North Carolina Newspapers

Three Doll a rs per Annu m . 1
y a 1802.
VOL VI.No. 265.
' .. Houff cf Rep)eeitali'vest
, Wednefday Jan. 6,.
According to the ofder of the day, the third rca
cVngoJ'trte Apportionment Bil', was caikd for. ;
On which t mo i n wn msde ro recommit the bill
to o commit'ee of the whn'e houfe.
Or thii motion a debate oi length' ecfued, during
th'cb iJwft every member accufliuricd to fpek,
tr,k the fbor. ' ' ' ' I
'N The rUi-'flion ws taken by yeas and nays oa the
Kromniitment, and loi! Ayes 34-'Way 55.
Trie Yeai and N-iys w; re alio calico, on the pafiage
el liic'iil j ani-were Ayes 85, N.iys 4. The N!y'
'wcic MeHVi. Davenpoit, Vu Raolcllaer, Walker,
ai.d T. Morris. '
' Thvrfday, J (in. 7.
Gen. S?niith piefrrurd a memorial from a. conu
n.'utce app imcd by th? Lociety of 'Friends at Haiti,
'm.irx, rfJj.ive iottbe ir.tiodit&ion 01 the ufeful arts
'cnii'.rp, the Indian";, and llztiug tbt oo piogrclt can
I .'xp.ftul theiein ' rilefi the great quantity of fpi
jituon., qi).SiS at pre .fent fpreail aroO' g them by tr-
r is f. tire1 J f'lpprriTeo; The memorial is c
compjxi'.'r b-'--. fpt-ech ma-le by .'Little Turth-, fta
tiiighe i.ijur.i.ou dL'tt produced by fjiri uous li
...v qoorS. '....-....'.,...... : . L..-.
Ordered, that the memorial and . d Vuxents ac
, cmpnving it be primed, and that they be referred
to a corrmsue or 5 ivcnDer
VA m-mertal from 38 deRates of aliens in ChtSLt
cbitnty, rtniiiy.vania, priyr-tg a modification or
peai ot ihr 11 uratjtion hws, was prefen ed
Mr. Sciili , riJ tefcrred
(en. S Srriul. Teoorted "j bill fo"r the p'oiefttonf
Aniericsn cox-rnerce and Teamen in t ie Medrer'no-'
ean. & adjoining leas, w.iich emoowera 'he Prefilent
oily to equio nd emoloy luch velTels of the Un ted
St4teJ,"as be fnU drem requifke ; that I hey be tr.
powhed to cti.iu.e Tripolttan vtfT-ls; and t;it the
Prfftile.nt be auiMird incomm iTnn privat; vefTels,
'with pewe 1 toreii tre vrflels of 1Vp ji
Reid a'fecowd lime, aod elerred to a comrmttee of
!the vho e. - "
Mr. Nichofnn -r?fet d a Jetter whlch he'hsd re-
'Cfiv;d from ihe'Gcx-ernof of Maryland, end fing a
let er iTO-'tli? ' ammifrioneiTfjhe city of W'fh
ingtoo.adrt-eiTcd to the legiifi jtureoltUit Hate, Ha
ting their iref-nt i ability to defray tfc inter-eft ac.
cming on lo ni o( about 75 ,ooo dollars made ""ov
Maryland; "nd lugselling the erpedirpcy of thstle-
.;n.i.. rtfr..;n 1 .r.; . r. r rl . ,. "jv.
.n,rr. re A the !on.or eent n". . .u.
loans having been crigimUy mide in 6 per rents,
wi.h on engaemmt that iepaymcr.t fhould be mse
in Ipeci'r !f refolriiioiu ui ii e lej-.ifl rure of -Ma-syland,
ajreerng to the p op jft ion ct the commif.
"toncis. .
. Friday, J,n. 8
feveral petition ofa jiivte nature were prcr-rtei
and retd.
. p.. ...... ..wv m un. inc
1 . L-. ' I : 'I.. .J. y ' '
Atetr;isnfortrceftiblifr.mcnt ofaBo1rotd from
I I f
" yy-' ' , ' 111 ,r 'v-j at Kit
Reicned to a committee cn uoli i.&ct. and nni
Mr. Rmdolph otT.rrd a rf .;itier that t!te Picfv.
('.ent be an! he I I ereby tirredled to lay fcclore the
houfe in eftinaie o! the cx cti whirlt are n-cfry
to carry into clfrcl the iot emii.i bct -eenthe tJ.u.
ted S'a:es a'nd France. Afier fjtrt debate il wat
llr Mi:cbe!foiT red J ref .lultan that
a commit
lee Of; 'oi nied to fre
her jov cr Jnr .in.
liors are nertlfitf' n tl.e Uws eoncernint n uraniiue.
Rf lend l a feltO comnntee nfhve.
. !r. lltyard offeed a feW-rtioo sUi the Prrr. Vnt
he reuelltd to Isy before tie houle trom the wftite
rJ il.efrc.c y olflate, arj account ol ihe-5p'snilh
iprlnions on oor commerce ; the impr ifo.m.rui of
thecor.ful at M. Jrgo de Cuha. &c.
Mr. Uiysid f.idiheobjta of 4he fefoluiion was to
cibtaifl an I th- pr bli. a true H.te rent ol me mat. be belrev-d t .e profit .r !a,ge lud corracl
inlormttiuu on l fu j(t. Agreed.
AfiJyt Jan.. it.
The boofe wroi into a rommitiee of the vhole on
IW itfolutiofis ol the fensie re fpfflin c pt. ilenet
wlin alter fon e corfid ration thereof, tht co-r mtt.
tee roff.ind thehowte icfuled tlum libcily 10 fit a
fun. r '
This was done at tVe fu;gt9 oo of feveral mem.
Itnilistit would be the mod p oprrtooife t ie
i l" e r.loUiio s to a felett committee, for the tut.
r fe vf af eniioing the detreC l bunor iI.m it would
l e ri to Uilow upd tipi. Sunett, his cfnceti and
Alter tHi vote a itfcre oce wis made 10 a Mt&
Mr. Itandelph moved iff lution, dirrO'ni the1
f tfftl y o 4he Trt4(g;y tol.v fe.,, tht h ,ufe
s Hii,ie 01 n,e value ol f rii of ihi L'nuM Mun -
ihel.iUve year, lo ton. f.iusted isT;- ,K
a-'fijtMiol (i.b lif, diltMriiit nc til del v A-
rercan gr. wil Isem pmiivfi on.
un leioiuiion reh ie ol Umt lenrth t nf ied
i.o the bf.rtit wlit-S y,.'d.trle (roiuhe ift(gf.
h.iuttn r M l. r. It w I s ej that it Wat l
fit?.,t! onlrur. re 1 w ftt nrri ur ir!e
lt Mfsiitrrrs. r.,, wt b.u d , tj
11 ft r seat i f.ns l
Y he ti.c!. I.fc f Mr.r.f Vltl, v mTt:
A r'-'ie-f rnt. b; l
l.iy ..,
r Ui
I ! t
, I ?(
' C t v
reducing the wix or fait, was tken up, Oft. which i
dsbi.te look-fJacc, w hiclujodcniedlhUiybj!eoLlhl
fitting. . , .
On this motion the previous queftion was tequircd
aid taken by ca and N.ys Yeas 51 -Nays 49-
It was therefore relolvcd that the main queilion
fhould not, be put. 7 :.. : .
A meflige was received Irbm the PrtfiJent of the
United Slates ccouminj an efr.inate made by the
fecretary of flate, of the expcnccs atrendi'g the
carrying into execution the Treaty between the Uni
ted States ani France.
U'edtiffdcy, Jan.'d.
A melTage was received from the Prefideot of the
United States by Mr. Lwia, his lecretary ; which was
not read, being apparently on executive bufineft.
x . Mr. Brakeniidgc moved that the fenvc proceed to
the confidcraiion of the Preside it's mcfTagc, delivered
at .the commencement of the feffion. Agreed lo .
General Macon called for the reading of the mef
fage, which was in part read ; when the further rea.
ding of he whole tlccumeut was iafpendeda nd that
part only read, which relates to the jadic ary fylleoi.
Upon whi h Mr Brakenjid-e iMro Kentuckey,
role an J dated that two days ago he had given 110
tirc that on (his day he would fubmit to the conli'ift.
ratUn of the Senate two rcfo5"tion refptfting the ju
"dicury eftab!ifhment.ot theUoi.ed States. "A - howi.
ver thole ref titior.s were not ntccfwruy connected,
and ? they mjjht be diflinftly difcuff-d, he would
P"' COftc bimf:1Li,in? JJl,'
t!on"; without boweverT6rrcTofing "to hTmlfeif the
rrght of tubtrmting the ftcond at er the dilcufu n
o1 the fi ft. He iheiefoie moved that the aft lled
the laic fclTion; re petting the judiciary cdabiimmcni
of the United Slates, be re,'CK:d
Tnis is the ac which created jCnewcir.uit juJg:!.
1'his motion was (minded u) G;n iM'cvn.
After the refu!u:iii v; s reid by tl,j PitP.deat,
Mr. Bukeni idge fid he j id. not d fire' 10 ii ccini
tate a vote m f c q i'iifn tut i-aviug give n uicc
two d-M G.Uc oI his i :te.iiLn o m ve this filia
tion, he wn iiimfcH rrspared, ii otiier gentit ne'i
were orrptred, to oft r Ins fen intent on the lu j ci.
TiT. ff thi.wer n;i the cal.:,".( gentlemen wr;c not
prcpned toentei iiuo a (iiiCiiili m uf a o ! o Inch
i '-.potUncc, he vi si not a.ixtoui lor im.ncd ate con
ftderation. "Mr. TMcy oblcrvrd, that the or-1inry nidc of
procedure in the.senite hid. been tjrelr in '..'c lir:t
ii rticc, each fu 9t:iiivc mmiber cf the' I. rfiicut'
menage 10 a ie c tomiruee. mi tirmari tin was
thf !ual courfe, yet he lelt in n i
yet he lelt in h i way hollili to any
modeef doin b'ali.iefs wliich fh iu!d be raoQ sgre
able to ill, g4iiiUtnn Irom Kentuekey, or t the
houfe. Wiihan' adherence to theotdiiui v conrfe, he
would hsv: been' belter p!c led, lo this fubllantial
refin, b I'relcieae of the fa rjefl to' a fclrci
csmmUice, n receiving a report, t'ue mind of the
houle wou'd be rwn more p-evHcly to the points
, . J " : . . L IJ L ... I r
I ii v ivco in ii, man coma oc cupccica -jrom a icio U
ri W .VIVWi I W . .'' ,
Ano-hrr tfe ct procedure had not been unuf.
11 i i ui umiiMii., hi 1,. n.j ui 1 b.ii, m wiiilii
evnr.the lame rclult d.lirrd by Mr. T.ry would be
infured, via. the icfe;tnce of the bill to a comnittee.
Mr J. M.fon differed Irons the gentlemen fron
Cor.nettiCit. II: believed rbe mode o.;w purfued,
, wa, perleclly cuintl, and conformable to a puoci-
nr imyui i'i iiiumi, inn mi sume wii i dc
t: ntijcrea a-, iu a csmmittee ci me whole on the
T efidrii.'a i i flircf v. hencver taken up. Nor did he
d uteri t' in- ?'ity in a body fo feleft a this, of
ift ' ct tu?j' to a feleft committee. Biit a
ihr In j .i it i n.iiinely importtat, and foroe gentle
mtn t. emii'. u"ri ted for the difcufTion, he moved
its I'ltlttJttnc 1 1 m ii'! Friday. '
.a . ... . ar
. Mr Li-kt nr Jge laid, that thouh he bal given
noiiie, hi in opiiiion luthcient, ol hi p irpoJe, yet,
not wilhf.v precipiute oiicirilion. be would arret
lo the drfirta delay.
The cnnft.leiaiion af the ttfcletion wi iben defer
red to Fridsy n-xt. ,
Friday, Jan. 8. .
Oh initio $f -Mr. Drakenride to nptjl
' the att faffed left frjpon fir nnu vga-
fining the courts of the United SUtiU
Judiciary Eflublijbmtnt.
Mr. Brakentldge. U will be eipeftcd of nx",
I piffume, Sir, si Itintrndu(d the icloluiion m w
ondei tonfiderstion, 10 afli jn any tofo it lor wifh. '
i..g a irpj ol this lsw, 1 hi 1 (twit do tni fhs.l
endtvour to fh:w,
l. lhat the law is unnectHary and i as pr 0 per r
and w fo at ii pitTig 1 nd
That ths Courts tni Jadg'e era .tei V it, tin
andougMtabe abolifhcd.
iu. inn tne tcl uncerconiidcisimri. wssuaae
tta'7 ,nd n?'ftp, ii to my rr.iod, no oilficult
to prove. No mcreafe of count 01 lasers cou d
bt nciTtiy pi jliifubtf, tntbf, ,( eiUirg tou.i
and judg'i weit'irscotnprif ni 10 Tut prompt aod tro
pes hUI'rf tithe duties confined to them To
hr Id out 1 fnrw of li.igt.icn. when I i Uft little e
ills, muC hi imaiiiici and t inuliifU rapenfive
fytlems, and crea e hnlls 6f eipt fi.e r.irurni with
.ul fspe'Krcrd i l.itl n cfTtty lur limn,
Hf t wtntoo w'ie of the public tutfuif
Iff cVcunifni lef n e t P.ewi, that i t'e piffaft
fi ! ift, the ft i,i! e -ti. irt cn'.y Ions tlir
iltntr. lit lion ilr t 1 1 r n 'inf. Uflmt jhtn,,
:r 'u. v t rr.tit t i f4t ry in Uu tlti ulc
Ml U iTiewi, that on the 15'hday of June laft,
thfll fr tieerrding iiv lllheXwcuivCoururf4hat-
of Miryhrirl only xcepti;d, wbofe docket we have
. D3t bccrfilrtiifhed with ) 1539 fuits. ItfhewV that
8aj6 fuils of every dekriptton have cooe before
thole courts in 16 year sand upwards. From that it
appea s, thatthe a)tjual average amouut of fuits "W
. been about Soo. ' ' . -
Sist faadiy coniagent things have tonfpiroj to '
fwellthe circuit cMirt dockets. In Maryland, Vir
ginia, and in all the Comhern & fotuh-weftern flai :s,
great number ef fim,h;ve bsaa brongtt by Bntifb ..
crciUtors) this fpeciea of controverfcy is nearly at an
end. ' . . . - ' . ., ..- .
In PeonrylmtjAtb docket has been fwellcd by
proferment In nifqnence of the VVcfter i iforrec
lion lay tl diftmfbisicu in Untks, and Ncrthampinn
eouniiei;' by ti ttdiiion Ail Tiiefc 1 find siuoimt
Jq this State o 1 40 fuits.
In KenUt.key, nn.rrficlent land claimants have
gone into the Federal Court from a temporary con
venienec t btvafe uatii wi bin a vejr or two paft,
there exilted uo coiut of general jurifdiciion co-ex -lemWwiihthe
wjxsie ftaee. I find too, tha of the
fix bubdred and aad itiiti, which have bec . com
menced there, 196 of "thflm have been proiecutiona
under the law of ihetUaKed States.
In mat of the flatts there have been profcej ions
tinder the Sedition t&. this fource of Litigation 5 is
JX t uft for ever drtid up Vtid la'tMy io all the ftatei
a number ot fjits have arifcu under ihe. Exr.iic law ;
which fou re of coire)verfey, w'ni i hope before t , is
fiili .11 terminates, be Uj dried up.
.Btttihia fam id ocnseot ftifciolea another impor-
tatifclacl w iich is tiitt nevertheicfsall thefe unto
ward aod ttiuporary ihurces o federal adjudication,
tlu fui'.s in l .ufe caurls arc dcccifmg ; for frmi thd
' doi-kcti lexnibited (except lientuckry and TenneiTee,
whole luitt a.e fum tied up in ll: ajgiegaLe) it p.
p-ais that i". 179 tre were 11171 id s 18 jo
thee were ''7 fuus commenced fh:wtng a decrtiU
ol 587 funs. 1
Could 1 benecefTaJy then to increaje courts when
the fuits wo e detreaijiig ? C uldibe neceffj.y to'
in iltrp.y judge , whei iheir - uties weVe dimi..ifl .tug i
And wi I I rut be).fiedUerejriaIa4minekt
the law was unne lifaiy, and that Conjtc.s atlod un
der a miUken iniprcirnn,' when they inuitiplied"
courts and judges at a time svheu litiatiou was adu
a'.ly ilcc eafing.
But ir, th- decreafe of bafinefi goes afmall way in
fixing my Ojiiaion vii tlv's lubjeA I am inclined to
think. tli.t la fr fro n their having been a utcelluy at
this time for an incnaleof comts and judgei ; tint '
the time never will arrive, when America will it ami
in need of 33 federal judges. Look, Sir, atyuiir
Conftiiu'.ioti, and fre the jui cial power 'tlitre Von
Cjned to federal cjurts, and ferioufly a(k ycurfelf,
. can there be fairly eauiadled from thoft powera f-b-jetts
of litigation fufficient for 6 fuprern: and 31 in
tenor court judges ? To rr.e it appear impofU-.e.
. Tlu jud'uisl -poweis given to the leJeral court
were never in ended b ihe.Cooaitution to embia.e
exciufively, fubjefls o. litigauoo, which could with
piopriety be lea with the State courts. Their r iiif.
xiUtion ws intended principally toixtend to great
national and loirieu concern. 'Ric-m rAr. tiiiir
nucr mc nt i me t.'nitea Mates, I do oot at
pr.-Ieot recoilr, but three or four kinds in which
their power cxien to fubjtfis ol ii iiation, in which
privae peifo.i only arc concerned. And emit be
polfi-le, that with jjri diciion embracing fo Imall
a portion of private litigation, in trtst part of which
inc iic lourn inifiit a d oocht to pariiwioite. that
we can Hand in need of 33j iditM n4 expend to
juoi-;rT icgui.uan iuc aduuil lUns Ol
Ho other coartry, vt hofe regnl:ion I have iny
knowledga of, luroifheian example of a fy&eml.
prudigsl aod e xtenftve. lo tnglani, hofe court
ate Ihe boU, aod fia 1 , tt the lecurity ol the tight
of the nation, eveiy roan koow there are but is
jjdgMaad 3 principal court. Thefe court emoice
in their origioal or apptlkiejurifdiaion ilmoU lb
wuoic eweic oi Dumio concern..
The Ki- g' beoch aai Con. moo Pies, which coo.
fill ol 4 jud4ttetch, cotittta all ike coomjn lsw
(jits ol ot.a.wl upwards, originating amoag nine
million of ihe rnon comtuet iai reople in iIk woild.
7. ey mortovir rtviC the proceeding ol not only a.l
the p tty count of racvid 10 the kiordom, even down
ii tfe c -ts cf Piepor.dfti hA tlfy J the cr.uit of
Kmg't bench in Ireland I nd thefe fujireme court
altct ccntuiictol.fftp iimrn( arelomdto be lull
tompcteoiioall tbe bubocft of the kingdom.
1 will now inquire into the power tt Cotgiefs, to
jut down H ale tddit cntl eoorts snd Judge. . '
I if, Al 10 ih Congf eft tie esnpowered
by the Conflitulioo "liana lime to time, to ordsio
and eliatilith ioftiiir courts' The aft now voder
tonfuerstion, U a leg fltiivt conflruft oa ol this
claafe io the Condi unon, that Coogicfi msy alkiiifh
at well erf sic thefe j-idicitl officeri t . bcc-ff , il
4vtt eajnefilyio the 171b ftcliooofthe aU, tbotifh
the tlieo ciiOmg iulenor court, for the purpofc o!
msk of wiy lot ihf prtftnt. Ihtt tonltructioa I
tomend is corrtU j but it it tq ia;iy pertinent 10 my
ot jefl, wheth i it be or be not. If 11 be ronccl,
lU the pirl.nt iofcnnr losnit may be abo ifht d tt
londituiionally ts tbi la1 if it be not, then the law
lot bdifhijg ihe formri loans, audtnibl Ta i.gibt
piel.m, wtt unconfliiutiontl and tObftqiiny K
petlble. .
Eu Infperdnt ol ikis leg flit've f nflruflioii en
which I do nt lound my oimiom, ro n etn 10 11 y
'fuvtnt, n it lutle deubl ioJeel, ni
rTiin.iM 1.' ihe powfrtlfotig,,!, lw
11 f.i;iinul tjl til. t eft tht' ji It. tt rrwei i.f
i Ltl ;t.k u em fuf rest 1 tvM in uh ia.
fertor courts as Congrefs may from time to time, or
dain apd tllablifb. Bv this claufe Congrefs may
from time to rime eftab'ifrl inferior courts but it i
dearly a difcretioosl power and they may eftabltlli
them. The language of the ConQitution is very dif
ferent when legu'iitions are not left difcretional.
For example The tiial, fay the Coollitution, of
all crimes, (-xcept in ccftsof i.T.peachmedi) mail beV
by jury : Reprefciuatives and dirrcl taxes ihall
be applied according to numbers. All revenue
bills (hill originate in the Houfe of Reprefcn
latives, &c." It would theiefore in my view
be a pnverfion not only of Iinguge, but of
i.-telltft, to fay that altho 'Congrefs may front lime
to lime c ?blif1 infci'ior courts, yet when ejlabliihed,
that they fhall not beabolimera lufequcnt Congitfa
polTfirug equal powers. It wduld be a paradox in
legiflstion. 1 . '
2d. As to the Judges The Judiciary-department
is focoudr r.fled as to be fuffirieotly feu red againft
the inptoper ir.fljcnceof either the executive or 1c
gifljtive dcpirtm.-nts. The courts are orgaoited and
ellabliihed by the legrHi'urc, and the executive cre
ates the judge Being thut organifed, the conflSu
tiun affords the. proper check to fecure their honcf
4y and independence in office. It declares they Ibsll
'not be removed from office during good behaviour i
r.or their falaries diminifhed during their continu
ance in tffice. From this it re.ults that t Judge, af.
ter hts apooiatment, i to ally out cf the power of
the Piefntent, and hia lalary fecured againlt legiflativo
diminution,, daring hi continuance in office.
The fird of thcf checks which proieft a judge in hi
"othie during "good" behaviow, appltc to ' the -Prcfi-dent
only, who would otherwifa have pufUfTcd the
power of lemiyinj hi m l.keall other orTjcer. at plea-..
"lurcj andthe other check forbidding a diminuticn of
their (jljriss, app ict to the Jegiflaturc on y. They
are two fepara;e nd ilifiinft checf t, furntflied by
the cooilitution againfl two diftrnft dcpaitmcnts i f
the fovernoient; an 1 they are the only one which
re or ought to have been furnjfh-d on tht fubjeft,
Bu; beciofi the declares that a jjtlgo
Ri?ll bold his offi-.t during good behaviour, can it
be iortured to mem, that he fhall hold hia office alter.
it iaabolifhrd ? Cnlt mean, that Tils tenure fhould
be limitted by behsving well in sn offitr, vhich uid
notexilt? Cso it mean that an oflic? msy exili rl
though its duties a-r excir.ft F Can it mean in fhoit,
lint lb; fhadow, 10, the judge, can remain when
the '.abflauce, to wit. the oRkc, is removed ? It mull
have luunrted all ihefe ablurd lies, or it mull admit
a coollrufticn which will avoH thern.
That con.'ln.ftion obviocfl is, that a judge fht-uU
l-.olJ sn eiiHing oface; fo ion? ss he did hit duty '
in f'st office; ad not ilit l.e fhould Inld an tfiite
tht did nat cilf, ai.d 11 tor 111 c'utict not provided
by lw. Hid tli:con3ii.tlion wlitii I contend tgiinll
brrn con-ensiiVa by tl'nfe who lumed tie confli
tunon, it wovfd lnvt been re effary to Iwve drtlar-e-1
e? icitly, that judges fl.ould bold ih:ii oflt e and 1
lllarie. Curing gml belnvior.
Such a conllruftion is not only irrecorr liable with
teafon and propriety, bu is lepugiai t to the piinei.
pie.- of ihe co.rlituiion. It i a principle ol or.r
cnllitiiiin, aswclliirjf common bonely, tbrtno)
. man ftill receive puilie money, but i.i confiieraj. n
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permitted by our laws or c ii.flitut.r.ii. By this eon.
(Iruftioi, complete fineci-e omcrs hoRs of ccnlti,
lion penfnnets will be fettle! on us, and we cannot
calculate how loig. Thi it tta lyciminga ss w fpe
tift 01 public debt j ssot like ary p'.her cl ourt'ebts,
we ctoi.ot difchtrgethe printia) at any fixed time.
, It 11 wotlethm the deleneJ Hock ; lor on, thu yaa
pay jo annual inteieft only, and the pii tipal it te
detmableat a given period. But bare, yoa pay an
annual pnmiptl, anl that jnncipil itredecnnb
.eacept by the will of Providence It may fuit coun
ts e where public debit arc conddeicd ts tublic
blelTmgsj for in lus wsy a people tight leoo'bf.
come fuperlaiivrly blelTcd ,nd ed.
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n c admitted, n.a be ix'.enicu 10 defltuclive
lengths, buppofe it fhould beretftrr happen, thti
ibolein power fhould ombi-.eio tfoviJebanilfom,
ly lor their fiieanls, could any way Jo plain, etfy
andffTfCltuI prelept i.Mf, tt by fitting cotult,
aud filling il.em with thole Inendt t Might ni 60
at wfll tt 16, wUU ftltiirt e-f Iwrnty ihoufand, ia
fletd ifiwoikoafiod do'.Uu, Le protiJcd lot iotbia'
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Thelbing Itnifl wilj oot btypea. It it prrfam.
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conQ .ution prrfum ciruplion wir "uren in aay
eKilmtoi ol the govfrnt ret, by lie check il ha
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loir.g o fhw ibcdtageii which rosy towoul of
it j lot in tht tonlWlioo of til imlrutieats, tht
wbubwillctl 10 iotonenin'f, mifc'.lef or tb-
fatoiiyrught to b? avoided. This doftnrc hit Im3
Ihff diffieol.y lo trcomiie After the ttw it retell,
cd, thty tieei hrr judgr 01 the y tt t. ( i,.v
icjadges, Uiey rn It iresrhedj but fot what
For mil fcsOnte in tlu e n.!y. How, ttouM
, aiV, can iU) b inrrstLcd lr rt Irsftnc io of.
I'.Cf, h ili iri Si.'ct ne tbrtlifbri? They
" b Hiil'iliey are iunicJ to ihe fmo.
larven t tnrd 19 an otH J. f h'.o .fcb ti er ra
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iul( thff hsteno vd 'e. They an n') qwfi jsigt
Ct ,!kuJ t n th Ul jege. J
- - . '. -t - .

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