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List of Letrtrt tu& trmaitingin th Pftt-Of-
- Jiee at fPtfmingUn, N. C ,
. Ao HAPJAtN Johjr Allen 4, Joseph
Y,wl AluluJotmX:Agkif WiUim
Adkasin. - ' ('"! SI
.0. John BarrVtJtoftft.Baeolu Captain ;
SwoaerBecfcOTlBaitf Broadfoov Cornelius
Broadfoot, James IJlalhei Edward Byrty Wik
M Brown, WilliMn Crete JrJ7 Captain
. Smurt Bunce Amotby Bloodwortln VVil-
Bam Bellooni'r',; : ' ' '
' C. Cameron k .Barclay, James Covbet,
enethCampbelV, Mr. Crosbey, Captain Hen-,
tr Church 2f Williatn trighion, Mrs.,LU:n
prjghton, Andrew Cooper 3 John Campbell,
- Jaincs Carson'2, John . Clomous, Charles
l'0Z2ens. .
' TX ; James 'Donning,' Jojin' Daufin, Joseph
feayt . 'I U4-
' 'E. Miss Mary.t'arl, James Evans, Captain
Simeon Eldridge, Edward & Scm. 1 . '
F. Henry 'Fosdick'tar1 of A.'LaznrU's
" Alexius Mador Fnrster 2, Stephen Ffl,
G. Mrs. Christiana Gibbs, John Gilford,
jr. James. Grubh.- : :. s;
, t H.j Hook It Ploeurrtb- 6, George Ilal!, "
Samnel Hall Jams Ha.ll, Nehemiah Handy,
Ceorpe Hutchinson Thoma Hatiey,,Cap-'
v tain Davis '.Hatch, Geefff Holland, John
Harviston, John Hallman, John Higson, John,
Mynes, JoerE:'ftAbB.
J. Bartln Jov, Jacob Jmraham Captain
Davis Jinkins, Ilinton James, Captain Row
lapd Jones Henry Jo!elinU .'!
j Captain James Knight- , jj, ,
'' V;'., Jonathan- Lindtey, .James Larkins,
jobert I.vtle, Doctor Larnque. ', f,
""Id."' DanleJ MlClammy,.2;Gc M'Clam
tnv. Jacob Mrinres, Captain James Mills Mr.
M'Grath, Captain Meager"?,' John" Maret,
Marti 8e Bfoodwortti 3, Ca'ptain; Benjamin
' Jvffllv James' Momm, Miss'i Betsey Moort,
"Martin Meaner 2v George MUHoch. John
t'Alliter, Peter M'Bride, Alexander. Divn
caryMoore, Miss Mildred Moite, William
"Morrison, (taylor)rMrs. Rebecca , Moore,
' James M'MichBeh?,; '; l:J: . v:'
.'. Thomas Norton care of .Willkins
Scott k Co. 5, Richard Nixon 3, Ozias -Net-tletontGeorjrr
M'Nobb -.1 ; j . , .
! Capt. David Otis, 01We Oitnstcad,
Robert Ornsby.I ; t I " -'--.''',
v. p.f MosesG. Powers, Miss Elizabeth Par
Tilh Aaron Phillips i tv ' , s - h .
' , Q. . Bichard Quinre.'; '. ..
.SH. Mr. Martha Rutland, James Robeson.
S.' John Shnter 2, Joh E. Spicer, Tho
mas Snead 2, John Swan, Edward Sullevan,
J ydia Sullevan
Ti Dtincan Taylor, William Turner,
, U. Henf r Urquhart'.' .' ' r ; "
: v, John Valbrune. .. :
IV. John Witherherd 6, Kdw.nrd Ward
3c Son, James Walker 2. Mrs. Chloe Way on
Capt. Nathaniel Womble; Capt. Fbenzer
Wleks, HiiRtt Waddle, Betsey Wool via. Col.
" k William Wintate, Henry Wright Nsthanlf 1
Webb,' Mr. -William n tViIIl. Mjor Ed
ward Wiriams. CapvElIas Williams, WH
. . Ham Wilkinson, Henrr ,Wttm. , ; , -, , u
"Jan 14. : 1 JOHN LORD, P. .MV
The fast sailing Schooner Boat
WILL ply between Smithville and Wil.
minjrttMVat a rrfeular Packet, at least
twice a week, when practicable. - -h . i
The accommodations on board arei?od.
. tnd the price for passage if reduced to 75
Cents. . ... . . t 'v-:r ' : .'
Those who will favour the snbscriber with .
Ihoir ctisiore, tnay depend on his utmost care
and attention. V ' - - . ; , .
. Small orders, letten, newspapers, ke. wilt
be carried gratis . ,
January 14. ' 3w ; ' :r! '' ;
.-Sheriff's Sale; ' :; -
"truth Sold on the tOth T'bnory ntxt,'
THE Bn'ck -House and Lot in Market.
I . Street, now occnpled by-'l hernias N.
Ganuer, fo satuly an execution in my hanis,
.Trustees of the University against Bliney
and Martin. . . . ;
. Il.SZAGR0rEtT'r.Shfc
' ' Junuarj 14. . , ' v
A LL pe.rfons who ire Indebted io the
efla'ccf the lse lofcn. l3ufwip.
bv bond, note or oheiwife. ireTemtefled
,lo come forward previous to the id of
March next, snd make pavrnent to the Ex
ecutors la Cfh or approved Notes at Co
tays negociable it the' Bank of Cape.
ear In failure whetecf, fuits will be
totnoaencetl wiihou difcriratoallon
f. G. WRIGHT, ...V
JLivcrpool Salt. ...
HPHE Carroof the Birav Miry, frn-
JL fiiHnfl cl Ltvmroot Salt, few
Tons Co a t. and Bni eiTo a c co Pi ? 1 1
Vilmtrigon, Pec. Jt, lips- .
-frw Ofjtsof
Thc"iaws of North-Carolina
4 to the year 1803 Inclusive. e4
wsyje hsd at t,h's Ou.ce, there Cktksrf
court. Shariffs and others, can be suppl'if d
with Blar-km fr.e. hnJvmtlr prtnted 09 tie
gint new types and good pjper, al the xnnt
rtduccd price
;;yery chep for cash ;
rpUE aubscribrt are teUiiiff off iheir.ex
A lens'wa Msortmcal of .Goods reduced,
pfices t amongil vrbicb re,Sb'ip Cbandkrj,
-ordage, Groceries of all kinds, Flonriihip
Bread,-PastrBf, Bees Wax, Tallow,
Batter -.-j .;--J-:.t ;"r'Ji r
Bills on Glasgow or London,- by-
' - -Sheriff's Sale.-
: Will U SaUt on Tuesday tki ISth of February
' I Xpfin .the tpwn pf Wilirungtdri,'
Un tront-streelj.lNo. i, ioausiya".e'l:i
cution fa my hands Ben)imiA Siniil) and ,o-1
thers against the heirs of James Read. , v .
- itf&vTbe Lease upl0 the House and. Lot
at the corner of Market, and Second-itreets,,
to. satisfy an execution in my handi William
Campbell against Bepnaul Laspeyre.' ... t-i
; .ii.Rf. SMGtiOV&t.II'j'ShJ, , .t
January 1, 1S0S. ' ;;
F'ROM Col. 'Ashe's' Catfish plamition', on
'the 16th Dec la'it, asmall Biy Mare
SheVas raiwd in Fayettetille,by Mr. fhenias
Matthews, and is about' five years oldf hvr
hind fet vhite, and tail docked. -' '-'
"I will generously rewR'.-d any person for
GCIlVCI Illg Iier IU uC in: jiimm'&v" cm
inc"intormation where she Vs.
o . .,.. . . a . rirv
Wilmington, January 7, I80Q. '' '
rOR SALE,: 1
12 Cascsof 4-4 h 7-8 Irish Linens,
2 Do. of 3-4 brdwn,". 4 do. .
9-8. 8-4 and W-4 Diaper, 'f"- "
10 Qqari er casks .Sherry. 'fcLisboa Wine,
.8 Pibeiith proof BrVndy, ' ; ,' ,
20. Boxes of Clarpof 2 dozen each, .
12 Boxes and 6 casks ofIiaiins,, Currants
' : and Almonds, ? , , . , , : u.. .
Window Glass , to by 8 and 10 by ,42, . . ,
Jiibben'8 Brown btout, ; ,-, Vt: .'
f , li it h a Mineral assortment ej
. Dry Gpods, Groceries and Hard
ware, ;
at the lowest advance for Produce or go
Bill at a short siitht, by ' ,'
Wilmington, Dec. 10, 1803. . .
""" 'TOR SALE :
X7 HE'P' antation whereon J Michael
1 . SamDlon. Llq. foirPerlv livea. on
Morgan's Crecli in New.Haaoter Coun-
" ty, containing near, two hundred acres.
: I here are on, laiu rianiaiion aooui 3U a
cres1 tide Swamp under bark jrd ditch and
liiridtd tmo two fields, qnaiter drained,
noW fit for the cultivation of Rice. The
upland is well calculated for a flock quar
ter, havinc a good range for1 Hogs and
Cattle. On the land arc Pear 7iees very
valuable for' the' Wilmington rhatket.
Ore, two and three years credit will be gi.
veu. Ano'ication tote ma!e to tlie Printer
of (his Gazette, ,,or Samuel K Jucclti,
Lfq. A'omey at law. ,
Uecemoer 3, 1305. m
1 1 i 1 11 " 7.
u tt'iliningttny pic pjl, 1805.
TN conlequence of Mr, Sanu.el K, Jo-
J. celvn. iiMiior. having frcn the date
hereof, an interelt in my bufinefs, I hsc
taken the (lore houfes lately occupied by
Mr, Inllman;; where the nliul buftne!,
wilhfomr ailJiti"i.s w ill be carried on un.
'der the firm of Gaoti ER fr Co. 1.
It beintf nccelTtiy thut tny f.rner bufi.
ntfs fliuulij be clofed.all pet fn that have
claims, are rtqnefM to hand ilwm In for
payment; and thole that are in airiarj,
to mike payment telVre the lad day ot
July next, or lulls viikue inllnuird.
.I.N. UU 1 I UK.
. if imintfsr, Dtc, yfl, ir.05,
VFFER for file at the flnre lioufei
a I ... ' tax
isieif occi'P'ta iy Mr. uaiiman an
estet.fi8 atTurtment of SHIP CHAND
LERY si Bellas DRY GOODS; tad
GROCERIES of eery difenption.
'They have received by late arrivals
from the We(Mndie. a confidetsb'e otun.
N. E. Ron in puncheons and Bifreli.
Ravens Duck, "I
Roflia flieetlng, bj the piece
Corteo Bagging J 1 .
Every difcrlptioa of produce will be i.
ken in barter.
- Wdmingtt D ft tinier CD, ISO J.
THE subscriber hs ring obtained Letters of
Administration, at the present County
'Court, on the tUute of the late John limder.
on, ihirwwright, deccatcd $ ftivet public no
tice thereof. All persons having cltimsajrViost
eiJ Esute must bring them in properly at
tested within the time limited by law, other.
wie they will b barfed cfrtcoeiy4 ThoM
who msy he Indebted and Itatt opto accounts '
ww rtipectiffty Be caued upon fyr settle
Kicatia all January ntat.
UUdIi msy tc had at the pr1r.t!r.c&icc
Tki Phtitidx Insurance ''Company;
' u j, ", uofs London t
HAVING, found the circuitous and erpen
tive modi by whicb persons in the U
nked States werc'blird to fft their In
surance against Fire at their oQice in London
prevented many 'from availing thcmselvcsot
tbe advantage held out to them by the Com
"pairy t adopted the plan f appointing ARents
. in America, to da business un thtir btlulf. -lutlie
execution ofibis plan, the subscriber
thas.bceniapiotnted -Agent for the' Southern
JDcpartoont of the United States with full
: pow-ers to sign Policies of Insurance jjindins;
the said Company and to Settle and pay. Los
ses accruing thereupon. - -
'Public Notice is hereby givtftf
That the said AcjeU has opened al No. -36f ,'
! Eifstjay, 'Charleston, the Office of the '
For thtSoutherri Department vf the ifnited t
ft State of Amerittsj" " .'-
WHERE he receives offers for Insurance
and on ayrnent'of Premiumr &c; ''' effects
the same against Idas or damage by Fire 6iv
Ijousei,' Buddings, Stores HousfchHd Fur
niture Goods, Waresbfid Merchandize,- ei
ther jn Tows or Country, oii thr following
Kates and Ltndtuons,'Yi ' '
' Rates of 'Annual Premiums
To he faidfir "ASSURANCE against FIRE,.
' '' '. ' No; I. , r,
- Hazards for the First Class, viz. ' ,
. Brick or Stoae Bu'ddintcs, coyertdwith Tile,
Slate, or Metal. .,' , ;;' ''''
furnnure or jViercnanciiz?. not . haiaruous
... contained Vsuc'h.BuitdMigs. ' '.. ; V ;
., car sum no exteeamg
tl - '"16,600 Dollap i,me kisk: ; ; 'Vf
' Sf'LJ Cents per Xnnw W '1'OQ' 'Dollars,
v WO. II. . . , '
J . : Ihxardi ofthi Second dass.'iiir' '
'Buildings hlVihg the Four Walls t ntirely of.
bricK or atone, -camtcl tunnigh the Roof,
arid entered with IVoar-Ubr '"iiinirles.
Furniture 'or. lercbai:diie' hot hjaardous.
tontSinVd in' such Buildmsts; "
IlaaardoiHi Goods, . vj. 'Pitch, Tar, Tui-pen-
tili; halt-Pelie, 1 l x, Hemp, Oth and
Xiilowy in;lijiiWjng'ioftl.e First Class.
' , fjr tU'iis nvt exceeding
"."'': " lOfiOQ Doll-iVs itVctie,' "
66 MtiiUt ptr Annum tv'r 1 00 Dollars,
' ' N6, ni' :
i-i X9 t, -
sutiarv 91 Vic intra LtuSS,
BuHdinga conatructrcl. partly with Drick or
Stone an4 partly Wii h,Wo) i; or having
eitherofthe Four Walls of IVame-Work
filled in with Brick.
Furniture or Merchamliie ' not' bazai'dou
contained In such Buildinc.
Haaardous Goods, via. Pitch, Tar, Turpen.
tine, Salt-Petre, Flax, I temp Oil and
Tallow, in Buildings of the Second Class.
cor turns not exceeding
1 0,000 Dollars in one It iikj
75 Ctnis per Annum ber IQO D jliort.
No. IV.
Hazards of the Fourth
Timlier or Slight Buildings covered with
Shingles or Boards." ' '' "
Furniture or Merchandize not hazardous,
contained in such buildings.
Hazardous Goods, viz. Pitch, TarVTurprn
tine, Salt-Petre, llax, Hemp, Oil and
Tallow, in Buildings of the third Class.
; Tor sums not exetedJng
10,000 Unllars in one Pil:,
iCOljlSO etnts per Ann. per 100 DoSars,
! 4h'P in Purt and their Cargoes, SMps
BuiUniig or Kepairing aho, Barges and o
ther small Cralt, with Goods on board, may
be insured against Fire. . , r
tit Larger sums may be Insured by Special
Agreement. AH Buildings in Contiguity to
other hazardous Buildings, or in other re
pects situated diadnUgcusly, will be
charged at an extra. Premium. The Rates
may afto in some esses be proportionably
moderated upon Timber Buildings in the
Country, or when standing single and detach
ed, or attacked with circumstances of pecu
liar security.
, jrjTallow.Melters.Soap.Makfrs, Brew
era, Vinegar and SwecUMikeri, Hemp and
Ha Dresiera, Printing llouui, CtN-jtr,
Carpenters, CabJnet.Makera, Ctwch-Makeri,
Malt-Ilouscs, Ilskcrs, Sl.ip-Cl.andlers.Boat-
BuiWrs,Hope.Mkets, Sujar Hefiners, Dis
uuers, themuti, arnisU-Makers, lurpcn-tine-Works,
Theatren and all Mills and
Machinery,, arc deemed extrahazardous,
and the Rate upon such Risks will be pro-
ponionauiy incrtsseu.
: :-' ance. . , ; ,
I. PERfvONS desirous tojmske Inturanct
n Buildings, are to deliver in to the Agent
the following particulars, viz Qf what ma
terials the walls an! roof of kh Bulluin
are cottruc!eJ, as well as t,ht co.iitrmtiyn
of the buildings contlifuou -Setctcl,tihr
tbe same are ncoipirJ as piiute dweUir.ct,
or how otbcrwii where situated .alw, the
name or names c!t!. prtseutecoulerf. .
Eacb B iild;rc mt'1 be scfcaUl vJinJ,
and a spccld-d iniuml, th!oi arid In
Itke manntr'a :, rue suta biwrcd 9 tie
prrptly f otitai'd OtTftin.
AH Msirjfsctftries bhicli coata'n Ftrrmcf,
Kiln, Stove, Coiitct, Overs, or '.hcraiit
ok Fire-JlVs, arccsTTsMe at aid'ttenal
rsus. ,
-In the r,r Good. . Varea, ef
Mcihandize, the bu'idinjf or place in which "
the same e depnRtted1( is to be described,
ale whither audi goods are nftbc .Lindtk
nominated hazardous, and whether any Ma
nufactory " carried on'in the premises
And if any person or persons shall insure hi'
or their IJoiWings or Goods, and halt cause'
the same to be described in the Policy tithcr-'
Wise (ban as they Teally .are, so as thesarhd
charged M lower prmiun Vaa is here '
in?propoedi such Insurance shall be of W
lorce ' - '
II. Goods held In trust, or on commission-,
I fe to be insured as such, otherwise the Poli
cy will not exiend to coyer such property.
. 111.- No loss or damage, to be paid on Fire
happening by any Invasion, Foreign Rntmy,
Civil Commotion, Riot, or any military or
ustirped Power whatever ;. nor for damage
done by fire, otcaMoned by Earthquakes or
Hurricanes but this companr will make?
good losses Tn property burnt by Lightning
IV. Books of Aceonnts, Written SectlrU
ties, bs, Itonda, laMjes. and Beady Moi
nev, cannot b insnred.
:V. Jewels, Piute, Medal$f or othier Cur
oshies, Paintings and Sculpnu-es, nrenotln
eluded iiv any Insurance, unless such artfclcs
are specified In the Policy.
-. VI. Persona inuring property at this Of
fiCeVmust give Notice of any other Insiw
tarice made-tlsewhereon their behalf on the
same, and cause such other Insurance to be
endorsed ir their policies;- in whifh case
each Officrhall be liable to the payment on
ly of a rateable proportion of any loss or da
maged hich may be sustained ; and unles
such Notice is grven, the Insured will not
be entitledto recover in ease of loss.
, VII. No order for Insurance w ill be of any
force, unless the premium is paid td the A- :
gent or unless a sum ha.been advancedand
the Agent has delivered fhis receipt on Ac
count of the . Office r and all persons desi
rous to continue their Insurances, must
make 4heir future payments annually within
fifteen days-after the day limitted by their rei
aptctive Policies,' orthe same will be void.
VIJI. All persons asfcured by thi Compa
ny, sustaining any loss or damage by Pi re.
are forthwith to give Notice W the Compa-J
ny's Agent, and as soon as possible after, to
deliver. in as particular an account oftheif
loss ordamage, signed with their. owrt hands,
as the nature of the case will admit eC, and!
make pi-oof of the same by the'rr oath or af-fi-ration,
and by their bo ks of acconnts or
other proper vouchers, asshdll be rrasonably
required and shall procure u Certificate un
der the Hands ofa Magistrate or Sworn Ko-.
iary ot me Lity or District m which tbe Fire
"happened, not concerned" in stjch Toss, jm
portingr that they are acquainted whVlhe
character and ciTf umstancts of ttie person)
or persons insured, and do know, or verily
believe, that he, she, or they, really and by
misfortune, without anWnil of fraud or evif
practice,. have fcustaii.ed by such Fh-e, lon
and damage to the amount therein mention
ed ; and until such Affidavit and Certificatea
are produced, the Loss Money shall not be
payable also, if there appears any fraud or
fake swearing, the Claimant shall forfeit his
Chim to Restitution, or Payment, by virtue
of his Policy. 7
, IX. In case any difference or dknnte ih!1
arise between the Assured und the Company,
touclwng any loss or damage, Mich difTerenci)
may be submitted-to the judwnt and de
termination of Arbitrators indilleremly clrtj-"
sen, wUouc Award in writing shall be con
clusive and binding to all partus. And when
any loss or damage shall have been duly
proved, the Insured shall receive satisfaction
to the full amount thereof, without allow
ance of any discount, Ices, or other deduc
tion whatever, T
X. Person cliuaing 10 Insure for seven
years, will I e thaiged for six ears only;
alo, for a less number of years than smir,
Wdl be allov cl a reasonable dicount.
N. B. 1 his' Oir.ce insures to the full a
mountofthe real value of the propel ty, fhejr
aUo insure for a term 1 time lets thanayisr
If required, and p?y for property Injured if
burnt by Lightning.
For tbe convenience of persons Jiwnj; atst
distance from the Ofnce, orders for Insurance
(post paid) will te duly attended to, and on)
remitting the amount of.Prtmium, hj:. poli
cies will be executed and forwarded conform
ably thereto, free of any cxcc f Broke
rage or Agency.
Such persons as may hare been alrrary
Insured in the Company's Offce in I.ondon,
may have their Policies renewed at this Of.
fice, 00 the terms and conditions here of
fered. . The Agent hopes, from the moderate rate I
of premium which the Company have fixed ;
their well known ability to satisfy losus, and
their very libera! conduct towards suffcrefa
Insured in their Office, that no further in
ducement was required by pmci s wiihins;
satisfactory security of their property from
loss by Fire, to make Intursncetherrf-nwith
ihem, ithsn the convenience and facirny cf
tftUutg iMurance, secured by this Estsb
Te fit Htrrit lr:urenet Cvtrfeny tf LsndtlK
l'litlrUTi, S. C. KltktoUr, ICCJ. r
A KfAM. who is qiistifed t f.
dreh the of the E f HQl
J,angsff( r4 who Tsf decent irannrri'
ard good oorstr. Is wanted as tcachcT
Irta prUae family, ArfWaiion miy te
wa-tc to thf erinr of this Gazettr.,
WKm'rr;tfnt Deccmbtt 31, 1I05.

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