North Carolina Newspapers

    P" '". :VWJ L' N;Gr;o N, Jar,. guation. , Itticedhot be recalled
fyJe Itmon w-" r'Vd y(lerdiyfrrn
'S. Cr9ftfr!z w?fftivt &-he-fsU wing
:t . Fxira. PferCStTd
renewed: within the fpace of one year
V-Wiih refppcf to the cargo, .thre proofs
fliall- be-1 contained i rr vhercert i neatc s
hned by the officers ot the place Irom
. "-i i ' " ,t i i I 1 : . . .
The fdttcr w?j this monii ,g favorrdW,.h a Lc.dcvn Hhcfe Certificates mail
ppi, bv pen ;"esan ytio csme upuiuvefiii'.g Iaccj(jen
be deli ro ed by
or ae!Tavay"by. force, then
ia, trom u.-tcn, W v. h oe 'toiiowifg ilic defeat is to be . fupptied by the means
Tieatv bctwteo rnve ana iirc-unuea au'.es, u , reiociea to oy ine genertv uiageui pauens
copico. -
" . LONDON , Novmber-a;
Pthvetn thk F. r e n c h R fyp 0 b l i C
the Unite d ';fc.AT es c America .
From t he. National VeiTels, not mer
chantmeri, no other proof Oill be iefeuir
c i than the flicwing of thtfcir rcfpe.ct.ive
C"'Tipii(Iioi!Si -This art ice is to have
ciloci from the date of the tWeferit Coiu
contrary to the f..trit:ot. this
on oir'bjcftire'tt s iti'-pu-ifct idoi. are know if,
it fh all be. immediately rcltored,.
' V. Any debts contracted between tlie
two nations; or belweu ."individuals,
' The- fft Conful of the French Re-.
pii"biic;"in the name of the French pii- j
- pic. k the Prefident of the United States
ni-' ArVtr I '3 ". '' ll CI h?" Q tial ! V dc fi rd 8 of J
"termiiiaunv; the-"difxculit.ev.,wiuch have j nl'IT'"cpverable,. as - if noixAiiw&j-
occurred be wcen the ivvt nations, nave 1 ftandinii.idLikcn place. ticle,
r,.fnf-.Mivf . named their PlcnWot'est'ia.- however,, does m)t .t-xiemi to any uiuc-m
ries, and'-bavi? f; tu'lppwc'rs to
. bring" tnofs inferences rzn end, 'viz,
1 the Hr'.t Co'.'.jul, in the 'ha me ot the
hr'.t vo'iju!, in ihc
. Frehch 'people, has appointed as reni-
f.f.eht4.ries on ihe part of the. RejTiibC)
)feph. Boonaparte, a.mbaiTa(iort fronv
:-f 'ranee to Rome, 'and caiuiltUo? of Ua te
- . G. I Icuritn, Atttmber' ot the
rational' inilinite, jim of the office
L.o ng i ttj.-je iiiFra net, arf cow h ft 1 1 or' t
. ItateratdfTL; Ruederti, meaibt-r ot.
tl.'e JtUtirr'e; couulelior .of U:ve, . and
feli'iV.nt' of die fcioiiTf the interior.;
:jr-i.2-.i?xcfidetU-of-' be. U ni i C'i'"Stat cs' of
Atntrlei, by an ! With jhe . ydvice a"" ;
'.'COttfo'tit of the Senate-, .has named as l:e '
)pHftnHft'Vi Ovrr fT4ivttrth7ctret of' ilv -Uiiited S'au:6--Win. II
aa enemy's porf ancl. if their carVo is facl as
to furniQi. ground of fufpicion,' Cvailbe obilvrj.
Certitictcs" . '.' ''.' '"' - '"; ';.ta'
XVI l.-in orn?r to prffv e n t-cltpt u r es oit
in iy re fult trom tl.eiiie, u is agreed "iha'i
v'5ie.ii ". ope' oH'e ."'parties (lnl be at wV.r,
and thev6t..her neutral, the vellels heiojfiii.
to the eut'at party, primde'l wjin a pall,
poet as dclcribed iirthe 411 anicj lli t' l
be allowed to ptls withb it .nioKitaunii.
1 ae cerwftcates Ihal, ' tro wf vt-r le. fo
n'r vrt t & Ws to ftifw t hat t he v tia v e r. o aft 1-
cles ot a conrraluni natire on lioard. . If
4 h efc--i r t U; I e' Jlf' u Id f 6 r m t ! i e 1 1 4 1 1 e ir parr
in thetn.thill be'aUavved to proceed upon
her .'voyage-. If a v f$?l be iound Vr houi
a proper cerrificuei or pal'spprt as abovje1,
the.t the ircu-mltances are to be- exaniinci
V the proper " tribunal?; If the fcaptain
ftojild die b4.'the.-'vy3jer his ftidcellor
lhali be entit4el' to t he lame iiniiunii tit-s.
; XV'DL it the vessels ol e'uher n,uion '
faith of vc- ttie eyeril . KenipotfMiariel
ha'ye Tigrted- tlieir B?mes f o the tnicles . abev
ciifd. in the frencn aoHC.ngii.m tanguages. :
- Dqnc at Part- Sept 3, -1800. :
t .
IV. R. Davie, y
W V. Murray, :
y4. Busnapi'te.
P. FforiettSl
-(A true copy.) ' . ;. " : -i
; . ; C. M . 1 ALLEY RAND. -
Su-ice' the atteirpt ta let tire to ttiis to
the "Citizens hax eltabiifhed a r;g 3
WaicW, which has, iiotloubt .prevented " "
tiearioiis dtfinsas'feveraiTKts wh"
weTe" kindled,, have beew extinguilhe
and, on '" evening lall, inan w.c
lliot ar, far beiii4 in the jtreet" aftier iin
o'clock, during Chrjlliiias Hollidays.
Oiv Sa t nrday J alf , w Sj rrikffp . p under
t he V A GRANT I ACT f JB ttbhtr
D ivie,., ri-devant -governor. of N. Caro
1 1 ill in 1 W.' V. Al'irruy, niniUer ot
the. Unite J States at'theiiaguc. .
"Tiu-fe miiiiiters, alter hsvipy exclian-
niiies 0:1 cither fide".
yi Tlie commerce bwefn tne Wo
na i ions. "Hi a ! I bt f r eei T heir v c lie! a nc
p'rizes -'.(hallf-bei tTe'ae'd In 1'heir llvera
ports vul-ail "tlie-.refj'eCl which is due
to the molt favored nations
-VI I The fuojecls af - the United
Sraies in France, fhall have the power of
Hil'paitncf ' of their propertv bv will, anij
. .- ' . .-
1 he f fetich Inbjects ju Aiileri'.a, lhal 1 en-
joy tlie. fame privilege, . 1 be heir's bl
perfo'ns inteltatc, lhall inherit wit riou.t
heihg.u niter ihe necellity ; ot- jaking otit..
le'tk'rs , of natitrali jation, and wiiiio at
in y -tax or impoit whatever, '
X VJI I. Ill 'pj-arecdi that if War fhoiiid
f biea 1c . ctwv bc-tX'-uxn-U'Mvv-o-Ui-mH-h
Mct'c hap" s ' and C itize.ns, on either fid.,
tnat'be allowed fix monihs to withdraw
ii jtiipiuc . 11:. 1 ii- w;
irmtet at lea bya fbip of - or priva. VIA'V":?"f a ir'""V T''- '
..-.! i. .11 i;' .1 i'...:- i:.'!.-!. . ; . 1 pt o.e1 lire,. 4S a Ii'Iniciol), tl.
pcrlons. cc thqsr-prupe
tufnitHed with ilnece'irlrylpalfpt-to: ff1)? Pha.v aonexed lift
. 1 - . 1 or Inev'iit'.' Hc' is not allowed ta breuk
nd rW-ir v-f-fiu'v nn-vpt s o ., f . r o, i ena pie tneili to, return in lalt ty. to neir ( ... . - n; , . - .
C'-ii T'-iiCc.v v poAeis, aaa j . y op'i' aw c'ut!s. trunks, or tales. or m
1 i-r.. rT 1 -n ri.o.Mit.-(i- vir.ri. 1 . .
lov.i and mature u:inuo.i, rnTyercea
4n tne tollovvitig articles, -viZic-;.
..'Art, I. There uYui be a -fi mitt ii vio
it is - reloeOiveiv agreed.
)"rv- wit Hint
'1 v. ..
lh"4!l aik be
no inore-t.htin l.o or tlute. men. Thefe
lb all d-mand to leeihe palspprt. Bit on
ro account lb ill ijie former be compelled
m IcikI on .board the . vifitinj velse Air
th-.e to .nake aiv exhibition ol vi papers.
XIX. It is expti isly 'lipMiaied, thar thel'e
co'K'itiohs o be nblervcl by vetVels at, iea,1
rsiate on'r 10 inote nav-.annp wiinout
convoy; If tliev oavinatc witn convqy ihe
lUj; ih'iU ta eery :ae a liRciett n
1 ert on evtfn fro ' iu'ip'xcfiiin';.' The verbp
d e c ! a . a ' o . ' o L' ' e C- ;i 1 1 1 1 ,tu I a n t t W a 1 1 h p l'e
veisfls brou his nation; and tba: tlie v.'
have noiUiiig orit-ahanii u bo t V t fl 1 1 f
in all rai-5S"'lt; CviTi '' ieu!,' T Vw'6 partiet
reciprocally cnac-.theml'elves, not to
Jti We mi l rr -drr rFTCTrfy -TT'i" se15 h" eT
coirnbTicl or deihtied to aifhollcilr po't'l
XX. h vefjels (lioo'.d be takenr U?ived
ue'der aby pre er.t ot convevin roiif.
band, goo.1 the captor Cull give; a receipt
MATHEWS, Itavinc'a d-ficn er intention
of br faking otn a jidir Trunk, the proper.
ty of iviiss , ,on the Sound,
Qiw;xaiiii-.aiin bejwas .'difiinilTed ,.- by
the .Juttice j but in confeqnence of his
lettiiig ott tor tne sounu . iue oay aner,
another arrant was ilTued ngainft hiiii.;
. - i- i i i. : 1 . I .
me cvenc-or wnicn we nave iw icaiiicu ;
There is i eatoa to beUeveJhowever, tbst.
bis pur.ifhtiieni will not exceed HANGING.
LaftweeU a Wkitt wan was killed on tlie
S'imd, oy two black mtn . lor committing
depreflations premifis of a ncgrt
Woman. .- ''-
1 able,' a iff ai'ieral pt-JvC, l-etV.Tr.'-n.a II i lie
''ds of the United SYatc: , svJ. of tlie
French Republic. - '
' , 1,1 .The minUters of fhe l a-'o cohtraVl-
ina iHtwer.?, net bcin;'-blo at prcfent to
" aree yvi!hif,ef;.,':i't; to the treaty of alii
ance of-Feb. 6v 17"8, or to ihe treaty ol
r.'ni'.y ai 1 jLom'n-rce, and the conventi
m dateti Nov. 14,188, or with' regard
' - to. ihe" imiemtiitief-' due or clatinvd, 1 he'fe
. points pre referred tor f iirilicr tlifcufTion,
a ad tbtTr treaties arc to bc.cojificrcd fok
. the jir.efent as of no eTivl. Tiie relati
ons between the two nations are, "in tie
rrv-ao tiirp, to be regulau'd in the hiati l do-.viiig, viz. . 'Y
---.--III. -The national vciTels, taken on
'' ,V r . ',-.'.,' , -Iregnoic ai-'V part ot tne ca. tit.kf. intbe
., I A., i lu-fltuts one -trovn n uv.d'iais; rtrH,,8 t ,e content i-ifoers
i .- .. 1. it. - L. .11 : r . ; .v. .
xocai .outer, man nr, .in o nu .iLiieu XaI.: To - prevent any !anafe to the
or any national uirfj-ite, tie naiiit-ao.ctij.'.n,u.;or'.cartiot
ft leaf ion or feo tied rati nit ".' Ttljv ar'ic e 1 17 af 'TT-e'a'vv nr ;'.ca pf ai ir6r"'
comp'rizes equally their property in pub fli.d! remain -a b.aril uiuil .ihe p
lie 01 private, funds. "' ' ' - ' ' Tefpeei-i-n.i Hhe cap'iire.kvclst
-Xi T1ic': two Ccr.'raaint Pariif sl1'1 ' iite!v dpci-ii: , Tti o'ficers,. i,
tthtr fide, or which mall be lai
fore tfie exchange- of Vhe rati fi
- iiull joiiiii dijtcly be 'reUorcd
IV. iThe property c?ptnred andnot
ypt'ctJ'itmic.!, or whi;h It all betaken
, brfote t?Te exehan.JC of the ratification,
1 vccptf; contraband merchandize delli
1 d lor an eatemy s port, fiall be um
idly t llorcd or, fltc fo lowiilij; proofs iie
i. i! nriude ot t he property ; l'wii.
and prerogatives raual! v with thofe'of
tlie r.u!t tavoied nation. .. ' ;
X I .. Tjic ' 'CFizotts cT the. French
Repnb'ic-. (Wil i:ot pay in the cii ie,
arbours, cc. of Aa'.encx,' any iiuties'or
i'opo.lls be-yo'-d tjic fubje ts of the rr.oll
f.vored -naiiotii Flilv- fliall allo);ive
tiie fame privilege.' to tride and r.a'vi
irate. - The Citizens of he ' Unitel
States are to rninv t hf I.itc nririb- jf
nfV(rij nirl nr n. h n-tu h ipmiAriiic in.
Lilt one.
All. I lie 1.. itizens ot the two Ke, land u. inflict no ioUh
ii)4l.llfi s" .each,. I
XXII, In eyt-rv ' afe oflifp'iue, the-irat
ter is to Pe yi-rd by jtie 'rliibl.llied
rr.biina!' of" ej;b cjtu:tiw, ibe j i. lament
of whic is "to be d'finitive.. The copies o(
the arwnieuts; ac.j . motives ot loch ju!p
"oe'Ht to . e .1c vereil.jto either party re
rpiir'nv them, oiijpayineiit i the. ul'unl
CTtl'Il'-S. . - "tr 1
- XX LI I. For the further fu ret y of the ci-
ot the two contrau;ng parti1; the
Or VfT- ' nl WAr anrl nnu aiprc ar
1 bound 10 ahdam' fiom every iniurv wl'.a!ever,
or damage. 11 incy
An licltorfpeaiiomuchifthe ftveral Laws
now in force irt ibis .bt.atet as grants
- Timer tilhi "Trujlees tf jhe Univer Jity o f ,
' Nor th-CaroIiKd, to letze and pbtefs, for
'theufe of ihe fuidUnixerfity dnyechea
, ted or canfifcatid Property.
-I,-. Be it ena&d by the Gen eral A (TembJ y
of the Stare. ol North-Carclina, and it is
hereby, ewaclted . by . the auilorny , of the
lame, That from and after the pr fling of
tlijs aft, all acfti on claufes of acts vyhicli
l'viTe heretofore grai.Ut power to. the
Tttiltees ot the Univetfity of. North-.
Caioiina to leize and poflcls any efcbeatetl"
r coKhkated property, e I or'perfonal,
fliatl bc-and the lame arc hereby repealed
and roade voi,, " -'
ll.,Viid be it farther enncled, Thar all
efcheaied or.coi.fifca'ed property, which
ihe laid Tndtees, their agents, 6r at tonnes,
nave ' not lefcnHjoId, by viripe , ot the
faid.lawi; fliall fif;i hfnee revert to tl
S ate, ami cor.Iide'red as the
property 'of ihe fame, although fuch lawt
had never been palled.
DieiS Ai his brothci' hbife, inKay
ettevi'ile, im' ifie iiioininot CbiiltmaS
dav, of an it (tarnation tipcn the Ltii'v,
Mu r abom f irr-fiitht hours illue's, Col. '
Richard CociiraM, of theVounty Mt
Oit.g 'H': maniierl were mild mle.
and lms(tuntl)., his hnbits fol er, tempe.,,
rate and it-.tcrret, t-unuianity, vutue anu
I 1K..II I;...,! : . ...J . ' ! 1 r 1. ,1 1, 1 , i 5 r.iic .
li- I I. : V, ocaiiuuiMAvu tovu "vcy.a-t Oerv-u-, iney tlull D . r.lponlib.e w.11 rjlrimilni were his priuciplr.
j u:eir veins : mcrcnai!a!2.e icoiitraoamrr.upren. ror in? better iecmhy in this cale, ,fnderi.r t.nd rfledtion fpr h't only
loou. caicpieuj in tne pori 01 au enemy , i-p-m i pnveei3 peiore receiving , r)ai)ohter .could onljo? exceededliy Ids
ct nr.e ererny s por tm aroT!icr,.im-i tw,,"",,,,W, lu riuv' iccurmcs 10 mc 1 vViie. UetectMved hn blueauon nr the
! I T.. (V. . ...1.1 l. : U f 1.1 . .1 .' I . ' finlOUnt 'of ri'-in dnll.irt nr' C i,ir li?r nr 1 ii I r I .1 1 .-U : . i . . ff.t
Uneacli pji't the proof-ot the nronerrv ' 1 U",,1M LC m a ,l4 c tMU ' Kd x' rr , .""" 1 .-V , ' Volienge oj.,rmiiocipMi;u ami quaiimn
ve'ativ -i to intrchant eiiel -rrc-l or no 1 't '-mcr uic cvciy ver.ei liian oc.f 1 - . " :'" ; " ' ' Jinoicii ior inc yirti-m-c i i mc w j imh
arm.d. (hall be a report'," couched in I "bVx ' t0 change -h-r dti nation, "Wnl1""- J hc a'"nt. 'jf dhri,; or cvcr ytrfvti ir as a , profefiior. - be was
rillo cool.n. jt,;wit flhj.aVo any. dcaiol 1 73i640 ivres, .repa.ry ...juries. .ofl.a.d frn. f Retirement and experimentnl
' i I It 1 ' t Po orvonhl atin of h -r ciun 'rnn tl,,r,"S ,h'",r-cr,,12M ani m v.olittot. otihe plofophy, his Kriulitii-n vtas geuerwl nml
V.ranwhon it marctrnteftsT'.u;1 ter.nof lhlr conveniiorr. -ievtfuti ie-hut-as a-Mathema ician-and
V,owr,, that lacnlty and permiin..,, has 'f1 x f XXIV. If dievelfel, of of cid.r ofAS
, Veen i-rsntd to -maftcr Of oni-i ;cls V- " an"10-h',c .lie com riclirg parties, or priva-e (hJps war,-!the f(,lt iu A.betica. ' H.sdeath is -a par.
i-undtrol the llii., o.ilU-d -,.ot the! Voxt,wc,ore a blockade i.dceiard,iai Ihotiid en.erthc poris of each' o her, they fliall tlCular lofs to all bis friends, and acquain-
t-,r.vtiof , tit nrelent in l' l.-irW, ! n' (nV" " depart at discretion-. not be called upon for anv particular taxes. ' ,.. u i.eral uud nnblic la Is to hi
f.f' h.mri.l f.'.i- ...!!,'., ! 'nil
Th..t ihis v.Uei,;;i...nOP!r"bi:it?-
. r t fiTf iiPir n ar
tnher f,in the wader ha.made oad, ; rw0.d,, f;abhardv pffh,!,, fadlcs ,f.!r caval.y,
thai t..c caruo lthe property ot on or! h,fnep, cannon, nv.narS- and, "nerally dl
,inoie Inb.rJsot ; tliathe lha h inllrmnents of var. All thefe af-icles are
ii.d r t i a 1 1 1 ni 111 1 1 1 . . f . . .. 1 . . . 1 U' . . . ' . c i" . 1 .1 ' r 1 1 -
" iMmiiuv ui,ii;c 4iiu r.' 1. 1 iiji'i,- i rur.niciimn. out me, vti ei Dearine
Anioncl' (roods 'lo be ret Ironed
are to L i irclailed nn'powet
ta'ion, and prnvi le hitrfell with ant.
Vhid lill of the cre.y, e ,f Ep'e)
svitli their iii'Tif -ir-n 1 in..-
1 llul
ihtm Hi
XIV. It it tlivi!a'cd by ih prefent ueaty,
be ill fi barred.
with their. tta'ncs. -.("ir-nj iu-. niici-t if1. '"'e (Ju os liill.hive fud liotnv ol
bittb. an I a-fo ol t! nilC.ii.r,Vc t.iw t,4' c iV lff fliirs be u'"deifloorl
.ate not to be admitte ! ithonr a Ib.-ria-'l iS ve1 w u:bcKM,:? ,( c:,,,cr nation, even
Ti . . l.'l.H' Cir? iJli bel.tntj enber wholly or in
piM ,10 ,m limine pnwrr. . Thiv freedom is lo
be extended to all pallcr gcrsj" excepting mity
nuliiary men, atlually in the iefvice ol an
XV. Il ia?rrcdf on jhe 'coioisry. ihat all
proprr-yf hetnrijii-Ta-Jhc luhjfsJ7)reT!Ti r
r'l-n the otTie.cnt ah rnvntloncil. That
ihi'iirfiott llial! bMxhinitl-d at every
pnii. where, i miy ioii,;h, (0 u,0 proper
o.ljc-r",. he, te nuder, m-iking io,the(h
a - faith. In I rcp.;t of a!! that. has, occurred
.iUtitij" -iitjji;iitat.-,. h-. liMrit ;slfo-the
ar.ns a:ilcri'i-os .,t 'licU iiied S'arcs, or
o this. ' wr haVe (iicd thefe prcfenti.
.11 !, -i.ii" 1 n,-n t! he
cou-vef nnet.
. li t!i.rj;j Tic f.-jlof our-ar.ns.
G;ven iuti," y..;ir 0f Grace, th-
cav t
t 1 it 1 t
1 111-
country, f.wnrl on boa'd m hollile vdle'l.
1 " 1 - - .... '
pi!T, ri mvluf 'iik!r;bV"f.:fR.
tu h n I i a t . i) i t .1) .. .1 . t, m- I.. L 1 1 1 1 , 1 fl 1 1 j
niiinn.f iiwi.v.iiu. .pi imii imi 11 1 xij IIIH, llljil DC
.: .r.r i. l 1 ' ......'. .
("'incaieji, wi n ue exc. pu rtVnlyJoUT g- ols
being put on hoard previous to a dctlaratii n
,"r ill? oiOvledge .f f,itii Hn.Uraii.Hi.
1 4a m mihs are to be allowed on each', fide,
.uti wiimi iiicijjiinrancc or lucn 1 awlJiaiioii
is, not tot b? oieadnl 'or acceu'ed. -
. -
ej -a iSi
nor UmII tlie validity of ihe cap 'pre be tailed Ctnti'Uy.i but an irreparable -one to his
in q.Rllioii by ihe oftltepUee. The -fj nil v. Tie was about lhi::v.t6 veai'
olficer and' crews of fuch velfels, -fim.'iioiied of ace atd U" is l.mewhat reirarVahle conimillion, arc on no account ilaat he drew his n-It and lalf breath in the
10 be dciainedor mo e ed. .
XXV Nj privateers bearing commif-
fi . 1 n
ions from any liate at w.irViili euher of the
contracling power, fliall' be allowed to arm rr
to provide ihcir.felves, or to oifpofe of ihe
prizes, in any port relpeclively belonging io
them. .
XXVL, : It is fjrther agreed, ihar no pi
tate flult be received in their ports, rojdi or
hirbuiirs, -and that no protertion or allifl.tnic
HulUbe given to them by ihe fubjefls of die
refpettive power's. 'All property piratically
tented fhall be, jinfnccf .ately retlored 10' the an
hyrizrd jgems (f Both countries..' '
XXVll. Nenherofthe two nations Hull
infringe on inc ii (Aeries belonging to ih o
iher, or which either may acq lire on the coalt
in-iNewTOtinuuua, U ihnjTjloh oTbt. Lnu
tame' apartment of the lame iloule.
1 1 1 1
Pert of IFihmngtW.
291H, Dec. Sch'r. Experiment, Barnes, Ila-
. vaunau,
27th, Ech'r. Albgi'or,- Ilrchcocli, St. Crn'x
Anfoiif Iln'ibrook, Jamaica
! li:Jufry, Snow, J Boilou
RALElCil, Dec. 83. ,
Hie Lrgiflaior of this, flate adjourned on
Sat urday. ih-zatfLiDll Mx.
'''i' "i .11 1 1 iij ii ; n 1 :'h. vsi fi 1 -l . . .
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This convention ball be rat fi:d in due
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will he ieady to it
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