North Carolina Newspapers

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FLA NT, A T 1 O'N.X.
.moore fields;
a BOyTnf:ecrV miles by; land,
'X V and thirty ;by.w5i(?r, .i from
; v i Imingt orr, a ud . i w o;uiles ro h?
"ifce Npth-Eauiivciv
'cleared lar.dof'tbebeft" quality -for
Coin a 'g'&d Dwelling Houleyvith
Vfii": roomsl a 'new 'Kitchen, the
librTcsi4y 'ipad..a; large fuivke
...".. . ' Pirn -1S h'v ' rt m nfl
Stables .',"fcV
: ateris pare;an3.w(eUtftc,,f.41'',
-, Ccethijrd! oiihcpifchale money
to be - paid ilov otiafi3 a credit'1 of
tfcrce.YMri giyer'aKe'bltivtej
ihe purchater ..: gui; bondwub
"' sppso ce curit y.i yiJI '
For further i3tVicuUrs apDlr,'to
' the f u b ft i b c 1 6 u t h prtim iles? H
rry. r ;Kichu U Qiti net.
' T X 7 ANTED to! HPH E fcfc for ilers beg leave to in J
' VV. charter m-;j J. 7 form their friends and- the
V - :' mesu(y or, J! thcj'pubUc in fccneraLihat 'the Grocery
r iV 7vi WesIlKVies ;'aand Dry Goods Bufincf i will ,be
tM ;;.r rtaunchlvtsscl:f-con,iudc3. it lhc iiihtelv ocenpi.-'
KVis'' about"- eighty ; '.cr.L, l j ,nK. t V rr un cr
eighty ; , l wnh f '' Cnl under
burthen. ? : Apply to
: V'' A. T. -BROWNE.
New-Orlc n, : ; ;
"r. .... -U .A "
rl . .. . . . ,- - J- m . j- -'-i.?..
Dock s;.d Front-lliecis, li t Iul-
Iuwir articles, ;
Low fr C v,
Sarnutl N(J'e,
MM Oshua :PO.TT.s;r
; The property 7vjjths
01 a vtiuus nian it Dooci an D car- iv Jy ai.wui;i")(iatiou ..:
pditcjK- a smari paueiy.UQ) , Mbout
r . . 1
gr j 3 real u'cc,-mm -wuinau
scut 18 years cUU who .las btv;rt n
5 -to atteud in a famil)i ?nd a tolerable
L;;is 'ST-i:'-.rut p.rWM i
V V- -Wit
4 seamstress
sold byi direction f the XJixtfctit'QrSj:'.!
ind if not sooncrti.pnsed pI nt pri-
Ti-..T. - '
;:VI.Ii::GTOc,'2ld Kov.' ISOSjI.
QUARTER Cuskhcrry Vine,
V ITo 'sktuds of Jftiuaica Runv,
-Corn, -.t-.r ,. .(JiV .
Chests Youh"' HrspTi TH?p:l?
llioxcs China: Varc(';::'ti?N:
Dhfo Cotton Cifrfk.4,:' i.'?
Tour pieces Canhbn f ounilersj;'
II''. AT.'.... Tl . .1 ' !'' ' ' :'..'.-"' I
Sawed L-utober;;.
Spars;'' v Vr: ." f; V" ' .- Vi; .r
. ;1 , Brunfvkk County;! V yOJixV FISHER ' ;
nArlrTprm t?no : - 1.111 for filc at lis Stoic ctrrtr cf
6,N the., petition ct bAMOEt
' Hail, ravine U. : 3 Ne-
yu..,......,.., , i'T&AttJT-inlrefM. Hal's in ditto.
pstcdaiHifct tree uuocr the name .p..'- , , ,
An ailbrtintnt of Men's Hats,' .
Iror'tnutu'eiv',; j
t.4XriiQSr:MJLL . and
;-'lpcarhg that the ,fuid id'.ov ren--wcrcd
merUris Ter vices tt the
-.J pcuti.,ner and ji oi ouJ conduct (-
and orderly bettaviour, ; ,-. '
t -&Ar-fV. "' ;-.vtliM r,-,'
faWably to' the praycr off-iJ uTVrs, ScreUs, Axes, -Jtion
be and is hereby declared to be' A lew ekgM ea i rays and
ilrea and emancipaied bv the afore- te,r.h:l J - ' T 's " . 1
4id,iiawe ht:lNTliOSFnUt l-.'!y.nnmSton, iNovcmpcTVJ 5,., :,
- V J' ? . , r.- . ,ri- -M' - SMITirVH.T 1 T.OT TV11Y K.1., ..S
or jne ieverai ans or . Yiieina v in -- - ' , .
fuchVare iiiade and" provided, and
mat j 1.
tliarised iv. en 'Act of Asseir- :o ' , , r'-
c uiu tniancvpuuoiv m dud-- , . . aV . . , . , . :
.jTiliattsKkk otmtj Court Ojffcr.i
fv Hi'.RKBY Vtrtily i : u 11 d r tn y
l - hawd .and the fcal uf fatd Coun-
. I'pi-izc of S 50O:V'--.v-f:;.:5:
of. tie.- emaiic:pali'Oii' ot Hbc'- Iiia'i - 4 jq C A iv
sal,, will be bold nt public veh-'iO"?IIE subscribers 'take this method
at Wilmington ion's Monday the. -; 8.' to'infann 'lbe' .inhabitan'ti -"ofi
ninn-rm imi lie vtriniiv. ini I iiv
1 :0X 2 VJiliPQdZrOAtiStt? vi
O" ,4; T., ,'n"' 'V.. ' .. I
.;"';,n't.i i? i s.: .i 'i :.n.':
j i uti v;uu ,yi -inc.- iuy
Sd of January , next for Cash.En- Ayihhin Joi-f iahiv-.AMan inaster? ' jut
tjuire of the subsdriber, ; ; , v'lvave just opened a Store-'in Mavfcet4!arnvcd irom, Liverpool, for ;u!e by '
' -rev.'p.':;; JOHN LQNDO. WeeV next door 'cast to,. Major J6hh :-, .WlttlAil GltES.'.
1 v' v Walticr's tvhere "they"r.ow:oflfe Tor! i VihnirjptoQV:Nov V--l
' Vw,,,ulj'I)ut.6 and YomhVcoinmond-u;
, al)OUt 10 years of are." - Dilto and ditto; fine Shoes,; ; :
I I ' T. , .
November. .
npirE'; 'fut'fttiljcr ti ibniifi. vtii
. 250: ,
.200 ,
icj)Ciited';in faidfii'iV'-Hoo ditto v''?'--- '"iCCO'.;'..
''l Novc'uiter ,2?iWV;'':;t-;iS last draii'.ticktrt-(-4v.rff:,;.soo it 'i
' , W'-s
I';' ' - - ; 1 "i . 1 Alf. 1st ivl'i Tint Inrnlnn-ni'n: : V ';
U1E iT.trcr.bcr; having iJmihiflersd 7 "rrv.'"J, : :K; -VorfthnVeif-he
lte John Wod.C7r.'v; 'i:'1 ' ' T -'lli:
( i- j i r w 'TnG cratrinff' of tlut Lottery is tciW
. - - - i -t -
lema. .-,nrt the fatnc'ire' retired tcmplatecl lb commence in liming ,
.'exVtu ti'mhiyfltJM.bln, ensuing
he .imC".vuicr,!t by U,' itu. wife superior court, ot- s soon Uefcalter -,hfrW:lttiird"i.f
recperv.Vri. : lv as the sulc of the lickcts .will rernut,
'. xi'wOi-TS MVNNlK'G.r.'J'". A list oftW fortunate numbers &halt r" s
DviDi-.a e-jetv
Nwvcfl-? v pubiishert u;the v iiminjjton Ua-
zett? asaoon ui the drawing is ifoiulu-
ded, and the prizes will be paid on tp-,
IHE fuhferiber havin;
' niftered oii the ellate of JeU-.',;
Lmicr, ;t Duplin 'county, .dec.1
req'jells all piTfoiiVjodcblcd lo laid
','cllaie to make immediate payment,
j, t thofe who haCe demands againft
, (aid eiUte'of yhatever kind loevcr,
. arc reqiilred jo exhibit them lor fel-t
tleincnt-within the lime prtferibed
ny law:, oincrwiimcy Viv.i ccim
7'ietl cf recovery. - '
r ,v MOSES MANN1K0.:
Duplin CoJti'J, Novcm- 5 '.
beF22, 1803 3. , y t
Ditto, Blue l'iirpk, . Green Psji"? t'.'atk
j Morocco ditto, . ' ' " ''''' ' ' ''
Ditto and.M-isSfH Leather do.
Misses Kidj Red ond Ulack Jlorocce
- ditto;!., v;.; : .;." . ;t
Cluldfea s Shoes, and about 1000 pal;
- Neo-ro Shots ol a kiipctlor litiality
kjalf Skiiis a;,id 15oo( liejjsj'by the tlo-j
. ;;c?tugie... 4v .
; : ryRYGoo)?,
' 1)0. and rims tlack I ctrhorn dp.1
,-( - J)o, iViUo sm-hw dilt'i, '
One Trunk Mch'aClotl.ln, consist-
mj; 0!' Co2isv antaJoeiis, Vcit j,
. n it 1 hi 1 1 111 m am M
r.4w per tinirs V;inr t Vpr, -lOn U AChh :..of 15 percent; -; f i-y i
,rifir,.MfMiit-' inT'i -.HfiV' tTTir;t. comtnrc "on Tlnn-sdav-' All prizes hot ' demanded 'in two. 7V
'i here he cairics' oti v Boot aini S!nc
making1 at ufuni.. - 'lie ltu .on hand
4 larrc iiipply : tit th?.' befteatheij
V Yt 'tl.c' 24th of: November,; free .Wionths,' to be bid out in tickets for
lorany Iiorsc,-'Marc or GiWini;.';T '.1' "vCxrlMtcry to :uccttiat t,f the v;
;,. hi Iiv;-v Three ' nU -Jiw;ts,-. -the Owners ,;nt iI.csb nottmandtd ia.:. -
ind ran.:tu.r:.i.hhH,j?rHw M o-lCS : Vnt.naVe.i as relina'uish.d to the Ltr.e.; '
;hnPtsa!ld:Sh4ei;.tr.act.n;Uv, 1
l-li.'.itli Will inn ! n-r n ? 1 r . 1 1 . .. fcio-i. . i.? .1. .1. . '
I T?. -.."- '5 years old i S01l)s.-2 cart d, t-V c jfreat uiwvcnirni:. v r.uu .ui .
nonce.- ''''.. '. '.'.',;,''; 'c;'vi. ' v ..,-,; . -. '', jk. ' (.cUizns cf lkur.swkk ccunly cnd'lhe , ;
He kasforfale.llare aXict J;',5adky.'. TVo tniid.h8aW as tknovc. 'HvUkt -'cviier'ally,'. xpeVierx' 'fata of Uditi,, t - ja day; One pitlc Icatsi-vcaT) mj; . the, ' vaiit.- tf. -a" proper, seminary of .
-ov' an'J. ncro SltoeiV A'tt-odcratt-lCH;chca'' ' ' '' ,;,tfcr"t, "nJ ' tbe' ciscdvahtaes re- '
i the wewnd Ue re-.inii'-f ilhd there-' .tducation, v.nnt' is hoptd, ttimulatc ' ;
Men's fine lUts,
11 f'o ta'to en -1) i'. il ie Iwrrci
r hulhil eXCiViciit Scgai'j Cou
rar.t Wi t, ivc-; ' '", '
. Pp!u-;i nj .Pahoclic,
' , .. N()Tlf.F. . ' ' - '
. ' . 1 l. k .1.. .1. it -
m KTi'i ,-fi'wi S.untf 1, ir. n r U.IW aiu UJ itimi..u, uv me u1.", . , . -
' e ' l 11 1,1 AVni.nt' i'div.i uvt.icream, c.kc. f "'.'i''
Bcnn-jal, Mob ley, dec Dup.ln K lnW;V. .hcr ;ai.ii:..y j ; Altw '
count,. requelU. all perfutis ipdcbu; . ;,,-., i ...r.Uvud i.i il-.c lunoa of Viltkii.,'s.
eJ toXaiJetUteio make immediate r, . vh, . " lt? kIld rctaV . , . II '- , . Sc.iti: h Ctv I
payment, and ihofebmjnitUer'n.idvj , DR.WhR t METCAUV 1
at'iin:! the fame are tmuiic.t to o . t vr n f ..i, ..,..i, uiiu- 'r.'r.i
luD.t mem properly atitltcJ, vnh- bkins r.nd Shera-Skia.
of, and the last tlayi purse: will be "flic ) icnu uieir iosimnB proueuou ,
I... . .. ... ..r.uJ i...- to an ihi.tituiitn to hichlv imrortui.t,
nd)ich isforhe li'iWhi.; the welfrc and happiness fcf a lice
tecondduy tt) and lot day 4. .'jtma macptminir swe. - v ......
Wilmington, Gitober 25. y"Z'. "H "tkurk '-uwj;ca v
' . ' " " - - vl!c as apUie of iducatiuu,? arcma-o
jTHE suhscribcH 'to the AVilniinj;- X t f'nt 'tmrortaiictr hi'
tou RACES "arc' fespoViivcly re- Vuuauon is hicixltc, and bcirg i
Wfned to im,ke, "payment. - Ik-ii.j ktpiit ff the Avlant.u,- from Ibe salu-.- .
in ii.e hmc rrVKribiJ by uw. u. i Wiiinlntan. cv. is. lacs.v -
v thorw lie Ilicy , will ,bc barred of
D.ijii.i coui.tyj hUvern. " v, ,
ih'0373. i r
"O UN tw. frtin dm fuhLflbc
. IV in OdloStr lfl, a whi'c;p.
. 'ckikc Toy,, nitncd; juUL.v
r K1CE, eais. of jr, but rc
" :'nutklly fini!', and light com.
: p-ctt:J. All ocifoo are fvrwamvi
:- Jiarb-)uriog , cr t-mnloyii-g hint
. tinder the fcvertll peiuliy tf ilu
. UWi ". . .
The above r:wari't int nnej
i.i.ri 10 inc. 5 r
TE lu 1 ntK-r fak"j tlr's rnr
il, J ly. i-.tiiim 'lie iutuMuiit
i vi'i.u. v, Ltoit rd itf .iicii itf ha
l.c lus t j.ic.L 4 ihop in Market
f!iftf, i;cxt '!n,r italt in Majdi
J.h'i;Wi!Ler's, Ashije. tlic.abusi
ui iincfi is cauitd 01, in ail in v;
iluu br'authii. v( . 4 '.
He has onJv.tnd t for Ltlt
1 . . '. .
Gcnilcmen's laitini and jnckcj
Sadd'et, lull c'.icd, and plain d.
tsdits d:itt 'Iiridlei ot ail kln,
llaltin, Mar.injjiaUi, '
llri.t!ici d all kinds tUcd. cr.
SAMUEL HALL, h.afj mcun'ed.TiuiLiclaitf.i.),
Mulberry, Biinfivk vou.iij, Pciimii.tcaus, bjJsilc Larit cVc
November 22, tta - jv. ) j (ie, V
td at thc'llruttll notiu. bf '
The rutin. ' oM humhic ftr 1
Wir. Helui alio 4 ia--.drmi
a3"jrtnente-I patcvl Stirrup.
Si atr. &. ' J : J -
j 1 Wilmipiwii, Nor, 15. , " 1
I v irlnt.' .. . !
--Odolit r a n J jmv in en 11 u.
i'vv,l ih: l-afcfibfrt ftmc.-Ne-
i:rocf,f tuEcilofi and aVy lun,
" Hli. fjy tticy belong t'j a Mr
J ilm II .gin, of ih? St ol CJsbf.
fifc one it a Wack It'.Uw, coun.
try born, abiut f-c 7 l:hc
l!(lit teryanfuf nJ taka'ire.
he bnnirlf bc'o.iyrd io
1 My
!yri.k, ol Warren cointy i jnTllE Cermet th!,. of
all State-tlie oibcf yJ!" A Levy O. Juving tU.I.
vw. maik'fd with, ifcc fmallt di.T.vid l.y motusl confut U
po, ibotft, fn feel MS",
tyrt m. It'll it A'Uau fcwm.J can f.arrl f,cA Imcllipbl) ,'
In 1.1. ''..Mil .11 Vtill i.i
ie, tbe v ene I'C faja l 1.1 fiiUrrcilpitihc fnif, i
.i l lifi.ii't.i !it with U'tnii - Ibii ihcn ht p
. Tliionncr may gcija!.! He-. LHt '"I!; autt.oiifcJ lo
prr.tet by app5jl' i 'h' lu!f.iiJ fwtttc thebufmrl. ' ' ,':
Irr .vlnirhjr. ' fACOH HIT,'
losrpu MOS'Ti'ORT." li . a(AuU-$c.Aftiw j:rr;:3srn. i
O S , CVa.f-J. iJ-C-r. Ci.vl.f IS. fiJCJl.iFU If..' ; f...i, l.
SloU iU;b.eJ ril firm, cither ty
nofe tr v:m, ate, htrvby
dchiei u mike itn'ndat pacnat
arJ ttitd vho hate dma.dn.
tie dcfueli tsh
ivtneni to R'duid
MLJEKED. Tlui'V'b!i
W ice be civen, ij-jil nnlf ihe
Jclcndrr.t i.v.ilie uwc Attacbmrnt,!
'pf'car and jUe t ail, final Jdg4
irriit wul be cmeicdat ihe rvMlu-
;n2 f'rnVi.i I). ttrrhrr KXt;
'.' SV: ' : ; V ' Oripthll '
StMkox'Mi ti.r. 1 A'Acxhmtnt.
Levied in Use hatu ! Wd'.khiVI
. Dtrn irr i hi nr, ",
ORDLKl-P, That t.bli?no
lice be, Liven, that iin'cf-sth
Uicfid:tMu it e U)ve Attailyntn
Jinear ar.d Live bail,- fifjl utV
ment vi',1 It ent rW at the c:.(u:.n
turn' in Dinml-rrnat..
A.:r,'o:;rr.'wot:ui:, c. ct
t l UAiN'ClSMAUlUCb',
T LiVUCl rULLV.i-fo.t .ol.i I.
, oi nd Gfi.iltmcn cf.'he tor
CI .Wll.l-J'ori' ti.d III V llkltl, t.'ltpi;
Ailicinv uepflcclllMM.Mrfk' AUfn.-
b!r Uui-, krn he teachei if f Ifi-i'i.
(u! aoiti;pt"' Uincii , Mutic
dit 1'ur.r K'i Vi.Violinf, I jcnif) l-n
A. A:. .' 't ht LJ;r Gfrt.
,i;rpin will't- lurn.Si'd i'b iof.fum'jt i
i.V Iftn M-iIk, ( Mmi(k' Acim.
T" UN ilwl) tiot) H.c futfcribri
it Sjt;tih: 1 1 b Upicmbcf la H
1 hj i.ii issmrni MALLLY,
c fci S r o htilif li'f,'i, t 'i 4
read ut a -c, weU'rnalt ai.4 -l Com
li!n totiMMCiio;.. . t;e ! wrn
. ......
iiiom'n 11 ' liTin?ton ii.j i;j
ii;L-.boi.tb(tJ,; 1 wi t iltc the a.
if. l lorr.cor to lis' ji!r 0! t!.l
town. ' ' "'". ' '
Mi.lrtt rf ttCtli and a I oihcr
.ittfofi in f.lb4 hilbOUiltij;, e,n.
oproiclcd mVivc the same,' and La- Mil fcna .cu.anu.ess ci.w.c ,
!vmr '"i 'Jwy.' 'vosstsVlon their .tK Roodntti or ;'wttrrt a place ,f pdit ,
li-ation t;pay bv tbo' 1 iustint fcndfabl.loi.u' i
,k ....,.t......,., :it,-.-r..M. Vhvnre, in action to.ihe tcvenuta
" ! " . 1 I ' . . ... - f .1. a I
or even!in- en Me h '.hat 01 country su.oou, ,e ...ui.m-. s iu.
nenUftlc lUcc. """ '-' ! t-ndc rstaiMuttfju lUied.rlt lid Mr to ,',.
- . . . 1
1 ' AI.UM l UAI-.L j IjC u i Kiev ''I iviinneii tri iini'i in..,
ViTialnoiui5i.VobVr 23.' ! ' ' ' rrU.VtiU-lai!y lo. the uu ai.d
- : ntf i i r" T7; i crn-'-"1 rr'rT, 11 r,w,, l ;
' ': 1 h'.'r Ll' ' " 'i hiirJitbc tsptctea f n r Irttrmn :
:;:Xc w.7!rf,i, 'ii 6om.!.u 'giy t,n'ny if th-j .ir.itrict. TL v,
, t-i i.'.f Ji J.r'r 'JiW.y n :it. ia v liitli itjlivi ihMVt.ohdt;.
" ftr-fi 1 !t' i-u to be tit wefct tarfc s'tcK in ire
rpHL fr.blcubcr sTv)AL- u 4 h ilirfll,nAalr
' . PRinGL'., tvt'lil?ck'Rvtr, r(. h .Sf-.!v ?urPv,id nith'
a 1 ti c .Ma'c.K' aa, itauinj; ici.i cthcr prvYiMinU') -.u.c ut tiity.cinavi.
iVii',iii.j;to(i t- rycitciMe,'vfu t.uuu 1 Vrt.m ill r.l.Khi'eiptcUlly
pud si j rtTcn y' j,)hn f.irnj" " ihe h-Ul.sM cf t! e siluV.ien ted
Httlttr w ith a f ovd-dwclli. l.oul,; '' f.rctal!' il vrrv?i; -f H 'f, Hoic. .n:fe ard a larc rrn to te u.iunrRid ti Diiici
-Tts- i , 'j( A '.. ix til iaJ. Sebfo! I- r.nd fchoul 1 0 e '1 iri't 1 a
,'nla'cd for 'public l.yl.f.- ?; a cv.n inthUd ly t.eiH.lsti 1 cr M tMir J. l-
W HmcAry pr ifu -CmI. t ,UMr-CM1,.our v uccc
T,lc ran !,avc a cow, ;.h'c i"7'B-tSfJr .
1 . r . ,! n 1 .... .1 . tm i!l Le ir.c tasc, u trail le.w.rir
f. J.V . v ' 1 i T' i'r 'V 'fare tr.d Mud, m p,,cmc Uc.Urt cf .
U,. w A . Ji. I r AT . nl4.tlloi rtsrtutle ttlirts tndd.r. "
! ' L stijit ;), I0C3 2ni... ' . . ' .f,,Uuc'Utrtb the it.Mivot ir.n
onalikii that trjll t,f lt'.n le
j f IninrnuutPll 50lic ittl. . ., is a n-6uun.rnt utr.epvLhc .
7Il()EVr:R can,". nl vi'.l ipirit ttidl.UrtUtyofitidivtsikU'
V r,ie ii f. irratluri cf m Or; Tkkti to he hJ I cf M n .IrsL".
fkan Lad,' b tl" nart' t' Vhur Ut I'otti, Dtnjfialn' Smii, I'm
ffon'. f Dcrmi. htf ir.iii Mitls. Jd.n G. Scull. A. 1UU,;
o Catttrct tfun-y, lecfrl iw andrfcthfr -tntlemct iniathcn t.ty
e' printer' I ntf', torkr an' f .U VlrirU l,o V II rc i... ly
tribute i.ili..iuly toil eaJiattaiecf Iicl! ur - f
he lonth. v ' , ; - ;J - V.j crdcr, , , . '
1 0H"r35' lSo3- . . X)11N CON VERS, JVec'ry.
TP AKB N up a.urrn,VnU.) 0tldlf"'
1 l'; iH i,.jaW iloa'c t ,. v.n NoT1CI; nuULU' CIVt S, l
ir.e7iK.o.U..;, iooim h..i.U M'.rrjAT atfMou will be 1 1-
Mr.1)Kk, f Mf 1 own, b ),
Cfdma. . Tf fir .snrr J rrquir.
'A!I-n.b!v. f-.-r ic rorr an-
l.fVtti! 'r.t I if 'i l.ruulv
.... e 1 t .
cd 10 rro- rom'ri J' C,HI0,' Pn he writ lilt of W-h-
' I . 1 . . V ..Di li.tH Al . 1 .....
V'i'.n". j-y-, ;,Nar:ji'j:r 15.

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