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: Cultural Ft
Sept. 26-28
' Melrolina Native American
i Assoc. Non-profit (3C) Organization,
serving 10 counties in the
Mctrolina Area, proudly presents the
14th Annual Indian Trail Pow-Wow
September 26-28,1997, at the Indian
Trail School, in the IndianTrail.NC.
I Over twenty-five Artist and Traders,
Dancers, Singers and Drummers
front all over the US and Canada w ill
be performing through out the event.
the Pow-Wow opens Friday, Sept.
26 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on
! .Saturday we will opcaat 11 a.m. and
cJoscat9p.m. On Sunday, open at 11
tr.m. to 6 p.m. Donations at the gate
will be appreciated.
1 ' Thank You in advance for your
support in the effort to inform the
t tublic.
Program on
Family Violence
1 to be presented
West Robeson United Method.
ist Women- will sponsor a session
t on Family Violence in Our Community
at 7:30 p.m. onOctobcr 15
at West Robeson United Methodist
Church. Everyone is invited to
attend. The presentation is also
presented by the Southeastern Fa mH>
Violence Center of Robeson
County. For more information call
910-521-3835 or 910-521 -0544
I' ''
Lumbee Guaranty
Bank's Stock Sold Out
Pembroke, M.'-Lunibcc Guaranty
Bank has just completed a $3
Million Common Stock offering to
the Public. The Stock sold out early
Monday. It was the second stock
offering in two years and the second
complete sell out Mr LarryChavis.
the Bank President, staled.
"We would like to thank all those
w ho have placed confidence in our
institution, .the response from all
the communities we serve was trc
mcndous "
The Bank now has over $9 Million
in Capital and nearly one
Million shares of Common stock
outstanding The Bank also had
ncarh 500 new shareholders join
them this time around "Lumbcc
Guaranty Bank is a $85 Million
Communis Bank dedicated to
meting the financial needs of the
markets we serve " Cha\ is said
Fall Spiritual Gathering Considered
Successful by Lumbee Elders -
Molhcr nature cooperated fully
with the 1997 fall Spiritual Gathering
by bringing in cooler temperatures
and brisk winds causing
many campers to don sweat shirts,
jackets, andevena feu blankclson
the last day of the outing
The gathering was held on Friday.
Saturday, and Sunday at the
North Carolina Indian Cultural
Center grounds. September 19-2021.
Visitors and guests cantc lrom>
as far as Minnesota. Kentucky.
Georgia, and Virginia, as well as
local, and statewide
The Spiritual Gathering is sponsored
and conducted by our Lumbcc
Tribal Elders Council, and is
open loc\ cry one inlcrestcdin learning
and sharing our culture of the
past, and present
The arts and craftsmanship w as
an integral part of the gathering
David Sweet of Newport News.
VA Displaycdoriginalstonctomahawks.
arrowheads etc., as well as
knives and points he handcrafted
from obsidian stone and deer antlers
He also demonstrated the
making of arrowheads using the
beautiful Black Obsidian stone
Elder and Artist Karl Anthony
Hunt displayed a collection of his
pottery of which a piece with the
Red-Tail Hawk design ended up
coming home with me
1 displayed a number of wood
flutes made of red cedar western
cedar, pine, walnut, and cherry
Several y ouths pa rticipatcd i n flute
lessons, learning to play ama/ing
grace. It Was a real thrill to see
these young.people genuinely interestedin
learning how toplay the
flute, as .did our ancestors hundreds
of years ago
Jah Parkfr displayed several
uniquely designed ribbon shirts of
which she Gifted ont to Senior
Elder Spotted Turtle. (Mr. Pete)
Other traders displayed dream
catchers: handmade steel knives
turtle-shell medicine pouches, furs,
and much more.
Throughout Saturday and Sunday.
there wasdrummingand singing
by our local youth. Organized
for only two months, these young
men have already performed in
their first Pow Wow Their name is
' Red Snake" and their mentor is
none other than Reggie Brewer.
Reggie has done an outstanding
job in forming this new drum
team and is to be commended for
his dedication and interest shown
to our youth
We were honored Saturday w ilh
the visitation of the Lovely. junior
Miss Lumbcc. Chart) Lowry
Spiritual Gatherings arc conducted
at the changing of the Four
Seasons. And is a time for the
renew ing of old Acquainlcnanccs.
making new friends, leaning
crafls. trading, selling (sclling^is
done only at designated gatherings)
Learning about our culture,
history, beliefs and practices. 11 is
genuinely a spiritual occasion as
we worship the Creator (the ope
God) and pay respect to all his
creations remembering to give
(hanks for his many blessings.
Ifyou really want togct pumped
up. learn more about spiritually,
and have a great unforgettable
time: gel into the circle, come to
the spiritual galhcrings I fv otucv cr
come once You'll definitely come
back again!
Open House Held for
Corporate Offices of
Lumbee Guaranty
The Corporate Office of l.umhee Guaranty Hank opened in
Pembroke recently, f.arry Cliavis is President of l.umhee Guaranty
Hank. Ken Freeman is Hranch Manager of the Pembroke Hranch
which now includes the former location of l.umbee Guaranty Hank
.and the first floor of the new Corporate Offices on Hightvay 711 in
Pembroke. Attorney Arnold l.ocklear serves as Chairman of the
Hoardof Directors. k
Shmrn Inside the l.umhee (iuaruntv Hank at Open House are: left
Manuel Salaiar, Corporate Accounting Officer; and Ken Freeman,
liranch Manager of the Pembroke liranch.
Shown at the Open House for the Corporate Offices of l.umhee
(iuaranty Hank held recently are Hrenda Hrooks, l.yerous f.owry and
Howard Hrooks. ' .
Shown above are A r del I Jacobs and Bobby I)eun Lock/ear visiting
Open House held for the Corporate Of/ices of I.umbee Guaranty
Bank in Pembroke.
('ommunity folks visited the Open House recently held for the
Corporate Offices of l.umhee (iuaranty Hank.
(Photos hy Francine t 'havis)
E. Anne Lowry named
coordinator of HealthCare 1999
PKMBROKK -- Ms F. Anne
l .o\\r\ has been named coordinator
onicallliC'are 1999. a regional
health care initiative hcadciuartercd
on the campus of I he VJniscrstls
of North Carolina at Pentbroke
Ms Lours will direct a program
created in 1992 to address
the health care needs in this ninecounts
region that is mcdicalls
undcrscrscd Heal I h('are 1999 is
funded bs a grant front the Duke
F.ndossmcnl through the Antcri
can Hospital Association's(AHA)
nalionaK'oninninits C'arcNctssork
demonstration project The pro
gram is a partnership with hospitals,
health departments, health
care providers, government and
businesses in the region
LTNCP Chancellor Joseph B
Oxcndinc said Ms Cowry is the
right person for the job of leading
McallhCarc 1999.
'We arc thrilled to have Ms
Lowry as coordinator of this program.
which is vers important to
the quality of health in this region.
' Chancellor Oxcndinc said
"She has the professional train;
ing. the work experience and. most
importantly, the personal Qricnla.lion
to excel in this position
"We searched nationwide for
the right person, and I am pleased
that we were able to find that person
in our own back yard." Dr
Oxcndinc said
Ms Cowry also served as a coordinator
for the North Carolina
IndianCulturalCcntcr She worked
as acting director of SistcrCarc. a
family violence reduction program
in central South Carolina
Ms Lowry's immediate priority
for Healthcare is hostinga visit
this month from the six-member
Governance and Site Visit teams
from the AHA's Community Care
Network The tennis review the
efforts, governance and effectiveness
of HcalthCarc 1999.
Ms I own, will plan the 5th
annual HeallhCarc Summit scheduled
for Dec 10 at UNCP The
summit brings together regional
health care officials, health care
experts and concerned indiv iduals
to address regional health care issues.
Healthcare 1999 isalsochnrgcd
with the mission of addressingthe
status of health care in the ninecounty
region consisting of Bladen
Cumberland. Harnett. Hoke
Moore. Richmond Robeson
Sampson, and Scotland counties
Other goals include establishing
collaborative links to improxe primary
health care, increasing education
opportunities for healthcare
professionals promoting health
care careers and dc\ eloping health
promotions foral-risk populations
thus improving the quality of life
in the region
Ms Lowrv is the daughter of
Claude Lowrv Jr of Pembroke and
Grace Billiard Low r\ of the Prospect
For more information about
HcallhCare 1999call 521 -6 I K2 or
e-mail l-owtVr/nal uncp cdu
"Red Snake
Beginning on left hand side, going clockwise, Marcus White with
ball cap on, Kirk Blue, Firekeeper Earl ''Many Skins" Carter, Sam
Pedro, Jones, Gabriel I.ocklear, Fred Pedro and Ryan Collins.
State VFW Chaplain Speaks
at Berea on Veterans Sunday
Stale VF W. Chaplain A G
Parker leaves a christian challenge
at Bcrca Baptist church with his
message he dcli\crcd during veterans
sundas service, in which
Pembroke V.F.W Post #2X-H was
the churches guests A challenge
was given to all who attended the
serv ice to Iivc a good Christ ian I i Tc.
to not be ashamed to witness for
Jesus and to help those that arc in
need His mcssngctflfiwc follow ing
avcr> moving introduction by our
post former commander and current
NC Slate Junior Vice VFW
commander Mr Art Shull His
message was from the heart and
I' m sure touched mam people who
attended the Sunday morning service.
He was very moved by a
testimony given bv a young lady in
the congregation He asked her to
nc\ cr be ashamed to tell what God
has done for her
I was introduced to Chaplain
Parker before the service and I can
sa> he is one of the most llumbclist
Preachers I have talked to latch
He w;is accompanied by his lovely
wife of main years Chaplain
Parker is from Vi'VV Post #X71') of
advance. NC to those from oiir
Post #2X41 that did not participate
in the service at Bcrca Baptist
Chunih I can say and I think I can
speak for even one present, yott
really missed a gcxxl scr\ ice Sure
hope the Chaplain will visit our
area again God has put a wonderful
lask on him he has my prayer
Thank you Pastor Bruce Swell
lorllav ingnsal your lovely church
Snbniilted bv Trvvin Jacobs
Post #2X4^ Pembroke NC
a.G. Parker

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