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SRMC pediatric staff accepted a Starlight Fun Center from \Val-mart
employees. From left: Anita Hunt, unit secretary; RN Laura Bridgers;
Tonya Meares, Wat-mart UPC Associate; Brenda Sealey, unit manager;
Linda l.ocklear, nursing assistant and Carol Hicks, Wal-mart assistant
manager. , ' : . .
SRMC Receives Fun Center
For Pediatric Patients
Now children hospitali/edat Southeastern
Regional Medical Center will
have access to more fun and games to
help fill their long hours in bed and
speed their recoveries. Recently representatives
Carol Hicks and Tonya
Meares of Wal-mart store #1155 located
at 4301 Faycttcvillc Rd. in Lumbcrlon
presented a Starlight Fun Center
to the medical center's pediatric
The fun center is a brightly colored,
mobilecnlcrtainmcnlunit which
can be wheeled directly to the bedsides
of children who arc hospitalized,
its VCR. TV monitor, vidcocasscttcs
and Nintendo video game system
with a library of games can provide
hoursof entertainment foryoungstcrs
confined to their beds.
"In the short while since the fun
center has been here, it has definitely
been in great demand by the children."
said Brcnda Scalcy. unit manager
for pcdiatrics/nurscn
"It's certainly a valuable addition
to the toys and games we have available
for our patients."
The Fun Center Program started in
1992 by the Starlight Children's Foundation
brings therapeutic entertainment
to more than 42.000 hospital
i/cd children each monlh nationally.
In 1994. the Wal-Mart Foundation
joined forces with Nintendo to support
this program by contributing
$750,000 as part of a three-year commitment
toward the sponsorship of
Starlight Fun Centers. Nintendo, as
part of its retail partner program, is
matching the Wal-Mart donation. The
fun center donation to SRMC rcprcscntsonc
of more than 350 Wal-Martsponsored
fun centers More than
1.200 fun centers will be placed in
more than 540 hospitals throughout
North America by the end of 1997.
Each Wal-Mart store chooses the
destination for its fun center, according
to Hicks and Mcarcs. The Southeastern
Regional Medical Center
Foundation accepted the fun center on
behalf of the medical center, according
to Sissy Grantham, executive director
Founded in 1983. the Starlight
Children'* Foundation enhances the
lives of seriously ill children through
programs such qs-w ish-granting and
in-hospital recreational activities.
With offices throughout the U.S..
Canada, the U.K.. and Australia.
Starlight's programs touch children's
lives worldwide
C ongressman Mike Mclntyre An nonces $266,965for
Columbus County Crime Fighters
Washinglon - Congressman Mike'
Mcjnlyrc announced (oda> thai (lie
Columbus County Sheriffs Department
has won a grant from the Justice
Department for five additional fulltime
officers Mclntyrc said the
$266,965 grant pays up to 75% of the
total salary and benefits over three
years for the law enforcement officers.
The grant is part of the Justice
Department's Community Oriented
Policing Sen ices (COPS) Program
Congressman Mclntyrc staled. "I
supported the 1997 act that grants
Si 1.4 billion to llic COPS program
This funding is \ itnl lo nchicv ing the
goal of hiring KKi.OOO additional police
ofTiccrs nationwide b\ the \car
2000 In the Seventh Congressional
District alone, more than V> million
has been hired to protect onr commit-'
nitics against violent acts of crime!"
CongressmanMclntvrcsaid "This
grant program is working, and I commend
Sheriff Jintnn Ferguson and
the Columbus Couiilv ShcrifTs Dcparlmenl
for taking the initiative to
seek these funds."
VA Medical Center
Telephone Advice Program
The Faycllevillc VA medical Center
Telephone Triangle Program is a
user friendly telephone advice program.
Patients who have medical questions,
need to check on an appointment
or have other questions, may
wish to speak w ith a health care professional
in our telephone advice program.
You may talk with our telephone
advice professional by calling
(910) 822-7940 or toll free 1-800771-6106
cxl 7940
Arthritis Exercise
Programs Begin Jan. 12
The Southeastern Lifestyles Fitness
Center at 4895 Faycttcvillc Rd.
will .begin two exercise program* for
pcoplcwitharlhrilisonJan. 12.These j
include two types of activities: PACE
(People with Arthritis Can Exercise)
and water cxerciscb. Aqua for Daily
Living. For more information or to t
register, call 738-5433
Healthy Resolutions i
'98 Set For Jan. 10
Find out how to change for today '
and tomorrow?not just next week.
Join us for exercise demonstrations,
motivational speakers, tours, refreshments
and more on Saturday. Jan. 10.
1998; 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.. at the
Southeastern Lifestyle Fitness Center.
4895 Fayetteville Rd. This is no
charge for this program. Call 7385433
for more information.
American Red Cross
12 Days Of Christmas
On the First day of Christmas Take
an American Red Cross CPR class.
On the Second day of Christmas
donate Blood at an American Red
Cross Blood Drive
On the Third day "of Christmas
learn to swim with an American Red
Cross swim class.
On the Fourth day of Christmas
send a message to our Military overseas
through the AmcricanRcd Cross.
On the Fifth day of Christmas become
an American Red Cress Volunteer.
On the Sixth day or Christmas take
an American Red Cross disaster class
On the Seventh day or Christmas
volunteer in the American Red Cross
On the Eighth day or Christmas
learn about HIV/AIDS through ^thc
American Red Cross
On the Ninth day of Christmas
become an American Red Cross Instructor
On the Tenth day or Christmas
become an American Red Cross Life
. On the Elev enth day of Christmas
volunteer at an American Red Cross
disaster shelter
On the Twelfth day of Christmas
donate money to the American Red
Ahterican Red Cross, Patricia
liruyhoy Executive Director
Robeson County Chapter
Dale G. Deese, (left) Executive birector of Lumbee River Legal Services, Inc. presented an award to Ms.
Margaret Chavis, widow of Bobby R. Chavis in honor of his service to the Lumbee River Legal Services.
The ceremony was heldd in the offices of the Lumbee River Legal Services, Pembroke, NC on December 19,
1997. The award was given In recognition of Mr. Chavis'years of dedicated service to Lumbee River Legal Services
and his commitment to empowering low-income people. Mr. Chavis served on the Board of Directors of LRLSfrom
1979 until his death on March, 24, 1997.
Ms. Chavis is shown surrounded by family. Also in attendance were Chavis' brother. Dr. James B. Chiavls; his
children: Bobby R. Chavis, Jr., Charles Allen Chavis, Christel Chavis Parker, Belinda Chavis Listoe; and his sister,
Joanne Chavis Wrey. _ _ '
Did You Know?
(NAPSi?To learn more about
the growing interest in women's
sports and a campaign to interest
girls in taking part in sports, call
the Women's Sports Foundation
at 1-800-227-3988.
Tools, such as those made by Craftsmaiirxan
make a muchappreciflxea
noliday gift.
Mouldinigs can add charm or
personality to a room. For more ,
information about medium density
fiberboard (MDF) mouldings
call the Particleboard/Medium
Density Fiberboard Institute at
Through free medical treatment,
Shriners Hospitals help
save children's lives. Call 1-800237-5055
to refer a child.
Free Health Checks
In Fairmont
Free health screenings w ill be held
on Tuesday. Jan 20 from 7 a.m. until
6 p.m. at the Fire Hall in Fairmont
Checks for cholcstcrol/HDL. blood
pressure, and blood sugar will be offered
to all adults IX years and older
In addition, educational displays on
breast cancer, medications and many
other health* related topics will be
featured. These free screens arc sponsored
by The Robeson County Partnership
for Community Health Call
671-5595 for more information
Say You Read It In The
Carolina Indian Voice. To Call (910) 521-2826.
May all
the wonders of the season
bring you peace.
The Carolina Indian Voice Newspaper
Connee Brayboy ]
P.O. Box4075
Pembroke. N.C. 2837.2"
(919) 521-2826 (919)521-4611
Office Home
Ui\C Pembroke Chancellor Joseph B. Oxen dine (right) presents a
plaque to Stephen M. Smith, president of Interim HeahhCare headquartered
in Whiteville, who was recqgnlzed for his leadership as chair of
HealthCare 1999 during the past two years. (UNCP Photo by Bobby Ayers)
Visions of Harold Co, include selfsufficiency
for NC Indian Cultural Center
Harold Collins was born in 195 / of
Native American parents and isa member
of the Lumbee Cheraw Indian
Tribe. Known better to those in the
world of weight lifting competitions
as "Iron Bear" he has been three time
the National Power lifting Champion,
two times the World Bench Press
Champion and three times he has been
the United States Representative in
the "World's Strongest Man Contest".
He will be going to that competition
for the fourth time on January of 1998,
I He holds the records in that competition
of "The Axe Hold" the Crticifixion",
and "The Log Press."
During the competition in January
of 1998 on the ESPN Channel there
are going to be commercials for "The
Lumbee Tennis Shoe". It will also be
shown during the re-runs of the competition
Collins is the owner and operator
of The Power House, one of the
healthiest places in Pembroke, where
you can get both your mental and
physical conditioning together.
Collins, who spends over 4 months
a year in competitions around the
world, has been working on a special
project for over a year. The project is
selling 2,000 pairs of l.umbec Tennis
Shoes. He is hoping that the $ 140,000
that to be raised by the sale of these
shoes will help the Cultural Center
get back on it's feet and help it to
become self-sufficient. His dream is
to see events out there for the public
every month. One of the things that
Collins hopes for is the return of the
outdoor drama "Strike at the Wind!"
to be performed at the site again.
"I am hoping that it will return and
not only play in the summer months
but during special times of the year
like Thanksgiving and Christmas,"
Collins s^kJ. " When the folks around
here are at htync, we could have the
play and hhvc gospel singing and a lot
of things" stated Collins.
"This year 1997 I sponsored the
World Record Breaking Event for the
Cultural Center," Collins said. " In
1996 1 sponsored a "Pull for Life" to
raise money for St. Jude's Research
Center, and I also raised money to
help a local child get a wheelchair," he
"In 1995 I raised over $100,000
for the March of Dimes in Los Angeles,
California," stated Collins. "However,
my biggest goal now is to sell
these 2,000 pairs of Lumbee Tennis
Shoes. And when they are sold there
will not be anymore made. I am going
to hold a celebration at the Cultural
Center and we are going to have it for
the people that bought the shoes and
those that wanted to but could not. It
will be a Gospel Singing and an old
fashioned Dinner on the Grounds,"
Collins said.
"Selling these shoes which are only
$70 a pair will provide jobs at the
Cultural Center and the buyer will
have a Collectors item, just like a
baseball card, a piece of history.
"It is time for our people to pull
together and for the Cultural Center to
blossom. Together we (jai) conquer
anythingthat comes otrr way, alone we
are divided and will fall. We need to
assist the North Carolina Indian Cultural
Center. Then one day it will in
turn help us!," Collins concluded.
The Organization's Leadership Dinner Was
Held Last Wednesday at UNC Pembroke
rem Droke - Stephen M. 5m ith was
honored for his service to Healthcare
1999 during the organizat ion's leadership
dinner held last Wednesday at
LJNC Pembroke. Smith, president Interim
HealthCare headquartered in
Whiteville, served as chair ofthe ninecounty
health care consort ium the past
two years.
UNC Pembroke Chancellor Joseph
B. Oxendine hosted the event and
welcomed more than 60 attendees from
a variety ofrelated fields. On behalfof
the advisory committee. Oxendine
presented a plaque to Smith and
thanked him for his leadership."
Steve Smith served as chair of
HealthCare 1999 from 1995 to 1997,
and her served with distinction." Oxendine
also recognized and thanked
the other members of the advisory
committee for their work during the
year on behalfof improving the health
of the region's citizens.
Guest speaker for the evening was
Floy Work, a nationally recognized
consultant in community-oriented human
services from Charleston. S.C.
Workclients include non-profit health
care organizations, and she stresses
collaboration as a means to succeed.
"You arc an energetic group of
people working to improve the health
of the region," Work said, "and improving
the health depends on relationships.
You arc exponentially stronger
when you are working together
"Diversity is necessary in commu
nity-building. The more participants,
the better and stronger the community."
Work said community leaders need
to learn the power of collaboration
and to also learn to share leadership.
"Geese understand this concept when
they migrate." she said. "When the
leader tires, another takes the point.
You've been working together, building
pathways. Keep the energy flowing."
She was distressed to learn that
within a nine-county region, more
than one-third of breast cancer is detected
too late for treatment." It gets
under my skin that there arc 13,000
substandard homes in the region, and
4,000 of them do not have indoor
plumbing." she said. Sexually transmitted
diseases are a ma jor concern to
health care professionals everywhere,
including this region.
"They can improve the community
together." Work emphasised..
HcalthCare 1099 is a voluntary
organization established in 1992 anil
brings together a broad representation
from Bladen. Cumberland. Harnett.
Hoke, Moore, Richmond. Robeson,
Sampson and Scotland counties. This
region is among the poorest and most
medically undcrscrvcd regions in
North Carolina.
To prepare for future challenges in
community health and regional health
care, HcalthCare 1999 will focus on
strengthening existing Healthy Caro
linians initiatives and creating initiatives
where none exist in the region.
The 5th Annual Health Care Summit
will be devoted to this effort. Community
representatives will come together
to discuss their needs while
developing a plan of action for their
HealthCare 1999 was awarded an
operational grant from the Kate B.
Reynolds Charitable Trust in 1993.
and was selected by the American
Hospital Association as one of the 25
national demonstration sites in its
Community Care Network Program.
The Community Care Network seeks
to enhance collaboration and cooperation
among existing health care
providers in the region to produce a
more seamless system of care, to improve
overall community health, and
to increase accessibility to health care.
The Health Care 1999 partnership
includes more than 100 organizations,
led by UNC Pembroke, Southeastern
Regional Area Health Education Center,
Womack Army Medical Center,
Kayetteville Chamber of Commerce,
Bladen County Hospital. County of
Cumberland, Southeastern Regional
Medical center Foundation, the Southeastern
North Carolina Health Alliance
aird'other#/ VT.
For more information about
HealthCare 1999 or its 5th Annual
Health Care Summit, call HealthCare
1999 director Anne Lowry at 910521-6182.

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