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Celebrates ninetysecond
- Lonnie Revels of Pembroke celebrates his ninety-second birthday,
tuesday, August 5,1997, at his home. The event was hosted by his family.
Mr. Revels is the proudfather ofsix children,five of whom are living: Mrs.
Florence V. Ransom ofPembroke; Mrs. Delia M. Hart is of Matthew; Mrs.
Rosa M. Winfree of Charlotte; Mrs Thresa ofLumberton; Connie Revels,
Jr. of Greensboro; and a foster son, Donald Godwin of Pembroke. The
honoree was born Aug. 5,1905 in Saddletree, Lumberton Area on a 25 acre
farm. Mr. Revels was married to the late Dimple Godwin who worked hard
and ivas one of the best cooks in Pembroke. The Honoree -worked hard and
also educated his children and was faithful to his church. He has 14
grandchildren A 14 great-great grandchildren. Mr. Revels received many
gifts A delicious dinner was served.
(Photo and text by: T/S Gt. William P. Revels)
Filing Opens for
Tribal Council Seats
The Lumbee Tribal Elections
Board announces the following seats
on the Lumbee Tribal Council are up
for election this year. Those seats
arc: District 3 (incumbent: Joel Dial
Jr.), District 6 (incumbent. Henry B.
Brewer). District 9 (incumbent:
Garth Locklear), District 12 (incumbent,
Dclton Oxendine), District 15
(incumbent, Mr. Clarence Woods).
District 18 (incumbent. Doreen
Sampson), and 21 (incumbent. Lance
Harding Jr.)
In addition, elections will be held
in three other districts to fill vacancies.
Those persons elected in these
districts will serve out the remainder
or the term for these seals. These
Districts arc: District 4 (Cumberland
County and North and South St
Pauls), District l()(North Pembroke).
District 11 (Deep Branch area). .
Filing will open on August 11,
1997 and close at 5:00 p.m. on August
22, 1997. The election will be
neld October 25.1997. However, no
election will be held for any district
scat where a candidate is unopposed
There is a non-returnable fee of
$50.00 for candidates. If you arc
filing for tribal council, please call
521-9999 for an appointment.
Qualifications for Lumbce Tribal
Council members arc "Except as
otherwise provided, members of the
council shall serve three year terms
and no council member can serve
more than two consecutive terms.
The privilege to run for election to
the tribal council shall be limited to
those members of the Lumbce Tribe
who at the commencement of the
term of ofTicc for which the member
stands for election: (a) arc over the
age of twenty-one (21); b) have maintained
their principal place of resident
in the particular council district
for which the members stand for
election no less than the preceding
six months', c) arc not incarcerated
upon conviction for any offense or
have completed a sentence for a felony
conviction less than seven years before.
with the term sentence as used
herein to include any period of restriction
on civil rights, and d) hold
hb other publicly elected government
officeor noolhcr appointcdor elected
tribal office at the time of taking
Association of American Indian
Physicians Hold Conference
The Association of American Indian
Physicians held its 26th Annual
Meeting July 26-29, 1997 in Seattle,
Washington Attending this year's
conference were Dr. Joseph T. Bell
and family, from UNC-CH School of
Medicine: Christina Hardin (Lumbcc),
James West (Lumbcc), Kristy
Woods (Lumbce), Tracy Bullard
(Lumbcc). Janet Harris (Lumbce),
Andrew Haputa (Western Band
Cherokee), and from ECU School of
Medicine. Katie Lowcry (Lumbcc)
and Willie Richardson (Lumbcc). The
theme of this year's meeting was
"Indian Health Issues in the Next
Ccntuiy: The Role of the Indian Physician."
This year's conference addressed
the role of the Indian Physician in 1)
approaching major health problems
affecting Native American communities.
2) recognizing the many
changes taking place in the Indian
health arena, 3) addressing the lack
>f Indians cntcringthc health profesiions.
4) balancing traditional Indian
medicine and modern western
medicine and facilitating the Indian
patients who seek a traditional approach
to their health care, and 5)
computer and medical software training
Thccducational seminars ranged
from "Research Opportunities in
NIH for American Indian Health
Professionals" to "Addiction Problems
in the American Indian Family"
and "Detecting Cancer Genes
in American Indians" to "Medical
and Surgical Management of the
Diabetic Foot." Luncheons Were
sponsored by the NW Portland Area
Indian Health Board Recruitment
Proiect. the American Academy of
Pediatrics, and the American Academy
of Family Physicians. In addition
to the senitnars, a number of
cultural events were held, including
in this year's conference was a wonderful
opportunity to take a boat ride
to the surrounding Blake Island to
Tillicum Village where the Native
tribe performed and a salmon dinner
was served The Seattle Waterfront
was absolutely beautiful
The Association of Nativb American
Medical Students also held its
annual meeting at this conference,
where Willie Richardson was selected
to be the Southeast Region Representative
of ANAMS Congratulations
to Dr. Joseph Bell for being elected as
next President-Elect for AA1P. The
conference was a rewarding experience
for all who attended
The students from UNC-CH and
ECU Schools of Medicine would like
to thank all who made it possible for
them to attend this year's national
Entertaining Concert Presentation Brings Positive Message to 1,600 9th
Through 12th Graders Attending Public Schools in Robeson County
Lauren Stalncckcr. the high-energy
musician featured in Food Lion
television commercials is bringing a
very serious message to 1.600 ninth
through twelfth graders attending
public schools in Robeson County.
On Thursday. September 4.
Lauren w ill perform hisnalional lour
production to students at Purncll
Swett High School. 1339 Rural Road
Red Banks Rd in Pembroke. Performance
times will run from 8 a.m.
untif9 a.m
The high-energy sound, light and
interactive music video program involves
the students in a production
that communicates an anti-drug, antiviolence
message through a fun, upbeat
and positive presentation
Lauren a muUi-talcnted musician,
composer and producer will perform
the one hour shows called "Lauren
The event is sponsored by Food
Lion Inc and the Robeson County
Health Department.
Lauren blends high-impact original
music, MTV type music videos,
live interactive digital video production.
computer controlled moving
laser lights, dance and straight talk
to present a concert experience designed
to inspire public school students
throughout the nation. Students
are bused to concert halls, civic
center and convention arenas by the
thousands toriew his dynamic, hightech
Lauren's production knowledge
and performance ability comes from
a lifetime of sot' song writing, recording
and concert tours performing
his positive pop message. His
w ork on the anti-drug campaign began
in 1988 when he was asked by
the mayor of Jacksonville, FL to write
a theme song for a city rally. As a
result, the Fraternal Order of Police
associates asked him to become the
WW T ? /K ?
national spokesperson for their "Just
Say No to Drugs" campaign
In 1991, Lauren's concert in
Salisbury, NC was attended by Tom
Smith, President of Food Lion Inc.
They shred a vision to reach the
youth of our country in a unique and
effective way. Food Lion immediately
became involved and sponsored
the first year of touring in 1992. The
overwhelming success of the first 42
city tour and each year thereafter, has
established a continual commitment
on the part of Food Lion to reach
America's youth. With the support of
Food Lion, the tour has reached more
than a million youth in 200 communities.
Lauren's tours have received rave
reviews from school and community
leaders who have experienced his
message and concern about drugs,
alcohol and violence in their school
systems He is committed to
America's youth by helping students
in hundreds of cities across American
say "no" to drugs and violence.
Lauren proclaims that young
people are the most resource our
country has "Young people are the
future of our country and without
them we have no future. When I ask
kids whether they know they're valuable,
half of them raise their hands
and half of them do not. When kids
know their personal value, they can
make decisions of excellence "
Lauren stated
Since 1991, Lauren's independently
produced music videos have
won tow Addy Awards and several
top music video and film awards
from U S competitions. Recent TV
appearances include NBC Nightlv
News. ABC, CBS. PBS, America's
Talking. Satellite Network )CNBC)
the Children's MiracleNetvvork Telethon,
FOX and affiliate news and
magazine shows.
The 1997-98 tourwillbccnhanced
by his current movie video entitled
LAUREN. This movie is currently
available for free rental in all Blockbuster
Video stores. Lauren is currently
producing his second music
movie video for Blockbuster called
Lauren Vision." The one hour program
will feature seven music videos,
interviews and live in concert
footage. Release of Lauren Vision is
scheduled for late 1997. and will be
available as a free community service
rental for all Blockbuster Video
stores nationwide. The website address
is www.laurenvision com
Native Peoples
Magazine to feature
listing of Native
American events
Native Peoples Magazine will
once again feature an event listing
for the third Annual Travel/Destination
issue to be released January 25,
1998. This is a call to Indian communities
and organizations to submit
their calendar of events such aspow
wows, rodeos, feasts, sport games,
exhibitions, and special gatherings
open to the public. The chronological
even listing begins March l;! 998
and runsthroUgh February 28,1999
The even must be Native American
focused, and coordinated,tlbd in
existencefor a mini mum oftvVoyears.
A correct phone number is required
with consent to publish with the listing.
The information must be submitted
in writing only, on sponsoring
organization letterhead.
This is a free listing and subject to
sppce within the Travel/Destination
issue therefore, there is no guarantee
of placement. Qualifying events
not ablcto bcpublished will bcplaced
with our website calendar. Please
send your detailed information to
Janell Sixkiller. Communications/
Museum Relations Manger, at Native
Peoples Magazine, 5333 N. 7th
Street, Suite C-224, Phoenix, AZ
85014, or fact to (602) 265-3111 no
later than November 15, 1997.
Notice of
The preliminary drafi of the 199798
Low Income Home Energy Assistance
plan will be available for inspection
August 18-22. 1997 Your
written comments and suggestions
arc welcome and will be considered
m dcvclopingthc final LIHEAP plan
The Lumbcc Regional Development
Association. Inc. proposes to
use the LIHEAP in Robeson. Hoke,
and Scotland Counties to. 1) Assist
eligible Indian families in paying
their heating cost. 2) Assist families
w ith heating or cooling in crisis situations,
3) Outreach and referrals to
tancc>Pr,n,C 0r8aniza,ions for assisAugust
ffS .007 * a.Vailablc on
?3" V 8'22 .' "7- m the following
offices for rev iew: The Administra ind
SC,VTrA ofTlcc in Pembroke,
and the Low Income Energy Office
'"Luniberion The plan will also S
available at the Hawk eye Sands Com
Thursday August
EIcctrirKa11 .f, JhcLumbccR" er
S CJ^Cmbcrsh'P Corporation in
ScotHand County. FridayTugus?"?
Clarence woods files for
Position of Mayor of Maxton
Maxton, JVC?Clarence Woods
has announced his candidacy for the
position of Mayor of the Town of
Maxton, NC.
Woods. 62. said. "I feci compelled
to seek the Mayoral Office of the
town (county ) in which 1 was born,
disciplined and educated." He is a
graduate of Prospect High' School
and received his B A and BS degrees
from the recently named UNC-Pcmbroke
before and after serving his
country in the U.S. Army.
"This is a time of my life when 1
can fullyshafts with the people of this
progressive city my knowledge and
administrative experiences I gained
as an administrator of twenty-three
and one-half (23 1/2) years at Kelly
Springfield Tire Company in Fay
ettcville and as a successful Maxton
businessman, said Woods.
Mr. Woods said that he has always
financially supported his community
and programs for children
and the elderly, and says he believes
in planning, organizing, andaecomplishing
goals. Currently Mrwoods
serves on the Maxton Housing Authority
and the Christmas Parade
"My goals as. Mayor o? Maxton
are to provide harmonious leadership
and the necessary fortitude to
accomplish the desires of the Commissioners
and the people," said Mr.
Woods. He continued, "I will personally
work to 1) Establish an Improved
Downtown Rcvitalization and
Continued Historic Preservation; 2)
Expand and Create Industry and
Environmental Access for Increased
Jobs; 3; Support Law Enforcement
for Crime-Free Neighborhoods; 4)
Support Community Schools; and 5)
Maintain Economic and Budgetary
Stability for our city.
"I will be a full-time Mayor with
Truth of Loyalty and am confident
the necessary improvements forMaxton
will be accomplished as I listen
and work -With our Commissioners,
the States Agehcies, and the peoples,"
Woods safe!.
Woods'and his wife, Virginia,
have five children and arc members
of the Trinity Pentecostal Holiness
(JIMCF and East Carolinu in
master's degree partnership
PEMBROKE -- The next generation
of school principals will agjin
be trained at The University of North
Carolina at Pembrokeas it joins forces
with East Carolina University to offer
an educational leadership program
this fall, according to Dr.
Kathryn M. Sullivan, dean of graduate
studies and director of teacher
Two information sessions for the
Master of School Administration
program will be held at Thursday,
Aug 14 and Monday, Aug 18 at
6:30 p.m. in room212 of the Education
Center 'Candidates should attend
one of the meetings and may
apply for admission at that time
Although the two-year program is
a joint effort of UNCP and ECU.
classes will be held on the UNCP
campus The degree will be conferred
by ECU, which is one of seven
UNC member institutions offering
thcMSA. Distance Icarningtcchnology
will be used to deliver classes
from ECU via the information high
way for 20 credit hours.
UNCP Chancellor Joseph B. Oxendine
said the program serves the
career advancement needs of educators
in this region.
"UNC Pembroke is very pleased
to join with East Carolina in this
program to prepare school administrators
throughout this region," Oxendine
said. The combined teaching
resources of the two universities
off a program of study which is supcriortoany
that either institution could
"With the majority of courses offered
on the UNC-Rsampus. the program
is convenient for those insouthcastern
North Carolina who aspire to
become school principals or superintendents."
he said. "Dr. Ray Brayboy.
who has served as superintendent
and principal in several southeastern
North Ca roli na cou nt ics. wi 11
be a key player in this new venture "
Dr Brayboy will coordinate the
program for UNCP. He will also
teach a class in school based management
this fall, Dr. Sullivan said.
"Thisprogram will qualify graduates
to be licensed administrators in
North Carolina." she said. "The faculty
at UNCP and ECU are very
enthusiastic about this collaborative
effort, which has been in the planning
a nd development stages for several
years." '
Dr. Sullivan said the program
would be much more difficult to offer
without distance learning technology
"With the current emphasis on
technology in the schools, this is an
exciting way to study," she said
"What better way to get future principals
excited about the valucof technology
than to get first hand experience
with it?
Successful applicants will take two
courses pcrsemesterandduringcach
summer session.
For more information, contact the
UNCP Office of Graduate Studies at
_ 910-521-6271. _
Lumbee River EMC Introduces
EC Home Program
Red Springs, /VC-Demonstrating
its community service philosophy and
. commitment. Lumbec River EMC
recently announced the introduction
of a new program called EC
Home(tm). Through EC Home (tm).
with just one simple toll-free phone
call, consumers can access a full
menu of home mortgage products
and related real estate services for
new home construction, purchase of
an existing home, refinancing or
home equity purposes
When consumers call toll-tree at
t -888-ECHOME1 (1-8H8-3 24 -66!)1)
they Can learn about the many EC
Home benefits including the following:
Free (within 24 hours)
prcqualificd, prc-approval and personal
mortgage counseling
Totally paper-free, verbal application
Access to more than 50 types of
mortgage products including no
money down and guaranteed rural
housing loans
New home, refinancing, and
home equity loan opportunities
Affordable, preferred EC Home
interest rates
Opportunities for Cash Back
Assistance from their own personal
move coordinator in buying
and selling a home
Discounts on moving van. self
move rentals and related services
Guaranteed service satisfaction
EC Home is a tailor-made fit between
Lumbce River EMC and its
consumers. "Over the years many
people in our community have become
comfortable working with us
We've developed a trusting relationship
with our consumers and they
know we have our community's best
interest at hearts," said Larry Jacobs,
l.umbcc River EMC's Manager of
Finance and Administration and the
coordinator for the new program
"We feel this program brings a much
needed service to our area "
Other rural electric cooperative
leaders and rural housing expert*
agree that such a program is sorely
needed in many rural communities
In a national survey conducted by the
National Rural Electric Cooperative
Association, a service organization
for nearly 1,000 consumer-owned
electric cooperatives in 46 states,
nearly half of the cooperative leaders
responding reported a lack of affordable
housing in their areas, and 44
percent said housing problems pinch
theireffortstoboost their local ccono.
"The bottom line is that there arc
growing gaps in mortgage financing
options in rural areas." continued
Jacobs "Our EM Home program will
expand those options, through the
time tested alliance of people and
their electric cooperative We believe
this innovative approach will
make the dream of home ownership
a reality for more people in our community
i For more information on Lumbcc
River EMC's EC Home program,
contact larry Jacobs at 843-4111.
( Extension 223
f . "X
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