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Holiday Safety >
Beware of Holiday Lighting1
ake care when burning candles. Be
sure they are kept awa> from decorations
or other combustible materials.
Don't leave children unattended in a
room with lite candles, and keep
candles, as well as matches and lighters.
out of reach of children. Never
display lighted candles in windows
near exits.
Test Tree Trimming- When decorating
with lights, be sure to purchase
only those labeled by a testing laboratory.
Never use candles to decorate a
Christmas trees. For outside decorations,
use only those lights labeled for
, outdoor use. Don't overload electrical
outlets, and always unplug all lights
before leaving home or going to bed.
Never put electrical lights in a metal
Prepare for Holiday PartiesDecorate
only with flame-retardant or
noncombustible materials. Avoid using
candles during parties. If guest
will be smoking, provide them with
large deep ashtrays and check them
frequently. After the party, check inside
and under the upholstery and in
ash cans for cigarette butts that may be
Keep Christmas Trees FreshChoose
a fresh Christmas tree and
secure it in a sturdy stand. Place the
tree away from heat sources and exits,
and water it daily. If you purchase and
artificial tree, be sure it is labeled as
fire-retardant. If you plan to hang
stockings on your fireplace, do not use
the fireplaces for fires.
Inspect Fireplaces- Have your
chimney inspected by a professional
prior to the start of every heating season
and cleaned if necessary. Cresol, a
chemical substance that forms when
wood bums, builds up in chimne>s
and can cause a chimney lire if not
properly cleaned. Alway s protect \ our
family and home by using a sturdy
screen when burning fires. Remember
to bum only wood-never bum paper
or pine boican lloat out of
the chimney and ignite a neighboring
home. Never use flammable liquids in
a fireplace. If you are purchasing a
factory -built fireplace, select one listed
by a testing laboratory, and have it
installed according to local codes.
Watch Your Wood Stoves- Be
sure your wood or coal stove bears the
label of a recognized testing laboratory
and meets local fire codes. Follow
manufacturers: recommendations
for proper use and maintenance. Chimney
connections and chimney flues
should be inspected at the beginning
of each heating season and cleaned if
necessary. Followthe same safety rules
for wood stoves as you would for
space heaters. Bum only wood, and be
sure the wood stove is placed on an
approved stove board to protect the
floor from heat and hot coals. Be sure
to check with your local fire department
and heck local codes before having
your wood stove installed.
Be Cautious With Portable and
Space Heaters- Place space heaters at
least three feet (one meter) away from
anything combustible, including wallpaper,
bedding, clothing, pets and
people. Never leave space heaters
operating when you are not in the
room or when you go to bed. Don't
leave children or pets unattended with
space heaters and be sure everyone
knows that drying wet mittens or other
clothing over space heaters is a fire
C ook \N ith C are-When cooking,
don't wear loose fittingclothing. It can
be ignited by hot burners Alway s turn
pot handles in Don't store items on the
stove top, they could catch tire. Keep
kitchen appliances clean and in good
condition. and turn them off after use.
Don't overload electrical outlets, and
don't use appliances with frayed or
cracked w ires.
Designate a Driv er- When attending
a pans, always designate a nondrmking
driver. If you are the host of
a holiday gathering, be sure there are
non-alcoholic beverages available for
guests who are driving.
Buckle-Up- during the holiday
months, people travel more than ever.
Wearing a seat belt is the easiest and
best way to prevent injury in a motor
vehicle collision. Ensure that all passengers
are also wearing safety belts.
Prepare a Winter Storm PlanHove
extra blankets on hand and ensure
that each member of your household
has a warm coat, gloves or mittens.
hat. and water-resistant boots.
Stay tuned for storm warnings by listening
to NOAA Weather Radio and
your local radio and television stations
for updated storm information.
It's also important to have your car
winterized before winter, storm season.
Enroll in a First Aid & CPR
Course-Although these tips can help
prevent an emergency. it is also important
to be prepared should and
emergency situation arise. To enroll
in a first aid or CPR course, contact
your local Red Cross.
Family first Aid Kit-Every home
should have a first Aid Kit. Your local
Red Cross Chapter has many to choose
Don't forget your local Red Cross
Chapter this Holiday Season.
Hope your and your family have a
Happy and Safe Holiday.
From the Staff of the Robeson
County Chapter ofthe American Red
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Mother Teresa:
Saint of the
Hailed as a living saint. Mother Teresa
dedicated her life to caring for the
dying, the outcast and the: abandoned.
When she recently passed away - just
days after her eighty-seventh birthday the
world lost one of the most revered
and admired figures of the Twentieth
Century, a charismatic leader respected
by people of all religions and nationalities.
From her earliest childhood dreams of
helping the poor to her tireless work as
the leader of the Mission of Charity,
Mother Teresa's life was dedicated solely
to helping those in need. With a steelyresolve,
and the backing of religious,
international and political leaders, she
eventually created the Missionary
Sisters of Charity, an order of over 4,500
sari-clad sisters, who cMend themselves
to everyone from huddled, starving
masses around the world to the victims
of AIDS. And from her charitable work
came inescapable fame, along with the
1979 Nobel Peace Prize, the
Congressional Gold Medal and the
Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian
award, among others.
Her inspirational story took her front the
convent years in Calcutta to her meetings
with presidents, prime ministers
and royalty. To make a donation or offer
services to the Missionaries of Charity
call (718) 292-0019.
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I .... : A ,
News From Pembroke VFW
"VFW Poxi ?2X4 4 Count of Active
Dutv Members Down"
Urgent call to VFW Post *284 4
Members ( Please send your yearly
dues to headquarters in Kansas City
before December ends) Not to Mr
Ardell Jacobs at lite Post They must
be- mailed to headquarters
The VFW Post #2X4 4 had it's
monlhlv meeting on Monday December
15th at Post Hcadquaijcrs. Union
Chapel Road Pembroke There were
sev eral guests fordinner and the Voice
of Democracy Winners! 1st and 2nd
place) from Soutii Robcsonand Purncll
Swell High Schools Dinnct was
served shortly after 7 pm. The menu
was as follows. Juicy Fried Chicken.
Mash Potatoes. Rich Grave. Green
Beans. Hot Rolls. Banana Pudding for
descri and Lcmonadc-CofTcc for refreshments.
Pray cr was by Rev Smith
Locklcar to bless the food.
Chaplain Archie Ckcndinc introduced
the tv. o outstanding students
after the meeting was called to order
bv Post Commander Harold Hunt and
Opening Praver bv Chap Oxendinc.
rendering honors to the flag.
The topic of this years was " My
Voice My Democracy " South Robeson
High School was represented
Miss Vivicli Patterson ( a senior)
Purncll Swell High School was represented
by Mr Eric Trent Locklcar (a
sophmorc) Each read their essay sand
following that Mr Oxendinc announced
the lst& 2nd place winners
(their essay s were judged on Sunday.
December 14lh). Miss Patterson isthc
daughter of Mr. & Mrs Thomas
Patterson. She was 1st Place Winner
and will enter the Armed Forces after
graduation. Mr Eric Trent Locklcar
is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Bobby
Locklcar of the Red Banks area. They
received Gold Pins. Certificates.
Checks and other mementos of their
efforts. Miss Patterson received a
I repl ica Mike and Plaque from the Post
(tropin) to sit in her home and admire *
and tell others of her achievement Parents
and students were both congratulated
for their efforts Afterwards
a brief recess was called while guest
departed The Ladies Auxiliary retired
to their meeting place
Closed meeting was called to order
There were 4 new members names
put before the Post all were accepted
Two that were present were sworn in
and given the Cross of>lalia by Post :
Commander Hunt Mr. Dennis S
Strickland Jr & Mr. Ed Sol Locklcar
look the oath and were wclcontcd into ;
the Post Mr Randell W Chavis. Mr
Milton Eugene Arnold were absent
Minutes of the meeting for No- .
v ember were read bv Post Adjutant
James B Locklcar Mr Ardcll gave "
the Quartermaster Report. The Vctcr- - .
ans Day Plate Sale was a great sue- cess
Tickets need to be turned in and
their money by holding same. Mr
John Harrclson thanked everyone for
helping cook & serve the plates.
"1 want to thank our friends who ?
bought plates from us to make this our '
best yet. God bless you for your sup- .
port." N.C. Stale Junior Vice Com- :
ntandcr Art Shull gave his report. (He
is urging all veterans to go to the VA
Hospital and register). The more Vets
that arc registered the better serv ice ~
we will get. The Veterans wish to
thank Congressman Mike Mclnlyre
and Senator Faircloth for their sup
port and speaking out on our behalf.
The Post's January meeting will be J
Monday. January' 12 th. 1998 at 7 pm District
#8 meeting will be at Post
#2843 Feb. 1st. 1998 at 1 pm. here at
the post. The Ladies Auxiliary is hav- ing
a Social Hour, Monday December
29. 1997 at the Post and are inv iting
all post members to come.
Merry Christmas (keep Christ in
Christmas) to all. God"Bless.
Envin Jacobs
Post Surgeon.
Alcohol Kills!
Choose a Better Path
Know the consequences ol alcohol and drug abuse
A iMlngi from UnllM National Indian Tribal Youth
.,1. -J! f J |r)|/t 1 i ' - '
take a d??dl??k
The Carolina Indian Voice newspaper
is growing and we want to share our
exciting spurt with you-?our readership!
P.O. BOX 1075
Subscriptions MUST Be Paid For IN ADVANCE
Published Each Thursday Morning By
Telephone: (919)521-2826
One Year, In State- $20.00
One Year, Out-of State-$25.00 "
Please pray for us, and we'll pray for you.
We need your prayers always.
God bless each and every one of you.

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