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'iJate Foreign News; v : ,9s tl,c
Received at ChiTleaon. ty ihe jhip 1 1 Ja. Capt- Kcik- :;urg
'.'- wich, vf 5 uai rrotn Fortimouih, England.
T J' uri theIjhrfon Gazette.
- j . r , Driivning-Sireet, pscember 3-.
A rlif'juith, of which the li.Powt.iT" is an exuct
" ti:rt Heait-'Quartcit,' Muhldor.t . on1li.e In. Drc.
4.-. !...., -ha occn received fronvWiji V i.kliHiM, by'tlie Rjlil Hon. Loi d GrcnviUe, 'his Ma
jr ly' fiitvoipai ccicUiy 6't State lor the liei&u
(Ict-a-tcncitiy. ; .".';' '". i
1 The army marched in the night ot
T,u- rJay au'rtl'fore day break y 'lk-i ,Ij y
-iuii.ii.lQ.',Y.arls Hcy'"'" hr f ?
columns ; lis centre' niong. thereat rod
to ,Muni,h, which paiR-y tJi-rougii.Ho-he'nletidcn
v r-iglu 4nd lctt in the
woods on cichvii le the grat-road.
. The c'rp. ot general rvlemniyfcr,
which was ' deft jrvr.f'tra't t a'c k- tbei'eneniy
in ri Ink marched fro-m Dorten in thedi
rccXion of Schwaben." '
Tiic columns o;ir!u all to. have arri
ved- at their tU dilution ... a little before
p the , the cabinet of V j.en na kzi been v rj vef ; t be advanced ptfils Cjohi manded by :nua nre of a ; wa flefu t,
u rgir'u to' trie ''adoption of Hilt more r vigo- the Duke of-Engbein.vVVt-re engaged up- difgr3:efiXnti feroCibt
rous meaf'-ires.ot rei;ta;iceiC' or ius I m-wards of four'hours, difptrtmg the ground to lucrrwhaie prayers a
a deftrudlive, a
roC i bu s w a r- 2i ffl i d i n g
prayers are, that war may
pet i at lJjelV.4!vasjldgedl''rQore'pu'.'ich''by inch ;x the whole corps was not be per filled irranu continued, -v-dent
to concilia? a a peace with 'the rtri-.-'-affem'bied' otithe right fideo.f the I nn be-j . Let it 'ho; bepnofed that there cx(l
umphant foe, a very -Ihbrt "time mult ne'r tors five .o clock. A pretty ltrong co- 'opt men whole tears are ot this atrocious
cedarily utter:yiine. -J''!tovernmentwa"imti:of.'th.c enemy having rnarchfd out IcIiCs. -Alt who prbfitUby Jw'af;. as" war,
uhder'Han 1, inve- received (o;ne impor-' of vjthe toWn, -it" was att(Wed.xto who won't! be (legradetkfrprrt their place
rant information on ;hU ! vjetfV; -andrur advance till -within the proper munce, by the peace ot huropc,even vvilu that
monr, that the determination of wn the f rmcc ot .vonde ordered all the ? the war mat be eternal.
urri.i is in favour -of peace. b-"tertes u hre upon it at once y fhe hrci l-he.y 'wi.h.'h vain I h(Y wilii that
No tl.iinhurgn .mail or r renen papers w. mrnctcn ami we i i..mai ui ntai com- 10 dc. wnicn cannot oe, pn;eis re rcpuo-
hJ(iri?tjjyhiritthrpamf'WAS put to ApiiUiJecSHtw
p-efs. ; December 25. ; - ov.?jcdu '
Neither Pans papers- nor .llarnburgh tUe enguieers, pro;L-cteu oy the lir,eotthc! biunaparfe,' Morcsatr,- IVrune, theu '
mails arrived thi.
cannot' wriiTcT- us - any
morning'. The'.faner ariUlery, jbryke down th? bridge,
mv i nt.i licence frbm fuoi a ma ,iv:r as that if could pi
but i-v i Jmtrioiis generals ot the republic, h.ivi
prpttipily Vnromifed "'peace- to. the nations, and they
the .lent ot.wjr Ot ;t later ;'atc than we a aDi 11 he I, it, is hopetl, it have iinlheathed Hie tword.
are already in pollcllion f. It vyas ru- ihbtildba .'iicctiriry. Our Jofs "is-very j l Hourly we expecV to receive the' happy-'
mor.redthis morniii ihat Jornc adyrces fu)all ; that-ot.the enemy mult have been news that thofe benet'aclors of their Vpc-
" - . . 1 . . . . r. - . . . - ' . . .
1 received oloa very important more conii leralile. An ariu.ervman vvas ties have : InccelstilHy rea
have been
rfstillly realized .their ma-g- -
on at 8 o'clock, whilit both. tiie.. lefi .ani
.-"Tight we're ft ill con!i:lerablvJehiadj and
ihe left, under ener'ul. Kifch, hud, b:--fidcs,
"UTilltTlvayTamt ftt f$h6 Aa he
"left rri wards Ebei (burg, inltead of turn
- to the right, in the direliou of H).
-t'IieJenden.!---t r1
f .In (his (fate of things it appears, that
fed, hoover, ihat the rchief coiilul will
not confent to fufnend ofFenfive- Opera
tions if the emperor refufes to' fign the
preliminaries ot a feparat e. p eacc '. -
rut ure relpettuig t !ie uiipoii lum ' r!'C wourjueti. ny me life 01 trie u nice u An-.-nanimous project ; .ancl-cither by trelfi
:-t ot. Vienna..' The dilaftrmis 1 f in 0 gouieme.. 'No wiluers. are Known as yet victnc?, 'or in confequence of victoria '
de already archieved,' we Hill doubt'not that
Vrrg'TO --jpe a-C e w tffxTcTrrTeWtoTCdtricaftf"
10 the countries of the continent.
2. -. xirope totallv changed her DOlittc'al
he march ot i'en: kienm.ivcr towards conltitut ion and habits -tince the davs of-
the'I fer, & thy d'iredtioii which the whole ':the.firfr Clutliam. : .. .-, r.
atmy had taken towards LanJfnu-, hav'f Theprelenf war is not in principle"'.vn a confulerable part of Mo- ; commoiv wan On one fide and on the
London Courier, re3u s force' towards Aerding, the heights other, the ruling pallion has been. domi
The mails from Hamburgh' remain ; vvien Ampijng and flaag hid been oc- i n'pn France,' for liberty, aslhehasal
has receive
1 1
i-i v.lirMik. or at ihi' -ltidt ..between em it 1 :il'.in
. 1 ... .'. - . .- .? . - -.,!, ..i l mil. iS rw!,.. ,v I hf inn- to hive btkfi wrrti iW i M . M r
.ioht& t he greatrrr part of the morning , pbably in.lnce his Imperial M.jeHy to .lemci and the ongmeer Caltre,
:'- ..... ... :,, ,i(i;.,.;,:- demand a frclh armt;iice. It is. fuppo- , ' ... I It a quarters,, !!,::. Dec.
We nil ierltand.. our govcrnm?:u I;fim'!.e..diyjliua.iinerXje s-the allies. Tor defDotifmi
Sr- . 1 t t' "i ' VT T . .1. . r ri I- . - 1 t - - .1 - r . t ' - 1 r . '
cfl hune f rencU ournaia- to'i-cy. in -.r.c couricoi lair ihiu, -now-
ak meir meaiures ana tneir conauct navo
'the cliv.ifton of general Richcpancei-tht z3,thc'cnU,n's ot w,c n!y. V'r -";n: "'reau paa reinforced his maniteiled. f '
'1 L,.,... tZ tf '.,,1 ,Un r.iltcri at nrefent !; no -v.. It is probable" vilion with two more diviliois, and The war has been iirtcrlv fuch in itm
ab,,Vic n oVlork rotunon the! creit regular fcts'of P.iris papers will . be .re-. nr.' taken the command of the vvho'e. principles. , . ,
tm-,,1 Uln-l ,hv- rnirp" Vn'd 'f-ll ii'nitn fceived'hy us in a.!av- or.tvvo. '-:' ' hunlc t.- Yellerd.ay ''at 4Uv break, th.u , It is undoubted, that on no ec
the I' ft flank and rear of that column L M t'?(-' Pn'i,'ll circles a report, which.i'eig-itfvere a'Ma.ckedi-' After an obdi- ' ha the ejfeft of the - rCvf rfes of the
.'."is. .imp it ht'wnXrmril in frr.nt Rs believed .bccaule it'ts, brobjbjc, pre- ' ru'e.refiltartce on the parr ot the c'rTemy, 1 public been to difpofe France willi'n
and ha l julVbcgun to attack the ene
any- s point on. . ,
I have not yet been -able to obtain
any accurate account of whit paifed af
""X terwards ; Uit u fcems the difordcr foon
bame irretrievable, and the retreat
towards the Wights of Ramfan was
mads vviih very heavy iofs, particular-,!
..Iv 'in artiilety, Gt,;neral Spao'rchi and
J. 'p.pcrt are prifoners. I Iiave mit yet
heard of the iofs of any ether officer "t
the fame rank.
vails, of t he 'Atiftrian and French go- they wefe"carricd in fuxceflion us fir as
vernments being tiow occupied in arneji tuenili on the h.Ie ot Kanitayi, -whercthe
in the work of peacevTvery'th'mking troops were obliged to h.ilf,4rorrw-xcef-man
in Europe, wbihas run confide r- i ft ve fa igue, about fix in the evening,
ed the public comreiTthc molt fuccefiful . lu the nigh'. General, Moreau abaridoned
in war that ever manufactured a cam- 'bis pi ace, -and retired to his old pofilion
pain, Ins of late Uniformly been of 6-1 at Jlohenleiulcn and Aerding. The whole
pinioil tlut A-iljria uui mike peace; ground from Amphng to Kamlan, W3S
and we do hope aril believe" the hrlt particularly favourable .0 the enemy, c
mowtli of the approaching century will con'.illci' of heights covered with thick
be (igualicd Ky' t!ic pacification of the woods, and imerfectcd by dccp'marlhy
fiontiricnt. f llYi'.n, , j vallic;, where the Aultrian cavalry could
Jif.vr tl t rfrc In ft (iNrilt. r iinrUf l
to pafs over, under the yok of her depu
ted expatriated matters. ' As. her dangef
became imminent her fifrcenels becamo '
commanding. , She has fcen her defpoil
ers at the gate, or her fronlieii menaced,
but has not .'bought a temporary refpitd
front the perils of felt defence nor '
tranfienf repofe from the fatigue of ordi
nary warfare, in an abject fnomifii on or,
a puulanimotis truce. She has maintain--ed
her phec in fo'itc of the confederacy :
uuu 11 uer.uecuration be anv evidence or
General Kicnmay? r vas atticked on in,fvre the troops lctt Uibraltcr under ni polULHy act 1 he Aultrians took Boo ncr purpole, .the has only fo maiitaincii
his march by twodiviljons fromcrdin, ' Ka!ph Abercrt:nbte, it is tcrtain that ; pruontrs anil two pieces ot cannon ; the herlelt that l.V- mi;ht continue entire cc "
. r m . I..' '!lt..i... C, t.r . ... f .t. n.nulfl..,.,, I....I .1.. I (Mnimn U'lTK tl1in littlr lmr-fi!l..l -Kt. 1 1tTAiir'l .....1.. i . t - .
urn I'l'efcd levetely on his retreat, """s ,t,Ms j.wun'U3.u4' i.-",, vthm wmui.-, uj ui- i-iw. umiti me uanneis ui hwi,i t.
w1,:, hli': made u"3i I fen in good'or- neratcd a treat deal of fcurvy among tlie.huHars of VclTe, who dillinguilhed 'I'Iik confederacy, unJer all its chajiger
1. r !..-.;..' iiT.ftnK iin ,,lthcm A letter ftom ilieiicc. dated the tliemfelves very much during the whole of numbers an J 'dfrce of.foice. has re:'.'.tn 'ire main army.
Thr fiitte ,f lull nijh -conrains
W i k'.j-.u's avt oimt i.f tho .:ila!tr(is ilfnc
wt the t'a;l. ot I i(h-j:'!eirl ,n, f; tbe y
inili .nnd for ry "are.'" we to fay," th.J it
cnutinU", in;dt it:; nai' the
.Cuuiit.i'iViiUknthat.untoi'uuiate aliuir
itbOAober, fays, about tighter ten
ijieu daily.
Another difpatch, t which the following
are extracts.
Jeflil-qHa!crst Simpfiti, AV. 30.
Ob thft 2?.d, after Thairwiit'en my
difpatches frtim F.fggenfenden, i'i ;!ie.U-
ipia r: crs we rc - rcaio wl to M afli ng" on
tlr Ro It. : '- '
The hcad-rjMariers were laft night at
Nctunatk, ami arrivc.l hf re this day about
by the gemtaj m chief f t he viMoii-ms
: fjmbiU .iiis, l lif. : Aull'ijii', as v.'.? luve
u'ri f.!? lt i!d. were th: alfjihtrts ; but
tb'ir up ritiot". wife ntarded by a hca-1 1 2 o'clock ; t he roads being Hill in a hiol:
vy fill of iVv.v ar! fl-rt. Tho m-'die i lful Itair,' a great part of the. army
' Mv iivn s .f ili.- i iiL'tnv utk' as rron nl I is Hill l.rliind.
& ;licy. me d.vtroiir.. (t"U''T;l Ri- I On the Archcluke's arrival here, Kc
.-cltrpam e's divifio-i, with, unexpected foicid the French in for,.eon the heights
ho'd'tcfs, pieicrd through the 'ci iic, , immediatclvjn frpnt'ot the town
and leM columns v( hv adViling torcts, The Tec ' l'ont of Wairrboiire,
an-l fti- ceeding in getting bchi-.d the v.-as a tackcl ypnerday.-and th: cr.cmy
ventre- division, fell upon ii left flimk ; rcpuil'rd with fomc lnf( afitr having
an-l tear, at the time that it had formed 'cmued the abatis in trout of the work
ot ihe affair, throwing thcmfelves into! mained ri defpotic league. As its fuccc!
the wood-, in places where it was tho't
impolliblc tor c tvalry to have penetrated.
The other four pieces of cavalry was la-
ken by a charge of the enemy's grcna-
diers, there not having been time to Irnd j horrence of the revolution .
a fulficienj force to lupport ths luillars. 1 France, ky a pccplc who had 0
The Iofs of the Aullrian is com pined to 'Jtrnrr 10 contiiue flavcs.;
muliiplied and as its lirength increafed,
it has been anxious for nothing mora
than for tlx extinction ot freedom. At'
the cammcnccment. if declared its ab-
ffccletl in
only refufcil
be near i$zo men in killed,-wounded,
and pril-mcrs. Oen. ivloreau is laid by
the prifr.ncrs, to have received a nlufkct
In every quarter of its empire, and all.
ihe Hates of its progrefs, the afcendeney
of hereditary viceand folly has been
ball through his clak. 'Fhe Archduke i object of the great llruggles of ihccorrfe-
1. -t t 1. 1 1 it ! j ... t . . 1 ww ! .1
n iiorituatK 1 1 uours, ami ii;pi in 1 curacy. 1 u mis was auxuary me car
a hovel. on the heights.'
: I have the honour to he, &c.
' v w. WICKHAM.
Right Hon, Lord Grcnville, 'cc
LONDON, Dec. v.
turc of iflands or theconucll of provin
ces The fubjecls ot the ionledcracy1,
have accordingly been fomefimes cruelly
opprclOd, at all limes prodigally burden
td with taxes, to fupport its devallatin
war. Ar.d to what Itatclus this contc-
its front, and had in it bctim to attack
the enemy's pcfi'i n. 'Fhii movctnem
Mv Lord, 1 have the honor to lend
The Hamburgh nulls Mil! .continue dcracy now conducted the great Btlijer
!ue ; but judging from the flatcnf ih . iiit Nations ot Europe '
we-ihcr and the nturttr in which wc find I . France, 'without calling in the Bour-
the vs ind, wc Hull foon have to anrunce bons, has bepn impelled to adopt a mill
their arrival. . , I ury covcrumciit. which, noffiblv. fomo
provt.l c.implrtcty furccMul, an irre-y-iir Lordfiiiu the enclofcd copy of a re- At prcfent cverr body takes a:: high future hillrian will denominate a defpo-
i.ii'ii.uf iiniA j.iiic 111 uic 1 in- 1 port. 1 nave una ujy rcwviven iroui ius ir.icrcn in inwitz 1 cuictvs 01 ir,c news t)I,ium, Dill wnicn, tinner Whatever title,
petial lines j a g-neral rctreit Ipccdily liretic hinhnefs ihe Prince of Corwie, : the contir.enf, under an impref.ion that 1 wai tie only poihblc chance which fcem-
cnltudf which was not clfciterl without containing an accounttif thcattack which probably thev will turnilh important dc i ed at once fjfceniihle of b-rorMinc tha
a neavy 101s pauuniany ui ine jnux-
ry. 1 br rcTuXol ine.MTt CfWOincrf.
f uc find, wan tint lefs tlifaftrcus than wc
TTnty' J,icitTi cJ'TiiiricTil It'TiTlTXncc'j'
jrtdtho viory of Morcau, it would be
vain in I imni4i 1, to. deny, appc.iri 10
l lully as tr.n a hi it ollicial dilpatch
fpt'-.'e uttd. 'Flefignal fucccS of the hina'dcl thetn in cilabliih r.
pirl'il Ciimmutiicatiou I'ft'wccn thciT
Mn tirsi.ies in B.aiVt, Ftancoi ii, on
me ci.cniv uiaar jcucnwy on apart 01 iaus,oi ncopcrations 01 arn.ica at hi tne tjutjee 01 iir.iant laieiy ana ui uuim.
hifcrfnchlefs'i ajrpsrnmTmandcd-poceeifing nf rabtr.ets. And tmdoubt glofy to the French people. t
hv the Duke of Lngbein, in front of edly the poHurc of the alfairs of our a!l)7 Englart'l, rcfigning her conftitutiona!
IUfeTdiciullhavettc:hff cnntroutrhamtrgncdhcr-Ttmttittiitonal
Win. WICKHAM. .apparent views and fenttmcnts of the rights, liberties, and frafichifcs, to tho
The rinht Imn Lord Grenvilfe, cVc. 'cotfttsof St. l'cicrfburgh and Bal 11, ike oter-crown fanners of her revenues.
.iicsut i oithn Jt R'iitnhdm tUfir coinlil ion throughout ot the German c;n.' and t!w into'etent ailVlfor of her taxes.
Kt U;CtmHr , '.rire, ot Kulha, Sweden and Ucntr.aik, Having feen her rtfourcci .willed, her
Our a Ivatunl polls on tj-c left fide of ilr attirude, awful and impofii!!;, of the Hrcngtu abufed, b the very fame man
the Inn, wctc attacked ihi day at noon nation ar.d people, may infpire j wh had alarm4her out of the potTelhori
their riubt had been abhilutcly uncovered hopes or fears, as opinions prcdominaie pf her liberties, fhe is nov to be fcourg-"
, 1 t i' . ' . 1 -.V ...... 1 I a,.
ViT 'I vti'lpfv' iior, an t i:t Italy, j for thru- djy pau, and the enemy were on one fide or on another, hopri.confo-d by cm artlnialj
W.he:!.4f itu: f 1: !' irvU.-Ji.-'y ciiti ialrca.y:w bat.t on tlut fidcof the latory to fuch who deprecate the conti-1 f't l ltfwerncdiab
' ' -. ' ' '. ' . ' . - ' '
or, what wwuU bt
blc, a real famint.
i (
. . . .

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