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Publish i Thursday by First American Pembroke, NC
Shown above are Sheriff Glenn Maynor and Commissioner Noah
Woods. Sheriff Maynor and many others Joined Commissioner Woods for
his annual dinner held at the Pembroke Fire Department Thursday,
December 4. Once a year Commissioner Woods hosts a lunch to say thank
you to his constituents. This year, in addition to the fun andfellowship, more
than S500 was raisedfor Devon Jacobs, afour-year -old cancer patient who
is enrolled at Pembroke Elementary School where Woods serves as
Pembroke Area Chamber Meets
The Pembroke Area Chamber of
Commerce held its November mccling
at the new headquarters of Lumbcc
Guaranty Bank. The guest speaker
was Alex Locklcar. a Pembroke native
and new plant manager for Libbv
Owens Ford (LOF) ir. Laurinburg
Mr. Locklcar has just returned front
California and briefed the attendees
on the new a nd current everils at LOF.
The next meeting of the Pembroke
Area-Chambcr of Commerce will be
held Thursday, December 18 at noon.
The meeting will be held in the New
Jade Garden located in the Central
Business District of Pembroke. The
guest speaker will be Mr. Bill> King.
Director or Corporate and external
Affairs at BellSouth Among the topics
M{. King will speak about is
BcllSouth's bid to become a long distance
carricrin North Carolina Please
plan to attend this most informative;
Chamber members: Would) ou like
to host a chamber meeting and gain
exposure for your business? What
membership benefits w ould >ou like?
Have a voice and get to know your
Chamber representatives. Should you
have any questions. Please call 521 0647
or fax 521-1719
Pembroke's Christmas Parade
Proved to be an Exciting Event
The Robeson County residents
were literally " Dancing in the Streets
at the 24th Annual Pembroke Christmas
Parade held last Thursday.
Grand Marshall Mike Mclntrye,
U.S. Congressman, led the parade in
a candy apple red convertible. Following
behind him was the Town
Councilman Larry Brooks and "Miss
Lumbee" Marion James.
_ The first high school band decked
out in their blue and gold sequence
uniforms "set the streets of Pembroke
rocking". It was the South Robeson
Mustangs. The flag girls" laid down
their flags and got down on the music".
For some of the spectators the
band did not come close enough, so
they went out in the street with the
band. The second high school band
was The Red Springs Red Devils,
who played the same identical song,
but dancing and movements were different.
One female band member liter'
ally danced so hard that" she lost her
wigP. And as the dance proceeded
another band member lost their hat
and one lost their glove. But, they sure
did some fantastic dance numbers!
The University of North Carolina
at Pembroke Cheerleaders were performing
cheerleading stunts and you
could hear members of the crowd
shouting "do it again." This was the
second time in many years that the
UNCP Cheerleaders had participated
in a community activity. They were
very happy to see such ajoyous crowd.
The Prospect Elementary School
Band was one of the crowd favorites
dressed in their traditional red and
white costumes along with Santa hats
they really made alot of parents feel
Two ROTC Units and their Drill
teams marched, one from South
Robeson and the other from Purnell
Swett. When the South Robeson Drill
team and ROTC got done the parade
route they returned and were seen
showing their support for their fellow
There were floats and other entries
too numerous to mention but there
was not an empty float in the entire
The biggest thrill of the night was
watching the reaction on the children's
faces when Santa Claus came down
the parade route. He was escorted by
the Ram Cheerleaders of Pumell Swett
High School as they threw candy to
the children from Santa sleigh.
You name it and the Pembroke
Christmas Parade had it, from beauty
queens to floats to horses and gocarts.
It was ajoyous parade.
UNCP Wins Major Awards at Science Teachers Association Conference
Pembroke -- A University of North
Carolina in Pembroke professor and a
graduate won major awards at the
annual conference of the North Carolina
Science Teachers Association
(NCSTA). The conference had a vcr>
strong UNCP flavor
Dr. Sue Bowden. a UNCP biology
professor, planned the conference and
assumed the presidency of the NCST A
for 1998. She also serves as editor of
the quarterly N.C. Science Teachers
Journal, the official publication of the
"University of North Carolina in
Pembroke is everywhere right now in
front of science teachers and students
in the state." Dr. Bowden said "We
have a marvelous window of opportunity
to show people what we do at
UNCP's computer s\stem is nlso
host to tltc NCSTA's Internet home
page, giving the University c\ en more
UNCP's Chemistry and Physics
prorcssor. Dr. Peter A Wish, was
recipient of the award Tor Distinguished
Service in Science Education!
A 25-year veteran at UNCP. Dr
Wish was described as "li\ing proof
that science can be taught in an exciting
and meaningful tva) through the
hands-on constructivisi philosoph> M
Dr Wish, who is co-advisor with
Dr Bow-den of the UNCP chapter of
NCSTA. said the award was a "total
"It was a very emotional moment
and a validation of what I have been
doing in my professional career." he
Dr Wish w as one orsexcral UNCP
professors and students to make presentations
at the three-day conference
Dr. Jose D' Arruda. chair of the
Chemistry and Physics Department
and Education Department professor
Dr Rhoda Collins also made presentations
University of North Carolina
in Pembroke graduate and AcmcDclco
Middle School teacher Wade
Lowry moderated a meeting of ecology
educators during a special session
of the conference
Assisting Dr. Wish's presentation
were UNCP students Sails Slaughter
and Melissa Chavez and graduates
Jami Inman and Rachel Russ. both
science teachers at Souths icw High
School in Hope Mills.
Ms Russ. a graduate, was also
? ?? "w"
namcd Outstanding Sludcnl Tciiclicr
in Science
"Even now and then. xou gel one
reallx great sludent. and Rachel is that
one." Dr. Wish said "As a teacher,
she has all Ihc skills and as a sludcnl.
shcisUNCP'sfirsl toxxinthisaxxard"
UNCP Chancellor Joseph D Osendinexxasaspecial
luncheon guest at
Ihcconfcrcncc The entertainment also
had a UNCP flax or xxiih a performance
by sisicr singing acl A Chord
of Three Thcx arc Julia Locklcar and
UNCP sludents Michelle and Marie
Marie is president of Ihc UNCP chapter
of the NCSTA. which is ihc oldest
chapter in the stale
In other recent NCSTA nexxs.
Michael Welter, also a IW7 graduate
anda tcachcrat Southx icxx. x\ as elected
a director for District 4
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year And To All
Good Health And Prosperity In The Year To Come!
Miss Lumbee Marion E.
James Visits Sante Fe
"As Miss Lumbcc, my visit to
Santc Fc will always be one or my
most memorable experiences." said
Marion James, the reigning Miss
She recently \ isilcd Santc Fe. New
Mexico for the NCA1 Convention.
During the Convention. Miss Lumbcc
participated in Youth Track which
consisted of daily meetings from 8
a m until 5 P.M.. with the Caucus
meetings held in the evening. She
staled that the purpose of the Youth
Track was to prepare youth for future
roles as leaders of their tribes.
During her visit to Santc Fc. Miss
Lumbcc was able to speak with other
tribes on bchalfof the Lumbcc people
She gave radio presentations and
shared with the consent ion members
poems that she had written In particular.
she shared the follow ing one.
Thin land / proclaim as my own.
This land I call my home.
Wild and free as the birds in the
is told, yet we still
ask., why?
They tried so hard to make us
All alonf{, nv n-ere not the ones
who n-ere weak.
My ancestors, unity is whut they
tried to seek.
I.ikethesun, moon, earth and skydepend
on each other.
Unity is what will make us move
Anyone can claim their heritage,
but not everyone can claim their
Tribal cards misconceptions and
the history untold is what keeps us
Being Native American makes us
unique, not obsolete
Blood begins to run out and each
generation is made to forget.
Let's unite together and make our
ancestors proud that tve as one will
keep our traditions alive.
Miss Lumbcc slated. "Ms goal as
ambassador of the Lumbcc people vv as
to build positive relationships with
other tribes, cspcciallv thesouth since
llicy are future leaders, laiii confident
that this goal was achieved I was
great l\ honored b> representatives of
the Navajo tribe and I was presented
with their tribal seal 1 was taken to a
Pueblo Reservation and was asked to
carve nw name into a tree which held
the names oClribal members. I was
able to establish friendships that will
last for scars to conic. 1 applied a
principle that niv mother taught nic.
you must first be a friend to gain
Next year the NCAi Convention
will be held at Ms rile Beach. South
Carolina. Miss Lumbcc encourages
all who can to attend, to participate
and to show hospitality such as she
received in the West"
New Board of Directors Appointed
For Indian Cultural Center
A new board of directors for the
North Carolina Indain Cultural Center
(NCICC) will be sworn in on
December 19.J997 in Raleigh at the
quarterly meeting of the North Carolina
Indian Commission.
A bill introduced in the North Ca rolina
General Asscmbrlc earlier this
\car by Representee Ronnie Sutton of
Pembroke required the North Carolina
Commission of Indian Affairs to
appoint a new board as oart of an
agreement to extend the NCICC funding
from the General Assembly.
The commission met via teleconference
November 12 and passed a
motion to appoint the following 15
members. The appointees arc listed
below by tribe or organization which
they will represent. They arc: Coharic
Intra-Tribal Council - Jane Jacobs.
Clinton; Cumberland County Association
for Indian People - Gladys
Hunt. Hope Mills: Eastern Band of
Cherokee - B. Lynnc Harlan. Cherokee.
Guilford native American Association
- Ruth Revels. Greensboro.
Haliwa-Saponi Tribe - Archie Lynch.
Hollostcr. Lumbcc Regional
Dcvclopcmcnt Association - Dobbs
O.xcndinc Jr.. Lumbcrton. Mcrhcrrin
I ndianTribc-Kenneth Hall. Ahoskic;
Mclrolina Native American Association
- Barbara Locklcar. Charlotte;
Waccamavv - Siouan Development
Association - Sabrina Jacobs. Bolton;
State Government Representatives Wcldon
Freeman. Can. and Gene
Bravboy. Lumbcrton; Federal Government
Representative - Helen
Schcirbcck. Ed D.. Fairfax Va ; Education
Representative - Dr Tonv
Stewart. Morganton; Business Representatives
- Ken Freeman. Pembroke,
and Hubbard Lowcrv. Pembroke
NCICC is being developed as a
national Indian cultural center involving
the North Carolina Indian
tribesand urban Indian organi/alions
Upon completion, the center, located
near Pembroke, is expected to include
Indian villages, arts and crafts displays.
museums, art exhibits, recreational
facilities, a visitor center and
other'related opportunities.
for more information, contact
Clifton Rudd. N.C. Commission ol
Indian Affairs. (919) 73 J-5998
I he UNC P C humher Singers in the cover photo from their new recording.
UNCP Chamber Singersf First
Holiday Recording Is On Sale Now
Pembroke ? The UNCP Chamber
Singers' firsi-cvcr recording is
now on sale, jusl in lime for ihc holidays.
The recording, entitled "With
(W)right Good Cheer." includes 22
Christmas favorites front Pachclbcl's
Canon to Jingle Bells. Availablcat the
Music Department offices in Moore
Hall ( > 10-521 -6250) oral the Uni\ crsilv
Relations at 452 Lumbcc Hall
(y'lo-521-6551). CDS arc $15 and
tapes $10. with proceeds going to
support the choral group's 10'JX tour
of England
Accordi ng to the rccordi ng's na incsakc
UNCP choral director Dr Gary
Wright. The Chamber Singers arc a
talcnicd and ambitious group of 14
"I think it's safe to say this recording
is a first for UNCP." Dr Wright
said were very excited about
this project and apprehensive. First,
we had to overcome the belief that,
because we've never done this before,
it can't be done "
Dr Wright, who has made a number
of recordings, said the results were
gratifying "It's all part of the educational
process of learning confidence
and poise in performing." he said
"Some of the students had never seen
a recording studio before ."
The recording was completed in a
marathon session that lasted nearly 12
hours at Triple R Recording studios i n
"We're very fortunate to have it
studio of this quality so close by." Dr
Wright said "K.cnity Cole, their recording
engineer, really knows his
Not all of the Chamber Singers arc
novices to studio work. Michelle
Locklear. who played keyboards and
created the arrangements for the
Christmas recording, is a member of
the gospel group A Chord of Three
Michelle's sisters. Marie and Julia
who make up the Pembroke-based
trio, arcalso members of theChamber
"These a re talented y oung performers."
Dr. Wright said of the sister act.
"Michelle did most of the arrangements
on the spot in the studio. She's
that good."
Other members include: Lorna
McNeill of Lumbcrton (also the rcigning
Miss Fayctlcvillc): Stephen
Church. Kevin Whilmorc and Clay
Locklear of Laurirtbutm. Qctavius
l.ocklcar and Maithcu'c fibcklcar of
Pembroke: Kim Gaincy of Morven.
N.C'.. Angel Peterson ofRacford. Thomas
BeirofWinston-Salem. Michelle*
Faircloth of Fayctlcv illc and Kahlid
Tapia of Spring Lake - k
Lach student chose one selection
lor a solo, which ispartofthc learning
process. Dr. Wright said
"Probably the best learningcxpericnee
for the students is when something
is not perfect in a recording or a
performance." lie said "That imperfection
is there forever, and they'll
remember it forever."
Dr Wright said it vv ill be tw oy cars
before the group gels back into the
studio with another recording For
the UNCP Chamber Singers, their
first recording is a triumph to build
on. he said
Local Surgeon initiated into Fellowship
of The American College of Surgeons
Dr. Rohin (t. Cummings
Chicago-Dr RobinG Cummings.
Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeon with
lire Pinchurst Surgical Clinic was recently
initialed as a Fellow of The
American College of Surgeons during
convocation ceremonies at the
College's annual Clinical Congress in
Dr Cummings received Ins mcdir
cal degree in I98 ^ from Duke UnivcF
sity. He subsequently completed his
training in General Surgery and a
Fellow ship in Cardiov ascular Surgery
at Duke University Medical Center
He is Board Certified in both General
Surgery and Cardiac and Thoracic
Surgery Dr Cummings is a member
of (lie Pinchurst Surgical Clinic and
First Health-Moore Regional Hospital
He hold memberships in other
Rrofcssional societies including the
lorth Carolina Medical Society. the
Society ofThoracic Surgeonsand The
American College of Cardiology
The American Collcgcof Surgeons
is the largest organization of surgeons
in the world and has more than 59.(KM)
members A F'cllow must be a graduate
of an approved medical school,
must have completed advanced training
in one of the thirteen surgical
specialities recognized by the College.
and must have been in practice
in the same geographical region Tor
last two years at the time of his application.
Before admission into Fellowship.
the surgeon must further demonstrate
ethical fitness and professional
proficiency, and his acceptance
as a Fellow Of the College must be
approved by three-fourths of its Board
of Regents
The College is a scientific and
educational organi/ation founded in
1913 to raise the standards of surgical
practice and to improve the care of the
surgical patients.
The con\ ocat ion ceremony w as the
highlight of the five-day Congress
The Congress also featured rcporlson
research in progress, post graduate
courses, panel discussions, symposiums.
and scientific and industrial
exhibits Total attendance was over
16.000. including surgeons members
of various medical disciplines and
members of the scientific and consumer
Dr. Cummings is married to the
former Rebecca Godw in and they have
four children: Amy. Mark. Dav id and
Open House
flic North Carolina Indian Cultural
Center is having an Open Houseto
thank everyone that has given their
time, donations, and talents to support
the Cultural Center throughout
the year The Open House will beheld
Saturday December 20. 1997 from
3 00 P M to 5:00 P M Everyone is
inv itedtoshare in theChristmasSpirit
with Food. Gospel Singing, special
Drumming by the Cultural Center's
Youth Cirmip "RcdSnakc" and Christinas
Caronng Closing ceremonies
will be around the Sacred F,irc If
inclement weather, activ ities will be
held at the Center's Youth Building
on Recreation Center Road For more
information call (910) 521-2433
: I

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