouse at noon
on Saturday April 19. 1997 The
conxcntion was allied to order by
Ms Lee Helen Thompson of Fairmont
xxho xsas the outgoing chairperson
Mayor Ray Pennington xxclcomcs
the group to the conxcnlion
Delegates from the county's 41 precincts
were present along with many
elected officials
Congressman Mike Mel nttyegax e
a legislatixc update on Washington
activities and invited delegates to
attend the 7th District comcnlton on
May 31. 1007 in Brunsvv ick County
Representatives Ron Sutton.
Doug Yonguc and Donald Bonner as
well as Senator David Wei nsicin gave
updates on legislatixe events and
issues in Raleigh
The newly elected Democratic
Party Chariinan Milton R Hum
Mayor of Pembroke, conducted the
remainder of the meeting In addition
to Chairman Milton Hunl'sclcction
the following individuals were
elected as indicated
Frances Godwin Chavis. First
Vice Chairperson Betty Balchclor.
Second Vice Chairperson. James
Mclnlyrc. Third Vice Chairperson
Judy Mishuc.Treasurer. Susan Cumntings.
Elected as State Executive Cojnnuttee
Wade Carson Hunt. Vickie
l.ocklear. WilliamCummings. I.iljic
McKoy R W Wilkins. Bill Wester
Elected Alternates to Stale Executive
Committee James Edward
Thomas Wade Scaly. Wyatl Johnson
Dr L B Turner made a motion to
commend the cut ire Robeson Couiily
Delegation in Washington and Raleigh
for the fine job they are doing
forthcCounlv and area His motion
passed unnnimousi)
A resolution read by Rcpresentati\
c Ron Sutton honoring the life and
memory of llic following deceased
individuals for their contributions to
the Robeson Democratic Part>
Mr Aug Bullard. Prospect Community
MV-Ola Lee Burns. Back
Swamp Community Mr Bobby
Chavis. Pembroke Communis. Mr
Joe Cha\ is. Philadclphus Community
Mr LynxxoodChavis.Philadclphus
Community Rex Rufus Graham.
MaxtonCommunity. Mr Robert
Hunt. PcnibrokcConimunity Ms
C onslancc Huntley. Lumbcrton Community.
Dr Joy J Johnson.Fairmont
Community. Ms. LaRucTay lor Jones.
Fairmont Community. Mr Osbom
"Obic" Lee. Jr Lumbcrton Community.
Mr Carmel L.ocklcar. Prospect
Community. Mr Bernard l.owry.
Pembroke Community. Ms I illic
Mae McCrax Red Springs Community.
Mr Lee Nex el. Pembroke Community.
Mr Conrad Oxendinc.Oxcndinc
Community. Ms loua Ransom.
Philadclphus Community
Chairman Hunt thanked ex cry one
for attending and expressed the
need toconlinucorgani/.ingllie(4l)
Precincts He stressed the need for
unilx and a great xotcr turnout in
Ms. I >een a Revels is shown presented plaque of appreciation to Ms.
I ernie Chavis at Ten Mile < enter Haptist t hurch recently as part of the
I 'ernie ('havis Day sponosred hy the church.
Ten Mile Times
A vcrv special dav titled "Venue
ChavisDav wasrcccnllv held at Ten
Mile Center Baptist Cluireh Mrs
Vernic C'havis was given quite a
surprise w hen her church gav c her a
surprise special da> Ms . Chavis
retired from her special role of teaching
for sislv-fivevears continuous!)
at Ten Mile Center Baptist Church
Tlteclassslic retired from in September
of I Wo w as the preschoolers
1 he preschool class sang some ol
liei favorite sons and presented hci
with ado/en red roses Mr Bill Hall
presented hei with .1 lovelv corsage
s. Rev Karoo Hammonds. Church
^Pastor in presenting her tolhe church
Thinilv spoke of her dedication loves,
and sislv-fivc veais of faithful service
Ms Decna Hunt Revels presented
Ms Chavis with a plaque
from the church I lie plaque contained
her lav orile script lire passages
and commendations lor Christian
set vice unsellisli devotion and loving
concern loi len Mile Cciilei
Rev I ecii.nd (nlibs ol Nll.inla
(>'\ loriuei pasioi was tin guest
s|ieaker loi the momentous occasion
Ms Decna Revels read inspirational
poems that described Ms
Vernic I lie special occasion coiilm
ued with u entered lunch honoring
Ms Vcrnic in the fellowship build"'I?
Alter lunch several persons spoke
their sentiments about Ms Vcrnic
M,in> humorous, (ear-filled and sen
(imcnial stories were shared
Mr Anthoii) Blanks did a gicat
job as Master of Ceremonies for the
afternoon of lo\ ing fun
Maiw special guests Irani out ol
town and near b> came to share this
|o>ousoccasion Ms Vcriiicwas presented
a\et\ s|)ecial three-liei cake
cooked and decorated b\ Ms Bar
bara llanimoiids and Ms Wanda
Hammonds I he cake also depicted
' her March hirlhd.w E ach Stiud.w
school class presented Ms Vcrnic
with man) useful gills She also receded
cards from all Siinda) school
classes, approximated) fills in numbei
I lie sjiecial Nerinc Chavis Da\
ended with ilu eiijo)menl ol cake
collet* coke and cherished memo
lies ol past and present leu MiK
< elitei Baptist ( liiirch da\s A cjk
ci.ll thanks t?> Mis Dons Hall
c hailing this s|>ccinl ex cut I en MiU
< enter liaptist Church tanks Ms
Venue t has is lor the lliaiw Iocs she
has touched with Iter Cluisiiiiii lo\i
and dec ol ion
Lumbee Bank To Purchase
Progressive in Fairmont
.Stib|ccl to regulators approval
Progressive Sax nigs iiiui I oait I id
;iik! I .limbec (iuaranlx Hank have
readied ail agieeiiitnl xxhcrcbx I uni
bccGuarantx Hank will purchase ilk
Progressive branch assets in I aniiioiiI.
N ( and assume the deposit
liabilities ol this branch
l.nrrx P Chaxis. President oi l aim
hceCitiaranlx Hank noted I hat I uinIke
Hank had been looking lor ilk
opporliimtx to enter the I nirmoni
market lot some lime I his agreement
will allow the bank to enter the
market with an existing customci
base V\c le delii'hled to be on 0111
Poland I (In Picsideiil ol Pioeiessix
v said I he niator bank
literal last vcai mom market ami
I lie second iinnoiinccd loi this \c;u
linxe il\ altered the bank s
loctts relative loilshiisincssopporin
littles mi its esistiii>; markets \\?.
believe these ><|>|h>rliliiities have .k
cclci.itcd as a icsiiIi ol tlie nnaniiei
paled second nierpci In ordei to
piopcilv man.iue these opporlnm
ties ion of el toil would Ik
neecssarv laiiinonl is a line coin
iniimlv which like 0111 olhci in.ii
kels oll'eis considerable ainoiint ol
this bankinp opportune As | um
Ive Hank was niieiesleil in this in.ii
kel it seemed a nalmal solution lo
both banks ddcminas while main
l.iminp a bank i lie pieseiive loi tlie
I an nioni eomiiinnilv
St. Pauls Student Wins
National Academic Award
| Merlin Jolls ol Si Pauls N( has
been named a United Slates National
Award Winner in liouoi Roll
Thisaw ard is a prestigious honor
\cr\ few students can ever hope to
attain In fact the Aeadeim recogni/es
fewer than 10" >ol"all American
lugh school students
Joll\ who attends St PaulsMiddle
was iioiiuuated for the national
awaid h\ Roseniarx lleniiiigwav a
coifHseloi at the school
JoVhwill ap|>ear hi the United
Stales^thievenieni Aeadenix Olli
cial Yearbook which is published
"Recognizing and supporting our
youth is more important than c\cr
before in America's history Certainly.
United States Achievement
Academy winners should be congratulated
and appreciated for their
dedieat ion lo c xccHcnec and aehicv cmeni."
said Dr George Stevens.
Executive Director of the Academy
The Academy selects US A A w in1
tiers upon the exclusive recommendation
of teachers, coaches, counselors.
and other qualified sponsors and
upon the Standards of Selection set
forth by the Acadeniv The criteria
for selection area student's academic
achieve performances, interest and
aptitude,icadcrshipqualilics. responsibility.
enthusiasm, motivation 10
learn and improve, citi/cnship altitude
and cooperative spirit dependability,
and iccoimiicudalioii from a
(eacliei or director
Jollx is the daughter of William
and Mechelle Jolly of St Pauls The
grandparents are Cleve and Ruby
C'liav isorSt Pan Is and Mildred lolly
of St Pauls Great grandparents arc
Irene Jolly ol High Point and Maggie
I Hell of Pembroke
AISLES Announces Way to Support
Indian Communities Through Art
AISES - I he Aiucriciin ndian
Science and Engineering Nociclv
proudlv announces lite availabihtv of
an exciting new was to support
Aiuciicau Indian communities
through ari Out auction which fcalures
auiheniic American Indian Ari
will he made available on (lie worldvv
ide-web beginning April 15. IW7
Profile from llus auction will be an
on-going effort loprov ide opportunities
for .both Indian students and
Indian communities Otilv American
Indian Artists will he featured
including several with national reputation
such as Sam i nglish and Al
Qovawav ma
The mleinel address ie lillp /
www Colorado e.!.. 'AINI 5/juction
Poveilv amoi . Indiaiie hae aelu:
11 v n en din ing (tie pact dcvadv ol
the gaming boom Now mole than
half ol all reeervalion Indiaiie live
below the poveilv level moie than
four limes the national average It is
our hope that line auction vvill aeeiel
AISES in oiii continued ellorls to
improve coiKiitione through eduealibu
I :,e American Indian Science and
Engineering Sociclv in Moulder. CO
ie a non-profit organization detli
>.aled ti pun idiiu'educ.ilional c>. Iiol
arslups and program assistance to
dcscrv ing American Indian students
Self-reliance through education is
the foundation upon which AlSt Sis
built Our v ision is that traiue^fuofessiniinls.
will return to thiCTicoiurffnmliN4t4>cci)iik
le.utej^iml spear head
efforts to improve conditions
for their people Proceeds from this
auction will be used to support programs
and scholarships for these sin
dents wishes to attend tribal and
mainstream colleges and universities
It also provides Ameriean Indian
artists a new forum to sell their
work thus supporting then ell'oilsas
llicv seek to become moie sell-reli ant
I lie initial auction will present
ovei 4n pieces of art Among these
items hnvcrswilllindjewelrv fiamcd
line .irl Irail111onaI tugs and
wcovings pollers and cullutal 'an
such as a flute blessed bv tribal cideis
and made lw I dvvard Hejrl Itos Si
tRedl'le) I Iderol lhe Southern t'le
tribe Most art objects tire made with
traditional methods and materials
New pieces will be piesciilcd each S
weeks when the cvclc changes "01
I tons of the purchase prices should he
Ins deductible and epnsidcicda charitable
Sa> \oii Read il in the Carolina Indian
Voice. To stihscrihc call 521-2826
^ The Carolina Indian Voice Mewspaper
Connee Braytoov
PQ Ho* o/s
Pembroke NT .'HT,'
(919>S?1 ?'8?6 9i9i V 4HM
Offic?? Homp I

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