.SW-YO&K, Jufy tV . . titract of a Utter from a respectable im'rcsniiW ... house tit Bremen., dated lremtn, April 32, l&tiJj 11 There is no Remarkable'-alteration in markets ; we had bt few arrivalsriqnri the United States and the' West-Intfics'and OUT stotk of West-India and American' produce, is very inconsiderable Linnens continue ia brisk demand. ' ' - " T" ' " The new qsfaTantine laws issuod by the uuse oi ejiaenourgu, are very aevcic, u resseb from vhe Spanish ports that have been tntectcd wttn the ellow-r ever are seneuacs to Christian .Sound, in Norway ; it is the same case with those from Charleston.-. Vessels from the northern ports are likewise subject to some formalities and detention, particularly if thsy have furs, cotton or stuffe on board, and we would advise you not to ship any of these' articles until we inform you vi mc ijun amine uciut iain.n vu same measures are taken as respects ftheshirj fiing on the Elbe and .Ems. "In the eve'nt of any -shipments to this place, we Would" advise y ou to accompany the bill" of lading with a certificate of origin1, tifovinn' the roods irf biies'ion are raised In a healthv country j alstf to provide the cap tain with bill of healths expressing that neither at his lime of sailing,- or eighteen -ninths befortf,- . the port of shipping bad been infect by the Yellow-Fever ; Without these documents Vessel from , A tnerica and othrr transatlantic ports are sub ject tcrthe deUiition of a quaraitfiire." ' ' J ' Lract from Rathfotiy Hughes' and Duncan's Liverpool Prices Current, to. the 25f of May. v rt The importations of Cotton into tins p"-rt since the coiH:vit?ncem;nt of this year hiive been stealer than uiual ; but into other ports consider ibiy less; and from" the best calculation we caa torm, we are oi opinion that the importations' in the kingdom are about the usual supply. The stock in Una rhurkefr is now about 60,000 bags. The demand for the manufactured article con tinussvefy limited, and the purchaser have rjcceed:d in reducin the prices considera .Kly under the quotations in our last Trice Current, since the date of which, until with in the last ten days few sales have been made ; but during the present week, the demand for the raw material has coniidcrably increas ed, and about 3080 to 4 )JJ b igs' in all tuve been sold ; they chiefly consist in Uplands ; the prices- at which the holders nude the first sales of this decrtpi;ot), were at from 16 to 16d. per lo. but some advance is now . askedj and one parcel, of a fine quality, has been sold at 18d. per lb. the present current- price for such as is of a good quality is Horn 17 to 17 jd. p.-r lb. but most of ihtfprmciple fiolders will not sell at the- prices, in the expectation that there, will be.a greater de nt md for Unmanufactured article and if this takes piice, the prices of the v inauiul ' wil4 advmcc. . . H The a i.uv.itr arrived from New 0 leans as yet b'U small, but supplies are expected f hn 5 the q-utuity of thai w.uch is come to mrket, is not upon ths whok, e.i'ial to that of l ist year's, the prices at wliica this de, Ci iptoi h is been soi l this week, are from 20 to 2 1 d. pur V. the eA-s-rvatio.n respecting L.d.oids apply to New-Orleans " The demand for ScwIsLnd and Bourbon is completely suspended, unhss at prices Irom 4d. t id. per lb. tinder lire quotations h oar last Price Current ; and some of Ihe 1. !drs, being nn.U-r the necessity ot dis posing of their stocks, have sold" sever al parc-ls of Sca-Uland at from 6 I. to 9d. psr lb. under what has been (iwn for similar qulitic' (n the whole, it seems probable, that Cotton luobscn at it lowest price lor sonic t me to comt, and that prices will sdvance In proportion s th dem.ud forlhe manu factured articles encrencs.. y July 13 Capt. Stellwgcn( nrrivnl here jnterdiy from Malays, informs, thai on the U3d of June, in!t. 34; 40,'lonx,CJ, JVf he saw a fleet cf French men of wr, consisting of 23 fail, chiefly ships of Ihe line; standing to the north, the wind from the eavwal. lie ws trmiiclit 1 by the Achilles of guns, one of the Hct, U sent a (joal oi( lx)ird, f.ir Capt. S. and the ship's papers ; tilt y trea ted!.'! m politely. They were fromtke West Indies t but capt. Slcllwagen-did not Team where they wem destined. lie was informed If the lieutenant, thatevciy shiphid grent number of t".ps mi tord they wre obliged to he on two thirds allowance lliruujK lire fleet. Ciptain O Britn, whose rr?val wis men tioned yestenUy from I'oint I'etre, informs, that 6loat 30 pilots were Ukrn at that pUcs ctt of heirtH ds at nint. and" put into small loais and carried on ln l the Tosiln Bet, Th?t pilms bvd iot rf turn-iJ when Capiain OMlien -saed. On th 3 Jd of June, csptain ... . .a it I 1 . U Hnenwcineu(titrtniee or snugua.iit fnurlups rf the line undrr nritili co. laurs, sttuding to the somhwird on wind PlIILMltUHK July i. C,Nn'f tf tl" Ui'i'J Stiftt if Amtrle, Sir, M thifriii proSabtli'y ir-at trv fi4 -until qifsniint ifgula'ions will be a Attf.eA br nU otffnment. in cnr.fe n icm-'c t ihe rite mi'tn of vc!low Itf tr vatlout . I U e prtl of to'c p , In ... It in aiiii. lw, 1 oneie'i ,; !v nrCrif.tr, ht o if ctli'i In h J i iK fliW V'"ruji'y tua.k J. .!. .:! lo Hi tit of KtAUt e frovtdei wiSo the ofuat. oVufltentft de claratory of the. ftate of "the health of (hi d'ulrift of the U. Statej from which tier' eler and in the event of thefr'foftichln al other places, prevfCfus tb.iHeTr'linUflng'; Ihe Baltir that they, procure Ihefeffoin the like atteUatioins, or othcxwiCs Verjr-1 tnjufioui dei em tori may reTult. '. ; You Will pleafc Sir give publicity here Jo, fof the infortnatron of the merchants of the United States. . ' I have the honor id be vtxj refpeatully, Sil,- , -- ' You moft obedient fetvant, LEVETT HARRIS, P. Muhlenberg, Efq1. Col hctor of the Cuftoms of the Pott of Philadelphia. KoRfoxit July 5; Our Commerctal Friends will perceive by this day's paper, the great rise in the rates of premiums of insufence; While, in com mon with very class of our felmw citizens, we regret that our commerce rshould be tor ced to endure a'ny additional burthen, we cannot but acknowledge that the nuinerous captures which have taken place not riy at a distance, but on our coast, and even'ih sight of our harbours, form a just cause of alarm to underwriters. Vessels trading or suspect ed of trading with Su Domingo are not now the only object of se'fzuTe, as the '.-daily' ac counts confirm,: a plan of universal plniidur and depredation Irarbeen devised ni put in to practice against us. The .fatal1 conse quence which mubt proceed from a persever ance in such' a plan, as well to the public in general, as to 'the, individuals immediately concerned, iiuisl be obvious to every man. of common reflection. Intending at a future day to -observe more copiously on this sub ject, we shall at this time only remark,, that ri is niauci oi siu priac lo us niai ii:c uici- cantile and marine members of the comnau nity' do not transmit l the eretut'iTe regu lar and authenticated statements of the lossthey have sustained, as well as information of the peril to which they are daily and imminently exposed. Such a nn-asure could produce no evil : it maht result in much good. What ever may be 6ur general opinion of the Ad ministration,' "we cannot suppose that, if'au- thenUcally-iuroiriud of all the dilapidations sulkred by our trade, it would not make some exertion to protect the rights of in dividual aRd io vindicate the national honour. port of the Spaniards' five were kilted, ai ' fifteen -u.ma'de prisoners j the remainder jumped oVcrboard and sVam to the hore. Among the former, were captain Hooper, the commander ofihe privateer and captain John Randolph, late of this city : t ' ' - ' ' ' Ju'y ?o. ' , ","'' ' WE yefterday mentioned the recapture of the (nip Two Frictsdit CapCM'NElL by the BriuA-governtricht btig fjun tett Capt. IngleIelI). This formation is furnilhed by the arrival of the piloft boat fchooner keguUior, Capt. White, which was difpatched trom this port im mediately afte.f the capture of ike 7ifu Friends wiih documents to proe the (hip and cargcy American property. She had a palfage of fcen days to Barracoa, but hcaringof the fhip of that port, went round to St. J ago de Cuba, where they found t'he Ftenth, prize-rnaltcr and the priva teerfrhen, ' who informed that a few days befoie,: when wiihio three hours fail of Birracoa the Ih-ip haying fallen to lee" vvtfrd, they tell in with a Briiifh armed brigV wficn the Frenchmen took to their boats',' leaving Capiain M'Nfti L on bud the fhipi which wat ..immediately taken jh it;. Ifini of by- the brig, On receiving this it.fottnation Captain VVhite failed for Port Royal,' to svhich port he made his.pulTtye m the lhort fpace of 24. hours. A few days after he arrived, the Snake floop . or war catne in," lie cd nnundcr ol which Hated that he left the Ihip :and brig at Cape Nichola jVfole, where1 the latter vcf fcl had put iu to .repair lief bowfprit, carried away in cliafing a French priva teer which Ihe had captured; The linn -andcuo being of too great value to rilk a ieoa fuu:, it was the intention of the Capt. of the bti to convoy her to Jamai-. ca, as foon at he had made the ncculLry repaus 01 : his yelTel. . A lew dav 3 ctfqre Capt. White left Pit Royl, (rft-n Ihip's ot -1 h- line failed to ji.in Ad.niral Ntllun -a cutter' houi hij duct had arrived at J .-maica. ' 1-A letter reccivetTby a gentleman in this city from a re?pcctaDle character in Saiuo DonriiiKo, dated the 25th of June, stales, that it was reported there, that the French and Spaimh fleets had taken the Cape and Port au-hVince ; nd that the Brigands had le treat ed to the mountains with great loss, without burning the cities. Charleston Times, July 13. WASHING lU.Ci FY, July 18. lBy a circulatJeif ;r from the Sfcre'ary of State dated on hc 1 1 July, ifc'cj, the. Confu'k a:;d Commcicial Agvr.n ol il.e U. Staitii te iuilriiclid tu xi'M-r fi anyctr iheate whatever relative ti? ihe ptir rh fc jt toretu veile s by citizem of the U.S atev, txcipt toiiiLhi tiioi.k ai may fa ns! ' the CVi.ft.l and Commcrt A Agents, t'.u' "he ptirJule wis made wiihditknow i.'g this ahcrat'uu 111 their inlt, uftions ; and they arc alio rll rained fioin allowing the exception iifeif alter the epraMn ot two iTionths trom the date of the sdvenife. inent thy are direcltd to publilh ol litis irillrudiou. CIIAULI.S'ION July 18.' The schooner falton, Capt. Taofson, arrived at (Quarantine last evening i t Uuys from Jamaica. Capt. T. had becnriiiluro cd 40 days, during which lime the 'inland had eeti under martial law. . aVtf MuUigeixc hjj been rtteivtd at J.uhjum ofiheoperutuns of the feels t) r.'in.i:euJ. A fleet of merchant men sailed from J-nit'.ca the day before Cat Tho.mpso. Two days since w at boat u cd Ly tnc Lan.br ian frigate. N Savannah July 13.-F.xtfact of a letter from a ncntKinsn at St. Mary's, to the F.di tor of this paper, dated July 6 At his moment is pa'rrn this plate, on the onpovite shore, the schooner Matilda, late 1 ,reiich privateer, csptfired ry the Cambrian frigate, captain llcrctfotd, and manned by hif wiih 100 picked men, for the purpose of cutting out tw j priici, and tke privateer whkh tajv. tured them. "Nie Spnniards are pn pared, nd in a tittle lime, 1 prtsumc, an action will comHtcucc tluy are not nn hitant mors than six milts. 1 i CkmWUn has raptured another French or Spaimfc pria Iter." . 1 By ciptain Chad W k. of the srhoon-r Han nah, arrived here yeMciday from St.Mry, wb have been favored with an accourt c an rn';ariiient which look place ! Stturtlaf lust, mi Kos Blurt", between a Klimaier fit , led nut' hv the Cambrian frigate, wr the pur pose 01 cutting oui rrtim their nothing or the Spnuikh shore, the vessels referred la it the above extract of a tetter. Tie schoontr fiitrd out by th BntUli frinate, tascip'urctl by her from the French about two wceka since, after chas of twrnty-t wo W-urs, l. tccn Chutctton utid libtebar, rotmniin eighteen f p-iuiidrnh and earning 110 men. She appMr.d abreast r.f St. Mary's at S (Ukrk, n'l'an to hd at 4, got under sA.tnU h1 , W-d wp ih rittr lq com mence ihe atTsrk, which innk placriboul i. Thtetuastfmtiit Usttd rear an hour, when three luti wriemsnmd by Ihe lnt,h sch'r to bntrd ihe pnafetr, which Ihrf t fleeted and riotA ihe slMhih', w,d tHvst'rrr Tl i KiiRlish hid fe.;if inert kilh'e!, mh tcnwnund ed. TheLleuTrnint rertucda hitil.ivKH ! Msjiw, and in nt.e .,f hit thit'n, w.t was r.ti ihouhl in a dirji' tous C.i thi According- to the latest London dates, it appears that the British are contracting for an immense eiuantityol shipping for the con veyance of Russian troops. A proposal has, it is said, been made in the north ot Lnland - July 23. Capt- CoKHOR, of th schooner Nancy, ar rived )esurdi'y in 18 days li Cm Si. John's (Antigua;. C apt. C. states, " that the day bclore lit sailed, a Boston schooner arrived at that plate, which had three days before fallen in with the combined fleet beaiiuc lo windward, and the next day fell in wiih Ad miral Nklson, in full chaseK steering the same course, and withinSO heursail of the enein) Lord .n had been eighteen days in chase, and by calculation had gained twenty miles a day on the combined licet. The "fleet ofWest-lndianten, . reported to have been burnt by the French, had all ariittd at Uuadaloupc." 1 :iQ;:"' RALLICH, July 32. A reprctab!c correspondent of Wayne coiiii'y, has sent us the following mclaiKlio- fcly and alarming becouut of ihe conduct f 1 ne Negroes in that quarter, and the pro ceedings lately had sainstthein. The state ntnt is published in the gentleman's own wouls. " Wii) ne thorough, JulyM, " Dear Sir, " I take the liberty, from a sense of the danger vnich tjie white pcople.of this state are 111, to communicate to you one of the moil shocking plots by theBIacks imaginable. If you think it w 01 thy of a place 111 jour pa per, it might serve to put ptopie on their guard. We have been engaged in this county in the try in;c of Negroes for poisoaing Whites, eter since .Monday last. One suf fered death at the stake (was burnt olive Jon Saturday last, for poisoning her master, nii tress, and two others J two.more are tinder sentence of death, and arc to be banged on Wednesday nrxt. Thirteen are imptisoned under guaid, a part ! whom, from the e vidence, I exjicct will sutler death, and we are daily nuling new discoveries Some have been brought from Sampson, others from Jonston, so ihatthe plot eppcars to base 1een a general otic It is said by some of the p isviie:r tl al the head men are to be. poi. so.tcd lirst, and the rest are to be subdued t nd sf cr detaining a suflkient rmn.brr in slavery, the balance, if refractory, arc lobe put 10 death. We prorttd iKit mornin with tha tri als, and God only knntts what the event will he. Six or et,;ht Uuhl llorw-mcn ire Continually on du'y lo bring up thar-ed ne urwts, l'idrf a strong guard tf Infantry hoil the prisoners. What raised the first sil'pictnns m this tus'nett, was the de ath of one t.riwonf Mir respcctnUe men." 't Midertand that one of ihe persons poi toned was a Mr. Jcridfan. WILMINGTON, r TUESDAY, JULY 30, .1805. . . . ! ;;n i . Zxtract of a Itittr from a gentleman in Martini gue, to his br other in Philadctphip,. dated . Sf. PiERaES, June 21. "' " You will no doubt except some news of the French and British fleets in these seas. -You will by? therefore ihfrm-d that admiral v UKUU la Kilt mi itiui li v & i niiv wivu; 20 sail of the linie and some frigates. It is confidently reportfd and generally believed here, that Admiral Nelson, with, 12 sail of the line and eight frigates, is now in pursuit of him." .... f; ;;:,.;..' .':::'' : The following remarks from the Farmer's Register, of Lausingburgj we think are ra- a r it a 1 a A r H a vllnn f knt i Wc hope the real American merchant. will . read them with attention : Salem Hegister.- u The capture of the ship Two Friends, off Charleston, by a French privateer, will no doubt offer. the federalists an opportunity,. T;which they will not let slip) of pouring out their wrath and vengeance aeainst Mr. Jcffer- son, and the wholeFf'ench nat.ipi' - iih' redotdia" led fury. We feel as much dibpostd 1 to con demn the unwarrantable capture ordetention " 6f AmericatKhip's as any man among the whole federal party, let the perpetrators be long to. whatever nation, they may but these sentiments will never induce us to counte nance l'rud, or witness in silence the taking an undue advantage of the rights of citizenship ' by unprincipled foreigners, more especially - when such conduct has a tendency lo j-ecpar-dizethc peace and safety of nur country, by comproniitiifg our neutrality and the honor . tT 1 1 r trr 1: a r rs xi- f . 1 nw rocn imsw'M'm ho ni-.it t vvia evtvi iiuiviiit aisiv v uow ev a v via iiih be Classed amcng many others, now existing m the United States, calculated to produce those baneful eKVcU. There is every reason to believe tliat the ship Two Friends was fraudulently covered as American property- nay, wc will venturelo say. that not a timber hecdof her is owned by any citizen of the U nited Stales, and we are induced to express this opinion from a strcn; concurrence f tice tt this presrnt time. " In the year '98 or '93, Cart. Neal M Neil, (now master of the Two Friend?) com manded the ship Lliza, a regidar ti pder be tWeen London and ChntWs'r.n. Although thiVship was cuvered by c"tt hir en ;n Char leston; who were naturalized, hvr-be'onging to an ErrgliMt housMn I.onfljTrwas c noto. rious lhatnobody in Chaikston ever doubted it, and if any had doubted it, the folhwiny circumstance", ofitcif, wcidd serve to t s'.ab. lish the fact. On her passage from Cln;!? tn to London" shawaH captured by a French privaeert '"1carried'intoBayene,"iriFranrf, with capu M'N'eilott board. . On lier a-rival: at Bayone, capt. M; immediately abandoned her without laying a c'aim for he, in behalf jf the owners, or w-itiri the tvtm of the trial. This conduct, at fiat view, would apnear stranije, but it waspei fecHlv consistent, when it isconsideied that capr. Al. knew that tl:e ship was English proputy, and would be pro ved to be so, The owners iti fndon. Liiow f ing that under tl.ose ciremm l-nccs, claiming ' the ship us Amcr.ca p-tptrty s:Mitdbe per, feclly use-less, ai.d only Mlte'i.etcii w.'h.ss ef time end money, had rnstp'cte c! rnpf. M. te abandon her immediately, in Case of capture. A n'rsKHiniird,i 'ur)nnn3 irlof i'.e In, U I iih l fmm I lu'l-ii'l at the hsl t!aUs. iu rsii'.t.itt L ?d ;t,M in Wm. Iit.!v. ,..- Sittou tfr. Accoidingly, as wc huvc already tXrivcd I.e left her on lis arrival in Frirre, and pro ceeded directly 10 I ondon, when the sure owners immediately purchased the ship 10 Friends, rhvc hiin ihe command of her, and consigned het to their, ffttnds in Charleston, who covered her also, as they had done tin Eliza. That house having subsequently fail ed, one of the copartners has continued toco' -vcr the Two Friends in hit own name, as A merican property. And she was so covered at the lime of her late capture. " In giving the' above statement, we were far from being governed by any other mo tives than exposing to public vie a practice which, we fear, is too extensive for the Lo . nor and safety ef the American flag." We are Informed that copt. Tingey list received orders immediately to fit out the frigate Adams, now lying at the city of Wash ington, and ta repair to Charleston fur the purpose of protecting that harbour from the7 marauders which infest .Philod(ljhia fcf mmmmmm A Philadelphia piper cf ihe 1 3th ins. says 44 We announce with Krtat satisiartion. the . 1 1 O .in.. iiS. m I taluahle carro of ctiffce, lec. The carcn of this single ship Is laid to he, equal to the whole amount of the fleet of ftte tcssrls lately arrif ed at Ncw-York from Fort-sir-IVmce. ' POUT oTwiLMtKG I O.V. KKTktta Brig Elizabeth, Bartlett, St.Thowat Sch'r Mercury, Kelly, SuBaatholomcwa Brig Jane, Dcnkendor IT, Liverpool CLtaat Scb'r Orange, Pratt, Martlnlc .Mary, Meagher, SuThoroaa Charleston, Jv!j 25 Arrifed brig Orange, Teltham, Mariel, 10 days, La B. Groning 701 botes nfsogar. Captain Fell:. am left at Mariel, ship be longing to FhiUdclphu, and a schoonef" for NewYork, vessels and Masters' names ih l rrcoltectcd. Cap'.. 1. inform, that several American ttti had been capturtd an 4 stnl l Ncw.Frtitidcme by F.nglisb priuticia. fwr lin; Ija !'.d steal pcitscfCube ,1

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