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V OLUME 24 NUMBER 2* THURSDAY, \1A\ 29, 1997 TVYf.H l"i I IVL t-Ll JIL.
Lumbee G ty Bank
Declares Cusn dividend
^ . ?
ruMiiiii/At, /VC- Lasl nighlThc
Board of Directors declared a $ 11
t cash dividendper share to all stockholdcrsof
record asof June 11.1907
The Dividends will be paid on June
23. 1997. "Thisdividend will be the
bank's largest cash dividend pay out
in its 25 year history ", said the Prcsir
dcnlofLumbcc Guarantybank. Larry
R.. Chavis. While the stock has done
well throughout the bank's history.
1997 has proved to be an especially
good year for shareholders thus far
Earlier this year, shareholders received
a 100% slock dividend, paid
in the form of a 2 for 1 stock split
The Bank is currently offering
slock lo Ihc public for only llic Hftb
lime in ihc bank s 25 year history
The bank is offering $5 million or ils
slock lo the public, two-thirds of
which has already been sold President
Chavis said, "potential and current
sha rcholdc rs that pu rchasc slock
before the record dale of June 11.
1997 will receive the recently declared
cash dividend"
With over $75 million in assets.
Lumbcc Guaranty Bank is dedicated
to serving the people of Robeson.
Cumberland, and surroundingcountics.
The bank will be opening its new
three story corporate and branch office
in Pembroke later this summer
Spring Festival of
Dance to be Presented
The SpringFcslival of Dance 1997
will be presented by the Charlolic
Blume School of Dance in Lumberton
on Sunday, June 1 at 4:00 P.M. at
the Robeson County Library. Students
of the School will perform a
variety of Ballet. Tap. and Gymnastic
dances. Students range in age
from Prc-Schoo! to Teens.
Solo performers arc Fonda Jones
in "Music Box Dancer". Heather
Sanger in "Oklahoma", and Kclli
Rogers in "1 Believe I Can Fly".
Michelle Aldridgc will perform the
"Nightingale" from Rcsphigi's'Thc
Birds'*. Ms. Aldridgc is principal
danceru ith the North Carolina Stale
A Martial Arts Demonstration will
be presented by Roman Locklcar
Mr. Locklcar is a Black Belt w ith 4
years or teaching and competitive
experience He currently teaches in
Pembroke. Mr Locklcar will ofTcr
martial Arts classes for children and
Adults at the Blumc Studio starting
in June.
The public is invited There is no
admission charge.
For further information call (910)
MBA Graduate
Mr. John Nelson Oxendine, 32,
graduated from Fayetteville State
University with a Master of Business
Administration. After attending
VNC-Chapel Hill, Maryland,
and Chicago on academic and military
scholarships, he received his
Bachelor's degree from UNC-Pembroke.
He is the son of Mr. & Mrs.
I.arce and Trudy Lee Oxendine of
Pembroke (Union Chape!) and
grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel
Duckery oxendine and Mr. & Mrs.
Dewey Lee Oxendine. He has dedicated
his pursuit of higher education
and zestfor life to his late lovely
baby sister - (iertrude Oxendine
Lockleur! She never gave up and
neither will he!
Sunday at the Fellowship Church
The signbearing the church name ,
and lime of service goes out front on (
Friday morning. That's because the
church meets in a private home on a
residential block at 506 N. Jones St.,
behind Bo's Supermarket in Pembroke.
It started when Rev. Edmond
Locklcar. Jr. wound up with two
living room suites and could not sell
one. He visited other churches and
the pastors did not seem to need any
help so he started a church in his
You arc welcomed at the door by
Rev. Locklcar You step inside a
living room w ith just a bit of difference
There are the usual pictures on
the wall, bookcases with what-nots
and an old piano loaded with family
pictures Carpel is on the floor. The
difference is that around the room
there arc placards with various messages:
"Mistreat your wife and your
prayers will bchindcrcd". "Fornication
A adultery will destroy your
body & soul" "Men & women, take
lime om for your children". Etc
Next you notice the coffee table It
has several kinds of coffee, cups and
spoons But likely, you notice the
large platter of fruit. Banana halves,
apple and orange quarters, grapes
and strawberries, small boxes of raisins.
and alt of that decorated with
sprinklings of white, red. green and
orange gumdrops. gold-wrapped
Hcrshcy s kisses, and all that topped
with white large niarshntaltows. Next,
you will notice a small plate of sausage
biscuits set off with crcmctopped
oatmeal cookies.
Children go for the fruit plate
You sit down on either of two sofas,
or two arm chairs or a love scat and
make a cup of coffee and try one of
the sausage biscuits.
Al so on the coffee table a re si ips of
paper telling where the Sunday school
Icssonstarts. listingsuggcslcd hymns,
listing confession and the minister's
text and topic for the worship service.
You take one and you revievfcit
and you know what is going to happen
You look around On an end table
to one of the sofas is a display of Rev.
Locklcar's books There is the Bible
Q&A book he published in 1984 and
in which he said Lady Diana would
not find happiness in her marriage
(she is divorced) and Russia would
break apart (happened in 1992).
At the other end of the sofa in a
picture frame you see two $1 bills.
Beneath them is the sloiy of how Rev
Locklcar was led by the Spirit in
.1990 to find those dollar bills He
thinks it sa message thai one day the
Lord is going to bless him.
Meanwhile. Rev Locklcar is welcoming
everyone and directing attention
to the first hymn. You might
see something on the fruit platter you
would love to nibble The group rises
, for the first hymn It is followed by
I prayer
You sit and while you hit the fruit
platter again, maybe trying a box of
the raisins. Rev. Locklcar is opening
the Sunday school session Rev
Locklcar was reading through the
Bible and was to Luke in early Feb
runry when the church started So.
the church started at the first chapter
of Luke. You're now in the 5th chapter
and the slip of paper gives you the
references. Everyone finds the place
There arc extra Bibles and the
group reads through the lesson Then
Rev. Locklcar guides the group
through the lesson with questions
Everyone can participate. As he
moves from verse to verse, he asks
key questions and stimulates conversation
and discussion He pauses to
permit anyone to ask a question or
make a point. This procedure may
come from his 54 years of teaching in
the public schools.
At the end of Sunday school. Rc\
Locklcar asks if there arc any questions.
If not. he asks the group to lake
a few minutcsbrcak. You might want
to hit the fruit platter again. Maybe
you still have some of your coffee
There might be a sausage biscuit left
Following the break. Rc\
Locklcar gathers the attention of c\ cryonc
and the group stands for confession.
singing of the second hymn
and prayer. By referring to the slip of
paper, you can follow and know what
is going to happen You might like
the flowers printed at the bottom of
the paper.
You might notice one of the children
rcmovinglhc gold w rapper from
a Hcrshcy *s kiss and pressing the
chocolate drop into the lop of a large
niarshmallow and popping it in his
Everyone is seated Rev Locklcar
announces lite references for his sermon.
but the references arc on the
slip of paper so most everyone has
found the place already.
Youarckcptalcrl by Rc\ Locklcar
pausing at times in his message and
asking questions. He might call your
name and ask you >our opinion on
some question or issue Ifyou want to
make a comment, you motion with
your hand and Rev Locklcar will
pause for >011 to speak An altar call
is made After the worship sen ice.
\ou arc gi\cn another opportunity to
w itncssor tclI any tlii ngon> our haul.
The group rises lor thcclosing pray cr
for the needs of each person present
You may put in a request forpra>cr
for someone The groqp joins hands
and prays
The slip of paper tells where next
Sunday lesson is located so >ou slip
that in your 3iblc t here's a small
tag of grapes left on the fruit platter
they arc cool, fresh and sweet
As the group leaves the living
room, there is fellowship Rev.
Locklcar says every one is welcome
to come back next Sunday morning
at 10 AM He says if there is no
preaching planned at your church
next Sunday. slip away and visit usat
The Fellowship Church.
He is hoping to gel a building to
house his church But. w ith only $1
in the treasury at this time, he says lie
can only pray and ask God to make a
On the second Sunday. he has 4
persons attending. On the third Sunday
. 2 persons at tended On the fourth
Sunday. 5 persons attended
Eight new volunteers have recently completed Hospice of Robeson's
training program. They are)from left): Jeannie Wilcox, Helen Haggard,
day Watts, Connie l.ocklear, Jan Pulliam, Jeannie l.ashley, Byron
Lashley and Martha Hood.
Eight Volunteers Complete
Hospice Training
Eight volunteers from across
Robeson County have completed an
eight-week course designed to prepare
them to help terminally ill patients
and their families.
From Lumbcrton arc Helen Haggard.
Martha Hood, Jane Pulliam
and Jeannic Wilcox. New Red Springs
volunteers arc Bryon and Jeannic
Lashlcy and Fay Watts. Connie
Locklcar is the newest hospice volunteer
front Pembroke
"We arc happy to welcome these
new volunteers to our hospice family."
said Anne Crain. Hospice Volunteer
coordinator "They have
worked hard during their training
course, and we arc looking forward
to placing each one where they can be
effective in helping our patients and
their families. They will be paired
with an experienced volunteeras they
begin their first assignment \\i\jt
Hospice of Robeson."
In April. Hospice volunteers were
honored at a dinner held in the cafeteria
of Southeastern Regional
Medical Center Among those recognized
from the Fairmont area were
Robert and Burncll Moore and Mary
Grcyard of McDonald
Volunteers honored front Lumbcrton
were 11-year veteran Ruth
Bryan Vicky Hasty. Rosa Jacobs
who received a five-year pin. Dan
Jones who received a five-year pin;
Stanley Locklcar; Ruth Prcvaltc;
Armatha Robinson; Mattic Whiltcd;
and Dorothy Wilkinson.
honored from the Pembroke area
were Willie Rcc Chaviswho received
a five-year pin; Charles Green;
Cynthia Locklcar; Bobbie Ann Oxcndinc;
Connie Oxcndinc who received
a five-year pin and Eva Sampson.
Hospice volunteers from St. Pauls
arc Cheryl Baker; O'Neal Hickman;
Marian jackson. Lois Lowcry who
received a five-year pin; and Armilcc
McGrcachv who received a ten-year
Red Springs volunteers for hospice
honored that evening were:
Martha Bullock. Frances Collins.
Elsie Egan. Betty Prathcr. Mary Lou
Shcrrill, and Gail Woodeox
Hospice of Robeson was established
in 1985 and its services arc
available without regard to age-sex.
race religion, national origin, handicap
or ability to pay if the individual
meets the admissions criteria.
Hospice staff members and volunteers
arc available to speak to
church and civic groups For more
information about services or to
schedule a speaker, call the Hospice
of Robeson office at 738-1905.
LRDA fs JTPA Building Robbed During
Memoria Day Weekend
by Vtnilu Clark
Pembroke NC: Durning Ihc Memorial
Day Weekend the LDRA'S
JTPA Building was broken into
The robber,' was discovered bv a
local neighbor who was "walking his
dog" around 7:30a.m. The neighbor
slated "I was walking my dog and
noticed a cardboard box. I was wondering
how come nobody took it to
the dumpstcr 1 went over to look in
it and found a bunch of office supplies
and a Polaroid camera that I
could even use Then I looked up at
the building and saw where one of
the back doors looked like it had been
kicked and the other back door was
wide open, so I called the police"
The Pembroke Policeman w ho responded
was Mickcs Strickland
Another LRDA neighbor went and
notified Kenneth Maynor who is a
member of the LRDA Board of
Dircctora. He then notified Mr. William
Locklcar who is the director of
the JTPA Program Both of them
came to the crime scene, consulted
w ilh thcofficcrand entered the building
A rcprt was filed and the officer
placed the cardboard box in his patrol
car and lefi the scene It was
apparent there was no Security System
in this building "because no one
heard anything" Residents w ho reside
around the LRDA building were
rather Surprised by this incident
The Carolina Indian Voice will be
follow ing these events and will keep
it's reader's informed
What Happened to the Shakori?
by John "tall liird" Marshall
Upon their arrival, the white man
was confronted with the learning of
many Indian names and words As
the American Indians had no written
language, the spelling of their names
and other words were left to the
imagination and "liberty of the Colonist
Thus, one name or word could
have been spelled in numerous manners
and still considered to be right.
Such may be the case of the word
"SHOCCO . The "Shocco Township"
and "Shocco Creek" is located
in Historic Bute County (what
is now Warren and Franklin County)
approximately seven miles south of
Warrcnlon. North Carolina
The name "Shocco Creek" is believed
to have been the European's
shortened version of the "Shakori".
"Shocorrcc". "Shakorcc".
"Shacorcc". or Chicora" Indian
Tribc that lived in the general area of
present-day "Shocco Township".
The "Shakori Tribe" traded with
other Indians and Colonists along
the "Colonial Trading Path" that
ran from Petersburg, Virginia
through their homeland down to the
"Catawba" and"Waxhaw" Indians
ncarthc SouthCarolina -NonhCaro
lina Border
The "Shnkori" were farmers and
hunters They planted cropsofbcans.
corn, gourds, pumpkin, sunflower,
and tobacco They hunted the deer,
fox. beaver, bear, raccoon, rabbit,
squirrel, duck, and turkey They also
fished the "Shocco Creek" It is
recorded that buffalo were killed
along the "Shocco Creek" as late as
Very little is know n of their history.
yet. thev wcrccloscly associated
with thc"F.NO" in historical times
The "Shnkori" may have been the
"Chicora" mentioned b\ Spanish
Explorers in 1521
The "Shnkori" were of "Siouan
Linguistic Family" and the name
translates to "House Down There"
The "Shnkori befriended the encroaching
Colonist and served as
guides lite "Shnkori" were attacked
by the "Tuscarora" for their refusal
to join in the "Tuscarora War"
against the white settlers
To escape the terror of attacks, the
"Shakori" migrated Southwest tot
he protection of their "Eno" relatives
A few "Shakori" remained
behind and reportedly fought with
the "Continental Army" during
1X12 I
"Shakori's" were also observed I
living on the "Haw River" in I
Alamance Counlv. 14 miles from
Eno in 1672 In 1701. John I .aw son
reported "Shakori" and "Eno" liv ing
together in a village called ?
"Adshushccr" in Orange County,
near present-day Hillsboro North i
Carolina |
Population of the Tribe is not I
exactly known as they were counted I
in with their relatives, the "Eno". <
The estimated population oTthccom- <
billed "Eno - Shakori" in 1600 was I
set at 15(H) persons In 1714. the
"Eno". "Shakori". "Ttilclo". i
"Saponi". "Oecanccchi". and
"Keyauwee" totaled 750. and there
was noothcr record oC'Eno" population
during (his historic time
The "Shakori Tribe" seemingly
disappeared Yet. it is possible that
there arc still descendants of the
"Shakori" living among us today,
perhaps inter-married with other
Tribes or the early settlers
In an effort to re-discover the history
of the "Shakori" and the
"ShoccoTownship", a newly formed
historical Native American Organization.
"Shocco Historical and In
cr-Tribal Native American Society
Inc." (SHIN AS) has been organized
slew members are welcome from the
Algonqnian", "Iroquoian". and
Siouan" affiliations. Non-Native
\nicricans "may also join with rcilrielions
the purposcand intent of'Shmas"
is that of honoring and emulating a
jeoplc of compassion, courage.
Iionor. and pride, to promote peaceful
harmony amongall Native American
Tribes and Organizations, and to
show respect to the Creator and
Mother Earth
"Shinas" is actively seeking property
in the historic "Shocco Township"
area on which to build an olTicc
and qraft shop We also plan to construct
a "Village Of Yesteryear", as
well as. conduct annual "Pow Wows'
and "Spiritual Gatherings"
We arc also seeking assistance in
the development and limning of a
drum leant"
If you know of additional history
of the "Shakori" or the "Shocco
Township" and/or interested in joining
us or learning more about
"Shinas". contact Ms Sandi Frick
at (919) 269-62 lOor John Marshall.
Chairman, at (919) 9K5-0455
Misty L. Locklear
Recognized for
Academic Excellence
On April 12, 1997, Misty I..
I.ocklear ivas recognized for her
academic achievement. During a
special program, Miss. I.ocklear was
presented an award for Freshman
Academic Excellence by the Student
Counselor's office^ VNCChapel
Hill. She is the daughter of
Robert and l.anette I.ocklear, of the
Prospect Community andthegranddaughter
of Mr. A Mrs. Wilson
C'havis, Mr. A Mrs. Zeh I.ocklear
and the late Dora /.. C'havis.
Mobile Office to be
In Pembroke
The mobile olTicc of 7lh district
Rep Mike Mclnlyrc will be at the
PcmbrokcTow n Hall. Tuesday. June
1. from 9:00-11:00 a.m.
A member of Rep Mclntyrc's
staff will be available to assist people
who have problems with federal
matters such as veterans affairs, social
security, internal revenue, disability
Comments on pending legislation
arc also welcome. The mobile
olTict is a service to people of the 7th
district and makes sc\cral stops in
Robeson Counts during the scar
Say you read
it in Carolina
Indian Voice.
Kiwanis Report
The moot lit) business meeting was
held Tnesda) escning ;il llic Town
and C'ounlrv Rcsiauranl Willi President
Pumic Lambert presiding
The high light or I lie evening was
the beautiful ondisplo) of the I*>7K
Cauiaro Z.2X aboard the four w heel
t railerow ned b\ and donated b> Prcsidenl-emeritusBobl.owfs
astlic IW7
K iw anis f und-raiser Tickets arc $5.
(Itcdrnwing lobe Jul) 5thal I .limbec
Homecoming at the Pembroke Park
at 4 pm Nou do not base to be
present to win Hob and Ra> l.owrs
liad the ear on displa) ill hist week's
Drag lar Races ticket sales were
\cr\ good I lekcls can Ik obtained
from am Kiwaniau
The IW7-UX new officers were
elected 't he) arc President Brian
Brooks. PiCsident elect George
Kenworth). I reasiirer-Alberl Hunt.
Sccrclar) - I odd Jones
President Lambert will be attendingtltc
International tecls, ReporterKen

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