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" The. manner in which the amendment
to the constitution was carried through
both Houses of Congress was not less ex
traordinary than the measure ; itself. ' It
-affords an instructive and even an awfal
lesson; and the future preservation of the
constitution demands that this gloomy
cene should be committed to the contem
plation of posterity. To record the pro
ceedings Upon that occasion, I consider
a sacred duty which I owe to my country
1 and in doing' it I shall betray no trust,
I shall not act the part of an informer.
I disdain all connection with the little
land of republican aristocrats and dema
gogues; to me they have never disclosed
the arcana of their political system ! they
Jhave treated..1 me as they treat all the nnr
liSern Members of Congress, with neglect,
.if not with contempt; and all the tm
pC irtant facts contained in this letter have
I01 lg been the subject of general conversatijn
at . tj)e .seat of government.
Mr. ' Butler, a republican Senator 'from
Soi nli-Carolina, who warmly opposed the
amendment, in a letter to the legislature
of the slate, observed, thai lie had ..f emu
long in Senate since his last .election Injort -he
perceived a' combination among certain hrgt
... st at. t.t, wifair m itself and danf'ou in its cjj
icqunces to the rights vf-nt!cr stjti-s--in!o
this cmtbination tiny bene diawn sciKit'vf the
sm:: U states they hoi J evening meetings to di
'xiilt what shall prevail in St'uate, -anti no pro
- position can succeed wliich does not CbintJfem
-1 -r e spectability, of-M r. lintler cTiaractcT,
and his long tried patriotism, " 1-1 us hope,
for the honcr of cur country and the cause
of liberty, that the w.rmth of hi feelings
in relation to a particular measure, led
him to give too deep u colouring to this
melancholy pictuiv. Would to Cod I
were not under the necessrtv of confirmin
his tenement, so Lr as relates to the a
niendiiicht ; but that confirmation is insc- j
parably connected with the justification of 1;
my on conduct.
The resolution which was sent from the
house to the stnte. contemplated no al
teration of me constitution other than the
mere discrimination of the votes. It Vis
soon fruid that the private sentiments of
ertral of the oldest and most respectable
' numbers of the arnatr crr I-,, .',!,. m , ...
measure. Some of them, however, were I
instructed to vol in its favor, and it v.-
hoped that the others would vieV. to the I
p opular sentiment in the states they reprc- 1
asnted. Tlw rr.inority constantly culled i
f r the consijerrtlioii of the revdmion from 1
the house, but the 'majority scveil
vveki, refuse to suITer it to be consider
ed. The bjYtiic wet not vet suHi'-unt-
')v matured in evening mr-ciiit;'V Of 1
the final caucus 0:1 the subject I was ir fov- j
mcd. A It tier Irom one of tr.c tTiet?!.
b.-rs who are by same oiled Je.i.hfg iu-,
to another member of the c;ut:, t.o:;!'v
in iui evenimj tneetiin; of ti e hiti.i' of
the ainendmctit, to devise ways am! i:k.i:i
fi-r C4rri!!; it into clVrct a: '..II tvems, in
fnnu form or other, wjs u ;nr
Hindi, by the tcetitlcmnn to wl,ni it wai
diiTcted. At this caucus the !'it;ilct vai
concluded lrr ndJimr in the .mu-udi u nt.
that prnviaion, whicli I
eJ, and il was uNn i!c'.cr:ninril ft Ue
tSe cj'leiti'in t!ie t).y, li-.-f.,re Uu
Hkk'a 'uut lis. Ilielct it ,Jc ri-muke j,"
tlnrrc hid n?rTrnyTvr5T.rjrTk"T,Tc
upon thr min o'le-tii-i in n-iau-. tunl ih:t
the ai'.b'
pr..p')Sitit,n, ii siuNtsif;-,
n iijett.d, w!un prnp'.-d. ';
mbtr. Ttt up three if '.
K1 already Ir
h sr a frderd n
MiMican'm i iu t.t'vd in t ancu asdic i;
,ue qui n .i f tl,ir vnin,: f-r the -Mem!.
incut, this important ad, mwl in,e of
'hrm afieiMards ni)Nwretl jnM.rly in mv
jrcurr, that h? lu.l int nnly dhtatid it
n Cs uits, h'tt had y$xn the lending ir.
puUlt.4H in the house to iuu'rri ni l thai
the Xt of the anumlmcnt l,-pt'udnl on its
idoplion, 11 tlut icrv fifm, cs Iui t
11 . ...
fSirtll l u pui ntvm it ktidiiM it ,e kf ,t
b 11k in the fii.e. Th is il wasi sitiu
Ir dctcrninrd, 1:1 rn ,f llnic ccn-n
nrigi, that fhc rrpr-scnutivesi i,f ihc
p-ipl.', t'lCMstJvf , s'if.til.1 tn-i ur al
iMi.;on of the oiist.tuti.xt in prc'sc
firm illctHed by twn i-rthii? i.t-n. pimI
mI rveivone- whn i.pp-,,1 ",i !-tilJ he
I wincr,! u a federalist and ap'ista'r.
The republicans wire tM, In a Uniuge
it itT.-pivocil tt U; m:titiipr4!GiJ, lh..t
l ;i was the rrugtmrnt, a i I ihit njwm
ih-ir mnf.rin.ty or opp.iitivn, depcuUtd
lhir future jipit5ariljr.
An nnwjm rins; n l vnsenMa rfpuhli.
cm member f.iim Mitsschusctts) escUimc1
t 1 lie bar, when an adjournment was tie
liifd at the iisuvl hour, tenrtot end will
.! h a!ig in thi$ manmr, and
Itft lh house with Indignation. At the
jus-.tion, howtfir. w not taken Ibat
day, at; had repeatedly been told tt
should peKm consequence ot tne aruent
opposition which myself and others deem
ed it our duty to make, by protracting
the- debate-to a Jate hour at night, that
gentleman'-, ho we vet, recorded- his vote in
oppositioiwlo the measure. A very re
petfTettemocratic member from a mid
dle state declared, that were the a'ffiencU
ment in the precise form in -which Ire wish
ed it, he would never vote for it while it.
was attempted to carry it by such means.
As almost -every member of the majority
who expressed his opinion disapproved of
the additional proposition, it must be evi
dent to every candid republican, from the
simple Moment of facts which 1 have
made, t'lfA the amendment, in its present
form, was carried through both houses by
the undue influence of a few individuals,
and by the combined operations of intrigue
and terror. I was of opinion that we
ought n;-t to disgrace ourselves by such
course of conduct, and -that, however de
sirable the amendment might-be hi some
fqrm or other, we ought to .vait till it could
be adopted in a fair and truly-republican
Connected with this subject, my conr
duct with, respect to the nomination of
President and Vice-President requires ex
planation. Early in the session it 4yas
determined) by the self-rhosen few who
undertake to direct the pr'jiig sentiment,
that Governor ' Clinton should be t he next
Vice-President, and that gentleman was
informed that the unaniiiuus voice "of the
members, was in his favour, when not ten
of them had hem conMilud. Some difu-
rulty being a'aerwards
' f liench-d from
'he I'eunsyivaiii 1 deleira'ion, a sub-raurus
jyas hcJd)Tari(lttriei'cpjjttr.ttve5.. C that -state"recocile'.l
to the measure: a tre'neral
caucus, was then called to., ratify what the
f.-w had accomplished. To nicii ft state
of things us M, P.-i'.ler o.bservd. with"
n-fM t to tin nmendment. cwli not and
Wvd'i ur: iul'init. li n:r('c(tiv proper
that any number of .-livhinK of the
same political scntimeVfTs, sluiiiid meet tn-g!?tlu-r
an I discuss anv Mdj-r.t of geiKTf.'l
conrcVn, with a -view to prumo'e n'l union
of sentimtnt and ai-fion ; but t'.iat meirdie i"i
t.i' the lf.ri'la tirtr, "as vich, shmdd un'lr
takc to Wi'icnrc ?:id dirta'e tnthe pT"!e in
tlrir i-lfftiors, is liosil.? in ihf very fe-
nius ftt re:irIic.ini:ii.
rn:rt'nd tiMt there w
5, rt it not h :
iv irij-c.iinns n
mv part to tnt
personal oi- po'irlcil rha- of ?ir. Cii,tfri Vit
wn in'hi'.-nced !)y varinn, ro'iiilr;-, tins,
which i uneceai y L !Pail f the pub
lic. . JAM MS LLl.lOT.
from the Riihmun l En-juirtr,
1 rM iti'c
I t 1 A 7s
Tnr p .!e i.f the I'n-trd Stat-s f.f A
merica poses, cr. a',, siip-.n,c l!i.- Vhey
poss-ss, .omc otitic;.! h'r?in";i l rulir to
ihciiiselvri. Xit tnli.tivn the Mrurt'-re of
their rv;t-.frrt, nhirh sa ill l- vati'.i'slv
tim it.-d r.n i,i, f ;:-!!i;c;. the rls's. tnH !.i( ii
it v tild lie tiusccsoii.ablr t.v to di'fss, 1
lhv f '.ii'id-r thiinselvrs Oh vinj-nhilv f-n-- ,
liii- .t'" in ;'rir t-rittriJ piM'jf r. and in tV
i:J.nir.i:tir.t r.f t?v Jr publlr u.Ta'u-s. " In sid
dition in tlr t hiilnesn or na'.UT, m vvrtiir
them, by a m i !-i occ;.r., frcm t!i- rTethisting
n.-'i-hii-.m and bonH'iiies of ib . old romin
t i,t, thev fii'd llieiusflrrs sestfd in a rritm
wh'u-!t sMp;!ies them, directlv r,r od'urrilv,
'iith all the iiecrsiiifs nnl lnripif s .f )if
i I t' f ;;n J'cs! ;,rifiiMO:v, and chil li prmidrs
f i; th cx'Mtvnn mi ! perm tnm-jr tf th-ir
' -f t'u-ir nn'-iU"rs".. Tbr fm,l tiivirilvc st
p.-1.-; ':: a!I th- world (vtrrU the frehlcst
l m-i-t cn i'-nin'!''!; .f the piratic i uic
t.f U.ubiry) win the nrm-rt tf its Jni-r
ro-iti visme. ""H the I'r-M powers r.f
r.i -n;v .' si Mv rnnnritrd by rrlatirns
w'lirli -'- ii-;t' p-serr th prc"i.t or,iMii:,' im.l h -ni f 'ialirc'cj. No.
fhi ig h it inftriiv will d-ive thf Cnitfd
St iS-s in'-s war; jm 1 tberc is rHU grmmd
In b-lieve. i!nt w ry rtdihtcitriLnai'uui will
uuf nil roivd.r iniMtrrtv Hie points f
ij i! vn.mrr. lu' pi omk-? this nrressity
uf'l 1. Ihc Minium .f LomsiM.
j. cnnf-rsi'ic sovcr ntv .f a vas'Jy extended
leriitt.!). nnJ the rs'1 imvi frmmrrre r.f
t H grfatcu river t.f Nor:. A-nenri. Spain
I14S uisrlv iih,l'n lie- ii1 iciif.n In ihe
f Ihia cotiii!rr, an I I as now rnfr 'n
....,1-1 -'-iTticru rnnccntin unit wijicn
lb? trmvrniini ofih- t'n'tcl Stairs ssill at.
wni l disnr l in .:;,f.iM on librra! and
amcr.b'f term. TiY isdnm of contracting
for iU (vtrrhi tif im Immrnse countrr.
I I..... I . . . r .
k nrcn -M.itti is cins derrd, hat indeed been
Jenicd bv many persons whose opinions are
entni'.i o r,rc ffsprtt. lint the evil to
hr afiprchr n U fr-m tins measure are dutant
tint'i-ent, and l.r il ciout management mar
prnbahty he nl'ttaud ; while thoie which
were In he feared from IMilsiant rrmiininif
In Ihe hrh Frame, or beinjf wrested from
her by fttw'iMf, werinurarraui, ttattnmntn
Besides the circumstances of national pros
perity already mentioned, the United Slates
have done and are now doing much towards
conciliating and securing the friendship of
ttre tribes of Indians settled and occupying
territories of great extent within their juris
diction. By treating these people with jus
tice arid mildness by respecting' their Cus
toms and prejudices, by accommodating."
their wants, and especially by introducing
among them the arts of civilized Life from
natural enemies they are converted into
friends, and are rapidly laying aside the fero
ciou.sness which belongs to the savRge slate,
fhe trmm'ph'oi justice and humanity over
violence and fraud is now become so con
spicuous, as to be acknowledged by every
observer oft public a'flai'rs. What was for.,
tnerly too often obtained frphi ' the Indians
by war, bloodshed c rapine, is now aniictibly
yielded through the medium 'if neirociation.
and all parties participate hi the blessings of i
The oi:lence,' power and "r.ifoTIrces, of
the people cf the United Suits, increase us
rapidly as their number ,. ' .Compa'ratiSely.
only asr.-,a'.i predion uflheir. territory is clear
ed of the forest-trees with which it whs ori
ginally overspread, the chief p.ut is snil j
reserved for the enterprise and dilhai,. e
ofjuch as-, are inclined to ho prove tir-
cumitunces and form 'M..idisl;:i,L-u:s lor j;
t!n;ir children. H.-w long w-ill be t!ie lei tu l'
belorc this extensive re;rion Cense to uK',;id j
room for the multiplication of 'its' hi!u;i;i- i
tantsJ And how nuinercui and powyfctd i the community imie'.s rU-,1 ditcord 1
should rear its direfui'cr'jM) which h des.ii,. j
cd to behold this vast surface occupied and :
cuiuvucii iy -ui uie a; is aim lmpioveuicnts
of an enlightened people f- j; '
"lThiT"iiaTiaiuI . tspMdilnce!t.4L-UnHed
Stales,' so far hqwi ftit iVaviiig r.t c-cry' s'.eu
ti their prosperity, is ti'.hti st;i!i..!i.,ry or
in a course of. diminution. Hit- great rnuss
of public wealth, instead of being javislit'd
in the prosecution of incessant wars, iuch as
vex anil exiiast most other nations, is here
convened ir.'o the metn of advai.cmg the
impioveinent .nd happiness el'the ccmimmi
V. The eve of uhiluiifhroo'iv dill
with rv'ptme on the proDi-ct of a 1 ounti v
whot.t- 'v.liule energy iitrudily and faitlully
Uivnicd to the acceleration of its prcgiess
in cure which leads to the highest elc
Yr.tion of public fcllciiv.
n.'.v i.'ii 1 hens are Irid on ftie people in
this iavo-edco'.intiy. In.Meud ( toriUi ing in
vt Hum in th ise plans ol'icvcrtue, and tx
haustr;;g t!l tl u sources of laxuiir.n, the 1,0
sernu'.eiil has relinquished iimny duties
w hi Ji i; d !)i cn lound incoinenunt and un
popiibr, and !-1 1 1 line's the' natiomil income
advuutstc tu tj.e cxpjtyulituiv. 'I he debt of
tin; ii..iion ii u'ldergniug cr.tirgntshmnit
with a rupidr'.y and s'.e.nii.ieis unpi tcedenled
any wiare else, and in the present nure
will be tritiicly retlienird. May not
tl: l hr wo' ii liv heilei rid to ptint otit
a n;.tiii sw.frr'l.iej.'nol.c il'ai:s ate pro'ectd
in in r.n'i 11 t.-inf And ou-ht nat the
fi.cndol n.ankiv.d devoutly to return' thanks
to heaven tju t il ,tir i ,.t least cue sp(it on
.the i,b!.c nhere s. is" ihvk to iiixsm.k
Ixk-n S'lllli'! M.i mil lli vivim nil
MS Hllilir, LIS LkMlt A Nil LIS M1C.1
li k S I I S A 11 J K I
Let tr t Foroj'n Intelligence.
deceived ia Charleston.
Ft:m Creennk fattn to March 26.
LONDON, March 19. "
Thf channel (leit 1 1 n-iling t;f If i!of
thejjne. ajVdJ'iH,.'r!,Lr:ayj'J.thj: ! 7lU, U
ictitiif ht r '.1.111011 off Urtst.
Lord Cardnrr ir arrived in town, and nil!
ace 11 t.kc the rnnimand of the channel fleet.
The ttafcty of a great pjrt t(f-,thc Medi
terrui.can romnv, (cstiy imp of which was
stated in the Mo.iitcur u have been captu
red or d'.fcttoyetl) is now ccinu nud beyond
a Kiu t. in aiHiiKii tn the iniorniaiiun
which wc hive already laid befoie our rea
den, tiiKin this subject, we are now enabled
to t.te that a letter has been received by Sir
Hichard Stnrhan, from capt. l-'arqtihr,lvho
11 an cillinllv (1elenilil tile Aciieion iMitiib a
j K,-mil a'prri.r a forte. The Utter ia d-
i ,Ct front MMnga, ht
into whirli pi 1(0 he wai
carried uw hoard ihe llortrnse. lie states,
tint the whole number of thv ahipt belong
in- In ihe rniivoir which were captuitd,
were en! r i Srrr, nil of whicli were sunk
All our inf innjiion indeed on litis aubjret
ici.ds in corroborate ihe report thu only thttt
of the Mcditvrratiran cfnvoy hat fallen into
the hand of the tn.iny. It certainly would
he a waste of lime lo make any comments
upon ihc grots filtehoodt of tho ofT.cial
Hatcrnentt f the Mtniuur. They are now
tn notoriously deiiitute oflroih, that the?
cannot ettn mtaer the purpose olimposin;
noon the people of Trance. The l imrd
friitate. which tailed from C.ilraltar on the
firtt lntt!.ifcnce of capture of. a put of
the convoy, it at present employed in block
in? fin the lloMcnte m Malaea
Disnatchet were f enerday received frum
Admiral Ilutnt, Itaimg ttitl Ihc Dutch t'c
iti the Texel had changed its position ; froni
which it is inferred by 'some, 'that -it will pro
bably soon put to sea. We are sorry we
cannot concur in this opinion. The Dutch
fleet, we have reason to believe, is not in a
conditios-to put to sea, much less to con
tend with a superior British squadron.'
Account are sivid to halre; been received
from Gibraltar, which leave no doubt of the
Toulon fleet having again put to sea, and of--Lord
Nelson being in .pursuit of it. '$
, Lordship, it is said, passed the Straits of
Messina on the 5th of February, with a fair
wind, having received intitnation of theene-.
my having been off Cape Felo, thi'ee daye
J;efore, standing to the southfc'fcrd. '1 h,.
last official accounts from the Noble Admi
ral, aix dnted about the 1st of February, .t
which lime he remained at anchor off l'aio,
Itis baidtobe intended by the Irish Go
vernment, immediately to have twocncair.p
nicnw formed 0:1 a very extensive scale ; the
.one at (Jo:k, the other on the Curragh of
Kildare. '.'.,,'
The dispoiition t)f ofir force l6n the Bou
logne ntstion, ith the appe;.r..r.ce vA the c
ii'V's iT-w-'naratioiis, arc ihus deiv '1 il t u bv t h
ofi'xer bclongi og to the squadron; dated yts
tr.rday s'entiight':. u aftcliir'c'fl' liou
by.tve en the . 11th inst. LeVp.urd. Ttusty,
Leada, N'arctrsut, rah, t-py, '!!; iileur,
ti'e, liiiy, IS gun brigs ami t'v.y c'uitcis.
The Igvcortsd'te and Melpoir.tne fricaua
have sailed with Sealed orders to the et
yard. The-former is relieved ofiTicuJi t' nor
tv the Nan isms ; and the latter c i Ihivra
by ihe Chisscmie ; they are now pcr.e, it ia
hr j ed on a Successful rrutee. 26 brigs ai d
'29 luggers came out from the Lurbrur .f
D:j'Ulo:nc and anchored in iW road fMnr-tVe.
of their ve-scls in the harbour if liov.loiu
Vimereuxand Ambicteusc, are very thick
indeed. There are ido a great number r.t
Ktables," witched by.. the Autuxn, Manly,
l'himer, Piercev. liitcr and Y rt gler The
encampments aVe 'sl'dl very numtrout aknj
the coast."
A recent letter from Constantinople says-,
" The conduct of Gen. llnuve, pitneiing his
1 'departure from hence, sul jtctic' both hini-
se'far.d his 4jocrnn tnt to jhe uinmst ton
tempt. After repeattcllv ornc'titii i: p his :r-
i tention to set c?ff, and as often feizing n-t:y
pretences to justi.y his stay, m hopes il . nl.e
fears i f the l'orte would induce the u j. Y
tion of the new Kmperor, he left lv-a ii ;
the I3;h December, but halted at Latl n ?.
fetth head of the harbotirofVcnst.n.tiiiot U-,
w lici t he continued in expeitaii'.n ( I sen.
overtures from the governmental ill tlir i i'f,
w hen he proceeded on his journey by land 16
Vienna. . x
The Russian influence here, or. 1 might
try, the lluus'ian governmelit in Tuikty. it
more absolute thur. ever, atid this at eivpire
may really be roimidercd as llus:!.n jm
vinre. (real-Rritainis but little thought of,
and Austria less, ahhnutjli an iuinxdiatii
ne'.hbour. The Turks, cither ll.n ur,h
confluence in the support ofilussia, r ll.n'
fearof its power, seitn to c nf i.c to bit
tiicifrcoiit'.dciation at.d altclitiOM.!'
March 20.
The of Irelani.- -The Dvilin vcnrVjf
Post of Saturday last, hat the folio ing ob
tervations 11 thit aubjert :
The misreprcsentationiwhichliave crept
into some of the london papers, rcsp ctir
the picsetit state of tint country, and the re
flections cast ujrnn Ihc county of Kcny, iitf
particular, call loudly for rtllectirn. Thera'
arc none but poisoned and unprii ciplcd
minds, whu would convey lo one country
false opiniotitof the other. The country al
hukd U, . as well as every other parl o(4hi -kii'gdoin,
it no, happily, free from fvcry
pohtiri! delusion ; the ery tmhen, wejru'U
cf disaJettion, are totally extinguished ; an!
tvhatcver may appear among us, of parti' u
Ur htrocitict, arc well known tiot lo sriso
from political motivct, but from ignorant
pirjndices rctpcctiiig mtl'.cit of priatd
Yesterday intcllipenre warcniid at 1 ha
Admiralty, brojght by the Jcdnnna l icdtri
ra, of Altona, which Icll Malaga on the IftU
Ult. staling that a Trench frif atr 1al arristil
at that port with the trewtof Iwolltil ah !'!
of war, and merchant Lrijr, captured by her
and another French frigate : that ihe t
Uiitish thiptofwai tunk after the. aciiofi
which lasted riear four houra, and thai the a
Lose brig wat the only merchant vtasr! of tk
ronvoy from Malta knon to hate bren uktri
by ihc I'rench fn(ttei, ihe icsl hatirg ctta
ped during the action.
Two C.otlenburRh mailt arritd Jt t'ert'ay,
the contents of wl kh ate wholly uriirpt rtanu
TI.eKttera from rt?!tbarj by U iacontf
ante are dated Feb, 1 1-23, at nhitlitime M
Novosilttoff had not retcL'd that tity
A Russian atrrised ye tt
day with dispatr'ntt of feat Importance, re
ltit to th )rc tent afannemtnta ttlwcttl
the rourta of London aoid reterburi;h.
W are fcappy announce the inira'.
Tc'erday la Uove'Ro'i of fire hon.tti4
rund Latt-lndianen
UMttfct, Mirth ti
According V,CC0UBl!trvo Naf !c Uif.

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