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Pi - i each Thursday by First American Publications, Pembroke, NC
57th Annual Meeting of the
Members of Lumbee River
EMC set for October 7
Red Springs, NC?The 57th Annual
Meeting of the Members of
the Lumbee River Electric Membership
Corporation will be held at
UNC-Pembroke's Performing Arts
Center on Tuesday, October 7.
The meeting will include reports
of officers, directors and committees,
as well as the election of four
directors of the cooperative.
Eights candidates will compete for
four seats on Lumbee River EMC's
Board of Directors. The candidates
in each race are:
District 1: Pearlie Bethea, Route
I, Maxton; and Robert Locklear,
175 L & D Drive, Maxton. The
incumbent, James H. Dial, was renominated,
but died in a car accident
on August 22, 1997.
District 5: Ambrose Locklear, Jr.
incumbent, 3672 NC 211 Hwy W;
and Ronald Hammonds, 1218
Hammonds Road, Lumberton.
District 6: Proctor Locklear, Jr,
incumbent. Mr. Locklear is running
At-Large: Lacy L. Cummings, incumbent,
75 Gene's Road, Pembroke;
Collie Brown, 1177
Persommon Road, Rowland; and
Clester Locklear, 5055 Oak Grove
Church Road, Lumberton.
Registration and voting begins at
6 p.m. The official business meeting
will begin at 7:30 p.m. members
must have registered to vote,
or must be in line to do so, by 8:00
p.m. in order to be eligible to vote.
Along with the presentation of
reports and voting for board of
directors, the meeting will include
entertainment by the Mt. Airy
Mixed Choirand Comedian Frank
Hayes. Door prizes will also be
awarded, including a television and
credits on electric bills.
Lumbee River EMC is a memberowned,
not-for-profit, electric cooperative,
overseen by a board of
directors elected by the membership,
serving 390000 customers in
Robeson, Cumberland, Hoke and
Scotland counties.
??S Will N?' seal
Se?k Co
I.umherton, N( ?Former Stale
Rep. Frances Me ArtnurCunimings
served four vcars in the NC House
of Representatives where sire was
privileged to Score more Ratified
Legislation, which arc recorded in
the General Statutes, than many
Lawmakers. Cunimings said.
"House District 87 cili/cns are v en
proud of the Successful Financial
Legislative Achicvcmcntsobtnincd
during ni\ tenure "
"I was in the 1995-% NC General
Assembly as the ONLY Voice
in the Republican Majority Leadership
for Robeson. Hokc.and Sootland
Counties-District 87" Cummings
- Cunimings has made Ircr
decision that she will not seek
election for the Congressional
" District 7 Scat and is giving Rep
Mclnlyrc an opportunity to be reelected
for a second term Cum
mings said, "1 am sure Congressional
District 7 Voters and Voters
of House District 87 who were
appealing to me to seek Election
for Congressional District 7 or for
Robeson. Hoke, and Scotland
Counties?District 87. will be
deeply disappointed that I have
decided to withdraw from the IW8
General Elections"
"There arc Groups of Voters
throughout Congressional District
~7 and House District 87 who arc
having telephone commitments
from members of the Democrat
Political Party, the Republican
Partv. and Independents for my
candidacy."Cummings said
Cummings said Iter decision
will allow Mike Mel illy re to spend
less money from his Campaign
Funds and she said "I hope Mike
succeeds to have hisplans for ( ongrcssional
District 7 as Blooming
Roses in a Garden I support Mike's
candidacy and ha\econfidence lie
will tic able to leant speedily
through the "Power of the Holy
Spirit "
Cummings said hcrnamc needs
no more introduction to \olcrs in
Congressional District 7 She said,
"my people who arc loyal support*
crs made it possible for me to be
known and be accepted to be their
Cummings said "hope Mike
Mclntyrc will not fail to continue
to cast his \otcs in Congress with
the thought of a Republican when
the legislation introduced will be
favorable for all people "
News from Peterson
Elementary School
On Monday, September 8th,
Peterson Elementary School Cafeteria
honored grandparents on
Grandparents Day. There were 126
grandparents who came out and ate
lunch at the school. The children
enjoyed their visit with their grandparents.
The bulletin board and
serving line were decorated with
grandmas and grandpas.
Grandparents pre loving, helpful,
understanding, fund and they have
wisdom and time.
It was a great day with visiting
with grandparents.
Cookie crumbs scattered on the
floor, sticky handprints on the
screen. I never thought I'd put up
with this, until grandkids came on
the scene.
by Rachel Oxendlne
Peterson Elementary School in
Red Springs will be among the
thousands of schools across the
country who shine their spotlight
on school lunch during National
School Lunch Week October 1317,1997.
School food service professionals,
teachers and administrators
across the nation arc "cooking
up" a variety of special meals
and activities in celebration of National
School Lunch Week.
National School Lunch Week is
an annual event designed to use fun
and exciting classroom and cafeteria
activities to educate students
and parents about the importance
of good nutrition in all aspects of
life. This year's National School
Lunch Week theme is "School
Lunch: A World of Taste." It reflects
the face of school food service
today-fun and nutritious meals
that represent delicious delicacies
from around the globe.
NSLW was established in 1963
by a proclamation from President
John F. Kennedy who wrote "I call
upon the people of the United States
of Observe...National School
Lunch Week, with ceremonies and
activities designed to increase public
understanding of the school
lunch program, to the child, to the
home, to the farm, to industry, and
totheNation." Today,theNational
School Lunch program feeds more
than 26 million children each day
in over 93,000 schools...most of
which celebrate National School
Lunch Week.
1 Say you read it in the Carolina Indian
j Voice-to subscribe call 521-2826
A Chord of Three. Left to right: Julia, Michelle and marie Locklear
perform at Pembroke Day. Michelle and Marie are UNCP students.
Julia is at Purnell Swett High. (Hobby Ayers photo)
Purnell Snvtt High School Rum ('hoir. The choir has performed
at all eight Pembroke Days held on the campus of UNt 'P.
?^ m mm m
Recent Pembroke Day at UNCP
Considered Successful Event
PEMBROKE- By 1 p.m.
Evelyn Maynor already served
more* than i.5(H) meals and was
still counting
A Mariott Food Services employee.
Ms. Maynor helped
Wednesday with Pembroke Day
festiv ilics on the campus or The
University students meet, greet and
Pembroke Day . in its 8th year,
continues to grow said Ernestine
Chavis-Bulifant. President of the
Pembroke Area Chamber of commerce
which sponsors the event
along w ith the Tow n of Pembroke
and UNCP.
"I've come every year, and every
year its keeps growing." Ms
Uulifnm said "We've.,"had a real
good turnout .and lolsol businesses
donated pri/cs "
Ms Bulifani was busy as she
split her time between awarding
pri/csand staffing the Chainbcrof
Commerce and N.CV Indian Cultural
Center booths
In all. there were 38 business
booths. 28 student clubs and organization
booths and 24 universitysponsored
booths, accordingto Assistant
Vice Chancellor for Student
Affairs Diane O. Jones, who
was a coordinator of the event
"There was a real good crowd,
and wchad more participation with
booths than ever before." Dr Jones
said "I'd like totiiankour Phy sical
Plant Department for their cooperation
and hard work "
Students andbusi ncssmcn alike
enjoyed the opportunity to interact
Buddy Oxcndinc. owner of
Ace Hardware store, said it was a
good opportunity to get the word
out about his new business.
"So far we've popped 250 bags
of popcorn and we're still going."
Oxcndinc said. "Every bag nasour
name on it. We'll be here every
For Sonya Morris of Zcta Phi
Beta sororiiy and Felix Boggan of
Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Pembroke
Day was a raffle opportunity
to raise nioncy for w orthy projects.
"It goes to different charitable
projects." Mr. Boggan said "It
helps pay the cost when we travel
to local schools for tutoring "
for Sally Slaughter of the UNC'P
Science Education C'lub money
raised at Pembroke Dilvwjll help
club members dc\ clop student leadership
"It gives uslhcmoncv needed to
participate in the North Carolina
Science Teachers Association annual
meeting." Slaughter said
"This is how we can participate in
the professional side of teaching
while we arc students."
For Greg Cummings and Dr
James B. Chavis. twoof Pembroke
Day's co-founders, it is a day to
watch a dream conic true
"The first year, we had to cancel
it for lack of money." Cummings
said "This has been one of our
dreams for many years, and it has
worked out just fi ne "
Dr. Chavis said the idea for
Pembroke Day began as a student
idea and the Town and Chamber
liked the idea enough to co-sponsor
"I believe it has served its purpose
of getting students and the
community closer together." Dr.
Chavis said. "Since we've been
doing this, the students have gotten
to meet business people and
community leaders and realize that
these arc good, committed people
The students feel good about it"
PcntbroV.9 Mayor Milton Hunt
led a large contingent of local oflicialsincludingShcrifTGIcnn
May nor.
stale Reps Douglas Yongue
and Donald Bonner. County Commissioner
Noah Woodsand Register
of Deeds Vickie Locklcar Dr
Chavis said Pembroke Day is also
a showcase for local talent
Entertainment included Miss
UNCP Lisa Mitchell. Miss FayctlcvillcLorna
McNeill. Miss Lumbcc
Marion Elizabeth James Junior
Miss Lunibcc Charley Low r>.
the Purncll Swell Singing Rams,
the UNCP Band. Concert Choir,
the Chamber Singers. UNCP talent
show winner Robert Williams
and entertainer Bill Fry.
Revival piannea
at New Bethel
Revival services will be held al
New Bethel Holiness Methodist
Church October 12-17. Sunday
night service begins at 7
Week night services begin at 7:30
pm Thcchurch is located on lonn
Church Road between Rowland
and Fairmont
Evangelists will be Neil
Locklcar. Willie Jacobs. Jr.. Larry
D Freeman. Eugene Bry ant. Ti ntothy
Woods.and Jimmy F. Locklcar.
There wil I be special music each
night that you inspire you. The
public is encouraged to attend by
the congregation and the pastor.
James H Woods.
Mike Mctntyre's
Mobile Office to
be in Pembroke
A member of 7th District Rep.
Mike Mclntyre's staff will visit the
Pembroke Town Hall on Tuesday
October 7th. from 10:00 a m to
12:00 noon, to meet w ith residents
or the 7th District w ho have problems
that involve agencies of the
federal gov ernment. Commcnlsor
opinions on pending legislation in
The United Stales Congress arc
also welcome No appointments
arc necessary.
The mobile office of Congressman
Mclhtyrc is a service to lire
pcoplcofthc 7th District and makes
several visits 10 Robeson County
throughout the year.
Yard Sale Saturday
A yard sale will be held on
Saturday. October 4. 1997 al Pine
Lake Park. Pembroke from 7 a.m.
until. For additional information
call 521 -026.3
School Psychologist
Speaks to Pembroke HPW
The Pembroke Business and
Professional Women's Organization
held its monthlv meeting September
8th at the James B. Chavis
center at the University of North
Carolina at Pembroke.
As guest speaker. Whitevillc
BPW past president and school
psychologist. Dr Lyn Weaver,
shared with Pembroke BPW members
various ways to control stress
and how to make their lives
To face the reality of one being
captivated with stress Dr Weaver
stressed that a person should consider
what is causing the stress,
become aware of (lie stress, notice
how the body reacts to stress, and
pursue realistic goals
Various ways to control stress,
according to Mrs Weaver including
reduce caffeine, breathe deep
when interrupted reduce inlcnsitv
of your emotional reactions, giv e
yourself time out. learn to sav no.
build physical reserves, talk problems
out. think about what you
think, be kind to yourself, learn to
cope with stress and do not over
burden yourself, do not think negatively.
and laugh
Mclntyre Annnounces Re-election
Bid for Congress in 7th District
I.umherton, NC-- Seventh District
Congressman Mike Mclnly re
will make his announcement Tor
re-election to the U S House of
Representatives on Thursday October
2. The announcement, in
conjunction with a district-wide
rally for the Congressman, will
take place at the National Guard
Armors inUumbcrt0iial6 (M)p m
Congressman Mclnlyrc staled
"Two years ago when I first announced
for this office. I promised
the cili/cns of southeastern North
Carolina that they would have a
strong voice in Washington for
their families. Cher the past year.
I have sought to honor that commitment
by fighting for our families.
farmers, \ctcrans. senior citizens.
and our small businessmen
and women 1 have also worked
tirelessly on important projects to
help our area, such as beach
rcnourishmcnt. highway improvements.
in i I itary bases and economic
development in our communities
As our great country approaches
the dawn of a new century. I am
excited about the opportunities
within our grasp to help southeastern
North Carolina continue moving
forwiird successfully "
Mel nty re scr\cs on the House
Agriculture and National Security
Commitlccsand isco-chairman of
the Democratic Coalition Task
Force on Fducalion
Undcrthc new rcdislricli ng plnn
recently approved by the federal
court, virtually all or southeastern
North Carolina will be included in
the Seventh Congressional District
Duplin and Sampson counties
have recently been added to the
district for the 1998elections. Cili- f
/ens from these counties arc expected
tojoinothcrsupportcrs from
Bladen. Brunswick. Columbus.
Cumberland. New Hanover.
Onslow. Pender and Robeson
Counties at the rally.
Mclntyrc's official announcement
to kick off his 1998 campaign
will beat (heNational Guard
Armory located on Faycltcvillc
Road near Lumbcrton Senior High
School Festivities will begin at
6:00 p ni and will includca barbecue
dinner and entertainment
Tickets for the cnciii arc $5.00
each: children under 10 will be
admitted free To purchase tickets
call <9|0) 739-VOTK <868t>
Revival Services
Planned at Salem
Revival services will be held at
Salem Missionary Baptist Church
beginning October 13 and running
through October 17. Guest speakers
will be Rev, Jerry Thompson,
pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church
and Rev. Mickey Lowry of Union
Baptist Church. Services will begin
at 7:30 p.m. week nights and at
6 p.m. on Sunday evening. There
will be special singing each night.
The public is cordially invited to
attend by the pastor, Rev. Donald
Bullard, and the congregation.
Salem is located on the Red Hill
Road, Maxton.
Indian Voice.
Mclntyre announces Town of
Pembroke to receive $489,000
Washington, D.C. -Seventh District
Congressman Mike Mclntyre
announced recently that the Town
of Pembroke, North Carolina will
receive nearly half a milliom dollars
from the U.S. Economic Development
Congressman Mclntyre stated,
"With this infusion of funds, the
Town of Pembroke will not only
save existing jobs, but create new
ones. This project is a good example
of local, state, and federal
officials working together to support
our local businesses. I applaud
the efforts of Mayor Milton Hunt
for their instrumental part of
this successful application."
The $489,000 grant will be used
for water improvements in the Town
to drill two new wells and construct
a treatment facility torcmovc
iron from the waterto save 128 jobs
and create 15 new jobs. Fleetwood
Homes of North Carolina, Inc. will
save 445 jobs and the Town of
Pembroke anticipates adding two
new employees.
Congrcssmanm Mclntyre is a
strong supporter of MR 1430, This
legislation will fcauthorizethe federally-funded
Economic Development
Administration, which provides
effective and efficient economic
deve'opmentprograms to
America's rural communities.

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