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"Ihukim$ Communicative Urui$cs In A Tri Racial Setting"
Jackie Clark Promoted to
New Vice Chancellor Post
PEMBROKE, N.C. - Admissions
Director Jackie Clark has been promoted
to vice chancellor of UNC
Pembroke's new Office of Enrollment
Management, according to an announcement
by Chancellor Allen C.
Meadors. The appointment is effective
Nov. I.
The new office will incorporate the
Offices of Admissions. Financial Aid.
Advisement and Retention and some
related SOpport Services.
Ms. Clark has been very successful
m the Admissions Office with total
enrollment up 32 percent and freshman
enrollment up more than 50 per- ,
cent in two years. Chancellor Meadors
said. Average SAT scores and GPAs
for incoming freshman have also risen
over that period.
"Ms. Clark has shown the ability to
adapt to change and to lead her staff
in the change process." Chancellor
Meadors said. "Over the next several
years, we will need to focus on our
entire enrollment management process,
and I know that Ms. Clark will
provide the tireless leadership necessary
to move this great university forward
in the area of enrollment management."
"We welcome her as a member of
the executive administrative team," he
Ms. Clark is a UNCP graduate and
a 12-year UNCP employee. She has
worked in several other offices, including
Advisement and Retention,
Student Support Services and Freshman
"I have enjoyed the many opportunities
to serve the university over the
years," Ms. Clark said, "We have sot
some very aggressive goals, and we
have made a great deal of progress."
"UNC Pembroke was a great place
to study when 1 was an undergraduate.
and it was a great place for my
daughter, who graduated in 2000," she
said. "I have a natural passion for this
university and for helping it grow."
The new office poses many challenges.
Ms. Clark said.
Starting up a new office is always a
challenge." she said. "There will be
great deal of information to assess and
programming to develop."
The new Office of Enrollment Management
will be located at 432 l.umbee
Ms. Clark received a Master's of
Education degree in Guidance and
counseling from Campbell University.
She was a high school guidance counselor
and counselor with several programs
at UNCP. She also worked for
the U. S. Department of Defense in
Germany as a Community Service
Center manager.
She has received advanced training
in enrollment management, student
retention, marketing and admissions.
She is an enrollment management
consultant with Noel-Levitz, Inc., a
national leader in higher education
Ms. Clark is married to Dexter
Clark, and they have two children:
Jessica, a law studegt at the University
of Wisconsin at Madison and
Tara, a doctoral candidate in anthropology
at The University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.
First Bank Employees and
Customers Help Family Relief
Efforts of the September 11,
2001 Attack
If you have seen the little flags that many folks around the Pembroke area
are wearing on their clothes, than it was probably made by the staff ant the
Pembroke office of first bank. Thanks to the customers, family and friends of
First Bank we collected S1020.00 and the funds were mailed to the family
Relief Fund in New York and Washington DC.
The First Bank staff would like to thank the many customers; friends and
family for supporting this cause and helping to raise the funds.
Angela Chavis, Customer service Rep; Peggy Hunt, Loan Officer; Tellers; Stephanie
Jacobs, April Dial, Lynette Jacobs, Kim Shoemake, and Rebecca English, and Lucille
Locklear, Branch Manager in the Pembroke office would like to wish each and everyone
of You a Blessed Holiday Season.
Emergency Physician
Joins SRMC Medical Staff
Mark T. Nelson, M.I).
Mark T. Nelson, M.I), has joined
the medical staff of Southeastern Regional
Medical Center as an
Emergency Services physician.
A native of Tacoma, Washington,
Dr. Nelson earned his medical degree
from the University of Kansas in Kansas
City in 1989. After finishing a
one-year internship at the University
of Illinois in Chicago in 1990, he
completed a three year residency in
anesthesiology there in 1993
"After working in a small emergency
room. 1 felt the necessity to
become educated in emergency medicine."
said Dr. Nelson. "I still practice
anesthesia as well I intend to do both
the rest of my life. Any time 1 think of
only doing one I feel incomplete "
Dr Nelson completed a one year
fellowship in emergency medicine at
Duke University Medical Center in
2000. 1 Ic decided to work at SRMC
after his fellowship because he felt it
was a good place in which to enhance
his skills
"This is an emergency room that
has high volume and high acuity I get
to cultivate, develop and not lose any
of my skills." he said "The people
here arc very sincere and are among
the most grateful people I've had the
pleasure to treat. They are pleasant
and un-demanding "
Me is certified by the American
Board of Anesthesiology. He makes
his home in Southern Pines. NC
David Hunt Represented Lumbee
River EMC in Statewide Pole-Top
Rescue Competition
Raleigh, NC-- David Hunt represented
Lumbee River EMC in the 8th
Biannual Pole-Top Rescue Competition
Held this year at the N.C. State
Fairgrounds on October 18. Sponsored
by North Carolina's electric
cooperatives, the statewide safety
competition tested rescue skills of
linemen representing 24 cooperatives
form across the state.
David hunt had to scale a pole to
20 feet, lower a 120-pound dummy
to safety, call for emergency assistance
and begin lifesaving procedures.
Judges selected winners based
on speed and adherence to safety
rules. David Hunt's time was 2 minutes,
11 seconds.
"Everybody in the state looks forward
to this event because the competition
is so intense." said Tommy
Greer, NCAEC's Job Training and
Safety Director and former Brunswick
Electric Membership Cooperative
lineman." We all understand that these
lifesaving skills are the most important
a lineman must have and pray will
never have to use."
David began working for Lumbee
River EMC in 1980 and is currently a
Crew Foreman. He lives in the Rowland
area with his wife, Renae, Children,
Corey and Trade, and grandson,
Triston, and is a member of Reedy
Branch Baptist Church.
Patricia Fields Picked
to Lead GPAC
Patricia Fields
Pembroke, NC- Patricia F ields has
been hired as director for UNC
Pembroke's Givens Performing Arts
Center, the region's largest stage for
the arts
Ms. Fields has 15 years of experience
in public assembly facility
management at the Cumberland
County Civic Center. She served as
director of promotions, marketing and
A GPAC, she will be responsible
for overall marketing and operations
of the 1,700 seat stage.
UNCP sponsors four major scries
at the performing arts center-the distinguished
Speaker Series, the
Broadway and More Series, the Nostalgia
Series and the Family Night
Out Series The building is also home
to university and communitv events,
including the Miss Lumbee Pageant.
She reports to Dr Diane S Jones,
vice chancellor for Student Affairs
"We feel fortunate to have Ms.
Fields join the UNCP family," Dr
Jones said. "She brings a wealth of
experience, expertise and energy to
this position."
"She will be a valuable asset to us
in promoting and marketing GPAC
and the wonderful performers we bring
each year," she said. "Miss Fields is
very personable and professional. I
look forward to working with her."
"She is excited about the great
product we have to offer, and I feel
confident that our. performing arts
center will continue to expand and
receive quality programming recognition
under Ms. Fields' leadership."
Ms. Fields said she is pleased to
join a program with a history of high
quality entertainment
"GPAC has ^wonderful, wonderful
product," she said.' 'It is my job to
increase subscriptions, sponsorships
and patrons and to make GPAC a
household name. I hope to bring GPAC tot
he forefront here in Robeson
County and continue expansion into
the surrounding region."
"I believe there are still people in
the region who do not know what a
real jewel they have at GPAC," Ms.
Fields said. ' 'Our overall season is the
best slate of entertainment and the
best value in the region.''
A Parkton, NC native, Ms. Fields
graduated from UNCP in 1996, majoring
in criminal justice She is
married to Richard Fields and resides
in the Bladen County community of
Southern Gospel Music Talent Search
NASHVILLE-- Southern Communications of Nashville .Tennessee is conducting
a song and artist search. The Southern Gospel Talent Search will offer
grand-prize winners a national release to Southern Gospel Radio. Entry forms
are now available. All entries must be received no later than Friday, December
14,2001. ..
For over 15 years Southern Communications has charted radio hits for such
artists as Ricky Skaggs. The Cathedrals. The Gaither Vocal Band. The Martins,
and Bruce Carroll among others.
This year's judges include Cindy Goffand Southern Communications. Credits
include: The Martins, The Gaither Vocal Band, April Potter-Holleman.
The Harper Agency, Legacy Five, The McKameys. Rhonda Thompson.
Daywind Records, Gold City. The Steeles. Aaron Wilburn. Songwriter/Artist.
Karen Peck . New River and The Happy Goodmans.
To receive entry information, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
P.O. Box 2146, Hendersonville. TN. 37077. or call 615-844-1700.
Southern Gospel Talent Search
NASHVILLE" Southern Communications
of Nashville .Tennessee is
conducting a song and artist search.
The Southern Gospel Talent Search
will offer grand-prize winners a national
release to Southern Gospel Radio.
Entry forms arc now available.
All entries must be received no later
than Friday, December 14, 2001.
For over 15 years Southern Communications
has charted radio hits for
such artists as Ricky Skaggs, The
Cathedrals. The Gaither Vocal Band,
The Martins, and Bruce Carroll
among others.
This year s judges include Cindy
Goff and Southern Communications.
Credits include: The Martins. The
Gaithcr Vocal Band. April PotterHolleman.
The Harper Agency.
Legacy Five. The McKamcys.
Rhonda Thompson. Daywind
Records, Gold City. The Steeles,
Aaron Wilburn. Songwriter/Artist.
Karen Peck . New River and The
Happy Goodmans.
To receive entry information, send
a self-addressed stamped envelope to
P.O. Box 2146. Hendersonvillc. TN.
37077. or call 615-844-1700.
Our Tribal Constitution
by Cynthia I.. Hunt
Last week we began reviewing the reeenlh adopted I.umbee Tribal Constitution
Before we continue our review of Article !. I would like to take this
opportunity to discuss the amendment process Several tnhal members have
posed various questions regarding this process
Article XIII of the I.umbee Tribal Constitution, outlines a process for tribal
members and the tribal council to amend the Constitution An amendment to
the document can be proposed by either two-thirds vote of the Tribal Council
or by a petition bearing the signatures of live (5) percent of tribal members
eighteen years of age or older Once this petition is complete, it must be
submitted to the Tribal Flections Board for certification Upon certification,
the Flections Board is required to post the proposed amendment w ithin ten (10)
working days at appropriate public places and publish the proposed amendment
in newspapers
Within sixty (60) days alter the posting and publication of the proposed
amendment, the Tribal Flections Board is required to conduct a special election
on the proposed amendment The amendment shall be adopted if a majority of
qualified voters votes in favor of the amendment If the amendment is adopted,
the Elections Board is required within five (5) days of the special election to
post the amendment in the appropriate public places. They are'also reuuired
to publish the amendment in local newspapers with notice that the amendment
has been adopted by a special election. The amendment will become effective
ten (10) working days after it has been posted and published
It is important to note all tribal members will be given an opportunity to vote
on any proposed amendment This is true whether the tribal council or the tribal
membership proposes the amendment. If the tribal council would propose an
amendment, the same process would have to be followed, except they would not
be required to collect any signatures of tribal members. However, two-thirds
of the tribal council, or 15 council members, would be needed for that body to
propose a change to the Constitution. They would be required to submit their
proposed amendment to the Tribal Elections Board and at that time, Board
would follow the same procedure discussed above
Recently, Ms. Connee Brayboy has begun collecting signatures' for a
proposed amendment to change the definition of tribal territory. This amendment
would change the tribal territory from the State of NC to Robeson and
adjoining counties. Several reasons have been stated as to why this proposed
amendment is important. However, some tribal members have questioned why
one would want to change a document that they just voted to adopt. Personally
speaking, I voted for the document to provide parameters for the tribal council
I did not agree with the definition of tribal territory, however, I fell it was
important to adopt a tribal governing document. It was my opinion that the
document should be adopted and that any necessary changes could be made at
a later date. Please remember that a constitution is a living and breathing
document. The US Constitution was adopted in 1789 and contains 25
amendments. In
conclusion, please encourage your representative on the tribal council to
focus on appointing the Lumbee Tribal Elections Board, as they are required
to'do under our Constitution This Board is an independent body appointed by
the Council to oversee all tribal elections The Board will consist of five (5)
tribal members serving six (6) year terms and they can only serve one (1) term.
Next week we will continue our review of our tribal constitution.
Scholarship Program Offers $1,000
Awards to Agriculture Students
ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 8. 2001-.
Students pursuing careers in agriculture
are encouraged to apply for a
scholarship from the Careers in Agri
culture scholarship program, jointly
sponsored by Agriliance, Land
O'Lakes Farmland Feed and Croplan
Genetics. High school seniors from
throughout the country who will enroll
in a two- or four-year agronomy
or livestock curriculum in the fall of
2002 are eligible to apply. Fifty
S1,000 scholarships will be awarded.
"Students with leadership abilities
and an interest in agriculture are
needed to fill a variety of positions in
our industry." said Annette Degnan,
scholarship committee chairperson.
"The Careers in Agriculture scholarship
program helps promising students
gain the education they need to
obtain these positions."
For the past 13 years. Careers in
Agriculture has encouraged bright
young students to pursue agricultural
careers by awarding more than
5300,000 in scholarships.
To qualify for the program, students
must meet the following criteria: Be
a high school senior planning to enroll
in a two- or four-year livestockor
agronomy-related curriculum in the
fall of 2002; Reside in one of the 50
states; Demonstrate both leadership
abilities and academic performance;
and Write an essay describing why he
or she is interested in an agricultural
Applications are available from participating
local cooperatives or on the
Agriliance web site at in the Careers
section. All applications must be returned
via regula mail by March 1,
2002, to be eligible. Winners will be
notified by mail in May. For more information
or to request an application,
call 800-232-3639, ext. 4584.
Agriliance, LLC, St. Paul, Minn.,
is an agronomy marketing joint venture
formed by Land O'Lakes, Inc.,
CHS Cooperatives, and Farmland Industries,
Inc. Agriliance markets crop
nutrients, crop protection products,
seed, information management, and
crop technical services to farmers and
ranchers through local cooperatives
and independent dealers in all 50
states, Canada and Mexico.
Croplan Genetics is a full-line seed
company serving Agriliance, LLC.
Seed is marketed in 32 states, primarily
in the northern half of the United
States and Canada.
Land O'Lakes Farmland Feed, LLC
is a national farmer-owned agricultural
cooperative serving more than
1.000,000 producers and their families
through 2,800 community cooperative
throughout the United States.
Richard Chavis Family
Reunion to be Held
November 24
by Ben Jacobs
The descendents of R ichard (Dick)
Chavis and his wives Charlotte and
Esler will meet at 11 a.m. on Saturday.
November 24 at Cherokee
Chapel Methodist Church Fellowship
Hall near Wakulla. All descendents
and relatives are invited and encouraged
to attend.
Relatives and guests attending are
asked to bring a covered dish, a beverage.
a story, and photos to share.
The program will inoludc good food,
gospel singings and family storied.
For more information contact
Chavis Family Reunion committee
members at 843-1727. 843-3305.
844-9238 or 843-2670.
Richard Chavis was a farmer, a family
man. a leader in the Wakulla community
in the early I900's. Richard
Chavis was bom in 1852 and died in '
1926. He married twice. First to Charlotte
Locklear and they had eight children.
Charlotte died at an early age.
Richard married Ester Clark and they
had nine children.
At the last family reunion, over
1.000 people were identified as possible
descendents of the Richard
Chavis family.
For additional information contact:
Patricia Lambert; 844-9238 or Ben
Jacobs: 843-2670.
Maxton Plans
Christmas Parade
The Town of Maxton is again making
plans for an exciting and wonderful
Christmas Parade for this upconiing
holiday season. Participation in the
parade is free.'You may also purchase
Booth Space for $30 for food and $35
for food and crafts and $25 for crafts.
The town office is now accepting
call in entries for the parade through
December 5, 2001. When you call,
make sure you leas e a telephone number
where s ou ean be reached and the
name of a contact Please call between
the hours of 9 a m. and 4 p.m. The
Town of Maxton welcomes cars,
floats, bands, marching groups, trucks,
etc . in the parade will start at
Townscnd Middle School on December
8th around 8:15 a m
Saturday, December 8 in the date
of the Maxton Parade For further
information eall the Town Office of
Mrs. Delia Quaison at 910-844-3431
tluring the day.
Oxendine & Locklear
Family Reunion
On November 24, 2001, at 1:00
p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Deep Branch
Annex Building next to Deep branch
School we will get together for our
family reunion. Please contact; Jeff
Oxendine at 521-3346, Dollar Bill
Oxendine at 422-8129. Viola Oxendine
at 521 -4590 or l,eola Oxendine at
521-8032 for more information.

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