North Carolina Newspapers

    : NORFOLK, November 7. T
The ediior has'' "rtccivfri by ths Clip
w ilium rnn, opt. wauoo, m 40iiays ir
trom Naniz, ran papers loihc loth
Sept. (ii J later tha any yet received.
T -1 -i r i r Xa fKfA ri nr c tit tit c?i3f
fe'Telliou of Viri the continent was vet J-i
liodecided although: thi KuiSariJ and
Auftrtans were armir.g La aH parts, and aU
though all the, ufnerr? in France on fur-,
lough, were ordered to '-'fain ta armies
without "lofsflf timeline ; froBlicrs full of
rnop?, and all July aroied and iaia'arm,
the V.Utribtitiort f, , the Anflrian force
mentioned, and even the different com-;
matnlers appointed and named But the
reafons that operate againft inevitable war
are, thftt couriers from Vienna, and fre
quent" difpatches, were received at Parii
-that hotwithtianding the pompous and
inartial detail of Auttrian battalions it is
known they are, ai t icislarly ' " in Italy
muflli' thin, ha'f filled & hid to be waiting
for the recruit to join them and on the
fide of Ruifia, their prefent war with the
Perfians, ami their ilejigns on the Oao
rhan empire may 'afford TufTrcient employ
lor extraordinary aruiamcr.! and prepara
tionadd jo this, that the. temper of a
court is fometimcs made Jinowtt by inci
dents that, although tt-ght inthemfclvts,
betray its irooortan'. fecrcis-, .The follow
in" is a trarilation of oi;c of this nature:
" Peffrjhurgb, Jug 19 We mini not
helievc that every pcrfon he1 re is tor war
nr ace Ins alfo its partisans; and it
Is remarked, that while the ti tends 'of war
are of the Englifh party, .the lriends of
peace arc on the fide of France ; and this
provesthatthe pacific iuieritiousiot France
arc not mifunderllood hotwithflandinall
rndsavours ufed to ir.fufe a contrary opi
nion. Some days fince, in a numerous cir
cle at court, when the cotivcrfation chart
ccd to turn on the political fnua' ion tf
Euroiie. Madam' dc VV. who is known to
be in all thefecrcts of government afked, !
. ' w i t fi a c i u It f s a i r , i 1 1 h em p c r o r A I ex - j:
orxfrr meant to fell again to tiw cabinet of t
.Si. Ja.nes, the Ruffian foldicrl which thi I
finghih refufed to exchange, and which j
wen rvftortd to his father without ranfom, 1
hy the prclent chief of the French nation I j
This f;mpljor farcaftic qvicfiion, afton- (
ifhed evtryore, and put an end to the
Illl'J' Cl I' CIl Uuy II was llicmiuu.u 111 an
me inicrior circles, as uiun-anv j v.v ,
v i . 1
wiu r range. I
In reviewing the European publicationi,
it is worthy of notice that Jerome Uuo
rtaparte, who was cohfidered' here as an
fffemen'jte tor, ha5, with' 4 or 5 French
fhips of war, demanded and obtained the
liberation of all the French prifoners at
Algiers, 232 in number, fome of whom
had Lcen in Uavtry twenty ycaut
CHARLESTON, November 13.
The brig, I.ioncfs 16 Jays from Matu
ras. was captorcl in the Dy ot Ma'a-iz'a',
g lew howrs after (ailing, by the privateers
Sarah. Ann anJ Goorne and Phclia, of
New. Providence, all the crew excepting
"tbs aaptain, lujxicargo, and boy, were
taken o'.it, and a priiicmallcr anJ (3 men
pfjton bflatd a tew days after they fell
in with the LVuiili government fcho-ncr
Dccuvctt who impfcilcd ont man, and
put two oilier nn board ti e bri- in cx-
chani inC't'.lf'jiicncc ct which the prize,
mailer ictoftd to continue in charge of the
brii:, td rutrfinlercd nef up to cap1
Cat'on, wholiai brought her into ibis
poit; to gtt tilth hands The Liontfsha l
hem boarded prsvtous to tier cap'nrc, by
the ivatttr NJvrs, capt. G'bfon, who
futf.rcd her to pais, after aflndl txJtni.
rixiuH. i ltr;
fc . . NouniW 15.
W't are sorry to ute thit Ir.ta 1) itch
rort.mte of tht l'.ixliicy, as washed ocr
boi J nn the 28Ui !'. in it i;le of wind, and I
unlcbC'icanyaittiMiruMMjI.tbe teiiMvteo 1
.iui lie a native of Nt rth'arxdiu.',
and a manuiudi .a'et-mcd by r It w ho ktc-w
him. The reUti"nsvf tSe are in
formed, thai what pr.,uty he lift nn U ird
the l lodged with Mcn. JituiHt and
lmil, nitrcb.uts, tf this ctly
J?i?f?ti 0 t'W K.-Ou the currl
,to the wtvliw-ird f I'ape Niclitla .Mole, the
Pjrid t'Uik, fi"i 11 ti"iuh, was lowrdcd
Ly a I'rtneh sch'xHirr priva'.irr, with, c-ne
junonthe ftrcnMle and ni 7il lim. Hut
titii chased lcr fntin the WtMCii The
rurauden lok titMliing mure iln a few
fil, bulcnplitud mmli cf the treatment
t!ivt hid rctriveil f.-om a iir.aU Peet m"
Air.trirrs. tt;lit cr im u in tnimbrr cmt '
CapC'I'ranfoi i' It.dtimnre, which
lent a djr or t.i t f tre. and, f;iiii thtni
a few dichirjtf 'int i !kdci;ht nine
Men und wonndid ten.J ethirs.
On Ti?;lr T'V.'''t 'jl 'raht point, the
David Ulatk Ml with the paiktl, th f.fli i
aiptr wariidtru t.ti'Hiitrr, (the pile el
it i prtiuni'd itip;rt'Mtjf her cnem)
feed to "f thi re sii4 ut tin srh.viner, bu(
ild 111 'iiij iiy. nd.antrwrd j' tVt her.
Wc ''ndtr M and that t htCI "U 1 lie Id packet,
wlsicU weMicntitfd,iuf iine ;;ololuf l rn
!d ! t'"? o"vr "f tl p'iv-teer that t"W
ti r at m. S ;.i. at Irn h. jfly rted at
I'wii As. Umo. It it lud the i purchased
by an American gentleman (or 5oo dollars,
that 1200 more were expendtd in repairs, nd
that she was on her way to the coninent, in
ballast, when his Majesty's, jhip t'ranchise
fell in with and took possesion other
NATCHEZ, October 234
Xxtract of a lelierftom a gentleman f Kctthi
tochct, to the LdUors. dated Ocubt 6, 1805.
"A few davs ago, arrived herei William. '
came before'nie and made oath to tit follow-.,
iug circumstances, vi?. That they, the de.
ponents, had ben hunting- for nine or tea
months pa$t up Red rier, in a direct line p
bout three hundred smiles above this "place,
their party consisted of Julius Saurulers, and
John Saunders (his son.) Trcnci XXay and
the depdne-ntsj fall of them citiaehs of the"
United Sitates -and that they had., been suc
cessful in", hunimff, .trapping Sic. havins re
mitted to this place early the last sunwncr
the proceeds of their hunting and trapping
to that time ; and that they experienced no
accident pr molestation till about the 22d of
August, when the Osab;e Indians stole 'thir
teen out of eighteen of the'i,r Horses they
were at tli at time employed iniTiakiog some
Perugues to descend tlie river as soon as they
could - and on the .9ih of Septenibsr they
were attacked and surprised jn their by
about 3o Osages, who rushed suddenly upon
them The two Saunders and M'Kay were
killed; and the deponents made their escape
info a thick cane brake on a Bayau, a small
distance from the camp, where they secreted
themselves till the next morning, when tjiey -sat
off for the Caddo'naiion, where they ar
rived the 9th day aftelS and were kindly re-
ceived; The savants took possession of.the
remainder of their Horses and ail their pro
perty at the camp, consisting of .towards ten
thousand .pounds of Tallow, a considerable
number of-Skins, Arms and Ammunition,
Saddles, Bridles, Blankets, -Clotliins, Camp
equipage, Tools, Traps, ,kc. - Amounting in
all, at a reasonable calculation, to near three
thousand dollars."
Extract of a letter from Cape Francois, da
ted the 13lh of October, 1805.
" You doubtless will have received, lone; ere
this reuches you, the late Impetial Decree,
regulating the consignment of Neutral Ves
sels, arriving 111 this Island.
I his Decree has deprived, even a Resident
patented Merchant, here, of the right of re-
(eivmg and disposing atlnsovjn, as well at the
property of his friend, except in cases where it
majrarrtvc to hu ovn uu:h!tert tn rotation.-
there are eight patented Merchants at
this place, five of which are Indigene:, and
three only, Americans.
It is now well ascertained, that it is the
intention of the. Emperor, that the business
of all vessels arriving here, whether directly
consigned or not, shall be done by said Mer
chants in rotation, and that Decree will be
very rigorovibly enforced.
A deputation of American Merchants have
lately bven on to (ion.iivcs, had an audience
oftlieLniperor, stio-.rly rem nstrutcd
trieinjiuiice of the Decree, and pointed out
to him the destructive consequences which,
might tie" expected to ensue from, its being
enforced. He, however, tutlcicd them to
return, without giving them the smalUst ta
tisaethn whuttier.
I there fur: most tamettlj recommend to
ymt and all jou? friends, not to make ay m ire
shipments to this .Island, until some favor al
change takes placr, oj ' wlveh, you may b: assur-
tdt I shall give jju the earliest irformalU n."
IN. Y. IleroM.
- - ' -' j r-
Nathaniel Duna, juivr.
. . Watch-maker,
RESPECTrUl.l.Yacquainu the inbnW
tantiof Wilmington, and the country
in general, that he has taken the bonne lately
occupied by Mr. (tamache, in .Market-street
where he has fur sulc Bre-au Pinsof thi new
et fashions, Ear Hoops and Nobs, finger
HiiM;"!, Mourning Combs and Hoops, Pocket
Books and lnrc,'bljrk lead l'cnrils,- Vcn-
knirts and Razors, Hszor Cases, .Seagar,. !
rmulF, and T obnro Boxes, with a complete
Assortment of Watch Furniture, at w hoLsaU
or retail.
N. B. Watches cleaned and repaired
the'nentcsl manner.
Wilmington, Novcmlcr 12
Pt the la,t amvaU jtom Liverpool, the Jul.
io-nntf ctUlet, vliih having itin laid 1.1 on
JatmrJU lerint . lt l'J:.'
XTTbNDOWCJlalSHLyij, 12 by
V V . to ") by 8,
V hue Lead in ke,;i t-f 24 and 28 h.
Yel'ow Piint do. of 14 to:8lbi.
"Spanilh i!mn, i!o. 14 o 2i ibi.
Canyafs, No. i, a, 4, 6 and .
Scwii g Twin,
fccin do. Vfry f.n!l.
Mufcnvido Sugar, in bain I, be At.
I). SMI'lll.
Vihningotit Nov. 5, iboj.
THE House at present occupied by Mr.
. Henry Young. Possession-will be gi
ven oa the 6th of December nexU Apply
to A. J. YOUNG EH.
Wilmington, Nov. 19, 1805.' .
A ' ' '
The Pltxmx bum cue? Company
" of London,
HAVING fjsrod the circuitous and expen
sive mode by which perns in the U
nited States were obliged to effect" their In
surance against l ire atthcirothce in London,
prevented many from availing themselves of
the advantages held out to them by tr,e Unrf
pany ; adopted the plan of appointlhsf Agents
m-America to do biisiuessiiu-lheip-behalf.
h the execution ofth'rs plan, the subscriber
ha$ been aimointed Asent for the Southern
Dcnat'tnient of the, United Sutes vvith full '
powers to sign Policies ot Insurance binding :
the said Company nd to settle and pay,JLps.'
ses accruing thereupon. ' .
Public Notice is -hereby riven
That the . Said Agent 1m opened at No. 3G j,
East-lavr Charleston, thcVmce of the .
: COMPANY, t ' , ,
for the Southern Department of the United
; " States of 'imenia9 .
WHERE he receives offers for Insurance
and on payment of. Premium, &c. ttVect
the same against loSs or damage by Fire ov
Houses, Buildings, Stores, Household Fur
niture, Coeds, Waresand Merchandize, ei
ther in Town or Country, on the following
Rates and Conditions, viz.
Rates .of Annual PrenuumSr
:T$ be palifjr ASSURANCE gainst HUE.
. . so. 1.
Jfc.zards for th: i'isst CLts, vit.
Br'rck or Stone Buildinj;s, covered with Tile,
Slate, or Metal. . . .
Furniture or Mcrchandiz not hazardous
contained in such Buildings.
For sums not exceeding
10,000 Dollars in one Risk,
37 1-2 Cents btr Annum per 100. Dollars-.
. No. 11.. - . '
Jlaia'dsof the Second Class, viz.
Buildings having the Four Walls entirely of
Brick or Stone, . carried through the Roof,
tmd covered with Boards or Shingles. '
Furnituie or Merchandize not hazardous,
contained in 6uch "Buildings. '
Hazardous Goods, viz. Pitch, Tar, Turpea
tine, SaU-l'etie, Flax, Hemp, Oils and
Tallow, in Buildings of the First Class.
' far sums not exceeding
10,000 Dollars in one Risk,'
56 1-2 Cents per Annum per luO Dollars
. No. HI. ,
Ifatards of the Third Cass, tit.
Buildings constructed partly with Brick or
otoiie'iiid partly w aU Wood j or bavin;
en her of the Four Walls of Frame-W 01k
iiiicd in with Brick.
Furniture -or Merchandize not hazardous,
contained in hucb Building.
Hazardous Goods, via. Fitch, Tar, Turpen
tine, Salt-lVtrc, Flax, Hemp, Oils and
Talliw, in Buildings vf the Second thua.
For sums iivt exceeding Dollars in one Rit.k,
75 Camper Annum per 100 DAlars,
No. IV.
Hazards oj 'the Fourth CLxttxiz.
Timber or Slight Buildups covered with
Shingles or board.
Vun itni c or Merchandize . not hazardon,
contained in uch buildings.
Hazardous tiwwds, viz. Fitch, Tar, 'Turpen
tine, Sah-Pctre, Flax, Hemp, Oils and
'1 allow, in Buildings of the third Class
For sums not extendi g
1C.0OO Dollars in one Risk.
IWl laOrcm per Ann. per 10 Dollar u
Miips m t ort and Uicir Cargoes, Ships
Building or Rt pairing ; also, Barges and o
thcr small Cratt, with Goods on board, may
b insured against 1 ire.
tl Larger sums msy be insured Lr Special
Agreement. All Buildings in Comigmty to
Ktitr nazarjous Huiluing or in other re-
spct sitaated :iadaiiUKously, will be
Charged at an extra. Premium. I be Rates
may also 111 some cases be propuitiiniably
moderated upon Timber Buihlunrs in the
Country, or when single and detach-
td, or attached with circumstances of pecu
ir necurxy.
- TaUow-Mt Iters. Sosr-i laker, Brew-
cis, Vinegar and Sweer.Makrrs, Himpand
Flax Dressers, l'nntiug Houses, Ciwpers,
Carpenters, Cabinct-Makcrs, CoelMl,cr,
I MsIi-II'.imcs Bakers, Ship-ChsiulUis, Boat-
i IJuihkts, Uri-Mikrrir Suiar.ltfin rs, Dis
tillers, Chemists, Varnish-Makers, Tut pen
J mic.Voik, Thca.tns, m,d Mill and
j Maihincry, are drrmed rxtra haiid.i s,
; and the Rste tiHm such Uiskt will U pro
j yAMj ii.crfaicd.
F.3ch' buildins must be teparately valucl
and a special som insured thcreOnand in
like manner a 9epar?te ,um insured o the
roperty contaioed therein. .
All Manufactories which contain lurnaces,
Kilns, Stores, Coakles, Ovens, or otherwise
use Fire-Hcat, . are cbargeable at aJdUioaal
rates, v "'
Jn the hisurance. of Goods, Wares, or
Merchaudiac-tke building or place in whicli
the same are deposited, is to be described ;
also whether such Goods are or the kind" de
nominated hazardous, and whether any Ma.
nul'actory. is carried bnln' the pi,emtses.--f;
And if any pel-son or persons shall mscrc hia
or their Buildings or Goods, . and shall cause
the same to be described in le Policy other
wise than as they really are, so as the same
be charged at a lower premium than is here
in proposed, such Insurance shall be of no
force . ' ,
.i ll. Goods held in trust, or on commission,
are to be insured as such, otherwise the T'oli-,
cy will not extend to cover such properly'
HI. No loss or damage to ba paid on Fire
i happening by any lnvasidu, Foietsn Enemy,,
! C ivil Commotion,' Riot, V , any military or
usurped Power whatever ; nor. lor damage
doue by-fire, oicasioncd by Earthquakes r
Iluriicanes ; but this company wiilniakcf
good losses on propei'ty b,ut nt by l.ightning.
IV. Books of Accounts, fWultcn Securi
ties, Bills, Bonds, Tallies, and Ready -Mo-,
ny, cannot be insured. .' .
V Jewel's, Piute, Medals, or other Curi
osities, Paintings and Sculptures, are nt in- .
eluded in any Insurance, unless such articles
are specified in the Policy.' . , . v
VI. Persons insuring property at this" Of
fice, must give Notice of any other. Insu
rance made elseVkhcrcon their behalf on the
same, nmd cause Such other Insurance to be
endorsed on their policies 5 in. which castt
each Office sball-be Ikdde to Uie payment on
ly of a rateable proportion of any loss or d;.
mage which may be sustained ; and unless
such Notice is given, the Insured will not
be entitled to recover in case of loss.
VII. No order for Insurance will be of any
force, ui.less the premium is paid to the A-'
gent, or unless a sum his been advanced, and .,
the Agent has delivered his receipt on Ac
count ol the OHice end all persons desf
rous to continue their liisurahcesj must
make their future payments annually' within
fifteen days after the day limittcd by their re
spective Policies, or the same will be void.
VIH. All persons assured by this Compa
ny, sustaining any loss or damage by Fire
are forthwith to give Notice to the Compa-
ny's Agent, and us soon as possible after, to
deliver i:i as particular en account of their
loss or damage, signed with their own hands,
as the nature of the case will admit of, and
make proof of the same by the ir oath or af
firmation, and by their boks'of accounts or
o'. her proper vouchers, us shd he reasonably
required; and shall procure a un
der the Hands of a Magistrate cr Sworn No
tary of the City or Disuict in which the Fire
happened, not cot.a rued in Mich 1"M, im
poitmg that they arc acquainted with the
charaeier and cirtu'n. stai.tes of the per?cn
orpei sni.s insured, a;.d do know, or verily
believe, that he, she, crthcy, 'wally i-.d by
misfortut.e, vitl.out any kir,.i ol fr.,;id or evil
r practice, have suita:ncd by tr.u l, l ue, loss
and damage to the amount iliercti. in ::iiioii
cd ; and until such Athdaiit mul CertiikAica
are produced, the Loss' Money shall m t be
payable; also, if there appears any flaw, e-r
faUe swearing, the CI aiinaiitshall f nieii ins"
Claim to Restitution, or Payment, by virtue
of his Policy. .
IX. Incase any difference oidiputc shall
arise between the Assured and il,e Company,
touching any loss or damage, sutlt tli (Terence
may be submitted to the judgment and c!c
termination of Arbitrator indifferently cho
sen, whose Award in wi'uinjj thsll be f on
elusive and binding to all panic. And when
any loss or damage shall hnve Urn duly
proved, the Insured shall icccivr satisfaction
to the full amount thc-recf, without allow
ance of any disiou.u, Ucaj cr mhtr elcduc-
tkm w hatevcr - - .
X. Persons cbuslng to injure for xtn
ycais, wiil be thai red (or n
will he
iiheriif's Sale.
.1 . r .
me io' n uefemu r rcit
in a at me squirt llmilc
iningii.r a puce ol Lard ciuiriiim Ux
hin.uiid at. I (utty crtt, on L'nL Ktur,
lo faiity an tccutim in my Ium! a.
tnoel l;!itJwoilh l. Escci;ter ol Jdm
VLi.itonr Nw. a, i6jj.
. I. rr.nON'3drsiraus tmaVvf Intiirar.ct
on Bmldmgs aretodcli) t in to the A sent
the foPrfiHiiig patti Itlar, VI.. Of hst IMS
tii'ult the wail and nf if c li
are to'istnutrd, as wtll as the co.iettuctioit
of H buddings contiguous the rt'.o whether
ihe tunc ate sxtupird as private deilm
j or how iHherwite trcre situated stt He
Mist er :raet csfthc pttsvateituif
iears onlr ;
also, for a le r cf years than een,
will be allowed a reasonable discount.
N. B. Ibu Office tnurcs to the full a
mount of the real value of the picpeity, they
also insure for a tct in of lime less thau a j ear
ifrt'piircd, and pi-y for property Insured if
burnt by Lightning.
For the comemence cf persons living it a
distance from the Odke, oidersfor luwrance
(post paid) will k duly atttuded to, and on
remitting the aniMint A Prnnium, lc. Polf
ctcs will be exr ctted ami forwarded conform
ably thereto, free of any eapmce of Biokc
raye or w
Such pci w in as nay hare becu already
Iaiurtd iftYhe Cmnpatiy'i Offee hi louden,
may have lUir Pobcits rvucwrd at thi Of.
bee, on thi tirms and conditions here f-Icrsd.
The Agent hopes, hem thitwfrtteratei
ef premium which the Cmpny have Cxed
their well known bdty to satisty losses, anl
thtir veiy liberal cr.niuct towatds snRcrcra
I'isurrd 111 thtir onVc, lhat m fuithf r in
Vcmcvt ai rtpiirtd by ptrswis w'rshirj
sj;'ulatry security c their property ftt-m
loss by 1 ire, tumsk lnurnce thettn wiih
then, ihsn the conenitnce and facili'y f
ttrcennj Insuranc, secured by this I'stsk
'J. Afm !ntrat (Umsrmf ldt.
vist.iM, istU(.tsUer, tTJ.

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