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-LONDON, Orl. v
B?l'urr$ tht CIU ts ef
Dni.h and Br ian: ic majeitie"i niteJ
V.v n fwttl! dcfiie of ore vent inc, v a Stfeltwi'iWY
'lUlutl'''Cwwent, the cone.jtien rt tbat ::.igrH--.
-;-?liv Icpm l t' n Uaoder aoi "en
between thtro, in C!ti-ff! er.e of the '.Ten-.
eoreberwrtir tU Dn.rti ii.-'ie, I c F.ey, andJ
f.j.i e Engl Pn !h:p m S fee LS eiiaaton
i.ijc' 10 t-ncir -fall firv","tr,.-w'.ano s .t faor.u(hi,
and conivrn-, Vy wbj h m y Utr. 'o'g
lime, been ttojXcd, hive hr Um pi rjjofc nied and
'tnulIJrit'rH Irat 'tllt'l 1 V'r'T"' 1M tM"flrt.
icf hu I) n Hi rni;t'tyi"'ie f-u.c i r Bernfloiri, Wi
C umbeila.ul, a.'d lofej i M i , -d gjrte for ttneign af -TvTri;
n tiic pal of B-itai.tic M'-Hy.Loi
' Whi'.ot.tii. V.i.'hi c.t the melt riohle ntder of the
.i;'j,-rt who "alia coaBSSlritlT1g o r.vjt otlr itr ir
lull ,d. .ti.f'tiapvwe.s, hi.e agrftd tfi El
" Artie f i' - Thiu ion of right.' V .!.? ii,
-villi -.g'neWai flVdsv:tSrtjicyo-,' Rffil oc poit
TSSkd to a l.ffu.edy.Blnv... ... My
8.-,'lJte;Diuilh ti,M!e th- Fre, ?d the teC
le s i .und -uni'tt het '.otvoy. ifh l! 'isVi.ediauly
-w.,! C-.l and ih -t4 ftiktfMotll feftipplicd u
. tl ep'Mls bf lltl fcla'Mlic rn-ijcii,", witi, evfiy ihii.g
-w wt, r', H.e m?v t't " " - l ' hjrl-.arrruaiii, JC
,rt i ha ,UblU:;d .ufaya! tilteu ana Ute4iy
In ordf) f J pc .C"..the-i enevvil of dUr;renCf I
iivf'T y lifptr.d ris eaovoya. ui.til adthmuvj
conv ii ion !h I have -rn eritcted by luuher x-
n'jnuoli. o i he lame ini itd.
t , Were i however to -happen t-liat lynton-
ties ol 'tl.r fjie '" fliould lake place before ihr.
inhrnrlions inte dci. to pievcn; them carv be e
fe ttV. it i" w px'viiicd, that thev rtrall
noi oive rile 10 anyi uiutui uliandiii" ; ..nri the man
r r of let li e: trnr mf'il'a fhail ie ci nfniercd a
..iv.pi chcudid'in the fubtla to of the prcfeni ton
; This foi'.vei-tinn (liall Lc ratihcd in three
,.v'tt..s from llle prt(cl or earlier if pffUblc.
n iaitn f whiHi c, the msdcfigld pltjni'
p;jtn tai tes, of thtii Oanitli iM Bl tMH fic mtjrtlles
hivr.ii -''lid in--he'll na!m, and.hy viitue of thcit. fi
,,.. ii, :'.'e picfcnt coiivc ttoi;, and have affixed lo
ii the teal " "l" Mm-. I
X),:vi al Uupctinj-gcn,
of a rcWrtife not to Ke chmgS. Attfeoogh'-J te nt of our eTfcRaiion tKcycrtWj
.ich it was crcatrm -
x, .connection with a navy, ir GniHlt to
he oistcmplatcd the f Jnintation ot fame
of our principal feaports and harbours.!
i ' . y- . . a '111
I At vinty t ot ululeraMoas wnich WUI
; reaiiiiy Jiuyeeft"ihcrhfcles, urge jn" at-
thsreii cauft to apprehend that accomm.ia.
itpn are not" aow to ccmpleat, as raijrt br.
wiPDra yet there : great reafon K) Wie,ve thjt
tfcia incoirveniencc will ceaie with the pteTcnt
fumoMfie ijrnbecominre rcwfentati
f l: .IT r i r .i. . ilrn . .- .
ot iri.s nauun .o fucmnic ior iqc nui -iiuw f , rt ,,v ... (,r,.,.ail, nn-
f his lAlcan.Mcmprcv wuhcur loukn g up lo ipe ; , - ; ; "i' u rc
S'iorW Ruler of the urmerfe. and implorir i . " , . - - ;- t i K ! ' '
t'blcflr -May .hi, tefthtrst be ,hv reft- conirrtemic Hum. nave pctn arreauy
WiV ihai piety and virtue, wifdom arid "3g- pietjt J t is ,for LongrelsMo dc4tn).ine
dehde'oT vmue and liapprntis. In th.i cry
nanifn'i'v, t,h a t ,. con H a n c y a n tfoe I'f ;go v e i tmfi wMieV additional Wpropriattons llia'l
HTcTi adrTnred.rfergireat c4af'tef, whole nitae . be uUiit', ;;i order toTljnder competent
it bears, Jae for ever held. in vereVanoB. ller.C
and ihriv.ighout.- our country, may fnnple :-tr.a-ners.
pure tnorals,and Religion tleturifli 'forever.
li t;. vsHiti yuti, gcttiienjenj to conlider
wfrcilier the ical powers ovetw the? difht of
P.nhitnbia veiled . bv the conftUutioh in thc4
conftrefs of the United States;it3ll be io.tged
ate v exerciied . It ta'Vhm. opinion mis lm
pori.ant mill oOght. nolr to4 be execu'ed, y oitJ
inot fail "while vp.f-rfo'rmitig it, to rake imo
rhf marmfaehircof arms within the
i V nited S ate ilfTrayitcr-the atteinion
f fhe na"tiotul legilliturti; At a conli
deraUJe ex pence-to t he public, this-manu-fadory:
lias beenTou-To tlichlr itartc
of ntupifv, as, witivcbniiniied ehcoti-'
'fagetnen t ,?wn llupc rc4c tho necciliiy of
iFofibjreif J.c b fbs punier.
TS1 Home" ami l.orfi,, paVtlflpfiM
1 pclUUed by Col. l)ekvrrr. '
The Hifc and f. n , ,lo. r,netTcd
Strpheft Berk, or. tne SJoj th catt rcrner uf
the Courts MotiL' ltp;?.t.e.
The Hyrife and Lot ,n faid Iquare'w f-Iclnrd-t.
John O'fVtiiri f
The Hofrs and i.of TmCTKl.stieer, on
Mrs Ci-WfinJ
tpthfetiteildetrpurptes the lortificationrf Th"ulwd;L.0Ttheft.;tt
which hav4ieen commenced. . Kaf.:treeC polselked b'
1 1 tihi ii 1 pro v ccl . ; v ;
InirtH laofon the NoilM-vvcit con'er
La ad
NurU-Wg,V CO!
on the So.iuh-
tlie future. .'F$)aW fctuaiioti of the j fuf ure4mp;t 'tations from foreign coun-
J5pp ' are tries. - ' ?
r itaj?ilsl Gtntlemin of l$c ffojiof Repftfcntativ:s.
:ifrf wb r, I (li ill direct the ettniiate ol t-i:e ;appro
Tiitorv'r the wabpinciPsf which you are tries.
al-outto tWovidf. -lou wtli cooiider
cVuital of a Cteai -Naiferii advaui
uitexairtf'ltd rapiiit,'- in Aru, in Com-rce, j j thvtnHH necefsary ftrr the rtiluinii yedr,
ih V; hh, and jnf opulaucui, -and pojj Ifi tig" luethe'iwlt an ac count of tl;e:ltiidtC te-
within ri'elf thole eneroirs and rtiourt cswUichJ ventie, an'l expencin m es, to a liite-penocf,
I co;
rSfverjl of the fmn 'fV State, of fl.:rminy, haye
made peace wUh tlfe Frtneh Kepnblie.
ytrft mlide d ia: f'-toltf,
CJiicliaf? Mr. Qcincv,y9j6s
I Euflia. t8.8. and e!ct-d
ote,; rcpuajcaftj ;j
NEW-LONDON, Sov. ii,
Ftrft mldd'e dii': 'iy(i e:c. 15 townj) rVcUral
CJiKliiaacr Mr. y "nt:"43
Eultia. i8.,8. '"d c!
Second inulalcydo. Cambridge, &c. 341, frrun,
14 Bielow, 37j , Varnuin, r 10 7, fratin ing f 6.
Third niicifll'-. do. Salem, &c 19 r. Read, jri,
elected, (tiwriinfliie'd. . 1755.
F-Jun mulUlr do Newbui p jrl, Ac II r. fr'-.n
)urth wclcru do TorcHler, tec. 28 r. lrom 14,
t , ham, f, Xj , Lmcoin, r. 815, . 1 1.
NM.V.YOkK, November 19.
1 M P ( H I A N T
A gntlrnuu 1 relprdlabi.iiv arrived in town ye&
!tfly. frcin Ncwpoit. by, whicH-fire "he
I h mii Monday. He informs ui, that ,. fu dav I;',
he (aw a gnnlcman ar Newport, wi.-i n art !( -tti
the 'tiybi lore. rii (c.irnii ii.loAned him that
rlc Uuited'Stii I'lhip Bolton, cat tain Liitlci lud ar
r.vta a 1h.1t poi, vun a French (hip ot v.-ar c4 8
ui, shich (be h d captNcd'off the Weil-lndiii,
aftei Hi Cl.gaemtnt ol tJur l-tdrt The II tlrt nad
10 men killed, -aod ab ut zo wounded. The loft
t'te pai of the Ftenrh wai not memionep. U-ir in
toiiiKiit add, that he has no doubt ol thai intelii
get! r hri one the gentJc niii lrom wi oih he
1 - J it, (iw both H llou.
nr is' Ave (ittl iut .J,trjinn4 lad
fled jv.4 rf public an nr.! f'iur frtfrrtU.
elect tru fi t have met rtt ei; ed hif'.tm 1-ti.-i
from I he rer,lrwft eiiJiriQs. Mr.
K r.h:tr a republic in, is el tied hy ma.
jrir ' 19 ; and Mr. Lynckvtih, J.joa
t epnblican, ist'.relr.l. ; htniire vtf: ;
Afar f I ind tV''i ttrcftrrt ;t 6 republican
mma 4 jed-i 1
Tjhr.hy ulnut i feH(tkPi M. ttfi'f
brake out in 4uxWKr I'irgtnij, vhU'h
1 1 'ij u mtd Jix fra me twljirtg t.
Ei"fi 'f ,t UH r a m.-n-l' tpt Ui Ha.
vamia, r his irr,fpnitnt in Btit',
''ale, i,th fj,7
I r r j(l ,r j ,ht difpatdiri hive Srf n re
vrd bf th rovein nrni, 1.1 tin, nv, ot the Fttcl)
a 4 .Njvnifk, wHJk 14 (hipanl 1 e ...e jrd 17 Infifa
Mtftfip ihm Tr.rudad, add tb i their ptefcnt objett
ii Jamaica md have 'fqiatfi-d (apply ol provniMi
ii o.omen: n rmiv, pmbahly. produce tome
antral uui in our in it .t: tor lilt bcu t
Iljc Prelklent's Speech,
Delivered to b h Houlet of toiijj'rh, on Sa
tutday me 2 1 uf November
QcwtlmtM tie Sr natty ul
yQcntlrmen tflTt Ihuft tebrtJtn.
1 ri A 4try jtttr fie tdjournmnt of con
preh, at iHcir U. U&n in Y lUdelt hra, 1
Kvr uitr,,ir tn tcnnpl'anCt Vtaa ihu fttVI
t. r ihe t'ni vai of M public fli-ei, fecoiU
nd p ; Ih'lc M&lU oBtt ri have
r,n f tiHdeA anJ run tuti'd the urdiny bu
linfft of ih: g vrrnuieni in ihit place.
1 rOMraiM4jM he projl? of the United
tiiaif efl the aiTc ubiiig uf conceit at the
pcti.iin-nt ;at of mi-r at.neriiwnt, and I
torfftt u,a:e vcu. cnucoi.d. on thev'ofnt '
if R&t .throwtl away, or lamentably milci
IV Mire to it a 1,n,.r cfMrfc of orofucitiy tid
ie!f-!rovertnT)nt. ' a.
' in coropiiajvcTe wuh a law of the lafi Won
of congrefs, oiiii'C's and foldters o' thi
tempcraffaruy have ce'n dtltharged. fit
alfords real pleafure to recoUfift the hocMHabl;;.
elli(r.onyvhcy gave, of rite patrio.ic -motives-,
wHk h'broiight thern iitp the lervicc of then
connirv, by the. rc-aclinji's and .regularity wifrh
Wfluc li'ihe y returned li,' die, llatioujbf private
cyueiis. . " ".' ' r . .'
It is in every point 01 view of fuct priinary
iniporiancf, to carry the laws into proir.p, and
faihftM execution, and tr rehd-r .itiat j.;ut of
1 he idtniniftratio'ti of julhcc, Wnch the ecu Hi
tuttori and laws devolve on thfe 'ftderal C0'ir
2s convenient' to the people, as- ir.:ty coniill
with their ,'prefent circnmftanccs, that I ntiangt
oti,i it .nc- more t'o recommend id yo :r Icrio'tu
"ciniftderaibn, the judiciary fyl'lcm of tjle
U utie I Siaics. ' Ncdirbjcfif i; more irr.ercflitig
than this to the pttblir happine&,ind ioionc
can thoiVimprovem'.'nts, ..which may' h u-c been
fuggetled by experience, be more bc'm'fi-.iaHy
Ipplied. ..
A treaty of amiiv and commerce with the
'kintP 01 Piuflia. ha- been conc.udcd and ra'i.-
bed. The ranficatiohs have been exchanged,
and I have directed the trcd'y 10 be promilf
gawa by proclamation.
The ddficnlucs, which fufpcnderl the ext
Cti:ioo of ihe 6th article of our treaty of a
mny, commerce and navigation with Grcttu
liuia ti, have not yet been removed. T'le
nrgocia'.ion on this lubjctt ii Hill depending
-As it (hull b? for the, interell lnd honor of
both nations lotdhifl this dillerrncf wnh ooti
faiih.,1 iiidu'e,:cnnfide,tiily "lu expefranon,
tbat the (inci te endeavor of the guveiii'iie hi
of the U tiled 61atei to to an amu-l
hie terjpmaiior, will not be difamomi-d.
'ihe envoys 'exiraordinary lUrJstQori
pletiipoieotiary fr ;tn the United States 10
Fiaut c, wen: recri.ed by thefiill coul d with
the rclprfi due 1o their characters, and three
per (on 1 equal poweri were appointed to
ite4iv,.h tlietn. Alilnuj!i at- me dateof
the lad obViaT anielbgencc, th: ncgociacoh
had im.i leimtnafid, yet Lf If to be hoped thai
our' cH rt to eliect an accoinmodaiion, will
at ei.g:h meet ilh a. (.itccft ptnporiiuiied tu
the fiRcriiiy with which ihcy have been fo
oficn repeat 1 f. -
While our bod cndejtvps fur the prefer
va?ion ot barmmay vvith all naiions, will
continue lo be ulcd, the experience ot
the world, our own cxp?rietice, admo
nilh 111 ot the info urity of trultinj oo
tonfidciitly to their fuccclf. Wc cannm
w ithout coinminiu dungrrou impiu
ItcnCC, abjndoii thole niealurcs of lelf-pniiectioi-,
which arcadaptc.l lOjDUl liiti
jiicm, and i vyhi h, not with(iandit .tir
pacific policy, the violence and iiijirHtce
ol others may attain compel us to rdori.
While our valt extent ot fcacoall, ihe
commercial k agricultural hahi' ot our
people, and the jcj: capital they will
cdntinue 10 trult n1 ihe ocean, firimelti
alyllem of defence, which will be molt
hcuehcia! looutrdve our diltancc trom
Europe, and our refourccs for maritime
llrengih will enable in to employ it with
elfccl. Seafonable & fyflematic arrange
menu. I lar at our rcfourma will iulli-
I ty, for a navy, adapted to dtfenlivc war,
and which may in cute of necelliiy, be
quick'y bi-iTv4ht into ulej fecnl to be as
much re oin'mnde I by a wifr and true
economy a by a jutl regard tor our h
lure tranquility, tor the fafciy of our
Ihorei an I lr t! e ploiciltion ot our pfu
icrv, cM-minel hi m "Tin. Vlu
priUnt MIJ of ihe UnileJ Sac, called
Incidents into estilcnre, by a great nati
onal rxiy-uci, hat raifed 111 in Ptlf own
ellrcm, and by the proirction afforded to
our voin-iic rct lu efwrd, to the f I
to be-laid oelore vwu. 1 oblerve with
much fausfoilioiv, time ihe producTt of the
revenue during the pVefeui yea , hat beep
more t tnilicleiahle tit -it elm riig any foncer
ajqiial period. This relult ?.dcrcls coiicWifive
evidence, of the preac rclotirtos of
coutiiry, o the w-ifdotu ami e hoiency of.
the uu'fuie& v. Lie hhau been adopted by
Gi;ni efs, lor ttie protect ion of ciiiuetce
and prele: vat o of-'HiW'cHeTKt tj ike StrutUj c-nd, " .'
G ttitUmol tit tlwjt if Reprrtn,a'thes,
As out? of tiie jranii toiroo unit y c-f nan -o,u,
oar ii'ttentiou imfitloMy ilr-dWn to
the nti 'portatir (ceres ' ,-whicii (urraiund os
It they hdvc exhibited an ontoniinpn poni-
wn c;f caluioii ?, it the . piovinee t htnna
nity todepiore, and ot wildor.i to avoid the
catiie-; which may have in nd need ii. Tf
. .- - 1 v . 7
Miniinp ciir eyrt homeward we find reaiou
-to rcjo'c at the profpett which prefitits it
fh' it' we the interior of our
country prolpcrotit, liee and happv ; il
all enj')' in fale y under the pro'crdinir
til laws enrapating only from , ihe eeneral
will, ti.e Iruill c.f their own labour, wc
-lit.' lit to foitify aj-d-clihaj to thole inlli
tuiions, vvlnch hivt hecii the fotiice of
tuch real (elicit) , and n-lilt with uiiaba
te.l per (eve rat ice, ilie prortreft of tinle
dangeroOf i ittovioiu, which may dimi
uilll tiieir itii'neuce. ,
To yotir patriotiltn rentlemnti, htsbeeri
confided the honorable rltny of 'titaisdiir'
the pnhlic interell?, and wnile the ptlt i
to our Cnnnti y, a ('me le e that it will
ne la t fuby ililcharoed, pci hiit me to allure
you, that your labuiHf to ptotvote the
iieiurai, nappmeu, will receive no 11 nie
tne in'oit Zealous- cnope a'in.
A Bitrtijj
The day Jorimjrly acFVcrtlfcd
for thefjie of the Untiles and I.nis bciiiifui;
lo the cllats ot the late J din james, Efq. in
Souih-Wftninglon, being bad weather pre
ven ed the-falc from taking plate
The aroicfiid property will be fold by pri
vate tdiiiracts al one, iwo and three yrar ci
do, toany pcrf u making application, anJ
giving die ncccirary f.curiiy hu ihti 'lyuKnts.
d a I LtDDON. ) . .
Al It K jAMbS, Lxicuuis.
toutp.tralhin 1 n
ol John's fquate.
One do.oii ilie Creek
; fi le of' i,e laid fqtture.
'ne do. adpuunrg ;mes Tu tulle's .hop,
on the South lide of .M.-fon-lttett.
v-Cnieacre Lot on the . Crofvdjreer', be-'
logy John Lainnioi;'3r : " :, '.'-
One -fib.! beTMiirTTFjr.!' Vn'varAen..'
One 1-2 acre on tlVSmuh Lde c f Oieve
fl ret I, j ni n i n (4 " Ii 1 . Va n nV
r ive t-2 acre Lots in The lowor part of
the town, viz No's. ;7 9, 10 part ot ;i ;
aiitPH!-, - - V r .
ii.l Acres between GtovkiI, eet arid
M.BaraeV Bfick-vlrd nlare. - ' ;
4 Acres on the S;mh fide of the cretk
adjoinino GudsS iniil place. --v --
120 Acres' ahove liayir.Ounf, and to
wards the rare path. '
70 Acres abve-k- below Tmnct M Crnc-
an's old pl. ee;
iz o Acie hi the drains of Crols CrccU.
640 on the Eaft tide ol the RWr.
tow-Thorr.ds loac's. -
j . . ...
2 0 on the bck of Thomas Jone's'lai.d. '
200 on Flat fwatnp, near Naithaniel
Horton'svi -. '
- 2co on the firowii Mafh in ?ludeu.
200 on the Great mat 4 in Robeifoh r
a.50 6(1 Waggon branch in Moor
County 1 . .
For pari icalars apply to
Favette'ville, Nov 10 ao-2 ft.
N'v, 1, 1800.
BOOT and SlietjR. ilAK hR,
RKiPLCTHJI LY iufo his ohi bti(.
imcrt, and the public in gtueratj
that he has jnlt nrriverl frimi New-Knc-lajid,
with a complete itrtitrtnjenc of l.KA
THKll mid BOOT LEGS, and has re
commenced his bah 11 el's of Boot and blioe
Making in vViliuiiinn, North of the
Court-Honfe, and next floor fomh ol Mr.
A. T. Brow ie', wiirre he will he happy
to vsutic on all lliolr who pi-ale to employ
hiHi, and the Ini.nleli tavourt vVill be
lratefuljy aeknowleifgetl,
N. B. He h is jolt opined- for (ale .
!.riieallbr:nient of NKGRO SHOfeS, a levy
white JfAMB SKINS, Hiit:'blc lor Kre. ,.
Malcdfxapronl, and nfrw ke;vk-s of Mann..
Uttur en TOBACCO,- by. the kegj; or fraal
lei quantity.
Nov. ta. 2oa tf.
I o It S A L
Dijirtct Stuth -Cirohr.a,
I l.aleti',n, jiv. 1800.
NO r I C K,
'$ Merchants and Mojlirs of l'ejJ4st
and 19 tlt 1' ikts.
rT H E SupciiiiieiiT4buoiHie LigKt-HQvfr
1 r! 1 Ih'tienc Hi Cnai icyloii, iouti -'
rt'iina. wnii pie nine aimbuncef . ihai thi
i.:;Li;sTON LIGHT.HOUSS! it new
,coiMpeuv te huili, li.isiitn iirmc Stan.
I wttb(na built ot Uoite ami b'riek. and
e Piaiit uioii on Hhey. irO'i Ldntttemon I ha np, tuyere-
enpjser, pfrlWllj n ecis. relp
ssi n
1 10m anv accHeut 01 Ore, tcl.etr n i.nw
rxh b e I a lull tut ve') brill' IW I if hi.
DasjuSuvim, Si'rinttni'nt.
it, known hy ihe name ot Sfhattf
hrrry, wi,Crc .n the laie Mrs Ci or.e
Miaorc livB ; couiauiif a-out live hun
.Ire! Kffjlo liuiidifd of wloeli exieb
ill cm n I jin', wad about (mm liundrid
rlc ired and under fence For rerun apply
tothe fsiblcribcr. . A iND rorttm.urd lonhagtol of IQH diSrirt,
Th above Plantation it under a leale to itveorr (44 10 and 1 1 inchc la 4
Mr. Cobb, lor the enfuinn The ! 10 be atiooi 17 vart old, his fe SI
profit! 0! Haiti lea fe will be gJVfsi up 10 the j his legs and arm, and hat loft feveril id hit
purchaier, il lold at the comnieccemeiii ut jaw teeth, parn ularly all hi under or-, a 1
the year 1S01.
Novembrr 2730; 41.
t on ihe 1 7th it'inno, a N-er Miow, l
To Mailers of Vellcls.
THK l.ibl'cribcr hit lor Ui h
Book anil Siaihtnary Store in F'ont
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idnc up Blank for the Cul-uii.Hoiile, &c
for a very trifling compeuUtion.
1 A. HAM..
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, ManifelU, Sirppi'i I'a cn, Efttrtffj dac.
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.Tufilj(tjOal, Nov. tmt.
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Ihimlelf SAi:i. MACCANA, and avs br
ffcrv-d Sis Mme riil Reuben iWAt, of E!l a
couniy, Virginia; as a Ctrtifccaie Of sthich .
hat a pali figncd by 1011 S EVKNS. c. I. .
h-a'irnf date he 16th May, 1744 " ,s
fnppofed lohavr been fif,e.U a .d two papers
one dgned by Wm. ttatCneil, ! l.unen'. :
foontt, iheotb-rby Richard Ilay'c, d N
wayf' felling firth ihai he I a ii'-.tim, '.!
his bfrn in their f"it as (nd) M upwarli
f iwo yrH, and bchtvrd himulf mm -It
11 fuppnfed ihai the abov? deUraNr
gro it a Have I f t tin unMarfqielle
t.i route, prrte h.i jrop:rty, ta'.e moi
and pay chttge .
MlU-i KNTGH l Jair. -
W.!rao.a, U v-
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