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J N life's tf morn, what vhdd hurt.
o Adorn the aaiataiinf, views,' j
Bv fuieuni Ciay.n f
No torrai with glmy afpeft rift,
To cloud ttt attire ol the - ,
No miBioblcurc ihc dawn.
With looka invariably gy
Young Expectiftbn point till way
To every ..bhiaful Untie,
Where odfHfrf ent the taeaih c( mors,
Where rofei lilogm viihoun a th rn,
And mufic Ella the $dU.
EBraptur-HKlh dirtant view.
Youth thinki ita i .ow bcaui ca f rue, '
And fphHga the pne to gain;
Hia grafp the Jay illuTi nlfliei : ,
Experience thua the cheat defcriea,
. And pr vt hii hope wcj auu::.
The path of lifc tho' Sowera adr, '
Yctxtwn wi 1 the rugged thorn,
Amulft the Aoweravarife ;
Capct not then on earth to fharc.
Eoiuyment unallay d by care,
But leek it in the fkict.
Borrow inc. Where is (he perfon who
has not borrowed, in one inlianfce or another ?
Even 'fuppofe we fay it was only a flat iron qf
hn neighbours vvife, -her Mnner-btx, or
wafh'n gTuib, wirh the uliial observation I
will repay or reium it aga n tornorrow. This
verifies an old verb 'Tis better Id .bor
row than to ileal." hut id. general the great
eft offender is the firft to turn evidence. 1
here give ou afTiflance :A black man in
Jamaica, ' MJieTTrfu: ago was taken up' by his
riialter ,x biivinr goods Knowuitg intm ttf
'have ; -n llolen; ij6 'vt.$itffaeit Jiflijiip .gly;i
jctitence pafled Bpon hlm Tiie Judge
.pronounced " T.'k'f and, -flog the black ralfc
cal.' The prifoner begged ;o be heard,
whith was granted. Says h-, u If white nitn
John Da'r,
William Floyd,
Rtchird Walker,
Andrew Craig,
Archibald Huntj
John Stafford,
William Moore,
James Smith,
William Ford,
Hen' y Clay,
John Shield ' ' -John
John Srmmoridt,
Thomas But'ers,
James Cooper,
Plica tf nativity
Baltimore, (F. Pi)
do. - bsiif
do. "t'
Caefer couniy,
Baltimore. (O.T.)
EafJlerii Shore,
Baltimore, -Suffex
couniy, .
Dorfet county
do. , l.-jizJ.
WtHlam Hulfon i do.
Edward Career. " do.
Benjamin Harris,
Barney Gaiey,
Henry Long,
William Swreveen,
John Jierner,
George Rarafey,
James M'Luman, .
James M'Laring,
Horatio Gates,
William Sand ford,
John M4Donald,
ilenry AAff
r . '
vf Prani the A IIR O R A .
Queen Ann's county,
Unknown, j
d. X
do. '
Caroline county,
Ujaknori, ,'
a teneraliatemHit, Thai Pickdriog re-called
Mr. Piniard.our Coaful, at Madeira, ypo htr
oun auibrity.n : v .
Upnn a further infliga'ion it Ippears that
the facli ai$ much vorfe than we ihen Hated.
Mr. Pintard bid in ferii !nJme
Wfiela, eren then ah com;nn frow or bnonp
to tl e poris of tlieeneiny, wt'th the exeep.
lion f thole carrvinn fuppl ei to Hvea'
t.locktrltrl, invtfteil, or beiteue. Wiiau
reg-ird m the fhp o'' neu ral ttaiea, U'leik
s ati conti alHt.t con tin dries lor me ene-
tual.'f retiftrd Hi inbrtftnfntM r i; - n) , ilwy rva be ftopprd, n-l 'V fi'ies ft si! I.e 4ei2etrand confi'caei
iut tfie velsels ai d Ti e lelidne of their
men by iinufh Affels at Mudeita, and by a'o
undaum edtlc4wjofAliuv to his country.
highly cBeadfd the Brilijhr Naval GftWs on Fefmmkf b I.i4
thai' flat ion. l is pteny accurately aterta in j c,n riba' " commodities cu. Ititu etl three '
ed, thai intimations were made to the fcfrc- 1 he kPWlrl o, in
Uty by a certain noted diplomatic char.der, W h? hip mil ear fhnll be wnolly
thai the removal of Mr. Pin tar d would kJtA His wajdly howtver, t,
deferable event to his Court, and rxore efpedal-) 4ma " Vfi? of rf rjl lh Prvi
lv to Ltrd St. I Vincent, who fems, was e& WC Rented, if H e enemy do not
highly offended' that a Yaniee fhouli dartr i.r"t a .eaprocal ntdidr-ence ioMhe coeple
io obitrua iKtfMVWdl Aii order,. '""t;s ;he , ecf.
Oar fwVSri on Att oWh aiitWy, an Thff h ,hc 9'!' Njs(e (year 6,)
A ifeifcl culpable condefcention gave Mr. ; Ulf.f i&T H ,es,t"v!,
ia ..TnL.rts that Mr Pintard fnould be i 1 h ;' 'hc 1afeot ''"P " f MttT
i hemo Retiiral or h:fftle. (Iuuid -h rU
recalled! ihu Uiametui irnjampn gemng to , r-r.-y , j ; ,
toe kn'oweiuji- of Mr. rintard-w perceiving i . . , , . ,,VJ
i i i f u rrUrt h, fl,; every re(sel tumid ai lea, laden in tho
that he was likefy to be acrxficea hat the jhrine ( CV . ' . 'v' ' "u,e
n - -? , l i v ' f , ; or in pa t w;, li ronmio ti:ie& coiMniz fr mi
of Brvttfh fafiMfiftm ne ,p'' no. iifie -n re. : , ' - . 1 'SPIS.
noiltf, - ana connoniiiig ills v(uiui; . i ' j - t r i
ir. I'icKerioff nue cone wvi " .. , ' t i ..
' ,i t j ArAwiEi i'r r,f. ;ovviif ; ol their aiticlrsniul con, modules." !
i unauthorized promiles to Atr. Umn. .
n . i .r ; he everuv 01 ib.j t'-l:ii..-t;-;r,r idii. '
with to recede ! a r.epicfentaiimi of .,. . , - V, 4 . j "cm.
(aa.,on was iherefore made to the Fie ,,,, nr. :k. . ' '
It it repprted ijd-bplieA'ed," that the rbjetl
of Mr Thoma Cooper's late jn'Ui'ney io te
'York, war to" profecute Aleiandfr Hamilton
for his h."h!y ftduious ati'd:,. inefn hary libel
Pr firlf-nr fjt ffit United Slates. It
TTr I'thAi coayt at
.U.. w uj.mii. ilrar r Cooner will have I very . a&
lliai ii i I'MFv -
fuccee-ded in iiilliuviing, or at leaft in organi
zing a profccutionagaifltt iite libeller. The
lediuon la 'vsHiiVtben, lake fha!aiis's Bull, be.
i oirii the inflriimeni of ihc piirHihrneni of ita
WASHING ION c 1 1 Y Nov. 19,
The caufe of th" lire in the War office
has net been yet full) akeriainrd ; t but ihcre
is the bell re.ifpn lobelreve that jt aiofe- f uth
the inatrennon of feme perlon in the adjacent
building, the owner of which had died that
day. Hts corpse ftili retqained in ihc houle,
in which a fire was kpt up. "From ilns houie
it is fuppolca to have been conducted into
).ii irii,inlrM a A W r fli.iil fee the figure
buy loleti good,s, will you order while .rafcaf . ,, fa. Ham.h'on .w -ill iiwke in the feoSure
Uog? (Yes, to he lure laid. Ihf J'"-.) Lta culnril a.ihebar of his itijuced ua.miy.
Dcre r, my Maffi. , he buy 1 olen goods, He of 0,hers ,as ,he le-ft reafoo .0 com
know 1 was lolen when he bough, me ; hold.) of thiS (OCrcA,n he- who-with u.,h..u..d-
... i .jv. -t --- - ----- , 0
ham, foi having. wuren a lib.-l again II hurifelf,
who not laiisHed witil the rcrditl f ;he jury,
which to a irian ofhumaniiy wo'iuf have been
a fnflitiei t triumph, had the inhumanity to
iuffer ih. poor belpleft man te be tom from hi
wife aud children, and confined for fcVeral
mnntlis jn a loathfome goal, when a fingleword
from ihc mouth )f this relentlefs profecoior
would have telcafed him.
What means Mr. Coopei may hove tken
to iimiiuie the prosecution, We do not ttoow
tors. Mr. I'l'kering
far in his
did- tiot
the Irani
Odf hi, who it is faid, wa furpriled at Mr.
Pickering's conduct nd who confirmed Mr.
Pmtard in his appoint men tfftfzrr mor
tification of 'tli qUriridum Secre aiy and his
friend Mr. L (Ion. Thcie fafts
honoFio Mr. Adams, and we are always rea:y
to do jnllice where it is due."
No doubt the appointment of a Scctchytan
Madeira, would have been a
I i .. . . TV i ' T .11... . .. J '
PCeaOIC triiotr m ivir. jiuii'ii, dim 111
which Dt'thans an c Itirctary would have
been very happy io Oblige HlUl
oe'f li
4?rm 4 late London Paper.
the private office of the Sccieiary at Wai bv
feme pieces of jo, n thai communicated from : jn ,hc cjfe uf Frotiii nghaen, Hamrltoh had no
ui,c building to me otner. rjiin io do-but to writ,! manda'ory letter io
Among ihc citizens, who firft reached the a,,o,r,.r.1rl of V.Ymk. as-iiiouoh
building,. was Mr. Wolcotv who heli med ! t . u;.-.r.ii,,j k .1.. i.m- ..,.K,.rn .,f ih
w " lit I lllltl. II IIIU Uts.n suw u,i 1111, vuiimm r wa nv
, t
for a moment whrer he fhotild burft open
the door of ihe apparfmi nt, which was in
flames, or attempt in the hill iiiflance, ihe
removal of ihe papers in ie adjacent
room. He, however, ihovghi it beft fo lo'ce
his way into the .apparimen', in hoprs of
extricating dime of ihc pifpris, and accoidii)g'y
did fo. The act was not followed by ihc
hoped for elfet?, as the flamet had already
somumca rvrty unng in tne room. 1 ney
exu mlcd ihcinlclves v. i h rapdi(y 10 the
other parts of ihe building, which were foon
in a geneial hla.e.
Fomlna cly ill ihe papers of ihe account.
ant wajre lav-d, to dial ludc, if any derange
4 11 tiki
Haie, the auorney-ge'iier -l obeyed, and Mr.
H.imihoti had not even-the trouble ofitend
ing before ihc court as a wiinefs, or to interfere
in any other manner than by iffumg the fu
prcme command. Mr. Cooper may, wirti
equal propne y, have iffued a fnniUr mandate
10 ihe diftricr attorney of New York, iiul we
fear not with the fame fucceb.
No doubt ihe gicat iniereft which th. fulprir
has with certain perfons, will under tba profe
cuiioa of Mr. Hamilton, rather be 411 uphill
woik, be 11 undertaken by whoia it may.
Some of ihe piintpc'i devils might prhap he
011 trn as a p opitiatorj facrajict.ihrj are ihe
if noble vullus, and then they mialn try m
- . .LEW . 1 . I -a U M n
meni win lane piac in ttic accoiinu ot lhc(tnal ...n, de., out eanally 10 all. Bttl
War deparuiient. . (ha( nQl ,hc ol)jrH IUin,,un muft be pf().
A very vjluible library of books thit !fCCIMfdf convulcd and pun.lhrd, .,r elie ihe
treated chiefly ol tatl.ct were ennrny con . lWIJ(ld ,lH bc convored .hat rf.e fedmon law,
fumed. Ibis lots u ihe greater, at many of merrIy ...mj.d (u proteft the Pre
Ihe bed works cannot be repl teJ. ' kdtnt j a pani and thai ill has 1,0
I. it alfo Ita ed, .hat the papers, in relation ipflett jrM. Prtlxdent , the Unite! ftatet.
... . . 1,. (,.... ..1 1....:. ... .L.i, 1 . J
u iwi uujniniivu w. ihihi aic among inoic
The tnoft aftive enertiont were made 10
fobdue ihe (Lanes. Hui iliey prove 1 una
ratting from ihe want of water. Among
ihofc h. diftinguinKdPiembUe moll, wc
mention with plcalure Mr. WoKOtli
It IS known Hut lr rial
linns under die (id.iion
vrdered hy Uf rslcuiiire
I the pioleoa
aw have been
auihriiy ; the
Thjs dectfion npots trver Anieiican fnij
Pigoii, which was ordfifd tc be refloreri
vs. it h eoli, ffiews that a preater depree .t
i")fl?m has been ef'ablifhed- by tn? Nev
COtiiKilot Frizc at I'arist; with relj fs't to
neiuml vtlleb, than the loofe ai cl fre
qtwrntly unjnlt p:ii; upon tyhi h ihe
IJifyKiory acfted. The tolluwingis the de
ctfion f ihe Couiicil in anothei- cafe the
alir of the Statu a.
The Siatira, capt. Seaward, an Amerie ui
ffiip, had beao captured by an EngHfli vel
:el,.a;ui rt-.rapintiJ 1 ) the French priva
.eer the H;7.ird.
h fi ft point which the commiHar
cOnfiderl is, the effee't wtiich the Stniira
liasing been in the polleflion of the king
ifli ougWt 10 have.
He obfervcf, that if the veflcl captured
and recovtffij had been 1 'rt-neh, and
esptured by a national velasl, tl'e-e would
have been nothing dtie to tin: Mrapior,
hecftulethis i only the cxeriife of thai p.n-
eit ti which the Siaie ov.e to all its fab
jrcis in all circumflaticci. If It had beert
recoveicd by a Fiench priya.ecr, the
Frei th regulation r;ie.!!e property of ihe
srtl'sel 10 the rrraptot , on uccopnt ot the
rifle id danger oV privaetrnrjr) It nnht
be an ai't of geneiouiy to iclloic itt vet
fet to tne original owner, but it is no( of
ritjhi that it fkould. Sc
In the neat place, he confiden .he rale
4. - . - t b-datMk A t itIN . 1 ( . ! bill 1
Ifreallv netttt d. he I.iy9. 'lie vrtel onllFT
herele f-d ThtJ grouttd oftnil hifhfi
degrr-e ot favour for a 1 riitrd he flat s to
be. that the French velel 1 till have btt
Infl 10 the country. But UMBO certt in
that .he neutral captured by an enemy may
not bareleafed by the a.l.:iir?liy rourit of
the eneti The mere rnpturc tliea not
veil the piopeiry immeiti ie'y in the tap.,
tor, lb at to make it iiHiisfeiable 10 ibf
.S r. 1 IIC COmmusary nmn-n n inc
prelidrnt a1 'ihrrtfore orjer Al ander ! piuperty no s riled in the captor till len
Hamiiion 10 be pntirrnird, I hr diflri'l auor. ' tnile 01 conaernnaiiou.
in 11 bound p.ofci ne hiati it vjie. If I We belietre thil ii mnch milder, and
ihey Jo not do 1: cir iuiy rcfp-ctucly, ike moe favurahf for neuiial .Imii ot
world will dnw . heir own infereiKft. 1 practiev. They brinr rfrt.nn lime Ii
At fte Idttii' tunr ihe repubhcani in ill not the enemy's cufjxly, ar iitr4 ,'. a,
wit. foe the lardy inietFerence f iuihority. trairer the pimerty to the cap or, to
Any inJepeiidcnf maatay comravnee a pro- 10 make it srtt in tlie ecap:or. ms waa
I-. man. and i.nv II an mi- lirHr.lnh- .ra. held HI ti'tlaie Wfll known raff ff ihr
pi men, who alUdgtl p!e of jtjlici ,sf ougHi 10 be open 10 eve- Spamfli PTMt, rapioird bf the F.rn hand
Waftni.gton, 30th Od. 1800.
hey arf American c uuent, orn 10 the (U e ry orie, i (lofc whoP 4 0 enforce recaptured by the Knglifh It is be ob-
01 roaiyuum, aii'i- uu art aciainra on uoaia ,,e will r
I l. 1. . f I n .1 tli. mtm m 1 c . I It m
proniy m j-iocii, mi n t"
ni'luluence 10 th neu ral winci lie oui'i
a at 1 .
i .
t.t dArnatfiiAe ihr ff.ixie fervid, however. iln a nrinfiple nl reri
01 ftpim imp. ot war, lor want of proof d of ,Ke mm.llry. We bore that Mr. Cooper
IMII being inch. I re-piefl you iherefore 10 hi ,aken IDe nrcclfaiy meafuret 10 bring a
take fuch mealure. as you may deem rood boui ihn neceffary work ; if the abfence of Jrlr. and rHr i .al .0 ii(C0Vtl ihnr Hlrni,0n from N'ewYotk, or ih- fbori Hay
reUiioni or (rieodi ; and, i r,M.cnun.caung wn,h he mi'f lntff h4,t ptevemed him f Ml
to ihemrcfpeaielv,ihe of.hedeifn.m.i do(r(. u m,y dljn by o,i,ert. The
of .he men, in them, thai ih.t D- p4fly ate fcy lrm ,!. hck of their
par.fhent wMl rpei'C he pr. ofi of ihfii being fed,,,, law ; b.n lr m ft Iwiilow ibe cup
eii.ieni, ai.d pnrfuf lhaj mrani it... er 10 Amm h,.- .rfiiM.inffJ io others'. The,
p.oduic their boeraiion. 1W of c...;en-! fuaU)9t la ,A, ,,fy drrtfi. tl will cure
- --t- 1 - j-1 - .- . .
v,i jj.iii cl " 'liC i in nine, iiir Cftfl or
as eiitnlc'i ;o hascrhe tap ore ijie.i In
Tle examiner 'xt how t! e 'n -ti!;::;( n
applies, .his op n ;-i r i. st !c(n
tenTjt'rii are improperly ihlerf-j;'ws, riidj
(hat ti ey are fsential y variably, pt0.
iemporibuf et Cil'ifis, 'h:it they ftioiJd
ways I e ttAtptfiiqrJ by wifebm riti-l 1 qn., v.
He adveriMi) lba ihj wprd'itrtohole or in
pant. Hs .ve wi ole,"Iie' lays, oualti ro hi
unrjeTfiooJ 1 .treat part, t her ufe accoftiino
to ihc maxim pin urn po nikilo
habctur. I pan this pi ij 1... 1 :.m s
ol ojnn on tlftj a fhvp 'Otit -.o' 0 he '.,(,
Jjtc't to coufKcAiion even u-.-ler the lav of
the 49th Niv'dr, unjefs iuch a pari ql ihc
rar&o conies under ihe (ielct iw. :on oi ,vKt
is lliet made cantFaband as on lit i(, rxij
s:tie a prelimiption ot f-aud naaii ft mj tle
relf. What that part fhoubl be is not rai I
pahle of defi.dHOti, hut fliauld he. left to 3
the enlightened equity and found liiicie
tion of the Jii'iue.
The Scaiira had on board ro barrels of
tit' pet. tiri-, and 40 barrels of pitch. Tho
captor contended that jthefe were cf'ntra,.
hand ; r he capiured laid, that: by the treaty
ot 1 770 witii t ne ninencai s, tiicy weie i.ot
enutneraTed as Sonirabaritl,
Hut the com nnilary (hews, that the
Americans, Uy thai feary, were hound 10
admii tha French id all ihe a lyai taes o
the molt favored nations that basing, tn '
a (ubfequeni treaty wnh England aie
pitch coiuinbnnd, svith rtfpttk to the latter,!1
ii?ceHanly 11 became contraband Wi,U'
regard 10 Kranfe
Tne Icarnetl cummi'ri'y, hnwever, iht y
that even upon the principle nf ihe 4
of ibe 291b NiMife. the quantity of it.?a
wat ton (mall 10 jollity tontifcaiiod,
In the next place, the c.pto'r ulleilii it A
thai 4911 piece ot cmiiii t ucliy wood, m v
ot toe cargo ' 111 " ' was tne pro
due of I i .-I fh pblti flions
Tins pom , however, not been re-
tfularly nlcei tii'-ed, as ibe repo.t on ihel
lUDjeci was nm'b without the capiure
hemn raiieo a a pan y
The comtrifary Haet, hnwevr. ftr.m.
aiaeumPa'irfS ot loipfeiuri on this head
l'ie tan u ed had not p-ealrd a. in:n
the r,,t hka ion of th iio. The mnJ
rune under .he CQ'di Irranon of ihe c'r-'
on iheappral of the ca rr, Mrbo w.n.te
to pet both (bill a-id car ...
The ronimiil iry herei ore fnw no real
for roii'lemi i i the (hip. ss b Ii w..ic!r It "
-oru ral . hut hn ;k 1 H ihf i Ipiefa
aoaiat ihe charaer of ibe C'Ho,
i' ou I' " indemiiific'ilioti svhatcvtr
doe 10 the capinrtnla
Jurfjimn 1 m M trriiiniinrd arrnrdii
I hr Piratical Drertotjl'ila ioh Niof
(year A.) Mntlotictl nbuve who in m
iceniy by rori.ih', ins 1 ecu ret e ded.
1 1 i ha'e leen placed atptaii 'he lo
ot ibe rCiMil-iiion ol a 7 7ft ; ihnt is,
Krenrh are to treat nciiiraU in Ifgtr
1 1 nn.ibin t, in the lane s y in whin, il
are tr rated by na . the- will not jMo
tne Ameru ant to carry mo r.ngluni a c.
mo-lny the Englifh w..ui.l fei a
cuiittaban.l going into the poll! of Wiy c
fell 1 Ihou.d be in efry ,(r, arcnttipa-,, we hope, f o eei, ..f hi- inhof miii.g
n -d nh it firipinin of a mai.'i oeifon
' m 4 m 1 iuv m uv n m 1 wv i"s 1 wvt sw
whom : relaiei.
I atn, br,
Veiy teipfflfulls ,
Your tnui obedient letvaal.
To the Collefior
of ihe CuDum
' Baltimorr.
10 ihe American palate. ih law be what
n will, 11 mull be npial, r we arc 001
Thanks art due 10 ihe refoeclthle and much
iniMted I hom Cooper, lor the noble and
fpiritrd bimncft wl.ub I: d (played oa ibit
(In ut paper of the 2 1 Q OtloWr, we gave
have uiven ua in a fii ilar ab.
Havinc proved that the St .tira was nrl
iaMe to confilcailoo, on the around of hrr
beinft in the h '!" f an enemy, the co..
null 11 v r. nh lrrs s he. her her Cargo was a
around of confiscation.
. . . at a . i
Upon this point lie rnniiuera xwi, qnn
rions. tft, Wheiher in p -dm of law, the
rharafter of the rfael, nruiral at no ,
Ihouh! be detern.i- ed by the aature all I
cargo f jd, Whether the cara confided ot
rune a hand f
He then reviews all the Uwa. upon this
head He (bows iht t all ihesW'ff
I7h Nivofe, (er 6.) the refuUuou m
ue j6 h Inly, I7?i wav the fotde. That
renla mn Hue. " Hll Maift!y pfohihiU
We unalerftaad ihlt mai. fan. Knox
appointed 10 be the governor. ential of J.j
maica ; and imi he it immediaicly io fci vi
10 the WfH-lndiet.
A new fuhhdiary treaty le een the Bet-
a a a . r a as. t
over aneot ana no niannii tae rw rm, m
th'd at iwolcoadah on ihe sothof )er.
all priateen to Hop and hrmg kno the ,
porta of Ut kingdom, the (h ps ol neuirtl'
nPHE Co armertliip between R.chi
' 1. LaiE'ln William (iilet, umN
I'te film of Langdon cV Ciilea, was ill
day d.ilolvrd bv muUial cnobn.
Wilmintton. M- i. iloo.
B'-nk rut nc I,
For talt at Uff.te.

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