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    't. ..
119 counting-houses; atJ notwithstanding the
; exertions, of thefire-mastera and citizens, it
1 was not got undar till it had destroyed the.
whole of that extensive building. . To make
an estimate of the property destroyed with
the building, would at this time be impossi
ble, but from the best calculation that could
be made at the moment, it was conjectured
thai between five and six hundred bales of
Cottan.' and from I 2 to 15,00 barrels of Rice,
were either consumed or destroyed.
The Stores were the property of Mr. Wfl
. liam Roper, Planter, and together with the
wharf, were rented by Messrs Waring and
Smith, whose loss on this melanchollv occa
sion will "undoubtedly be very ureal 1 The '
persons who were owners of the properly lost,
it isimpossible to designate , part belonging
, to Plancers, and part to Merchants ; yet altho',
"the loss in itself is a serious one, its falling
on a considerable number of persons will fen-;
lt der it less distressing'.'", r ';7 ?.-!!,'( :
The origin of this unfortunate accident is
unknown t By some it is attributed to accident
!c by others itis conjectured that it may have
, originated in the cotton itself, as the heat of
V that article, when in large compact bodies, is
said to have sometimes created a shouldering
fire and consumed itself. ." . '
Ship Lavina, Cad well, . New-York
- - - Enterprise Conear, " do.
'T' Neptune," Hicks, t 'Providence
' Barque Pallas, Marshal, New-York
"V Sch'r Sally It Maria, Stockings, St.Domingo '
Jane, Jolinston, , Jamaica
Mohawk, Southworth, . Falmouth
Sloop Harriet, Gardner, Charleston
- " " Mir''''' CLEARED. N '
Ship Fair American, Flawr," Hull
Sloon Samuel. Tavlor, Alexandria, (Vir'g)
' . Salem
St. Vincents
Sch'r Betsey, Biickly, ,
x ' Vandyck'i Punchard,
- Fair Play, Hudson,
Superb, Cooper,
fcwann, Snow,
IO" PRICES-CV R RENT ticiam7a7la
' -merit -
At the Store latrly occupied by
, Mr. Camoc'k, in Front ftreetV
IMchwill 'hf Uld'Uvl fa Cafb, Ui-HiitE-.
PrINTEP Cambrickt and CaRctrt,
1 Breade, Lai. dt'tt'Jtt flWutt -B'it'tlh
Lain, CWtn Sinking., . " ,'
Jtluflm Handkerchiefs, . , ,
Cotton Bagging, 1 V .' ; '
Quills, Jihntn't Ink-Psuider, - . ,
Account Btikfj ' '
Cruet Frames, t , '
DouUebtrrelled Guns, , ; ;
Single du do. .
JSilver miunled llpst ,.
Stive If ochr.,. , , , :
Btjt Lwdtn MuftarJ,
Northern prime order,
4 Hhds. Mobiles. ,
r h 'Wanted Immediately,
"Til THO underlands the culture 'f Corn,
,. and it acquainted with the manage
meat if Negroes. To fuck a perin lilcrul
tuagtt will be given, by
- Tho.:Hilh f
, Hyrnhurn, -pel. l8, 104. , 7J 2i
SIurirT's Sale:
,0u Tuefday the loth day ef March next,
- will be tfrfJ,; in Execution, under -the
V Cmrt-Htufi in Wiimwghn, ibe Jol'w.
':ing property : viz "' '''" .'" .V
A Suw Mili on Mrfitref with the
tandi thereunt bringing, the property
0 Jf.B ff'bite. ,'r-l-V.-; -.r . ;
' 60 Acres of L ind adjoining .Mr. Rittejr ?
and 150 acrei adjoining inhar Harper, in
Lyig Cietk, the fnperty ' Jmes ffauw "
'" --T0 Acres Land, 17 miles jrim jfil-i
'mingfon ori the main roud. i Newbetn, the
prrytrtj f ff"i- King.',':''i-J;:,
MpL Win. Bludworth, Shff. .
1 Nevs-Hjnevtr County , Feb. j, 1 8c4.' 72
EROM the fuhfcriler, ' tit the 22df doy tf
November tall, at Burrel F. JI . teur
miles' frtm Columbia In South Cntiai,.
GRSr HORS Ey'ftfembling the- J.ipple
grtj, 15 bands 3 inchs bteh, ,4. years eld
next fpringi branded tn the "ft but ock and
um-et the main tuitb a frn .ll m trm'i'm.
formati'n, I am led h belive flat the thief,.
a wane man, was it Wttnington with Ibchirjc
about the 7)th tf Soi.taft,und rem hd fme
tays at mi s. Utrjef t tvm, J em wbtnee
I have not nt wat d recli.n t ck .
Iwllgiveu reward of FORTY DOL
LARS for apprehtnding the , thief ft that
be mayie brought It ctr.viSitn. nJJ-!iver.
i"g thfihorfe fi my order in-Culuvbia j tr
Twenty Ditl.Pt fir Jnf.rmnth w'ere jhf
forfeit, ft tint I may iiiain him on prt.vinr
.ltf' f'lfer(J' LetitrtoH Am fulrcl wdl
it niemeattoy at reel Kg them t, C:l. Put.
ten. tr Burrel Fmfl, 4. mile from Colum
bia in S'iW.b-Carilina: . v , . ,,
v ; At-xander Hendcrlon.
FibK2tt 1804. t . .372
.FOR" SALE - t
r - -r' Under Direction of ' ' '
' r ?', ' ...
! - i , : Wilmington, February SI, 1 804.
Quarter Cask Sherry Wine, '.'.'
Hogsheads of Jamaica Rum, a ;
Ditto :& proof Rum, V ? ; i i 5 ;
Case Holland Gin, j ." v,
Casks Tallow, ... . ' ' . ,',- ,
Casks Goshen Cheese, v. . . , i
Barrels Muscovado Sugar, ; v. f ,lt
Barrels Pork, ,
Ditto Be f, ' , , -
Do. ' Tar, .. - . , .
Four pieces Canngn4 pounders, , ,
Grind-stones, . . ,
Barrels Flour, ' '
KeKSJMewuutter, t
Sawed Lumber,
Spari . : .
Chests Young Hyson Tea,
Botes China Warej .
Ditto German Steel,
Ditto Cotton Cards, '
-Ditto Wool Cards, ' '
Ketrs Spanish Brawn,
Ditto, six-penny Nails,
Coils Cordage, V i
Tuik't'.filand Salt, and a few Barrels
Br:ivn And Clayed Sugar in Ihgfbtadt tr
Ureet (i, tfr.
' Frtfh) L Imet-: Inquire 'if
1 F. rOST AWE, a.
. ' ' On dmpbell'i ff1arf,
,T.!.:"K A L S 0, v i. ..
Flour in Ilalf-Bjrrtls. , '
Hig't Lard,'' , "
Bei-f, 'an J Pork, . ' -
Mnnnhftwrei T&mc, ,. f , ' ' ,
Jiatv Mil! Lumber. " ". '.
Sm ill Timber. ' " ' " ' ,
Jun. 2J, 1804. ' ,j 63
. Ten Dollars He ward..'
RAN envoy frtm the on ' the
28A D- le rltt latl. m ierrt man n'a.
me J TOM lie it ubtut C feet tr am-,
tbes b'ekttutry b'.rnjptakts fliw and
phinis tf t bl.ui rtmttexi , and its a'.
fear in the JiU tf his n-jt. It it fppfed
L . .1.... At. e.'--: r l' .
jit 11 urvui nit. anan 1, an itinijn, tr it
, '.:. jii i it 1. - 1 .
rr itmirgiw. t- i majiiri pi -jitt, una t.
then are hei ebj f .rMmei La imrii!, em
pUy'mg tr fbpp'vrgfaid flavi I'm.. ;
, I Will pay any perjtn w't Will epfrthend
faid n pro and deliver him It mt, tr Udoe
. a. . . .. . . .
pint in nmmnrtn run it ttr t rtf-lin.
the alive reward nd all rafonublt iba'ftt.
Aaron Morgan.
M.rgan Crttk, Feb. 7, 1804. 76
SUBSCRIPTIONS far American tditbnttftlta
' JMneiflj valuable Publications, will bt recti'
vej at the a!ive J-Lice, and by A. Hjll.
That useful and popular Work, the
'', ... Donullic EncyclopxJia ;
By A. F. i. n'Mch, if. D.auihir of the Lec
tures on Diet and Regimen, Vc. Ift, '
Gibbon's H'ttory "
Of heDcclin and FH of the Roman Tm
rire 1 together wiih Memoirs of the- Life
aiu Writinp (the Author. '
Ul.1ckfl.0ncV CommrnVaric"
With Notes of Reference to the Constitution
and Lswsof the Federal Government of th
United Stilts and of the Commonwealth
f Virginia By Si. Geargt tucker. .
Moilern Ge2rapliy,
- -Including the most recent Discoveries and
Politic! Altcrtiions, digested on a new
pi By Jithn Pinker tf. ' 7 4u.
A. HAI4.
" just received frtm ftethTurk,
" LATIN G II A M M A 11 S,
And an additional tupptj of ether
School l.'ooki and stationary,
A? mhith art
few tlrrrsnl Pf ket Bibles, Sclwol ditto,
Pnyef B"Ai, Trstimrnts, Pilms 6u4
lljrmns, Ariwoilc's Works,
Amcria.n (!oat Ptt,
Rrcciiil Uuoks, Memorandum 4i. Cypher-
In r k Copy do. Of t t tYj Writing Paper,
SlfRnj and common JW-ils, bliitilng Band,
1 1 - J on if c, at. tic,
. Pibruay 1104.
r .-A Parcel ot Land, V
6 NT AINING about 'fix hundred and
f f acres, it Bin fen Countv, lyvi$
iht r'trth enft fide ff tbttfvth IVtft rivt,
about twelve milet above Eliz 4el blown ; it
it netrlt three quarters n rnile tn 4
v, and it kn'twn ti contain ' at great a prt
fcrtim if ltd land, acc&'itlnj to lie number
ol acres, -as ay on the tiver. There is
fnag, Wr, ' f amed Delliuglhcufe
one ana a enj fl.ry high, andaioi firtum
tftualtr running juft b'f.rf the dur tn
which is a Ceifl , w,if, 0 framed htuft
.iff it and a f mall bitting iUlh in Hi
SamJIiU frame rifed ready It put the
tunnirg gear to it, and ttber tut btufet.
Fir terms apply to '
; Fik 14, 1804. , ; . 71 iw ..
II F Su'cril'tr, twing tt the anf tilled
ft ttt tf lis accounts, talents tt rive
up lis Trad ard Crperg' fw certain
time. The hng indulgence he bat g'-ven a
numfiir it tit rffpectuilt cufltmert, it is
hped will not tie a bur It a J air tnd jufl
fttthmtnl rf acctunls.l n w earnrft'y re
quejl alt V p inddiedh me by bind tr bt.k
tict'.u't; tt fit lie end pw the fame at fpetiy
as poffible ; tndthfelo tuhum urn inuib td
will pleufe It render their scctunts fjr fet.
tltmenl. '
I have for Sale,
Twt LOTS in the upper end' f thUltun,
fluatedtn the tuft de tf h r.nfjl' eel , and
tppfilt the Lilt Mr. Jthn Lift, tn Ht
ntilh f Red Cr'ft Jlreet,
A If'utir Lot, tn tht corner if Sny fj
Coflle.ftieets, nutt and -fpijiir A Mr. tin
fr "Iff ',uvr Irharf,
. Tut Lois at Fit JJoin or'Smiibville.
Tuentjfvc beud tf ll.rntd Caltla at tit
Stund, "
Tie rema'ni-g pari tf GOODS tn htmi,
lately imported and
if a rood quality. , -
ST Tht whole f tht ah .ve Proftr tj will
be f ,ld ttw for C.tb tr a e Credit, tn it
keftntht lldiflint, by friva'tfaUlf
ntt then fild, it u M It Jet up at public
vendut, at my hafe, at tbm months credit.
John Martin,'
Wilmlngttn, Feb.-, 1 804.
N. ft. l-aain cflVrmy Land,
in Bladtn and Bmmfw'nk Citmtirs, it Rat
and Leit fr a certain number if years,
. 70 i.M.
' ' tr N O T I C E.
TV0I E temtemrn wh bavt in thtir pf
I BOOM be Ime i"t it ut
tflile if, Kenan Love, deieafrd, among u hub
is Vtlmey't Tiotelt, in I Vtt.ifertiwjlfd
It return lie fame it A. HALL, or
Feh, 7, 1804. , o
The following Trafts ol Land,
THE Plantation adjoining SouihWalh
uigton, on tht Nond Eaft River,
Cqniaiiuiig Ms hundicvl and forty acres
iboul one hundred of which is undci fence
ai,d adjoining the river ab.'ui filfy acres
is fecund low gruunJ, part ui this it wocxi
land, of fertile foil. On she pietnifei
tt a Dwcliing-boufc futlicieot to tecum
pioJate a lare lamily,
Alfo A Tn& containing two hurdred
acres on Lcwifcw Crcik, about two miles
a"d a halt (10m the river about thirty a.
tt of this hat been clc.icJ, fiiuatcj in an
excellent range lor cauls or hogs.
One other Ulfl, containing one hurv.
died and twenty aciei on North Bian. h,
near the upjer linci ol the lull mcmtoMai
. A crtdit of fit months will he j;!fen for
'one hall of jhc fmrchaf mowy, -twelve
tnotitha ior the remainder. Bond and fe.
curiiv will be required fufficieut titles
U1 bt giteo at the 1A payment,
i Any perfoB inclining 10 puuhafe, may
apply 10 tht fubfetiber, in Wilming'on.
Jit.uaryiy. 367
A LL fet font art herehpftrtwarntd frtm
JtJL furthjing tr eecetv-g in any ntttc4
,t, m.ufr x,b. trier, my jSoit if Il.uilt
Iltntp Ihf'j, Lit j I bit ttwn, fir fi.
leen TidCet tf Rhe, tiled lie flf April,
Ifoi, tr Ihetetltuts I tbt fume bti'fi fut'y
fid by ntt at willatptar bf tbt ftihu'mg
recipt. IMNltL MALLLTT.
U tlmUglin, Fib. ft 1804. 70
RFCEIVED, tth. Hot, frtm
Mr Dan 7 MalU tt, tu bundnd and thirty
t)iUss and three Cents, in fU ffli't f
lit aeetttinee fir the delivery if I ftin
Tiercel R'u,, Atrf in ten d.)i, ditti
Aff il itt frjl or ihrriibtutt.
1 Browne & Halfcy.
j 7 v.l lyJAi SM; " i -
7 a 'ih Voters title Ccuntiet , cyrpciKg th .
D'ifiriCl Aef Wilmington urrd an.tfm
sCunty. v (' 'Vi-V'
A S the election for eltdirg an t kcclr
li lo vote for a PreCdciit arid VjcerPre- ,
fulent of the United State is approaching,
I take the liberty "of rtttn you itli rv
this Aldrefs,stn tnfdftn yr.n that I am a ,
Candidate for that Important appointment. .'
And believing, as I do,' that the prcfenr
Atlminiftration at ihe United., States -is ,
pure,' and calculate to j"cu re the ifghts,
liberties and .true intereOs ol its citizens ;
lhould I he honored, wi:h a majority ot' '
your futf rages, , I pledge my honor to vo:r ,,i ...-.
for TuoMAff: JxrfSRSOH, to be Preii
dentof the United Sfates." : . ,
-At (or Vice'PrclidentV'I am not prepa
red at this timeWfiy,;who!I will vote fur
as the gentlemen who will be tandidilUi '
for that office are not yet known. y
I avn, GehtfemeV, ' 7"', ' .
' Your ,tnotl obedient !( f':
- ' , ,;0. GLISSON. .
. ,l.Dup1in,.l,eb. a, j3o.4 1 1
rTHS copirtnerjhjp that hat hiled 'under
S'X the firm J - Ft) man ,y HiNlYfir -by
tnuiud tinfeniidiffidved. All pctjont .
having cl itms aguinji, oy ind.ltcd to f aid , ,
firm are rtyueflcJ tt call' jon CapU. PitVid ....
Tuman, who is foleij authorized ts receive . '1
d.bls and give d'jeharges, ' t ,
, David To mam,
, . V.. J6hh HEMftv; '
Feb. 4. 804, , ' 5,7T
z- ro RENrr: :,:: , .
The Store aud Dwclling-houlV
in Mark'tjlrcet, at frftnl occupied lj
Ja MtS" Richard.. . . i ,
:.frr tcrrnt apply ti ' j :;, ' .' -. 1 -' Z . '
J0n PoissosJ, I er
. EVan Jonuj.,.
- For Sale, -That
vu 'uukJe, three Jlirj t"
' : 15KICK HOUSfc:'. I
SITUATED itn thtouib Jidcef arht
fireet, ntxt It J'mes Richard '.. tFor
terms aptly to JOHN POISSONl tr la
- ' . . - EVAN JONES. ,
HVmington, Jan. 31, 18C4. ' 69 2vt.
On reasonable termt for frumps payment. ,
A Valuab.e Trait ol Lat.J sr. the itate
of TenneiTce, containing one ' thou,
lurnl acres, on the Waters of Red River
"and Spring Cretk, at'jolnirg the fumy t
of John h.iiotand Mr. Shtlty. The a-
-bove iral oi. land lies within j miWs of
C'aikiville, and iitqu,! infertility (f foil
and rant-do any in its neighbourhood.
For terms afj)ly to K-
Wilmington, Dec. 20th, 1803. , ' ';
. FUll SALK, :
APARV.LL of Land contaiotrg ahout
fevetneen huirircd aciti, in liladcu
cout ty, ' known by thenjimeof the In
dian Witts, lyirg onboth fidet'of th
Nonhwcfl Hlvei, ft adjoining ths laid cf
Mr. John Waddle It aboundi with Cy
pres and Oak timber, and there are ihreo
hundred acres o LoLuts well adapted
to the culture of Corn. For terms apply
to - -. -
Ofloher l I. , '
I INTEND to leave thisSiate In a fer
da)t. All perfors to whom 1 m In
oiMed, add thole indebted to me, ate tc
firtd tn cal on Franklin T. iudwrth,
tfq. (whom I hare appointed mjf gcnt)
-or a fctiktticrir of the fime. . -.
Jan. 14, 184. ,
SHetia'i Salci.
Tr fil.'twi-g d'fcriled frfrrly will
be J tit at Public rluHnn, tn exiculkn,
utdtr l'r CiurtJtvft in l ii'mirt-n-jtr
ON Tlund.y lie tfl day if foth r .f,
A llft tndL tnStttmd 6 Prtree't
Streets, at a Vuent L'.t in Ihr f.tb fie
if Dub flrtst, bdfring It tbt fjlmlt tf
llmry llafy, dcetaj,d. Terms 1 ,
one iulf Cijh and a trtJjl tf 12 iwr f
the lLur. ' ,
On Friday the 2I f March
nest, Th Lttje f a Lit Cnuidsn the
e A fit tf frtul'rett, m ub 'tb it a new
Uwtltwg Jhife, Lrvrtf StUei, K'hbint
and other tut bufetlheftifertjtf Juinet
A Ih-ft ind Ltl on ibe f'u'h fdt tf
PrlnresreH, beUr-rlrgtt tit tttttf At
dttw U't, dettiftd.
Lilru f'B'tlery l.oei, lyrg tfyfit
rttUjiitjim, lit fttfiflj f7J Buriw'm
While, iiietf'd.
Wil'iam Wudworth, Stiff.
H"tlm!ntUntFib. 7, lie 4. - 1

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