North Carolina Newspapers

'JHVST1C source tf express! jn,
' y' Fairest .1:44 o- - ,rhaint "c'-.'i i
Siamh d ,T":i -f':'.'tt:$?n; intrusion .
- , Q'er his nighty Wfrls tj rc'gn:
, ,'" ' ''' 7, J ' .
I ''Whence, 0 sav( ihf mighty treasure ? "
- 'i From nv'uY wiJ": dtikriwl abyss r:.
yvcr yield ih-M erd'asi pleasure ;
rJfiech!e$s'gen(lMttrSildsi MUs7 -
Is il'tirtfv: fronl atpirirg, I '- .', -
yiyyi,': '.Spreads'- the gentle, blinhing joist. t':
cal name '1 ' n unacquainted VUTi.'clrcclaUoni that raeditat-I
Tl 'i nv f." v.lioit leaves, bear some 'cd a descent upon lypt,-rather than
' vv ' ..j- ur. i i.-...i... j i-0': i., .;..., .-,.-
rcSClH "C(J I l-AUiit IJ mull, uui. uuii ljiiv; UiUli. 1 p - tr jiiu
whose bh-ipe li:fers,byUs having threepence;' this-. may bk'tnti'lcd, jt is very
points' to'' thtcettain that .the people .geijeral'.y,' are
fi.r.owin; munner :" A couple of the in the greatest aUrni, and such prepa-
feaves are .procured," antrr.bJins held-'rations making thr'ousboijt the king- jlina MiJi'tta,; are required ia appear
by the Cner and thutrtW are agitated !davu',.and twkiculatlv on the channel w"itb; their Troops properly armed
" ' . . - ... . -;
TT HE Commanding OHi
A -i g e r s x f . C or p s c ci m p o li g 1 1 it
Third BrigaJe;? of? North-Card.
Lin a quart -ol cola vrdiecior udoih nve coasi5,,a were never jciore.ine.i ne -landf qqipped, , at .rae retpecnve pli
iftunuves'iavhiclv'UmelWft wili, cwbary iic, Appointed yAa'.ot':Aifembiy
;becomt gelatinous, and of the consi8 vV;?;. thVfoUoing 4af viz. 1
;(ence;of.tMn arch.- 1 hi the, pa-, A verpoot paper; oi Ang'ist ftt rBtUDv,kk Coupcy on fiyX-
i '; ..::"i-f Or, v'hli pensice' lurtre 's'i camiitg, ' . .
"r2 . ; 'iYhere yon sbarMin? glories rise, .,
; - xjijsi ja;, 7Ac. Cynthia burning; i'?
i :.P,:e!:'i , v dnthv iwe-tnsp-.ring eves f;.
l 'i'lt'iph Vti ofroiis, f:?:'?: y!c:'i.
4e'i'tCk--i"':'' ' ' -'Breathing thousand odwrs roaii.i
JSj. VL'vcr's lip'whtrt love re pons,: 'V ?'; "
L . II : -l frtigie c ells tf fii rj 'Qrtrif - '
Jijjffiiire fhixlfiits cutting iimp!esyi:y;'i
ji'- .:' : Brcivs; liiijpell ithon the lieart T.Z
, r,;'"' Cme, 0 cease thee yhliss creature
' . ' ' Thisfhtdrhti'SttrM
I; i iTis mi p'one wizard feature . WJ
f ; tV. i'jf enchanting 'sources- ?',,,; . .V
. . : i : ' . - '. ,r '' ,. , v'1,
; : j - . ,,-., ,
f ; . C Neither -jet where gently Jlciulngy ii;
:. a each Conrenial r8,.'-;.':
t" "ti 5 ' ., Sweetly 'struggling into one s iZ
s-?", - r. v;"v-v-:v-:-.
V.;'. ; ' ; '" u In .taat 'swtet, divins communion '' "'f
. .". -' ' y, '0iheffatuife$:andthe,iipiiyy,y
' I '.,4, . ; '? Fonder, then,' Q child of 'pleasure j,
I - . v- it,lfhte to seize on Value's gracci .
' V ,:' ';." Wonhi' st thjuhaveUhf mtigic treasure
- 'Of a latt-inspinng r?-v v
: ; fkimWlCARO.LlifA GAZMTT&L
hint is tousa tor, his sols cnnK, na-sayS-.the report isreTived onihccoji-
Uq efficacious iV that; after wev em--;tii1cnt,that a eeneraicrmpressU to be'
ilovtd tins remedy, only, tnrec, men ,tbeld,.for'.the. purpose of ciustinsf the i
then ill;; and rnany'.reCovere(l whomFrr
ibcre' was -every -reason to ePvCtarte'8intiiitues at the diflerent Courts
until 1 itx'f iYioA nn rtiP fallovrillf V! vf I Nnd li wmilH nnt f it"i'nlMp"!
:';nce that time have not . lost ' a the issue sweh congress favourable ' ' I Onll6w--T1i
man with that cjpm'plalnt, although wejjto tbcjpretensiona of J-'rance,' it would' -4. - J
have conatantly -haa -rrten m vi;iui it ;be absurd tontemn the slightest .'. ,
-The fassiiitant surpeon'bf ,the Stb,h0pe from; any -measure of that "ties-j '
'battalion of lhe;f'6th t-c?ir0TV(,-assuM!clintio fairly, appeiJ-'
;'r.nh'at out ' of lieari nontherai-hitp rnnl
Puients he (had -hoUoStme&4t,ttoe8wUh-'J;'fthor and safety t
.: the lJi hr,.
BUdeii Ihe fiffl Eittaliooon
Monday the 1 7 h; , -r.U"i
, MfhvBatialio 00 'AVed-
: rneWay th 19 h, i
with' honor and safety tt;Vis,rije pow
and 'emetks ; are Jgeneranyivcn ;a't' j i', :;t:kU y.'-f' iSi''i '
Duplin ,on Fiiday the 21 R, '
a U r II tStUauon
"cfb" Friday a8tht
'on 00 Monday (he at fl j J
New,l;jrover- ncf . xni.g.
; Creek BaualiB onWeav
nefday jhe id, ' i '
V Pia'tatioo on ; Fiiday y the
y."ith- ' Z-y;"!':.--:r:
send ron tome ot he seeds this ;ya- burgh official paper) of July Isays, p'i'M0.-lV "7" 7'" f
that tht; amount paid by thellanover- . V r7 v " Kh.Vlr
.-V..r... m'. 1. .w'iili niiU w Batuboiu to which they are at
hialde. plant,, wlvicUil gathered my
self, and, y oli may depend ppiit?i be
Jdar :sby your faithful errant , and
ir-:.;i :.""-.':.--'. isf tli'.T.v'-V
; Captain 2d. 'IPgsuIniU: Jteg. J ,
jSurgeott 'to 2d VVe8t-Jndia Hcgimevit.
AssHitant ;uron,iit
siv .-V..n..4'tk-rL'il; i ' oiit W tiatuHOiu to wnicn mey
tercdamong; thetV,i ' atthe;'rate: of ''"n "'fyA-&. ltLiV(.
mi ao in,w: .wi -Tbc -olU ;t9,be ; Called at twelve
; 7-'--T Re.urns n.ade a;
..aucii, ":,;;. u.pri yn . uW0n lt,e ,Jtter poiol f,
-..f r..-iv v .-: v . i v . ,,wuh resrel'-oburved, that . intte.,h
1 1 , c--y i L i4B" in veneral to-t mttcn
. 'yZ 'A. HALL-
. lias for tale the fcllovirg
: BooUs and v tationar' ;
EXERCI5 E for l ava!ryj'. :, r!
' frigs' Cookfry,' , ; v 'vy ' .
Adim'iHowert of iravelj, .ti : - :
Belknap'j'Btwgtaphy,' ; v ','. - :! " : x
icncca'i ' Moril!, ; :fiX;:.: X'
Puffuit-of Liteiaiure ?''-'.:ir.'r) 'J:,':
JwhnllpnV Livei .of bs rjje, ... j.
AJmberrrr';j rave!;." y??
Exile of KotzebUe;pX;,VV ;:
B i og raph ic a I D . ft i oha rj' 1 - ' :
ZiminermaO' on Naiionat Pride, ?; , ?
"Zimmf rman on Solitude. ;-;.:?
'Brydon'j Tour, i ' - : -
Butler'i Hudibrarj, ' ' V. v
BtirgSVpignjty drHumiii Na,tBrei:
kuflei's Modern bpr,n- ,V'r i
Bolingbroke'i 'iVoik, :. . ;' ' ;"- ;:
' Reid v;k iry Hiyy y:i'f f;y
Mlin V Belies Letter j,S:;: yy:j::
Arpertf an, Spectator, "-y-, ;
Botaiid ical. Harmony
Ffjrdvte;oii Educatiortf'v ; vf'r
Ramblfr, - ' '' -
Lobker.Onr;H--!-.;'. ' V;
Thompfoh' Seafonr ' ; " ,
I- .-
i ,
' :' 'Fhis plant has -hen cultivated for
'Many yearfc tit Gen-i $mftft jlelvedare1.
growing. : -yy y.syy'
scm now,
.'''Messrti.FRVittAU St Wihiais, ' t ,
'CErLpM'F.-Tlieencicsed receipt
for the curd of Dysenteric Complaints,
. was presented to mc in a Very pblif,in5 :
manner by" a "'gentleman "now iriour
' country' front Jamaicii who' Informs
me that the plint mentioned is the
'' liinna) which is cultivated in..almo5.
" every plantation in this country, by
.': ;t'ur negroes for .hcir ov.n.usc , they
ttnmrnonly pound the seed and parch,
'.V-KASS.-VU, beptcm'jcr 1.
niis Mije'ily !s .Oilp An ".inachs,
ret tinted on Wedotifday, havinp1
I ix)d a long' way la't hr lH va rd
i'n'.thi iate'gale, .' -Ry-accounts' from'
v'i iffre nt di rcdjtjns. i t ivoulj a prejr,
that little damaga-has been .dote on
lie Out I (hnds by., tlic late blow,
at'thts place...''?.; "'. V.'.'.f.
" ; September p 'V "0.-:''i
-,4A rf?e''Cniirt;;ie eiiaHilheti-'a-Trjnadad,'
as vixll as' here, and tli
Judge appointed. ' -There' is io'U
Vol a hie family Mediciiies
keen; in cencral to-t ,.mach ';rerht(frtefi.
'which by a vvell laeao't.1 but h Wily iinpro.
'perloduljience, from the tope of ameni.
.J . . i . rf. rr- i : . r t
went, hatrtieen; limerea . o ;tncreate 10
tGinuiiic Ant Bilious and SioaMchic, 4rauch a to require pointed aniicajverft
r( -whicii iifoovcf y he obiaihsd a talent
frOin th Frtfidenrt of jhe United . ;
; THE at deirTind' Wrthefc- Buieri,
trtd- iheir efficacy are founiverfally knon
liu iTiir- icurr uy Mtit tivvn .-in., ,w . . ........ . ,. . ... - . . ,n ........
make refftrnnial. Returns aher tbo Ufl
General and Uattalion Muacrt wtu ctuie
them ia be .delivered ob pr before, the
rth of Noveirber-ntt according ro ihe
tformfiirnilhed apd prefcribed; io (a'lue
Iwhere antl - aHo. in'cafo ( limilar' vie.
tglcctihertatier, conleqoences ery dila
ierableto the feclinjii of iki Geheral
it, and when thus prep-vrod,. its taste ut in lutuieat Hcr,rtn la, vhicl.
; is exactly like our parched ground- j will militiie mucli in avour of ihi-,
;'nut ; they also use it frequently to.iplace, ;f tho.wari4 psofecci'e! as
make soup. "'.v ' the Hertr.udia will : tindcrtlie
v. 1 am surf it williifford ytro plea'ureSiccefTiiy of-, fendine'- their priioi.
,v tn rive-publicity to what appears to -.hirc'lor tWde'mnaiion: the
.. mc tobc a simple, yet at the same ,rnParefj. porl ; ; ailJ, wc doubt nil
. title, an cHVetttal rcmy for so dread-;llllt ixy them fa icmov? wiih
- - iui a a.seasc, anu wuicn n so. com- ,hdr Hnm ,0 thU countr . -r,
' ' " VUr'M lacctnini ti the fuperJor advantage
. V..i,..t:.t,:i'. : .'." .:UH vraktng -r,d ; privattcring
. . .T,MK!j S1MHNS. : ilom ,J,C arrangementj refpect-
i SJ!iv3n's.Is!ankSht.6;U03. . f tuk .lila;id, .and the I'me.
y- ?f S. I will with plisure,- on iq Couitl. f . .":
pVicationi procure and furoUh any and t . , ' ' m- ' r )
' every ArrrkiiHuralSocietV in the Cnit-1 . "NORFOLK, September 13
cd States, gratis, with the seed of'' y arttvaU lincc our U,.lrbm
this planU V; ' . ,,'the Weil-Ii.dicJ, wa learn, that a
. , - -1 . ..'.,. French 44- ku' fripate - has been'
, Trom the Jamaica HoviT Gazette.' .opttirrd between Mirtitiiquc and
, tRinc cnmmiuce tor conauci. U'UUJkmpe, ana lent inioAnti
' mr the-lV.tnnic Garden having rc aa, , A fw oats firtcc, io : the
ceived wtisOctory information of tha -lph dream, a ,fmall -pilot' loai
.. ttacy and virtues ofOie Z.zcl"t. Ffcr,(1) privateer at It rnpted to boaM
. is now uccs.u.:y. cuuivaica J)ritifh brig Minervj, arrived
-wilt p'V.sVthc Closed rh-tu iVc'
rccted I Sir Sii.on Haughton CJ.rke. , ll.ltrs "tr!' Jl,f
' - bfironrt, tohoje atte.ttlnn Ikin iMand f c vcrnm-t-t riave fa.
U indebted icr the aecds of this' ava- w i-i xi:h.hi inircflanoi
aced itt
ere his beci.
Perlwpj mo Medicine in the' w6f 1J is
fo-urrf'd and proper for a Samruic faihi.'
;V Thi'r are. thi gricH re1 ana corremr , ot ur aigeutvcj
digiini, ana- purilier fit i!ie bloHJ, or any
inc-dicine eer oticted ihe niiie. ' .
LTne, followi'g. are fonts of ibe rartR
IprdninBiit tomiain!irin vhlch thele
!'..:.r. .-.-...:. . - i r : r.n.
oiFicri ifc rincaci'im, ana iv unnrridity
idmired, ',', vu.wlnio;:!! ion,'. Debility v
i . ' 1 l ' -v- r ...
(leja-aiin, Dwoining, u tfinrij, rain.
Trjinbltn,Loncr of piri
ratptta-ion', DiowrinfM, Bilious Con.
scflionv CD(lrinef, Diairhneat, DyC
nfcric, Grve -U; Perie and ilyjtOV:
chotidiucal Ad-'ttioiu, vorms, Agusi,
uc. tvc. , J'fictrjjiycuii a lix
Let s Gcnui
may be "expcCteti to a certainty, ly tl
Uclaulieri,--v .. v; t .... v.
' Rciewi areproppfed in-the couffe of
next Spring, when it i hoped tk&Oincen
wi lappear wi h ihe Arm- and in die Uj
nif'rnn "ippoihteti "in a Circular," which
Will br forwarded to Cornrnjuiing Ofli.
era in timt io la betire iheir next Rf.
gimeniai CoH-Maniil. ,1 "-. "', ;'-
iB'iNjA, SMIT1LB. G. N. C, M.
Smuhnlr,bfptefnber. 3, isoj
' Uegimcnt at. Orders. ;.
rs' HE omcers commanding-com
I panics compofinCihe New-
Hano-vcrllca'uenr of Militia, arc
snuiWCAVinfllUni'jIivo cprnpanict; upon the u-
: . Bilious' Pil!8,: ' y K'a' .'!Iarade Ground, : comp.etc.
he attained, a Tai', April jo;h, 1 796.'
The vitu'. and eificjr y of ihef
are Fj umverUlTy knon that any com
inen on.ihrm wRall be abngilher fuper4
liable plant.
, , I am,. ir,7oir r.ft edicnt ttr
jii inctchants ti-rre, ad pi
.' th.'trowndifirjl. JTl'.en
Jami:S Sv.iTn, e'er keen," : an aQlon " at the bicVoi "the- Capr
-UVtht Trinurof the fiyJ GazeUe. 'j be" ween the wliite acJ brlgindr,'
, 1 wliich IaUil i'o !jj ; the Frrn'th
, .Loxnos, July ,,nr. !lf1 a genviil -lyery and fcveral
:ifu Sir I have nw, at your , cj ,'.j,nilioi. The Dri-
;rtiueM, 3t down to descrjb; to you. (rJtc R(,nlin hubccn fpeken,
M wc!l as a .a!J,cr c.n. th ect of launj l0 uv;n. 'f run .
a pl,ut ,n C.nm'h, miU dHcntery, y , , j h J ..
ne very . -
NUW-YOUK, Svi teiDbcr2l.
Exiril ij If trr frcm tin Antr'iC6
' ff tltm in .. o uJrr dale tl
M b anl Vcflminflcr uil
rivo loo.ooj troona. Thera are at
1 - -
Trrrara by ba-jel T,' ofjjly armed and .cquiptf .agrceably t
VVinflfiam, iCon.J for which ilcovery! Saw, upon ine touowinfc oays, vn.
I he'liaTUUon muttering dj. law
Jt Long-Creelc, on-VVedncfJay the
fecond layjof November next. ,
l The.Fiittailion'miifleriftiz bv law
fo'if!.ioo. 'Pirt F.f y 'Ceisa.B(a.;-;' j Wilmington, on .Friday Uic. 4th
Tycc'A Itch, or Ikautltying day of Novambcr next. . - j
Oiatmcnt, .. . V. -.Whcn and where it is exprdedj
(f ' puncinai attenaaocc win e given.
as the law will ba Huflly er.torccd'
againft all C. fju.ters. . ;
Tic rtfpeaive cflccrsare Bria-;
ly commanded to have their compa
iie paraded under arms bclevcn
o cock, A. n order to be cm
bodTcd in hc lhttalionnd the
Roll called at twelve, noon : Re
turns of. which will then be requir
ed areenbly to tic terms herctclore
furniQicd. . '
The Caralry" an-i Artillery will
(nuHer at Wilmington as ufua1,"
-ly ,orJcr,of the Colonel Com
man lint.. " '.
P MAXWELL, 'JJjunnt. ,
Sept. 19, 1803.
The tnid rffnifkiblefompnTitlo- eer
beforr koo vn f k rUnfiflg and -leaGiify.
inj 'kf ficm, and it '.h moft tfTeflUil,
life ar.d fly ajMtouon ever before
lifcaven'il tV ihe cure of the Iich. '
iPrief Fif'f Cenit'a But.
TCcmi'me Aromatic Parte,
For ihe rih a4 fcufirtr in the Gums.
Lire pared f rnuine only,' by J. Tiiomn-.-
Ion Ue London, (Von.; Ibn r4!le.
it ih 00U rtmitkable sofr.pcriuon ever
before difcoverrd for prtferviiif and
wh'nentng ia Tfeih, and" curing ihe
fcufvey i t!ie Guri, it it prrtefUy
f sfc application, it ukei off ill di'pgree-
b. Wne.l ltwn tnr orea.'', wnita irne-.
fl.) nl front ftOftiiuc Luuioi ill
Fnte i .fiy Ctr.n a flex,
tij!cae which you '.ctrlo
fnt'i!, a:idvrrv torm.iuii ts the T'tst-'
Indie. - ' ;',''.
. During tlietimc Ic'nranifcdtlu I
Weil-ln l'u rrg'iTicr.t, the men ere
? . a'l.ickcd with this . complum. in so
r!re ki'.ful, tin in six tinrk'k
time we J'Mt -tO out of j'jT ri'n. The
a ir.; an r.n Mtcti'itf, rul, I ht- l'a.1 'bat number exercifrJ fom
licvf, a f.kilfi. prrijit i tut h'.'j rii'!- h-iuts every day, The public
for faUeonOandy in Wilminjjton 'I
by ; . Ct.KR AVERY.' i
, -N'.H. 'Mm 1 particular dtrt(tfo C
f9npin;irg each f ihtfc valuakle lie
dicir.ei. ,
j 'July S V.
TyIor RepoJit, 'iy: V
Ppthiefon pbligafioai',.-' "y
Beauiiej of'Addifon, i-r -f i' V.
Do. of Hifvey, ,. . r i-iH.y- '-X,
Buttef wot ih'a CotteancetW--';;-'.;.
Nee'ker'a Rebgiou opioions t; v :y y
fid'wardiV Affcilibni, y yyyy't':',
Hally buripB'i Memoirs pi i . .;' v.y:f
Ddcfyfidgt's pennons, ilrjv "
YouniV Letterv v. .' '-..; : ' .:
HerveyV MediialioPt,;' ' ::: '," m'-' "
Elegant ftayer Uooki, ;V; , T,
Convmofl do.' J:'"-: :'i.
Bibler- ;.: t, : ::,y:y ; -
Watti'i Tfalmi and Hymw,
BuchaV Domeflic Medicine - '
Hunier-on the Blood, -- "-
I not on the Mufcles, . ,
Plague and. Yellow -Fever, .' ' y
EdenbtHgh Pharmaeopttia, y,-r
Ariftnlc'l Workl. . V .
Aaron RurrY political Defeclions,' tfeeij
Ward Matheijiaucti ,,, ;
Hamilton "Moore Navigation, , ; .
Millot'i Ancient Hiflory, i , , '
Wicholforl'a Navigitioa, , ,, ; ; .
American iCoafl F1I01, - ' s
lohnlWi. Fanes'a, aidatick' Dio '.
tionartei,' -,t . " -Mair'i
JntredufAioo te Latin,
Frenclt'Grammar, , ' ,'
Murray'! Gramma'," ' . " ,
Do: r v .do. Abndftd, '. . -j
Webfler'i-Grammar, - ,
Afnei Grammar, :, : ;' , , -
Pike'a Arithrratir, - ; ,
Fffliei'a C07ipaatnn, ':'
Scboplmalltr'i Af&Qan',
American Atlai, 1 ' .-
Uor-ace," - ' .' "
Virgill DalphiY, ' "
Clark' Ovid,'. . V ;
Saliufl,- - . :: ' - ry - -
Arerican Preceptor,
Columbian Orator,' '
Cbapon'i Letter?, . '.
BlofTorns of Motaliiy, - ,
Looktn)r,'GUG for ie tnirni, , ,
Gay'il'ablei, .
Moore'a Monitor, -Sardford
ani Merton,
Scott'a LtlToni, .
American fx letlions,
Davidfon'a Virgd wuli ib EnglU) rraaU'
laiton .
Carfar'a Coinmentaiiei,
CornelTi Neper; '
Young'i Latin ini Egli Diclinnirj,
Atnfworth'a , f o. , bo.
Lee'a Ameiiean AotoMntant, " .
Frarrr'a AfTtflarir, , '
fTenaroenti and I'falteri," .
RctTeau'a Eluia, v . y : ' ' '
Vicar of U'lltbclJ, :'.';
Man of Feeling, -
. .
d'. f.ttt.n omplakt proved tun.n- fq iatrs an t thurch yards itf man)l
--n. My tni-id : mti'li atr'.tjtc t j aiifl t s are nctttpic-l far iho p-ir.i
rt 1 he 1 '.- tl lily lnl Iiifi!, I. ,.0fo of ita'run ' ihtci. l uev
vfD'nu, I vr.slnp.vnvt t, k,il, nmnil thii country will have an
the 1 ' vr were r,rMuln?i d ith an ,(r ( .,-f t
. .. .r ' . ... , r"iCt ire t'rce 01 on, mii.'.on nl men.
m.h! .At l.t rH.n,l G.,n. a f! ' -an if k txtyuttf
Ytrv tm..ideral.l.trvynv.riii t.r,. f Cw", fel P"! ...wH wi!l be
".Iiada, ticpaiptr J n e t?nt , bad :i , . w;r-I rte Jrtad talk t,f
.iriK;- vmnn, ')0 p s-,-mH ,orn,f" t "'V r IrAvt, !' m.-ct
. Vntwk-',t 'f a r-r.t "y for ihU '.,. ,,al of t ot;l anJ upon the cvn'inr itf., i-njv-iTf -, tlut !: l;;d t.n - fhis f.'jce w.ll nn he Iff than
l.H a .t .va it :,c 1, m- Ju.pjq, and. t.i(V. vulnutf er.
' i 1 I. Tl r l et iho b n hit.h .fiilf-
t ! m.r r -i-nm-'ni-
rt. I r. itur r.f (If h
ten-':.! o.e ;
1 'c I V-r
, .t
; "17, the col ivt u j!! k dr:ad.
pU ,:.- f.ul, r it termed ly ' e
;-')'. l'. U
a; I b
it-; cay ftiu,iti the i!;-.;rjf
liu I raiiiMiUsuHta, a rrpiit wail.i
BAN AWAY from the ft.bLrij
be j'a plantation on the Sound,1
juti me 8tb inflanf, a Nfjjto.Wo.
7iaf named FANNYt between 35
4nJ jojean ot ae, abotit5 lecttwo
ir three inches hivh, ol a ycIiowiKi
, t..t: ti. r... i .1.. 1
r . ' , 'ctienta Io rrcir at the neat cm rt
ropert c IJ.M.ttT retrui. deceal-1 .. . , -t n ,
NOTiCli. '.
7" tie OJutrt sd Prixattt f Cm-
pontes iUriftfrtg tke Jf'ilmiKttti
I, attain ef he Ktv-iliruver Kf
piment flUlitU. .
. A T the court-martial held 01
Xjl "'ie 3,,n f D member lail
the tollowinc Orrirr was made 1
That it berecommcnuVdlothr
rtfprclivo foaimandirg rjfhcerl ol
the fljttaUon, to notitt iliciVJdinJ
itf, aikf laid of Mr. L. A. Dor.jl
ey, from whom I purchaftd her
V iu a tuiuna I'cionitijto t it.
Peter M it rll namt-d LkD. Arc-!
vard f Ten IJ.dllrl will b- 'Atr,
:0 any pf rfon w !) mill bring her to
nt or k;icr l er 10 Mr. L. A.
Dorfry ia Wi'.miifttotl. . ,
I will piva a further reiri el
Kif:r Dollars tcr information, which
may (tad ti cuntiuieii, of htr bcir.t
martial (vr mhr-rwife fhaw cafc
threugh tl.cir olhctr, upon afUda-.
vi(,at fa'td court. martial) why they',
did r.ot atieml the Battalion Muflrr
Tom fnnei. ' ' .,..
Roderick Ranium, ' . '
Inviuble Ramblif, ; ; '
Monk', "; " ' ' '
Ariliin Taleij 'r -
Children f ti e Able, - ;
Ztlutf o, lliflmy of NVcawn, -
vehna, ; , . ' ',
Dn Ojiiiottf, '
Miflrrin of U4olfhO
McrJaunl, ' ' '' .
Adelaide dt Sanctrr, ; v'
CoiiQaot Lnrcr, 1
Off riburf Family, '
Fool of Ojiality, ' t ,
Dutch fi.lU, fcf a fupertof oiality, .
Blaoa i:oot, el vitioj aina .
cif tv'i J ut n ill, . .
UMr paper, ' ' " (
Willing paaer, Selling W, '
jUM t the ItD nf Dcrrmhcr la!l.'
j 7-1- n tLKiRtidrf
U'tlrn'mrttai Stft. 31, tf37.
Al CapUln rt the ilm-njUOn,
Cr?V S'if
fttinu nix, Srttl.
S lictfby ricn, igretab'y o
order ot r.'ew.Htr.ovf r CorW
"hat a ditif.on i t part of Lot No.
11. wi.l take o are ietwrrn ta
Co ppny tf Itimtrr, I JCt; ,lftfn, tf (;0rtf 1,1, on
'he cempoltDf the fanr, h'
lid net auen i at ihe above ntnu.
1 P....t:. 14. a.. 1
, ..t . k.. - i.t. : f 1 I'.iniuMi ixnrrr. id avail
f , n 1 1 -1 :fT.!eifn v tlit ro'icc. rr lhcir
wrn'y-nvc dollari if by a rrfo. f , . . , . ,
VMi 1 1 M f m. w 0 V nitt ,v,5, tf-oni atWui U a pr
ftrnUr r,;h tf. . , ;.fJ, VfJ?
i i". r J37 h r.ineHanth Jay ei
vcr. jcr r.r tt, "
Oi a'rr 4.
A ivrifty ot Hbnks,
Ftr uli at th'n C(i

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