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The North Carolina Department of Transportation erected the above
signs on the South bound lane of 1-95 at the Cumberland County line und...
the North bound lane of 1-95 at the South Carolina line. . ? ? ?^
The Robeson County Board of Commissioners requested th e signs to let
visitors know they are welcome in Robeson County and to remind everyone
to help keep "Robeson County Clean and Green."
Bullards Observe 50th
Wedding Anniversary
On May 10, 1997 Princell and EsteUe Ballard
celebrated fifty years of marriage. The event took
place at New Hopes Church and was attended by
many family members and friends. It was a joyous
occasion filled with love and much fellowship. How
many such gatherings can we possibly hope to attend?
It is rare indeed that human beings elect or are able
to remain married to the same person for so many
j>ears. Our Lord and Savior be praised!
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Locklear to
Celebrate Golden Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Locklear of
Pembroke will celebrate their 30th
wedding anniversary with a buffet
reception at Pembroke Middle
School on Sunday, May 25, at 3 p.m.
The couple were married on May
17. 1947.
The couple's children are Janice
Sheffield of Pembroke; Cathy
"Thomas of Greensboro; Nancy
Smith of Garland; Dr. Curt Locklear
Jr. of Lumbenon; Milton G. Locklear
of Pembroke; Marcia LocklearJacobs
of Wilson; Stephen R. Locklear,
Lindsey L. Locklear and Anthony
Q. Locklear, all of Pembroke.
The couple have 23 grandchildren
and three great-grandchildren.
All family and friends are invited
to attend. The couple request that no
gifts be given.
$21 Million For Indian Housing
Under the "FY97 HOME' Investment
Partnership Program",
funding for American Indian Tribes
and Alaska Natives has been made
available to develop and support
rental housing, home owner-ship
repairs, and new construction.
Of that amount, the "Eastern/
Woodlands" will receive $1.5 million.
Applications are due no later
than June 30th, 1997.
For more information, call 1 -800735-3239
and refer toNOFA FY97 Indian
Application for "HOME"
Investment Partnership Programs;
CDS 10073, 11PP.
Little Miss Lumbee, Angelica Cliavisi t
Visits New Creation Pentecostal Church
Little Miss Lumbee Angelica Marie Chavis recently performed at the New
Creation Pentecostal Church's Third Anniversary Celebration She was
introduced by her mother who helped her share information to the congregation
about the Lumbee people. Members of the church receive the Carolina
Indian Voice and were very interested in the Lumbccs Angelica sang three
hymns and quoted a chapter from the Bible She also expressed her
excitement about New York and the fact that she was very aware of God's
presence there by the beautiful people and the beautiful sights. She also
accepted a return engagement for next year
Rev. Roy Lipton presented Little Miss Lumbee, Angelica Chavis, the
original name plate housed in the New Creation Pentecostal Church.
-/?? uiim
Rev. Clester Locklear, Rev. Roy l.ipton and Little Miss Lumbee,
Angelica Marie Chavis, in Jamiaica, NY at the third anniversary of the
New Creation Pentecostal Church.
Rep. Doug Yongue Appointed to
Important Legislative Committees
Representative Douglas Y.
Yonguc of House District 16 has
been named by the Honorable
Brubaker, Speaker, North Carolina
House of Representatives, to serve on
two very important legislative committees.
These committees are new
licensing Boards and Education Ov crsight
The Speaker said he is confident
that Rep Yonguc's background
will provide a great deal of insight to
these committees.
Representative Yonguc has also
been named to several Select Working
Committees within the Democratic
Caucus in addition to his regular
committee appointments in the
North Carolina House of Representatives
Representatives Yonguc received
scats on these working groups dealing
with Appropriations and the
Environment, and will Chaira working
group on Education.
The working groups will give
House Democrats a vehicle for crafting
legislation focusing on education.
the environment, crime and
taxes. House Minority Leader Jim
Black of Mecklenburg County said
While the committees generally
follow the House committee structure.
Black also named groups to
study a statewide lottery and a proposal
to bring major league baseball
to the Triad Region of Greensboro.
Winston-Salem and High Point
"I am pleased to name Representative
Yonguc to these important
committees." Black said after announcing
the appointments "Hew ill
play an important role as House
Democrats develop legislation during
this session of the General Assembly
Mclntyre Announces "Spirit of
America" Congressional Hotline
Washington, O.C. - Congressman
Mike Mclntyrc announced today
that he has installed a constituent
hotline system, "The Spirit of
America", in his Washington, D C
office to allow Southeastern North
Carolinians the opportunity to slay
in close contact with him. Congressman
Mclntyrc stated, "As I do my
best to represent the citizens of the
7th district in Washington. I want
them to have every opportunity to
learn my input on important issues
and gather information regarding a
variety of congressional services."
The system will allow for several
options after the call is placed Included
in these, will be general office
information, details on various tours
in the nation's capital, how to purchase
a flag flown over the United
States Capitol, and Congressman
Mclntyrc's work on various legislative
Congressman Mclntvrc stressed
that this hotline system docs not supplant
constituents the opportunity to
talk to hint or his staff Mclntyrc
said. "I am excited about the fact that
this Spirit of America line will allow
7th district residents quick access to
pertinent information Whether that
is my views on the most current issue
or how to get a White Mouse tour, I
see this system as an additional opportunity
for citizens to be a part of
the decisions that affect their everyday
lives "
^ i _ ii i ii ? i?urn ? r - I
l.umbee Queens visited their last pow ivwv locally before relinquishing
their cro}vns They attended the Richmond County Pow Wow recently held
at Richmond Community College, Shown left to right at the Pow Wow are:
Junior Miss Lumbee, Morgan Brittany Hunt, Miss Indian USA, Natasha
Wagoner, and Miss l.umbee Rebekah Revels
Our Mission M
L- missionoTIWlhiMIc Schools <
Bcson (omit) i1- to educate all I
Hicnls h) hilildinu a I- nutation
j^nng learning.
Junior Miss Lumbee Morgan Brittany Hunt and Miss Lumbee Rebekah
Revels are shown in front of the Mission Statement of the Public Schools
of Robeson County.
The reigning queens recently spoke to students about learning about
their own heritage and culture and urged them to respect their elders and
learn in school, and to set goals for themselves.
Junior Miss Luntbcc Morgan Brittany Hunt and Miss Lumbcc Rcbckah
Revels recently visited Ms. Diane Hunt's class to sign autographs Tor the
They performed for the students, Iloth talked about walking in heo
worlds, modern and traditional. Junior Miss l.umhee showed the students
the Round Dance.
Know How To Be Safe
Around The Water
Summer is fast approaching so
here arc a few water safety tips for
you and >our family
Learn to swim The best thing
anyone can do to stav safe in and
around the water is to icarn to sw im
The American Red Cross has swimming
courses for people of any age
and swimming ability Toenroil in a
course to Icarn or improve your ability
to swim, contact Robeson County |
Chapter of the American Red Cross ,
Always sw im w ith a buddy. nc\cr
swim alone <
Know your swimming limits and
slay witlrftt them Don't fy lo keep |
up with a stronger skilled swimmer |
or encourage others to keep up with
Sw mi in supers iscd areas only |
Obey No Diving" signs that in- |
dicatc the area is unsafe for headfirst <
entries Lntcr feet-first into water s
rather than headfirst if you don't
know the depth In addition. Icarn
the coi reel way to dive from a quali- t
ficd instructor * I
Watch out for the "dangerous
too's--too tired, to cold, too far from ?
safety, too much sun. too nmchstrcnu- (
ous activity (
Do not chew gum or cat w hile you
swim, yoii could easily choke I
Use common sense aboul swimming
after eating In general. >ondo
not have to wait an hour after eating
before you may safely swim However.
if you have had a large meal, it
is wise to let digestion gel started
before doing strenuous activity such
as swimming
Alcohol and svvimmingdon't mix
Alcohol impairs your judgement,
balance, and coordination especially
in the water It affects your swimming
and diving skills and reduces
tour body's ability to stay warm
Always wear a Coast Guard-approved
life jacket when boating and
Know how to prevent, recognize
ind respond locmcrgcncics. Remember
ihe scene to ensure it's safe and
CHECK for the person until help
In the event of a drowning
Remove the victim from the wacr.
have someone call 911 or your
local emergency number
Hope you and your family have a
safe and fun summer From the staff
if Robeson County Chapter of the
\nicrican Red Cross
For more information please call
he American Red Crpssat 7f 8-5057

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