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' - By "th- ship Di v, Cipt. Hunter, ia ;
,3 days' from Newry, tbe.Editorsnf
- the New-York Gazette have( received
Irish papers to. the twenty-eighth of
- 'May, and London dates are tothe
" ssth. , :i ; .,; v :
Nothing but war appears to bethot
-r-Py and tb? most warlike and active
. preparations are carried on both in
England and France.- Privateers hire
been fitted out and sailed from differ
ports in France. Several captures
have been made cf French vessels by
British croizers. Orders have been
- sent by the English government to
capture all Dutch vessels. The
Batavian government is to be overrun
dy French troops an army, it is said,
of 80,000 men is immediately to fcos
. ..: sess it. r :
Massena, it is said, will have the
command in Italy, Moreau in Ger
many, Macdonald in Batavia. v
-The CourJLoLVienna has address
. d a declaration to "thngfish imd
2 French ministers in !that capital, stat
fee that his Imperial Majesty had de
cided to preserve the most strict neu
trality in the event of .hostilities bei
tweeri France and England. .The em
peror of Russia has professed the same
" sentiments, fend have offered to inter
terposehis powerful and pacific me
diation to accommodate the differences.
V, which have arisen between the two
Rations., . . . " -
A convention has been signed be
tween the courts of Russia and Swe?
den, by 'rhjch the frontiers are for
the present, to be left in the same si
tuation as before. ' .
' In the house of commons, an inter
. esting conversation lately took place
' upon the transaction which had hap
pened since l&ri . WhUworth's de
parture from Paris. In answer to a
- question, whether since the departure
of Lord-Whitworth from- Paris: any
fresh communication had been . re
ceived ? Lord Hawkesbury replied,
" " after his Lordship had left Paris it
was communicated to him, while on
his journey, in an unofficial way, in a
"way that gave no positive, evidence
that it came from the French Govern
ment, that an arrangement might be
made, by which this country should
keep Malta for the number of years
require d provided that tht French
Government should at the same' time
occupy Otranto, and Tarentum. With
, regard to the mediation of Russia, It
was perfectly true that in the last mo
"ments of the negotiation, a message
did arrive from Petcrsburgh with in
structions t state, that the Lmperor of
Russia was not then disposed to inter
fere in the differences between Great
Britain and France. j-yet' to express
his wishes for theconlinuance of peace.
But It did not,appear that the Empe
"tor of Russia-h ad sent any instructions
to bring (he question of a mediation
to any distinct point whatever ; and
Under these circumstances it appeared
io him that it could only tend to a
delay which must be highly injurious
to tnis country." .
In the! Federal Gazette, we find
continual complaints on the subject of
the .sale, made by the Secretary of the
Treasury of the Bank-Stock that was
held by the United States, chiefly
copied from Northern papers the
annexed plain statement of the bdnefit
resulting from the sale, even dalnttt
' may comprehend. it
The United States had origlnallp
5000 shares in the Bank'of the Uf
nited States, 3780 of them were "sold
by the former Secretary of ,the Tree
sury,by authority of an act of Congress
making provision for the payment of
the public debt ; the remaining SJSO
shares, in virtue of the same actt have
been sold bf the present Secretary of
the Treasury for 380 dollars a share,
or 1,887,600 dollars, the amount f
which was applied to the payment of
debt due to the Bank, by the Untied
, S?ates, for which the United Slates
paid an annual Interest of sit per cent,
or dolls. 77,536
,The United States were
receiving from the Bank ,
a dividend of 8 percent. '
on the amount of 400
, dollars a share (that W)
8 per ct. on 183,000
dells, or 71,040
' - doll. t,1l
FromtehUh it anpfara,the United
Suits aare by the talc 6316 doflara a
year, at alu the trouble of receiving
with one hand ftom tha Bank 71X540
dolls, and payinc to It dth the other j
77,156 fur tht tame account. To the1
profit above may be added, a iarlnj'
that reeultcd to the United State 1 by
obuhinff without risk, a eontiderahla
Mm In jruiUerbilU, thereby enahlinj
ne secretary ot toe treasury to ptjr.
chae the balance that remained lobe
pa'J in Holland duriog the year, on
much tetter termi than coulJ pes si.
bly have been effected, l ad be l ave
bten tteccititated to fmrchave filder
lull to the itDount c( 6,5033t Roil.
dert artd 10 atlrtrai tiia atniMini t
FOR-SAtE ';-'-V--". r
. ' Tb Schooner,
LAVA T Jt, ;
. The prefect New.
.York . Picket, with
ber materials, to be
delivered in NcW.
fale apply en board. ' '
isaac bell;
WilmTngtOB, July 16.
wantd to
for the .
One or 1 ves
sels from 120 to
S40 tons.' Apply to
Wilmington, April 1 4. .-
Valuable tamily Medicines
Gcfuinc Ami-Bilious tud Siomachic j
Prtpandby TLemns H. Rawan, 717.
C. M. S. New-Lndont Con.
For which difcovery he obtained a Patent
from the Prefideht of the Un'ncd - j
States, in July, t?02." " J
i-i-TIlF; vail- demand for 'ihtfe BiJiers,
and their efficacy are fo univerfally known
and acknow.edged,' that -little need be
faid in an advertifement. . " . -'
Perhaps no Medicine in the world it
fo ufe ful and proper for a docncQic fami.
ly Medicine. They are ihtf-greaiefl re
Uorative and correflar of the digeflive
organs, and 'purifier of the blood, of any
medicine ever offered (he. public.
- The following are fotna otihe mfl
prominent complaints in ubicb ihrfe
Uicers arc clhcaciouiJT'and fo tiniverCally
admtxedr vijjIndigcflion, Debili-y,
. Head'achi, Swooninfv, Diziinef. Fain.
ting), Trcmblingt, Lownefs of Spirit,
Palpitaiions, DiowGncfst. Bilious Con.
gt lions, (iiftitepeis, Diarrhoeas. Dyf.
emeries, .Grave', HyPeric and Hypo
chotidriacal Affctltons, Worms, Agtics,
&c. &c. .-s , .. y
Price Fifty Cents a Box.
Genuine Winclham.
Bilious Pills, . (.
Prrpirei'o'v Sasnoel, Lee, Jun. of
Windhant, (Con.) for bich difcovery
he obiaiued a Psveat, April 30th, 790.
The virtues and e0cary othele I'loS
are fo univcrfally known that any com
meal on them would be altogether fu per
perfluout. ' ' '' i . ' " .
Trice fif-y Cents a Bot.
TyccMtch, or Beautifying
Ointment, . ,
The n(l rematkable comoofitroti ever.
before known for clenGcg and-beauiiy . J
Ing the fklm, and 'he mod 'tffeual, t
late and eify application ever before.
difcvered far the cure of the Itch. . .,
, ' Price Fif y Cents a Bot., t .
Genuine Aromatic Parte, ,
For the teeth and fcurve in the Gumi,
prepared genoiae only, b J. Thorn p
foti New Loudon, (Cop.) This Pafle
1 the snoQ ttniirkabte compQiioo ever,
before difcovtted for prcfervir.g and
whitcmrig iht Tee:h, and curing the
fcurvey Gums, it is a perfeflly
fafe application it lakes ofFall di'agret
able (oiell fi' ihf breath, which gene
tally tri Irotn fcoihuiic Cumi or bad
Teeth, 1 .1 1 .
Price Fifty Cents a Bm, ,
For Ll (goflantly in Wilmlnttoa,
I ' 1 s r m r.
N. B. More pirlicwUr dtrefliont ae.
eompanjieg eatU jl ibcfe taluable Me. 1
Wr.n.ctoh, July 6co8r,
Tcri Dollart Heward.
AN away from the subscriber, se-.
ven miles fjom Rocke y-Point Fer
ry, on theNonh-Eaat River, a mulatto
wan named ISAAC, 20 or SI years
of age, J feet 6 1.2 inches high, and
tolerable well made, had on when be
went awiy a white linen shirt, home
spun overalls and a round blue cloth
jacket, and took with him' tome strip
ed Homcpan. He has been seen in
Wilmington, from whence I etpect
he will endeavour to make his escape.
All mssttrs of vessels and others art
htrtLy. toYBTarnad.fiom harhourinir.
employing or carrying' him away at
their peril. 1 will give the above re-
ward for taking up Isaac and deliver-
Inp him tome, or securing him in'
jail 10 that I fet him. -
New Hanover County,)
m , r. JUJy 31, IB33. J
IhtulftrHert bovi jsjl rtttitti hy
' iht Sihitntr Hxfetimtnt, Ot,
Tumi, rtn Jtmoho, oni
ao Puncheons Itlgirprool
Dean & 1 liurber.
Ja!; it.
1 J -ii
To tlie Freemen of New-
Hanover County,
THAT an, Eleftion "will
be held at South-Walhington on
Monday the 8th, aiMr. Edeni's on Top
fail found and at Long.' Creek Bridge on
Wednefday the sob, and at (ha Court
Houfe in Wilmington, on Fiid jy the
tSth of Auguft next, for ih purpofe of
eleflingjt a .Member of Congrefs and.
Members of the General AfTerobly. . ,
WtlmiDgioo, July at. v
Law of Fdrth'Carolina,
PafTti fit the year 1801.
' : CHAP. XVI. - ,
An ft to arhfiid an aft, entitled rt
. aft directing the method of elefling
" Members of the General Affembly,
and other purpofct," palfed in the year
; Il. Be it enafAed, Thai etery
perfon elected- Membarof the General
AQeinbly, Qiall, before tailing his feat
therein, take the ojath of alltgia(ice,ap.
pom'ed for the (jualiricaiion ot. Members
of the General Affembly and Public Of;
fleers and alfo to fupport the Conflitu.
lion of the Uni;ed States,'. And if .my
perfon circled a -Member T the General
AUeinbly, fhall, by himfelf or any other
perfon. direlly or indiiecily, give, or
caufe tb be given, any gift, gratuity, re
ward or preleni whatever) or. give, or
caufe - to be given, ' by himfelf or any
HDtkcr perfon, any treat or cntertertain.
tnent, either br h.mfelf or any o het
perfon for him, of meat or drink, a any
public meeting or co!!ciori of the people,
to any -perfon or perfons whatever, for
his or their vote or. totes, or tp ii'Duence
him or iheir: in his eL-clion, every pecfon
violating ' ihii aft, Stall, on due proof
theieof, Jj"! xpelled flora his feat in, the
General -A ffeuibly , -. - - - - 1 .- -III.
Be it former enaQecl, .That if
acf' prrfon or prrfans Qiall treat with ei-
iher meat. or drink, on any day of elec
tion, or any day previous iherelo with
an intent to irftucrce the elation, evety
'perfon lo effioding (hall furffit and pay
the fum of one hundied pounds, the one
(j lull fur the ufe of 'he county whore the
'l lain? (lull be recovered, .to be paid to
the Cotimy Trullef j the other laifta the
ufe of the yerfon who Otall for for the
fame: To be recovered byajion of debt
in any court of record having cpguitJnce
thereof, with colli. '
Lift of Le'lcrs marring inihrPiI
Ofict at Ifi-minglOf, N.C. wi'Uh
ti w latin tut o j w txpinirun
tf fx moitbf, . w.V br rttnnr4 ft
'tie Central Pol.Ofice ot itid
klttrt, , . .
A OL. S- Alhr, S.tntiit Albc.tVn at
Vii.i Wli :ian Aikiu, Jl.a e-.
tor.cocof R..lmtl Budley. : .. '
B. Crprtin vjtrii-LBiiii4'; Ditid Bi
li, John Bnrl", Stephen f r. k, Si.muel
I w, Villim H, iitnrr. AN Bowti 0, Uwl
Btlluite n M y Baii'et, .Samuel Biacki a
John Btrmi, J. hi Brra, ctptam C!vl Bui
laid, Bojj. Tctj iil B i', ;T1mo
thy Blood ortb, jun.' Aleatodtr Tbotstia
Biewa. "
C. - rhomss Child, t thitnkrri,
a 1 P.itrOrtc iir, si csptin Th.nn' s Cole,'
l llrniy Cimnuji. Thnmai Cwdwonh,
Wiilitni Crtf tio, 4 1 SuQ'jtl I ml', at ton
Ju&afluns . 1 Stomal Cewin, f hiliy Cfnil,
t,t,U Aliia Cotios, c ptim S ilomi Ciarh,
iohaCis, B snlotckt CUwll,
lifts Cmpk:t. '
D. fr ton Dc, tpke Dael, A'r
4nD4, t Sarin Dis, C-ott D,vt,
Do Cuoyca tlii' It Da-, k Dstttr, ,
ioba Duactn, J thaDcnai. Joba Dudley,
lny Doanin;, Jtia Deboice.
Csl. Jaac lidvoaJ, as Natkaatal
C'dri4t. . . . 1
F. Jisara rrfaa, J.atta tUsning, 1 1
Wil.Lia fa.,1., . tuli,4.
C. 014 Crtrr.Ssmiiel C4a. D
1. Oiiisraal DoaaU M'Hai " . (
i 1 in,i niiir, iuvi; liu.i,
Hjidy. Htan l)4i riU.
1 tsiab Jd, ea Afki Crea, a Tin
why Jaba,, CbriAnphtr flira' jiata.
Im Ja Llurrl4 , M . tlty, ela
CkarUa Li viae I aa. Areknb.14 Wnlur., loika
ia l utt, Cbaika Uiali, csytiM A.
L '(
M. Wil'iirss 111 (ornery, WillU M'C.I
UKk, rraa4 U tar. , Mataca Hlift N
thiaul Milieu, A, D Mm, Uo4j Unfa,
JiHa MoJt. ca tot f. Fttbtas. ,
N. TkaniM Hail, limni Nrviaa, csa
j uii S.maal Nabla, Joha hxWt, A U
fear Ntlta.
t. Joha PcaWaiy, loha Tip, eaytai
TbosiM f;Ka, tatHaia lUbaU rtabkaas, If
atul faifoat, limry ft okiy if.
Q BKbai4Qaa, Mie-rUWa
at. Cif. Jtfb Rata, 1 1 Uivid Rrld,
TWomt, a.Kb.,4U, C' Rat, Ivba
U,JU4 JtfbKK IU4 tU, . &l.
' miudu,
JtiaH riro, t A!Jfaha,Ctar.
BMaettf (ufbtM. AWua4af
"O Jab bbMi4, Tam mi.
vtl.MW iaait, JaaaUta liaaWy, . Miwat
; 'r1. Abr.w. jauaa, Thi y4tt,
5 ' Tkaa Imp, riyitia Tbal.
-"', nnraw .iiiibiiii, immu IMtnil
1 tfna 4
. T. Jateybj TirSxy, Taba Tnaaitr. TV j
as Tanaata. Jtsssea T , uaa taaaaaa
7)Ur, ( JbTia4, Jaka la, 1
oaiaia wiiuaas rbsw, Mfii UU. la
lata, , V, CssraUKaVetr.
W. IUh.i4 WUa,a WiW.aUW,:bT,
B ).! a WgiUma ta wa al tam Msm
ta, W,.l, U'.lk'.U', lv4 Waas
lima W,l!a,.f, Wa4,
y 1 , .r, wt'i. wat w,ra,
, t04.C Wi, f.W.ia. .
I X. M ( Taaa at Si. CWl4', lUaty
"-a, avuy aaaf. .
SherifTU' Sales
- ,'j"assf- J : p - .
On Monday the first day of August next,
, will be told under the Csurt-Bouse in
Wilmington. I i v
' : THREE story Brick House cor
A ner of Front and Dock-streets.
. The store house at present occu
pied by Henry JB. Howard in Market
street. . :. ' ? '. ?''
A piece t( land opposite Viltning
ton,' with the improvements Iheteon,
and all the other teal and ' personal
property pi 'James Carson, xn Brun
swick county, to satisfy two ' execu
tions to mb directed. . : V 1 -Wm.
Wilmington, June 3. vj -f
Ma'rQiaVs Sales: , :
On Monday the first day cf August nextj
mingtaiufiV gold ortiker coin, -
Btrw EL N thirty aud forty
Negroes, and other, perfonal
property, together with fcveral lots
of ground-'in (aid town, ' with ht
iniprovcmehrs thereon; - and' be
tween two ami three ihoufand acres
ol land, !yitg in the county of
Bruniwick, between town creek
and Eae s mill creek, ; on whiclr
there are an excellent let of Mills,
aty! a confidcrable quantity of .Rice
tawi, wen recuimca.. "
v The ahoy property lias been le
vied on, and will be fold to fatisfy
funilry .executions on judgment
obtained by ,.the United Statei, a
gainll fnndry inhabitants, of the
town of Wilmington, ,aml its vicWj
tiity, which will be more particular
ly defcribed on the day of fale.
JMafflui n; c. p-.r::,.-.-..:.r-
: June 6, ' ' ' ;..: ; '
r"',Marnial,s ;Sale. i
On Afiftd-y-'the.: firjl duf tf , Augiifl
' next, will be fold under iht dart;
. If iuje in Wilmington, fer gild 9r
fiver Gtin.
A , Tim EE (lory Brick Houfe ia
( the tovin of Wtloingion, . n
1 A piece af Land with the improve
m;nts ihcrpon, oppofiie Wilmington, .
. A L'ghter aud one Negro man, which
have been levied irt and will be fold t
fatUfy fundi y excu ions and judgments
cbtained by the United. Siiten
. H -'John S. Wert.
Vahiab'e Lnndj for Sale.
FIVE Hundred acres of excellent
Tida Swamp, and about" thirty
acres good uplatil 40 acres of the
former deareJ, under bank and
ditch and in order for planting-
the latier under good fencr. and on
it it a Barn about 36 by 6 feet.
The above defciibed Lands are
eligibly fituac? on the north-ealt
branch of Cape-fear river, ohl 15
miles from Wilmington. , "
For term apily to John Lord,
Efq. or to A. lull.
1040 Acres of well timber'd
Lt N D
ON AOie's Crcxk, known by the
.name of Bear. Garden, on
which there is, a good mill feat luffi.
cient for two faw$, on a lading
flreanv. A part of faid land is well
adapted to the culture of corn and
Cotton, inj-the range ii eacellent.
The terms cf payment will be
ma le eafy to the purchafcr. '
1 will alfu tent the t),fr apart
persof nf Houfe, Ktuben, Uz,
in Market-ttrcci, until the hi it of
January neit.
For terms pp'jr to.
v !) Alalletc.
Wilmington, May iq.
A Tract or Parcel of Land
Ctntaiting 69 a; otrti
ON lheh.4 cif.flear snj Uu
Creek, aJjolning Mrs. Mott'a
land aoJ running acrtjfs the mai0
rtssl, about feven milea from Wil.
mngon, Oatj or fivtnty acresf
which Ss good corn land, and cm
which there ia an excellent mill,
dream. The finiatloa Is eligible
for a pnblie houft -and the range Ii
fuptritir to any on the found, fat
one haU the anount prompt ray.
ment will be rrajire-f, and a credit
of lwtlv month will be, ivcn ht
the tthr half, the purtkaer givine
bo-d and fccuiit. Fur frtber
particuUri applyto A. Hall in WU.
mlrgton, or t the fubfcriUi ea
JloUfj Fet. t ,. ,
Hobcrt Hovrc."
May 16. . y
To t9 tUctorff, the Dititton SmraW ,
henitnf the counties of alaien Brims.
vkk, DupUit, Nevf-IiMover, Sampson
and Onslaa '
AS an Election will Uke place in An
gust next, for a person to represent
you in the Congress of the United ,
States, I thus publicly offor myself as '
a Candidate for that important trust. ,
The part I acted during the revoluf
tionary waf, my political oploiona
during that important period and since)
he establishment of out Independence,
also my Sentiments for themix year ;
I had the honor to represent you its
Congress.are well "known ; I therefore)
deem , it unnecessary to amuse you,
with opinions respecting the origin of
motives of parties, nor professions of.
exclusive attachment to the Coastitu
lion or interests of the Nation, t V
1 My conduct shall tonttnue unifotin,
and my zeal unremitting tor a genuine;
and rational Republican Government, :
as guaranteed by our national compacts
the Constitution shall be tny fculde ;
in all political concerns-.tho Peace,
Liberty and Happinesrof the United ,
Sutes my sole object. . f '
Notwithstanding the Calumn? of
tew individuals, I am fully confident
that the present Administration of the
Government of the United Stales, is
pure, economical and just, and calcu
lated to secure the rights, liberties
and true interest of the people. V
Should I be honored wih a majority
6f your sufTrages, my time and talents
shall be invariably employed for tbs
interests of my Constituents, and (ot ,
the Uniort generally, v
f With the highest respect , -! .
4 Ihavethehonortobe,GeAtlernn
: Your mostobedieht servant,
" WltMXJIOTO, AaVtfA 26, Uoi.T r
To the Electors of New
k Hanover county,
I TAKE thist public method of
informing you that 1 am a
Candidate for a feat in the Houfe of
Commons of ' the next General
.AlTembly. Should I be honoured
with a majority of your fuffragea at
the enfutng. election, every excu
tlrtn in my power fhall be ufed to
promote the political interefl and
welfare ef my conflitticnis.
I am, Gentlemen, v . -n'
. wttH'flriymcftrelrclt'. .
yourobeJieiil feZint, '
;-j 7amesfoiV
June 23, llo). '
Tor ultx lj appointment, ij Snout
JljlLlxS, on!jt
WheatonN Genuine Patent
T-J IGH LY celebrated in all Bili.
XAous complaints. They ar
eflremed an ufeful and cflicaciowt
Medicine br the Gentlemen of the
faculty, in the Northern ihe
jaunJice, anJall bilious difordcri.
Wheaton'a Patent ITCH
Iihe hlhcfl etlima tion, as a
certain .remeJjr for thii difagreeablsJ
difcafe. ,
Wilmington, June lo-tm.
Tm Dalian Reward.
RAN away from ther fubfrribera
1 the mouth of .New. River,
sboot the firfl of fay laft, a like!
X"K Negro Womsm named HA
ClfAEL of middle fite.veri Uatk,"
down look and fpeaki flow. Sh
tthe tfirigMerofSpicer'a Sue, who ,
Itvea In Wilmington, anJ very pro-
ul1 ,hfoured about there.-I
Jni elvethi above tewarJ forhav.
Ing the f.ij ran-away tclivtred to .
me or fecurtd in fo that I get'
her I will Rive further reward
of twenty dollars for Information
hich may lead to cwiaion of her
being harboured br a white perfon.
J"'; ia, iSaj-jw;.
THE fubfetiber having ,!
ail lunt .m tt .l. r
of Picas and QMarier-Seflions, htld
. for the county of 1
oaratncd Letters of Admlni(lrlor, .
n ihe tflittof Jphnf. W.lliamvi
cJecaafrJ, rec,ocaa alt peifona in.
debtedto fai l t:1its 10 msica Im
mediate payment, and thcf ksting
denMnls aainrt f,iJ e3a will
lender thtm lo Samuel R. JotHyn,
EiSi atrornr f,,t i - r.Cr...:-
; for payment, M,in tht i!, pre.
:fcfibei by an ail ef Ccmbl U
tht btlUrietst, then falLrgdiw. .J. (
o!ui Lord, Alt. F. M.

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