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the retl un ok kokmeu sherikf til bert stone ok
the re-election ok the preseni sheriff gl.en mavnor?
I ii The Editor: ?
I 4111 extremcl) anxious to lie of the knowledge "Who will lie Robeson Count)
Sheriff-1 too. " \\ (|| ,| |)r ,(,t. Kortner Sheriff I luhert Stone or the Present
Sheriff Glen Mas nor .'
Recently. I was reminded lis a "Croup of Voters" about |l| 1004, when 'Gun
Rullets" were 'Fired' at the Home of The Honorable Frances McArthur
( 'uni tilings.
(2) When the Candidate for Sheriff, Glen Maynor, was interviewed by the
Media regarding the 'shooting of the home', Candidate Glen Maynor replied,
"NO COMMENT." I said, "I, too, read his reply in The Robesonian. Yet, I
ant not angry with Sheriff Maynor, as I only 'Suspect' who did the shooting.
Nevertheless, I Pray that the Person becomes a Christian."
(J) I was told Glen Maynor and others had known who "Fired the Bullet." I
said, "Should it be TRUE that our Sheriff knew who did the shooting ofa
W underfill Woman's Home and did not arrest the person after being Elected
as Robeson County Sheriff, then, "lie is an accomplice to the Crime." I also
said. "I personally cannot believe the man who I predicted to be Robeson
( ountv Sheriff will ever be involved in a Criminal Act against his Friend
Frances Ciimntiitgs.
4) I was asked if I had extended an Invitation to Sheriff Glen Maynor to attend
the 1995 "Happy Hearts Celebration" at Bill Sapp on behalf of The Honorable
Frances McArthur Cummings and sponsored by McKcithan .lones of
Rowland, when Speaker of the House Harold llrubaker was the "Kevnole
Speaker." I replied. "YES."
Another questiuu asked of me: "Did Sheriff Maynor attend the Happy Hearts
Celebration?" I said. "NO. I do believe he had other commitments."
The Group's speaker said, "the sheriff supported Donald Bonner." I said,
"also many others who did not know the TRUTH about Donald Bonner and
did not realize tlrat being a Member of the Democrat Political Party or the
Republican Party cannot guarantee your Wisdom to Revise and Write State
Laws nor give to you the utterance of speech to speak "Wisely" on behalf of
AI.L Peuplc.
I was told Sheriff Maynor made many promises but did not fulfill them. 1
said, "if I promise you an apple and the tree did not bear apples, can I give you
an apple? They all decided that they are going to Campaign against our
Robeson County Sheriff Glen Maynor because they all "Shaded the OVAL"
next to Frances M. Cummings' name, and the Sheriff should hope Donald
Bonner campaigns for hitn.
I said. "Donald Bonner 'knows not' how many voters elected him. He was
"Hauled and Dragged in" by the Democrat Straight-Ticket Voting." He "was
not" Elected by Voters choosing his name. Primary Election 1998, the Name
of a Candidate will lie chosen for Robeson County Sheriff.
I was again asked, "Did Hubert Stone ever attend a program on behalf of
Frances Cummings?" I said, "YES." Then the Group said. "Whoever
supported Frances Cummings, we will support that Candidate inspitc of Race,
: V- ' V
C'rcetl or Color." ? .
au-v. ' w *
: ~'i .>' > * **
I said to the Group, "Please listen attentively to my speech." I said, "Please
Do Not Be Against (>ur Sheriff Glen Maynor for being/himself and Please Do
Not Try to Take Away the "Power to Choose" from him. Almighty God gave
to each of us "Free Will" and "Free Choice." Worry no longer about the 1996
General Elections. The ResulLs, I am sure have given Voters an experience ,
which I hope they Will Not Repeat."
1 ask each of you to answer questions from yourself about Sheriff Glen Mayno
and Hubert Stone. Former Sheriff of Robeson County, "lias the Present
Sin-riff (.li'ii M.ivitm given more Security Jeuiiul f'riinc Ihin hornier Sheriff
Hubert Slime oho retired 1004'' \n>wer more questions from yourself and
then make oiur "Final Decision."
I'leasc Do Notlluld Malice \gainst Sheriff Glen May nor or any person who
did not accept aiKlnvnation from I-ranees M. Cummings. T he reason is "Best
Known to the person. Do Not He \gainst Notcrs who were "MISLED" by
the L> 1 rik 1 ungues" of "So-Called" Leaders and Pastors who Had Known the
I Rl 111 hut concealed the I Rl III. I hey all "Sheltered Under the Democrat
Political Party s Name" instead of the Holy Word (TRUTH).
t ould you imagine, uting for the Name of the Democrat Political Party
instead of the Name of .1 \\ ISE Member of the Republican Party" Has Caused
Robeson. Hoke, and Scotland Counties?District 87, I'o He W ithout the
l oiilinuatiou of People's Progressive Prosperity."
I9'>8. 'Provide N our Own Transportation and lie Happy."
I he Slavery Mentality. I hope, will not he in Active Motion?1998 Elections,
^ Ol R C ONSt IF.Nf E. General Elections I9d6. many people "Murdered
their < onseience" for Money and Encouraged the "Unqualified, Registered
\ oters" who 'Know Not How to Vote' to Marf^their Ballot for "Straight
Democrat I icket" instead of "Shading the OVAL" of a Wise Member of the
Republican Party.
Since the Democrat Party and the Republican Party have "WISE and
UNWISE" Members. "Vote and Elect" the Name of tlrt Candidate During the
Primary and the General Elections. Primary Elections 1998. Voters will have
to "Vole and Elect" the Name of the Candidate for Robeson County SherifT.
Remember My Friends: The Honorable Frances McArthur Cummings
Successful Legislative Achievements, Democrat Donald Bonner "Can Never,
Ever Surpass" during his Life-Period on Earth.
Please Keep Frances M. Cummings' Name from the Sheriffs Elections
C ampaign.
Let Your Conscience Be Your Voice and Guide.
Thanking You for Your Cooperation.
Peace Be Unto You. AMEN.
*nvvx-<- /v/c/jCx/ury
Yvonne Maria Leow
April 21. 1997
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p*>7 \PK will t'?|iial Plitm pills I*;.. i il i til . Im mill.I w. i. ih i II.. i *>?1 I ? lim.iix V phi i|? \|'K \\ .hiI.I <.iii.iI " '?. M.imiiiihii \PK i- Is ihiiiiiimimi NPK ?- .h- . I i I'. *\ ill u in.
t l?s|s wllfll |hUIM%IVI l.lkfs .III llllllll'tll.lll .111 \ .It I* ? ill > MNN'.M IIILM .Il It ?Slllv tMll*lttt. I*.*|t.*\\.l I. ?! ? Ml-ll >1. - Il?l- lllll. Il llfl. till I III'.'* Il.'ll. N 'iN' III'** llh1
Pinpt lit iiimimih ? it t|imi <1
i?? phi, I nihil ( .it?>l?it.i
| i \k iiiu i i l>l<
i fWDfR I'lfilsc \ Isll Us .11 I >111 11 lit'| III | \N < |> silt .11 III 111 //www lit h 11. Ill It ? t *11?
Revival at West
Saddletree Baptist
Church Begins
Rev i\ ill ser\ tcessx ill begin ;ii West
Saddletree Baptist Church on April
I'W? ;nid lasl through Max 2iul
Stnidax night serx ice begins at (> in
p in and xxceknighl services begin ai
7 lit p in (inesl speaker \\ ill Ik Rex
J mi Duller, pastor of Redeemed Asseniblx
of Ciod The past of West
Saddlelice. Rex I ed Brooks audllic
eongregalion extend a cordial inx nation
to the public to attend
Robeson County
Retired School
Personnel to Meet
The Robeson Counts Retired
School Personnel Spring I uticheon
xx ill be held at the Pine Crest Connlrx
('lub in l.uinbcrlon on Max 20. I*>')7
at 11 10 a in Lorraine Soles. President
of North Carolina Retired School
Personnel will be the guest speaker '
I here xx ill be a tubule to the deceased
Reserxatioiis should be made bx
Max |l I'W7 The cost ol the luncheon
is Ml oo Make xour check
pax able to RoIksoii Counts Retired
School Personnel (RCRSP) and send
ii to Sll Stockton PO Bos XXX
I iiinlxertou NC 2X t V)
Spring Revival
Planned at Mision
I lie public is cordiallx lux iter) to
attend Spring Rex is ill serx ices at the
Mission Cluirch on Union Chapel
Road in Pembroke Rex WillieScoll
pastor of Ness Prospect Church. Rex
I xerotic Woods and Rex Patrick
Cmmiiiiigs xsill be- the guest speakcis
Serx ice xxill begin at 7 (to p m
oiiShihIiix. April 27iiudal 7 to pin
Apiil 2X-Max 2 I lie pastor Rex
( i lies (Kciidinc and the eongregalion
extend a cordiallx iiix nation to
the public to attend

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