North Carolina Newspapers

' . ','0 J3 if :
-Translated from, the Lai in, 6j me ef the com.
tmy, and adapted,-to, the accanon, -wax sum ,
by several voices accompanied if instrumental :.
., music, at tnevasnwjion cewproiroi
iAccvmwn cf Louisiana. J - ;.V;',,','-
' PX)BEli POTIOR. v -
'. ffii .4,1..: II n t.'-. , ;n:
AJ-amui 1 X Jove,' thy suppliants heaiy
undulgent -grant our ardent prayer ,
.Way smiling peace With olive and, v
Long scatter blessings o'er the land,' V;
And give to grateful man the power e vjk,
Of wisely using every hour... J
' , i . - ' i , .
Where Peace extends her silken wing,
tM f i. .1. Hi, . -I- .. : ' "
a ne traces sport, uie iviusos suigj , ( (
"There Trade expands the flowmg sail, . , '
.And. Commerce. courts (he breathing gale,
There Justice sacred Vigil keeps ' , '
vaugutuu tuc kuut wuu c virtue biv
J- i 1
But where the thundering God of War,
-Spreads havoc round in blood stain'd car,
'Iteligion seeks this gloomy shade ;. - V
. And drooping justice hangs her head,
'And Virtue loses all her charms '"i.';
"Amid the horrid i din of Arms. l."J:L .,
T'".V-' . r ... ', :"-,' . ; , -
- To" Jcrrissoir, belov'd of heaven J
May golden peace be ever given,
And when Death at last may come ' A.
. To lay him in the silent, tomb, .i i 4 .
May weeping angels gather near ' ' , - ,
And laurels strew around his bier,.. ,. j, i
Anfwafthiro ou the wings of love
ToVverlasting Peace above.. '
'1 ' 'if.'' ' ' ' '' ' ' ' 1'
'Continued J roin thejirsu Tagc f. .',:'
-bedi confident' declaration as one' Vhat
carries on its face. abfurdity, and. fontra-'
tiidiori; -David had dated a' convcifiiton.'.
,. the whole (cope and def?nA -whicfc 'was'
.'ivtoawnrt-Air. Kirtjwvl of the baneful tj
JeCls if Democrat and Dr. ShclJ6n lCoiW
iru'd.icts the llatcment alibgether--a'nd fays'
the conversation -was the very reve'rjt of
the Itaiemeitt, tecaufc, he fays the whole
J"F? cAz" of --he ronverfation was io .
convince Air. Gyfwold ef .the laneful tj
fcnscfjycmocratj-The infantine frank.
liefs With iHu'ch Dr. Sheldon uttcrs'thef
, fontradiilions denioiifl fates tliis one htit
that xvhethcr he wcre'pcfent. at the ion
irerfstiun or nor;tl.fc(ful.jecl -of dif(MJtc is
nor tj.his rnomeRt a,t'a!t toinprchcoJc
icutr cn rp 'i y ,'i ;iru vviut was
icritsn nni; ot hcrpyrrU'K'n.
Trstcey and.myfelf, " five or flxeari
ago, . ,., me nouiew parion Champion
in LitchBeM. : In fotnc particulars the
writer, is JncorreOt, which, I perceived on
reading Wperformancei and have fince '
found more fully 'on recurring to written
docurnents in jny poffeflion.',f -.t i ;. V
! Of the converfation alluded to, j made
fome minuter at .the period that it took.1
place. $ which minutes, together with cer-i
tain thines J had received from other Tier.
fens, I i afterwards' reduced into a tnores
regular body i Which I called Afemiir,
and dtffigned it for the future nfeot my
elf and information of'my children'1' In
this, though the names of individuals are
omitted, yet their ideas, as delivered to
me, are faithfully recorded. ' ', i -s ','vrt
.;' Pcrfons who had, hr of iHel converfa
tion whichf took' place between'J'jvf r,;X.':
and rayfelf,' have 'repeatedly urged me to
newfpapers. But J have . conftahtly refu-fed.-for
various confideratior.s. which are-.
flated in the Memrfr, and which were the
ieafons why I did not pubiiflj it immedi-
aieiy aner u iook place. ' Added to thofe
reafons;:!' have had- one or two others.
, which to me appeared of confideraile mo.
ment. omce party fpiru arrived tol its
greatcfl pitch of bitternefs, I apprehended
it not impofllble that falfc witncUes minht
be fori nd at the prcfent day, as '"well ai in
luruicr iiHic, lo.teiyiy io wnat they did
nor i;now, at icail to exaggerate, milco
lour and difguife facli.
It would have been pica Pni? to' me. if
the afi'air had been fuffcred . to reft as it i
before was. But fince a flatemcut not al-'i
logetliercorrea is nw given to the pub. M
lie, I , feel it my duty W rettily tlio errors ,
which have appeared.' ' ,' ' ; 1 '
; aiichrrl iucorreclnefi X (halUotice, is !
in rerpeft w the time of the converfation.
It took place eirbt years and an half jo.
on the night of the 3d of May,' 1795. ' , 1
t us iciu.iu is in mis, mat i'ir. 1 racey
interview . -' tlS r-m frt v
Mr.Clurnpipn's houfe. where I tlufh wait.
in the evening, or tuft before evening, an4
I had no idea at the time of his coming,,
that be wifhed any particular bufinefi with
,me, other pay me a friendly vifit,
' Tho.thitCT inC0rriliier rclalcR : mth
(In privacy of the interview. Several
; entlemen were prefent in tiie evening ; -uin
they retired at the ufual l our. One
other gentleman' tarried a time with Mr.
i racev.but how lonr mrrfOlvr r
tell: I' find in tl.e Memoir thefe "words,
...v... ..wus. umti cniicman rteicni
! I. !! tht(u;-l;ttsc"riici!tiiin
rcy-ltli'maniicll tlut fie underllooj the
mcLU:: v .cnfjin 1 a complaint,, jhat -he
yK'i ''"v.H'?"'"m3 ftinf. jcn'tlal conyerftjnn
.',J?'7:'Vf,-tand,rVe'aroriirrs are. di-
now occiarej nut tin was not the amount
f his mclTac. but that he cmnl.i;,.i.t iK,'
" .." ' v . ' tv! ,l"a converiaiion
diltsrwfttty from Fits, iindcrSindtr";-0, iu
It Dr. ShcUArt l;e'riotn.w milliUn, is. it
noi won.ierfiiMtt 1.0 neaHircs were theft
tsitcn to coiivtrfce Air. f irifr.!.i k;.
- wonderful Kiirtike? It cannot i beloved
, tnxi is lfysputijr.r, andobvicxis a 0rp. to
check fo itiipoctJt.rji ralumnjl would have
. been ca.N--Wortl.cre,ii!one. ni f
i ek,cvc ujton wiyt 'CO!inting fot tbcJ
fjjV - gr'"'f"l. ..'l ho jconittfaUon, ;M()! I
Ctf.;ol imJ;r(u.J lo have been particu-l J
. larai i haj-c, f)rrn aimed i cf miner -t
biCM'tX.-; baaf.i erTcfils f d titnrrir,,.
fl-iti thai'i't W'aO.t f.)l;cret !f3u
tali.jHiM(..,!ut he i.i.t vi;tjieanr
un 1 r i--a i' c ci.eiutwti to f jve fceen
" ..hi iMicn'ej at an
iM'iuii.n of Mr,' (Jfiiu'dijtrfihe myfle- .
r'r Qflr'crrnin.Jn.J of omriy'a
pr. prrtio c tCvu'i'.c Mic o(lvefcl an in.
I.lia.m.; , , Mc, .GflfivoU
'I'! 'V'.,:'il!"", NIr' ftol l' letter V.
blow t,, ,,f yes. of andlingilit iepQfl'
tn. 41 rr, ii,?f j,)fC ,u mlk9 snf .
i'l'i ,"':,,rl.rr:i H,3iAli.Gitrwij.
lli lypoilivlii ei laj r,a nu .rtl:. r
;roJ M fy'8fon ;M; f the-
iof Dr Low ! "IIWM uie-fiour, (fome time 'af-er1
0 l a itnictt. ,11
l!.e cuurfe of the evenfoc. while thV' nro.
.mifuous tompauv were Brefff-.l. tke rrm.
,ver.faiin parjook cpalidtratly of politics,.'
nai snoaerat ityie whichi is ufuap
tin fuch companies, though fomciltingl al.t
vancedoy Mr.tXrcey were to ins, not a
little forcriCng. Af's-j the com piny ha J
re 1 j red, he entered more -deeply. in, the ,
foundation of his fyttem of po'.it'u. and
difcourfed largely upon its fevcral branch.
es,, laboting .to convince me of the re.
Ceffny of his fyttem, and ufing every kind
of argument to prevail .wi.tb me to secede
!t.irf.,..ThoVgn I dearly faw my own
v:rfonal interelt in. thf fyQe.n, wbkh'he
M"r y?t the whig ciitmplti., which I
,had aU.ys eotertaincJ, 1J mo 10 wffcr a
'deciJeiloppofilion, anJ his nb-s wcie fo
far beyonj What l fuppoftd h'rrn f,n.
'braced by any leading man i.i tl.U lonn
try; that I exprctfej my 'llonimtncnt' &
forrow at hearing them He wenr away
at the late houfabov- mintiontd, diflatij
AcJ tha,i he had hi,l h UuU ,rrii
lift i iriv
iinind.' I'knof pot then bi'u ho lalktd to
i)ther people si he tuJdAneto me, nor did
tit occur tonic at th- tim that he flaij.f.'
io te out, in confeqtience of feveral nndif.
-irreproachabfe'characlers wbtch'were as
unexpected to s as they'are pertinent.and
Conclufive on the fubject In qUcftioii '
To' give our readers a ! jult idea of tbia ;
fubjeft, it is necelTary to go back to the.
Origin of thelifpute, and .iollow-ilS pco :
grefsdown.thro'.fpyeral publications, to '
the late.ft which wc have" feeh. ; ' ' V
lr At the tlofe i bf jhcf lafl furrimer", there ,
ppeired i tv Conned icut a.pamphleti'.eiir
titled, 7 Republican AJJrrft tt tbeFrte4
tnen tftbat state. . 4t was written, with .
great ability, and ; gave a . concife;. lucid
and true; history of the r, frtrrefs, na-
'iure, deign.tnd objeil of that fyllcmot pp;:
litics, known in this country by the name
loi Ftderalifm. . Its appearance juffpirevT.'
ous 10 ine temiannuai cicuiuu or mcmoers
to the date le&iflaturtr and fiominatibn for':
the tipper houje, drew forth teverai hum-
a aotwersv rrom inrterent. quarters, ot tne
State and from, different uens .Thefe were
al anonymous, faving on, , which camrf'
orthand was diffnfed like lightning among'
.- the freemen, bearing the Iignature ot U f . .
There Js '.no queftion but that many
things were contained in thU pamphlet of
Mf. 1 racey -s which would Jiaye been fur,
preffed on-reflection and more mature de.
liberaiion. j' It was a fingnUr liftance of
bnguatded weaknefs ffom a man pofTcinnu
: fomtich ability and genius, - .This perhaps
i' o oe accounted .tor oiny oy conuaoring
uiav iium oemning ro cnu 11 was an ai
tempt to paliateor conceal,' real fenti'
mtnts entertained bv him and bv the lead
ing men of big party. Amongoihetthingsl
ne laboured. to convince the trccmcn,, tlut
neither lie,'., tiur the late prefident Adams,
. nor any ot his political afl'ociates, were fa-
vuraoic 10 mviarcoy, or .wuuea 40 .iptrq.
duceit in iny lhape.into thi$,country.
i l n conleautnce pt thus imprudently tx
poGng hinilelf and fct ting up his name to
public notice.' a Writer ,.fon came - for
ward in the American Mereory,, with the
avowed defign to enmalk Mr. T"eey,
and with hinit)ipoliticatvcoadju,lors, par-. 'J
ticularly by proving tlat they wcrfricndJ '
01 minarets.. .. 1 iv.i writer AHuiicu.tue
name of -David, and feveral .of his eary
numbers conCHedof quotations. froni ir,
Adams s-book on ,tho mtruan LuiJUtu
i'mtt from, which, he, ilemojilratJ, tli3t
the euthor,w an, admirer ot, tjie KCriiih,
'CmfliJuti,- and a "friend, to awrr,.
.which Mr. Tiaiey had Jenicd ijj bis pam
phlei and labored greatly to difove.
' Af'er 'difmiffing Mr. Adamses book.
jDaviJ,'- in No. 8, turns immeJia'ely upon
Ail. 1 nit r, U UIJUCIII.Cl 1(1 piut, 11141
It had exprrn":d fentimeo'i fully
and ui.tquivocilly in favor of moHatch.'
aJu(l Received, by the. Subfcr i!i(rk
i Jrem fhdadilphia, and jor San, at Mi-ssu.
f Lloyd & AndetTon's Store, . '
tf Jfaxi Motr'tt thi 'tok-Office, 'the following ,
.-- .''.-. - .... ''i--.... -w.j.
AM ILY Bibles, Ri npoh's Hvmhs , .
Moder-n Cirrope, 5 vol; Bracken' farriery v
Bucharm,, lluntet on! Vesereiil, c ;-' v v v
Animan itexon, AiKen s fetters .,1 s
Scriptural jtevolution, Pocket Atlas ' ; , Ijj-J.
BufnV PoeinC Jet Books, , r ; Wr-; ':-.fJ. (A
iirown on Equality, Behtlyam -s Usury '
Boarding School; Bennett; Letter ' '
Surton s Lectures, L&ryer Iravela, :
tenity ol Human itureft itf'''
, Blossoms of &lorality,vCnthat'iTM!n.'JyoUv;
Campbell a Narrative, Vplyoiwan.Jwse :v
Powper'a Poems, yol. elegant.-;1
Lendrum s American Revolution, 3 vol. v v?
General Atlas, Dramatic puioguls f " M
Elements of Moralityi 2 roli -e
I armer's Boy, O nffit h tVyttcjs ;. t iU 5
Atlas Minimus, Goldimtih'ii tD'iiand ' ;V4
; Gordon's America, 3; xvr f i.i--v'-.i---,' V 'S'-.f;
1 Jackson's Book-keeping ,.K J;&;k&v
;t :..J.rl,.....'i .. 1 .1. rtl a --1 .;,''
1 Elements' of .Crilicisnt, 2 ol. ' .
1 '. t ! r..' ii.- ' 1. t
. !
.1 v. -ik. r ,
S1 !
V. iv ,iW r 1 t)i:i t Mm. .. 1 ... ,1
' - f vw.illl I T Bill I in
H.iC; ;T.,,r b hid bdo.e the'
ir la,. -i a... , , I,..,i4
w, DC. l4,,i?
I N . 11.,"-
tf1ukl.L , .(H ' I U-'.t
.- I
L J t
l'.'M4iur i,f
WT ,;"e it ir,-
H'liW 1 f4 I ,r
tr iwrr n f.Jr.
jter the promifcouus comiuny rdircj 10
. ..j,., ,r vnir i.uji ,t. he
orU 1 but ahci wards I was .fm.vinte "
. thjt lint was the cafe.
-With rtrpevi to tlieJ?aif"cf 'tha
cr.vetftion, at Hated by DaviJ, it it go.
rurally torrerl, atthuu it iscloihcJ io
fame parts iili eiprellions different from
, thofe which 1 bud In the Mernnij jind va.
ties in relpefls from ths preciia
Weas ccmmunicaied to me by. Mr. Tra.
Trmtht rMtienl Olrtoru "
wr k... s.. j i '
nl m fr, Qf
three numbtisorthe Obfrfvjiory tu ntr.
lion difpute which cemmerurj f.ime
t me irc ia he p,rri at llifil.rr.l
Corrfflliut, rtlaiivt to crrtai fi,me, ,'
txl"i;1 M1.T cacy, fenamr Con
gfrlt from. )la iUif, In p.riKular i'.mi wiS Clcr.ciat Ssinnrf (,'
tVn. 'In rr.f ,f, ,,r) ,,4,
v 1 1 1 . ' . .
km. 11,. 1 win w(.n pinrnce liji tllC -il l,
i.eftA ihe (aprrl wl.i-rt lf,e !.f, ni
teal . .1 ... '.. .. !'. .1 - r
I 1- 4 ? lvl irtn ,,,, .
whuh lre arrive) flme f'.tt 1 rinl. '
r. .. 1 .1 . . 1 .. ,"
was f rt'.u.Jci.
v4it as
fl'orjhis purpofebe fla'es twicqnutfiitiier
;whicl Mr't'rscey, had held iih iu'j per
jfoiis at difTeient times, f 11 which j;e freely
Itihbol'omcd Itiinieli and di ft lofcj thfenti.
mtittt of his hcsrt.-Thefc p rfons were x
Ireneral Timoiliy Skinner, his rifijihborat
I .Litchfield, and Stanley Otifvvold, now e-
,uuor n lucTuiiiiui uoicrvaiijrj.
."T'UE fubferibers having qualinedaEi
' X ectitbrr to the lall will -atud tctla.
(iment ol John Curgwlo, Jccafid .gie
notice to all pciioni laving demands at
r.atnft the eflate af fad John, to nrefen1
them for payment wiihio ihe time itqui.
fed by an act ot Aik'nbly.ttituledj " An
. . " . J X n 1 . . . ...
aci to amcnaan ici cniuica an rtct,ron
cerning proving of Wills and granting
icucii v nuiriiLiiifauvii, im iv prevent
frauds In the tnaiu!Jcm:a -f intcilatcs's
elljtet," oiberwifi. thty will be iaried
from recoverii g the famo bf iheoncra
.t -r r 1 .. . ft If' .
won 01 ia,u act, 1 iirv a 10 give notice
mat are eitpreuiy tnioijvit by tlieir
Tel'stor ir.'hia faid will, to rollcH ti
'tl'y stpinihV,ll fumi cf moiuy
usay tc cue mi-cua1) All pcilons there
crej wha are .In Jetted by ' JaJgrrrnf,
JiOnU. Mote, or Account, in renui.(!.l
... - - 1
mo come forward "! malj pifment be
fore the. firft day of April enfuio,?. other
wife thry will b under the rvcttwt t4
rsfortiog to legal mesfurts for tk fur-, I
pofo of fnlGlling the above iij iru.1Ioi.
i JOS.. G. WRIGHT, 7 r , '
Wilmington, OA. 4ih, iloj.-
1 T C'iV uy, ( iJitihj'ujl OflJert
JLV. a AVf r wench named DINAH. uA .
ti altut t,ert 1 rWr li'b. find trilti
Jjur, t1 Jcll-u jl(tmpUxjin, IhclunJr-
lip UKh prj,,'H mtri lt fuzl, hmt tn
,itt ft,.tfl vl!! t Jreottinllai Lrrt
butj imJJ iair., Ut(tffeJidv,u f
.111.. . 1 . - . '
, ir iin-iyem Jt I h.H C rtJ, t lur
' Pt il Jtmn!,r, ipfke f,nh U'tjl.
I i e a nutJ tf ;., ;,,.
anJ ft i$.ijynaf!ftiirf,i (l ,j fj,t v ht
ti 1 irilf fj',4 uenrb t, ,r, tr UJrt hr
in h I. r.,:r, f t I t I m.J ,l I ,t .
" a - . , r 1 1 '
. . ojinucl !' 1f k,
f'...L r t r l . .,
Jxioking-Claas for the Miud. ' f. ;-,
' Malhantt Gazetteer, 2 voh ' '' 1
' Morse'-s Geography, 2 vol; " ' - J
Do," do -: 1 vol. ' v.'- .
iy- A)o '.do. v.'' abridge cl, -. '.
f Minor; 3 vol.; Moral Librarr '
I Milton's .Work vM'Neiif's Poems,' 2 vol. r.
I Pleasures of lope, Pi-ompter, . ,
) u. ..i. o f..i ii:... r
A UIIIU l 1.1 K, UU' 4 III Ik u ' Vf ' - '
vpaley's PhiliMOpbyi, Park's Travels 4 v '
j Taradise Lost, P,un(iitjof Literature . "
j Residi'iice ni France, Saint Domingo i'volV , '
Spint; . of Despotism, SeiitrVs Morals .
' SyretifTall'uhicd, cr the WoHd Explaiaed " '
Volneys Rtitns.-Visitfor aVeekrrT.
i Varlo's lIuU;mdty; 2 vol-f ' 'A l J ' ' '.' : W
i AVillocVs Voya '.
5 WishniK"Q'aLertert'''.-i:.' - '''- J
If Wajtst jl'iscdlanieti L)TicalJ5alJad ) ,-. 4 ;
I AVisdom in -Miiatare j j t ; , , , . ; ,
..immerpvun on riolitutle , ". '
'.Armen'urr; S vj1.,,thEnKX)aabayne . V
iAntionefttTPercWat - -
'iArtbiifMervjo.-vol. ' -,,.' v'vlV-,:'; Vj.'-v". .;
'AVicland, UratipmTi 3 h V- .w. " ':"-'",
Edgar Iluutley, 3, vol. ' ;' '
iJane Talbo-p.yilina, txjU j J 1T' t V ' '
Cecilia, 3 vol. Uoisa, 3 voU. A ,. , , . ..V .
Camilla,i vol." Beggar iGirj, 3 vol. i ' ' '
..Caroline of Litchfield, V't '.,,
'Charlotte Temple, Cavern ef Dcaili V '
Constant Lover, i'ltrmont . ,' ; '
Coquette, Tom'Joi',es,'3 vol.1 1 -; "
Vicar of Wukdield, George EarnwcU 45 1 '
Grasville Abbey, Saint Leon, 2 vol. '.-O,.,.
Girl of the Mountains, a Vol. V.Ai-mA vU?U. .'T
; Haunted Cavern, InquUttor ' '.
.lulian Nun, lldcne, 4ouWs. A ;
i Jack Smith, l'.dwrd, 2 vuL ,
..viordaunt, 3 vol. Monk, 2 vdt, "i, , ,.., .
Man of the WorlJ, Mounia'ui Cottsjcr (,.
'M -r .1. . 1 f i.. .k' n . 1
a.i,uu ui iuc ujimcii, crrl(nui. ,
Nocturnal Visit, 2 Aol. P T,Jl
Paul and V'.n-inia, Rvtal Canuves, a Vol. f ,
,Roderick Ran lorn, 2 oL. ,. .
lUlnnson Crusoe, Etubonand Rachael vv
Rural -Walk, Vicar f Lsimdoirrie . - "
4orr ance at Ucr4 Life, Sur.Jfi-ia a4 Mirtoi
;Talcsof Wonder, 2 vwl. 1. . , , , (
Tale eft... Times S vol.1 . " '.' " '
Dodsk'sl'ahU, Vbsitrls Selections 1 V . ;
mciican AJonitor r '..'..
Do. Preceptor-1 ' f '.ViY'.'Ut' '
Do. 'yPiiiutr i
Copy Slips, " " ,' '.. ' ' - l '
Dilworlh's Bouk-Usaping ' 1 it-.' i
Dwibt's GeVcT4j.Iiy, Uificld's ?ipeske '
(.'thi.-m's Survr)iiig, t;Ujuj;h' AriU.tnetic '
llarrtsfrii's Craminar '. '", : '
Ith'a ' -it') - : , . .
Murray's Header 'if . .-,' ' I
I , J). Grammar ' . . -
; Do. )'.xercie ;
Di. Kry -- 'v J. , , ' . .-. , , . . ,
New-EtKlanil Primer '.' v ' . : . '
Vi:lttr' Spclling-lok' ' ' j.
Dsrwin'a Zmriornia . ' - 1 1 . , .
jZiiiinicrtnac o National Tri.e " ' J
T'ravc'kr's Drertory .. .. . - . 1
Iikf;M of lcvils - - -
Public Chsrsciers, Rsmblrr, 4 voL -Poliiicul
Dittjotiary, Secrtt Mesmi
Sluman's (.yninastica . , '
, Washington's Monumrnte " " ;-,
AdeUi'lt 1e, Sincere.
Moote's Natlgaiioa '
Em' TmcU '-' '
a. yru ' to- ' ',
.Elements of Polite Education ' , '' '
: JelTersan's Notes, lnirrtsting Merne''S ' '
Mix)r's 1'rtfKe and Jtalvl 4 vol. .
. EaSKbsarulDlnarbss. I'liilafitbropist
Slave fcfl'anion, Siamrae TUs" '
TUng, AUU, AUh-s, 3 vol. ,. ; .!
Monial'irii, 3 vol. Mural Monitor, 1 oI,
Cor'a Life, 7 vol. of koudme
Life of Veil a re. Select 1' fx ma
WeM'sIttcis !ftt riM, 4 vof.
Appariiiona, Atnl.rrkaa ju l.lesnor
I'Cirtir lior, Alexis. Dul
lli-amiri (.f KKturc, I'-Uir't lM.etorie
CimUniU d Vftlt iK'AMitt, DcmwrU
l .mily lln I'-m,, Wanderings of
l eiiul Mii,iur, Lyric Pi-m.
' J liil
.W I or ti.e Year 1 1.14.

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