North Carolina Newspapers

Qa Mr.JiV lift, to ut 1 r tclrcV:, tKeil"bW.
nu pf.Ui .owa we alt, .ed with h; rrv of fin
lu co. i tqiiCB.f slit icof i. iut nea out wm
ufeti' -aiicntv, wh.n it wadiC:ovcr li to procc.d It-nU
ihe Sack p it o a Wfeh' ' behi .a tlte ft fl
M:Iif wUlcolm M '"Jveraie ot-v-j. in mti --..
..t finite to nonce, that
fire Ri!l ic-jewcd and" hjnjtv co'ilhuttmle ma;e S ihn I
ha dilcnarg'd (h: duties oft: t.
1 doabt not,'iumojrtSlc -to himfclf, and .bans
firial to the c miry.
" On the tih of January I offered to
Map r romance, the appointment ot ru'slrc
Aent far the purpofe of collecting icJLtioqv
It hh focn nciiuR .mJierf, l"i K u a mibmcholy cr- n0'4j ufed again 1 ific pelons charged by ihf
rvat IfflOMa p. ire tier- irf J ;1(f, (J0,n,Ijncrr wu having committed
weie fenad. not. a tlou .1 cm ex'R that the nre ws ( . ' .. . ' . . . t i
accident, but truth wa.theol me appo.n.nent ou the i4h of th fame
f ; tenWott -ana deficit. ' Hl it dot.twcn dilcoVeted m Mvh.-.and c nttnued to m under it until
in G early- .1ge of, ;t pfogrcfi, a " the, ftf :ibe jn;h of March, when he rchgned. On
l . -T.- ..' : .A it. kt.. ln-r filial & I ,- . r ft t J " 1
rrerf pan ot i c iinmf y.a"i me' re lunation or wr. rurvjanciv ine an-
licihif to trie cona-pti.w. j r' -;',.. -rtf a.r. was -piv'Cmi- ft. Mr
inlmnt ana mat not vefl in what terms to Drefs if
a msniierJon the Binds of the Leciflature. The indii -
alible ttcUriv ot Iwtne urovifuwi af ihu LiiiiL
r - , . ' - 3-
' r.J J:-jn -18
ccu tutuiucicu in a qomsnic point ot view
and relatively o the Blacks among us, it fo
leit eta nt, as to- tenure, no iilnftratinn therefore conierit mvi'clf with having aircn
tioticd it to you, Ciatlem.p, and-v.iil retl fa
usfird, that it wflt neither elcape y.ui, nor be
dilregar;lcd by voik
J Since 'he rife of iheMafl
Favettcviric Ae
Nov. ia, i8cd.
trjc iitorner ot xii ytaj 1 798 ji iTumi
ier l C.;iu cn.;;i ol Ka ettev ilte ud
- t iiVviev.ity, ttiritifd 'themreives mo a io"
' a- . . . t , . r i t. ... .1:.... .. i . ... 1
nary 61 Lriini.g. A Kot.rtl ut 1 rulfee
was appoiiitet., who dj a public adveriwe
mrnt anf piioted ea"d, made knowi. tUc
a.ioptjou ot tl.e lo.lowui plan ot edutr-
bye rrteived ftvn the Secretary of Stat; fvrtU , ' '-.; ' . ....'
1 ..r o u.c j. - rn .,v'p,,in,rt?e.t of agent- was -givi-n- (b Mr. "ot Mongrels, tor inc. ule M
... . . . .. 1 4,- j n l' m. .e-
' To ihe Iwnol oPMie inhab'tantv it lf.oul: be o?- frfioe-J. Tfi'r'rcaiWvalfifhcd'tv theie Gen".
oci. thaf atihou u"-& iorjkr refigUons, appear in
town arc ord by tal irJnct, , --ur e , ,. - k. " . ,r.
Jrf Aew ltor-.i.te -rhwaHa five iwl'S k : their l4-oa.tKat ,ub,e.-t, u-evttded in my.
.vuAUt, v&Ai&ikiiW bv, 11 lnnh.;t, i -r tt.e ictier boof-w; n Twtlrbeljtd before you in
purpiWe ol Rcwi d'lw- the rHt,ovci?y td -pa-urn- thf courfeJ (.J -!r iVifion ; which book will
' uf P 'I'or perl .11... 0-4 HijU;.. tiiWto fe w,-cefpndeCe ' wjlicli took
iuiouv aucp-. ..:,:1n (1f ,h, ' Ptc in conf-ri .ence of tl.e law: for ike trial
fum 'f. feiSft'd M ab--vc.ucntio.ied,' be made of iae pei(w-vA tiirg-.-.l as afraid, 'be: ween y"r ntcntion
k own fti it'y ' be ExL-cut'v v and' ;lic LTW!h:erv-f ,'thc
Jrsat'e.. ic cinimc(n:cni"iii' ot inc. toum
(ihe Judgeswf witiih i vliad ciimiiitiTi"itcd un
kr she atiiu'.iriiy of tne act ot the .Legi-Uature
the United Siatls, feveral bo-x $ or packages
conlaining many -hu-ndrVd ""caries "' ibf the laws
of C.ingrei's, for 1 he. ule tf K. Carolina ; all J
-. r 1 j 1 1 - . 1 w -.- - f.
li-.e :ate-riojlc,-T
and arelubject to ilie order and diioofal of
the G-rieial AJfcinbly .
To-morrow fliill be laid before you the1
Journal of the Council of State, and the. JQtook
gQntajriWgJfr-klGcxs written anil r1iiei
the Ocvernor, above referred to, and at .the
fa m time ftull b.Ttttentioncd (uth other
matters and tilings as appear Ine worthy . of
"4?. Sunday MU" belo ft Sv. ASdrSw's Dh,
!ih, N AT'-t-vk-jairfl SoKsot Najtiv Nor rH.'j
j ' ifi that iife. proviiL'd tof tr tic oerbms chatg-
'bRii'OSERs rt-iioiiiu, in fowl. .n4v.ur4.Vd- as. above inen'uo.ned) .bengal i time uj
. li.. ..11 tii. t"'rfiiio!.;i!il' i- t'L:. .f. 1. :u 1
GentHcHien1, .
Withinuch refpptfl,
" Your obdt, Seryant,
i . , B. "WILLI AMI'
Raleigh, 'November 19, 1800. ,
caioput.y wiwjitl twenty im.esaa it was no.,' on tbaf a'ccoujtif . thghghf ailvifabb.-
fiViemlbl $.ill arui Supper. V PWK M. to ia!ie any oti'cr and further 'appoinjmeni
huiidrvtl Lidies and Cent It nie.i weie . ot pllDi;c A?rn.t.
Hia Excellency Benjamin Williafni li re-eleftcd
i l l. i l,..,lwi., .. .. .i-4v..i D..L-:, ' .-
Abo.:, the .Viola of this L: ; : -Ju""c rniuer' DV
. Atf.,. tlia tvfei ntr. io their r. u. ".b,.LfUij U t; ...r- i' " UTu ...u J 7 'T' """"V "uuc oyi
t II.1 ' ' w 1 v" .. ";v j V w in 1.1 11c- uinuftiiiH-u. uuuniis 111 which hi
atoll pcr-i'ec't aiisfnaion, not t. Iinfc cloud Tfofc was concerned,-vas, poHpotied" an I or
hove. :Vi I'tfar tU lun of .dered to ths feveral Dillrict jpurts ia which
ftippit -WSrsfcivejv, xli Siting niythe luxu- ! .n- pj accitied :hfojjM the calling of
,;.;, 0'tbe U'.ilon, at which -IWfiah Muter-; a ofOyer, other than the one then paO,
aptl Ker Urijunan, tKlqwc prelnie.!, (1)J appear 40 me warranicd' by vhe law,
aii.l drank .e-uftial loads, " 1 he ., .,w- u perhap nccifafv. ' :
I nt'ourtal inemoi y of S . Andrew." "I.;md i-Vom the tn.-afures "adop ed; and Irie
,i.C 'ki:Sr-v, ':rR4,u S tseiiW.FnH , 1.11111
) y.v; , mv rreaeceiior in umcf, i neia rt mv ntnv
f -W ' ... . .
to preis the nXingand extending -the boundary
li n .- . between N'Otth and South Carolina ;
and acrprdn(iv, on the . a Ctli of lanUaryi I
Marrieo By ti e Reverend Mr. Baker
... U-.. i I .-3.- . f - 'it:,' I .1 ".
tin :- tic ,su uiu. -'uncior tvetiDen . ,veritt, iu
Mils J 1 . . h I', flare, both Stnith-Vtlle.
N .) I 1 C-K.
pointed, uiuier liofe- itnnictliate rltyrng
the Iidtittiuon Ih ill nc prared, to be
Tr iiif c 11 iv lr111 lima fyrtaika ft.ftan
that the Academy,, fhalbjie cnafuieied ai
School for the educnuan of both lexes, and
th.-ujtjpi fiich other Teachers as ' the Trus
tees fhsll appoint, a Difeetreia to-fopcrin-r
tend t-HFlcrmale laHes in education and
.narrrjers, (hall be en imaged ; the Etigr
lifliHLatin and Greek languages ttom the
firll prineiples te the yreaielt impwive
mem, fliillibe taught ; alio the eleiwenta"
of Hillory, Geognaphv, ufe-ot the Globes,
Bells Leucrs,. Mai hematics', toiitther with
moial and naturafl pltilofopfiy ,M
The Truftees are now haniff i
n havinir
-.a1 r
(L-.!ict?,fl e, idies &;Uetuleinii en;t'i
'i-rni;."elv.-s with Scotch KeeU. in an tV-
joiivillg frio'n
The w'toic ivr.s lo cohdut'a
I .M" It I I . J.
te.l IS to rt'wcr.fc.nie ii.i;.icn i.y.iwi
inaiuaeri, Mellrs, Batd'ay; Cavfou and
M Catdl A. ' - .. 1
A LL per'ons in ie ted to the edate of;-Jo
n4tnjn ettfiut
apoinimcnts inane Dy ine l.egtuatura .Jinct I u, make iittm- dte pivmeni And ihofe to
wnom the e(la-e is indebted, are :de(ired to
L-xhibtt their demands, piopcrly atteiled, with
in the time prefcrtbed by an act of the Gene
ral Airtmbly o. thi- flatc.
December 4, iw.
Thf Lf xj'fluure of pennfylvAtia, hat Xlffn without
omiiij' toYiiy do t" noon the n4? "t clior.rmg
Elcaors of Puhuci.t and Vice Pr. h.lcfit cf the Uni
tea. Star.-s. ,
wrote, informing the Governor i;f $natl
Carolina, that cotnmilFioners on 'he pan of
j tnis State, Would meet ori the i8'th day ot
Munii then next enfning, lor the pur.pofc
tt in ther power to thepub-.
11c, mat ie above plan ot education hat.
been carried into complete tfft ft, agreea
bly to their rtiott faugume wilhes or ekK
fiefHation. The JVev. JVJr. Robefon is now
fettled in Fayetteville, and hasAiinlertrfken
the charge of the Academy as principal
Teaeherj his acknowledged abilities,
mildneW of difpofttion, and amiablenelj
of matmert hinhly qualify him for Inch a
,ibfge. The Trull ee feel a proportion-
Nate fatTsfattion in the qualifications of ih
Ladies and .ientlemeivvho are bis aflilf-
nathan Jetifiuigs, deceaid, are icquelt.-d a's. They haye lately received an ele
gant let of (jlcbes with foaie mathematical
apparatus, and thexLHeS in Geography,
Altronoiny ami Mathematics hac com
menced under the molt favQttrable prof
prc'ts. The ptefent ettabiimed rates of
l iiitioivare as follow, viz.
Keajling WritjiigS Aiithmatic, 8 dollar
per annum. Reading, Writing, Ai ithina-
above lneutioucd, on the Wachaw Crek,, at-rl
af 1 lie place v heft the former Commi,rhoncrs
ended their work, and fuhmittinji 10 him the
coufielv of apnoituiofl Commtllioners on thi
A rrn'lcnm in Ri eih, wr'rei to hit tu'n" m part of that S'ate, toaitend and fee that m'e
.t,;. ..,.. 1 hit 1 h- American Liivoii ro sravcr, i.avc
,n v. -
irriv.d lale at Norfolk.,
RAN AVAY about two weeks io, m'
Aon rennce bur. ENOCH HIMK.S
r - -
oMervaui-ns were acruiaieiy i?.icn, ana tnt
Virfiinii baielrfttdzi Republican Elcfton,
nvjoiity ol 1387.
by a
liics properly run'and marked. My letter to
tie Governor of Souii Carolina L'd to a
Corrcfpondcnce on this fubjeci, yliich will bi.
1 tumid iccoui.a, ara wnicn 1 am ioiry10 Di
1 1 1 11: r 1 r .
Any per Ion harbouring fatd aooreniice, will'
oe profecuied
,CENT reward
ivering him to
December 4,
.nc. plain Needle Work and Markmrt: in
the law directs. ONE
will be paid to the perfon da
F.CK1VED in Wilmington goal, A-
V:nn?vni('v MFSAflF.' under the necclliiy of obferving
I I r.Mr Hn.urablttbcGcneiW ljremUy W a fiogleraw of an , accpmmodatnf.
nf the Male of Norlh-Car jlniu.
" Gentlemen,
I' 1 . In 1 n Id the mellaoc winch I had ycf-
tefdav ilu-Honor to receive Irom ilte Legi4
Uurei it b romr;s my dniy 10 detail to ysu
lite lute of ine bufiheh tumtnined to my
a 1 . n ' 1 t ir 1 t
fir.- i iihenctatce :iv me latt-vict'ir 11 vucmuiv.
In d i 1;" 'hi', I ll.all haw repaid to the or
in wftiil. the levcral nuneiN ootnirei, to
v., (hi Hull -fk jfaur auci.uon, and (hall it
fo make it a point 10 irel .cfs a Ititle as pof
tiblr 1 i''ir i n y-Mir lime r on v. u paiience.
Ai'ie'ab'y 10 the hrilh exprriled by the
bft A'l - 'be i.e.reiary of Slate
difpolition on the pat 1 of the Executive of tha
Siate 5 on the contrary fo very much is tht
rcverfe, that our Cummillioiiers have been
foraiddeB by "the Governor of South-Carolina
to ctols the reputed Boundary) or enter thai
State, on die bufincls aforelatd, at their peril,
and at the r i fk of beit g perlonaliy maltrcaied
1 bv the M ii.aiv Power, Such being the cafe,
drr J , . . r t . . m . .,
it aopearca to ma auvnawic 10 poupunc un
meeting of the commillouiers, and yet longri
to del r this intcr.-fting and neccdlary bnfinef,
rather than commit the dign ty of ihc State,
an4 n(k tlte becoming involved with a bilk:
State, in a unam-l ly unfeemly and fo un'
Under this imprcllion, i ro'in-
e Cuitim Hi-
.1 It, T- I
uonmtt. jicr iinuoMi. iea(ii: p
Arithmatie, Englifii Grammar Geoiraphy,
aint the higher branches ot Needle Work,
r 4 dollars per annum. Reading, Writing,
Arithmatie, Greek, Latin, Enjilifh Gram
mar, Gcoi ahy , Atfronomy, Mat hematics,
and Bells Letters, 14 dollars per annum.
The tnic ion money paid quarterly
in 1 I v.inrf.
gtilt the 15th, 1800, a negro ledow ine fcfrfa alread .ia
v dirn-'.me ol MINGO, between 60 70. t, TrulUen pledge tnemft Ives, that not
ears of a? e. Said negro was foul ny Jo- cyerf ion on their part fhall e wantina 10
i.ttaan Standley ol this county, to one rxtr.rid the ufefnlnefs of an inltitutinn tha
Manning now of Georgi t. 1 lie owner of
'bid Have is hereby-requested to come tor
ward within the time liudtted by law,
uid pay ch.irties, or laid flave will be fold
0 defray the lamp.
N. B. This isio Ult tinfe- Mingo ill
be ad vert i fed.
)e-either 4.
.- 'f I Mil. II it .
.1 Ik . . ...I.. .m . ........ .
' , . ' . uuaanded the otders given to ih
.niiarv, ain r nueavo.ce.i 10 punt oni-anu 1 -
i.iit.rrl on um ibe proprie v and die peief- -, ... ..
1 ' . 1 a ' . ( Cuohna, as will be hen in our
l..t .1 111 immediate ; i.hoii of me hne dt- r , ' .
1,1 ' I . L. . . , . ( a.
. , T . ill 1 on M.Ji iicaii 11 tciiiaini, uiciciuir, iui nut
li'.ra'it't. 'be boundary bfiween ihc Inbabi- ... . xtr t . j
1 1 c . 1 .1. t -a . ...... G-niial AllembUto take fuch Ofder, audio
....... i'.u Si h ih In nulls, it ., if-.,. -
. j t
r , A A I ... I . . t , 1 ,' ikii.. ....... r
i. r-it" ... ra. i!.-.,i lOah
"C Sutitwrrfr m nc wiin.'-ii. .n 01 ic vuucu
'state, at' l left ui.aiulhr;' tv him. iitclulrd
and ftaissar.'ed to the Sti-iar' die pc nnm
ofih'- lh ibu. mis of Buntoinbr Counn in inn
f .rtlai.d the procecJingt of die Aikmb y
make Inch provifioflf in ibis regard, a- m thenr
on iha peniion.
4 And the l""ff ' iiifnre an n ' I a r
Itifftt ion lo lite buliaeh, I wrote likcwdc 10 :
Maiot Ffin all n. 01 Cwmiii informing him I
t ihe nwahires lakcn I1) :he Aflc-a'df r
No. di.arc'iiii in 'hat icgard, and .Iku-g n
tr f the huliref.
Iccrfi bell 10 (.omport with Uic ngni
peace, aod. dignity of the State f, hov
. fi r. 1
ever, 1 were ui niK an opinion, aner naving
wltnelfd iMt which appealed c me die vet
bw kwaid & utiaccorumudaiii g ddpofition ol
the Lxcuuvc of South Ca-ohnain thisrclpcci,
and fiCI having dmy tonfidcred lite inc.. : .
. adapted by 11, it wmrd be, 1I141 a telnri to
the Cotilthiitioaal Tribunal, is thai mode ol
(lediU, lint unfortunate ant) long (landing
ddpu't, whiih will bcdacsoid wuh ita dignn)
ol il.p.iau, and which wiil uluuuieiy ben
let me ;lie nghii of Hi cuitcnt.
HitC tip
The American Ship Fricwl-
(hip, Ilaac 1 tibbs, Maltcr,
burthen 230 tons, with good
accommodation for paireugcrs.
For Freight or Paltagc apply
correlpon'dence Mailer on board or to
Wi'minctnn, Niy. 17. aoi tt
Toe SuhJct'Oi r not received by
' Mi-, fiai khn In dune every thing in
r, wtr as -i ! b h en l.v hi lent r of ihc j " Earjy inihe moath of J ine lift, the reftg
h Mav lad
tht m
t'rienJfhip from LtVtrpul.
6000 Buihcls ot Salt,
4 Woollens,
30 Cr.iie Crockery Ware,
30 C nn Nails
If Tons Cnala,
4 Ivdes Chiabnrnt,
Winch he WiHrlifpof ot at low advance
or immedi ne p.iy: ent.
He hjs alb on hand,
' A few Puncheons of hoe Ha- oared Rust,
between two and three years old, which
he offers for f ile wholefale and retail.
Krcfti Hfon flu. lane and Hohea Teas, im.
t-r t J.l . - -L. P
t. ai e in rtnirie 01 i ic ycir in inc iv-uari
-,, d b.aie a'id of War.msy polTialy have
ft J
lam f.'i'v, liimrui, o ratian vf 1idie Haywood was handed to in-, ported by the Aon anl Hote, Indiaman,
.. ... ...... K V .... . I r 13 . . ' - 1-
4 Id, 'Hat huh n 1 hive rrrr ul no mturrna j dr. lined however, 10 b.l the vsrancy on the the latter end of latt Ancuit.
Hnitfrnffi ris . i, -Gncral (i veio- j Bench, occafioned bv rti .rent inc : and in I R. BRAOLKY.
rr.-ia in ihi behalf, ti.-r have I any alfuranict J doing fo, 1 wi mtVi-nrrd bf two Teafons,! Wilmington, Nov. t.
it. t 'r n. -bat il.r wti.ifs ol our llaie nlaifve' mills, becaufe 1 dcfnaired of findmc a Gen
in this, tuajiei IH be (uou or aliirasif ly! ilernan of ihe Bar en ul to rnfebtfrging the I TQ LK I ,
. . A I ,r .Si-, -t wr.u'i nae n,-n r .i r
. t.i. r i
mete'v irmnmarv from in tenor, and one
It Wiiii'rt. howrter. which the Cenrral mih nr tiimhil prU'iry,
- r'i.Y o :
nave j
m .. tt.
to y.ttf.i.o n-al.iri weir fak .. fof ihc Midget arrrffr,t of ihe rVoch, thai no Term n New.n.novei Lonnty, ai preteni occu-
, ., . . i . . ... .i.. i 1 . L .k. cl ...U l l .r .l- - rimed bv Mr. Is inks . with as msnv wo'Kmc
j ! hoi. or I 'if line , H" c-uiy i" mtr. iiuvc i t nirn inipim nnprn rciorc inc meeting or 1 1 1 . 7
. ! r, etUlioii of Ihe .a.l VJI".,, ;. i!e General Aarmb v (h-dd beb.fl, ,,, t0Q. Inecoei si .lie itotor rosy require, sue mock
IrHfi'trr nfMr HivwmJ'i rfl.,v,,.n I'.I Sailie.
The (Ttus'inn cf our 8stc. With re
In Aim. i and fililr S'f i-i It fnrtl ttill o
tetsuld iVeia io cm ,.nna..(.nble m ,lt t h.efl The fubfenber will pay tha cab to soy
nt i, time m . .f. li j.......n....i t r.-i I workman who will undertake to nuild bavn
..... ... r ..... - -
promtfes u be fo beneficial to ihe tiling,
By order of the Board,
w J. BURKE, Set.
Nov. 20, if 00. a
tFift be jold at Public iuflion, $n ' crrd'if
tivt year st on the third iuj of 'Janumry
next, in the aunty oj Biaden, 2uu,-;
belnt Fayettetiiit,
"IH.-iT valujolc mnl well known Plan
X tat'iou, Ire ihe property of Daniel
Willis, dec with tooo acres of Land, on
which is a very larye l'lantasioi,!) elling"
Houfe and out houles, with a very large
Apple Orchard fupeiiqr to any in the
cm .ry and on the woods land there ia
larue qnatuiiy of Save Timber. The
Trail in ihe eltnnntion of ihofe vhe. know
it, is equal to any on the rier.
At tht famt timt and f lact,
At ewe- ytar's trcdit,
Three yoke of Oxen, and
fund t y oiher-articles.
Will bt hirtd oat for we year.
Some Negroes, the property
of fatd dceeafed.
November 27.
lu. ftofibeapr.n.meniwhowouldUy. M eter,d yp,n on the 17 !f January
im riofrlnonal Bufinefi and accept an office . . . , m . , v - y r.
nere.v icmnotarv from ... KaoT and no, the firjl day Ft-
which he Genrral Afteaibtv mich. or init?h"l hrunry . ...
. HlftTiii to m ia i.i. ! nm .kU't, ..jITHAT pleafani std well known plarta
1.1 1 - ..... j ..w., ..... T...p. , ... w,, ,w 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 . v v 1 c
a. like ftneniiieTU 1 IcJiba. ta Lr. ndls. l.ecaufe t was ill,. red 1 v all the 1 '"' CAS I LE-H A T IN to,
, n - 1 - -T ' . , : " . t.1
I lie rvsttfna o n ol Judge Mw ie, which
v iorrnally nndt kunwM u me in die month
. f faiiuiv Ult neM incfflaii.y rUinicd the
at cm 101 l ' fa .1 Mdlt'. The Conn
"fi t fie in the ntoioli of Fibmaiy
ids. It -I lite Mp) ir'il.g Samuri jtMii.llun,
taiir" . 10 all vasnt oa 'hf
,f, ... i ytttr icfcjM n H Mr.
Ili,.r I If
, m
.It -
h .wever. futh an anw.lhrcneft 10 OwbliQl 10M TttB M,,' w'11 Carpenten
. . c. 1 . : . .l.. tr l. . . .
lis world onr enure tsianrBinm h.dieno 10
ibis highly tacrr fling and impwrian bnfmelt,
and bud il C (ubjrti of I act dsa.iacy witbal,
to a fTtfl in procuring ihe TirnkT, Ac.
Koveobcr :y, oj tf.
Wurh Makers 5c Silver Smiths,
BW.G leave to inform the public, that
ihev htvecoinmenieilbufinefstn Front
flreet, opjstifre the haufelnrrrrVily occupied
by Mr. DoMey, where ihey imenrl carry mj
on (aid bufmeft with ftntneft and proCio.
ality, and flnner ihemfelvcsthey fhall be
able 10 g'e fuisfjttion 10 thnfe who may
plenfe to favour them with their r nll..m.
They hcvo-oow on hand a very han.ifon.r
sflimment of Jewelry, which tbty will fell
low for rain.
NoettHt.r 9 7--WM ttl
"""" r'UK SAL K,
Cbeaf tr Cfh
A ftck ot I attle and Hojrga,
m'' Sound. Fol l.irihtr iuformaiiaa
er autre el the Prinier.
No. a J2-l.
i 1
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