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the wind
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Total, arid names
of the deceased
Capu Allah i Ihfbn.
AT the -Court of Pleas and Quarter Ses
sions, held for th County of Blarien,
the first Monday in Jane, 1305, we cmahncd
a Exstcutors to the lust Will and Testament
of the Ute.TRAVEas V. Hrvkt, dk!oeiti:(l.
We therefore give notice to all persons ha
, vim? . any demands against the estate of the
sard Harvey, to nuke them known to. u with
in thetime limited by law, or they will be
barred from recovery; all persons indebted
to said estate are requested to make i in me
diate payment.
william robffcn, I F .
Bladen County, July 10, 185s. 2w.
n r :i
650 Acres of Land
V th'r fVortliea'.l fi ! of ti e Nciih.
U'vpt, anur twelve miks above
L. i-bcth.T iw n ; i- lies very Ai'e on tl e
rivtr 9-.d ha an great a p'oro'Mon ot
o vS Land, accorbng to the ni nji rr ot
is res, a any tra on fi I Uiv r. ' TI c;e
arc on the prernfes valuaMe Ctifl Mtl,
Dwe'ling ii.uiic a:i I out Uoufet.
As the above mentioned Ll'ii has bmn
previm:1y a ivcrufed for f a e in thu Ga
zette, I Jer T, it uLcecetrary to enter into
further particular. Ary perf.m who is
Jrfi'On of pnrchifing good Land on the
fiij Rvrr, will meet with a great bar.
gin, as I am Jcllroui of fcti-.g the Wef-
tcrn Country., '.
The terms of paymentwiil ba made
eaf to the purcrufer, j? ,
' There ia a -likely crop rn On the
Land. If the pnrcl.afcr jrves at a d f
tancr, and wifljes to purchafe Com, 1
wi'l lifpofe of one half the crop on tower
terms than any other lo the fcltlement.
Apply to
Living on ih? N.lnhwtr) fHerffaidKi.
, ter, 12 niiUi E izibcih-Town.
. . July 28, i8"5 2m,
roa sale
Mjlht iubtc'i'ir, at tht S.i-f 9i fie Jlia'J
htt'j or mi) ud bf Jrth,4 Prj,
REST St. Cmix Suar in hfi;llcad and
Cd an.l 4th provf St.Cr Is k Crtna-lA Hum
by the puncheon or -unci,
K. I! Hnin.
Surinam MuUtteaby the hojslieaj or barrel.
. Xfculd Candle by the I os,
Tobacco, Haiir, MidCbnp,
fitch, Tar, lurpir.tint,
llogihcad and barn I Mates and JiWing.
J'nr 10, IIOJ.
:$ox Sate .
LAND, . 1
FOUR miles from Wilmington, fitti
ated on btiih fides of Cat Fih Creek i
from 1 he itlouth up - faidcreek: until it
joins Mrs. ,Toomer Valine,' corltaining
abojjt 300, 106 iof which has been
cleared and planted in Rice. Payment
will be made cafy by 'part being paid the
next Winter ; r he 7 balance iriay be. by
four yearly inflalmentsj or goo J note?
and bone's. The fitUation foV lutldingts
- pleafant and convenient; -commanding a
view dver all the low ground. V- Onit is
a framed Houfe nearly fii tiled, about 22
by 26 with a good chimneyj and fundry
Negro Houfes. For further particulars
apply to the fubfenber or Mr. Richard
Bradley in Wilmington.
J'.!v ??..,ig".c, . . ... '
ixcelicat ; bavv' ililis tor bale.
NE .haif'of 'a vaiuabie Eltate in
Mills.-built by the late Peer. Mai-
Ifco, Eiq. and tho Si;bi'criber, on Bfack
River, below Faytitcviliej on the road to
Wilmington. Acrofi the river is a per
manent dam, on which are two Saw Mills,
which work four fws, with each a fcpa
ra;c 'running gear, and have cut 18000
feet of lumber in a wek ; and a Coin
mill, well flip plied with cuilom. The
M Ik' are new ami well built, are c-WlanU
!y lupphed with an" abundance of. w iter;
and piotctteU from Irclhcs hy a .'atVral
wclh way. The river extends 40 miles
:jboe the Mi ls J logs can be fl jated to
them from a jjieat ilillance, atid rifts 0
fiom the t'i(i ut the Mtils to Wilinin.
ton.' l6,$6 arcs of L411 1, oyercd with
"pine, cy rets and oA, and .' tach
fide ot tue river, aie connected .w'i'h the
Mills; loco cies ot v t .h of an excel '
lent quality lor rice, may he drsred and
watered by a dam at.ihe wadwy, 1'he,
upland abound in light wood, a'uJ tar ancJ.1
turt'i.tit.e may be made to a Iv jn'ir.
There is no fi t:at'fn in . the flat e. vthih
combines cqu il a.Uiiragcs fjr the ma? 11.
fixture of pine lumbtr, naval Co?e? 'atut
ritr, where thife is fufncictit iat:r to
tranffort every th;'"g to niaikc, ard ;lif
Milts are fo prrftilly giiaidc.) tru;n the
danger of fLxida. An or.d'vh'ol
halt of the whdt property, ' 'h a lew
Nigroef, flock in t.'af!cj laikfmith's
1 00U, a number otOxcn, and all ofl'er
things uectHary about the Mills, are to
be !'! on a liberal credit , to fuit the
convcnlrnc if li t ptitchk(V.r For i"rim
apply ,10 M Jlu. John Wlnllow and John
Kcc!e of FaetteviHc, vho are-tully
cmjOMtrcd to fell '.he fame
Fayetteville, April 2, lbO). 446
Ran Away .
IROM the fubf. liber, luirg In the
upreffnlof Bladen crnnny, tn the
Kniih Weft Rivrr rf Cap' -Kar, en the
lo h inflict, a Nrgto Man r-anvrl AA
ROM, twenty years old, sIhiui five feet
"ieor ten kiiheshih, llut ma le, a lit
1 "diperl in a yellow im -"( kclkm t hJ
fthr he wintawiy kf hnnKfui
tionf.f t ,ue f-,n tli), wj,n Vcii,.f
p"f.n. Ten r'-Uai tsillle pi-fn f
"1 ftllof, either del fie the fnb.
rc,,ror fcctictf 16 ul f tl. I i et hut
lOSMtfA POTTS offers for sale
.'rr!'."- 'AtWhdesal-PrictS)'
PUNCHEONS Moutserat and St. Croix
' Run, : , .'' , ,;, ,
Hoghshead.s Molassea,
Boxes Havuna"iu:Su'gr, ;v i
Caskt iisinsj-, ' . -Cheats
andi ftaff thesw'Bobea Tea- . ; ' '" ,
Boxes Wpol Cards,
Cases men's Mats, (coarse)
Kegs 6d; Nails,
Ditto Spanish Brovtl "ground in oil,
Bar Iron,
Steel of several kinds,
Cordage, assorted,
Hand M ill Stones,, of superior quality
Grind Stones, i
Crates Earthen Ware, '
Pilot and ship Bretd,
Hogsheads Tobaeo,
Barrels Boston Bff, - '
Ditto N. Carolini (dittsj v
Kegs Butter -'''..
Oats, ' . - "'
Venison Hams, ' , ,l
Boxes Spanish SegafrSi "'
' Indian Cottons ind Musiitta,
iairA-Cotton. "-' .'- .
'rSawed Lumbety .
Wilmington. N. C. June ZAS.
A Caution
To LartdlofiH and other residents mt tei
trust any of -the 3carhfn oftlriT'shlp Or well
ot Liverpool, U any Drink or other article,
without iny k'Sj'.vktlge, ai. I ant tully dcter
miiiod not to aaawer any such demands..
Wilmington, 23! July IJj. .
To the Freemen of New-IIano-vi:r
NOTICEis hereby given,
THA I'.an Llelion of a pcrfou 10 re
jrknt this Ddltid in the Conrefs
ot me United States, and of perions to
rrprtfcm the County in the General Af.
femb'y ot this Mate, will he held at tie
Mlowinjt places, vir. At the hufs of
l'houiai Rogers, Black River, 00 Sxur
day hr 3 ), at Wafhirptop on Mob lay
die j h, at the houfe of Mrs. Edf. on
1 oclail IoumIj, and L ng-Cieck Br de
an Wedi tl lay the f h, and at tin Court
llniife Ifi Wi'mingtui on Fiid.y the 9 b
of Augutl ucat. Moore, $tf.
Ne-Hjrnvef County 4 Jo'y 16,
. Law of North-Carolina,
P-il in the year itci. " V"
cinr. xvi.
AtA'tt) am'tdttn act entithj " Ah Act direct
iiij ii ,(ihjd vf fUtling ntml'trt rf the Gf.
n:-ot Aitmb.j aud vthtrfm'fo.etfpainJ in
1 fie jtar 1777.
II. CE it enacted. That evey per ten ettcfed
a Itmbtr tf itt Ucnttol Astrmblj, tna'l, bf
fjrt taling nit ttut ih'rtin tan the oath vf el
trgiarite fifointcJ fjr the quaictilvn
birt of the Uentrat Aisemfi'j ur.Jt J6!ie Of
ficers. n J aV f $upatt the Ccnttuulion pf
thf Uniiid Sixes, tnj if any ft nun tdct.J
1 a ..Itmber $f the Ocntral Atn,o.j, tholl, bj
I hlmi'J Ot m"J other person, Jiiedij or indirtct
! 0 r (" to be given, anj gift, gta'liij
reward vr prtitnt triairr; vt give vr cause
tibe grtn (y mmsc'1 or enj tthtr ftrsun, enj
trtal or enierlatmntut eithellj h.mtrf or any
other prtsjn fjr him of uu ut or Jr,w, cl ay
pub'.ii Mcriinj or cdletuon rf the, lo any
penn or person, iliuttrrf$r hti pr their trtt
j or t.tts, or tttinutnee him or thtm h his eUt
rTfr tenon vi Mjtmr this ctl, .hull, cx
du prf thntofbt espl-ii from his seal in the
111. Be itffrther ensued, Tliat if any per,
SH or persons shall treat tw'iA either meat p
f'M,i rftiyt rf ettrtiin, or any dsj prtitmt
thereto, with at intmt ti i-Junue the eUetion,
every person S9 ojiudmg shell fartit and pay
the sum pf one luiudud pounds, the one half
ftrthi uit of the ejunty vheri the somt sh4
it retivetru. In be paid to the County, IrutUe $
l) tthtr ha'flntht UK f the thi shjt
sjrftrtk:ttt; Tte r(.xtttl ly tuliin rf
ui'u tn ant el tf tetud Aw re .
'the sitbscribers have Imported
By the JoviJentia Londm, the roily
aiid NonryJ 01:1 Lrun ;:-joI, UV.
A verv gtfiieral it vcllckcted Aasortmmtof
li-y Go "is. Hardware,
Conaistiug uiuohi; various other. Articles," of
the toilo .!.!,, viz. ' !
T 'INENS, Ozn nits CallicoesDi.
X-4 oi!!cs,aMi'lLiis Thickftts, B'at.k-u,
iNc.i.o.C'oth:'t-fii. ciuoe'and Cloths, . j
Co.tings and Cllimctcs, 1 kuncls. Hats, (
Hole, 1 hie Is, bai'inn, D.irant!!, Cal.
Ldamancoes, Veil Patter 's, Sshawls, Hand- ;
ken hiefs -'Anvils, Vices, Nans ot -II ,
kin Is,. 'L"k and Hinges, Carpenters' 1
1 u Ti, rvriivtsand Forks, Pocket Knives 1
a,iu lnkvivts, fVlill Saws and Ctofs Cut !
5 rwn, F!t, Guns, Hoes, Frying Pans,
S!ufl and Spades, Pins, Wimlaw O'ah,
Paints, Shot, kc, &c Thcfe in addition
to tlicir Goods alrca iy in (tore they interd
ponitig tor fa e in Siptcmber, and will
dilpofeof at VVhokfateon Terms thai will
piove at lca'l qiady as a'.lvautaeiis to
lr Purch-ftr ss to- Impoit.ficui Nttv-
Wilmington,- Ju'y 15, 185-
John Lc Tcllier,
INTEND vitimg Wilniiniiton in the
Cuuile of four or tive vcck, at which
time he will nfk-i ui 1 vices to the inhu
biiauts and its vi l.iiiv, in the vaihnu
Itranche of his protcllioi', particularly in
V ELUt io ihcir natural clegarice, with
ii.Uroniciits that cannot iijnte. tbe ena
mel. In tranlplaming erth, foas to be
pernuuct.t, andfet'ing aniBdal ones with
iory, that will not change toau unnatu
ral co.or ; in p'oggir g hollow-tctlh, ami.
reinflating ihofc with the gums that are
nu cii depicciaud by cartTt llncfs, or cor
roJi.j rnediciiK , and extracls fuch as are
too f.r goi.t 10 favc ; in which operation
of 1 araclinjj he makei ufc of
BRUFF's Patent PtrpendirMhr FxtracU
ing hjirnt'iHtt,
Which take be teeth out with a much
greater degree of lfs pain than any other
inflrumeni hitherto invented ; faflensthofe
thai are loofe, (iinlefs walled at the rootJ
regulates them Irom their cutting In chil
dren, a lH II 1 nature In the b:autilul ar-rai-gemeit'tf
ihe fecond fc:, and prefcrves
them in their natbral whlimefs entirely
f ne from all fcoibuiic roplaiutt.
" 1 o know if ycur tceih vsant cleaning,
rximint them telore flafi In a clear
light, ttginning at the two miJd e front
tilth of the lower jaw ; if the gumi art
departing from their former place, of a
black 01 yellow crull adheiing to the teeth,
you have caufc of alarm, as that corro
five fubllance calcJ lartir, will caufe an
iiffetfivc brea'h, decay th tee'h, prmluct
fcurvy, of toufi.rre the gums and bony
rars 'ill the tetth dt'p out.
N. B. lie hat DENTR1FICE cf
fjpeilor quiU'f for lali.
June 25. iBoc
Mr. La Tst-tutt mates ift
proper mtho-i vt rleiftfingihc 'l'EETII,
without iij.irin;4 the ecsrrel, and is u
th.nifcJ by me iowfe'tU Pate-t Terpen,
dicular Eraf1iritt Inflfinnnti in a'l p'a
ces wSere the tigM 1 roidifpnfed of, an l
not ithin hfiy mi! ol WaCiington City,
the 1 1 ji e f my rcJv. .
riirt 1 v. ritf'l-'W . Wnni.
A VALUABLE Plantation well known bf ,
the name of and situated alio at IlellV
; Shelter, in New-Hanover county, consisting
1 of about 5000 acies, together.with the 'stock. '
y.-aiiie, A-aiuiui Ullisus, .C. 1 acre 13
on the e,state a Saw Mill in complete i)rder
and also a Crist Mill with tnany otbelf bsefnl
"Ppmicuaucca. inmieuiaie possessionem
be given by applying to - .3' V
July 2, 1805. Livingon the Plantation!
,. .
Valuable ProhnH.
AunAUL.x to tne iast Will and Tes
tament of Peter RFallett, Fsq. cleceasedi
late of Fayetteville, the Subscribers offer for
sale on a liberal credit, the followinr? nfoDei tv
lying in different parts pf North-Carolina. ..
Cumberland County and Town cf
A Tract df Lanct-adjohifrig lands o;f IVirsi "
Smith and IsaaC Williams, Lsq. near Ave
ysborough on the South-weSt side bfCape
Kear river,-about 20 miles fi;om Fayetteville i
A Tract of Land containi.ig about 320 a
cres, known by the name of Council Hall
Tract, adjoining the town of Fayetteville ;
from the fertility orfhesoil and its vicinity
to the town this land ti considered very Va
luable and will be laid off in lots lb suit the
1 t i ww i li. 1 It i
:n.oianci liquseonthe wifst side of Uelesi
pie.sircct in Fayeltcville, where the deceas
ed formerly resided: the hnilrfi
repair "and the whole well calculated to acconii
modate a genteel family. Three unimproved
' Lots bii the west side of Gelespie-stfeet, be-
ueen Franklin and Mumford-streets adjoin- .
in; the Lot on which the dwelling hot.
10 or,15 unitriprbved Lots oh the v est hl&
of Ge!c.pie.sir;eet, 'bttltecn" Muhiford-street
and .M.Ulv'U's 'Mill.
A lai jrc WHixl-oiise atpveseai occiipicd by
iviys-n. iNvsr.u aim canipiM u, on uelcepie
sti'eet near the Town-buU!e, subject to a small
ground lent.
A Lot and D vellinR House bh trie east
hide of Gn. tn-treet near the Court Husj
now occupied Uy William 11. Williams, Esq;
A liOt und Dwelling-House on the east Md
of G-cen-trect,'m possesiionpf Mis.LlJimeti
an t subj . ct to her life rent.-" i (
Tt' Lot -al lower Fayetteville oh which
there U a Tobacco inspection under the cli
rcrliun rif Messi . D-lvis and M'llnnatd. lii
gethcr with a large three story Warehouse
three snnll V artn.mses and three extensive
Sheds wi'.b eveiy neCessry accommodation
for the inspection and storage ofTobiicco a
If thp'irch iser should incline, on of r f
Lots on w'.ich stands a large shed will be old
sep irate or divided into twj Lots;
Orange County and Town cj
300 Ar.res Ot Lan I in the Haw iltMs ada
joining lands of Gen. Meban".
A (irist Mill on Hiveraridinthetnrrt.
f iiilUborough, the Mili run tw jpairof
stones, with the necessary machinery of i
Merchant .Mill, the whole in tolerable rep: ir ;
from the "natural advantages this Mill poi
ses, e. iti con tide icd to ue the most Valua
bh in the state. -
Ntxo-Hdnovcr County and.Tcivii
of Wilmington.
One half L.t in the Town of Wilmirigi
ton on the South side of Princes-street, ex
tending along said street from FrouVsireettd
the river.
A Tract of Land on the East side or tl
North-West branch of Cape-Fear River, a
bout three milts above Wilmington, joining
lands ofWm. W. Jones and ,'Ienrr Waters,
Esquires; a considerable part of this land i
tTl mi A &.wftmi. rsr4 i r rtvi mr-
ed equal, If not superior, to any Pice Land
in the State It is well worth the attctilion of
those who propose engaging in the culture of
Rice ; the whole will be sold or it will be di
vided to accommodate the purchaser
A urge body ot Land on the est side 61
the Nortb-East rjver, exttndln along the
river from Henry Waters's plantnion called
Forceput to Msjor Moore's on Fishing-creek,
a part of this Und is tide swamp and well
suited to the cultivation of Rice. . '
ANo three Trscts of Iartd orf "Little CH
heara in Sampson county, well calculated for
Com and Cotton.
' The Subscribers will re eetve'prr l'W''' at
Fayetteville by letter Of otherwise lor all or
any part of the above'desctibed property nn
tilthe 1st of tktobcr next, ifunsrld 'he Mill
and tands in Orange county will be offeree!
at Auction in HilKborough on the fihty rf
October. The lots, Iloue and Lands in
Cumberland, at Fsysttetitle on the 16th dy
f the ssrfK month and the lands in New
Hanover on the llth dsy of Noefnler neat
Application my be made to Mr. Jamet
Ml jmford at Wilmington who will desrril 4
and shew the lands in ti e vicinity of that
JOHN F.CCLF.S, Itttmtsrsej hi
Jene 19, lies. 41
25 Dollars Reward.
Rt'S swsy ficfn bh lioata 1-e Chsrlevtcrf
Pat Vet, laying at srw hnrat rrt-Johftlcrtj
aneero man named Jt'.HU, Ul"nylfg oj
Mr.OeergeClclhcrcn, 6f S)Uth
Jehu is well koin In and about Wilminrj.
inn, and any person thst will del ver him ta
the subscriber hH receive the above iew?rd.
frlllM t ntiti.
, vWtUf ;in;tcn, June ?l 1
I' jhtu ft tutu

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