North Carolina Newspapers

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hnnllAM.- . TH UR SDA Y, IV E C K M ft K K 4, 18-0. ;
Tliivr Hollars ner Apw"
r Vol. 4 v.-No. 2oW;
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Py th
e .America, W, icm '
Sepiembcr 13. ' : .;'.
1 .. u ....ufrl. nil "iti r. a.O lnltZ 'I
a. -3 raotul. "- V - .
wrrkh arecornprrbended within the li demarra- repp') ic
..':; (vr.i Kvihf ccoventlon 6 J' ihc ' eth lu'v Jfl (the the ece
Ik h Mfifi t . JH1 be elvfn uo to the di'fp' fuioo of its
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i ; ' 'ft to
; Ihtjajs'i efs-trv
A id. ' i ' a
'. V":'l t... V .vvmatrUl fir til.
:i rl-r r.iirk ltn'1 1 'J'.
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' ii "n i't.t'.t Kl. t U XHxTr S
the .bfSifr tt
j "rt iif"s p'tdjtoi' his i"ntfauonr.
iV fvctdngtitg to tliemj juJ" jniit the.
t ny i-fY Germany. .
vi;.tVoii oh' lie 1ve 'e,' bmh wh
t troops jnd miliitry ftorr ol U i -A,
ht!i tfle lpce otter aavt t m-.
ra thk Coilwi llitbjch fu niftied wilh the ofRceric "n. rrned.
r pWe,::' bu Mielly ilie Emoeroribtriiiopea above :
it tne nete-qiu-ieti ri v1i:iint nh orderi to j
t put' to-Lanrvtite. p ,
. 3 hi-.-oifficu' irtWorllv arifinMrom the edfc
,4-: of i mil iti i e 'tmce, murt eeceffsr tyr 'ceufe
H rielsyj but , fv the -two jovfrBneiits flr ird(
ii to til "
t UiC XiCUV'f' JIljlTi yiii..r - .
5 tltit t;eiir ir mntpon' li e ar't'ileteVrVy k n:l,.
:b; IttaU ;;e c.eir veil ,st tne ex pent e o on jr-3s
ewViiiTHVu lMMuf"Wit I!-. ..-a to rt, s.o-'
m. jtrer to tne conat iot ot tint trwee, in that
c('ti nee 'it! hi-ilmperial Mijeftv W:iil jtevTepa
rat jv lor jjfjjcr, on ti.e bafii e-f t I preiirrtinariei.
Sn it the Ri ilii ptt'; (whu h thr e is no
fu;-rf) ibouid aain he ab e to .iisfttiefl e, Ni-i-fcti
ov Vieiif neitl'S the f iow, nor the rig.)i
ie iealont ffn! th;ii teUrd he -pro6tf pi jhe
ic. ; tut IheT wi pjOlrcui'; iti
evvW ot
o prenyl
.net th!Tt hf hi k :t W.igntv
eaWi (i.pknia,tc 4i"'P"
on', wt .n " . r: i or ic:t -nvc i -
hbtf! '"V? .. .Ifu...l,l,nli. .o winch aic to "tie co.npr
l r t
W,epiorfu WM.niit-rw tvyt- vr?-. Ti-..p-ni ine rrpu
n-i.n the wici-i. tKrti (! be rf ' vertl . i r i ' nfi ; the u mvt ex.r tnitv, H,i' the h
p.'-'vtiairoi ijic Fietifth iqiyvn the ebtHie 4 ft-wjhe wtt.tei, w.ttV4;'giinjf"v' thi epeiny-" ti.ffie
one p.'U.i of the g.-anfl coinBiuntraciorii. Sj'r9r;rtfw armies,-.. "
.Tiir ch)if ntK'Be :;CterttB' by oeutft wrw l.!ttis- ..ate (he- prr-aples ot the ftoyerm-rnt ;
kiu ivih Uli ytniolk citpiic;!, ...rstij! e mori,t-;Miii-Li-ULi C't.mmx; unl- Meter
.;,,) tt.-.t.c i-3H 7 Fr ,-h, i,v I to -lcertiti'tle'ffa - -t i . roid ;efoii-i..vfp-di1y-to pcMe jhe continent. . !
,...'! 'cH.4Jb'-,T8 niueo- k.:.ih'v, - . .Ti,- mii trvfto..ej,-proiftnni, nd the mili- ' '.iih, molt .i.-BJ icT.fu4.e are.iHken' to fecond
t -fi ! fi M 8,i tvt i-wn? -w-rn . ., ; v- ;.;. woe-eorii fc:L1 I e fOUJ I , evacuated as fti4 1
'-'VrtwVte ibf th bf .be em:
r.i i i n v i' '. - . . i.j. pire. . 1 tie Utter man wt; .avymwucu hum vsiwucu uy
v ?:-( tVi:ic
4; ' ei' fejs.
. Vi nui-anxH TitT
ib.'-t-the'ei) ve;"f. r'1
! ,iia ICS ' pr..s. .. "
' ' , l.'ii.i ,f.-... Vin'iTiE fli-weve. ,-eo
f, ;!,nrfo.vo...- at-rsotMri.triY.f
YWfec Ge-ef. !bat the u.ref ' the Fh
(Miil .ix .ont.;fciousiy a.' fw- ' i'""'
v ' . . x, .M j,',,)!, ihe
. .. ... . r.u nun ilea ii. ... t " .
riM . n ... 1 1 1 1 i . 1 1 ? " "
. . . i u.. .
i .'. i i .
rv u-.l ' n.'J!l'l I
' ' .!..' . nimrd o.thit ettett.
of l-efe pjjte (btH be determined with the. ffyji ieft
tlciayby a.'iSaiiituUr convent idn, as well as th
vacuit in of trie Tt:k who catinut be fent ot with the
a(i ifon. - : " '"' . . v- ;.-ri
(). In order -o tarty into eff ft the above mrntion d
riKulatioii, tlvtie fh.ail beapif l ngitio;i ci the ar
imOLe'ai''' ful culioti of h .flijitn-a-- between the a
m of Ifii Irrrrrial iri j - ty aotK'og. an hia t'lict,
and t.hearmy of the Fie.-ch iel:uhlic on the Rhine,
em e tr' m to.J'unoiv,
en ed filteen dav.,.to
tht of
",k 'i.Ue:e
m nt
lie "
ate. s.i
encii peopJe in thtf ctfcntiaKoiticft,
the tec ret p Htici-oi their gbvilii-
relumption of ho iltiica,
u i i . 'ii n , i iM.n. t it M'i 1 i.i i ,
..lvec tiTRen . , : ' fcrve as notice or tne
-wsO-lOrtlie m.fv;? "Pr'lii mould they take p.ace.
v c nvflnand., ' the ,.oi vote ofirQ.i....R. y, - Th,. tl6,n,n,nJer , chiefltJe army of the Rhine'
.. I . ..... 1 - i- i . I II Ill'W LJ - U iviu.e in' i - f r . t
cure an immenuie ceuation 01
u$ i iti
VIih:" n
engages to pi
. .. :...,;t.. ... : 7
I- ...... 1 r i- t it I Ili-.V uit-iv-ta innfw ,
HW: . ' . i . M ties. with i-Vlptft to the
ii inrtnt v to vvit., v .vj-,--t . : .
t. . . I. . k .!.,.., '...
i.. .t r, in ino iow. at .H. an. o; t.iy
. . It n crta-y y.c . r . t
,.,v.Ul iv'i I h, .i.inlf win rccfi-e the atTut
nee oi i- " .
n tiue eppyj
n Tlie federal pi fl'"y
il t-hitt "I
fcSt T H R I M A I- OF. K IN CIIJ I f
lHt F'eoiii t.. v. rnirrnt h'd, Bwni;iidirt
ho ili- I
mv of tt'e French r poll-
lit in Italy, mould ot th m have tan
itv fo'ft v ()
tuob (tted o
nv iia lu'v,
oc'u.f lot i-ia r v .i nt r e-nirs
i ... . . Au t St '( In v. Ir.r.e! Pun
8. The line of I'ernarc.Hion fixed by tne conven
tion Jo! ih- !, h ot Lit I ilv, fafith cflitt(.i) is pie-
1.-. . . i ." . ...3 i tt ... . .l
ft ved mt) its rtftatia under tne moQ.ncaiina in inc
ill. ad. 4t and jl,h atticlcs, as befoie and
. Th-Pre ch army of the Rhino flia'l fallback
nd take a pofiiion bet wee ' the wo b?nKotthe
Her, and thi .-Imperial army ol Germany fball t kr
poit on be .. banks of the ln, e.cii at t'e duUce of
j K.o trifes, whelhci lioni ttitii nvera ci the pUcca
ii.u ted in then c-aife. A i.hainol advanced poii
"nl oi ly be pl-tfcfd on the Ijrjri of deina-t t , on,
... uy Ut to nvitnacn ot the "i juta oi la..v J j.y, WW
i0. T c difpofitioni of the faid convention fhill
et ccn id in evety anangemeut hat is not con-
' ii.i v to the prelctit, 'I lie. 8th ait cle ol tlie c n-
I .1. ...L I.. I.. . ... . . 1 .. I . t ,
VCDHOlVol inc ijin oi juiv, ii i.'i ""'j pjim. ...iv ivf
e inhabitantl of the " .hove menito ed iti j I
.,. bui he com iiidei incl-iet is at tht tone
tunc tnviteil li lKi' i. to ni c !iiiori.uiuii, im. u ui
-Office of F jr-e'ig m A f i rb. -P'
sllmwy uH'icUs at P, ace.
His nvajef. , thr eirippor, kin? of Itnnarv and
ohs.-.'ii, Str. he, an tp ftrfi confui 1 1 the Fremh
re u'u:tr, Joe name of thc K cch pro, !e, eqmlly
ntfftjted wirt ths.dr'iie of putting in end lo'the e
il pf-v.-a'r, jfy a fpe- dv, jbft and lolid peace, have
A J...: : I - t . t . .- : . - : L...
i wpMKt on me-Oiiiwing preliminary amcin : i
j Ajl. "t)" be peace, amity and good '
tiiuteifUndii1f;( et ween his i.ajelty th. enreror and
km;,, and ih French Republic.
H. Uiaif co-.' lufion of a defiirtive pesff., the
ariti.a'v.ilt um in us well in te m ,ny as Italy, in
the,,-', fiiion i tiptftiv ly jri which trTey now ate, with-out,,-xtendiog
aiy more towards the fou'h of Italy.
On i i: pari, his Imperial mtijelly engages himfelf
to t:-tirf!Kr',!f a 1 the. fo'ces w: teh he rhay have' in the
Pp.'l il.ite'., in te forttefi of Anemia, to put a 1 1 - p f o
t;.oe traot'Iiiiarv levy wl'ic is in Tufcany,
to prctrcnt all difcmharKationt ol the enemies
o. the ifpubltc at Leghorn, of at any rather :
fpm of .iu C lis. I
UI. ;7 he treat ' ol Carpo-Formio (bill be taken
at ihei,-n ! ihe d.-ttniuve pa motion, xc pimg
fu. h chai'c- aih.ive l-ei-'iiie tete4Iary.
IV. H' Im.Aiial mai Ify maket nod pofu
Circukr letter 1 9 the mb'affaftri ani fa,
reign mim fieri-faf2tc cuw t of SpffitF'-"""'
SIR, ' '' ' ' 'fv.
IJiayc the hnriof to cbmmjpnicate to you a co
py ot the meitipril wfdcfi the king my n barter
has ordered me to fend to bis in niHer, auJ ' dcl bplrn,
inordei to be tr nltn ticd to the-ni nihry pf hi 4weU
d-fli- .roejefljy.;' ' '- . 'a -
The,pr.v.eipc which are ela' 'ifhfcd itf it, and
wbtcn bas, ff'ven rf to -.. '- i.tJM.nre fd-hrc"ieft.J.
all je cMimerctal 'natidni f Europe, pWtt&ady
be neuiraJ pw r-. h- .,.-,- v
His n aje'lv is perfuaed 'bar your government
will fee th artiir in t'e fame point ol view, ,ra no
ftatt rs hi ; felf that he will concur in effacing, a
nweb aa-"il fiom :he an a a of war, an a 14 ckr 7
fo 1 ehi'.ctive of the cm nrience and hofpitali.y, pf
which ntuual.and fucnaly Hags enjoy.
. I re eat th.e affuiot'ei ot my .coxfidcrstion end
eticcnti and . , ' -' 't
.. atn, fir, . "
fSigned) ' J '-t,-
St.I!dvuhoulo,Seut,i7, 1 00.
4 ' '' - . 1 . ' ' '.
Letter ti thtwnifhf-tf lyfigh amir's of
1 SIR, . ,L- ' ." .wDv : ; ;: 1-
The king mv" nt Rer, ha l en"wtih the greateft
indif natioir, by the report bi:b h co'n'ul of nia
Swfi . fb 'inuji-liyV Barcelona, has tr fnilt. d to the
captain fetter I or ( aialonia, containing the detl .ia-tion-..f
cipt, Runbatt, l ti e wertifb palliot th
H tliiuaig, that on she 4 h . f S pt laft, in the after- ,
noon, two Ei 1 iib (btps of the line foired he f id
ca tain, aft; r having e-amii'ed and fou d his panen
ac'coidmg ti. iuie, t take on ho td tiiglifh Acer
and a . oeili eiable nun.ber ot fail is, and to (utter
himlclf to he 10v. ro at night, by I vnal Ehj ItfK .pi. t - he hail'Cur ol Baicel na, ud under the
jcannoii of iu b iteites.
Ihaithe Eni'lb having icdured th' faid ctpt'tn
and Ins crew to file ce, by holding a pill 1 at hia
biTft,'gfrt pc(T ffi m of the hrlm m rn de by 6 P.
M. by u'e iomi. gHi; a" m Hops f nound-
it, an a t-ck u on two rrtgaits undei foe ' poufh
; 1 ii z it, an a 1-c.K. u on iwii 11 gait s uncei 'tic p
'I ti . . ... I r. r n; ..
. ....... .11 . . . I l.l., IH TI V I V uv ......, ...... luiu.v. .Ill; lilt.
te ihe Ficncn renuiiite reietvfwE the I. us m the s . ,. r . . , . f." .
n, , , , , 1 " , . ,. ttiiafrieedlviHd neutral Hip 1 oorcilcd f i.rnli s uit
a , i-, fuch ir.t h.d been Hnci at Ralladt yu. r -,ia c()(ll" ,,c Dlitu lllf of orh, loll
lb Nt bk of tne Rhine .;s,t, ti e ten.toiy ol the t,cUke (l b , i(e ,d ,
pr- fv tilth" frickthsf, and
tm toveie'K ' v pi
hat all belong! to
khe initiL,er o! f'g" S ,nc r' u :, Tt a pr-ul ol ti mot-e ianu, ai.a ijciliol ' W
he emtfrnr ha toinirltiy lewfrd m t.y 1 .
atan rui decUrtli n 11 if iu m . e-itc I, !i(re,
aiopo.ejt- ri. fit binei , fgocia
b'Hife of Au'.lria hrtween Ztirfth'and R.fl;
V. 'Ih" fiench ttpul li; docs not mean to kciep
Caff. I ; Kchl, Fhr.-.V reilt-in, and Duirrldotl.
Th'ofe p a is ate dcrrj'iliflt , on lOnduion ihat t'ne e
will rc en ittd nn the ight bank pf 'thc Rhine, for
thr (liManC oi t tee 1 aguet, any fcitilicatioii, either
in matunry or uieatrfr -.
niii-t ivliich his majpllv the em-
I farr W
, lei re onitnil
VI Th in ..
. . . ..1. 1.. ...I,-!..-. ..... .. . rv r. 1 (i nv .... . . -
iHinifi w .km. .. ........... v - peroran kLiirwaa to have 111 Uerm nv, By vume
1 u rai. ,s ol war. ... , ... . oltli lrc'.evl an cles of hr
i he puliiit convention man oe onuitcnca oy
11 .1 . 1 r .u. ..( .1 -
1 I
tmrifri to a!i the coin indets of the coips ol H.e
. . . t .. : ' . . . . . . ... k
ifl.i.nve army, on 111 1 a'v mo unin.'y, win.
, d upon rui deciaraii n u tr -iwn . .1. wni-, 1 in, i . 1 m u. j, ... 7
Toon.ej ti ri. c 1 1 01 her r.rgocialirm. I Use k'tn ll expedition, tint hudiiiius may not only
Oat ft'ivrf tnent tccr ft 't ; I ' i t ' laade,1, ' I! c t.r 1 . nnini'.i i'ulptndtu, but tint the aiucles ot 11 t
il iMtnui e m es have met y mlb d u ( it i.n.t rn be .p- uiru im ediaieiy within hc term aid
mnm ihcil i . t ,;" "' fll',,,,llllllh iutuvnctc iat, wuh icl ctl 10 the diifc tn ,ditnr
hai irei n- pWge ol g'.nsd 11. UepUllH lhall be appointed by tW'so
,, tl' ,i. I r t 1 ! itf ron' den - n votn at- drra 11 cmrl 1 t th a mtes, in oturr otmy 1.10'
f.r .iiro lirr . art;.:ulr. r.t' t
tea b the E gl ft o , the Jwd (h fl ip.
dccla an., n ol the captain ticreun o annex-
10 the
The K ng my ma fter, could not corfi let tint-event
but . tiitaiedtng the tight , womdu.g the i ter Its
ot all, he powers of fcu ope, rxrep ing
FnRland : and above allajhe he-vi;tt p fu.t Ij th
fl,; ol h s ed ft. m jcllv
U dU, it is 1 v drni t at the beinge'ent powrra by
- ... 1
ti ... 1. 1 1
l Thr :l'l I ; nli I I II ol Oli-oen n yom at- ; nrr 11 oho u u i" mici, ui mun
1.... i iL ir-tui 'ic. ?nd i . yuui v Im, on tk( ifl'.i the aitt let of he ptefrnt conve ti n.
, .i 1 ..1 . . t.ifiU . e ce. fnce ii is you whom 1 to cbued, dupit.atei being line cH.ny.fd
I". . r . j... .... ia.i. I .......I... Iil,.i , ,., . i.
t.. h t' r eoui'ii. II 01 It. . 1 lieii.'nocni, re mi l hi . pnuiu. m. ...,,.
fiC'H't"" ! . , .,. 1 I . . f L. a t 1
Co 1,1 1; r. p CI d rs tins fiiornni;tnii aitalll v u ym nr yrai
t Ho
. A .. u . t.
hi Ik I Jul . tin h ifnei 01 mis nay 10 inc
,, ac nil tort oi the AulliUn 'r iy.tobr
. ft .Ll .. . i . .
1. mi- 11 tin Kt4le,,l 0 0 11 1 mr i my,iiu pnuica
ill UW r f rux " 1 f tu
He d qui 1 ns x y ptr-
tl f KOnd f m ..1 ' rnt. ) "f the
Fienc ieru i., one am mm hulc.
(.'v IlUt 1 p) )
v 6 MOREU.
The Rferal f di.
I ,CKiwl..a
To bi. t'ltinfn v.f.r m e d i'-e pe ni'!
art . n 1 Mil -t Pant th th ct )a9y, b;;ofntn ;
! tVfaara !.) U e t-unt dot. Juiitn
Vlki In pi tn nlni ent uy 6iy rt
(191.1 oeitibn. i0o,; (nt .)'.'. t '"'l'1"1
taipoweiao m i dr Ln.tHn a4 tn Laut' to mat
tiiih the gcii'ial vf bnji.t: La. One
IttMM '. i noifl tompMmariaiy '
( .ii'-iico 1
Lavrir, f-r. of biilmpenal maj lly.
(rv Hue 1 1
1 be commatiJei imkuf. Mortt..ti.
Note crmmnntsat d ty the trlniftero' the lWlcr,
lo tfre rinien f tn Ird inbe temale H M.ia,
lor tht ; u:p. tt pi celebrating the IcUival cf be re
SMati IC.
lie tirjf Ctnfi ilo thepuhlic funfiiii.ri'ett
Jttit rnH th UP " tmrnt.
5 Piriu.iinartci rf I'rj.r nr fignrd at Paris nn
the fc of ulM betwef n citiai n I'aVftyiMi! ai
iUlef .. i.i.i n r Rrl.noin. ml ihe COMi -lien
I hcW we c 1a ihcJ witbia twe. tyfput uuul
oy i e to, inn.
Cn tea Duioc watthaigrii with onv-yi g then
to Vienna. Iti m'i .t-. nl tie I set ion h Inlt to
....... .. ' A- ft. li.
race, iiii nu ii appiaira 13 e joy 10 rnuca. erruu
, aft anas MM
thr e, tevenif. the kmpnm Irnnv ratifying them, the
motive oi 'hit icIUMi was listed to be tna 01 a note
tinm iht Kmt ot Fncland. dtmst.dmjt' have his
. . 1 rd tn 1 h Cm gielt e.l I 'i r. con
I villi the plant, otrnnai its . I the tmptroi.
I mm ihii ai.tmrni ihe ( ovrnme t was bb-
Ctni fn'itn ftr pri0 1 th J'Jptn. I ;lrd tobicak the JtfiniBi.t, that ih rc lindrr of
' . . i . i .ft.. . . . aft M....L. ..a L. 1..U fl A m aatkaaal r
J f "' , , " ' Vioicau wit oide ed to acquaint ihe Ce
t th Hi tne tifi Ih urtny hit ,,,!,,,, fMm,t h thr pre',i inancs, the feme
f id! WtitjeA , il (VfTW ftf thai ippt taj id h' Oibtul JJS 'nal ; ant lo inform
Ybf'tcuistde Ln lifts h mniHei pl"' UM'srtnf hm, -hat it ihty were sml iiiifitd wiitiin tweMy
akl ii , llllh IHVH V. it anv.m'f imn enn-i, wh ill mm vm ' iihi,m
h m. inn. fi'in Hilt 1 .inn 1. a. the I ' tee tan
erst nl I 1 adr 1 ih and 1 bill sbu'f, ft
iresiy ! v. ampo nnm ,
ivi bjeiaft-ni i Italy; and though it u leferve o
Igeti at th -time oi ctr fl it ve pacification, of the
Bain ton add ;n quota of h d indemnities, it is- ow
Cttr e'Jati Hied eie ar a Lifts, thai lis m.oit . the
envrmr ant king lh.ll pr-llcls, b'fidestlie . uniues
L . a. . . .i a c .
ii'.n." 10 nt , in itaiy 1 y i-ne oi wt nipo-ro.-
jnv, an .qu;valei,l 10 the pollellinn ot ihe airh
bitiosinko SaUzt-tig, the n eiv inn and ji'.i,
ai tihe ly ol, inx udtng the iily of WsfTiibirr on
the ilt bank ol it.r I n, with a fpace of thire ih ftf.
and l,i bonis round, aim ot the Fiukbal whicu he
irdiv to the Frem h republic
VII I he unman n nlthe pieient pitlunina.
nr articles, (ball i e iutt ithang'd at Viema, bt ort
the a ih Thei midor
VIII. lirimeoia.eU afier ihe exchange the taii-
hi a t nt f.t the definitive tare Ihill be cnni'imrd
Tftt put or ng'ciafion fbili he t.xed upon bv
hnh p me.. 1 l.r Uiimi ariri fball b"frnt th thri
iwrn'vdsvs, at v t latrit. .I. t la d exchautt.
IX. H'smaicttt the tmptroi ao king, nd ihe
ltd rlu. eiUrc Wench republic, :ec piotal'y en.
gagennh tr word n' l oom tea step the pieient ar
licirs (ecici, unifl :he thai , e nl ihe iMitctttOM
X Ihc p wetiol M nt It, Jttto ee ng ton
Umed in a lei cr liom the tn pftoi to th fil c u
(l, the leil power in vetted v. it h the uiuai I imali
I iki Ibal. be i' ftai rd wuh the lanfic lions ol the
I jneteni jitelinnn nes, which willix iHtid ihtjiel
! pactivi govtinrn'i is till iftct I ha r-i m itiofl
I We l.e uudeifibneu have agiecdioan . fia.ned th
pi 1 (rnt pit imiMittl nl pesie, 11 Pant, he atb
i Itieianirlnr Cm ytr ol tut French icpublit (s8u
Jyl,, tSuo.)
tr c$mpte 4e Sainhjulie, grn,
Ch. M. Tttilerand,
Tht refiifal of fis mij-fly the rtasperor C ri I v
the above pre It inaii, having ' fitted ihc iup.
lure of th srnnli re. the fan.r has brm figmhed the
4h Fraaiior n ft ft Sept.) b t ' rneitls m
itHtl M-xiHi, Irarnt, Angcieau and ftlacdonald, 10
the enemy's gtneitlt.
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I .1 ". f S(ll l UIII'llll"1 III UKU 14 U 1 1 1 I I . ,
wifted to fojit nilv- Uou'ge ol war, and to p ilcive
tl.'.t- commercial relations between th people tt
d.ffeent irtin , who h ih i m.i'u-l wt is require.
Every t ii'g thrref'ire 1 tat ten s 10 nn et the na
vig 1' IOW 'Hi -i ciea ann nipcrrnah 1 juiea in an cq-Jii
dei t. l ie rlf.nti ano t- tcie'ti 01 all nations.
Bai m 1 c p r mi cale the M htt and honor ol th
Sweoi 'i fl C have teen vto aied in to out r gtoua a
mat! nit 1 lew rxamples ot u h a violation can be in the N val HiHory ol Furore.
11 1 at i !; it it w ie to tern. m crru-.imtd, wnuli
. anmhilait their
he tl g which fli- Id
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ted'!' 1 moreiu two irieniu n'n
i-onmirri ;al IC .11
a. and cauf
fufr.-r 1 to be oi hde 1 n as ihe lecitt auxiliary ol the
n e yowe,a d wtmlu ihus lorce Scain te take
fut 1 me afurc's s t e interelt ol hi v ITe 1 anal the
frrun ol h i pn flvou ri eo n md
Y t 'the Kio. mv r "ei. wilhrs Hill t believe
thsi the .Swr ilh ca tarn h.v n.. been g iliyd be
leal! cnnaivanre with ih' t g .ft and th 1 be yielded
onlv o then force and their .iest number.
Under this luppofi 10 , the Kif hssordne' to
10 lay bToic hia Swrdift S .jcttt, this (rievous i- (U
committed a a nit hit flag ; aod not doubling th
ttfrniAifOl he will leel 11 a p otedurt et;ui!y iow
ard d ll aval on the put ol fomc ol the Bin -ft navy t
he rxittli th 1 vbe couit Motkto m will kt
the 1 1 211ft miniUry theovoU te i us repree-taiin.
in n rtfr ihat I'. (.fficeia wl o have ifnOrtH ihem
frUri ...ipslvle upon hisoceafi n, be pum ed f are
Ij , 1 .h 1 ihr two pat ift uga. tuipt t(f anaf
. a.riro ro the hatbnrl Batct'ooa by flr
gerr, ir,uai y tontraty t ihrnghia ol nations and the
- n l wai. I e i. mediately re Mied wuh heir car-
. - H having b'rn iHtga'ly lur liltd by r caawoiaV
ntu isl ftip, wh eh Itrved as a lUatTUaicet to lb
I MV athnlic Maje'v thinks himf if 10 iivc; lb
mo.eeniulee) lc-ntider ihe iu'rrfa ol th s rtls.
mat ion ss ctnain, tt the Intift vnnatveni
c nnm difbmblt that it etieiaxes. by lo owmf
. . :.l. . L - . fl.l. .11. M..L. i. I.
1 ar easO'pie, n ig'n uwwnw m mwm
neu.tal attic's 10 tnlifl ilt h iftourt, and do 1 iu
a 11
Stale SKi
tar net I
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r tv,1rl'
i ll
ett nr
ol aims !..
t iVf 10
n Mil
I jl i isl
apt. vf I'
. 1
llUdls !
MADRID, fleet, tl
Th affaifs of the caplure 'the two frigatttat itf.
cchan. has take vp vr Irtn v.(1y by e go-
. a mt .J. .... .........:. ...:. ...!... .1 ih MMl.
gan.ltflt ii v m, logo anOt wnnaacni so. nt u mijnm iw m,
uld be given up to tlr rrrch an-i we know -ot .ow tn charstienie 'he (purlwbuh
wilt holhlilirs ftonld t e rr fftrr me reed. llBifntrdi f Fuf'i't nn tS.s nrradoa
Oar Rait o wailare nm primuneg 'he king s ani -n tddrels cnitipUinia d(rld 10 h cOttf
. I I nijnn, iftay hrvr rn fined iner Ifl ei to df t a
ffthe'ttbt ft dfOaiftf 'eiier ibt ambsftadra
..I all fit Id H ' pnwera, t'ftdt ai Madrid, atal
inform ilvftnoi ii, n df parnralsiH; the mm fiCit !
Iiilrdilh maj'fly, wtan thai CtOt eolSCWWi
mote than any u.M . tho1iri I im lo rrqviit Ir
. - w w
" 1 1 0 n- n en I his alfo inlmmed the K ng ol
I rt and, ha rt (era no inronttmesstc in a mining
hia Ft-vyst the Ct'Mfsol 1 vel!r, i' he ftou4
i co r .i id a aan m i are, nt ii piclenia to Freeze
Confr- iht fame s taniagrt wh rfl ibt Etpti i frjoa by
f rn i e oaiu nii.i ol
I I S " 1 he vnttifnl
ports all poftble damage
Bat ' conltary to ftll eSprclaiio the flepa of hia
9 wfdift tnajrAv at ihe touri ot London, lo obtai
ftpaistto lor ihe injury done to his flat:, as wall aa
tht i i tun of ihe iwo Spanifli h gaith ftoutd
BOrhavl the rtrfired futrfU -'I .' th rnrt .li s
ytat, hit mtjellv w II bt Jged, 'ath wilh anaclt
stttei i ad u luwarfs he wedift fls., sneafurra
i ...timiiiii whirl ftall tn leiiitr Ibtltrr hS hat-
r ' i MS IU"
I tt riteiv ; t Ihc Tt' 'apfte,
rfft :
m, i.igii-ti ,
w (KU'piC fty
a r r . I nt . ikuta. iht Bn Jh ff te'tiient a Inula 'or v rt ttHOi lor
iM lloys wl lb lb dawc t his lag, ad tfte p.iftmeat u'
Hot ?-.d potts Irom aa stiuit as din,t.rous taw ir
,.g, as ih.t whUfciftlalti- have ) ftft
I have the honor to bt, fltc.
(ligned) CMtVAl.IklVD'iJBQUIJO.
Bt, IhatpftOMn, sept, i a. saw
Kow.TKe declaration of tht flwtdifl. tptsi
gjttt aa ft tUn alftl ittitai t th uaaiaataa.
w aT
t 1 A. Is;

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